The Mirror Principle | If You Don't Change This, Reality Will Never Change 

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The Mirror Principle | If You Don't Change This, Reality Will Never Change
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Unlock the secret of the Mirror Principle and discover how your beliefs and worldview shape what you experience. Explore the four keys that can transform your reality. If you want reality to bend to your desires, this is an essential principle.
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13 Eki 2023




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@PeacefulNightMusic 4 aylar önce
If you’re reading this comment, it’s too late, you’ve already been immensely blessed with an abundance of love, wealth, luck, health, joy, and whatever else your heart desires!! I’m so proud of you for surviving everything you’ve been through. This is your sign to go after what your heart most desires for the highest good, it’s your time....
@sanjaygunnoo7474 4 aylar önce
thanks and god bless you
@KingBurger404 4 aylar önce
@OrchidScent 4 aylar önce
@masonicpride7072 4 aylar önce
Thank You God Bless You and Your Famliy, Much Love and Respect ❤ 🙏 💯 3:33
@walter77ify 4 aylar önce
Same to you, thanks.
@albertoares7633 4 aylar önce
**Key 1: Create Your Identity** 1. **Clarify Your Goals:** Determine what you want to achieve and who you want to become in the future. 2. **Positive Affirmations:** Create affirmations that reinforce your desired identity and worldview, such as "I am a magnet for abundance." **Key 2: Hold on to the Belief** 1. **Sustain Belief:** Maintain your belief in the identity and worldview you've established until your goals manifest. 2. **Emulate Role Models:** Act as if you already possess the qualities of the person you want to become and mimic their behavior. **Key 3: The Mirror of Reality** 1. **Purified Content:** Understand that the mirror of reality reflects the purified content of your thoughts. Negative thoughts and beliefs lead to negative reflections in your life. 2. **Focus on Positives:** Concentrate on the positives and your desired image. As you continue to focus on what you want, your vision becomes clearer. **Key 4: Break the Mirror Cycle** 1. **Shift Focus to Positives:** Focus on the positive changes in your life, even if your world seems to be falling apart. 2. **Reverse the Process:** Rather than observing and reacting to your current reality, start with the image of what you want to become. Recognize that your present reality is a result of past decisions, and by focusing on the present and future, you can effect positive change.
@thequeenofinsights 4 aylar önce
Thanks 🙏
@louises6146 4 aylar önce
Thank you for the summary ❤
@JoshxIZ 4 aylar önce
Thanks ❤
@sinabehbahani7746 4 aylar önce
@samyljones3871 4 aylar önce
@Meditationminds 3 aylar önce
To everyone reading this, I pray for that whatever is causing you pain or stress will pass May your negative thoughts, excessive worries and doubts disappear, replaced by clarity and understanding. May your life be filled with peace, tranquility and love
@-.Whiteness-.Witch-. 2 aylar önce
Money... Lol...
@unknowngirl369 2 aylar önce
You are sorce of love,wealth and happiness
@integrityborn6156 2 aylar önce
Thanks for the positive words, it feels like you’re talking directly to me!
@belindarache4930 2 aylar önce
@danieraye30 2 aylar önce
Thank you!! And same to you too.
@Public_John_Q 4 aylar önce
If you watched & understood this video, and you’re reading this comment, you’re on the path. 🙏🙏👍
@appleoneill5135 4 aylar önce
@gigaziom6470 4 aylar önce
@anonime395 4 aylar önce
Im not on path, im sitting in bed. And stop being so godamn happy, its not fair
@butterthatbiscuit 4 aylar önce
@@gigaziom6470 looks like you'll be getting a lot more cringe in your life
@TheRealPrinceCastro 4 aylar önce
​@@butterthatbiscuit& it literally works just like that
It was gratitude that changed everything for me. When I started expressing love for not only the good and supportive things, but for all of the bad things and situations in my life because of their potential to steer me in different directions, my whole world took a dramatic change for the better. It was amazing!
@anonime395 4 aylar önce
Pics or didnt happen
@c.m.brodriguez9402 4 aylar önce
Same, amen! 🙌🤍💫
@Hx3ney 4 aylar önce
I've had the opposite experience. Every time I really sit and think how much I appreciate something I have it gets taken from me. Every time I start to feel the relief of letting go of the pain of loss something else bad sudden and devastating happens 💔
@lada3264 4 aylar önce
@@Hx3ney Don’t give up, this happens to me all the time it always seems something bad has to happen for something good to come into my life, I try to keep focusing on the positives, but like you said that’s not always easy, and I think that’s the point of this video, Don’t give up because you are on the right path.
@rongike 4 aylar önce
@@Hx3ney I imagine there is pride and attachment in what you're calling appreciation. and it will keep repeating until you let go of that. this must be a part of your life plan, what you wanted to learn.
@AmbientDreamEscapes 4 aylar önce
One day soon we'll all be looking back on this difficult phase and we'll be proud of ourselves, we did it, we got through it ❤ keep going ❤ we're so close to our victory 🙌🏻
@stoptrudeau42 3 aylar önce
I just get worried. Got kids to protect. Its biblical 😅
@therealchanel7667 3 aylar önce
Thank You ❤
@angelbaby9062 3 aylar önce
Stop Trudeau, may I suggest that you make affirmations regularly, such as God's angels protect my children, My family rests safely in the hands of God, All is well. This will feed your faith and relieve your anxiety when you believe All things are possible with God. God bless you and your family. 🙏🏻 Pray for Trudeau!
@yashindiamente282 2 aylar önce
One day you'll learn this was all bs
@gribwitch 2 aylar önce
"...and we'll be proud of ourselves, we did it, we got through it...". Oh it's another presumer. Another mind reader. Knows me better than I do. Uncanny.
@LadyScorp5.0 3 aylar önce
I have listened to hundreds of self help videos for decades and nothing has ever had the impact as this! I thank you for explaining from the bottom up how to change our circumstances. I will be listening to this repeatedly untill I am brainwashed.❤
@X3000Chan 11 gün önce
This is basically (and much taken almost directly from) the book The Secret, which is laid out like a guidebook, and which is very easy to read and skip around in). If you want even deeper points than this video, I recommend it. It’s also inexpensive to buy.
@jewishgenes 11 gün önce
Oh you see, self help is just that, help and all shortcuts to avoid the radical understanding given here
@glenbradley3305 4 aylar önce
That’s the whole Western Esoteric tradition right there ! No books , no cards , no study, no ceremony, no drama. This is quite literally MAGIC ! Well done 👍
@brendanhiggins4939 4 aylar önce
It definitely is magic. I’ve seen it happen so many times in my life. I’ll ask for something super specific. Nothing crazy. Just specific. Then think about it during the day and a lot before sleeping. And the universe will give me exactly what I asked for. A while back, summer was coming up. I was single. I asked the universe for a girl who has kind of a hippie style without actually being a hippie. A short girl (I’m 5’6”) with dark hair, a nice butt and wears sundresses. In walks Kelly. I met her at the gym a few days later
@jungervin8765 4 aylar önce
@@brendanhiggins4939 Magic's just science that we don't understand yet. The thing about relationships we often can't know what is the best for us, so usually it is more benefical to manifest more generally like the ideal relationship (and visualize&feel the pictures of what represents the best relationship for you).
@Medietos 4 aylar önce
Esothericicsm is not magic. Unless you use the word in the different, more careless kind of slang sense often done today. Like cool, hot, burnout, love, empathy, compassion. There should be new words invented instead of pinching old ones and change their meanings.
@brendanhiggins4939 4 aylar önce
You know what’s funny, I had “like magic” written. But I changed it last minute not to sound like I was correcting the original commentor
@brendanhiggins4939 4 aylar önce
I think people use the word “literally “ actually more carelessly. Maybe more so than any other word in the dictionary
@DjDmt 4 aylar önce
One thing this doesn't mention is that it's okay to feel like shit sometimes. If you have feelings and memories pop up that give you bad feelings, instead of burying them, feel them, allow yourself to process it, give into it, by giving in, that thought and emotion will no longer have power over you, it won't be sitting in the background, allowing you to move forward and cleaning up your vibe
@anonime395 4 aylar önce
Ez for unto say. Most ppl have accumulated bad life experience since childhood so their body is 24/7 on negative thoughts and feelings and the flow of feeling is so long u cant let it flow. It drives youu crazy.
@jonmurraymurray5512 4 aylar önce
​@anonime395 you need to understand that what happened in the past is no longer applicable to your current situation and see any of the actions you took as learning experiences. Also, you need to know you don't NEED to react. Once you understand that, you can act with intention.
@sonamgray5643 4 aylar önce
​@@anonime395start by letting that go. Focus on breathing, in the now. Are you safe now? Have gratitude for that. That you made it this far. Whether good or bad, "this too shall pass" sometimes it's not what is happening, it's our thoughts about it that makes us suffer or suffer a lot more.... take each day at a time. Because that's all we can!
@a.a.1867 3 aylar önce
How does this tie into manifesting with the mirror principle? I would love to hear more
@DjDmt 3 aylar önce
@@a.a.1867 from my experience, I have found that our subconscious thoughts and the feelings that are associated with it is almost like a bassline that we fall back on. If you have a lot of guilt, shame and anger (examples) etc that you're holding onto, then without you even realising it, you maybe attracting those kind of things. You can only fake it till you make it for so long, so if you're not dealing with those emotions, then you might find yourself stuck in a loop, a cycle (and you will say to yourself that none of this stuff works) Your subconscious will know when you're ready to deal with things and those feelings and memories will pop up when you're ready to deal with it. If you allow those feelings to run through you and accept those things, you're purging yourself, letting go and allowing the "new" to enter your life. I still have things pop up from when I was very young and I'm like wtf, but let's deal with it lol I guess it's that saying, what you resist will persist. I hope that makes sense, it's hard to convey that kinda thing via text
@philipparrott1124 4 aylar önce
I AM worthy of "abundance" in health, wealth and prosperity. I AM kind and loving to 'self and others" always. thank you!
@tinyturbo7664 10 gün önce
Right what a blessing it is to finally reap from all that I have sown I thought I would never see this day come I would actually gain from all my hard work month after month year after year haven't clocked out one time yet ... Can't wait life is so short
@oscarmonroy6337 4 aylar önce
this is absolutely correct, in my humble experience of 35 years working and finding mentors and walking away from corporations and potential monetary success and accumulation, I realized what is most valuable is health, wellness, and family! Accumulation of things and money do not make me happy! It is frindship and living a life of contribution and meaning where I can be of service to my family, friends, community and influence positive change in the world.
@lotusmelody8579 4 aylar önce
If you happen to read this keep going... You have the strength to overcome any obstacle. Celebrate your victories, no matter how small, and be kind to yourself. Your journey will lead you to a brighter tomorrow! 🦋🦋🦋
@NancyLauten 4 aylar önce
Writing that lifetime BOOK now!! Have the Time too!!! Thanks.
@taylorchandler8651 4 aylar önce
Lots Of Love From TN.
@aahmonddelite690 4 aylar önce
I like you...😉
@fisho2620 4 aylar önce
i just ate a bowl full of ice cream. amazing present, the present
@chronocharms 4 aylar önce
same to you
@aphrodite_fav 3 aylar önce
In the name of God, I'm gonna make it . Amen 🙏🏻🤞🏻
@babitag7893 3 aylar önce
😢 pls share me the changes😢🥺🙏
in name of father indeed
@MrPepperoni89 Aylar önce
In the name of god. You already did ;)
@angelbaby9062 Aylar önce
🙏🏻Babitag, Believe in the Son of God, the only way to the Father. Have Faith and Trust in Him. John 3:16. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have Everlasting Life.
@babitag7893 Aylar önce
@@angelbaby9062 🥺🙏
@belindarache4930 2 aylar önce
I feel the universe has been trying relentless to heal me this season through showing me who I am & who i can become. I just landed on this and it's a new paspective i will adopt in my healing journey.. thank you ❤❤
@Eazy_Yves Aylar önce
I'm taking the initiative this year to manifest and mold myself into who I've been yearning and striving to become. For so long the world around me was engulfed in stress, anxiety, depression and despair with the lack of perseverance, motivation and comprehension of the "Mirror Of Reality" thank you for keeping me on track and for anyone reading this remember a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single foot step good luck and never give up
@joannaUrmila 2 aylar önce
This video gives me power when I am alone on 2sec xmass day. I started more meditation. And this video is an eye opener for me. I send love light and power whoever read this from. Regarts from Joy. -the Netherlands
@GoldenAngel1888 4 aylar önce
Just know you have been chosen, and you're here because it's your time! You withstood all the trials and tests the Universe sent to you. You walked out of the Fire and stepped into your Future. Love is Yours. Abundance is yours. Embrace this mirror principle and watch your life transform. #EmbraceChange
@jdwyer5708 3 aylar önce
People can only be "self-chosen'.. and that is done by seeking TRUTH.. which is the flip side of LOVE. Abundance can be attained through both LOVE and ADDICTION and MISGUIDED IGNORANCE. Most people who have abundance of Earth actually know VERY LITTLE TRUTH and LOVE.. and this is reflected real-time in their spirit-body.. and ultimately spirit-home.. which are REAL THINGS. Peace.
@anjiclarke4402 3 aylar önce
@@jdwyer5708 Thank you for your comment - I truly hope your life is filled with Truth and Love. Sending Much Gratitude
@C0Y0TE5 2 aylar önce
If by "Just know you have been chosen," you mean that your soul has chosen this material life (animal) because, perhaps it contains a needed lesson, as if the purpose of joining soul to beast is some sort of "higher learning" education system for souls.... well then, perhaps, agreed. -- But to suggest that *our existence is somehow "the chosen" is false teaching* -- Unless, of course, you might suggest that some spirits are so desperate to escape the bleakness and blackness of The Pit (between galaxies), that we would happily accept whatever warm brown material hole we could hide in...well then that suggests that we should not be so much in a hurry to return to the pit. eh?
@jdwyer5708 2 aylar önce
@@C0Y0TE5 I teach the divine universe, my friend. When it comes to the DETAILS of existence virtually every major belief on Earth is incorrect. You'd really be amazed. With respect to INCARNATION.. the UNAWARE and hence non-FREE-WILL soul(initially) is drawn by instinct alone magnetically to a coitus event that is about to produce conception. The whole soul may have hovered in an unaware state with no bodies for potentially millions of years. Once the soul approaches the planet it is drawn to.. the soul has an energetic split... with each half-soul possessing predominantly MASCULINE or FEMININE characteristics. If a hetero situation (although homo is ALSO divine - and bi is non-existent) the MASCULINE half will be drawn to a male body.. and then within 0-20 years the FEMININE half will be drawn to a FEMININE body. The biological parents for a given half-soul create a -material-body/spirit-body duo using their genetic template. THese are connected by an interdimensional silver-cord. The incoming half soul then connects to the spirit-body of the fetus by a gold-cord to start the flow of animating life force. The moment that is done.. the half-soul to spirit-body connection becomes permanent and basically eternal.. while the material-body avatar of that half-soul will only live as long as the silver cord connection to its spirit-body remains un-severed. Another way of phrasing this is the spirit-body is indestructible and the gold_cord is never severed.. while the material-body is destructible and the silver-cord can be severed.. and NEVER repaired. Anywhoo.. the FREE-WILL and AWARENESS of the half-soul is ACTIVATED the very moment it connects to its duo of robot bodies. There is NO choice pre-incarnation. Of course, I could explain why many incarnates AND spirits think reincarnation exists and//or why some incarnates have past-life memories or memories of making some choice. The shortest answer would be many once-lived discarnate spirits (in eternal spirit-body) often come back to Earth out of ignorance and spiritually-overcloak with their aged spirit-body the virgin spirit-body of a fetus which is TOO BRIGHT for them to see... since their love condition and hence spirit-vision degraded during their real "first" life. Spirit over-cloaking produces past-life memories which are actua memories of the discarnate's life... not the child's.. and my also produce prodigies, and early onset child disorders like Leukemia. No discarnate does a God -ligned reinarnation from 1st or 2nd sphere where all these overcloakings occurs from. No one is chosen. You can only be self-chosen by being open to learning from a divine teacher like myself or my celestial teachers who know much more than me. Peace and God Bless.
@user-ww9ik2um2p 2 aylar önce
Being chosen is literally bull shit because it would’ve happened by now
@timmoseley2617 4 aylar önce
I watched this video several times again and again. Why? Because it contained one of the most profound principles I have ever encountered and I wanted to make sure I thoroughly understood it. Thank you so much for making this video and making it so easy to grasp. Life changing!! The mirror of reality is a reflection of the image we are projecting! It is reflecting back to us the relationship we have with ourselves and with the relationship we have with the world. Extremely powerful video.
@phiaramoore8055 4 aylar önce
Right!????? I was like blown away at its profoundness but simplistic at the same time! So welll done!
@elenaefremova7463 4 aylar önce
It’s bs video just for views
@TheAGODAMI 4 aylar önce
@@elenaefremova7463 😠 *iT's acTuaLLy NoT.!! You'Re jusT eiTheR an id10T oR a troLL-boT.!* 🚮
@TheWolfman63 4 aylar önce
​@@elenaefremova7463negative thoughts create a negative person 😢
@mayraruelas63 4 aylar önce
Everything in this video is true, I am proof. My life was falling apart and I adopted this mindset that I create my reality and everything started changing around me. Opportunities were coming to me easily. New People I met started treating me differently (and the people I knew couldn’t recognize me anymore) I got an amazing new job opportunity that got me out of debt. My living situation improved, toxic people were falling out of my life because we weren’t energetically aligned anymore..so you may ask yourself why am I here now ? Well because I want to keep growing.. I’m at the point where I got everything I asked for but nothing else was planned after this so I need to retrain my brain again to adopt another identity for myself. Believe it. Believe him. Believe me. It truly works.
@vaclinciapounds8859 4 aylar önce
This video is right on time! A positive mindset creates a positive outlook on life! The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts! I pray everyone has a wonderful and blessed day! 😘 🙌🏾 👏🏽 ❤️
@leilanifranco5869 4 aylar önce
I really needed to see and hear this, thank you!! Everyday in every way, everything is getting better and better!
@Gregrood 3 aylar önce
Got laid off work earlier this year , tried investing in stocks and that too hasn’t been good, I’m really frustrated at this point 😔
@RahmaHamed737 3 aylar önce
Financially it’s been a very tough year for a lot of people, I hope y’all get through it.
@KaiMarius 3 aylar önce
A flailing U.S. economy, elevated global tensions, prolonged inflation and recession, definitely not been a good year
@RyanCole295 3 aylar önce
I started investing in stocks and Defi April this Year. With a start of $45k, my portfolio currently sits at a comfortable $380k. Although I’m able to do that by with the help of a broker, I suggest you do same.
@DanielHaskel 3 aylar önce
The mistake most newbies make is rushing into trading without adequate knowledge or guide
@MariannThygesen 3 aylar önce
@@RyanCole295 I will really like to know how this things actually work and build my finance.
@MystickalMayhem 4 aylar önce
This was exactly the encouragement l needed. Thank You Universe for always hearing my call
@EnotnaSpittems 4 aylar önce
Couldn't be more on point. I can personally agree with these principles. I have manifested the degree I wanted, the car I wanted and the relationship I wanted. All because I walked my life as if I had it already. I needed nothing. Remarkable. You can do it too.
@Nathaly0886 4 aylar önce
Can you share how you did it and how you met your partner??
@David-cs9zo 4 aylar önce
But how can you simulate already having money and a relationship inside your mind?Being already rich means i can buy anything...
@ProvenHueMan 4 aylar önce
@@David-cs9zostimulate the feeling
@aahmonddelite690 4 aylar önce
I loose site an want to stay on track could you offer tips please?
@TheAGODAMI 4 aylar önce
@@David-cs9zo 😠 *NeVeR eVeR TRusT a "one-commenT" posTeR there aLWaYs eiTheR paid liaRs oR boT-TRoLLs.!* 🚮
@Hileron 4 aylar önce
You explained an aspect of manifestation much more easier to understand than a lot of videos I’ve watched. This messaged saved me thank you 🙏
@ady6837 4 aylar önce
I'm just in tears of love,joy and real wisdom of soul.. Thank you thank you thank you❤❤❤❤
Thank you, I start my day on a new, with positive, energy and with faith in myself!!!❤🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🌟🌟🌟
@alphapique 2 aylar önce
@jonathandavis6839 2 aylar önce
I just took three hours watching this video and broke it down for someone that really wants to learn. It helped me and made me feel great helping her. The reality I will experience when it arrives is a swell, grand, powerful yet content, humble and comfortable one. All I do now is continue the vibration of that vision and live like it’s here already. Hurry up 3rd dimension!❤ love to all
@LivVRich 2 aylar önce
Wish you could have recorded that break down! I could sure use it! 👍🏽
@TrinCrubaugh 28 gün önce
Can you break it down for me I don't understand
@bernardbrodnicki 4 aylar önce
I am so grateful I stumbled across this video at this moment in time because everything in this video is 100% helpful in leveling up in your personal life whether it's big or small! It has me getting motivated and wanting to continue with the goals I have for myself! Thank you for this video 🖤 keep doing your thing and helping people and helping yourself, love you
@katy-x33 4 aylar önce
It was meant to you my beautiful soul 🩷✨
@Itsunclegabby 4 aylar önce
I once had a revelation, and I don't know where the hell it came from - I wish I could remember- that the way we perceive reality is something like two mirrors facing each other... A little more: Fractals, I think, are evidence of this. I wish I had the words to articulate it in a better way. If I can come back and expand upon it, I will. Something else that pops up in my mind, is hearing more than one person say they've had an experience or vision in which they traveled inward, and saw a huge eye peering at them into the Abys. "As above, so below. As within, so without. As The Universe so the Soul." I thank the commenters below me for bringing that to the forefront of my mind.
@louisegarner8888 4 aylar önce
Vincit qui se vincit translates to “He conquers who conquers himself” which basically means it's you against yourself. 🔎👁️🔍
@Marilyns888 4 aylar önce
Wow, super interesting! Ty
This is it.
@MellanC 4 aylar önce
That's called our mirror self light and shadow work the light work inside is the shadow part of us that's dark that we manifest on the inside we can manifest the light side of ourself too it's like letting the shadow versions of ourselves go and then we have the light work to do which also involves faith in The Lord the creator that helps us to manifest the better versions of ourselves and show us the dark versions of ourselves so we can manifest good to ourselves and the world around us will change for the better.
@louisegarner8888 4 aylar önce
Many of us have heard the Native American story of the two wolves. The modern version spread on the internet, however, varies from the original story and leaves out a fundamentally different, yet important, lesson. HERE IS THE VERSION YOU’VE LIKELY SEEN ALREADY: A Cherokee elder speaks to his grandson about life. “A battle rages inside me,” he says. “It is dangerous and it is between two wolves. One is evil. He is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, lies, superiority, and ego.” He continued, ... “The other is good. He is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, empathy, generosity, truth, and faith. The same fight goes on inside of you and inside of everyone else as well.” The grandson pondered his words and asked, “Which wolf will win?” In the version you’ve likely heard, the old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.” BUT HERE’S HOW THE ORIGINAL STORY OF THE TWO WOLVES REALLY ENDS: The old Cherokee smiled and replied, “If you feed them right, they both win.” The story goes on. “You see, if I only feed the white wolf, the black wolf will hide in the dark waiting for me to falter so that it can pounce and get the attention he craves. He will always be angry and will always be fighting the white wolf. But if I acknowledge him, both he and the white wolf can be satisfied, and we all win. For the black wolf has qualities that I need and that the white wolf lacks: tenacity, courage, fearlessness, strength of will, and resourcefulness. The white wolf instead provides compassion, caring, heart, and the ability to value the needs of others over my own. You see, the two wolves need each other. Feeding only one and starving the other will eventually make both uncontrollable. Caring for both allows them both to serve you, so that you can do something greater, something good with your time on earth. Feed them both and you will quiet their internal struggle for your attention, and, when there is no battle inside, you can then hear the voices of deeper knowledge that will guide you in choosing the right path in every circumstance. Peace, my son, is what we must all strive for in life. He who has peace inside has everything. He who harbors a storm within his heart and soul has nothing. How you choose to treat the opposing forces within you will ultimately determine how you live.” ~ chipmonk baking website. 🖤🌪️🐺☯️🐺🕊️💞✌️
@bertdenhoed 4 aylar önce
Thanks for the clear explanation. I have started this. Its manifesting step by step. I made a conspiracy with the divine source to make my dreams come true. Al comes in synchronicity, signs and nudges. Its happening now. Feel the gratitude. I am in business, I am creative, I creating. In-line with the divine! Ikigai for me, for the world, for abundance from my passion. Spread the Love and knowledge from the universe trough music and guiding and inspire people. ❤️
@joannec2266 14 gün önce
Getting goosebumps, such powerful messages. Thanks for sharing it with the world.
@wendysmalley341 2 aylar önce
This really spoke to me! What a great reminder that we are responsible for our lives. Those of us that pray to God or have a higher power express gratitude for what we have and ask for what we want. I believe spirituality isn’t absent of God or vs. You can enhance your relationship with God and enhance your spirituality without making either of those beliefs wrong or having to choose either or. Love this!
This clip was Bang on, just created my life as the video played. I have my purpose and my mirror is set!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
@Barbara-hw3xz 3 aylar önce
I've finally got it, and there's nothing more exciting than seeing yourself in that mirror ❤ thank you so much!! Now, the key is to never forget about this 😊😊😊
@gerardoramirez7597 4 aylar önce
The tide of destiny has turned and everything comes my way ❤🕉🙏
@anonime395 4 aylar önce
Do big tiddy gfs come your way too?
@user-rf1mu7qz1w 4 aylar önce
Thank you...your video is a proof that Life is like a mirror - if you smile, it will give back to you with smile...❤❤❤
@alexanderjame 4 aylar önce
Hello sweetheart 😽😽
Our outer world is a reflection of our internal image, hands down
@azrael5310 2 aylar önce
Profound… I am aware of these things but it’s good for me to hear them again… brings me back to center … gratitude. Thank you for creating & sharing this video.
@aldamis8384 4 aylar önce
I've been experimenting with this for the last year and it's absolutely remarkable. This precise and clear explanation was wonderful.
@mjrlormans 10 gün önce
Thank you so much, it all starts with positivity 🙏
@Sophien29 4 aylar önce
This video found me just in time. I was ready to give up. I've been working on myself and manifesting for the last 8 yrs. I have manifested small changes for me and the big ones for my adult children. However, I haven't been able to manifest my greatest wish and desires. Thank you for this message!
@tiffanylavon 4 aylar önce
Don’t give up! Miracles happen when you least expect it🤍✨💫
@janetduncan87 4 aylar önce
All you need is Jesus.
@Sophien29 4 aylar önce
@janetduncan87 you are sadly mistaken if you think that Jesus and the universe are apart from each other .
@ldunn2 4 aylar önce
Yet! You haven't manifested your greatest wishes, *yet* but they are for sure heading your way in rapid speed! Much love to you! 🥰
@Sophien29 4 aylar önce
@ldunn2 Thank you! Blessings to you and yours!
@JamestheMagnet Gün önce
5:55 This helped me years ago be at peace with the negative and positive emotions when it came to be changes in life. Everything happens for a reason and you learn something from it.
I absolutely love this, all this time subscribing to other manifesting coaches. This is the best by far all in under 17 minutes. I am so grateful thank you thank you thank you. 🎉🎉
@michaelbmw1931 3 aylar önce
How do u know
Thanks for sharing.
@teresarambold9129 4 aylar önce
This works for some of the people some of the time and not all of the people all of the time. It does set in motion a better feeling . Maybe non of us are driving the bus in life. Enjoy the ride.
@BankBizzy61Armyof1 2 aylar önce
Thank you..... blessings!!!!!
I needed to hear this right now Things have been rough and I gotta keep telling myself that things will b different and I can create the reality I want
@appleoneill5135 4 aylar önce
Same here. I wish you well x ❤
I love his words and do believe them and am listening; but, I simply can't help but be mesmerized and awed by the beauty of those starry skies! Just wow.... I need to go somewhere to see that sky again. It's been a very long time.
@CainewithanE 3 aylar önce
Great intentions! The deeper I get into knowing my higher self the more I become the new identity. So many matters have manifested into my 3D world. Focus on what you want. Thank you for sharing your journey with us
@on-deva 4 aylar önce
thank you for sharing this video.
@mikebasil4832 4 aylar önce
I’m always working on this no matter how challenging it gets. Thank you so much for this video. 👍🏻✌🏻🖖🏻
@ReeceDWalker 4 aylar önce
A powerful and needed reminder. Thank you ❤
@bicyclist2 4 aylar önce
This transcends religion. I've heard success gurus say "If you think you can or you think you can't, eather way you're right". Thank you.
@and4all706 4 aylar önce
That quote is from Henry Ford. I have it on my front door. I see it everytime I come in or go out.
@PigeoneerToy 4 aylar önce
This is beautiful. I was fortunate to stumble upon Vilma Nuza's channel, I went to see her facelive steams and OMG! She clears things on the spot with the very things explained in this video. I decided to take her workshop to shift my reality and 🤯 BEST DECISION EVER!! It completely changed my view of life and reality. Now these videos "casually" pop up in my feed. I know it's because what I selected in that workshop: to expand my awareness continuously 😍 what I learned with Vilma will keep bearing fruit forever, now I realize it and I couldn't be happier 🙌💥 thank you for this amazing video.
@guidedaffirmationbyS 15 gün önce
This was useful thank you for sharing! The universe has so much abundance to offer, sometimes we get caught up and forget to think about all that we have to be thankful for
@jennisigler2253 4 aylar önce
I stumbled upon this video at the perfect time. I have been practicing manifestation and it has truly changed my life. However, you brought up a great point that I will be incorporating in my practice. It’s easy to complain sometimes… say things like “I hate my apartment, I can’t wait to move next year.” Dang!! That is so negative! Why not just say “I am so excited to move next year, I’m going to love my new home.” Take the negative out and just manifest the good!!! I will be working on that and have already told my partner to help keep me in line. I am so excited!
@skullchick911 4 aylar önce
I have done this and am actually still in the process but its amazing so far just the depth of love and compassion and understanding of myself has improved my existence. Let alone the ease of life now
@vincentgoynes3750 4 aylar önce
You know, this video and message has confirmed in my heart and mind and soul what I need to change about my thinking! There’s a scripture in the Bible that says quote “ As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”
@NeuroticNightmares07 4 aylar önce
The life you live today was formed by actions of the past really slapped my face. As long as I have today, it's not too late for me to be a sucessful published author with money and health. I gove up my power when I succumb to the terrible things right now. I needed this.
@ava-jq4uq 4 aylar önce
I believe in you 😊
@robertstarte3305 3 aylar önce
Thank you Brother! So clearly spoken and brought Karma to the point. Your words really reached my heart and are what I need right now in my life. I just became a father, and since the pregnancy things have been a huge challenge. Mentally, physically, relationship wise. This video gives me strength to keep going, keep reminding myself to think positive, to meet challenges with love, show gratitude every single day. Sometimes phases in life seem so long, despite putting effort into applying these principles. But in time things slowly fall into place. Especially when we realize a 'loop pattern' in our mind :D Thanks again. Ove and light to you all
@pablohippy 3 aylar önce
Sometimes you’re so tangled with life that you forget who you are - this reminded me of exactly who I am xx
God bless you ❤!
@myvoiceyourstory9338 4 aylar önce
Thank you angels
@ritaellakiss1828 3 aylar önce
This is one of the best videos I have ever seen, thank you so much. ⭐️
@audrey04021 4 aylar önce
This is one of the better videos about The Mirror Principle. It is measured, linear, logical, and carefully scripted without ums, and ahs, and diverted thinking of the speaker. I was able to follow it, understand it, and absorb it. Good job!
@aahmonddelite690 4 aylar önce
@m.j.mahoney8905 4 aylar önce
It's a text-to-voice app reading a script, not a person. Notice how it mispronounced "lead into gold" as "leed..."
@mygirldarby 4 aylar önce
​@@m.j.mahoney8905 yep, I was just about to comment the same thing. I wasn't sure it was AI until the "lead" mispronounciation. The channel owner chose a really good voice because it was not obvious right away. Even the free voices you can find online are becoming very believable.
@BradfordtheEclectic 4 aylar önce
Yep, I noticed it a few minutes ago myself. "Lead unto gold" is the mark of contemporary AI. Hopefully, it will get better.
@cc1294 4 aylar önce
I agree👍
@springwater9981 3 aylar önce
After a spiritual awakening, I finally understand this, thank you so much for helping me tie up the loose ends
@sylvialockwood132 3 aylar önce
Love this! I’ve been listening to various works from a variety of people for years and this just crystallized so many thoughts. Thank you ❤️🙏
@jayleo4554 4 aylar önce
This video literally, covered exactly what I’ve been realising and awakening to recently. The fact I saw this video is a confirmation that my technique is working. I’ve manifested many things intentionally, including 6 figures in 3 months, a couple cars etc. but it’s like I would always slip back into into my previous state after a while. I’ve practiced and studied reality creation for years now, and couldn’t work out why I couldn’t get the same results whenever I wanted consistently after all this time. This mirror principle has been the game changer. It’s the piece that was missing and why I would always back track. Now I fully understand it and where I went wrong I’m already a master because I’ve realised that I used this technique consistently as a kid. I would only focus on what I liked or wanted and could convince myself that anything other than that didn’t exist. I had a magical childhood due to this and now I’m creating the same magical experience in my adulthood. Eternal thanks for sharing this video I’m off to listen to it again!
@Praise_God369 4 aylar önce
Neah its just google/yt who steals data (and probably read mind tru your eyes and the vaxx u got ) then its all algorithm ...
@user-xs2hs6jh8w 4 aylar önce
Thank you so much for this video! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 So so grateful for this 🎉
@xxmarletjosorixx 4 aylar önce
I am worthy of love is the perfect affirmation for someone with a wounded inner child
@akinyiaiko 4 aylar önce
Blessed be you for sharing this message. Thank you, thank you🙏❤
@geen6138 4 aylar önce
It is 100 % true our thoughts become our destiny. Thinking positively will different lead to positive life.
@aystino224 4 aylar önce
Your the spirit guide but you are able to put it into words in the physical realm. Thank you, put everything you learn through going thru “life” summed up. This lesson was amazing, I appreciate everyone that’s here in this reality. Much love
@C0Y0TE5 4 aylar önce
That's an important point: What the present is, is the ability to put words/works into the physical world that manifest in the future. Talk to the universe out loud. Words manifest. The future then thanks the past and puts words/Logos into the physical world that manifest in it's farther future.... -- FOCUS is the key. Decide what you want in 10 years and go after it every day. Future U will thank U. (Be Kind. Morality is necessary so you don't crash and burn.)
@purplesealcbd 4 aylar önce
I'm gonna listen to this every day for two months and check back 🙌💜
@wildbillsheiressusa 4 aylar önce
This is great thank you for sharing this wisdom. Very enlightening!
@DominikKociecki 4 aylar önce
Resonate a lot! I’m touched! You described path which I just clarified for my self in my inside based on my current life expirience, structure which I have just created from life lessons and observations and you vocalized it! I had tears in few momemnt (I’m almost never crying guy) WOW! Thank you for sharing! ❤️
@benjaminlecter 4 aylar önce
Yes. Like you Said. Me too.
@Nfnunifunfunnu 4 aylar önce
im so happy that i clicked on this video. bro, who made it, you are the best! keep going!
@Sandra-fc8pc 4 aylar önce
Thank you so much! And I have learned that you have to accept all that is in your life, don't react against it!! Find you peace, accept what is, meditate and find your love, your goals, your wants, and act on your happy feelings, go in the direction of your harmony and bliss, your service to you and to humanity, do what makes you truly happy, once you feel at peace! Blessings!
@desswan6336 4 aylar önce
I needed this. Im changing my life for the better & visualising what I want is the key to gaining what I want for my life.❤
@user-gz5rn3rq4r 23 gün önce
סרטון מדהים ונכון. הבנתי כל מילה ממנו ועם זאת , יותר קל ונכון לי להגיב בעברית. את התהליך הרוחני התחלתי לפני יותר משלוש שנים. עולם ומלואו. הסרטון שלך הדהד בזמן הנכון לי , תודה על התזכורת המופלאה ותודה ליקום שאוהב אותי ללא תנאים ורוצה שאהיה מאושרת עכשיו. תודה❤🌟
@gerardoramirez7597 4 aylar önce
I AM always in Joy ❤🙏🕉
@SontiMarie 4 aylar önce
This unsettled me.. it’s like I feel like I make it then doubt myself because of the horrible circumstances I’m put in.. since I was a kid I said I wanna be an orthodontist then I said firefighter, then a therapist,, motivational speaker where I can talk to kids all around the world .. all because “I wanna make people happy in life ,to let everyone know their not alone and never will be”.. I’ve been through so much, I have so much to share , so many lives to save, I know I can! but all I have in my head right now that I’m certain about. Is making people smile/happy.. it just seems so broad idk where to start and it drives me crazy
@SpiritualMother 4 aylar önce
Diggin the uplifting comments. ❤️ Excellent video. 🎯
@chrisgorman1009 4 aylar önce
Life changing/saving knowledge here
@danieldzurko8053 Aylar önce
Thank you for this flamen of wisdom!
@canttakeanymore 4 aylar önce
Thank you. Your videos have taught me so many things.
@SpiritualDive 3 aylar önce
Very glad to know that! Thank you for being with us!! 💜✨
@nateb4485 4 aylar önce
I know this is true, I'v seen evidence of it many times, I'v had difficulty putting it into practice long term, the reasons why were perfectly spelled out for me in the video. I really need to knuckle down and really think about who I want to be and start regularly visualizing and doing mantra's and opening up avenues for the change to effect my life. This can't be a passive venture for me as I have a lifetime of self limiting beliefs that I need to leave behind.
@kmaru80 4 aylar önce
This reinforces everything I have learned in the last month. More changes in weeks than in the other 4 decades of my life
@sabrinagaga518 4 aylar önce
So good to hear. What was the click for you?
@Lita2all 4 aylar önce
A wonderful video that hits all the right bases, explaining the blockages we run into with creating / manifesting our visions and how to get around them. Our ability to manifest can come and go in waves and at times needing a spark to get back in sync. I appreciate all of the time, effort and knowledge you’ve shared in this video . Thank you
@alexanderjame 4 aylar önce
Hey sweetheart 😘😘
@lyfechanger03 4 aylar önce
Love the way you are able to explain it ❤❤
@devanshubhatt5392 4 aylar önce
Watching this is a true blessing
@meechhill4122 Aylar önce
I overcame drug and alcohol addiction. Im 15 months sober, and i want a better quality of life. I understand that it is a process. I had to sober up first, but now I'm ready for more. It is overwhelming sometimes, but watching videos like this definitely helps. If this message reaches you, i wish you the best 💙
@michaelgiglio1571 4 aylar önce
You are so right. But, Learning how to do this is the hardest part. 🎩
@QLove01 4 aylar önce
I needed to hear this- i been stagnant for a long time- im going to try and change my view on life
@Lilith-9223 2 aylar önce
Thank you! I appreciate your work!
@VinnyNajera-zn7th 2 aylar önce
I'm really impressed by this video and I'm glad I have this video.
@Aussie413 4 aylar önce
Thank you. The power of visualisation and feeling the visions that you wish to see, are powerful.
@janelbullock9141 4 aylar önce
First time listener. Very impressed! Great content! Thank you for sharing! Love and Light
@shantel5208 4 aylar önce
I have been working on my visual manifestations, I do notice that what I see in my mind’s eye is becoming my reality; I need more practice, however. I will watch this again and again until It becomes my reality 🙏🏼 Thank you 😊
@greenjelliesagee7408 3 aylar önce
I'm so happy this came up in my TRvid feed..just the message I needed to hear today. I sent it to my sisters too☺️
@kiranjitKaur61 3 aylar önce
As a female, it is the Men that I do naturally rather Love.
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