The Most Unbelievable Predictions In NBA History

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24 Mar 2023




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Arnav Vivek
Arnav Vivek 3 yıl önce
My prediction: Knicks will not make the finals this year.
ThisKidHoops 8 gün önce
How did you know? 🤣
Big boy6
Big boy6 9 gün önce
ThisKidHoops 14 gün önce
Carter Van Fossen
Carter Van Fossen 23 gün önce
@John Mark Dacles they would still lose
Alexander The Average
Skip Bayless' one doesn't count. He makes 1 bilion predictions per day, he's got to be right at least once in a lifetime... :)
Marcus Umanzor
Marcus Umanzor 6 aylar önce
@breezy 1 year later ☠️. and he just added one more win to the bulls record as a joke and i’m sure he didn’t really mean that but it came out to be true.
breezy 6 aylar önce
@Marcus Umanzor ok?
Andre Goings
Andre Goings 11 aylar önce
73-9 prediction is pretty on point. Even if you make random guesses. I get it! Its one game better than the Bulls. But its very difficult to figure out when a team is gonna catch fire like that!
sataniclemmon Yıl önce
A broken clock is correct twice a day lol
E Franklin
E Franklin Yıl önce
Leave Skip alone 😂
Nohdi Karpouzas
Nohdi Karpouzas 3 yıl önce
3020, the Kawhi laugh will still be a meme. I'm calling it
Ethan W
Ethan W 10 aylar önce
Yeah... about that
BammBoozled 10 aylar önce
P-Ruthless Yıl önce
Earth won’t exist by fhen
Michael Fredericks
Sebastian Mentzel
Sebastian Mentzel 2 yıl önce
I am from 3023 and you are right!! What a prediction, I am sending you 500 million dollars
Ekzotikz 2 yıl önce
In 8 years I’m gonna go 7th overall to the hornets
Supermariohoops24 5 gün önce
This would be epic
OHMYDOG 9 gün önce
i was here
CactusDeckolan 13 gün önce
remember me when u famous
Jayus 21 gün önce
​@IamSpongie what's your name are you ranked?
Giotenji Yıl önce
Im not an avid NBA fan, but back in my college days in 2011, I randomly told some of my friends that the Bucks will be champ within the decade. I remember saying this because, for some reason, I felt like the Bucks were one of the obscure teams at the time and that It would be fun to watch an obscure team to win out of nowhere. Thanks Giannis.
Giotenji 10 aylar önce
@mr hand man well, i should've said '10 yrs from now' then
mr hand man
mr hand man 10 aylar önce
bucks didnt win a chip in the 2010s tho.
Yann Courtel
Yann Courtel 10 aylar önce
Actually back in 2016, I was talking with a Bucks fan and he said they have a pretty special team and they most likely will win a championship within 4 years. Guess he wasn't wrong...
J6a7k8u 2 yıl önce
The craziest Basketball prediction I ever had was UVA losing to the 16th seed. And only reason I had a feeling that would happen was because in the previous year I felt that I were always barely coming away with a W despite being a relatively high seed coupled with the fact that I only really followed march madness and not the regular college season.
Matthew Ippolito
Matthew Ippolito 2 yıl önce
The Mavericks will win the 2029 finals in 6 games
King SMKE 12 saatler önce
Yup I’ll let you know💯🥩
Cavader1 14 gün önce
Kaden Tellier
Kaden Tellier 15 gün önce
i’m here in 2023 waiting
Siraj Sheth
Siraj Sheth 24 gün önce
I agree
lil Doobie
lil Doobie Aylar önce
@Oh Yeah yeah this aging kinda well just a lil…
Rayu Yıl önce
The 2019 playoffs is like a sports anime. And the main team is toronto. They go through many struggles and many clutch shots. In the end they make it to the finals, and finally defeat the undefeatable.
Shuba duck
Shuba duck 23 gün önce
​@B0nkeror Yeah fair point
B0nkeror 3 aylar önce
In the anime the unbeatable team is fully healthy tho
Random Bucksfan
Random Bucksfan 10 aylar önce
That's so true wtf
Imac7065 2 yıl önce
You missed a GIANT one.. in June 2010 Stephen A Smith predicted the Heat would not only keep Dwyane Wade, but bring in Bosh and Lebron too (something I myself predicted for a full year after i realized what they did in 2008)..... Most "experts" had Wade going to Chicago, Lebron to NY, and Bosh to anywhere but Miami. Smith's prediction led to ESPN re-hiring him after canceling his ESPN2 show.... he hasn''t left the company since.
Gabriel James
Gabriel James Aylar önce
Too bad, espn is unwatchable
Tadashi Travel Tours
Tadashi Travel Tours 8 aylar önce
I grew up near LA as a Lakers fan. When I went to University of Illinois in 2012-2015, I always told my collegiate peers (most were Bulls fans), “Lakers in 2020”. My only rationale was that Lakers tend to have a dynasty every 20 years or so. Miraculously, Lebron and AD led the Lakers to a title in 2020.
Dingertron The4th
Dingertron The4th 3 yıl önce
The draft guy was looking at woj’s twitter, he always puts who’s gonna get picked a half minute or more before the pick is made.
Justin Donovan
Justin Donovan Yıl önce
@vancanity 03 Internet is spotty in Barklays. I was actually at the 2017 draft (not near the guy shouting) and everybody near me was communicating about trying to see who has reception. When somebody did have reception, we knew the pick before it was announced.
Aiz 2 yıl önce
@vancanity 03 Probably smart enough to only do it at the end so he doesn't get kicked out haha
vancanity 03
vancanity 03 2 yıl önce
And why didn’t the guy call out all the names?
JoeCnNd 3 yıl önce
Yeah and he's been wrong a few times.
Sebastián Pérez
Sebastián Pérez 3 yıl önce
Or Shams Charania's
Gizmo Yıl önce
the craziest prediction ive ever made was when i was in fifth grade (Im in 7th rn) I wrote down in my bob ross journal "Russell Westbrook for Chris Paul" (keep in mind this was in 2018 when russ was averging a triple double and cp3 was the robin to hardens batman
Idontplay3v3 11 aylar önce
@na i said this to say there is a chance he isnt lying like use your brain
Idontplay3v3 11 aylar önce
@na bruh what are you talking about
na 11 aylar önce
@Idontplay3v3 your not a true fan because if you were not living under a rock you would have know this trade actually happened
Yamamma Yıl önce
This trade never happened tho
Idontplay3v3 Yıl önce
@Jayus u know for sure that is cap i feel like gizmo has a chance of being right bc its not to wild
Richard Silva
Richard Silva 3 yıl önce
Someone is going to win the NBA championship. Mark my words
Burner 8 aylar önce
Nah there gonna be a lockout or som
CosmicGod Beats
CosmicGod Beats 9 aylar önce
I love it 😂😂
Kavvay 10 aylar önce
You are a mad man, that is NEVER going to happen. Impossible.
Shaun M
Shaun M Yıl önce
Yamamma Yıl önce
Omfg u predicted it
XacbertdeBarbeira 3 yıl önce
I got almost nothing to do with basketball, but damn your videos are so good! So entertaining, very well-written and with a huge amount of research! I love your dedication!
Robert Robert
Robert Robert 2 yıl önce
I remember one summer suggesting to my brother the best available players the Kings should sign are Marco Belinelli and Kosta Koufos based on needs, fit, and salary requirements. Well... Free agency went by and the Kings signed both of them. We laughed about it and had a beer over it.
Hoops With GT
Hoops With GT Yıl önce
10:19 that guy is a legend 💀
Joshua Nash
Joshua Nash 3 yıl önce
Just before the start of the 73-9 season for the farriors I was at a summer camp where they had a bank and so money doesn't get stolen you have to give a letter and 3 numbers. I picked W because the warriors are my favorite team and 739 because I believed the warriors line up was better than what the bulls had.
Thomas Arabia
Thomas Arabia 2 yıl önce
In the case of the analyst predicting Giannis's future numbers, that is a bit of luck combined with a ton of data, expertise and instinct. In the case of the kid predicting the Raptors' ring, that is pure chance. There are millions of people out there making predictions, many of which are non-random, plausible outcomes. That's why some of the are bound to come true, and we hear about them because it seems miraculous.
TheFrenchiestFry _
TheFrenchiestFry _ 3 yıl önce
The most accurate pick I’ve ever made was Zion going number 1 🤯🤯
Hisuian Zoroark
Hisuian Zoroark 9 aylar önce
On DeMarcus Cousins going to the Clippers, but he left after one season.
Hisuian Zoroark
Hisuian Zoroark 9 aylar önce
​@TheFrenchiestFry _ Correct!
Isaac ‘The Ice Man’ Combs
The most accurate pick I ever made was that Zion would have “weight issues” and Ja would have been the best player on a Grizzlies team that would be at worst a 2 seed by their 3rd season. I’m a grizzlies fan so no one took me seriously but a correct prediction is a correct prediction
Emre 2 yıl önce
I had seen a comment in a video about Giannis like 6 years ago. There is man said "This kid will be an MVP one day"
GHawkRecon83 3 yıl önce
This guy has among the highest quality sports videos out there. Always impressed
Aakash Badree
Aakash Badree 9 aylar önce
I remember a few years ago I wanted to go to a Heat vs Lakers game because I wanted to watch Lebron play, unfortunately I didn't get the chance. The next day I'm in school and I'm kinda upset that I couldn't go and my friend cheered me up by saying they might match up in the finals. Later that year the Heat and Lakers matched up in the finals.
Suhas Malasani
Suhas Malasani 2 yıl önce
for the skip Bayless 73-9 prediction he was probably just gassing up how good the warriors were by saying they would beat the record by 1 game.
sharktheprez 9 aylar önce
Jason Terry is a legend. He backed up that tattoo throughout the playoffs with some clutch moments and consistency.
Hyybrid 3 yıl önce
2045: Knicks still sign horrible players to max contracts (Sorry Knicks fans)
Wes McCauley
Wes McCauley Yıl önce
@Hot Quesadilla cuz you’ve been used to it for 30 years
Wardo 3 yıl önce
Yeah let’s give a max contract to Isaac bonga
Kage Taylor
Kage Taylor 3 yıl önce
Don't need a time machine to know that's 💯
Hot Quesadilla
Hot Quesadilla 3 yıl önce
Well I was a Knicks fan,but if you told me that I wouldn’t be offended
Canadian Communist
Canadian Communist 3 yıl önce
2022: knicks sign super old bron to a 1year, 100m deal
Lincoln Colorado
Lincoln Colorado 2 yıl önce
My prediction 2k22 will have Charles Barkley's 1993 Suns and Reggie Miller's 1998 pacers.... calling it
Rylan Nalan
Rylan Nalan 7 aylar önce
That was wrong
anthony 9 aylar önce
nah try again in 5 years
Hristo Krastev
Hristo Krastev Yıl önce
Barkley isnt not going for it ..
prodbydee Yıl önce
belmod Yıl önce
ArsenaI 3 yıl önce
I made a prediction years ago whenever Chandler Parsons was still on the Rockets with Harden. I basically remember seeing Chris Paul play, and I said that he’d come to the rockets, years ahead, and my dad and brother laughed at me... until it actually happened. It was pure luck tho
VuTangAk 3 aylar önce
I remember when i was a little ass kid my brother asked who i thought would go to the superbowl before the season started and i randomly chose the colts and bears, cause throughout me liking football those were the only teams i liked on cable tv. That happened in 2007 and it took me a few years to remember i actually guessed the right teams
Denzel Malcolm
Denzel Malcolm 2 yıl önce
I predicted the Lakers vs heat finals this year in January and I have the Facebook post to prove it. I predicted Lakers in 6 too. All my friends were calling me and everything it was dope.
Mr Multiverse
Mr Multiverse 11 aylar önce
After the heat vs Lakers game in january ?
Todd Weinberg
Todd Weinberg 8 aylar önce
I am back from June of 2023 and wow, what a season it was! I mean, who would have predicted that the Dallas Mavericks would be the NBA champs after a 4-2 win over the Bucks in the finals!
Jason Sexton
Jason Sexton 3 yıl önce
When you have millions of people “predicting” some are bound to be right
Vikingcards 18
Vikingcards 18 2 yıl önce
R u related to Collin sexton
Silverfang 45
Silverfang 45 2 yıl önce
@Legion I mean predicting the stat line of 27-12-8 is actually impressive tho
Kenny A
Kenny A 2 yıl önce
But cmon now wojnaroski did sum crazy prediction
YoutuBert21 2 yıl önce
And here they are
Ghost Amity
Ghost Amity 2 yıl önce
Nah. Not this right.
Gabe 2 yıl önce
I remember reading an article on Bleacher about LeBron going to L.A a year before he left. Never will forget that.
Gabe 2 yıl önce
Pyro Puffs to me, it wasn’t that obvious. He only won them 1 championship and to leave your home team, not once but twice, takes balls lol
Pyro Puffs
Pyro Puffs 2 yıl önce
He was def leaving Cleveland though and LA has always been a location for lebron to go to since he has houses there.
Roger Carl
Roger Carl 3 yıl önce
Klay Thompson wasn't technically making a prediction; he was being diplomatic before a game with the Raptors. And at that time Raptors were doing well and most likely it would be either the Raptors or Bucks coming out of the east. Also he never speaks in certain terms but says: "And who knows, it (the game with the Raptors coming up) might be a preview of June."
I predicted that France would win the 2018 World Cup after I watched them lose 0-1 to Germany in the 2014 quarter-finals. I gotta say, I'm still very proud of myself for that one considering how sure I was. I even put money on them to win every single game during the 2018 World Cup and made a ton on money on it. France had no losses and had one draw in the entire tournament. Then in the Final, I predicted that Mandžukić would score the first goal, and he did. It was against his own team, but I still won the bet. I also bet that Pogba, Mbappé, and Mandžukić would score in the Final. To this day, I still don't know how I was so sure about all of that. I'm not one to talk about there being energy and stuff floating in the universe, but it's one of those things that just coves over you and you know exactly what's gonna happen down to a very specific degree. I haven't been to a casino since because I'm afraid I used up all my good luck or clairvoyance during that 2018 World Cup lol.
Ezi rulez 4 eva
Ezi rulez 4 eva 6 aylar önce
France were a great team tbf them winning wasn’t outlandish
v1 9 aylar önce
wow 😂
Levi Lively
Levi Lively 2 yıl önce
The year the Lakers acquired LeBron I predicted the Lakers would end the season with a little over 35 wins and battling for the 10th spot. Mind you this was when Vegas and everyone else was predicting them as a favorite to win it all. A year later I had a ton of people replying to my comment laughing and asking how the hell I knew that would happen? My reasoning was because the Lakers were horrible the year prior and adding LeBron wouldn't increase their win total much. Regardless of everyone else freaking out over them adding LeBron
Xander Wendt
Xander Wendt Yıl önce
He’s gonna need to make a part 2 because the one dude who predicted the the 2021 finals matchup of the bucks and suns back in 2016 needs some more publicity
thatfatguy 3 yıl önce
2097 Los Angles Cyborgs defeat the New York Humanoids in 6 games Re-engineered Kobron with the 3 point no hand dunk to seal the game.
5hy 11 aylar önce
Manute Morant with the headbutt 8-pointer to win the Finals in 2085.
myron 3 yıl önce
Stlay has basically become a 3 point shooting machine. No one(Cyborg or Humaniod) has been able to block or at least come close to defeating the Golden State Cyborgnoids
Neemoe Cash
Neemoe Cash 3 yıl önce
That's gotta be the funniest shit I've read in a long time
hunnidew HD
hunnidew HD 3 yıl önce
Marking your words. See you in 2097.
DR MG 3 yıl önce
If they’re robots they’ll score every shot unless they’re blocked
GuitTFO 3 yıl önce
Jason Terry's pre championship tattoo is by far the most unbelievable. Knowing everyone was on lebrons bandwagon. What a finals
txc Nexus
txc Nexus Yıl önce
the tatoo he got right after tho
Derrick Norman
Derrick Norman 2 yıl önce
Craziest prediction I ever had was the 2010 National Championship score Being 37-21 Alabama, literally a pointless touchdown with less than a minute left saw my prediction fall short by one point until a 2 time Groza Finalist K had his XP bounce off the Cross Bar and I couldn’t believe it. Side note. Me and my dad always debated what college players would pop in the NFL. He was a Reggie Bush homer and I told him in my Opinion Adrian Peterson when healthy is the best running back I’ve ever seen and I told him Reggie was to flashy for the NFL. Safe to assume that was mostly true.
bLoWc16 Yıl önce
One of my prediction after the Heat big 3 was put together is for them to go after a PG, and I exactly predicted it would be Mike Bibby. I predicted the Mavs to win the 2011 championship in the beginning of the playoffs. In the same year 2 weeks before the 2011 nfl playoff started Packers win the Super Bowl and I’m a Chargers fan. In 2014 after watching the Warriors vs Kings, since im a King fan, first game of the season for both teams that the Warriors will be in the conference finals because how great their defense was the year prior and how good Kerr had them playing. Also I was confident that when the Falcons were up 28-3 against the Patriots at the half, that the Patriots will make a come back and I told the guy who made a bet for the Falcons to win and was rubbing it in when he Patriots was up 28-3 and was triggered at the end of the game 🤣.
Jackson Pope
Jackson Pope 8 aylar önce
@bLoWc16 Huh?
bLoWc16 8 aylar önce
@Jackson Pope still wasting tax payers money, while commiting an insurrection.
Jackson Pope
Jackson Pope 8 aylar önce
@bLoWc16 Damn. Still rent free?
bLoWc16 8 aylar önce
@Jackson Pope people care more about it that trump.
Jackson Pope
Jackson Pope 8 aylar önce
That's cap cause it was 21-3 at halftime. Also no one cares
Ana Nymous
Ana Nymous 2 yıl önce
Well, I did predict the '12 Lakers would fight for the 8th seed and at-best finish 6th due to awful chemistry with that Nash, Kobe, Artest, Gasol, Howard team that barely finished at 7th. My friends all thought I was nuts which is how I felt about everyone who foolishly locked them as the next champs.
kiru 10 aylar önce
i find the giannis prediction funny bc there’s a clip of troydan saying 5 years before giannis won mvp (after pulling him from a pack in myteam) that “he’s going to be an MVP in the next 5 years im calling it” and 5 years later, he won it 💀
hakeem olajuwon BEST ROCKET
the woj one wasnt a prediction woj knows everything
Mahdhi 3 yıl önce
@Space Age Productions yooo wtf
Sprts Clan
Sprts Clan 3 yıl önce
He was saying that that was what Giannis was putting up that season
Cumar Ahmed
Cumar Ahmed 3 yıl önce
@Garlic Bread years
Erika Colbert
Erika Colbert 3 yıl önce
Ps4lover 3 yıl önce
Nazz Mohamed ur guy left u lololoo
BeatsByButch 3 yıl önce
My prediction was 2 hours before Game 5 in the 2019 Finals. I predicted that Raptors would lose by 1 point. And was right. To be 100% honest, that was a shitpost in real life. I was like, Curry, Klay, Kevin are phenomenal so they might take my team out. But that was still a crazy prediction imo.
Kenneth Azarcon
Kenneth Azarcon 2 yıl önce
as much as Skip Bayless to me as my favorite pet peeve, I am impressed that he predicted that 73-9 season by the Warriors
Jonathan Frimerman
A guy named Jarrett Plahmer predicted in 2016 that the Bucks and Suns will face each other in the finals in 2021 and he was right out of no where he than said Bucks win in 7 123-115 in game 7 This guy is a genius he needs to be included in this video, even crazier than Locas
bjoproductions 2 yıl önce
That editing at 6:08 Terry shoots it misses and then proceeds to celebrate 😂
Femboy and sports
Femboy and sports 2 yıl önce
I’m pretty sure that was a different highlight
TP35 2 yıl önce
I predicted in hockey that the Blues would win the cup in 2019 in December!!!
Melod Askari
Melod Askari 3 yıl önce
lmao this guy makes the most trivial information sound like a groundbreaking scientific breakthrough
Chidozie not Henry
Justin Cloud
Justin Cloud 2 yıl önce
Melod Askari Lol they act like nba isn’t rigged. It’s easy to predict shit if you know what’s going on
Adderall Ascension
Adderall Ascension 2 yıl önce
The fact we having a chill argument about the TRvidr with no heat is why I love jxmy and his fan base
Not A Strange Person
Albert Ross bruh wdym Jxmy’s the 🐐
Daniel Bell
Daniel Bell 2 yıl önce
It's so entertaining, idc
NotLS3 2 yıl önce
I think my best prediction was a few years back when my friend and I were chatting. And I was like "D-Book is gonna drop 60 or more points this season", low and behold he dropped 70 a few nights later
Omar S. Barrios Ramírez
and to think this year JR Smith, yes, JR SMITH predicted this year’s NBA Finals in January (Heat-Lakers), wow
Grampa Cucaracha
Grampa Cucaracha 11 aylar önce
Back in 2014 I called warriors dynasty. I'm a little sour that KD joined the team to make everybody assume the dubs dynasty was because of stacked teams but when we win without him this year, it'll become apparent to everyone how great steph klay and dray are
Toothpick 2 yıl önce
i would've died if lucas replied to this video with "don't worry jimmy, they haven't found me yet..." 😂
scoopy Yıl önce
Arkansan Dalano Banton Fan
I predicted Fred Vanvleet was really underrated and would be the starting shooting guard one day.
creepy miguelskii
creepy miguelskii 3 yıl önce
3018 Vince carter is still in the nba I’m calling it edit: these comments are committing r/wooosh
chiefkeef4 Yıl önce
@Shua Roth why are you like this
SdaewDaws Yıl önce
@Fraser Findlay This is the part where I ask you to show your work
Vonera 2 yıl önce
He just retired so your wrong
Danny_Playz 2 yıl önce
@Shua Roth he half a man half amazing.
kel 2 yıl önce
@GlitchyCharaLOL He will unretire in 3017
GOATED_ BICK 3 yıl önce
I feel like when Gainas was in college he was better than his rookie season because he was convertible Then when he got to his rookie year of nba he wasn’t because he wasn’t used to iy
nathanrahal 3 yıl önce
My dad predicted “AUBURN’S GONNA WIN THE FOOTBALL GAME!!” With the exact commentary, score, and player who would take it to the house, TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE GAME
Ryan G
Ryan G Yıl önce
6 games for Raps to win is a good guess since it is the most common number of games played in an NBA finals series. An NBA finals series has been decided on game 6 14 times in the last 30 years (1991-2021). That is almost 50%. Still very impressive.
answer03 3 yıl önce
Jimmys videos are like an essay. He has an introduction, does the actual title of the video, then goes over his video like a conclusion. Am I wrong?😂
Sonny D
Sonny D 2 yıl önce
Alex Caruso gonna mvp in 1 year, calling it
Eezo The Chezo
Eezo The Chezo Yıl önce
@MyUpself bold of you to assume it will feel like getting out of bed.
ً ً
ً ً Yıl önce
Water is wet
MyUpself Yıl önce
It doesn't count as a prediction when it's that obvious. That's like me saying saying sun will rise tomorrow bro
Protizii Yıl önce
@Alex Caruso cutie
Alex Caruso
Alex Caruso Yıl önce
I’ll make that happen
HOODIE DM 3 yıl önce
You forgot when Stephen A Smith back in the 2012 NBA Finals moments before game 1, predicted that the Thunder will take Game 1 105-94. He got not only the Thunder winning game 1 right but he got the exact same score.
J.B Cooper
J.B Cooper 3 yıl önce
He also guessed every finals wrong since 2011
RedHunter87 3 yıl önce
He said Thunder in 7 so he was wrong.
gwreeves1987 Reeves
gwreeves1987 Reeves 2 yıl önce
Skip also predicted Tim Tebow's incredible run in 2011.
damu zx
damu zx 2 yıl önce
It was never really a prediction but watching luka in the euro league, I knew he'd be a problem
Beetle PoundCarrot
I once guessed an entire Finals run: all 4 opponents, with the Finals loss. It happened once in my life. Maybe its a 15 minutes of fame type of thing
Mirrale 3 yıl önce
I was once watching a Habs vs Flyers game with my friend who was a big Simon Gagner fan. I was joking that he gets injured so often that he's prob going to leave this game with a left leg injury.....and he did.
Kien Yıl önce
My wildest prediction would be not in the NBA but in the Miss Universe, was watching it with my family and of course whenever it's the Miss Universe my country goes ape shit and makes it like an occassion. With that being said, I literally predicted that it was a mix-up and it was actually Philippines that won when Steve Harvey announced Colombia as the winner and when I said it, seconds later he literally did mixed it up. I had chills all over my body and my mind was fucked up.
Movement Man
Movement Man 3 yıl önce
This is the lamest thing you’d do when you’re a time traveler.
J C 3 yıl önce
killa100 id win the 1 billion dollar lottery from a couple years ago that rolled over if I could time travel
shaneyy_ 3 yıl önce
Benjamin Puljak Back To The Future 2?
Joey B
Joey B 3 yıl önce
Everyone is talking about how with a time machine u could win millions in the future I thought that is what happened in back to the future but whatever
Summinoxity Streamz
Summinoxity Streamz 3 yıl önce
Honestly 😂
Kevin Furtado
Kevin Furtado Yıl önce
That kid you predicted the Raptors winning in 6 games, was saying that for the last 5 years for the up coming season and put it in his yearbook as he knew it would get a laugh from his friends .
Lorenzo Gabriel CABELLON
7:18 if you shoot 1000 halfcourt shots, you'd eventually hit 1😂
Da Harman's & Whatnot
Da Harman's & Whatnot 8 aylar önce
I was watching the all star game in 2018 and I saw giannis without knowing much about him, and I called that he'd win MVP the next year, which he did. Not that crazy but still fun
Rigdoel Jamyang
Rigdoel Jamyang 3 yıl önce
What about the time when KDs coach predicted his team, his position of the pick and his teammates
Yah! 10 aylar önce
Brandon Jennings' bucks in six was not a prediction, but it deserves an honorable mention
Jesse Cafaro
Jesse Cafaro 3 yıl önce
Ok fine. I’m just gonna say bucks in 5 for 2021 season
Maloneyoutube Aylar önce
Good job
Connor Aylar önce
@John Ellis correct
Konaek21 11 aylar önce
@Carson Stoops yo
Jr9 Yıl önce
@mango still there?
Jr9 Yıl önce
@mango im waiting
Noe LC2814
Noe LC2814 3 yıl önce
I predicted, when ja Morant was in Murray State, that he would be picked third by the Memphis Grizzlies (my favorite team). I was so close to be perfectly right...
Karl Wheezer
Karl Wheezer 2 yıl önce
On kobes last game I said to my dad watch him pop off and score 60+ points (as a joke) and 1 61 point game later I was in awe
Ben Lou
Ben Lou Yıl önce
That guy Andrew Sharpe didn't predict anything . Giannis was averaging 26-10-5 in 2017 and I think anybody looking at his career trajectory can see that 2016 was a breakout year for him.
Mason Elford
Mason Elford 3 yıl önce
Yeah that raps prediction was insane. My prediction was raps in 6 and I did that at the start of the playoffs. 😂
MaxPower Yıl önce
Back in the day before Shaq was with the Lakers, I used to rock my Shaqnosis Reeboks with a Lakers cap. When he signed, it was an interesting day at the local trade card store.
DBZ Guru
DBZ Guru 3 yıl önce
Year 3039 The Hawaiian Cthulhu’s will defeat the Planet X Chambas 249 to 243 by way of a game winning 8 point blast from the star belt Mark your calendars boys
DomV 2 yıl önce
Game winner will be a double footed dunk I’m calling it
DBZ Guru
DBZ Guru 2 yıl önce
Dean Tobin AYYYYYY lmao
Dean T
Dean T 2 yıl önce
Don't be sleeping on them chambas. They have those new Jordan James anti gravity dark matter boosted kicks. They bout to reverse time and block that 8 point blast with a Dyson swarm , tentacle breaker.
Kevin Orozco
Kevin Orozco 2 yıl önce
How do u win in 8
Capdown 2 yıl önce
Only comments as bizarre as this one makes me laugh
Matt L
Matt L 3 yıl önce
10:20 Woj was tweeting the selections prior to the commissioner announcing them. That's how the guy knew.
Bast Bast
Bast Bast 2 yıl önce
Woj was the dude screaming
Aaron Carver
Aaron Carver 2 yıl önce
I'm from Nova Scotia and a million buddies of mine made that exact "prediction" about the raptors haha. The Nickname for Toronto is the 6...so when we talk raptors in the finals every year someone in the group is always the one to say "raptors in 6" haha welcome to Canada.
basketballaholic _
basketballaholic _ 2 yıl önce
I had a bit of a prediction myself in December 2019 I watched New York Knicks vs Denver Nuggets and at the end of the game I told my dad that the New York Knicks coach should be fired do to Knicks playing just really bad and he laughed thinking I was joking a few days later he was fired
The Space Deer
The Space Deer 3 yıl önce
For the raptors playbook prediction, Toronto is referred to as "the six", so honestly it isnt super crazy
Karl irl
Karl irl 3 aylar önce
My best prediction ever happened on September 6th, 2020. At 3am at a birthday party, being drunk asf, while discussing nba, for some reason I wrote down in the notes: Lakers - Miami 4-2. Remembered I did this a couple of days after the finals.
Josh Otusanya
Josh Otusanya 3 yıl önce
Wishing everyone reading this an amazing day today. Be well and stay in touch :) -Josh Otusanya
Zero 3 yıl önce
You too man and thanks :)
Isaacs Chicken reviews
Much love!
majorPUFFEN74 3 yıl önce
Back at you buddy. 🤙🤙
Nokel18 3 yıl önce
I randomly saw ur comment a few hours before a basketball game and I watched it how to not be nervous vid or something so that helped and I subbed
logan sweeten
logan sweeten 3 yıl önce
You too
Jovibe 10 aylar önce
Brah... this is my favorite video so far. 😱 WTF! 73-9 with Jason Terry out played LBJ in game 6 plus the Toronto Raptor winning tbe NBA 🏆in 2019 in 6 games... what...!? My greatest protection was Italy 🇮🇹 winning 4-0 in football ⚽️ I was at a wedding for my wife's cousin all day plus at the bar 🍸 I kept telling everyone that Italy will win 4-0 the next day the did just that... 💯😎
Matthew Calmert
Matthew Calmert 3 yıl önce
I'm not even an NBA fan, but you make some very interesting videos
Ben Sedgwick
Ben Sedgwick 10 aylar önce
I think the yearbook was him predicting his local team to win as his schools in Toronto l, but the games is still crazy though
Brian Karen
Brian Karen 3 yıl önce
I recall people discussing Durant going to the Warriors on the radio way before it happened.
Dank Cupcakes
Dank Cupcakes Yıl önce
love how im watching this just after he dropped 50 in the finals
TRvidr troydan predicted in a 2k16 video that giannis would win mvp in 3 years
The J&E show like
RevucumberTechUSA 3 yıl önce
PatrickG27 3 yıl önce
I bet 1000 dollars Lebron was coming to LA and the dude never paid thats how confident i was
mamba goat
mamba goat 3 yıl önce
Noble Venom
Noble Venom 3 yıl önce
I know. I’m a god
John Louie Cruzado
Jxmy: what is the craziest accurate prediction you ever made? Me: that I will not pass that chemistry class
Jason Lundgren
Jason Lundgren 3 yıl önce
When I worked for B/R, one of my writers predicted Chris Weidman would become the first man to beat Anderson Silva in the UFC, winning the middleweight title in the process. He wrote the article in 2011.
Noah Franklin
Noah Franklin 11 aylar önce
The kid who predicted the raps in 6 isn’t that crazy. He lives in Toronto and 6 is the most common outcome of a finals series.
Pryce Markson
Pryce Markson 3 yıl önce
When frank Clark went to the chiefs I predicted he would break nick foles collarbone on the jags first drive of the season
AToM 2 aylar önce
one thing i never heard anyone mention when Durant went to GS is imagine how it felt for KD, who we know is a ball fanatic, to watch GS play a beautiful style of ball as they beat him while he had to deal with Russ playing the polar opposite of beautiful ball and harden secretly fantasizing about playing non beautiful ball. is it hard to understand why it was such an attractive destination? today jan. 5th 2023 we all view Russ and Harden as great individual players who dont equate to winning at the highest level. KD was playing with both of them. that is absolute hell for a bball connoisseur.
Ian Salmon
Ian Salmon 3 yıl önce
Lamelo ball will be drafted 8th in the 2020 NBA draft to the Detroit pistons
Rylan Nalan
Rylan Nalan 7 aylar önce
luke got sauce
luke got sauce 3 yıl önce
He is going undrafted
Momin A.
Momin A. 3 yıl önce
He playing in Australia
Manny Saint
Manny Saint 3 yıl önce
I'll be back here in a year
Witpickles1 3 yıl önce
Isaiah Hamilton #httr
Ameril Mudjed
Ameril Mudjed 2 yıl önce
I once predicted that the Cavs will bounce back from a 3-1 deficit vs GSW. I even told that to all my friends and they just laughed at me lol
Adam Klownzinger
Adam Klownzinger 3 aylar önce
The 2017 nba draft one is pretty obvious about what happened. Guy was probably reading the tweets by Woj or somebody else about who the picks are before they’re announced
coming back to this video i remeber troydan pulling a giannis card in 2016 and saying he’ll win the mvp in 3 years (2019)
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