The Most Controversial Player in Sports

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How Trevor Bauer became the most controversial player in sports



21 Eyl 2021




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Derrick Mallory
Derrick Mallory Saatler önce
She asked for balls. He gave her strikes.
Donnie Rockwell
Donnie Rockwell 5 saatler önce
Benny Castillo
Benny Castillo 11 saatler önce
Bauer was literally changing the training mechanics needed to produce incredible pitchers. MLB and coaches are sour over their earlier attempts to make Bauer conform, and realized they needed a better reason to be able to get rid of him, hence the MLB sending this hit-woman to give them that reason. First, they sent her after Tavis, when that failed, they used her to try and frame Bauer. Read the transcripts. It's all there for those willing to investigate. Enjoy
Robert Avila
Robert Avila 13 saatler önce
He was set up just to keep him out of the game !!!
weston macks
weston macks 13 saatler önce
Is this what you call controversial??
Kontra Bida
Kontra Bida 15 saatler önce
He won't ever play the game for what? the way he trains? coz he's not a yes man to the people that berates him? to the accusations that haven't been proven? or simply because he says the truth and no one wants to be exposed? We really live in a twilight zone lol!
Roy Young
Roy Young 15 saatler önce
I guess sports and High School have changed since I was a kid. If you were throwing like that and you believed it was because of a pole, everyone would have made sure that pole never got lost.
draggeeks1 17 saatler önce
He made every one look stupid n that's why everyone hats him
monkaypants 17 saatler önce
Wait, wait, wait, wait a minute. Did Bower have any friends in highschoo?
Satans Financial Advisor
Satans Financial Advisor 20 saatler önce
He's a meme god.
Bigred130 21 saatler önce
Say what you want (little dick or not) he made the big show - he did what worked for himself. But Have you been around 'ANY' pro sports players?! They're all dicks.
Repent to Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ 23 saatler önce
Repent to Jesus Christ!! ““Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭7:7‬ ‭NIV‬‬
Ian Hernandez
Ian Hernandez Gün önce
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Michael Gün önce
Jimmie Rustler
Jimmie Rustler Gün önce
I get the 420 and 69, but what's the 6 million about?
canineclient 509
canineclient 509 Gün önce
Have y'all realized most "conspiracies";are true
Biliiam Horne III
Best baseball channel in all of media
Darren Kellman
Darren Kellman Gün önce
He would say they are cheating and he flat out said im gonna do it to prove it for you. 🤣🤣he 🤡 the MLB. I think they set him up to never pitch again.
Erik Baeza
Erik Baeza Gün önce
He sounds like more of the bully than the victim
Michael_Karnes Gün önce
I like Bauer... This video is BS
chaostheory2219 Gün önce
Fukking clown cost us the title 🤬
The Main Protagonist
He was hella bullied....that's why he was cocky
John Pastore
John Pastore Gün önce
So glad, he did not sign, with the Mets
Norma Searching
Norma Searching Gün önce
I have heard of some REAL FUCKED UP shit that would happen in the Dodger's locker room during Lasorda's time coaching (wouldn't doubt it still happens). Sometimes during games, sometimes after they won. If you want to know, read "Brice Taylor: Thanks for the Memories". Chapter titled Dodger Diamonds. Warning ... This book/pdf is a tough read. I will not go further into it due to many not believing. Read her experience. Form your own opinion (I know many won't believe).
Chadason McGraw
Chadason McGraw 2 gün önce
Bauer was talented as talented could be. I just wish he would have gelled more with his teammates.
M4G3 2 gün önce
its kind of weird you know this much of a mans history, whether its legit or not!
M4G3 21 saatler önce
@zacharias so you justify paparazzi, this was a slander campaign from the beginning & for one individual to spend his time on this earth trying to crap on other peoples short comings or success is sad regardless!
zacharias 22 saatler önce
Yes, how bizarre for a baseball channel to research one of the best and most controversial players in the sport. He should’ve made a video where he made up things about Bauer’s history instead.
Repent to Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ 23 saatler önce
Repent to Jesus Christ!! ““Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭7:7‬ ‭NIV‬‬
Urvy1A 2 gün önce
*Laughs in Astro*
LazyButCrazy 7ho7
LazyButCrazy 7ho7 2 gün önce
Actually super sad how ppl mad fun of him
Chris Obrien
Chris Obrien 2 gün önce
Spectrum, you mean narcissistic. Damn he's interesting though
Brandon Burt
Brandon Burt 2 gün önce
Seems like Bauer has a problem with everyone. Kinda hard to argue for a guy who is so unlikable to almost everyone he speaks with.
barth's burgers
barth's burgers 2 gün önce
Sounds like he is on the spectrum
Hector Bezares
Hector Bezares 2 gün önce
Tu no peleas con el jefe
Joey Bagadonuts
Joey Bagadonuts 2 gün önce
He's eccentric, a loner, unique workout routines. Doesn't mean he did what he's accused of. He's a great pitcher, character for the game and I hope his career rebounds and he can move on, if found innocent, which looks like it's the way things are going.
Kathy Covington
Kathy Covington 2 gün önce
He should at least get a trial
Mark Murphy
Mark Murphy 2 gün önce
I love the passion.....It got him 40 Million for throwing a baseball for 1 year. A RECORD !!!
Kevin 2 gün önce
So a genius (who generally look at the world different, so are seen as socially "weird") gets bullied by jocks because he trained differently than they did. And slowly started showing that his methods were better than theirs? Yeah, I can see why he'd get the attitude. Seriously. Now as for the charges, let's hope the truth comes out and he's dealt with accordingly. And if he is innocent, he can play the game he loves. It would be stupid that the "off the field issues" be a breach of contract. How could a false accusation that since been rescinded, be the responsibility of the player?
Giovanni Genovese
Giovanni Genovese 2 gün önce
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Jmmy Pockets
Jmmy Pockets 2 gün önce
Like Tiger, Pride comes before the fall.
Ray Deffett
Ray Deffett 2 gün önce
The Toronto maple leafs will sign him can he play hockey 🏒?
Logan Leal
Logan Leal 2 gün önce
Seems like he a real one and y’all hating
Robert Kallen
Robert Kallen 2 gün önce
He is getting the shaft.
M 2 gün önce
The bush administration, at the very least, let 9/11 happen (probably orchestrated the whole thing). If you’ve never looked into the VERY weird anomalies that happened that day then you’re an idiot. Just look into it.
The_true_nderue daved_q
"And 69 Cents" Lol They give me .70 I'm not playing
JeremyB 3 gün önce
Seems like the MLB set this up
esther 3 gün önce
Dayymmm sure wish we had him back right about now.
78Boston 3 gün önce
Who the world likes Garrett Cole ...love when he gets pummeled
MassillonObie 3 gün önce
Dude, confiscate. Not con-fin-scate.
Ashlee Ducote
Ashlee Ducote 3 gün önce
From a purely baseball perspective, seems like all of the haters were wrong and Trevor was right.
Jarrett Deas
Jarrett Deas 3 gün önce
Im not mad at you about this but im so effing confused on why he will be black balled from the league because his charges were dropped. The only thing he is guilty of right now is loving having rough sex and now he is losing his entire career???? Thats effing stupid
Theodore Ottey
Theodore Ottey 3 gün önce
I'm not much of a baseball fan, and I honestly never heard of Trevor .But as soon as I heard about the bullying as a kid I began to sympathize with him!!!
Dales Fails: Saga of a Sus Lord
Using the numbers 69 and 420 over and over is the most jr high shit I’ve ever heard.
Shady Lurker Gaming
Shady Lurker Gaming 3 gün önce
This is what happens when spergs can't or refuse adapt to society.
jinho k
jinho k 3 gün önce
why in the world people criticize him for how he warms up before the game? as long as he does good?
Adolph Oliver Bush
Adolph Oliver Bush 3 gün önce
dodgers are a despicable organization. They would sign a convicted pedophile if he could throw a 99 MPH fastball.
_HMCB_ 3 gün önce
Wow. He was with my Indians for years. I remember the drone incident. Couldn’t have come at a worse time for the team.
Kiko Johnson
Kiko Johnson 3 gün önce
Hes not controversial. Hes dumb. But if hes inocent is inocent. Period.
Mikie 5thgenSS
Mikie 5thgenSS 3 gün önce
Doesn’t make sense, why would the MLB suspend him if he’s found not guilty? I’ve never been a Bauer fan but it’s obvious that they (MLB/media) are trying to blacklist him because he has been calling them out for years
JohnnyDropTop FC3S
JohnnyDropTop FC3S 3 gün önce
Fuck it. Let’s just put an asterisk on all records before 2000.
Eric Valladares
Eric Valladares 3 gün önce
They already made a show aabout him. Kenny Powers: East Bound and Down
Chris Despres
Chris Despres 3 gün önce
What if the girl targeted Bauer and had this planned all along. Do people not know that girls do crazy things? On top of that, he had a lonely upbringing where he was bullied, so when a girl tells you she wants rough sex, and he wants to be a man and do it like she says, he does it. And now here we are. I’m just saying, this is a big difference from Deshaun Watson.
zaffo757 3 gün önce
As if we needed another reason to forget all about baseball.
Skunkless Fishin Bay & Beyond
This was a set up.
L. J.
L. J. 3 gün önce
So while she was he punched unconscious he had sex with her. She got a skull fracture and this is all confirmed. Crazy part is guys who think rough sex doesn't have a line. "She was asking for it" ... really? Bro. Or that they want money. If you were beaten unconscious and anally raped... you might want money too.
Yuuurrr 3 gün önce
@4:11 -- a 4.8 GPA?? How the F#(K is that possible...
Jacen Kun
Jacen Kun 4 gün önce
Obviously the elite that run the league want him to stop telling everybody how pictures can cheat
AC/DC Freak
AC/DC Freak 4 gün önce
Whether or not this guy is found guilty. I stand by saying that signing this guy was a huge mistake by the dodgers. Even worst they had to pay him all this year to sit on his ass at home.
LCF FLC 4 gün önce
This guy is mess up
Wilek Rowan
Wilek Rowan 4 gün önce
I like this guy.
WFlyer 79
WFlyer 79 4 gün önce
This seems more of a underhanded video meant to build him up.
innotech 4 gün önce
I love how many intense insane players are in major league baseball. what a fascinating sport!
Ron Hargrove
Ron Hargrove 4 gün önce
So he loved baseball and pitching started to train to perfect it at a young age and people hated him and bullied him
Aditya Bengani
Aditya Bengani 4 gün önce
My favourite pitcher
Dylan 4 gün önce
IM NOT EVEN A DODGERS FAN but I can promise you that the majority of his teammates don’t want him off the team. Stop putting out BS info.
Maximum Max
Maximum Max 4 gün önce
That woman 👩 destroyed his career false rape! She lied 🤥
King 3112007
King 3112007 4 gün önce
Jason Muska
Jason Muska 4 gün önce
Yeah I don't know about that accusation of that woman. Had she claimed that Trevor choked punched and sodomized her without consent once then I would totally believe it. But she said this happened twice. Nobody and I mean nobody is going to allow somebody to rape them and then stick around to allow it to happen again, It doesn't happen. It's such a traumatic event that you cannot be around that person ever again. So something doesn't sound right about this
Crpayne35 p
Crpayne35 p 4 gün önce
a freshman throwing 78 is well above average most of the top 1000 players per perfect game in the 2025 class top out around 78-84
Mohiti 4 gün önce
78 mph as a freshman is actually pretty solid. How 14 many year olds throwing 90? 🤣
Caleb Cicero
Caleb Cicero 4 gün önce
im about 15 mins in and i dont see anything wrong with Bauer so far, seems more like the people around him were the problem, bullies and sensitive people everywhere
GinsuChikara 3 gün önce
If he hadn't called out the rampant use of illegal sticky shit by pitchers in the league, he probably wouldn't have had everyone involved in professional baseball trying to tear him down.
JOHN NGO 4 gün önce
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Patricia Armstrong
Patricia Armstrong 4 gün önce
He’s a class A narcissist
Sloppyballs McGuillicutty
quirky workouts. a dick to his teammates. a dick to his opponents. kept getting better. won awards. problems with the ladies. gets kicked off team and may never play again. but Kobe alright.
Captain Texas
Captain Texas 4 gün önce
I hate this guy, I really do but I feel like MLB is conspiring against him. Which it pains me to say this I hate more than him. Would be hilarious though if the stros’ sign him.
kevin 4 gün önce
Like some of the shit that he did like the whole meme with the salary was just funny but the other stuff is just being a fuckin asswipe
Da-Mad Modler
Da-Mad Modler 5 gün önce
Man he really is a complete dill hole.
lllamasrule88 5 gün önce
Very well thought out and thorough video. Keep up the great work!
Kurt Wagner
Kurt Wagner 5 gün önce
After watching this ive come to like this guy, and that legal shit is clearly BS so I hope the MLB doesn’t kick him out but I bet this is just the excuse they’ve been looking for
Andrew Evenstar
Andrew Evenstar 5 gün önce
This is one of the most interesting sports videos I've ever seen
Mike Honcho
Mike Honcho 5 gün önce
Great vid
Eman 5 gün önce
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ForgottenSpace 5 gün önce
I think one of the things that makes his scandal so fascinating is how he runs his public persona. The fact the dude is banned yet still uploading post season watch parties to his TRvid. Watching his train just completely derail while he does commentary on it. It’s kinda nuts
Jacob Green
Jacob Green Gün önce
because he knows his train isn't derailing
Narcissistic Women Ain't Shit
I thought you were talking about John Rocker
Red Hood
Red Hood 5 gün önce
Wish this bum would get suspended indefinitely so Dodgers don't have to pay him.
TraRob-EastSide 5 gün önce
I can relate to this guy.... hard working, achiever, loner, and competitive. Unfortunately, the bullying caused him to be anti social & build a wall getting defensive fast
tom mann
tom mann 5 gün önce
This is how you get rid of males, EVERY job from elite to being a bill collector, biscuits makes claims & you believe it. Just ask Robert Forrester / Paul Newman buddy. Look at list of talk show host, one doing infomercial in europe.
Flo- Pride
Flo- Pride 5 gün önce
When the narrator says voting for Trump is controversial you know the world/ TRvid is full of people that whisper in each others ear… “Hail Hydra”. The left/liberals are basically a cult
go4stros25 5 gün önce
Love it. Guys a hypocrite. A cry baby cheater crying about cheating.
T V 5 gün önce
Only 2/5th through this video & I like him... being a prick & staying committed to improvement doesn't mean all them a@@&oles need to $
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