The Moment the Queen's Reign Came to an End

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'The Moment the Queen's Reign Came to an End'

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19 Eyl 2022




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Jeannie Smith
Jeannie Smith 2 aylar önce
I am grateful to be alive to witness this historical moment. She seemed so kind and funny. I feel for her family having to be in the eye of the public during their time of grief
modcolocko Gün önce
@Influx Both of these things are not true.
modcolocko Gün önce
@Go Bucs Bolts Rays! Yes because we all know that the queen did not discriminate against anyone.
Gerry Higgins
Gerry Higgins 3 gün önce
@FFS Pablo Yes. It's time to forget about 1000 years of history and social progress. Why acknowledge their contributions? It was Princess Diana who got every nation in the UN {except the USA} to sign the ban on the use of land mines. It's now a war crime because of civilian deaths.
FFS Pablo
FFS Pablo 5 gün önce
@This is a Username. nah lad it is
This is a Username.
This is a Username. 5 gün önce
​@FFS Pablo nah the Monarch ain't going anywhere. Keep gnashing you teeth.
Mariannegrfvd 2 aylar önce
This was one of the most moving moments. And it makes clear that when we go from this earth we will go without possessions nor diamonds... Rich or poor we will leave as we came to earth : with nothing. Rank and titles don't change anything when we will stand before our Creator.
Lawson Bowan
Lawson Bowan Aylar önce
let is all know that a works out you really think when you die you'll see God 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Maria Caleb
Maria Caleb Aylar önce
Rhami Emanuel Moura-Yameen
@Silence me Violate me I am hoping to go to Scotland at least once. Seventy years in a row? I will be 128 - I will prefer the 👑 of life by then - Praise Jah.
fe4rlexx V2
fe4rlexx V2 Aylar önce
Absolutely well said
K Aylar önce
@Wise Guy I mean, who's to say where she ended up. Either way she seemed to have a positive influence on a lot of people, but I'm not a british citizen so I dunno, her role was ceremonial really. I guess it depends if you believe in the "divine right of kings".
Gerry Higgins
Gerry Higgins 3 gün önce
"symbolically" being the operative word. Her late Majesties reign ended when her HUGE heart did. King Charles III was king a good week before the funeral. The Queen is Dead. God Save the King.
Sandra Ingram
Sandra Ingram Aylar önce
Heartbreaking, she became Queen 2 years before I was born come she's in the Queen of England my whole life. Doesn't matter if I'm American it still doesn't make it any easier she was an amazing wonderful woman. Rest in paradise your majesty
Hawkeye Ten
Hawkeye Ten Gün önce
For some time, I saw her as "the kind old lady living across the street" from us, if you will. And when that lady passes, the whole neighborhood mourns, not just her family.
markmh835 9 gün önce
​@💛Aesthetic Banana🍌 -- No, Victoria was queen regnant of the United Kingdom just like Queen Elizabeth II was. The last Queen of England as a SEPARATE entity from Scotland and Ireland was Queen Anne who died in 1714. The title "Queen of England" has not existed since then -- over 300 years.
Southern Lady
Southern Lady Aylar önce
She was the only thing stable in our lives. 😢🔱⚘
💛Aesthetic Banana🍌
@nessunday Overton the last queen of England was victoria
nessunday Overton
nessunday Overton Aylar önce
The last Queen of England died in 1714 Elizabeth was the Queen of the United Kingdom (which England is a member of) not to mention numerous other nations
1WingedAngel Aylar önce
Now she is finally resting from all the hard work. RIP
Hesh Krish
Hesh Krish 11 gün önce
umm... she's a nice and wonderful lady. But, bruh please. You need to watch "motherhood isn't the hardest job on the planet" by Bill Burr and relate to what you've said.
Grokie’s Garden
Grokie’s Garden 2 aylar önce
She was probably the best monarch in history, she remained neutral her entire reign. That is impressive. She was so diplomatic and very kind. The world lost a bright light when she passed, and it keeps getting darker.
Theresa Reynolds
Theresa Reynolds Aylar önce
I'm 64 years old and I've lived through a lot with the USA, but Queen Elizabeth's funeral upset me to no end, even though most of us didn't know her personally, her smiled lit up the room, she was beautiful, even at 96 she still had that cute school -girl smile and giggle. Now she's with her beloved Prince Phillip for all eternity.
Charlotte Cunningham
This, the breaking of the stick, and Charles’ face were the toughest parts for me
Pod Save England
Pod Save England 3 gün önce
Strange, as Charles was already king before they removed that..🤔
Earthcat 19 saatler önce
Requiescat In Pace, Ma'am 🕯
Pravin Patel
Pravin Patel 2 aylar önce
This was really sad. To see these things taken away from our queen. 😢
B W 2 aylar önce
I'm American but always enjoyed watching her Christmas addresses. I'm definitely going to miss that.
Lee BMG 2 aylar önce
This bit and the lone piper got me in the feels 🥺 such an incredible day for a truly incredible and remarkable lady ❤👑 may she forever rest in ever blessed peace ❤️🇬🇧
Cindy Zins
Cindy Zins 2 aylar önce
I just cry every time I see this. I knew she couldn't live forever, but still... not ready!! Rest in peace, dear Queen, with your beloved husband, sister, and parents. 💗👑💔
@Electroskates243 Africa and india ....$45 trillions alone from india....even diamond KOHINOOR from india and other diamonds are STOLEN
Electroskates243 Aylar önce
@TURBOO ALHABIBI who did she steal from
T. Sup
T. Sup 2 aylar önce
You cry? Were you close to her or something? Sorry for your loss. Get yourself a box of tissues.
Ajay Reddy
Ajay Reddy 2 aylar önce
You have another option rather than to live with ..
TURBOO ALHABIBI 2 aylar önce
Just stop overacting....she was queen of looters....
Matthew Hahn
Matthew Hahn Aylar önce
The moment I cried for the first time in a long time. Absolutely a touching moment. Never to be seen by anyone here again.
Melissa M
Melissa M 27 gün önce
This moment was the most emotional for me…..you truly realized that her time as queen was over and she was gone
brenda dias
brenda dias 2 aylar önce
A tearful farewell to the Queen of our hearts.... will miss you and i still feel like saying Long Live our Glorious Queen 😪♥️♥️♥️
Lanna Del Bianco
Lanna Del Bianco 2 aylar önce
Seria lindo colocar o momento da coroação dela e em seguida a retirada. 🥰
Mary Teofrio
Mary Teofrio Aylar önce
Rest In Peace Queen!!! Your memorie and life will always be remembered!!!❤
bmused55 2 aylar önce
This moment really had my eyes watering up. A somber moment.
John Chappell
John Chappell 2 aylar önce
I had told myself 100 times over the past few years to write her a letter, even being from USA, how much I've always admired her life, service and sacrifices she has endured. On the 9th I realized I waited too long. HRH Harry: I too arrived just after my gram passed, and your letter was very touching, and I believe she is with you. Please release any pain or guilt, and allow only the love to keep your hearts bound together. You will feel and hear her presence. God Bless you all. 🇬🇧💜💂🙏💂💜🇬🇧
Torri Simoneaux
Torri Simoneaux Aylar önce
I’ve admired her for as long as I can remember. I did write the Queen a letter telling her how I chose Elizabeth as my Christian name and prayed my life would be in service to those in need as she committed to be of service to her country. I did get a response however it wasn’t a handwritten signed E but it did say that my American admiration was shared with the queen and she thanks me for sharing her life influences affected mine. I don’t think anyone in my little town got away with not knowing I got a letter from The Queen of England.
Rachel Knight
Rachel Knight 2 aylar önce
This moment hit me harder than a freight train at full speed... I knew then our Beloved Queen was our ruler no more. I unashamedly cried buckets then.
Marissa 2 aylar önce
I love everyone I feel so bad that Queen Elizabeth has pasted away I love her so much to the moon and back ❤️🧡💛
Gracious Gift's
Gracious Gift's Aylar önce
So much of my family Ive never been able to meet I wrote her several times but never mailed anything I'm truly heartbroken
Jeanette OKwlley
Jeanette OKwlley 12 gün önce
A wonderful Queen that blessed so many lives and Countries. I am so grateful to have lived during her time.
angelikakqueens26 2 gün önce
Ulle Bishope
Ulle Bishope 15 saatler önce
The fact anything regal has touched Charles makes me sick.
Nate Kendall
Nate Kendall 2 aylar önce
💔💔 the pride I felt giving my oath of allegiance in service of her Majesty will never leave me. She may be gone in body but she beats on in the heart of every true Brit
Donna Weetch
Donna Weetch Aylar önce
It made me cry when I saw her going down and the piper she was an amazing loved lady ..grief is definitely with her family and all those round the world that love her it still don’t feel real to me yet 😢
Ang Moulton
Ang Moulton 2 aylar önce
Wow this is just beautiful that 👑 is absolutely breathtaking,and I too feel sorry for this family always having to be in the public eye and people spectating, just so they can properly grieve ❤️
Mpho Manetsi
Mpho Manetsi 2 aylar önce
The iconic moment, marking the end of her race,which she ran to the fullest. May her soul rest in eternal peace.🙏❤️
Patricia Davis
Patricia Davis Aylar önce
@janice anderson, you know what was meant, be nice people are upset, make mistakes, Amen!
Random person294
Random person294 2 aylar önce
@janice anderson 💀😭🤡
twofeathersjodie 2 aylar önce
@Anvils Thank you, great explanation. 🥰
Anvils 2 aylar önce
@janice anderson her life was a race, her reign as Queen was a race which she ran to the fullest and best of her ability that's what they mean
HoneyGirl 92
HoneyGirl 92 2 aylar önce
@janice anderson you doormouse 🤦🏽‍♀️
Valerie Pacini
Valerie Pacini 2 aylar önce
Born in 1949 never knew a time without her. I lost it when the coffin started to be lowered. My heart goes out to King Charles LLL and the family and the people if the UK.
Jerhmie 2 gün önce
still sad seeing this :(
Gracie G
Gracie G 2 aylar önce
Imagine being the one who removed the crown for the last time from the queen. I would have been in tears removing it.
Monica Nath
Monica Nath 2 aylar önce
God bless Her Majesty’s soul! Her journey on this earth was complete and her duties over. May the Lord sustain the Royal Family now!
Brandy October
Brandy October 2 aylar önce
I never noticed how beautiful the scepter is. God bless the queen. She did a wonderful job
Brandy October
Brandy October Aylar önce
@jelousy how was she racist?
jelousy Aylar önce
as a racist yes as a queen no
Jai Shankar
Jai Shankar 2 aylar önce
@Rosario Taboada King of the east India company,Duleep Singh? Who is that?😵‍💫🤔
Zoila Sosa
Zoila Sosa 2 aylar önce
Un reinado OSCURO y SANGRIENTO cómo todos los " reinados"
Rosario Taboada
Rosario Taboada 2 aylar önce
@Karanbir Bhatti let me teach u a little history although it wasn’t fair Britain has the legal right to the diamond. In 1849 the king of the British East India Company, Duleep Singh (who was 10yrs old) signed to give up his sovereignty’s and his entire royal treasure to Britain which included the diamond.
W G 2 aylar önce
Ill forever remember where I was when the tragic news was heard. A new era for Britain has begun whether it's for better or worse it's far to early to tell. I extend my condolences and respect to the memory of her Majesty the Queen and may her son King Charles rule in prosperity. God Save the King. Sincerely - The Non Commissioned Yank
Elsie_Cappuccino_the dogs 🐕
RIP your majesty you will always be our Queen no matter what. We will never forget you.
WizzardOfPaws 2 aylar önce
I sobbed and sobbed. And, I'm American. I've loved the queen all my life.
Julieanne Tortoriello
Julieanne Tortoriello 23 gün önce
I felt very fortunate to have witnessed the ceremony....it was far more involved and ever so much sadder then I could really handle....far too beautiful for a mere mortal..
Strachan's Drone Services
An amazing but incredibly sad moment to witness that after only ever knowing the Queen's rule.
Bette Heidorn
Bette Heidorn 2 aylar önce
So final! I cried my eyes out. ❤❤❤
thr33wisemonks 25 gün önce
Although I wasn't alive to witness the beginning of her reign. I'm glad I was alive to witness the ending of her reign.
O R 2 aylar önce
I found these moments very sad & heartbreaking. I'm USA citizen & all my life it's always been HM Queen Elizabeth II. She has always been a source of comfort as the monarch of United Kingdom.
Single White Female
Single White Female 2 aylar önce
This was by far the most heartbreaking moment for me. Rest in Peace HRH. Deepest condolences to the UK, Her people and the Royal Family.🇬🇧🇺🇲💔💔💔💔
Jo Aylar önce
The Queen was not HRH - she was HM (Her Majesty).
ds1868 Aylar önce
@bokey777 Correct. The Sovereign is always referred to as HM. Princes and Princesses are HRH.
mado Magdalena
mado Magdalena 2 aylar önce
Here finally trvid.com/video/video-f_TJ9KMAGQg.html
Connie Carter
Connie Carter 2 aylar önce
bokey777 2 aylar önce
@Single White Female I am not British as well, so I might be wrong, but I was thought that memebers of the royal family, other than the Queen, should be refered to as "royal highness". And the Queen is your majesty.
clau teaga
clau teaga 2 aylar önce
Lord Bless The Queen!🙏❤️
TJ 2 aylar önce
Very emotional ♥️God Bless you Queen Elizabeth II Thank You for your service 🙏🏾♥️
Terri Aylar önce
It's still so hard to believe that the Queen is gone! I'm still working on 'Exceptions'!
Moonlight Falcon
Moonlight Falcon 2 aylar önce
A true Queen she was, and always will BE! GOD BLESS HER!❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Carleen johnson
Carleen johnson 2 aylar önce
She has been gone for days, yet this broke my heart, as this finalized it, in my mind, as I can imagine it did for many. RIP to a wonderful, beautiful women.
RowanWolf22 2 aylar önce
I think it ends up hitting reality honestly. Like, you finally realise this is not a joke, that you won’t wake up and she’ll still be there. Just the realisation that it’s finally truly over.
claudia galuzzi
claudia galuzzi Aylar önce
Millions of persons had tears in their eyes when Queen Elisabeth II died...THAT means something. Respect and love to Her Majesty ❤️
Sandra Dent
Sandra Dent 2 aylar önce
Laying the Crown at the feet of God. May God rest her soul, Long Live the King!
Mary Thurber
Mary Thurber 2 aylar önce
It was so sad to see her reign end !the orb ,staff and the crown are beautiful !! I watched the documentary on the crown itself ,and the queen asked for it to be filmed up close!what a glorious piece of history! She actually asked questions and was told about how heavy it was !
Debra Segers
Debra Segers 2 aylar önce
Powerful moments!!
Evangelos Kilos
Evangelos Kilos 2 aylar önce
A truly humbling moment. You can see the love and care all have for her! She was more than just The Queen she was The United Kingdom! 🥰❤❤💯💯
JanDro 2 aylar önce
All pomp and formality. Not one single ounce of love involved in this 😂😂😂😂
Atharva Pathane
Atharva Pathane 2 aylar önce
Shut up
mado Magdalena
mado Magdalena 2 aylar önce
Here finally trvid.com/video/video-f_TJ9KMAGQg.html
Stuart Morgan
Stuart Morgan 2 aylar önce
@Debbie Orlich I have a bridge to sell you.
eyemNew 2 aylar önce
@Jude Kay How misinformed am I
Biblical Workbooks: Bible Study with CATT
The jewels on the crown and orb are magnificent 👑
roseanne74 2 aylar önce
There was a moment, during this, when King Charles felt the full awesome weight of the monarchy fall on him. The moment the Imperial State Crown came off the coffin.
Sue J
Sue J 2 aylar önce
It was a foreshadow of what the upcoming Coronation will be like.
Joey Digrazia
Joey Digrazia 27 gün önce
So sad, she'd been Queen even before most people were even born.RIP😔 ♥✝🇺🇲🇬🇧
Alison Corbett
Alison Corbett 2 aylar önce
One amazing lady. May you rest in peace with your loved ones 🙏
van lou
van lou 2 aylar önce
Rest in peace dear Queen. You ruled hearts all over the world and were a source of inspiration even to those like me who were not your subjects, teaching us to smile and live joyfully through all our problems 🙏
Denis 2 aylar önce
She lived a good life with our money 🤑
William Diaz
William Diaz Aylar önce
Hard to believe she's gone. I've only known her as queen and always will.
Jade Green
Jade Green 2 aylar önce
Still can’t believe it. 11 days of mourning, 3 days post-funeral, and still can’t process that she has passed. I think how suddenly, 2 days before she was taking pictures, smiling, then suddenly gone no warning. Kind of just thought she might go till 101 years like her Mother. Hard to process a world without her now… we can just hold on now to the goodness she gave so generously and lessons to be learnt…
Rickz Zhere
Rickz Zhere 2 aylar önce
R.I.P the great queen 🙏🏽 Om Shanti
Lucy Putnam
Lucy Putnam Aylar önce
This literally gave me cold chills and brought tears to my eyes...crying all over again. We witnessed the best Queen to serve her people and God for 70 years! She's at peace and rest in the heavens above with her husband. I miss the Queen so much. The next Queen that'll do a successful job fulfilling this role will be Kate Middleton Princess of Wales she loved her Queen family came first to Kate. At the funeral she looked devastated 😢 they had a wonderful loving relationship.
Sannah Hussain
Sannah Hussain 2 aylar önce
So heartbreaking to watch..couldn't stop crying..RIP Our Beautiful Queen.Will miss you forever 😢
mado Magdalena
mado Magdalena 2 aylar önce
Here finally trvid.com/video/video-f_TJ9KMAGQg.html
S. McClain
S. McClain 2 aylar önce
Beautiful and heartbreaking. Makes me cry... R.I.P. 🙏👑
fe4rlexx V2
fe4rlexx V2 Aylar önce
Oh my gosh that's so sad. She was amazing
tony devern
tony devern 3 gün önce
A sad day indeed.
Aiden Beeley
Aiden Beeley 2 aylar önce
Thank you for everything, Your Majesty, you will be truely missed. God save the Queen
raven bard
raven bard 2 aylar önce
The entire funeral procession was so solemn and sad but this particular moment was truly devastating because it solidified the finality of the end of The Elizabethean Era for the second time. The UK may not see another Queen monarch for decades now. RIP, Your Majesty. Thank you for everything.
Oloya Xavier
Oloya Xavier 2 aylar önce
This is literally recognizing the fact that when we are dead; every valuable thing ceases to be of any value. Only living will be worthwhile.
Laura P
Laura P 2 aylar önce
She was always our Queen ❤️💐 👑
Bobby Kelly
Bobby Kelly 2 aylar önce
God-bless her majesty and may her soul rest in peace it's in peace thank you for all you've done done over the past 70 years for the UK🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Romulan2469 2 aylar önce
This was definitely a turning point in history, a passing of a torch, the end of a generation. Long live King Charles III.
S G 2 aylar önce
He'll live longer than you and far better, don't worry.
FinalLugiaGuardian 2 aylar önce
I estimate that Charles will live to the age of 89 years 6 months 2 weeks, 5 days, 9 hours, 23 minutes, and 42.857 seconds. But that is just a rough estimate.
that one bean
that one bean 2 aylar önce
That crown is a masterpiece. Like have you seen anything more beautiful
Jonathan Donley
Jonathan Donley 10 gün önce
@nessunday Overton I think he's referring to the "star of India" stone set in the Imperial crown. A jewel that was GIFTED to the royal family. Just as the Cullinan diamonds were gifted. Also a number of stones in Crown Jewel collection were bought by the royal family over the centuries.
nessunday Overton
nessunday Overton 28 gün önce
@Sanidhya Suresh it was made in Britain, your claim is both ludicrous and racist
Electroskates243 Aylar önce
@Sanidhya Suresh the Indians didn't make a crown for the monarchy
Sanidhya Suresh
Sanidhya Suresh Aylar önce
@nessunday Overton Also what blood and tears did the British shed? They made other innocent people from various countries shed blood and tears for their sake
Sanidhya Suresh
Sanidhya Suresh Aylar önce
@nessunday Overton the British forced and tortured the Indians to make it
Rachel Knight
Rachel Knight 2 aylar önce
if we think it was hard for us... can you imagine how it felt for King Charles!
Jonathan Donley
Jonathan Donley 10 gün önce
For a few brief moments, you could see the grief on his face as he watched. It's was heart wrenching. And poor Camilla, unable to comfort him.
E.D.R Arendya G7 Firnen
Rest in Peace Dear Queen Elizabeth! The last of the older generation. Now the reins are passed on and the world enters a new era!🙏
Mary Dawn Honorina Borja
And imagine being a supercentenarian, and being interviewed by many reporters of what we witnessed at the reign of queen Elizabeth II
Sw1 Moco
Sw1 Moco 2 aylar önce
RIP Queen Elizabeth II long shall you be remembered. With love ❤️ from USA
Gladys Richardson
Gladys Richardson 2 aylar önce
Hellen Charles
Hellen Charles 26 gün önce
This was such a touching spiritualised action, there is no need for these anymore ,when watched my heart sunk down into my belly
Amy Hatfield
Amy Hatfield 2 aylar önce
Love from Illinois USA 🇺🇸 God bless the royal family during this heart breaking time 😢❤
Angela 2 aylar önce
She kept her promise of service to her people for 7 decades.
eartherkitt Gün önce
This moment is extremely moving for me. God bless you, ma'am.
Maulin Agrawal
Maulin Agrawal 12 gün önce
@Chelsea Louise ♑️ you said it better than I did 😌💛
Chelsea Louise ♑️
Chelsea Louise ♑️ 14 gün önce
@HaldaneTV her service was to her country - meaning she gave up herself Elizabeth Windsor was no more the minute her father passed she was Elizabeth Regina. She never missed an appointment, inspection of the guard, an official engagement. Sure it looks all easy and glitz and glamour from the outside, but literally not being allowed to be who you are, no opinions, no foot wrong in 96 years! Yeah try while you’re 96 getting out of your bed to perform your “service” while dying to introduce a new ruling PM knowing she wasn’t going to last long ensuring the country was properly governed - I hate the tories and I’m not a royalist - but her majesty was THE Queen of queens no one will hold a reign like that again. Her service was devoting herself to her people, meeting them going to boring things for people to meet her speak to her she more than done her service she went beyond. You should maybe educate yourself on the duties of a monarch - NO DAYS OFF. 6 weeks in summer was all she got and worked the entire year tirelessly. I am proud to have been witness this magnificent woman’s reign. Rest in Power Ma’am you deserve it.
Maulin Agrawal
Maulin Agrawal Aylar önce
She did indeed, and stood as a figure of strength and inspiration for so many
A Aylar önce
@Women and Their Cheating Husbands she did nothing. everything she had was a handout, royalty my asscrack she’s just some other old raisin in the ground
Willie L. Edney
Willie L. Edney 2 aylar önce
What a monumental and historical event, this is something I have never witnessed in my lifetime. May the Queen rest in peace ,because she tried to exemplify that caring, non political issues, even though she didn't want to get into the politics.
David frank
David frank 2 aylar önce
This is the moment when it hit me the most that the world is now going to change. It was very hard to watch the whole entire thing. I'm in America and I really just felt the loss of the queen. When her coffin started going down that was really rough. What even made this more sad is that they showed the previous year when the Queen's husband died. There was nobody there. It was during the outbreak and it could not do for him whatever able to do for the queen. I feel so fortunate enough to be part of the world at this time to witness how a grateful country said goodbye to their loving Queen.
JaceFlury 2 aylar önce
RIP Queen! 👸🏼♥️
AshleyS60 2 aylar önce
This moment right here absolutely gutted me, I found myself whispering “no that’s her Crown don’t touch it” and for it to immediately precede the lowering of the coffin? The finality of the end of this historical, Elizabethan Era was just heartbreaking. I don’t think it’ll ever be normal without the presence of Her Majesty, it’s all so surreal. Rest in heavenly peace Your Majesty and thank you Ma’am…for everything 😔❤️🕊️🇬🇧
Light 2 aylar önce
Her crown ???? Bruh that crown is made up of gems stolen from india and africa
Sue 2 aylar önce
This is when I cried, I was ok up until this moment. Your last goodbye and God bless. May all the family and people that ❤️ the Queen be comforted.
ninjaboy 101
ninjaboy 101 2 aylar önce
Yes i was the same till this moment then i cried like a baby
The McCarthy Family True Life Story
May God continue to bless and keep the Royal family strong.❤️🇯🇲🌄
Thornbird 67
Thornbird 67 2 aylar önce
For me this was the saddest part of the funeral 😢
Patricia Barkley
Patricia Barkley 2 aylar önce
This is heartbreaking 💔
Garnett Johnson
Garnett Johnson 21 saatler önce
Give back Africa all the stuff you stole. All those diamonds, all the relics, all its history and it's riches. Then and only then will I mourn and rejoice. Until then FO
Sunnysnod 2 aylar önce
She devoted a lifetime of dedication to the crown, it was her whole life. To see it taken back from her was hard to watch. It meant she was truly gone, her reign was over and we were no longer modern day Elizabethans.
Blah blah Blah
Blah blah Blah Aylar önce
Rest in peace queen Elizabeth ❤️
angelica gonzalez
angelica gonzalez Aylar önce
Que tristeza me dio en ese momento😢
Kristy Maufroy
Kristy Maufroy 2 aylar önce
This moment was so … so. Final. Then when they lowered her casket..😢
Юлия Б
Юлия Б 2 aylar önce
Очень значимый и трогательный момент. Правление Великой Королевы подошло к концу.
mado Magdalena
mado Magdalena 2 aylar önce
Here finally trvid.com/video/video-f_TJ9KMAGQg.html
Juana Maria Acosta Lopez
Para q tanta seremonia la señora es una persona común como nosotros lo único q tenía era mucho dinero q no creo q le aya servido de mucho porque la entrada al cielo no creo q la uviera pagado viejilla vividora
Jude Kay
Jude Kay 2 aylar önce
@Анна V You are so wrong. You haven't read NEARLY enough. Look at all the countries' leaders that came! Not enough words or time to tell you just how wrong you are. I'm not British.
M&M 2 aylar önce
Yes, it was a very historical and deeply sorrowful moment.
Анна V
Анна V 2 aylar önce
Великая Преступница!....
Jay Bee
Jay Bee 2 aylar önce
An iconic moment certainly, but her reign ended when she died. “The Queen is dead. Long live the King!” Except it’s Charles so I don’t care. R.I.P. Queen Elizabeth II.
Glenn Eglington
Glenn Eglington Gün önce
All the diamonds precious stones and rubies and emeralds you see in them crowns were stolen from India South Africa
David Yardley
David Yardley 2 aylar önce
Incredible moment in history
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Queen's coffin enters Westminster Abbey
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