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15 Oca 2022




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Forever Self Employed
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If he’s spraying sodium hypochlorite without a respirator he’s asking for Chlorine gas In his lungs, PPE is important.
"Sodium hypochlorite"
Sad there wasn’t post treatment. If u do another, show the clean roof🙏
And money Hoes
Literally everything this guy does is "the most profitable service" 😅 I've heard it way to many times.
Lyle Cairns
It’s quite debatable that it increases the longevity of the roof but it can make it look cleaner. Might ruin the warranty of a roof if the contractor found out that you used something that eats the organic components of a roof made of tar paper and sand…
Alex Johnson
“most profitable” , “hardest service to sell due to how costly it is”. That’s your problem.
White G
It’s the most profitable but hard to upsell because of how costly it is? Doesn’t that sound like maybe your profit margin could be a bit lower, making it less expensive and therefore easier to upsell??
Do NOT have your roof washed by a pressure washing company. You will almost certainly void your roof warranty. I can’t even believe this is on here…. Like saying sodium hypochlorite makes the statement seem more legit. But it’s not. It’s a liability and surprising to see here. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Cory Stephenson
Need to spray half way up lightly and then start at the top and come down . The big run downs you are making will leave streaks and uneven cleaning.
I'm an electrician. I once had a boss ask to have his new shingled roof pressure washed with an actual pressure washer. I was glad to help but knew it would not be good for his roof. He demanded to have it done so I did. It cleaned up really good and looked nice but I'm sure it took years off his roof.
Andrew Startek
Why dont you show the outcome that might help you sell a few more jobs
Nathan Botkin
Been roofing for years, absolutely 100% DO NOT power wash your roof with anything but water, any chemicals will ruin it, and despite what he said in the video, no it does not increase roof life, it shortens it, it’s purely cosmetic and it’s not worth it but if you do choose to power was it, power wash it from the top down and use the lowest possible pressure
Andrew DeJulio
Before and after cleaning the roof? I was looking forward to seeing what it looked like after.
What about for roofs with attics vented like that, you’re spraying right into it, rain never blows up and diagonally so it’s less an issue in nature but for hoses…never had any trouble ?
Spot On Details
“Low concentration” is a bit I’ll informed in my opinion. Commercial bleach ranges from 12-14% potency and is typically ran through a proportioner at a minimum of 30/70 - 50/50 (not including cling surfactants)
Thế Đăng Dương
He can actually contradict himself in 30s. That's some talent.
This does save the roof this is the way the roof manufacturers recommends to clean the roof dude definitely needs a respirator
Bblz Ryfusion
"This is the most profitable service any pressure washer business can offer"
Royal Hype
The thing is everything you do I can do for my
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