The Missing Evidence: The Death Of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe History
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19 Tem 2015




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Ploni Almoni
Ploni Almoni 2 yıl önce
So many lies, half-truths, cover-ups, deceits and betrayals. No suicide. Justice for Marilyn. Clear her name. RIP Marilyn Monroe. You are still so loved.
johnson oney
johnson oney 14 gün önce
Clear HIS name . That is a trans man .
Marjorie Garner
Marjorie Garner 3 aylar önce
@Shazam clear her name to show all that she was used, murdered and did not commit suicide.
Marie Catherine Maddalena
I think her house keeper had some thing to do with her death
Peggy Hill
Peggy Hill 11 aylar önce
This is the best & most factual information on Marilyn's death! I am truly convinced she WAS MURDERED! Thank you James Hall for sticking to your story. You & the first officer on the scene are the real heroes here. ALL THESE MEN INVOLVED IN HER DEATH used her, ganged up on her, & bullied her. They are/were cowards! God has the final judgement on us all. Just think, it's said that Robert Kennedy was the MOST spiritual & religious of all the Kennedys! Ms. Monroe I'm so sorry this happened to you, (provided these facts are as presented in this video.) I hope you have FINALLY found peace & love. R.I.P. Ms. Monroe & soar with the Angels.🙏💖🙏
Kara Hill
Kara Hill 3 aylar önce
SMN Vo 3 aylar önce
Bravo to this clip 👌
SMN Vo 3 aylar önce
The Kennedys paid their bad karma towards MM.
Denny Smith
Denny Smith 3 aylar önce
People.... Go read "The Dark Side of Camelot" by Seymour Hirsch... Phew! Eye-opener of note... Kennedys not what they appeared to be...
Lyn Marinic
Lyn Marinic 4 aylar önce
Marilyn Monroe has always been my idol, I've always believed she was murdered
Kara Amundson
Kara Amundson 9 aylar önce
A compelling tale about a woman whose death was always shrouded in lies and deception. The lovely Marilyn...we miss you still.
Alatzias Sylvia
Alatzias Sylvia 3 aylar önce
We? NO.. I Don t
Phoenixgal 22
Phoenixgal 22 6 aylar önce
Finally, the truth about Marilyn's death comes out! I agree with most of the comments stating that poor Marilyn made the mistake of telling a lot of people that she would go public with dirt on her affairs with the Kennedy brothers. Unfortunately, the "kicker" the public did not know until years later that she also had an affair with her psychiatrist and that he murdered her out of fear of reprisal exposing his affair with her to his family! You reap what you sow, both of these men are dead (Bobby Kennedy and the psychiatrist) and have to answer for their crimes elsewhere. I knew there was something up with the original story not being true when the psychiatrist took over five hours to alert the police of her death. RIP Marilyn, because you deserve both peace and love wherever you are now (in heaven)---we love and miss you always!
TheKatherine1958 4 aylar önce
Poor Marilyn. She never had a chance…”children learn what they live”… all the foster homes, all I think she ever wanted was to be loved unconditionally. So very sad RIP Marilyn. You are still very much loved by your public and very much missed.
Seti Ra
Seti Ra Aylar önce
Lies she was from the planet Venus
Kari Ann
Kari Ann 4 aylar önce
You are absolutely correct. She also had BPD, so she desperately wanted unconditional love..
Best 4Last
Best 4Last 3 yıl önce
I feel bad for her. So many people took advantage of her when all she genuinely wanted was a family and to be loved, all stemming from a bad childhood. She is legendary regardless of what anyone says, an amazing woman🙌🏼
gooodies4u1 11 gün önce
Ahead of her time
Mrs. Tiffany Webb
Mrs. Tiffany Webb Aylar önce
I agree with you , I admire her wanted a family ect foster homes, ect people hated her why cause she was a sex symbol ? But wanted to become something cause she felt abandonment
Linda Constantineau
Linda Constantineau 7 aylar önce
I saw something on tv which said that Marilyn asked her housekeeper to check on her sometimes to make sure she wasn't taking too many pills. There are so many stories about what the cause of her death was. She deserved happiness, and it's so very sad that she passed on. God bless her, she was a good person.
Snow In October
Snow In October 11 aylar önce
They covered this up sooo good. She had a past with trauma issues. Her lovers. True lovers knew this. People she trusted knew everything about her. They knew her mental health was at risk and they used it against her. Ending it the ultimate betrayal..murder.
william bennett
william bennett 8 aylar önce
As a neighbor of Monroe, I never knew her directly but other people I met did, like some of her photographers, and this is the story they told me too. Lawford and Kennedy suffocated her with a pillow whenvshe threatened to blow her affair with JFK to everyone. While thry didnt believe she actually died, they took her to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. So before they called the police, they took her back home to stage a suicide with pills which were never digested. But then they reported to the police. Her little house, off Carmelina Ave on a little cul de sac was on Helena no. 5, just above San Vicente blvd. Overlooks Centinela creek.
Mosey May
Mosey May 3 aylar önce
I heard this story before too.
Debbie Hill
Debbie Hill 3 aylar önce
I believe you
mm bb
mm bb 6 aylar önce
Hi - You actually were a neighbor of Marilyn? WOW. Did you ever see her?
Shawna TV
Shawna TV 10 aylar önce
Looking at some of her dresses and style back then, they are still relevant today. She was a icon.
Will B
Will B Yıl önce
Just the simple fact that she didn't have any drink anywhere near her to help take an entire bottle of pills, completely suspicious. The doctor himself pointing out the pill bottles as if the police couldn't already see them there? Missing organs? I'm not at all a conspiracy theorist, but i've never believed that she commited suicide. She was taken advantage of by powerful people because of her beauty, and she was eventually in deeper than she ever realized. You're never forgotten Norma Jeane.
sherrinow 17 gün önce
@David Hott 100%%%%%
sherrinow 17 gün önce
@David Hott This!!!!!!
David Hott
David Hott 26 gün önce
@Dexter Moore I found out later it was fake .
Elizabeth Linsay
Elizabeth Linsay 8 aylar önce
A truly lovely, talented and gifted woman. In addition to acting, she had her own production company and wrote some good poetry. And she was beautiful from the inside out. Her death was a travesty.
Vah Geuvje
Vah Geuvje 8 aylar önce
I went to film school. So I got into artsy films, neorealism and just great acting. Marlyn Monroe should have won an academy award in her performance in Some like it Hot.
Sugar 4 aylar önce
Everything about this is sad and tragic. How many real men would have genuinely loved her for HERSELF, But no one can know what it was like to be her. She may not have been able to see that she was more than a beautiful face and body and that there were better men out there. Something I always found very strange and sad..... she was found in her bedroom. A bedroom that had only a mattress on the floor, no sheets on the bed, except maybe one wrinkled topsheet. Only a shabby night stand , ordinary lamp and a phone. Wouldn't you think, a famous, glamorous woman, with a housekeeper would have had a beautiful, feminine bedroom? I pictured her to have a soft pink room, round bed, lacey pillows, a dressing vanity with a beautiful framed mirror and a mirrored tray with perfume bottles etc. It just didn't seem fitting for her to live that way. Of course this is totally insignificant compared to all that happened to her, just found it curious is all.
Christina Pickett
Christina Pickett 6 aylar önce
She's gone and still an iconic beauty. We all are still buying Marilyn Monroe's picture on everything. I love you Marilyn Monroe(Norma Jean)
RobinNeice Yıl önce
The biggest lesson/ take away from her story... “Beauty” doesn’t mean you’re happy... It doesn’t guarantee love... and it definitely means people will seek to use you... RIP
David Hott
David Hott 26 gün önce
Best comment here !!!!
I'm known to trigger and upset people lol
@WisdomoftheEarlyChristians that was actually a quote from Rita Hayworth she said men expected Gilda but they only knew the real her "Rita" and after that her husbands and boyfriends would cheat on her with other women. It was sad for Rita Hayworth RIP 🕊
@Mo That's true; that's why it's always easier to be average ( middle of the bell curve). Humans always react strangely to anyone who isn't average. They mock people they feel superior to, and fawn over people they think are superior to them ( like people with greater wealth or attractiveness). They always think if they can befriend that person, it will give them status or make them look better. I never got it personally.
Mo 3 aylar önce
@Olivia john John olivia not so. The common denominator in what you attract and mostly accept whether ugly or gorgeous is - inner self worth/ self esteem. People who have repeatedly attracted and stayed in toxic situation la with unsavoury characters usually have self worth issues that stem various various factors. Sense of self really does determine our trajectory in this life And especially in relationships with others.
Olivia john John olivia
@Mo If you are ugly and rich you will attract beauty.When you are gorgeous you get away with crap.
Tiffany Kinsel
Tiffany Kinsel Yıl önce
She was and always have beauty that will never be surpassed...
Rose Kuntz
Rose Kuntz 10 aylar önce
She was pure magic. Pure energy like Michael Jackson. She turned her pain and rejection into a persona that people be drawn to...purr magic.
Jen J
Jen J 4 aylar önce
I’d love to see Pat Newcomb come forward about all of this. She is still alive at 91, most likely doesn’t have too many years left. Hopefully she could reveal something before she goes to her grave.
M K 2 aylar önce
@Schellie Gris 🤔 Marna didn't laugh
Marjorie Garner
Marjorie Garner 3 aylar önce
who is pat newcomb?
Schellie Gris
Schellie Gris 3 aylar önce
@Marna Squires don't laugh
Sweetpea 3 aylar önce
@Marna Squires lol
Marna Squires
Marna Squires 4 aylar önce
Exactly and she’ll be alive as long as she’s silent
Дмитрий Монтажник
Мэрелин была очень прекрасной женщиной, очень счастливой, весёлой и жизнерадостной, такие люди не кончают жизнь самоубийством, это невозможно. У самоубийства должен быть мотив. Если нет мотива, то нет и самоубийства. А трюк с разбитым окном, и запертой дверью изнутри в стране Голливуда сделать не сложно. Мэрелин никогда не запирала дверь на ночь! Как бы я хотел когда нибудь съездить в Америку, и положить цветы на её могилку.))
Caitlin Yıl önce
I’m only halfway through this documentary right now, but the way they describe her reminds me a lot of the way the media talks about Britney Spears right now. These women are used and exploited practically from childhood, always grasping for the love and approval we all do, yet which eludes them due to being surrounded by vultures. Even if they had mental illness and substance abuse problems, it’s no wonder- look at what was done to them. I truly hope Britney is able to free herself from it the way Marilyn could not.
Fred Al Watkins
Fred Al Watkins 26 gün önce
Princess Diana also had some of the same qualities. While they were taken advantage of, they weren't completely innocent victims. They carried on adulterous affairs. Marilyn and Diana made threats against powerful men. Such behavior doesn't lead to a good end
Lucy Smith
Lucy Smith Aylar önce
@Rachel Cook l
I'm known to trigger and upset people lol
Britney Spears and Marilyn Monroe are distant cousins, sounds like some family curse. Sad for both women
Alina A
Alina A Aylar önce
and Princess Diana
Debbie Ochoa
Debbie Ochoa 7 aylar önce
Unbelievable how they did everything to make it seem like a suicide. Sad. They got karma for evil deeds. NO one gets away with evil deeds. Rest in peace Marilynn "Norma Jean " I pray your at peace🙏 She'll always be loved.💜🙏💞
jazz96mar 11 aylar önce
Wow, I always felt that she had been murdered. Really good video and sheds a lot of light and questions on what happened. Thank you.
Angelina Gulizio
Angelina Gulizio 10 aylar önce
I think she was just tired of people using her and voiced her feelings to the wrong person She wasn’t just beautiful but very smart and fell in love with the wrong person RIP Marilyn you will always be remembered 🌹
momaceita 6 aylar önce
I knew about this years ago and believed it then and still do.. It is an abomination that this took place, that this beautiful woman inside and out just wanted to be loved..
Donna McAbee
Donna McAbee 10 aylar önce
My impression of Marilyn's death is definitely one of a cover up. I'm sure she knew political info she had overheard but in my heart of hearts I've always believed she was pregnant with JFK's child. This would have definitely destroyed his marriage and would have been politically damning...
Eileen Maynard
Eileen Maynard 6 aylar önce
@Jacqueline Procter No but not to worry have no desire to bring any distress to Caroline
Jacqueline Procter
Jacqueline Procter 7 aylar önce
@Eileen Maynard Do you need to edit?
Rod Reeves
Rod Reeves 7 aylar önce
@Kit kat Possibly why Eunice Murray was caught washing the sheets highly unusual considering all the chaos going on at the time.
Deborah Simpson, Author
jean Woodhouse
jean Woodhouse 3 aylar önce
NO SUICIDE!!!! Read Mark Shaw's books and watch his appearances on video. She had affairs with BOTH Kennedy brothers. She she was murdered because she was a liability. As a retired children services caseworker, I would be willing to bet she was sexually abused along the way in her foster homes. Instant borderline personality- looking for love and attention the rest of her life. Rest in Peace.
Katherine Mikkola
Katherine Mikkola 9 aylar önce
They killed her, you have convinced me now. I see her as someone who needed genuine 💘 love who just didn't find it. The world just wanted to use her. 💘 🙏 rest in peace Marilyn 🌹
2Happee 3 aylar önce
@Katherine Mikkola true, we've all made bad choices from time to time in our lives, some come with stiffer penalties.
Katherine Mikkola
Katherine Mikkola 3 aylar önce
@2Happee perhaps if she got older she would reject those kinds of men anyways cause if they would cheat on a. Wife they would cheat on her too. Some of us thats all they meet.
2Happee 3 aylar önce
Katherine, if she was looking for true love, she was certainly looking in all the wrong places. Appears to me she wanted to fulfill more than that by romantically involving herself with men who the world new were both MARRIED and powerful. This doesn't justify her murder by any stretch, but she was no saint for certain.
Katherine Mikkola
Katherine Mikkola 6 aylar önce
@Michael Shenefield I think she might have been just too nice and alot of guys just don't like that. Also she probably had a lot of. " baggage". Maybe she did kill herself. 🌹 😔 😢
Deborah Lybrand
Deborah Lybrand 10 aylar önce
I just found this ! Was very informative. I always wondered if she was pregnant and used that as a threat. But after this video it’s has me wondering if I may have been right. Seems they should had the dr and housekeeper with tampering with evidence and why exactly was she naked, if by the tapes she went to check on the guest house!Did they do the freak with her dead body too
Sheila Isom
Sheila Isom Yıl önce
Marilyn's mistake was telling the wrong people what she was going to do with her information. If she had kept quiet about it until she told the world first, the results may have been different! Maybe not, but I think differently. She was a beautiful woman, no doubt about that. I think every man wanted her.
Thinking Allowed
Thinking Allowed 21 gün önce
@feroza jamadar You're not fooling anyone.
Heavena Wilson
Heavena Wilson 25 gün önce
Unknown to her...Her house was bugged..Her Telephone likely was too.. Even her personal privacy was being invaded...Her Housekeeper was hired by her Psychiatrist.
Daleri Moller
Daleri Moller 12 gün önce
At the end, hearing her little letter about being so happy- it just broke my heart even more that her life was ripped away from her. I hope she gets justice one day. Norma Jean/Marilyn, you are still unconditionally loved by generations of people who value you for more than just your outer beauty. I hope you’re at peace, smiling down on us from a great paradise. 💗
Faery Odd Tales🐇
Faery Odd Tales🐇 10 aylar önce
Kennedy knew he had to do something to save his already "reckless" reputation...then karma certainly paid him & his brother visits 😐 this is an absolutely wonderful documentary. I'd love to read that red diary...It was the 60s version of the 90s blue 👗 dress.
Patricia Pava
Patricia Pava 8 aylar önce
Read Collateral Damage by Mark Shaw! It is an excellently written book!!!
Jhunified With Love
Jhunified With Love 7 aylar önce
Everyone took a piece of her and left her broken. Justice for Marilyn 💪🏽👼🙏🏽❤️⚖️
Heidi Robinson
Heidi Robinson 10 aylar önce
I hope that Norma Jean is in a better place!! The hell she went through in this life!! 🤯
Starla Hall
Starla Hall 2 yıl önce
The fact that she didn't leave a letter as to why she was committing suicide, makes me suspicious.
Charles Downs
Charles Downs 3 aylar önce
@Marjorie Garnertrue.
Marjorie Garner
Marjorie Garner 3 aylar önce
@Oscar then she's very old , if she's alive.
Marjorie Garner
Marjorie Garner 3 aylar önce
@Charles Downs yes, John was cruel to many women, especially his wife.
Connie Espinoza
Connie Espinoza 8 aylar önce
I can't believe that nobody was taken in for questioning. No matter how powerful of a person you are. She was a person. No matter who she was. A precious life was taken. I just hope that this will all come to an end, so she can finally rest in peace.🙏
Nat 16 gün önce
In the 60s the Kennedys were very powerful and everybody knew that.
Scarlet Rose
Scarlet Rose 4 aylar önce
It just shows how much of a “man’s world” it was back then, and still is in many ways. For example, How many men still get away with rape and other abuses of women, even when found guilty most get a light sentence or credit for “time served”? It was far worse back then. If you had enough good ole buddies to lie for you, you were golden. It makes me ashamed for the way some men behave. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Rest in peace beautiful Norma Jean. Your fans still love you and will NEVER forget you. ♥️🙏🏼 👑
Nina Appelt
Nina Appelt 4 aylar önce
Rich powerful people control the narrative. Always have, always will.
Hoagers 6 aylar önce
you must be new to the world if this surprises you in any way
S J Yıl önce
She never had anyone who was truly in her corner and only had her best interest at heart. She never had a family growing up and wasn’t able to make her own as an adult. I feel bad for anyone who has that level of loneliness.
stacey4u2luv 11 aylar önce
Marilyn was essentially an orphan going home to home. In a sense she was forced to survive and to get to where she was and taken advantage of by men at the top to get her to where she was. People just assume that beautiful women like being in the lime light. It is evident in her words, I am tired of being taken advantage of and being used. So in all likely hood she was going to speak out about how she got to the top by many and how she was just used, feeling that Kennedy being unloyal to his wife anyhow deserved it and that his wife and the public deserved to know the truth. Men loved her hmmm, many powerful men wanted to be with her yes and willing to give her things to be with her. As they say two sides to every story. She was a woman that was down on her luck from day one and an easy target to fall into their web. Her looks are what led her there. But her heart was much different, she wanted the truth to be known. They killed her.
Cori Asher
Cori Asher 7 aylar önce
So so sad..heartbreaking for her and everyone who loved her and still loves her
Amanda Nelson
Amanda Nelson 5 yıl önce
I've also read a lot of books and agree that this is one of the most accurate documentaries I've seen. Great job!
I'm known to trigger and upset people lol
I feel like Marilyn is now happy and in peace with the angels and God in heaven 🕊 RIP Norma Jean Baker 🕊
Angthatone 7 aylar önce
I was born the same day as Marilyn and I feel very close to her. She was defiantly murdered. I wish she would have found peace in her life … 😔 rest in paradise my beautiful Queen ❤️
mattja52 10 aylar önce
Marilyn, how she suffered for her sanity. In her movie, "Some Like it Hot," she sings, "I want to be loved by you, just by you, and nobody else but you." That's all she wanted but she was used by men except one man, Joe DiMaggio, rest in peace Norma Jean, the world didn't give it to you.
M.Syauqi Abdurahman
Yeah , and i believed the song "I Wanna Be Loved By You" that she sang in that legendary movie is kinda a cry for help since she badly need love and sadly neither three marriages or adulation of millions could fullfilled that . And when love start to comes to her , it's all too late .
Nina Bobina 💕
Nina Bobina 💕 8 aylar önce
A couple of things I didn’t hear in this one that I have in others…why was it left as “PROBABLE suicide”? Also…this documentary didn’t mention that the “handyman” was Eunice Murray’s nephew (I believe that was the relation) and I’ve never heard that Mrs. Murray ever LEFT the house and came back to find her in that position. I wonder if any of the players/witnesses ever had a peaceful nights sleep again? Minus Bobby…in a very odd way I do feel sorry for Lawford. The Kennedys used him up and spit him out too. What happened to a mention of her last call to him (Lawford) and her saying, “say goodbye to the President, and say goodbye to you too, because You’re a good guy”? I believe that that conversation was certainly possible, although it does lend credence to her being a weaker woman than she obviously was.
Rebecca Vaughan
Rebecca Vaughan 11 aylar önce
I always knew she was murdered. Because of certain things that took place.. The only person who loved her was Jpe De Maggio. He wouldn't allow anyone at her funeral. I hated the way they treated her death. RIP Marilyn Monroe. Thanks for sharing what you know about her death.
I'm grieving for Marilyn the world is so corrupt and deceitful...finally an honestly made video thank you for sharing
Carrie-Lynn Bedore
Carrie-Lynn Bedore 2 aylar önce
Now are sweet Marilyn can finally R.I.P I 💕 her but was very heartbroken when I heard her passing and how she died I started watching Forensic Files and I never saw an glass of water near the pills bottles
Schellie Gris
Schellie Gris 3 aylar önce
@Pyron Customs he bears most of that responsibility!
Pyron Customs
Pyron Customs 4 aylar önce
She was dishonest too. If it was your husband you would think differently
Michele Berara
Michele Berara 7 aylar önce
I have never believed she took her own life. Someone knows exactly what happened to her. I hope one day the total truth is revealed. Joe Dimmassio left roses 🌹 at her crypt every week until his death. He truly loved her, but he blamed Hollywood for her addiction and death. Which is why he banned most of the Hollywood elite from her funeral, which he took control of. I hope she is resting in peace. I wish she could have found the happiness she was so desperate to have 😪❤💕💞
Mark harrington
Mark harrington 8 aylar önce
I feel bad for her. So many people took advantage of her
She was killed. And the murderer's reputation had to be protected. Made it look as a suicide. A great star with a broken heart and broken soul.
arrow64 64
arrow64 64 11 aylar önce
She was an orphan child , never knew what real love was , but was always looking , only to be used and abused by male stars and politicians that were pigs , she will always be the "Candle In The Wind " God Bless Her Heart And Soul...
CallMeBe 3 yıl önce
Some of this seems like a bit of a stretch, but truth really is stranger than fiction! Poor Marilyn. She was about to have a MAJOR comeback when she was rehired for Something’s got to Give. Her new contract finally paid her what she deserved, and would have made her the highest paid actress in Hollywood; she was to be paid more than even Elizabeth Taylor. Vegas was calling, she looked incredible- better than she had in years. There’s no way she took her life purposely. R.I.P. beautiful Marilyn!
I'm known to trigger and upset people lol
@juliana kleijn on the time when marilyn was killed she wasn't even married so your theory is bs
M.Syauqi Abdurahman
@C L yeah She fought hard to be respected as an actress . Don't believed me Watch The Misfit
Marjorie Garner
Marjorie Garner 3 aylar önce
@Noeline Renwick she was incredible in the Oscar winning movie The Seven Year Itch. good acting.
Jk 3 aylar önce
@juliana kleijn she won a lawsuit that would make her be payed more, she was gonna remarry, she had just bought a house and worked really hard trying to decorate it even traveling to different countries. she said in the passed that if it wasnt for joe she wouldve killed herself during their first marriage, and now they were on great terms again and wanted to marry again, she really loved him it wouldnt make sense for her to kill herself if everything looked up for her and she was gonna remarry basically the love of her life that makes her enjoy life and want to live
Diana Ricky
Diana Ricky 11 aylar önce
Her beauty is something else...like a magnet...you know... She still the most beautiful woman in the world...
sharleen jj
sharleen jj 3 aylar önce
Princess diana is beatifull too
Bob Hulsey
Bob Hulsey 5 aylar önce
Largely because of her absences and calling in sick, "Something's Got To Give" was way behind schedule and Marilyn decided she had to appear at JFK's birthday party. She asked for the time off and was denied so she called in sick and then flew across the country and showed up at the gala with Peter Lawford introducing her as "the late Marilyn Monroe" (for her tardiness). The folks at Fox were outraged by this and fired her. Then co-star Dean Martin demanded she return or he'd quit the film. Fox relented and Marilyn returned to work but was back to being frequently late for work or calling in sick. So, the idea she was despondent over being fired at Fox is untrue and she had Dean Martin to thank for that.
jenn simbomi
jenn simbomi 10 aylar önce
her thinking he was gunna leave his wife was “out there”?! GUARANTEED he TOLD her that.
Caty Bee
Caty Bee 5 aylar önce
I always found it very suspicious that in a time when major star's deaths weren't always necessarily reported factually, a star as big as Marilyn reportedly committed S. Any similar death from a major star at that time would have been reported as accidental. It doesn't make sense unless they had to cover up a cod that was far more scandalous that S would be.
Mrs. EliteNugz
Mrs. EliteNugz 4 yıl önce
This is probably the best documentary on her death I've seen so far. I would love to hear the tapes from that night, I would say they have destroyed them however. So sad and scary , to think someone as huge as Marylin Monroe can be murdered and nobody can get to the truth. That's a scary thing indeed. Marylin Monroe will always be loved and remembered just wish the truth would come out. 💋 👑 💄 💋
Suzanne Reilman
Suzanne Reilman 4 aylar önce
@Tom Menczel popp
Tom Menczel
Tom Menczel 5 aylar önce
Tell skully
Yvonne Mulder
Yvonne Mulder 5 aylar önce
@Tom Menczel totalliy right yupo
Yvonne Mulder
Yvonne Mulder 5 aylar önce
Look at Vladimir Poetin now
C LEE W 11 aylar önce
Never threaten to tell. Just wait quietly until you are in front of live television with a huge audience or on the stand in court
liz tailor
liz tailor 11 aylar önce
I believe every word of this.. rest well Marilyn Monroe..... brilliant
Gilda Rosette
Gilda Rosette 10 aylar önce
Poor Marilyn she still has a stellar Hollywood career ahead of her legendary beauty but cut short by her complex, high profiled and defiant love affairs that eventually led to her demise, may God rest your soul!
Jesse Paraguya
Jesse Paraguya 11 aylar önce
I am not particularly a Marilyn Monroe fan. But like any human being Marilyn though dead now should not be forgotten. She deserve justice and her case should be solved. She was judging by the recent findings point to very cruel ambitious and evil people with whom she had the unfortunate moments to trust and had affairs with.
Michelle Baker
Michelle Baker 5 yıl önce
My heart goes out to Marilyn. I pray she's at peace ❤🙏🌹
Olivia john John olivia
Fire is hot.
THE GRACE TO FOLLOW 6 aylar önce
@Remedios SAul y do u people pray for the long gone dead
Sheila MacDougal
Sheila MacDougal 7 aylar önce
@Chuck Itall They're all dead too.
Chuck Itall
Chuck Itall 7 aylar önce
I pray shes haunting the dreams of all those people. and in a really bad way!
Donald Hill
Donald Hill 15 gün önce
Friend of mine who passed away years ago was a former Vietnam ranger, former Florida state patrol officer ,and former driver for one of the former governors of Florida. He had worked with other individuals over the years and told me that a friend of his had polygraphed both of the ambulance drivers that arrived on scene for Marilyn Monroe. During the initial investigation they both stated that she was still alive and that they were told to stand down buy a law enforcement person. When they retrieved Marilyn Monroe it was at that point she was dead. Both of these men were polygraphed and found to be telling the truth about Marilyn being alive when they arrived. My friend who passed away was still in possession of those original polygraph documents and they were locked safely away in a safety deposit box. He had passed away due to complications of diabetes and I have no further information as to what happened to the contents of that safe deposit box. Just wanted to share that with everyone. I cannot confirm nor deny the existence of those polygraph results but my friend was a very reputable decorated war hero from the Vietnam era. Some people you have to take their word for it and just accept that it is possibly true no matter what and that's how I felt with my friend.
Bernadean Greene
Bernadean Greene Yıl önce
Such a beautiful lady inside and out, sad that she was taken away. Don't think she killed herself 🙏❤️.
mikell daley
mikell daley 6 aylar önce
Faye Yamson
Faye Yamson 9 aylar önce
I feel so sad watching this video hope justice be given to Marilyn Monroe regardless a life was gone to soon and a family of marilyn monroe lost her forever.We will never know how she will have the chance to have a happy family and be married to a man who will cherish her not because she is a well known celebrity but she would be loved for she really is as a person.A life was lost and her memories and legacy of her life lives on.
Nina Bobina 💕
Nina Bobina 💕 8 aylar önce
She didn’t have any family. That makes this all the more sad. There was no one of blood relation to mourn her loss the way that her fans always will. She was treated my horribly by men starting in the first home her mother placed her as a child. I can’t imagine living through all that she did…but she was coming out swinging. That was too much for those in power to handle.
Kimmy47 3 aylar önce
Poor Marilyn was murdered plain and simple...all she wanted was a family and to be loved, instead they passed her around like a party favor 😢 She was a WONDERFUL actress and she'll be a legend and icon FOREVER
Caitlin Yıl önce
I’m only halfway through this documentary right now, but the way they describe her reminds me a lot of the way the media talks about Britney Spears right now. These women are used and exploited practically from childhood, always grasping for the love and approval we all do, yet which eludes them due to being surrounded by vultures. Even if they had mental illness and substance abuse problems, it’s no wonder- look at what was done to them. I truly hope Britney is able to free herself from it the way Marilyn could not.
Emily Crouse
Emily Crouse 9 aylar önce
I didn’t know that! I’m just now finding out the autopsy showed no pills in her stomach or intestines. She did not overdose!
Devan Mcgreevy
Devan Mcgreevy 10 aylar önce
Sad she truly was a great actress. Yet she ended up being more famous for being a icon than anything. The disfunction of Hollywood is what killed her.
Josefina 4 aylar önce
Such a good summary. Finally, someone who breaks down the theory in an accessible way!
ABerCul 10 aylar önce
Actually none of the secrets she was threatening to reveal came to light besides the affairs but they already knew that. All the wives involved new about their husbands and Maryln. So what else did she know? I believe she knew more than just her own dirty affairs. I think she knew details about more important stuff like about the mafia, our country, ECT... If there was a diary it was destroy the day she was murdered so we will never know.
M.Syauqi Abdurahman
Yeah however According to Anthony Summer , he found a FBI file with MM as their subject and inside the file there is a mention of "Atomic bomb testing" which mean yes She did knew more than just her affair with JFK and RFK .
T Rock
T Rock 7 aylar önce
A stunning woman. As a kid about 8 years old, I watched her and her husband , Arthur Miller come out of a little store in Woodbury, Ct and then we followed them to their home in Roxbury. What I remember most was my father was pretty excited.
Michael Hayes
Michael Hayes 11 aylar önce
The housekeeper knows believe me she knows about Marilyn
Marilyn Monroe will be eternally loved by young and old. Truth will prevail. Rest well Marilyn and know you are loved by many.
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn 3 aylar önce
She might took to much drugs and alcohol and took her wedding oath not so seriously... But for me she is still one of the purest creatures that walked this earth. Love you, Marilyn!
Jennifer Vinson
Jennifer Vinson 3 yıl önce
Everyone was threatened and/or paid to say it was suicide. EVERYONE. Definitely and clearly was NOT suicide.
dlee t
dlee t 3 aylar önce
@izabela g Joe Kennedy had connections to Sam Giancana too. Bobby was for pulling out of Viet Nam so CIA made sure Nixon won. JFK's kill shot was an accidental shot by a reserve SS officer proffering his gun in response to Oswald but had never worked the car detail and shot an armor piercing bullet to JFK's head as all the shell casings for Oswald's shots were found and the kill shot would not fir in Oswald's rifle. The normal SS agents had gotten drunk in Dallas and called in sick, hungover, so reserves were called. Joe Kennedy would kill her.
mikell daley
mikell daley 6 aylar önce
izabela g
izabela g 11 aylar önce
I disagree it was JFK. I just saw an interview of J...ane(?) Carmen who says it was murder and deosn t tell the interviewer whom she thinks it was cause ”I like... you know... breathe”
Blenanas 8 aylar önce
To be blessed to be loved by so many, even long after death. Only to be cursed to never get the chance to truly feel it in life. Being a woman can be so lonely. I hope she’s at peace, wherever she is.
Michele Berara
Michele Berara 7 aylar önce
She was so beautiful. She had curves and a beautiful face. Every man wanted her and every woman wanted to be her. She had a terrible childhood and her life didn't get much better even after she became famous. She was so lonely and desperately wanted to be loved. I think she was used by some of the men in her life because they knew how vanrable she was. I believe she took the drugs to numb her pain and loneliness. She had so much love to give. She will live on forever. Many still try to imitate her today
Trollo Tomasi
Trollo Tomasi 7 aylar önce
Marilyn, JFK & RFK were some very loved people who's lives all ended tragically. There's no doubt that the country would have been in a better place if JFK finished his 2nd term. I just can't help thinking that when I see RFK lying on the ground after his assassination in 68 that it was karma for what happened to Marilyn. So sad.
Ludo Dube
Ludo Dube 3 aylar önce
May her soul continue to rest with angels,she was such a beauty
Ray Smith
Ray Smith Yıl önce
So... now I'm really confused. I've always known that Norma Jean was murdered. I've become more aware of the key suspects and witnesses. But now I'm hearing an entirely different scenario than I thought had occurred. All the principal people are pretty much the same but the actual perpetrator vis completely different. This happened when I was 12 years old ( do the math, yeah, I'm old) so, how do we find justice for a women that was used and abused so many decades ago? How do we punish those responsible? I really don't know what to think. The unfortunate thing to me is, how many more people, especially vulnerable young women are still going through the same sort of thing?
David Hott
David Hott 3 aylar önce
All involved are dead now from old age.
Margaret Tickle
Margaret Tickle 3 aylar önce
Why do you think they were called the "Rat Pack"?
Rod Snyder
Rod Snyder 10 aylar önce
I was 11 yrs old and at "cub camp" with a bunch of other boys my age, in rural Everton, Ontario when we heard about Marilyn's passing on Aug. 5th of 1962. Even pre-pubescent boys knew she was a "sex symbol" at the time, but unaware of the involvement of the Kennedy's in her life, or how complicated her life had become?
Chels Martin
Chels Martin 11 aylar önce
She was a very beautiful woman and always will be a icon!! It’s so sad all the great people in Hollywood as well as singers!
Dean Beith
Dean Beith 9 aylar önce
This explains why her face was so bruised when autopsy was done. Her Doctor was in her will as well.
Zuzanna Konopka
Zuzanna Konopka 3 aylar önce
She is a legend. The most beautiful woman. I adore her ❤️…..and yes she was murdered. Unfortunately. Kennedy’s brothers were involved in this case as many others. I will always love her. Marilyn was like an angel from heaven 🧚‍♀️.
Marilyn V
Marilyn V Yıl önce
No one was able to find Marilyn's diary, so how did her maid find it and why give it to the coroner for what reason? Why wasn't the doctor questioned about the needle he broke in her when he jammed it in her heart and why he did it incorrectly with what lethal medication he used? Where is the toxicology report? Marilyn's body should be exhumed and have an anthropologist with state of the art forensic technology to redo the coroners exam.
lafe juli
lafe juli 25 gün önce
The maid killed her. It looks like a hate or envy crime
David Hott
David Hott Aylar önce
@Ella Vek It could get rid of evidence of drugs in the organs.
David Hott
David Hott Aylar önce
Also some of her organs came up missing while doing the autopsy.
Tamara Aylar önce
The assistant coroner was told the tissue samples and organs had been discarded so there was nothing to test at that time
Tamara Aylar önce
The needle broke a rib
Antineal 11 aylar önce
She was so beautiful 💔
Dee Godfrey
Dee Godfrey Yıl önce
It's always after the killer has died and not many family members left. It's sickening. Money makes everything go away. And I mean everything. There is no moral Justice in this lifetime.
Eleanor Benner
Eleanor Benner Yıl önce
From minute one I've always thought she was murdered. RIP Marilyn.
Rod Reeves
Rod Reeves 8 aylar önce
Peter Lawford knew exactly what happened to her and he finally came out with it she was murdered.
Bjorn Halstrom
Bjorn Halstrom 4 aylar önce
I am and old man and was in 11th grade when this happened. I remember staring at the Los Angeles Herald Express puzzled. I remember being led to believe it was an accidental overdose. I rarely thought of her again in 1968 when I heard the allegations, "men killed Marilyn Monroe." I thought it was meant that they indirectly killed her.. Robert Kennedy was a bully at times. I still don't know why he was so bent on declaring former World War II General Walker insane but he actually put him on a psych hold. He protested vehemently and a lot of us were mad about it. Then suddenly the story just vanished. Years later I read in a piece of conservative literature that the case got so hot.the government dropped it.
Bjorn Halstrom
Bjorn Halstrom 4 aylar önce
@Kari Ann We don't have a straight story on it and I don't think we ever will.
Barbara Olson
Barbara Olson 5 aylar önce
Marilyn was becoming aware of her inner strength and would have been a greater talent if she would have never had affairs. She lived the sex-symbol life that the Hollywood marketers made for her to sell movies. I wish she had thought more of her talent. A beautiful person who needed to look beyond the body to her gifts of comedy and tragedy, empathy that Marilyn had the talent to share on the screen.
M.Syauqi Abdurahman
Yeah In fact , she has taken more serious role like "Bus Stop" and "The Misfit" . If only the studio acknowledge that more , she would have gained more respect as an actress because people kinda take her dumb blonde as a joke . There is this quote from Marilyn that idk if its real or not but she say "I don't mind makinv jokes but don't make me look like one."
Elvira Buenrostro
Elvira Buenrostro 5 aylar önce
One thing I'm glad of is that she is redeemed now that it's proven that she didn't take her life, may she rest in peace my lovely Marilyn Monroe 🌹❤️🌹🙏🌹❤️🌹
Upkar Jaiswal
Upkar Jaiswal Yıl önce
She was a golden girl 😭
P s
P s 10 aylar önce
This theory has been going around for years... it's so sad she deserved a better happier life than what she had!!!
Frances Curmi
Frances Curmi 4 aylar önce
Marilyn Monroe was a very sad and troubled woman. I really feel so sad for her short life. Imagine being fostered out and your father walking out on you. She spent so many years of her life drinking and taking drugs to numb her pain. I guess beauty was her downfall in so many ways. She just wanted to be loved and treated like a real person. I do believe Joe Maggio truly loved her and i hope she felt loved. Her life was very sad, seeing a psychiatrist for many years. I don't know how a young beautiful woman could suicide with no drink by her table. I believe the truth should come out and clear her name. She wanted to be taken seriously. Bobby Kennedy is a very questionable character. i think while he was young and had a girlfriend there was an accident and the young girl died. Both brothers were womanisers and i do believe she was murdered because she knew too much. Powerful people are dangerous people and they can cover up or pay up. Its so sad for Marliyn as all she wanted was to be married and have a family. I enjoy listening to your history and this new information. Thank-you.
brih Mendiola
brih Mendiola 10 aylar önce
Peter Lawford orchestrated everything on Marilyn Monroe's death. He was jealous and envious of her from the get-go. Him, who never quite made it in Hollywood and she, who became iconic and a legend. He was so in love with the Kennedy brothers, esp. Bobby Kennedy and Bobby K. exploited that angle to get rid of her to protect their name and position at the time. To think if JFK was on top of all these, let's just say RFK was his go-to guy for all his dirty laundries, that's why he appointed him his Attorney General. End of story.
Kel 7 aylar önce
There are a lot more details of this case not mentioned in this video, however the details in this video were all corraborated in a book by Donald Wolfe, an investigative journalist, and is the best book on Marilyn's death out there. Highly recommend any Marilyn fan to read it.
Viliana Herrera
Viliana Herrera 3 yıl önce
If a man can see a woman as a threat .... Imagine how weak a man could be! This woman made all this men weaker , she made them FEAR of their own self and their own messy stories , so trying to escape their own shit and wash their hands , they took her life . You are QUEEN !!! And she was the example of how " bad " is to be strong and emotional woman for an Alpha man... An alpha is a man with nothing but complexes ...
Joan N.
Joan N. 5 aylar önce
Marilyn should have had the strength of character and willpower to reject their advances!
Elise Shaw
Elise Shaw 5 aylar önce
Only,,, GOD knows the truth,, judgement up to hIM
Cockadoodldoobitch 7 aylar önce
@Levent.A. why
Mihaly Freeman
Mihaly Freeman 11 aylar önce
I always knew she had been murdered. Suicide, negative! She was loving life and had no reason to take her own.
Lisa Amoni
Lisa Amoni 4 aylar önce
From seeing this it’s obvious to me who did it and why hopefully now Marilyn Monroe can rest in peace
Elvira Buenrostro
Elvira Buenrostro 5 aylar önce
One thing I was always sure of and still is she didn't take her life!! May she rest in peace my beautiful girl forever in my heart❤️🌹❤️
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