The Most Important Movie I've Ever Made

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casey neistat film school enrollment at monthly.com/casey

my 30-day online filmmaking & storytelling class just launched! Enrollment is open now until December 27. the class is a hands-on, 30-day learning experience, designed to teach you everything I know about filmmaking and storytelling, i'm going to share with you my entire creative process from start to finish. You're going to follow along with me as I create 2 brand new movies from scratch... from how I come up the ideas, all the way through exporting the final videos.

over the month, you'll follow along with me and my process, side by side, and you will leave the class with 2 original, shareable films of your own. its is the class I wish I had when I was starting out. I spent the past year working on it, and I'm extremely proud of the result. It's designed to level you up whether you're a beginner or a more experienced filmmaker.

The class officially starts on January 10, 2022, and it will only run a few times per year, so claim your spot if you're interested

(also In the video, I say it's $300, but it's actually $249)




5 Ara 2021




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CaseyNeistat Aylar önce
no, i didnt move back to nyc.. ive been flying back and fourth to NY to make videos. i cant really find my flow in california, ny is my powersource. also hope you like the class, it was a ton of work and reallly designed for everyone, whether youve never made a video or youre a seasoned pro. its less about the 'right' way to make vdidoes and more about my way -- monthly.com/casey
Sid Rens
Sid Rens 15 gün önce
I miss Casey in New York City - the electric skateboard just made me smile so much!!! Look how happy he is - it makes me sad 😔… I can tell he misses it more than anything!!!
Moosetracks 10
Moosetracks 10 19 gün önce
teach us your workflow ;)
D S 20 gün önce
I have been bluntly telling you this all along and posting comments. You belong to NYC. Period. We all are glad to see you "back"!
Ritvars Freimanis
Ritvars Freimanis 20 gün önce
😁 Nice
Tin Lidz Vidz
Tin Lidz Vidz 20 gün önce
@Mikes strikes Casey doesn't want to sell his knowledge to everyone and have them not use it. He only wants people that are serious. $300 makes it perfectly affordable for people that are serious. In LA I charge $300 an hour for singing lessons. I'm booked out and only want to work with people that are serious.
Mudit Ahlawat
Mudit Ahlawat Aylar önce
Casey in NY, on a boosted board, in his studio, with the title written in his hand with a marker, with a white g-shock on his wrist wearing the iconic ray bans. This is too good to be true 🙌
SunUpClips 4 gün önce
Lol I know right it’s like he actually cares about his fan again huh?
Gabe Gabe
Gabe Gabe 4 gün önce
@Stanzin Yutung yes, just tell me your name, number, and SSN, mother's maiden name too.
Stanzin Yutung
Stanzin Yutung 4 gün önce
Can anyone sponsor me this course? I love Casey, TRvid and hope this comment will reach to someone who can really help me with the course 🤞
Gabe Gabe
Gabe Gabe 17 gün önce
Should be titled: Most important commercial Casey has evar made! Lame
AndreBravo Aylar önce
We need more vlogs Casey ! Amazing
NoNonsenseKnowHow RRM
Congrats and I hope the class does well for you Casey!
Yak Motley
Yak Motley Aylar önce
I signed up immediately. Super pumped to learn!
Re Nunes
Re Nunes 13 gün önce
I'm taking your course and loving it! In the first classes I already had many ideas for my channel. You are the best.
Debayan Bhattacharya
How is it? I'll join from Feb. Tell us your experience more.
plazacamacho Aylar önce
*El mejor regreso en TRvid*
The Groovy Guitar Dude
Casey on a Boosted board in NYC, what a refreshing sight near the end of 2021!
Arty G
Arty G Aylar önce
His birth place can't change where you was born it's inherited he is NYC bonded
Song Notes by David Pots
Yes!! Dude it's like a hug from Goro
Justin Lalugski
Justin Lalugski Aylar önce
I got chills when he sat down at that table back in the studio
AMEN to that, its been too long!!!
Adventure Rich
Adventure Rich Aylar önce
So perfect!!!
BadlandsChugs Aylar önce
Just enrolled! LETS GOOOOO!!!
pbft.j Aylar önce
The best thing I ever did for my film career is NOT GOING TO A FILM SCHOOL. I went to a 1 year film program at my community college that focused on actually using the gear. Forget directing and blablabla. We learned how to use C-Stands, Arri Lights, how to organize a film cart, how to use an Alexa...just actual real physical skills. The directing can be learned online and some things just can't be "taught". Get yourself as ready as possible to work for someone. Make sure you learn how to be a PA. Learn how to use stuff. You will learn the nuances as you do them. Learn the gear. Learn how to format a card on every camera menu system. Learn how to switch from 30 to 24fps. Learn how to use a C-Stand in every way possible. Learn how to balance a gimbal. Learn how to wrap stingers (extension cables) - LEARN THE LINGO...all the silly names given to film gear. It's all the same, one way or another. Learn safety. Worry about your story telling later. You're not going to be calling the shots yet if you want to be part of a crew. You'll figure that stuff out. Get a good base understanding of everything else. It's like...learn the alphabet BEFORE you sit down and try to write a story. I promise that you'll learn the rest. But forget all the ambitious "I'm going to win an Oscar for this next film" crap. Learn how to use the camera. Learn how to use the gear.
Paul Green
Paul Green 22 gün önce
Nah I'll do it solo and Oscars are weak.
Dario Alexander
Dario Alexander 22 gün önce
What do you do at the moment?
Rolling Shutter
Rolling Shutter Aylar önce
marco llorando
marco llorando Aylar önce
Man, it feels like 2017 again, seeing Casey on his boosted board and doing his classic video transition styles.
You're so missed Casey! We all learned a lot from you 🔝
RugbyPass Aylar önce
The only TRvidr that makes me stop whatever I’m doing when they upload 🚨
Santa Claus
Santa Claus 3 gün önce
@Sid you so funny 🤮
ReggaeEli Aylar önce
Hope to be that way with music
Jason Griggs
Jason Griggs Aylar önce
So true!!
Jona7Fer Aylar önce
Hi, if you are not saved, and would like to be included in the rapture of the church. Believe that Jesus's death on the cross, was enough to pay for ALL your sins , yes ALL ,(past, present and future) That is what the Gospel is about. We are saved by GOD'S amazing grace, through our faith in Jesus's sinless life, death on the cross and resurrection 3 days later. No additional works needed. It is literally that simple. Ephesians 2:8-9 Romans 10:9-10
Coplay Aylar önce
Amen to that brother.
Daniel Quirós
Daniel Quirós Aylar önce
I can’t explain the happiness that brings watching you again
samson paulus
samson paulus Aylar önce
2:53 "Film making being my passion - it meant learning it was something that I wanted to do - It was me choosing to... educate myself about something that I really cared about" Casey, hearing from you again here is like taking a deep breath after holding my breath for about the last 6-7 months. Thank you!
clemente munoz
clemente munoz 25 gün önce
Considering so many TRvidrs have adopted Casey’s style over the years this seems like a great idea.
elif Aylar önce
This video is why I love what Casey does and the reason why he's one of the best content creators
Internet Impact
Internet Impact Aylar önce
I had to do a double take on the upload date to make sure I wasn’t watching an old vlog. Great to see you back!
🇰🇷 Miles In Korea 🇰🇷
Yeah, sure I saw the thumbnail, but thought it was an old one... Guess he could just write "Casey," put a bit of ripped packaging, or sunglasses, and everyone'll be back!
Harry Hedger
Harry Hedger Aylar önce
took the words right out of my mind💯💯💯
Justin Case
Justin Case Aylar önce
Dont worry. we all did. I'm like why is youtube recommending this old video of Casey that Im sure I already saw...
The Courtney Project
Haha me too
Daniel Scotcher
Daniel Scotcher Aylar önce
Connor Lipke
Connor Lipke Aylar önce
I go to a college with a pretty good film program(UNC Wilmington), and the amount of money people are paying to learn things I learned on youtube by myself is baffling. Definitely don't need a degree to tell a story, definitely don't need school to learn how to use a camera.
Adam Yarbrough
Adam Yarbrough Aylar önce
This is such an amazing idea! I really hope this class goes well for you and everyone involved. If I was available during that month to take the class I would in a heartbeat but unfortunately I won’t even have access to the internet where Ill be traveling. Hopefully there are more classes and opportunities like this in the future and good luck with this!
The Shanghai Kid
The Shanghai Kid Aylar önce
Signed up for the class as quickly as I saw it pop up. Casey, this class is a dream come true for many of us as it is for you! You inspired me to make videos back in shanghai several years back, unfortunately I’ve stopped after moving. Hope the fire to create will be rekindled again! Thank you so much for doing this!
Musing Of A Man
Musing Of A Man Aylar önce
I learned so much about story telling and pacing from watching Casey when I started out. Not that you could tell that from my channel. It's not an obviously similar style but there are moments. I've gone on to start up a media production and we've been pretty successful. It's kept the roof over our heads and the wolves from the door at least. Thanks for everything, Casey. Good luck with the course, Brother. 👌🏻 ✌🏻️
Dad Verb
Dad Verb Aylar önce
Goodness, seeing this reminded me of why I even started a TRvid channel back in 2016. Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration and building out something to teach the next generation of young creators.
Juan Urbina
Juan Urbina Aylar önce
I watch your videos and can see some of Casey’s style in them! Btw thanks for all the helpful tips
Tomhek Aylar önce
Love the idea. I was the same in school. If there was ever a group project or assignment, I would push for making a video about it. Moving to Banff I found the area that challenges me but feel overwhelmed by the whole story telling portion. Will definitely look into enrolling!
STS Telecom
STS Telecom Aylar önce
It's good to see you posting again. 2020 took its toll on some of the best even!
Roland Digs It
Roland Digs It Aylar önce
As much as I love Casey, I love seeing the insane amount of heavy hitters in the comments. We're talking TRvidrs with 1+ million subs commenting on how Casey has changed their lives. That is a testiment as to how much Casey's videos have affected people's lives. I hope my videos will someday entertain as many people as his have. Keep it up man. I love the story telling.
Vlog Epicness
Vlog Epicness Aylar önce
It would be rad if the class included q&a’s and video reviews with Casey
silbay Aylar önce
it doesn't read the FAQ's
Jillian and Addie
Jillian and Addie Aylar önce
Wish more of the biggest creators would do something like this, but frankly, who's better for this than Casey freakin' Neistat?
Miss WildLife
Miss WildLife Aylar önce
@Jona7Fer you first
Jona7Fer Aylar önce
Hi, if you are not saved, and would like to be included in the rapture of the church. Believe that Jesus's death on the cross, was enough to pay for ALL your sins , yes ALL ,(past, present and future) That is what the Gospel is about. We are saved by GOD'S amazing grace, through our faith in Jesus's sinless life, death on the cross and resurrection 3 days later. No additional works needed. It is literally that simple. Ephesians 2:8-9 Romans 10:9-10
Ahmad Saigh
Ahmad Saigh Aylar önce
His brother Van Neistat.
Miss WildLife
Miss WildLife Aylar önce
They do
Lars Aylar önce
@Collin Rowles I totally agree. They both are very different in their style but both impressive creators
I started video making when I start watching Casey’s TRvid. A few months later, Casey stopped and I stopped. While Casey power source is in NY, mine is with Casey’s videos. You are my inspiration Casey. I’ve enrolled for your class! Can’t wait to start 💪🏼
Sarahdippity 26 gün önce
Hey Casey! I'd LOVE to purchase your class ... if only it's mine to keep - like the way Matt D'Avella is doing his classes. Having to adhere to a specific schedule or else I'd miss this online class would not work for me. Unfortunately!
Paul Green
Paul Green 22 gün önce
It's yours baby. You can watch it any time you want.
James Atkinson
James Atkinson Aylar önce
it's cool that you're still making videos the same way that you did 5 years ago... honestly, when i used to watch you, i was in a really dark place, and i used to watch your videos all the time... they really contributed to keeping me going through that really horrible time... u were an awesome person to me, i looked up to you, and i wanted to be like you..... the fact that you're still doing videos in the same format that you used to, before beme and everything, means so much to me,,, you're appreciated big time
JoshReyes TV
JoshReyes TV 23 gün önce
Procrastinating got the best of me here just went to buy it thinking I had till the 31st. Made me realize my biggest obstacle in life is myself I’ll be stronger Casey🤘🏼
TimeBucks Aylar önce
I had so much nostalgia watching this
MD Bokul Islam
MD Bokul Islam Aylar önce
Ivan Fade'Em 🅥
Ivan Fade'Em 🅥 Aylar önce
*He's simply the best at what he does.* *Its like Michael jordan in his prime offered to teach you how to play basketball. You don't want to miss out on the opportunity*
joe holiday
joe holiday Aylar önce
This is amazing! I have been a magician for over thirty years and I struggle with creating and editing videos of my act for social media and marketing. I've been a fan of yours for years, I am sure this course is exactly what i need. THANK YOU CASEY! Great to see you back as well....
David Kyle
David Kyle Aylar önce
The first video of yours that I watched many years ago was about creativity, and look what we're talking about all this time later. This is why I love your channel, you're an inspiration!
The TrevRun
The TrevRun Aylar önce
The best to ever it do it. Keep gracing the TRvid with your presence. You are the pioneer of the sickest vlogs to ever be made. Keep it up buddy. Proud of ya as always!!!
Victor Shikhman
Victor Shikhman Aylar önce
I watched Casey for years from the deep suburbs of Chicago, imagining what the Big Apple must be like, then moved to Brooklyn for three years, spent enough time in Manhattan, visited many of the piers and parks he often used for monologues or drone footage, walked past his studio on occasion, moved back to Chicago (and very content to never have to find a parking spot again), kinda stopped following his work as he moved to Cali and the vlogs became less frequent. Nice to see the studio again, and Casey's unique style. Life takes you on on a ride.
Chris Notap
Chris Notap Aylar önce
Casey, Casey, Casey! At 6:54 you say "it doesn't look like one of my silly youtube videos" but you are so wrong! That is what makes your videos the best to watch! The richness of the focus, lighting, depth of field and surrounding! I mean look at 8:46!! Look at how clear and how colourful this setting is.....amazing! You have had a great influence on how I record and edit. Thank you thank you thank you!!
Ivan Fade'Em 🅥
Ivan Fade'Em 🅥 Aylar önce
*Good description dude.* *Casey influenced me on how i record and edit too. We're 1 of the thousands he's influenced*
voodoohumb Aylar önce
Gneus One
Gneus One Aylar önce
Casey, no matter how I'm feeling, when I watch one of your vidoes, when I watch you on screen I'm always inspired. Your energy and your passion is infectious. As soon as I'm able I'll be joining your school. Thank you for being you. 👊
OIB Kahuna
OIB Kahuna Aylar önce
Just signed up - you by far have been the most influential filmmaker that we have learned from. Stoked for the class and to learn more!
Adam Gainsley
Adam Gainsley Aylar önce
Congratulations Casey! This looks amazing. I can't wait for your vlogs about how well this worked out.
Peter Landis
Peter Landis Aylar önce
Wow this course looks really good! Casey is one of the best story tellers on TRvid and now there is a systematic course that helps you walk through the learning process from one of the best. And the timing….what better to ask for a Christmas present to further educate yourself!
Gawx Art
Gawx Art Aylar önce
I love you Casey glad you’re back
Jona7Fer Aylar önce
Hi, if you are not saved, and would like to be included in the rapture of the church. Believe that Jesus's death on the cross, was enough to pay for ALL your sins , yes ALL ,(past, present and future) That is what the Gospel is about. We are saved by GOD'S amazing grace, through our faith in Jesus's sinless life, death on the cross and resurrection 3 days later. No additional works needed. It is literally that simple. Ephesians 2:8-9 Romans 10:9-10
Ivan Fade'Em 🅥
Ivan Fade'Em 🅥 Aylar önce
iSlandeRon Aylar önce
Don't get too excited. We probably won't see him again for months. Or at least up to the next thing he wants to promote.
mrsepox Aylar önce
He isnt back,… this video was just a commercial for his filming course sadly. It will be months before we see a new video
Martin Aylar önce
A great inspiration of him in your work I can see brudda
Philip Aylar önce
damn this video reminded me of the old days. the excitement for the daily vlogs, watching casey grow and getting bigger and bigger living a crazy life. awesome memories (:
Bryson Aylar önce
Damn this is a smart move. Casey bout to make a cool couple mil minimum off this. Say just 1% of the people who've seen this video(at this time around 1m views) buy the class, that's $2.5mil.
Dario Alexander
Dario Alexander 22 gün önce
He probably will make way more than that but at this point he is so rich he is definitely doing this as a passion project and not just the money.
tommy brockman
tommy brockman Aylar önce
shit is $300?! for a month? yeah i doubt 1% of his followers are gonna do that lol
Daheixiong Aylar önce
Guys the most important movie ive ever made: "Now please pay for my film course." - i do agree that the classic institutions are networking (for 200k) schools. really just there to help you connect while you prepare for the industry.
Arcane Bear
Arcane Bear Aylar önce
So excited for this, enrolling now. I started youtube for my love of podcasts and fell in love with this dynamic new form of self expression!
Leo Baquero
Leo Baquero Aylar önce
Casey, you're one of my main inspirations back when I started my photography channel, my life changed and I'm a happy human being, I'm sooooo happy to see you back!!!
Ryan Mikael
Ryan Mikael Aylar önce
same here man !
Yadhier Aylar önce
always love seeing you happy and pursuing things that will have major impact in the future
Frank Junior Guertin
I appreciate you and all your work. Your energy motivates and is very inspiring to me to get off my ass and get creative. So glad you’re back making videos and I’ll be signing up for your course for sure. You rock! 🤘🏻
Katayoun Ahoo
Katayoun Ahoo 21 gün önce
Casey, you are amazing, back then when I discover you in 2015. I was already in school getting some editing courses and then camera 1 and 2 & lighting in Humber college in Toronto your videos one after another made me think again about the process of filmmaking. Your way is something extraordinary, I mean your way of filmmaking is not boring. I think whoever is thinking about becoming a filmmaker or visual storyteller, this is a time. I will not miss this chance to work as you make your videos. Thank you.
Brenda R.
Brenda R. Aylar önce
What an AWESOME idea! You truly ARE an inspiration, Casey, in soooooooo many ways! Obviously, everybody loves you, & that's only gonna make everything better!!! Congrats, & thanx for making the internet a better place!
Patterrz Aylar önce
I can only imagine given his success there's a crazy amount of value Casey can provide in terms of learning modern film making, interested to see how this goes!
Jona7Fer Aylar önce
Hi, if you are not saved, and would like to be included in the rapture of the church. Believe that Jesus's death on the cross, was enough to pay for ALL your sins , yes ALL ,(past, present and future) That is what the Gospel is about. We are saved by GOD'S amazing grace, through our faith in Jesus's sinless life, death on the cross and resurrection 3 days later. No additional works needed. It is literally that simple. Ephesians 2:8-9 Romans 10:9-10
Miss WildLife
Miss WildLife Aylar önce
@Ivan Fade'Em 🅥 It was a joke silly!
Alex S ꪜ
Alex S ꪜ Aylar önce
@Ivan Fade'Em 🅥 you're videos are awesome!
Ivan Fade'Em 🅥
Ivan Fade'Em 🅥 Aylar önce
@Miss WildLife Hes not paying anyone. He's the best at what he does
Ivan Fade'Em 🅥
Ivan Fade'Em 🅥 Aylar önce
*He's simply the best at what he does.* *Its like Michael jordan in his prime offered to teach you how to play basketball. You don't want to miss out on the opportunity*
Jesse Ivy
Jesse Ivy Aylar önce
cant wait to join your class) you inspire me every time I watch your vlogs, and despite i haven't made any big successful results on the platform - i have no intention to give up. thank you
David Coton
David Coton Aylar önce
I was sooo happy to see a Casey video pop up after sooo long! I was instantly hooked and had a smile, getting the wife to watch with me! How quickly it all turned into sadness as the video is a plug to his $300 course that I cannot afford. Thanks mate 😔
Aimée Vargas
Aimée Vargas Aylar önce
Love this, def include a organization piece - the way you store all this content and prevent risk is just as important
Laura Eva
Laura Eva Aylar önce
This is super cool, its awesome when people share their true passions with others! I may actually take this class even though I don’t even own a camera, this makes me want to get one!
CATKing.in Aylar önce
I learnt a lot from you Casey ! I use sheets and markers and grew from 0 to 100 K in one year ! Thank you !!
Alok Shinde
Alok Shinde Aylar önce
Yeah, also cause you throw a party in every video of yours. Like your energy man.
Ok Aylar önce
Patrick Conlon
Patrick Conlon Aylar önce
I’ll have no problem thanking Casey for all his inspiration through video I’ll be buying this even just to say thanks 🙏
CARLAEHER Aylar önce
Omg. I can’t wait to save up to take this course!! People told me to go to film school, but I really didn’t see why. Your experience is very similar to mine, and I can’t wait to learn from you!! 😎🤙🏽
Isaiah Aylar önce
I'm gonna buy a camera and try your class casey you made me fall in love with your videos and just film in general i hope my film can come close to anything you made one day. I'm really down on my luck bad right now but your videos remind me of the passion i have for this so thank you
Life Of Flores
Life Of Flores Aylar önce
I found you at the begging of my freshman year in high school.. I had no ambitions, no drive, no passions. I was just a kid with a rebellious attitude on the path of destruction. I’m 23 years old now and spent the last 7 years taking photos and making films. If it weren’t for you stepping onto TRvid and making daily vlogs my life would have taken a very different path In all honesty, I sometimes with I could go back to the day I found your channel at 40k subscribers with 3 vlogs. Life was simple, walk to school, walk home, edit until 2am the next day. It was clockwork. Thank you Casey
alexandra Aylar önce
You definitely have no reason to be nervous Casey! Your talent and uniqueness sets you apart from anyone on this platform. A move like this is not only smart, but just makes sense. This is going to be a big thing that will help so many filmmakers.
Alex S ꪜ
Alex S ꪜ Aylar önce
@Ivan Fade'Em 🅥 sameee
Ivan Fade'Em 🅥
Ivan Fade'Em 🅥 Aylar önce
*are you thinking of signing up? Cause I am* Excited for this 🙌
Mr MintyHD
Mr MintyHD Aylar önce
This is really cool Casey I'd for sure sign up if I wasn't broke I love your videos been a crazy journey hopefully it's free one day I've learned so much from you. :) Have a wonderful life bro
Sophie Buckingham
Sophie Buckingham Aylar önce
I always dreamed of tutorials from you, THIS IS BRILLIANT
Prabudh Ghpk
Prabudh Ghpk Aylar önce
Casey is one of the most inspiring reasons, I wish to visit the NYC someday before this life gives up on me 😍😍🙏🙏 Love and Blessings from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳
Francis Plourde
Francis Plourde Aylar önce
Definitely getting into this after the holidays! 1 month of information by the best in the business! You have to be stupid to not sign up! Thanks Casey!!!!
Sauce Stache
Sauce Stache Aylar önce
Bought it!! Can't wait man! You were what inspired me to start creating content in the first place!
哈士麒Husky Aylar önce
@ElitePokeTribe i cant afford with that price,can u selling me the video in cheaper price?
Gen Smiley
Gen Smiley Aylar önce
Hey! Sauce Stache! I watch your videos! I love your approach to vegan cooking!
ElitePokeTribe Aylar önce
Just signed up as well!
EJxSB Aylar önce
Can you come back and tell us if it's worth it
Jorge Willigs
Jorge Willigs Aylar önce
If you're in, so am I! ✋🙂
Jimmy Olsson
Jimmy Olsson Aylar önce
So good seeing Casey back! Something was really missing here! ❤
Windy Hawthorn
Windy Hawthorn 22 gün önce
It looks great especially because of the fact I love the flow of your videos.. won't be taking the course because of lack of funds. But I look forward to seeing folks use what they learn to make videos. Also have you ever thought of making an fictional story with your skills and camera work. I think it would be interesting to see your camera work used to make an short film or even an feature length film.
Yavor Kaludov
Yavor Kaludov Aylar önce
I got into filmmaking and then photography because of Casey, and I managed to earn a very handsome living as a photographer. It was also my first proper job. I'm sure this class is going to be great! Congrats Casey:)))
The Kerrminator
The Kerrminator 9 gün önce
The class has been great so far! The content is super helpful and I love my cohort. 🙌
SunnyV2 Aylar önce
Is it possible to buy the video series without being enrolled into the classrooms and having to do the feedback and project work? Cheers
coveringfish Aylar önce
This class isn’t for u then
Luis Suarez
Luis Suarez Aylar önce
@Leticia Gerardo don’t be THAT person.
Peter Kosen
Peter Kosen Aylar önce
@Leticia Gerardo It must be very comforting to "know" all the requirements and obligations of the lives of everyone else in the world.
Leticia Gerardo
Leticia Gerardo Aylar önce
@MotoMissile you’re full of excuses as to why you can’t commit to something which isn’t Casey’s problem to solve for you. Hate to think of all the other excuses you’d have later. Don’t be the guy who shows up at work or at home with excuses.
1 I JACK Aylar önce
@MotoMissile Towards the end of the video he says you can do it at your leisure, so I guess the videos can be started and stopped and done at your own pace.
Sparky 58
Sparky 58 Aylar önce
It’s a wonderful thing doing this on-line class Casey..... You have a lot of knowledge to share through your many years of experience...... You are TRvid bro..... I’m not sure if You Tube made you or you Made TRvid......☮️
Larry Guevara - Bartender
Casey Neistat was introduced to me by a guest I met onboard while working on one of the Celebrity Cruises ships (Celebrity Equinox) back in 2013. Subscribing to his channel back then is one of the best decisions in my life! Thank you Casey! Much love from the Philippines!
Jenny Watson
Jenny Watson Aylar önce
Im so excited for this! taking this class is now on my bucket list!
The BBQ Gamer
The BBQ Gamer Aylar önce
I recently fell in love with film making myself, 10 months on from starting my TRvid Channel and I'm learning so much about how it all works.
RedNeck TrailMix
RedNeck TrailMix Aylar önce
This is so awesome! Can’t wait to get started just signed up today. Thank you Casey
True North
True North Aylar önce
Best of luck Casey. Your content was always S tier quality. Guerrilla mode. Love that you will pass that along to the New Tribe. 💗 from Canada
Success Pradhan
Success Pradhan Aylar önce
More than half of lifestyle blogger in my country are inspired by you and they are still trying to be you without even realising the cost of all of it. Hope everyone learn it one way or other. Huge congratulations and all the very best ✨💙
yannis vlahidis
yannis vlahidis Aylar önce
While I am not directly interested in film making or the course, I can say that out of all the videos I watched so far, I enjoy the ones from you. I can see that passion is something that is present in them and that while yes you make money, it's a fun process that a lot of people was and will be inspired to follow. Making videos because it's fun and it's a way of expression. Keep up the good work and I will watch your videos. Btw.. with shame I can say that I discovered you only years ago.
marsgizmo Aylar önce
YEEEES! 😃 I was waiting for something like this! Looking forward to learn more insights, from the World's Greatest inspiration in film making! 😌
marsgizmo Aylar önce
@Fall Line Japan yup, can’t wait for Jan 10 to start 😎
Alex S ꪜ
Alex S ꪜ Aylar önce
@Ivan Fade'Em 🅥 you're the Michael jordan of cutting hair bro
Ivan Fade'Em 🅥
Ivan Fade'Em 🅥 Aylar önce
*He's simply the best at what he does.* *Its like Michael jordan in his prime offered to teach you how to play basketball. You don't want to miss out on the opportunity*
Fall Line Japan
Fall Line Japan Aylar önce
See you in the class! Your channel rocks, btw 👍
Nicholas D
Nicholas D Aylar önce
Don’t be nervous Casey, you’ve always been the 🐐, nothing has changed!! ♥️🦋
j & n
j & n 21 gün önce
Damnit Casey! So good to see you back! Trying to find others on YT with your style….but there is no one! Welcome back! I’m not going to make films but I appreciate art and those who do!
Pseudo Mortality
Pseudo Mortality 25 gün önce
Crazy, freshman year was my last completed year too. Living a great life despite never graduating. All what you make of it
Sally Misso
Sally Misso Aylar önce
Amazing Casey, pure excitement when I saw that you posted. Good luck sharing your skills
Matty Tingles
Matty Tingles Aylar önce
I'm only 23 seconds in but the red door and the boosted board slamming just made my whole day!!! So good to see you Casey!! 🔥
AppleTech2011 Aylar önce
Simon Vutov
Simon Vutov Aylar önce
I COULDNT STOP SMILING, then when he kicked the door 😊
In Darkness
In Darkness Aylar önce
Don't watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.
GeekEtc Aylar önce
Martin Wehrle
Martin Wehrle Aylar önce
Nice. It's like theatre. I think, the movies of the near future are made by AI and something like Unreal Engine 5 or 6. But there will always be theatre :))
Kassandra OB
Kassandra OB Aylar önce
I miss Casey on TRvid! I need more of his videos in my life!
Andrew Boorom
Andrew Boorom Aylar önce
Casey, I always love your videos. Keep up the amazing work!
Georgina Curiel
Georgina Curiel Aylar önce
Wow what an awesome way to end 2021. This is exactly what I ask Santa lol!!! Love this, Casey!!! Thanks for doing this!!
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett Aylar önce
Wow, my year just got a lot better. This looks awesome!
Doppa D
Doppa D Aylar önce
Questions... (1) it says at the end of the program, each participant will have created 2 shareable films of our own. Do we watch each other's films at the end of the program? (2) Is there a limited number of seats available? (3) Will we only have access to the program's videos after the 30 days? Thanks!
J R Aylar önce
Once you leave 'official' education, that's when you start learning about life.
Pieter van der Wal
Pieter van der Wal Aylar önce
Thank you for making this great content 💪👍 Again Love your thoughts. Set it up again for the young people and give them inspiration from your life style. Don't be nervous. I.m also your age. let it go 😉
mercury 20 gün önce
i understand your anxiety about this but i can’t wait to watch it. i know it’s going to be brilliant.
Tayo Aina
Tayo Aina Aylar önce
Im Definately buying your course casey. You inspired many of us to start creating so I'm sure its gonna be worth it!
Ivan Fade'Em 🅥
Ivan Fade'Em 🅥 Aylar önce
*I'm gonna buy it too, I'd rather learn from someone I KNOW for a fact is good and experienced*
Linda Lebsack
Linda Lebsack Aylar önce
This is so awesome Casey! You are the biggest inspiration for our kid Jackson (Lebsack)! Super excited for you with this new project you’ve created! It’ll be anitger huge success and worthy achievement! 😇👊🏼
Dale Kessler
Dale Kessler Aylar önce
Already signed up…tired of talking about figuring this shit out, learning some things and not doing shit with it. Thanks KC for dropping into my feed for this class right time right place. I don’t want to be a producer just figure out how to share my message across 4 areas of my life, body, being, balance and business. Right now business and body are my top 2 that I want to resonate with others! In the hopes I can help them grow and myself grow a following to make an impact on peoples lives! That said, let’s grow!
Peter Petkov
Peter Petkov Aylar önce
10 dollars a day for something youve spent your whole life learning, sounds like a good deal !
EffPeeVee Aylar önce
I wish i chose pamela instead
the bunniboi
the bunniboi Gün önce
I know this is not related to the video but I am a new viewer. I absolutely love your video studio! It hits me different than other youtubers and as crazy as it is. I love It. I look forward to what other videos you put out. and I will have a look at your new program too.
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