The Moment Mario Ended Omarion’s Career In Versuz Battle. RIP

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23 Haz 2022




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TK the 7th
Anyone over the age of 30 already knew this wasn't going to end well for Omarion. Mario has ALWAYS been the vocalist, while O has been the overall entertainer.
Chris & Ty Cox - Slots
If you can't sing live then you can't sing at all. Mario killed it as always
Yup It's Me
In 20 years Mario’s songs will still be relatable
mel will
How you gonna win in a versus against someone who had more hits? Simple...TALENT. NO GIMMICKS.
Mario is a comedian when he clowned 🤡 Jeremih "no, stop' "Ayo stop" and said to Tank & Omarion, "y'all going to sing to each other?" We know the reputation of Tank. I was in tears😂😂😂
Been a Mario fan from time. He's still unrated it's time to give him his, flowers 💐
BeeBee Tee
Lmao, he screamed "No, Ay yo stop!" while Jeremih was singing. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
B2k was just popular, while Mario was over looked and slept on. 💯Mario has more hits… music is timeless ( wait on it)
The UnTouchable Girl KysieIsCrazySexyCoolSoulSista
And when Omarion brought Tank out for a duet Mario said look at these 2 ninjas singing to each other & when I looked Omarion & Tank were facing each other while singing, I was done😂🤣😂🤣Mario was throwing shade all around that stage!
Coco Rich
Mario's price today is not the same as yesterday's That part.Periodtttt
Mario has always been the better singer. Plus he has a lot of amazing songs too❤️. One of my fave male artists since childhood. Remember when he came out with “Just A Friend”. Shame that he is so underrated. Omarion/B2K are just popular artists and more manufactured. So I don’t expect them to be that vocally talented.
There's always been levels to this. Those of us that know about music, knew that Omarion is not on Mario's level vocally.
Adib Abdullah
Mario won it easily 😂....He can actually SING...
Jemica Bond
That Jeremih part gave me second hand embarrassment
Tippy Tip
The watermelon thing was so damn disturbing!! ☠️☠️🤣 I literally can’t stop laughing.
Destiny Gregory
It was the "AYO STOP" from Mario💀💀💀
Ashe Flex
Mario was in the back roasting they ahh the whole time 😂😂😂😭😭
Natas Nico
What happened to Omarion needed to happen. I am not rejoicing in his failure, but he kept Kicking the “bear” aka B2K and diminishing their part of B2K as if he was the soul of the group. He kept it up and then finally they spoke out after he again said he, himself was B2K like no one else was useful in the group. It’s sad and it’s a cautionary tale to be humble 🙏🏽
Mario continued to make songs. He grew up with his fans…. His music now is definitely not for teenage girls
Shakari Adams
😆😆Mario was killing it with the disses😂😂