The Most SAFEST House in Minecraft!

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This is the Most Safest House in the entire Minecraft. And in this Video we will build it! SUBSCRIBE!


Building with Redstone in Minecraft is fun. This Safe Base is what Dream could need in the Minecraft Manhunt! Sapnap and Georgenotfound would definitely loose the Manhunt if Dream uses this Safe Base Base! I love to build these Ideas with my friends or prank my friends on a Minecraft Server. The Hermitcraft Server with Grian and Mumbo Jumbo could use the Safest House for their Pranks too. It is always funny and we laugh a lot! Minecraft: 10+ Simple Redstone Builds! This Video is the same style like the Minecraft: 10+ Zombie Redstone Build Hacks and also the Among Us and Fortnite video I am planning to upload!

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Stay Safe Minecrafters! BBlocks!

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24 Tem 2021




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Dallas Angell
Dallas Angell 7 saatler önce
You fly to build stuff... but use a ladder to get out of the pit?
Team Omnito Pros
Team Omnito Pros 11 saatler önce
why did u use a ladder if you were in creative mode
Almir Moura
Almir Moura 13 saatler önce
Hey zombie in Light of Sunshine what? ??????
Nola LALA 13 saatler önce
why dont u eat the op apple? :)
Ayesha Fatima
Ayesha Fatima 15 saatler önce
we should build this imagine getting a heart from BBlocks
Janet Wang
Janet Wang 15 saatler önce
The end
Janet Wang
Janet Wang 15 saatler önce
Janet Wang
Janet Wang 15 saatler önce
You are my favorite youtuber
Sagnik Choudhury
Sagnik Choudhury 18 saatler önce
The end was too funny 😂😂😂
Freel boi official
Freel boi official 20 saatler önce
Me remembering this video was used in a add
Ninh Nguyen
Ninh Nguyen Gün önce
Hou make s' ns jcke BBlocks 12
Rae Anthony Manlapas
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Jake Goldberg Gün önce
The lying circle lilly clip because eggnog cumulatively brake down a rightful oxygen. nervous, measly support
Ian Barbus
Ian Barbus Gün önce
bosszepro Gün önce
Ziama Zakeem
Ziama Zakeem Gün önce
That last part was an idiot joke
#099HACKERBG#099 Gün önce
Driton Sulejmani
Driton Sulejmani Gün önce
This is on a add i saw it
Eric Santiava
Eric Santiava Gün önce
Wither can destroy this
Itamar Blom
Itamar Blom Gün önce
dat cool deficit base
Amutha Michael
Amutha Michael Gün önce
Very useful
Louie Jay Pacenio
Dumb why do you put another you can just fly you are created and why you need lot of lava bucket you can just only one cuz you on created
hasnain_bad_ boy hasnain_bad_boy
he can just eat golden apple
Peach Anne McAndrew
Me trying to make a snow golem tower: Snow golems in the back: aight ima kill my teamates to kill dis mob
Frogzoa Gün önce
U died at end of video.
CheeseCat21 Gün önce
Hey man somebody stole ur video for an ad It was this one
Alexie R. Francisco
why is the Zombie not burning
Jorge Lopesp
Jorge Lopesp 2 gün önce
The machine to get to ur house kinda worked for me
Marlon Sigue
Marlon Sigue 2 gün önce
For Zombie Apocalypes
Marlon Sigue
Marlon Sigue 2 gün önce
This is good
Sarthak Nitin kajale kar gaming channel
एक व्हिडिओ डाले तुम्हारी डाउनलोड
Sarthak Nitin kajale kar gaming channel
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🍕  pizza
🍕 pizza 2 gün önce
Im here to inform u that a app is using ur video for their ads and they dont give credit App name : Block craft 3d
Kamala Vanahalli
Kamala Vanahalli 2 gün önce
hard work for nothing
Fortnite Slazer12
Fortnite Slazer12 2 gün önce
Not the self desruct
mhamed dich
mhamed dich 2 gün önce
hahahahhaha cool =) s.abonner naw
Fortnite Slazer12
Fortnite Slazer12 2 gün önce
Gonna do honeylater and snowinator and armorinator
Khennedy Francis Abrahan
"This works with any house" My wooden treehouse: KEEP THAT 50 BLOCKS AWAY FROM ME
Khennedy Francis Abrahan
Bblocks: EMERGENCY The zombies: Not even NEAR the base
Khennedy Francis Abrahan
"PROTECT YOURSELF FROM ARROWS" Snow golems: u forgetting someone?
Akbar Ali
Akbar Ali 2 gün önce
Someone stealing your. Video
kevin colongon
kevin colongon 2 gün önce
2:11 zombie not burning
kevin colongon
kevin colongon 2 gün önce
hey how to build safest house from your friend
Global Wow
Global Wow 2 gün önce
Lol, the zombies don't die, even you die
Yandel Cruz
Yandel Cruz 3 gün önce
Comes here to see if the music one worked for anyone💀it didn’t for me
cristina urcan
cristina urcan 3 gün önce
dillon mattingly
dillon mattingly 3 gün önce
Did anyone else notice that it says the most safest house
Lol the zombie cant died from the sun
Grace Jiang
Grace Jiang 3 gün önce
Creative mode
Tambi Boss
Tambi Boss 3 gün önce
🧨avakin life Training
Grate 😍😍❤️
Nemo gaming
Nemo gaming 3 gün önce
Last one was unexpected 😂
Tyrus Panganiban
Tyrus Panganiban 3 gün önce
Adelaida Mendespin
Adelaida Mendespin 4 gün önce
Hello bblocks
top5football_vids 4 gün önce
Dam i saw an ad of this vid omggggggg!
Nicolás Fabián Villarroel Navia
En el principio pa q la pala en creativo xD
Fredrik Höglund
Fredrik Höglund 4 gün önce
Ψ Slixx Ψ
Ψ Slixx Ψ 4 gün önce
"The most safest house in minecraft" Proceeds to show an easy 2 block jump over a mini lava pool in the thumbnail [▪~▪]
SkyDream 4 gün önce
Bro a ad is using your video
Destiny M
Destiny M 4 gün önce
Do you know your house exploded
jasper ching
jasper ching 4 gün önce
Everyone:** builds 1 iron golem** Me: **builds 70 iron golem around my base**
Thomas Wreh
Thomas Wreh 4 gün önce
Iv seen u in a ad
Avinesh Lakhan
Avinesh Lakhan 4 gün önce
i am to scared
Avinesh Lakhan
Avinesh Lakhan 4 gün önce
פיקאצ'ו 4 gün önce
Jury dela cruz
Jury dela cruz 4 gün önce
Easy po plss
CROW 4 gün önce
aminou tv
aminou tv 4 gün önce
I had a ad of a minecraft knock off containing this video
Paulette Bartley
Paulette Bartley 5 gün önce
It was in creative mode why did you get out whit a ladder
Ray Zhao
Ray Zhao 5 gün önce
Security Level 5 does not work on Skeletons.
Shubhangi Sahasrabudhe
Zombies in the tower should lit on fire due to sunlight
Shubhangi Sahasrabudhe
Laksh Kodidala
Laksh Kodidala 5 gün önce
What the why are zombie are not dying in sun?🤯
Andrei Andriuca
Andrei Andriuca 5 gün önce
Best clip ever
10Minute Tutorial
10Minute Tutorial 5 gün önce
Then i realize zombies are not burning in day🤨
pang chenshin
pang chenshin 5 gün önce
😏😏your not so smart
Mthimkhulu Sefeane
Mthimkhulu Sefeane 6 gün önce
I'm not the best
kubra kadavath
kubra kadavath 6 gün önce
Youtubers Fans
Youtubers Fans 6 gün önce
there is no safest places when CHEAT ON 😐😐
Xavier 6 gün önce
VAARE LULL In creative he is using a shovel to break grass wow
Ma. Angelica B. Jonota
Imagining you work hard the house and bomb it...😳
Augustas Gerdvila 5B
so useful builds😃😃😃
JOBY MATHEW 6 gün önce
Bro the final part of this video has been used as an advertisement for a minecraft like game Do you know it?
Ian Suan
Ian Suan 6 gün önce
He said make sour base
Mangal Patil
Mangal Patil 6 gün önce
You had enchanted golden Apple at the last scene it would have gave you fire protection
Rihal akdami
Rihal akdami 6 gün önce
EXBASCOS 6 gün önce
You can easily go by building dirt or fly man
EXBASCOS 6 gün önce
EXBASCOS 6 gün önce
HANNAH LAM 6 gün önce
But I think enderman can get in🤨
Fazer Playz
Fazer Playz 6 gün önce
he didnt use his gapple...
Rhett Allen
Rhett Allen 6 gün önce
So your telling me you went from level 1 to level 5?!?!
SAROOSH REDDY 7 gün önce
I saw this thing in an advertisment in youtube i was like this bb blocks 's video
Jose roberto Ceniceros vargas
So it would be a base that is destroyed by an emergency that are zombies that die with the light
Jason Keen
Jason Keen 7 gün önce
Jason Keen
Jason Keen 7 gün önce
You are
niche animalover
niche animalover 7 gün önce
can u make the tutorial of how to mkae the house please?
THE RENNER ⁹⁰³ 7 gün önce
Que bonito es tu video
Aahil playz gamez
Aahil playz gamez 7 gün önce
Dani Nuñez
Dani Nuñez 7 gün önce
ThxnderAr 7 gün önce
Next : do the safest Base
How about ender man
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