The Morons Of Coronavirus

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Yoav 9 saatler önce
Steven Aistleitner
Steven Aistleitner 9 saatler önce
anybody else sees satan is this jesus dude, he literally looks like satan look at him 13:09
Elvis Sanchez
Elvis Sanchez 9 saatler önce
12:52 lol, satan trying to preach Christianity is the golden border line. (i don't care about religion) Good bye "murrica", good bye old geezers.
James Phillip Watson
James Phillip Watson 9 saatler önce
All the people in those Miami interviews are definitely dead. XD if they are, good 😂
Hector Garcia
Hector Garcia 10 saatler önce
Little did ethan know that his fans started the Corona virus just to get him to start making youtube videos again.
peri 11 saatler önce
I'm sad u left out Ava Louise on Dr Phil about coronavirus, I'm sure you would've dragged her for the stupidity she emits on this earth
Josh Shields
Josh Shields 12 saatler önce
He totally rented those toilet paper rolls for the music video
Shi Jason
Shi Jason 12 saatler önce
It is just natural selection and it helps eliminate all the dumb
Christian Oersted
Christian Oersted 12 saatler önce
How a guy serving God can look more like the devil than the devil himself amazes me...
Angel Ortega
Angel Ortega 12 saatler önce
Spring breakers are fat n ugly not good looking n lean anymore
Payton Carroll
Payton Carroll 12 saatler önce
just imagine is this was a Zombie virus, it would be crazy
PepperMusic 13 saatler önce
Tomlosy 13 saatler önce
My dad has corona. HELP
Dolank 13 saatler önce
Oh yeah idk if yall have seen that televangelist before, but he called a plane a "tube filled with demons." He's pathetic as hell, pretty much exploits the Christian religion to make millions of dollars.
Reich Palabrica
Reich Palabrica 14 saatler önce
This is all WHO’s fault for downplaying it for China!! Now these morons are partying around like the self centred morons they are
BIGMANLOGJAM 14 saatler önce
GameStop? For real? Jesus.
Jim Manios
Jim Manios 14 saatler önce
We in Greece be vibing tho
Krissy Scott
Krissy Scott 15 saatler önce
I luv u all u know you all wanna let m Ed win one of them fresh ass hoodie too Indiana 😍
kenneth loren
kenneth loren 15 saatler önce
My name is Kenneth, and this intimidated me 13:21
Austin Watkins
Austin Watkins 15 saatler önce
Dude i can't explain the joy that washed over my body when i heard the old intro. it brought a genuine smile to my face. papa bless
Huji Kassad
Huji Kassad 15 saatler önce
it was a cool vid up until the end with the Cardi B thing, you shouldn't make fun of mentally retarded autists
Lucas Pessamilio
Lucas Pessamilio 15 saatler önce
Jessica Donohue
Jessica Donohue 15 saatler önce
Your old intro, that's so fuckn dope, dude!
Lily Lionheart
Lily Lionheart 16 saatler önce
7:25 ooohhh so thaaats why I saw a lysol bottle getting sold for 70 dollars on amazon that one time...
Hexploit 17 saatler önce
This shit at 14:05 , this is just straight up criminal and should be prosecuted.
Chris Fuller
Chris Fuller 17 saatler önce
The young people dont realize EVENTUALLY they're going to get it too. And that's not capitalism, that's stupidity. Capitalism is a 3-hour 'Rona test made in fucking america *eagle screech *
Chris Fuller
Chris Fuller 17 saatler önce
The hermitcraft fans know. Joehills was getting disrespected
Tyler 17 saatler önce
Boomer Doomer is so much better lmaoooo
5thGen 18 saatler önce
5:26 "the world will be a better place" Bit*h you ain't going to be in 😂
Mr. ipoz
Mr. ipoz 11 saatler önce
Look I'm young so that means I won't die from an epedemic time to make fun of everyone whose older than me Just stop
19LapisLazuli 18 saatler önce
You couldn't just get Melania to do the intro tho Ethan. :C that would've been epic
Eyangamedud3 18 saatler önce
he be postin more now
Cassandra Stillman
Cassandra Stillman 19 saatler önce
My cat turns two years old in a week and i'm making him a box fort. That's him as my picture.
Anthea Hodge
Anthea Hodge 19 saatler önce
kind of sad that these people exist
Jacrispie Jackson
Jacrispie Jackson 19 saatler önce
I feel like Ethan is a Bernie bro
The Real Ethan bimbo
The Real Ethan bimbo 19 saatler önce
You showed EB games guy but it was game stop two different things
Deepak Subba
Deepak Subba 19 saatler önce
I’m immune to coronavirus
Mr. ipoz
Mr. ipoz 11 saatler önce
And how's that
Cookie The Hamster
Cookie The Hamster 20 saatler önce
The Deadpan Warrior
The Deadpan Warrior 20 saatler önce
Kenneth Copeland look like a reptilian
ethan Comire
ethan Comire 20 saatler önce
Are we not going to talk about how this is the first video in like 8 months
Joven Mangges
Joven Mangges 21 saatler önce
Who are this weird people?
Joshua Darragh
Joshua Darragh 21 saatler önce
Can we ban Kenneth Copeland from ever talking again?
ThepoinTless 21 saatler önce
It wasn't a bat it was an armadillo that they ate and the virus originated from that.
AJAB1975 21 saatler önce
Honestly it’s a miracle we aren’t still bashing each other with rocks
Arman Akbari
Arman Akbari 22 saatler önce
This is totally random but If anyone wonders what Iran is like. basically, look at the guy at 13:04 . and Imagine a whole goverment like him lmao
diamondapple94 22 saatler önce
Straight face gang wya
Jessica G
Jessica G 22 saatler önce
Geezy 22 saatler önce
As a catholic, we don’t associate with those television “pastors”
Donald Sterling
Donald Sterling 13 saatler önce
Hahaha like a typical catholic is any better.
Bustajoint Nflex
Bustajoint Nflex 22 saatler önce
Lmfao yess
Michaela Hall
Michaela Hall 22 saatler önce
It's still just the flu, I'm still gonna go play tennis
Here2tellU the truth
Here2tellU the truth 23 saatler önce
I’m glad this is happening, Ethan is back uploading good content again.
Cool Chameleon24
Cool Chameleon24 23 saatler önce
The longer we stay inside the longer we delay the inevitable, and continue to destroy the economy.
Nicos Ledakis
Nicos Ledakis 23 saatler önce
New intro amazing
Sweet N Sour
Sweet N Sour 23 saatler önce
I watch the news stories where families are begging and crying for others to stay home. This isn’t like the flu, this is happening so fast and became widespread all of a sudden. Look at Wuhan, Italy, and of course we, America, is now considered the hotspot now. Basically, we have it the worst now.
strapman1110 23 saatler önce
Irvo Stuff
Irvo Stuff 23 saatler önce
It’s crazy that it’s gotten so much worse in 2 weeks
Alex Pierson
Alex Pierson 23 saatler önce
I’m doing my part staying home social distancing because our healthcare system is not prepared for even the flu, much less this second respiratory disease, but if we were prepared I would not be worrying about this virus. Boomers have ruined my life and everyone around my age and because of that why should I care what happens to them. They didn’t care when me and my classmates were afraid to go to school because we had to dodge bullets and be afraid of dying, they didn’t care as they ruined the earth and fucked over every future generation, they didn’t care when they set us up to be fucked economically for years, so once again, why the fuck would I give a shit about them?
Trevor Phillips
Trevor Phillips Gün önce
The tracksuit is fucking 🔥
oioi Gün önce
the sad thing is the people doing dumb shit are young and probably don’t have health issues so they won’t die from the corona virus sadly
DM G3 Gün önce
These are the same people who say it’s trumps fault that it spread lmao
I know he would return
Jack Reeves
Jack Reeves Gün önce
This is why the world is screwed, ignorsnt people in the well off countries, disgusting people honestly
Lucas Larrahona
Lucas Larrahona Gün önce
High school musical girls is listening to FEVER... akward
Lucas Larrahona
Lucas Larrahona Gün önce
Ask us Spaniards... H3H3
Flavius Belisarius
Nobody thinks of North West England when they think of sophisticated Europe.
Wyatt McFall
Wyatt McFall Gün önce
My gramma’s already dead 🤷🏻‍♀️
Rebecca Toman
Rebecca Toman Gün önce
Ethan: "let's see what's going on in Europe" *Shows the UK* Too soon man, too soon
super soaker
super soaker Gün önce
this is what we want more ethan, not your goddamn podcasts
JD Plays It Cool
JD Plays It Cool Gün önce
Ethan buying into the hysteria.
Arnau Fumadó
Arnau Fumadó Gün önce
I’ ve awaited h3 h3’s return. This does put a smile on my face.
Sketti Boi
Sketti Boi Gün önce
Yeah I got rectal thermometered when I was young. I do keep a couple in the house now (glass mercury thermometers); I only use them by mouth and look after them like they are precious. If not bent or put in hot water or dropped or bitten down on they'll last for thousands of years after all the electronic ones have been binned. I think by about 4 to 5 years old there's no need to use them rectally... except for with Ethan maybe 😀.
Arran Clark
Arran Clark Gün önce
In all honesty, it might just be what the world needs.
Falzeee Gün önce
Viruses don't exist
Roman Falvo
Roman Falvo Gün önce
It took a global pandemic for Ethan to upload to his main channel.
FBI Agent
FBI Agent Gün önce
Im pretty sure Kaceytron was high at that time
neejoy sola
neejoy sola Gün önce
0:16 Michelle Obama's : great moves keep it up was much better I miss that.
N54Lyfe Gün önce
The slowest people of my fucking state Miami people...
Jonah Gün önce
The messiah is finally back! That rapper part was hilarious, great to see some classic H3, we missed your goofs and gaffs Ethan!
BrilpoetsdoekjePSN 11 saatler önce
@neejoy sola Nobody asked
neejoy sola
neejoy sola Gün önce
The average age of death of corona infected people is 80 years old. Those people would have had maybe 3-5 years left before they would have died off a regular influenza
Splyff Myster
Splyff Myster Gün önce
Hilllllllla is soooooo funnnny this channel is toooooo perfect
Tyler Manning
Tyler Manning Gün önce
Imma b real b i dont give af about old people they dont like me i dont like them. I will never reach 70 if i do im going out in a cocaine fueled car crash in a lambo
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