The Most Luxurious Business Phone

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Aylar önce
حسين ابراهيم
Woo nice
WWE TOY MANIA 12 gün önce
Pye Ltd.
Pye Ltd. 13 gün önce
this phone is based on the Nokia 6301
Michael Filippi
Michael Filippi 14 gün önce
Capitalist skumbag
Ariston Lopez
Ariston Lopez 22 saniye önce
I want MY BORD!!!
I love Dogs [sub to PewDiePie]
It’s based on a Nokia bar phone. It must be indestructible.
Alex Daniel
Alex Daniel 6 saatler önce
You are awesome,man
Valerio Muneroni
Valerio Muneroni 19 saatler önce
trap phone
Lc The Second
Lc The Second Gün önce
Even a 2007 iPhone with that much gold would be preferable.
Himanshu Prasad
Himanshu Prasad 3 gün önce
the ugliest and expressive phone
Andrei Simionescu
Andrei Simionescu 4 gün önce
What a piece of garbage. Worst fucking metalwork I've ever fucking seen. That shit would be embarrassing on the cheapest Chinese mass produced shit.
Smurf -Mobile Legends
A luxery phone with a very unmodern camera
KD Power
KD Power 4 gün önce
Its called bullcrap ..
DAN THE MAN-75 4 gün önce
so stupid..smh
Chad 4 gün önce
Yeah, but 1 charge lasts 3 days!!! Business, business, business.
FGO 4 gün önce
That's disgusting
Mike Natividad
Mike Natividad 5 gün önce
Apple in a nutshell
Bugz Buggy
Bugz Buggy 5 gün önce
stupid phone
Keong Teoh
Keong Teoh 5 gün önce
Ru serious Caviar? Trump on as ur edition? I prefer nanny naked edition rather than your
Нови Сад Србија
Arabs are online
Jose Onii-Chan
Jose Onii-Chan 6 gün önce
this is what i imagined a real life power rangers morpher would b(e)
reddragoncel 6 gün önce
Hey man I know you probably dont take requests but theres a product that doesn't have much about it and its 300 it's on Amazon it's a loud speaker with saposid 50+ hrs of battery it's called turtlebox you should review it man!
BoTi 6 gün önce
Fucking apple products
vivek gupta
vivek gupta 6 gün önce
Most idiotic mobile I have seen in my life
Internot 7 gün önce
Dobis: Doing Business
Ben PH
Ben PH 7 gün önce
How much is it? i want to buy nokia.
Vinh 7 gün önce
Rich kid’s version of emergency cellphone
Bark Blaster
Bark Blaster 7 gün önce
My phone will astonish everyone. It is a Nokia 1100
gordon zhang
gordon zhang 7 gün önce
Shuai Zhang
Shuai Zhang 7 gün önce
absolutely trash
Rodier Ratafakus
Rodier Ratafakus 7 gün önce
Most luxury is Iphone XS MAX Grand Complications Edition - 25K USD GRAND COMPLICATIONS SKELETON DIAMOND EDITION
Rodier Ratafakus
Rodier Ratafakus 7 gün önce
zcreto 8 gün önce
business hahahaha
Harmonious Bachelorette
Why do i find the phone funny? Lol 😂😂 that's literally a 3310 covered in gold. You ain't fooling no one 😆
DIVRAA 666 8 gün önce
4:03 like if you were born in 2008 #2008
Dean 163
Dean 163 9 gün önce
That's a phone for supervillians
Y&S FOOD! 9 gün önce
Awesome video footage! Up here at Y&S FOOD! we love to uncover this amazing content. We make Travel & Food shows as well, world wide, and so we are frequently seeking inspirations and perhaps concepts. Thank You.
Selma Bette
Selma Bette 9 gün önce
*The phone is just nokia. But only covered in Gold lmaoo*
Exactly! LMAO
Kritarth Garg
Kritarth Garg 10 gün önce
Give it a drop test
ET XENO 10 gün önce
*Wtf is the point of this?*
Sallu Bhi
Sallu Bhi 10 gün önce
You are TRvid king
The Yohanders
The Yohanders 11 gün önce
Only dumb Arabs buy this shit.
Typical Bryan
Typical Bryan 12 gün önce
artiearboleda01 12 gün önce
1 gramm of Gold? That's nothing :D
Richard L.
Richard L. 12 gün önce
the only phone the government can’t track
DARINBOMZY21 12 gün önce
Ugly who would use that
Pye Ltd.
Pye Ltd. 13 gün önce
this phone is based on the Nokia 6301
Msn Bm77
Msn Bm77 13 gün önce
This shit is not selling
coutopraze 14 gün önce
Absolute shite.
Peter Otieno
Peter Otieno 14 gün önce
hehehehe! nokia 2008........."we dont have time"...."whats android.."..."we doing so much business......." hahahahaha! hahahaaha!
Michael Filippi
Michael Filippi 14 gün önce
Capitalist skumbag
Tortellini 775
Tortellini 775 15 gün önce
In Germany it's written BaRon not BaRRon
Ahma Nin-nin
Ahma Nin-nin 15 gün önce
they could have at least made it a flip phone
Aj 15 gün önce
I really hate this phone
9editz club
9editz club 15 gün önce
Simply its a waste of money
FalconSanchez117 16 gün önce
BlackBerry passport
Mikkel Andersen
Mikkel Andersen 16 gün önce
i dont get it?? its not even a smartphone...? Freakin 5.000?!?.. no way...
Mikkel Andersen
Mikkel Andersen 10 gün önce
+Jay Ruiz so you work your ass out your pants, and then you decide its a good idea to spend 5.000 on a phone that cant do anything but takin phonecalls?? thats not business... thats just arrogant AF! xd
Jay Ruiz
Jay Ruiz 10 gün önce
Filipe Wieland
Filipe Wieland 16 gün önce
that phone is simply stupid for the price...
Gabriel Ekman
Gabriel Ekman 16 gün önce
This feels so fake.. WHY DO YOU MAKE A TRASH PHONE WITH A GOLDEN COVER?? Only for show in a bulletproof-glass show-shelf??
carpii 17 gün önce
i like to think that even if I was a billionaire, Id look at that phone and think ‘what a tasteless piece of shit’
ashok pandey
ashok pandey 17 gün önce
Phone made for Drug Dealers
907 Viking
907 Viking 17 gün önce
Ultra unbreakable
Lev Brovchenkov
Lev Brovchenkov 17 gün önce
русский интерфейс, лол the interface in russian, lol
w wyborn
w wyborn 18 gün önce
يا خروف
twisted One
twisted One 18 gün önce
The GUI interface on the phone is from a Nokia 6120, I recognized it instantly!
Rener Abano
Rener Abano 13 gün önce
Back to symbian os
ITX Official
ITX Official 18 gün önce
The phone market as a whole is a downright joke nowadays. Gone are the glorious days when Nokia made ultra robust business phones with a serious, understated design and batteries lasting for weeks. Gone is Vertu and their impressive line-up of highly luxurious, handcrafted phones. Gone are all the experimental devices with weird form factors and unique designs. Every phone pretty much looks the same now. The so-called "innovations" are marginal at best. Way to go...
Galaxy Gamer
Galaxy Gamer 18 gün önce
Did I ever tell you that you looked pretty similar to Tyler on dude perfect
Kaleb Worsnop
Kaleb Worsnop 18 gün önce
Most expensive burner phone in the world
Vi 18 gün önce
I always wanted to buy some new smartphones, but I don't like that
Uranga Wasanthi
Uranga Wasanthi 18 gün önce
So trump using phone made in Russia?
Mike Jaques
Mike Jaques 18 gün önce
I'm Russian and I wanna say that this phone is a pice of Sh*t !
Kratos Dgo
Kratos Dgo 18 gün önce
P.S. Nokia luxury phone. lol
Elder 987419
Elder 987419 18 gün önce
Aliens are laughing at us lol
The Skeletal rebeL
The Skeletal rebeL 18 gün önce
The existence of that thing makes me lose some faith in humanity
WolfgangAmadeusfuk 18 gün önce
"Some times, things that are expensive, are worse." Jason Greene
DarknoorX 19 gün önce
This episode is so much fun AND IT'S 5mins HEAR THAT LEW?
Nick Levesque
Nick Levesque 19 gün önce
That’s the drug kingpins phone right there. Like when he black mails the cops he calls them on that bad Larry
awdrifter3 19 gün önce
This is like digging up a 10 year old piece of sushi from the trash and putting Caviar on it.
Thomas Tom
Thomas Tom 18 gün önce
perfect....... you win!
xd CosmicNova
xd CosmicNova 19 gün önce
The best part of this channel is that it doesn't clickbait
cwuzii 20 gün önce
That’s gold plated, pretty shit.
Zakarya Siddiqui
Zakarya Siddiqui 20 gün önce
Fox ki khaal mai bakri
松井Matsui 20 gün önce
What a fuck phone 😂👏🏽 Nice Caviar! 🤣
B MC 20 gün önce
Some dumbass millionaire has an outdated Nokia and is playing Snake. 🙄
GTI8855 20 gün önce
I love that phone. It's so BAD!
Colin Lampert
Colin Lampert 20 gün önce
Caviar iphone xs is better
Dire _
Dire _ 20 gün önce
Vladmir putin
iulian ispas
iulian ispas 21 gün önce
Looks like a Arabic oriented trash I won't pay 50$ for it (same thing as iPhone manics )
prudhvi chitturi
prudhvi chitturi 21 gün önce
What is the smartwatch you wore in this video????
Carlo Mejico
Carlo Mejico 21 gün önce
It makes expensive because of the gold shit. But the literal phone is stupid.
Legend Drago
Legend Drago 21 gün önce
My nanny once had this Nokia phone
GhostJC777 21 gün önce
This epitomizes the stupidity of the rich. Nothing against being rich but like wtf? What a waste.
Vnitro 21 gün önce
They should make there own system not just slapping some gold on an old phone🙄
Amal Manoj
Amal Manoj 21 gün önce
This is total bullshit
Kevin Gill
Kevin Gill 21 gün önce
Old is gold
Clarencee Dsilva
Clarencee Dsilva 21 gün önce
Dad : which phone do you want kid Kid : ahhh nothing just a little Nokia
Yossi Azoulay
Yossi Azoulay 21 gün önce
When you get a phone to review but can't say directly one bad word about it!
Jasmine Moody
Jasmine Moody 21 gün önce
Cvdf wwwf👌🦈👌🐺🤢😗🌎🌎👌👌👌👌👌👌😡😃😚🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭👌👌👌👌🤯🤯👌👌👌🌸🖕🖕
Jesse Van Den Broek
Jesse Van Den Broek 21 gün önce
By far the worst product I have seen yet. I can only see some stupidly rich old person who knows LITERALLY nothing about technology buying this.
fayçal faycal
fayçal faycal 14 gün önce
if i was stupid rich and had alot of buisness calls i'd buy this phone it looks rich and also have a huge battery use it only for buisness i'ill also have another smart phone for or things
VeryNinjaLike 21 gün önce
i was expecting custom hardware and software..... they just goldplated a nokia.
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee 21 gün önce
Sasindu Kesh
Sasindu Kesh 21 gün önce
It's an old nokia phone from 2005 fitted with gold...
Farzad Inam
Farzad Inam 22 gün önce
I feel for the rich morons that buy this excuse of a box
Savage KingX
Savage KingX 22 gün önce
If only it was a smartphone, i wouldve definitely bought it
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