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THE MENU (2022) Ending Explained. We review, recap and explain the ending of The Menu which has now just released in theaters. We talk about the latest food based dark comedy movie, starring Anya Taylor Joy and Ralph Fiennes in a deliciously fun movie, and explain how the ending is a huge mirror being held up.

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Alright, so The Menu is now on HBO Max, serving us up one heck of delicable dark comedy course. But uhhh… Can I substitute the salad for some fries? Anyway in this video we’re going to talk about the ending of this movie, our reaction and review, along with what it’s saying about those snooty foodies out there.

So with that out of the way, thank you for clicking this video. Also hit that like button and subscribe as it helps us out. I’m your host Jared. Now let's get into The Menu.

So essentially The Menu features this lavish, one of a kind restaurant, The Hawthorne located on a remote island, owned by celebrity chef Julian Slowik. Multiple courses, only the most elite can dine here, with it being $1,250 a head… But don’t worry, the tip is included in that price. We’re slowly introduced to the type of people that dine at such a high class establishment as one by one they arrive at the ferry and make their way to the island. A handful of tech bros, a washed up actor and his assistant, an older couple, food critic and the magazine editor who is working with her, and finally Tyler, basically a big Instagram foodie, you know the people constantly taking snapshots of their food, and Margot, his girlfriend.

On the island, they are guided about the grounds by Hong Chau’s Elsa, showing the guests that everything is grown, raised, specifically cultured, and handpicked from the island’s resources everyday, meaning the freshest of fresh ingredients in their multiple course meal. However, not only Elsa, but also Chef Slowik question Margot’s presence on the island and at Hawthorne. Almost a standoffish feeling, like she is unwelcome to dine in such class, even though she was invited as Tyler’s partner.




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Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 2 aylar önce
Check out our video on the hidden twist in the ending here - trvid.com/video/video-Z0cPVjl7Eko.html
Marius Matei
Marius Matei Aylar önce
@knowledgetracker that's because you've got a crude/dark "sense of humour"; you, probably, also believe that hunting is "a fun activity", don't you?
knowledgetracker Aylar önce
@Marius Matei - it was hilarious. I guess it depends on your point of view. It was definitely a comedy. A dark comedy.
Marius Matei
Marius Matei Aylar önce
@knowledgetracker yes, it is a brilliant film; that wasn't my point! And, yes, I got the satire aimed at the culinary arts, but, in my view, that, hardly, makes it (the film) "a comedy".
knowledgetracker Aylar önce
@Marius Matei - it's what you call a black comedy. It definitely has dark humor. They're poking fun of the industry. There are lots of funny things. Like when the kid, who thinks he's some great critic, but really knows nothing about cooking, asks the chef if he was getting bergamot and the chef rolls his eyes and says yes. The movie is poking fun of all different types of people in the industry. It's a brilliant movie. If you're not a foodie, or are not used to eating very upscale food, it probably doesn't make sense to you.
Drew McDonald
Drew McDonald Aylar önce
Momowawa 2 aylar önce
My favorite moment was when Julian was making the cheeseburger, and then serving it to Margot, he was genuinely so happy, as soon as Margot left the restaurant, he completely changed his demeanor into a very depressed, sad chef...like he was reminded again of his misery. I loved this movie, the acting was 10/10.
MsSecretlady 9 gün önce
​@Kevinvery smart yess
Kevin Aylar önce
@code :066 Funkin Bird she was looking at his personal photos and noticed the only time he seemed happy was making burgers for friends and family as a young man, the other photos were professional chef type photos where he doesn’t actually look happy 🤔😏 That was quite smart really, she probably has talked her way out of difficult situations in her line of work 👍😏😊🤔
code :066 Funkin Bird
@Kevin indeed that age well
code :066 Funkin Bird
@Dukjin Im by ordering a cheeseburger?
Mike D
Mike D 2 aylar önce
I loved that movie didn't deteriorate into a gunfight. She saved herself with her wits by giving the villain what he's been missing in his life.
James Mcnab
James Mcnab 10 gün önce
@AppleAndAria okay
AppleAndAria 11 gün önce
@Kevin Let me know what you think!
AppleAndAria 11 gün önce
@James Mcnab Pay closer attention. It's supposed to be like a fast-food cheeseburger. Do people use dried meat in a Big Mac, for example?
Kevin 11 gün önce
@AppleAndAria Oh? That’s sound like a nice change, usually you’re lucky if anyone is still alive at the end of these type movies, I’ll check it out, thanks👍😄
Lil Eddy
Lil Eddy 2 aylar önce
The scene where Margot finally escapes, she turns around one last time to look at the crowd. Her eyes lock on to the wife. Notice the wife motions for Margot to go. I took it as she knew Margot was a victim in all of this, even with her husband, and wanted her to escape.. she mentioned earlier how she looked like their late daughter Claire... which implied she had passed away. and to find out it was Margot with her husband. The pieces clicked together… the look of guilt and disappointment on her face. The wife understood they had to die, even herself because I feel like she felt guilty for not realizing her husband was a perverted creep who was sexually attracted to their daughter, and probably hurt their daughter. Or maybe deep down she knew her husband hurt her daughter in some way and did nothing about it. I feel like that was her punishment and came to terms with what was about to happen. And seeing Margot escape gave her a sense of peace.
Maycee 4 gün önce
WOW i didnt think of this. Gave more depth to the movie I just saw. Thank you
Invader Nupo
Invader Nupo 5 gün önce
General Mortars
General Mortars 7 gün önce
Their daughter probably offed herself after what "daddy" put her through. Which is why the wife didn't fight the end, due to guilt.
Gray 19 gün önce
@Oliver Kato I think they all say "thank you" at the end not just her, but I could be remembering wrong.
Gray 19 gün önce
@Nia’s Creative Space I feel like people are constantly missing pretty important parts of movies then not being able to connect narrative dots because of it. Because after watching the movie I kind of thought the things the original comment is saying were obvious because of the scene you mentioned.
chase Evans
chase Evans 2 aylar önce
I think the fact they didn’t fight back at the end was telling. People who’ve had their lives handed to them, by legacy, by putting others down or deception is how everyone in this film made their riches. Not only were they not use to fighting for the things in their life, including their life itself, they were *incapable* of it. A room of sycophants and manipulators so coddled by using money and underlings to run, that when confronted with what real people experience, working to live, they were useless to their very core.
Ika Patino
Ika Patino 29 gün önce
That's what I told my wife, they're big and bad when they have money and power and rules.
Paul Burkhalter
Paul Burkhalter Aylar önce
@Soufiane Bellarhfor I dont understand a word you just said. Try a different translator app.
Soufiane Bellarhfor
​@Paul Burkhalter miss maam.. that's the whole point of the movie. And this comment is clear self report
Plen122 Aylar önce
@estecyprus33 if you actually did watch it then you would understand because the young guys did talk about it.
Lontong Tepung Roti
THAT MAKES A LOT OF SENSE WHY DID THEY NOT JUST EXPLAIN IT IN THE MOVIES ??? these people are pricks they only care about their life, they'll absolutely fight but probably fail
Camron Anderson
Camron Anderson 2 aylar önce
I died when the assistant thought she was gonna escape but soon as she said she had no student loans he said you die too 😭
tbewin1 z
tbewin1 z 22 gün önce
@My Wife's Boyfriend she had it coming??? being burned alive??? seriously take a step back and think about what you are saying
tbewin1 z
tbewin1 z 22 gün önce
@Pat Fussy im generally worried that people are being conditioned to think that people should die in horrible ways for small things...like having differing political beliefs...people are not critical thinkers is the problem
My Wife's Boyfriend
@Pat Fussy They sure can, but when there is no appreciation, when it is expected as a service rather than the hard work of people in the kitchen who painstakingly make those meals, is where things take a turn. Look at the bigger picture presented here and you will get a better sense of what is happening.
OuzeDH 2 aylar önce
I loved this movie. The part where he made the cheeseburger at the end... you could truly feel his joy. My favorite part.
OliverRey 9 gün önce
@Salvee unless its intentionally poisoned, dry aged beef wouldnt kill someone, even if dry aged longer than 152 days, or shorter than, its just not how the process works
Kevin Aylar önce
@Skewer yeah, that was sad, makes me want to introduce him to Samuel L. Jackson for a great cheeseburger review 😂 because he won an award for best burger review in a hollywood movie 😂
Skewer Aylar önce
Yes, I almost felt a tear roll down my cheek because I feel the emotion in that scene.
Nikolai Egorov
Nikolai Egorov Aylar önce
It was a bit “cheesy” 😅 and fit the ending we
Justin J
Justin J Aylar önce
I would've been happy if they threw Chef on the grill.
Samiah Fields
Samiah Fields 2 aylar önce
The menu pleasantly surprised me. But Tyler loving the food so much he was willing to die for it and have another innocent person die for it made me so pissed off. Especially since he couldn’t cook. He barely even tried 😂.
Tigerlilly 2 aylar önce
@Plen122 I respectfully disagree I think he could not cook .... He was likely all talk..
Tigerlilly 2 aylar önce
@ft.Jack&Jimmy He is typical of people who are "all talk" but cannot do s*** and always have the Audacity to tell someone who is actually talented how they can do something better when he, himself, is Not talented In any specialty...hilarious. ...to me..
Z A 2 aylar önce
For someone who’s loves cooking so much, he sure as hell couldn’t cook to save his own life, and I mean that literally. 😂😂 Felt like I was high watching this guy talk about how good the food is while a man commits suicide in front of him.
Niesha Mae
Niesha Mae 2 aylar önce
@Kristine Ilochi same ...😂😂😂😂💀
Shaina Elise
Shaina Elise 2 aylar önce
Saw this in cinema, and didn't know what to expect, but I was ready for there to be a cannibal twist when that one chef served his course with a bang, but they didn't go there. It was so pretentious and funny and refreshing lol.
Simple Kid
Simple Kid Aylar önce
@Brandon Tsosie wtf r u basing any of that off of? At the beginning of the movie the sous chef explains that they dry age all of their protein for a certain amount of days (don't remember the exact number) so that pretty much destroys that entire theory. Plus Slovik's whole thing was making the most luxurious dishes (so he thought) and human flesh is some of the worst meats to eat
MAN art
MAN art Aylar önce
I would have enjoyed more the cannibalism idea.
Gadget-Walkmen Aylar önce
LOL Just no. NOTHING about this movie was "sO PreteNtIouS" in the slightest as it was FANTASTICALLY well told movie and film completely and entirely so that IS as deep and layeredly complex as it gets.
BboyThive3 Aylar önce
yes chef
Pete Aylar önce
Ya, some kind of cannibalism was the only the only guess I could come up with
Cinema Snitch
Cinema Snitch 2 aylar önce
so happy they managed to avoid any cannibalism as that would have been a bit too much. Perfect balance of comedy and thrills. Not to mention the amazing performances throughout the entire cast. Even the suos chefs in the background are constantly on the ball even when you assumed they would be clocked out.
Simple Kid
Simple Kid Aylar önce
@Psychobum91932 well everyone was murdered by technicality except the sous chef, it's not murder if it's self defense. But yeah, cannibalism would be kicking a dead horse on top of all of that
virtual ghetto
virtual ghetto Aylar önce
i think cannibalism would have been too cliche and a lazy way to make it "disturbing"
Keith Brings
Keith Brings Aylar önce
depends on how hungry the first responders were.
The Watchers
The Watchers Aylar önce
I wanted some cannibalism because I miss Hannibal, and not gonna lie I missed the way he cooked his food. Idc if it was human meat it was great, and Mads was amazing as Hannibal Lecter, and I was so dissapointed there was no Hannibal related scenes. But the movie is still great but goddammit....
RandomSHO 2 aylar önce
as a chef for 30 years, this movie really hit home on a bunch of different points. especially how the love of the craft can just slowly fade over time and it just becomes an exercise in ability. also, the sommelier is hysterical. just so ridiculous.
Ioana Minescu
Ioana Minescu Gün önce
I hope you don't kill anybody
Operia Varcianna
Operia Varcianna Aylar önce
As a junior chef i understand much less... ppl who dont get how putting alot of effort into something like cooking. Getting burnt ,sweating, cuts etc just for ppl to be ungrateful and disrespectful.
RandomSHO Aylar önce
@Project Gaia the problem comes that as a chef you have to take this kind of stuff seriously. at least to a point. its how I make my living. its how I put a roof over my head and food on the table. at the end of the day, while I love cooking and it truly is a passion, it is also a job. a very tough demanding job. you are take criticism from people who most of the time don't know how to be critics. its can be demoralizing. I have learned to tune most of it out. At the end of the day though, the vast vast majority of cooks out there cant really cook what makes them happy. they can be happy with what they produce, but that's entirely different. Mentally its tough to keep going sometimes.
Project Gaia
Project Gaia Aylar önce
I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate you, so please don't get any ideas from this lol Just cook awesome, juicy burgers or whatever gives you joy, don't become a chef by snooty, anal critic demand like he did. That's what did him in, the poshos who didn't really appreciate his food, and just paid to eat it for prestige. That made him loose sight of himself, lose his joy for his work, which is why he felt like he had to die with them. Cook what makes you happy, even if that's corn dogs, don't become cocky and pretentious no matter how much the snooty, fancy critics kiss your ass (remember they turn on you) do it for yourself, for the joy of it, and you'll be fine. That's the lesson in this film. It's food innit, it' just food, you're supposed to keep it simple, have some fun cooking it, and enjoy eating it, with appreciation and gusto, not take it THAT seriously.
Lily Green
Lily Green Aylar önce
@Saad Shaikh 🤣
Christina Weiland
Christina Weiland 2 aylar önce
Two thoughts I had were that Tyler intentionally replaced (not broke up with) his girlfriend because he didn’t want her to be killed, and he might as well just purchase someone who he deemed disposable. Another thing that struck me in the end was that any of those other people could have followed Margot out the door, but they didn’t, intentionally choosing to finish the meal by becoming human s’mores. This is one of those movies that just keeps you thinking, and I loved all of the food shots.
DJ Art
DJ Art 15 gün önce
I think it’s important to note how the men were given the opportunity to leave and were chased down. So the fact that they could’ve tried harder to leave is important.
Simple Kid
Simple Kid Aylar önce
@Mike D they didn't choose to? Slovik actually puts it very clear when he said they didn't try to put up a fight and that they could've gotten away, then finishes with "something to think about"... Plus, that whole "we love you chef" at the end kind of hinted at the fact that maybe they did know.
Simple Kid
Simple Kid Aylar önce
@Cody Rawiri-Pettit that wasn't the owner, it was one of the cooks
Simple Kid
Simple Kid Aylar önce
Well that's based off of absolutely nothing. In fact, it's safe to assume he could've given two shits about who was gonna die considering he paid no mind to anyone else dying in front of his eyes and also paid an escort to come with him, unbeknownst to her that she'd also be dying.
Jasmine Brown
Jasmine Brown Aylar önce
@Mike D she played a character where the captor let her go free before, on split. Great movie
Dukjin Im
Dukjin Im 2 aylar önce
It reminded me of Midsommar, in how an escalating series of initially minor violations of your social behavior norms slowly raises the terror level. When a person violates those norms in even a small way, it is unsettling and dangerous because you don’t know what other boundaries they don’t respect. Initially the rule breaking is amusing and exciting, but you soon realize you’re not safe. Also the ending was like Midsommar in how these passive saps let themselves be ritually burned.
Simon Salamina
Simon Salamina Gün önce
Well, all those "passive saps" didn't "let themselves be ritually burned" on Midsommar. They were drugged and held captive 😄 Even the May Queen herself was high for her coronation. I agree completely on your comment about subtle escalation of social norms transgressions slowly unsettling viewers.
captnwinkle Aylar önce
Midsomar causes cancer. This movie was great
Project Gaia
Project Gaia Aylar önce
This is what Midsommar tried to do. Most boring film ever that was. Boring and unnecessary cringe. Horrifying little, senseless, boring film, with no real depth, and tons of pretty vacuous acting. What was the commentary even? Oh cults are bad, lame, like we don't all already know that, boring! Nothing to do with The Menu. The Menu was as close to a perfect work of art as anything can get, it had tremendous levels of depth, human commentary and meaning, and not to mention legendary acting. Don't even compare the two please.
Joshua Panackal
Joshua Panackal 2 aylar önce
Idk I don’t think taco Tuesday to the mess was a small step lmao
Wanye Kest
Wanye Kest 2 aylar önce
Nicely said
shawn Money
shawn Money 2 aylar önce
Love the ending when the girl felt bad by leaving them in the end and the older lady signaled to her to go ahead and go
Frances -Salt
Frances -Salt Aylar önce
She signaled Margo to go because she knew Margo was a victim and everyone in that room had made a mistake in taking and taking from people to maintain their upper class in the society, only Margo was not in their class.
 Jon  DOE
Jon DOE 2 aylar önce
The critic and her editor thinking it was all a show for them was hilarious. Also the marshmallow vests and chocolate hats cracked me up. 😆
No that part was so disturbing
daniel p
daniel p 2 aylar önce
The moment the staff puts the marshmallow vest, I knew the guests have accepted their faith 😶
Brian NJ
Brian NJ 2 aylar önce
Very few actors other than Ralph Fiennes could have pulled off his character so well. It could have easily been over the top. His joy with his cheeseburger return was a masterpiece.
Tony in Melbourne
Tony in Melbourne Aylar önce
Ralph Fienens, by my reckoning anyway, is the finest actor of this generation. So diverse too, in the roles he has played.
Yeng Thao
Yeng Thao Aylar önce
Her asking her meal to go most likely made the chef felt happy. Simply because in his pov having someone leave with your food is better than seeing it half eaten and thrown away.
Marlene Waldron
Marlene Waldron 2 aylar önce
I watched this today with my daughter and was actually pleasantly surprised. I loved the cast, even Taylor, who is not a favorite actress of mine. As others said, I went into it thinking it would be some sort of cannibal story but wow, you can feel Julian's dispassion for his job. And that's what it became, no longer something he loved but something he just did well. I also liked how Margot, the only 'innocent' person at the restaurant is an escort, a profession that most people look down upon, probably every one of the guests would, but Julian deemed her worthy of living. That burger probably tasted amazing 🙂
Simple Kid
Simple Kid Aylar önce
@R K A) it wasn't supposed to be funny B) name one movie like this where that trope doesn't happen. It's a good movie bro. It wasn't meant to be some super wild film, just like the Peele movies, just a casual film to get you thinking is all. Everyone's got their preferences tho so I get where ur coming from. Like I personally didn't like midsommar. Just never been too big into cult themed movies, so that one, children of the corn, hot fuzz, not really my personal favorites
Simple Kid
Simple Kid Aylar önce
Taylor is great wdym? Have you watched Queen's Gambit? She slayed that series
Solana's Method
Solana's Method 2 aylar önce
“Even Taylor” lol
kim areska
kim areska 2 aylar önce
@R K For me the joke is the sarcasm. Example : when the editor of the magazine claiming "is a part of the show" after the assistant chef killed himself, while the other guests start to panicking. It show that "expert" is not always right or something like that
Rachel Elizabeth Batz
Rachel Elizabeth Batz 2 aylar önce
Margo (Erin's) final act of ordering a cheeseburger was one of the best endings I've seen in a film. I've seen so many different "takes " on this scene and explanations for why it saved her life, but I think the message is rooted in one service industry person working for another service industry person for an affordable rate. Erin is a working class social servant who is only at the restaurant because she was hired by a super wealthy man. When she sees the photo of Chef working at a burger joint, it is the only picture that shows him smiling. She is able to understand this joy as only another service industry person can--the joy of serving kind customers who also are working class servants. As a lifelong public servant who -*-barely-*- makes a living, I relate to this on a deep level. I have worked hard in my field for over 12 years and because of my financial needs (medical, housing, etc), I have needed to find employment in a wealthy town in order to make enough. I work for rich elites who treat me like trash, but I am able to push past that part of my job and remember that I serve nature and the public as a whole before anything else. When Chef cooks the cheeseburger, he is cooking for a person in the working class who will appreciate and savor the food for the sake of the food itself. And beyond the incredible flavors of a well-made classic cheeseburger, it also fulfills the most basic human need: hunger. Because Erin is a working class person who has been forced to serve her entire life to survive, she has real hunger at the restaurant. She is hungry not only for food, but for life itself. By surviving and fighting for life, we become hungry for life in ways that the wealthy elite will never understand. Much like mortality, surviving gives music to the blankness of temporal existence on earth. When Erin savors and enjoys the cheeseburger, Chef is able to finally serve someone he respects after a long road into darkness from serving only the wealthy and losing his purpose. When she asks for it "to go", he realizes that she is not part of the Menu he created for that night and finally allows her to leave in order to finish the meal as designed. She is saved because she is the only person still hungry to live and eat. The rest of the group is emptied from the sheer uselessness of their existence and lack of experiencing need. I have a short anecdote from my own life that helps to summarize my analysis. In 2019, I moved to one of the richest towns in Vermont to work for a tree company as a climbing arborist. The company paid me $18/hour and I lived in a tiny apartment and rode my bike to get around. I barely made enough to survive because the cost of living in the area was very high. Eventually I made a few friends and one of them was the great-grandson of Irving Berlin. He had been given a nice house in the mountains by his wealthy father and his family had paid for all his expensive rehab (from drugs) and most everything else. He worked as a bartender in order to "get life experience" as part of the deal for getting a free house. He paid for almost nothing. One day, after seeing a movie together, we were driving back and he literally said (outloud) that he wished he "could suffer like me". He went on to say that he had never struggled or fought for money in his life and felt he was missing out on the experiences I had as a lower class person trying to make it. He said that he wished he could have the same kind of fear and anxiety around existence so that he could actually enjoy his life in a more holistic way. Needless to say, it took my entire self-control to stop myself from yeeting out of his moving vehicle. I never wanted to hang out with him again because it was the most tone-deaf, ignorant speech I had ever heard (since this occurred I have heard worse, unfortunately). But one thing stuck with me-- he truly didn't understand what it meant to live fully. He didn't understand the fight to survive or the joy of succeeding in small ways as you grow. Even though he will always have more material comfort and money, I have something greater: substance and drive. I have the flavor of life because I truly understand what it feels like to want to die from the suffering and then rise out of the ashes of that ruin and want to live. He can burn with the rest of the vile and corrupt wealthy classes. The Menu is one of my favorite films of all time because it was a true love letter to the modern serving class. It isn't for the rich. They will never understand or enjoy the flavor of this meal because it is only for those who have experienced the hunger.
Martin Uzal
Martin Uzal 17 gün önce
Saving this for future reads when I come back
Golda Fania
Golda Fania 18 gün önce
Just to add - It's no secret that many people from the diaspora take issue with tourists who travel to developing countries solely to snap photos of impoverished individuals for social media clout or to prove their moral superiority (virtue signaling). Others go so far as to live like locals for a brief period, only to return home and boast about how the experience changed their life, all the while resuming their privileged existence. This kind of poverty tourism, where one can check in and out of destitution at will, is truly appalling. It's a spit in the face to those who live in poverty day in and day out. A life they could only dream of escaping, then to think their struggles are often used to grant the poverty tourist accolades, funding, and social recognition for their short time of willfully depriving themselves. It's an unjust imbalance in this life, and it's complete and utter bullshit.
Golda Fania
Golda Fania 18 gün önce
This was a brilliant! So well articulated! I would encourage you to write it as a review to the movie. Somewhere where more people can have access to read it. Such a heartfelt and introspective analysis with great insight. Thank you for your candour. Bless your heart.
Frances -Salt
Frances -Salt Aylar önce
This is emotional to read, I have something greater: substance and drive, it hits me on a personal level, sometimes I think I haven’t done enough, reading this made me feel that I am a strong woman 🤗
Justin Aylar önce
@Rachel Elizabeth Batz I'm glad about that :)
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 2 aylar önce
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Zackarie Newton
Zackarie Newton 2 aylar önce
Am I the only one that thought of the chef as God?
not really
not really 2 aylar önce
Sooo bad it made me angry
nononnono 2 aylar önce
I don't get it!!! At the end why didn't anyone try to escape??
JB14 2 aylar önce
This was probably the most surprising movies of the year for me. I went in thinking it was a comedy/ parody/ satire about the food industry. Had NO IDEA it was actually a suspense/ horror movie. Once stuff kicked off I was in my seat saying “wtf is happening!?!?” Until the end 👏🏼
just a guy who is sleep deprived
Yeah but the scene where they were chasing the men made me snort
david darko
david darko 2 aylar önce
@Aaron Wesley because we never watched the trailer
Aaron Wesley
Aaron Wesley 2 aylar önce
How did you not get the suspense vibes from the trailer? 🤔 It was very clear.
Dandyleon 2 aylar önce
It is both a satire about the food industry and a horror movie.
david darko
david darko 2 aylar önce
SAME. the moment the guy shot himself i was like…hold tf up
Christopher 2 aylar önce
he let the escort go because she demonstrated with the burger that she isn’t a part of the staff or the guests. she outsmarted him and he knew it.
Krissy Wells
Krissy Wells 29 gün önce
@Frances -Salt sadly, you’re mistaken and didn’t pay attention to the movie. 😂
Frances -Salt
Frances -Salt Aylar önce
@Jay Santanathe meat will stay for 152 days to relax the protein strands, so I think that meat the chef used has stayed up to that and wasn’t poisonous anyway .
Krissy Wells
Krissy Wells Aylar önce
@Simple Kid U didn’t watch him package it, hun.
Krissy Wells
Krissy Wells Aylar önce
@Rebecca Conlon He was a crazy cult leader and he told her everyone was gonna die that night. Also, her boat breaks down. He said she can die on being apart of them or the others.
Simple Kid
Simple Kid Aylar önce
@Jay Santana yeah but that's if it goes passed a certain day, which it had not yet by that point because the entire mentality within the kitchen was perfection... But that was the dry aged protein, the patties were raw
Connor Frarey
Connor Frarey 2 aylar önce
as someone who recently lost a family member to suicide, the part where the chef took his own life genuinely struck an emotional chord with me and was a major turning point for the movie. This movie displayed the affects of suicidal thoughts in a humanistic manner.
Joy Zhou
Joy Zhou Aylar önce
from a random person on the internet, i am so sorry for your loss
setsers1 2 aylar önce
My Condolences
zxth 2 aylar önce
This movie kinda reminds me of mass suicides that happen irl
Ryan Meyers
Ryan Meyers 2 aylar önce
Not exactly the same, but I recently lost a family member to cancer and the ending scene really got to me too
P. P.
P. P. 2 aylar önce
I think this concept of the menu can be applied to almost the entire artistic and aesthetic based industry where we’re continuously drowning in capitalism and consumerism since nowadays people don’t really appreciate art anymore. Your analysis totally make sense.
Jack Madiaga
Jack Madiaga Aylar önce
In the end the chef actually comments on everyones behavior and how they didnt even try to escape by themselves at least once. There was the bit where every guy tried to run but that was simply because the chef legit told them to. Throughout the movie only Margot was the one who tried to escape by trying to call someone and then trying something different and then did. They were cooks, aside from that one dude who offed himself it seemed like nobody had a gun nor any kind of weapon. They just stood there or more accurately sat there while everything was going on. What made me laugh at the end was when it came to pay for the food and everyone was like "Welp Imma die anyway so might as well pay the man for the food and experience." And literally paid with the critic even having her meal paid by the magazine guy.
Niko 2 aylar önce
the most unrealistic thing about this movie is a double cheeseburger with fries being 10 bucks.
akshob ramkumar
akshob ramkumar 14 gün önce
@E D it’s 10 bucks in my country
Simple Kid
Simple Kid Aylar önce
@E D damn, whats the candian dollar equal to in USD tho?
Simple Kid
Simple Kid Aylar önce
@Saad Shaikh that would've killed me🤣 I can picture it too, she goes "sorry I don't have any money" and his joy is immediately wiped from his face and goes "you're just like the rest of them" that would've been so fucking funny of a more serious type of movie
Simple Kid
Simple Kid Aylar önce
Especially with such fine ingredients?! Definitely not happening in our universe
Olas Rives
Olas Rives Aylar önce
I loved this movie so much that it's in my top 10 list and steadily climbing. Margot is the only character to demand a specific food item where all the others just expected Chef to produce something new and amazing. In doing so she set off that spark of desire and temporarily making him love cooking again. No one in his career has ever done such a thing and in return gave her life back.
Joseph Naman
Joseph Naman 2 aylar önce
Incredibly beautiful story, one of my favs from 22! Loved the allegory of filmmakers and their connection to their art, and loved Ralph’s portrayal of an obsessed, cold chef. It’s a beautiful message to appreciate art for what it is, and not overly dissect and critique the minute details.
Prince Royalz Gaming
Prince Royalz Gaming 2 aylar önce
@Doctor Slayer facts and what i hate is that a lot of people refuse to understand on that level… either they have a short attention span, or just dont think and understand on a high level… even most movie critics dont even think on that level and i wonder how they even get a job as a critic when they dont even know how to critique honestly🤷🏾 This movie actually points stuff out like that in the industry for example the 2010 nightmare on elm street remake, many hated it but it did well in box office even with low reviews. So many people criticized it but then theres people like me, fans, that really took the time to appreciate the art, nobody is perfect, but nowadays you can see a little how a lot of people cater to what people say and it causes them to lowkey lose the love for the art they create themselves… you gotta understand that not everyone will like what you put out, its life but dont let that hurt you, forget them, keep looking forward, theres always gonna be those that do love you and what you do genuinely
Doctor Slayer
Doctor Slayer 2 aylar önce
@Prince Royalz Gaming it brings the ugliness of humans especially nowadays. It's too relevant..
Prince Royalz Gaming
Prince Royalz Gaming 2 aylar önce
@Doctor Slayer that’s exactly what it was and he was suicidal, this movie had a lot of meanings not just one
Doctor Slayer
Doctor Slayer 2 aylar önce
For me I feel the sadness from Chef Julian he lost his Simplicity on his life because of some people are not appreciative, lack of contentment from themselves
JokerCrowe 2 aylar önce
"Tylers's bullshit" really made me laugh. The depiction and description of the food was a really nice inclusion in the movie. :)
Simple Kid
Simple Kid Aylar önce
That was a good little humorous moment for a movie like this, funny but not necessarily going for a comedy moment and still on par with the theme of the movie
Raincast 2 aylar önce
I love how creative and original this movie was Perfect usage of anticipation and a lot of memorable scenes and plot twists A well deserved 9/10 for me
FLdancer00 Aylar önce
@Raincast No one said it was
Raincast Aylar önce
@FLdancer00 its not that deep bro haha
FLdancer00 Aylar önce
@Raincast That's disheartening, but thanks for clarification.
Raincast Aylar önce
@FLdancer00 not at all satire I just felt like sharing my opinion haha
FLdancer00 2 aylar önce
@Yams It was better than The Menu.
eduardo solis
eduardo solis 2 aylar önce
The Menu was such a great movie. That cheeseburger scene was literally the best part of the movie. The humor and suspense was great! One of a kind film for sure.
Dan Griffin
Dan Griffin 2 aylar önce
It was delicious. The performances, the script, and the direction were top notch. I also appreciate the breakdown for opening my eyes to some of the subtext I missed.
Ioana Minescu
Ioana Minescu Gün önce
And what would that subtext be?😁
Plen122 2 aylar önce
@Kyle Spevak you have garbage?
Kyle Spevak
Kyle Spevak 2 aylar önce
Spelt garbage wrong
deke76 Aylar önce
I watched "The Menu" last night and really enjoyed it. Very clever. The joy on his face as he made the cheeseburger really struck me. For the first time in forever, he was cooking for someone because he wanted to.
Ej Blon
Ej Blon 2 aylar önce
This film was a breath of fresh air in an industry bombarded with comic book movies... We lack originality and a look in the mirror every once in a while isn't a bad thing either. We've all been there at some point or another with something!
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Zachary Lewis
Zachary Lewis Aylar önce
It was interesting how she was likely still being tested even in the final moments. 1. When she said she was full she asked to take it to go. Implying its good and would still like to eat. Which made him happy. 2. She paid her bill which even he looked surprised.
Claustrophobic 2 aylar önce
This movie works for me on so many levels, I watched this in the theater and didn’t really know what to expect. Going in the acting was amazing and the characters felt real, and the first kill took me by surprise. By far the best moment in the movie was “Tylers bullshit” 😂 funniest caption ever.
Chinju KR
Chinju KR 2 aylar önce
After watching this movie, my partner and I were both craving a delicious cheese burger. The movie had left us feeling hungry and inspired, so we decided to go out and hunt for the perfect midnight snack. And I was really influenced by its message. It made me think about things in a different way and I couldn't stop thinking about it. I wanted to share my thoughts with my partner, so I turned to them and said, "Did you feel the same way about the movie as I did? It really made me think about things differently." My partner nodded and replied, "Yes, I totally agree. It was such a powerful and thought-provoking film. I can't stop thinking about it either." We spent the rest of the night discussing the themes of the movie and how it had impacted us. It was a great conversation and one that I will always remember. The movie had truly left a lasting impression on both of us..
Django Gün önce
Partner? Lame....
My Wife's Boyfriend
Partner? Ugh.
Zepol 2 aylar önce
He’s imaginary isn’t he
Caveman 2 aylar önce
npc conversation?
Kristine Ilochi
Kristine Ilochi 2 aylar önce
I wanted a cheeseburger too after this movie--and I got a juicy, delicious one. LOL
Martin Doyle
Martin Doyle 2 aylar önce
I thought the actor playing the chef was sensational. He was a perfect choice for the role. I actually was somewhat traumatised during the movie but 3 or 4 days later it grows on you and I appreciated a lot more as the best movie I've watched for years.
Kitchen skills
Kitchen skills 28 gün önce
@Martin Doyle He is a very well-known, well-respected, Academy award nominated actor.
Adam O'Brien
Adam O'Brien Aylar önce
He's also in In Bruges
Ben Jammin
Ben Jammin 2 aylar önce
Adavera KADABRA!!!
Alice 2 aylar önce
He's also super great in The Grand Budapest Hotel!
Martin Doyle
Martin Doyle 2 aylar önce
@Le I am in my 60s and so in my childhood I recall movies like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Herbie about a VW car and Disney movie. I really know nothing about Harry Potter; although, if I had some children I probably would.
Bidyut Das
Bidyut Das Aylar önce
Ralph Fiennes deserves an oscar for his excellency.
ROBERT HERGER 2 aylar önce
Did anyone notice, at the beginning of the movie when all the guests walk through the vegetable garden, the camera focuses on a plant that has a pepper and tomato on the same branch? A little foreshadowing of the strange events to follow. Absolutely loved this movie…felt delightfully uncomfortable til the end. That’s what a thriller is supposed to do! Bonus: it was funny too!
BlueAuraWriter22 2 aylar önce
4:03 The bad movie wasn’t the only reason John Leguizamo’s character was invited to the dinner. He was also planning to create a Travel Channel-esque TV series where he travels to restaurants around the world and eats their food passing himself off as a food celebrity in order to salvage his flailing film career.
Cara Sheehan
Cara Sheehan 2 aylar önce
You’re right I kind of forgot about the food show thing towards the end, but the chef telling him he was gonna die because his bad movie ruined his day made me laugh out loud it was my favorite part lol
Marko 2 aylar önce
The chef making that cheeseburger in the end was beautiful. It made me cry. A man enjoying himself in the kitchen again.
Simple Kid
Simple Kid Aylar önce
@E D thanks for explaining the movie we all saw
Simple Kid
Simple Kid Aylar önce
It wasn't that deep
Rebecca Conlon
Rebecca Conlon Aylar önce
@E D he wouldn't have poisoned something he loved
jessica diora
jessica diora 2 aylar önce
And it looked good too
Zepol 2 aylar önce
Made you cry tho? You got bigger problems my guy
LightlySalted Aylar önce
Slowik was an interesting character. He was crazy enough to have his obsession of food, and to lead a suicide pact, but when he experienced some level of happiness he hasn't had in years because of the girl, he was happy to send her off because he knew she didn't deserve to die.
W S Aylar önce
I finally got around to watching this today and was pleasantly surprised that they didn’t go the route of cannibalism which I felt was hinted in the trailers. That would’ve just been boring. I like the undertones of the staff being in a cult to the chef. I loved the use of imagery and how Margot simply saw how happy the chef was with that Burger picture. Loved the aspect of the chef mentioning his childhood in Europe and in Iowa or Idaho (can’t remember the detail of which one he said.) Did not love the aspect of the coast guard being one of the staff waiting for a distressed radio call to go out and also felt like that aspect of what Margot did (called for help) should have been the end of her chance to escape. But all in all I do like that it was neatly wrapped up as a gas explosion in the restaurant on an island to cover up almost everything that went on that night. Only evidence left would be Margot and that guy they drowned outside.
Rinehardt 68
Rinehardt 68 2 aylar önce
I loved this movie. I've seen it twice and I got the exact analogy you were making. It does remind you of some things that goes on in the movie industry today. It also reminds you of how moviegoers now don't actually watch movies anymore they consume movies but sometime it takes the joy out of just watching a movie having a good time.
Ryan 2 aylar önce
The irony is ppl over analyzing while still confronting the idea that the movie is also poking fun at ppl who are like that. It was meant to be simple and enjoyable, and I enjoyed it!
Liam Lazaroff
Liam Lazaroff 2 aylar önce
It takes a lot for movies to genuinely surprise me. For a scene to fully embrace me before turning on its head in such a way I could never have predicted leaving me shocked and thrilled and entranced. The Mess was that scene for me. A perfectly executed (pardon my pun) turning point for the film. Loved this film.
Kristine Ilochi
Kristine Ilochi 2 aylar önce
When I saw that plastic under Jeremy the sous chef and they put garnish around it, I knew he was the dish and going to unalive himself. I thought he was going to stab himself in the neck with that sharp metal thing hanging from his collar though--not the gun in the mouth.
LaiaInAutumn -
LaiaInAutumn - 2 aylar önce
The suspense was immaculate!
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Cecilia Ramos
Cecilia Ramos 2 aylar önce
I have a lot of questions about this movie. How were the cooks so complient to do what this chef said to the point of killing themselves? How was that chef brought to the point where he killed himself and what did the chef say in that guys ear that made him hang himself?
Catherine Noble
Catherine Noble Aylar önce
I agree. I had these same questions.
Culchie Films
Culchie Films 2 aylar önce
I had never even heard of this movie before this, but I always love watching this channel's breakdowns and as always it didn't disappoint. Great work Jared! I currently have covid and would love to give this a watch today. Does anyone know where this might be available to stream in Ireland or UK?
Leticia Santos
Leticia Santos 2 aylar önce
I watched on Disney+ from Scotland
Culchie Films
Culchie Films 2 aylar önce
@Antec Yup 🤣 but I don't mind movies being spoiled for me. Sometimes it actually makes it better in the same way watching a movie can be better the second time. Its also just like a much longer review that tells me if the movies worth watching
Antec 2 aylar önce
Wait did you watch the breakdown having not watched the film itself? 😂
Culchie Films
Culchie Films 2 aylar önce
@Heavy Spoilers Cheers mate, according to Google it actually releases on Disney+ tomorrow in the UK, which I did not expect
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 2 aylar önce
thanks so much, it's out on HBO max now so should be making it's way over here soon.
Keith Chawgo
Keith Chawgo 2 aylar önce
In a year of excellent horror films coming our way from the independents and a big disappointment from the main companies, it was refreshing to see a film like The Menu come and sweep us all away. This is an Oscar worthy film and although it probably cuts to close to the bone for the industry to be recognised with such honour, this film will be one that will live long after 2022 and a new favourite to watch again and again.
Twain Driver
Twain Driver 2 aylar önce
Been a while since I had such hearty laughs from a film, I typically like them on the darker side. That conclusion to the "hide n seek" in particular was hilarious.
Fool o’ a Took
Fool o’ a Took 2 aylar önce
Did anyone notice Tyler went through the 7 deadly sins. Wrath, Envy, Lust, Pride, Sloth, Greed and Gluttony
Kim Ngo
Kim Ngo 2 aylar önce
I died at the student debt part. I had to pay for my own school out of pocket and don't care if you're privlidged to have outside aid but that part hit me hard 😭😭 like my monthly payments.
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Jay Hemp
Jay Hemp Aylar önce
I watched this movie 2 weeks ago and I'm still running every bit of it back trying to deconstruct it. THAT is a hallmark of a great film!
Martin 2 aylar önce
If I ignore the fact that all guests in that room just seem fine with seeing people getting murdered or mutilated around them without doing anything about, I think this movie had a super interesting concept about the food industry and food culture of today. I especially love the character Tyler who represent the self-taught foodie who watched every episode of Gordon Ramsays cooking show (i.e cooking if it was a Michael Bay action movie) and think they know a single thing about cooking as a professional. I once got seated next to a former Michelin star holder and one of the judges in the Swedish version of Masterchef and he said that the best contestant in that show wouldnt last a day in a professional kitchen of a good restaurant. He said that the winner MAYBE was good enough to start as a commis but just maybe.
Lovely Erica
Lovely Erica 2 aylar önce
I work in the food industry and loved this movie with its dry humor and blunt and straight to the point dialog. Great break down. 👌
Kristine Ilochi
Kristine Ilochi 2 aylar önce
Have you seen the tv show "The Bear" on FX? If you loved "The Menu," then you'd love that show. It's fantastic!
Minimalist SG
Minimalist SG 2 aylar önce
I'm more interested to know the back story behind why all the apprentices are willing to die for the chef.
Crazypixiness 2 aylar önce
It's a satirical take on how you're expected to act under a chef. "Yes, chef." "No, chef." All taken to an extreme.
Sue Duong
Sue Duong 2 aylar önce
They lived and died for their craft, woke up early morning and slept at 2 am after service. The chef was their god, it was very much a cult.
Morningstar 2 aylar önce
He was carefully planning this for a long time i imagine if he's unhappy with his life in the service industry the others must feel the same way i mean they basically wasted their lives catering for people that don't even care
Jack-O-Lanterns - DBD Clips
@E D Certainly a cult, given their living conditions on the island. But I also imagine they all feel the same way as Chef did about their lives as it was the female chef's idea to kill everyone at the end, not their cult leader.
MrReddington 77
MrReddington 77 2 aylar önce
He was influential and had information on all of them that he probably used for leverage.
Bev 2 aylar önce
Yeah I must say I had a great time watching this film, and often laughed out loud, though usually I seemed to be the only one in the cinema doing so!! What's more, I had seen a negative review of it beforehand, and so I was even more delighted with it as it was just soooo much better than I was expecting!! A great off-the-wall clever piece of writing, just brilliantly put together with a perfect cast!!
Chelsi B.
Chelsi B. 2 aylar önce
This movie was so good! I loved that it wasn’t a comedy but literally had me dying laughing especially at the gun lighting the candle 😂😂😂😂😂
Ross 20 gün önce
Well done with the concise synopsis and interpretation of this movie. Even though my singular comment merely reflects the criticisms of this work, I appreciate the time you spent to explain and present the underlying messages.
Rodra167 2 aylar önce
Man this movie was so good! I loved how it was so different from other movies. Definitely was not suspecting this movie to come out this good!
Rodra167 2 aylar önce
@Ccubed92 in your opinion.
Ccubed92 2 aylar önce
It wasn't even different at all lol
SpooKitty 2 aylar önce
damn that is a nice explanation. It is so different from what I had in mind after I watched it. So here it is. I thought the Chef (ralph) started these killings because people would only seem to go to his restaurant just because he is now a celebrity chef that no matter what he cooks, how expensive it is, how stupid it is, people would still buy it because it is a famous restaurant and he’s a famous chef just so people would have something to brag about or post on the internet. AND THEN when Anya Taylor found out that he was once a regular chef at a fast food, an employee of the month, famous for his cheeseburger. She then used that information to break the Chef. And now the Chef realized (without him knowing what Anya Taylor found out about him) his old life where he is loved by people for actually making real food with real passion/love, and not some cheap but expensive food. This is what I loved about the film, it really let us viewers to think for ourselves about what the heck just happened. GREAT MOVIE 10/10
Kristine Ilochi
Kristine Ilochi 2 aylar önce
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toasty Aylar önce
One very small and inconsequential moment I really liked was when Erin was leaving, she looked back at everyone, not sure why, maybe survivor's guilt. She specifically looks at the older woman who's husband cheated on with Erin, I just really enjoyed how the woman sort of shooed her away like "forget us, run, this is your chance." No selfish comment, freak out, etc. Which is even more selfless considering plenty of woman would be furious with Erin for what she does and who she did it with, even earlier in the movie the dude bros were shoving people and yelling at them to get out of the way when being chased, so the production was very clearly okay with making the guests look as bad as possible. It doesn't affect the message or the metaphor at all, it was just a nice little moment I liked.
Keith Brings
Keith Brings Aylar önce
she was in a way telling someone that reminded her of her deceased and likely wronged daughter to go on and live.
Kenneth Head Jr.
Kenneth Head Jr. 14 gün önce
I too enjoyed this movie! I’m a hack cook of 34 years and I found joy in cooking as I progressed in the industry. My joy is in the delight of cooking and this movie sang too my heart and sentiments! Magnificent 😊
xxplosive_kicks 2 aylar önce
Definitely appreciate the breakdown and this film was way better than I expected. Totally missed the part about him smiling with Cheeseburger award but knew that was key to a clever turnaround and homegirl made the request
J.O.R.D 2 aylar önce
Anya Taylor Joy is everywhereeee, god dammm😅 does she not give herself a break? She's popping up in almost everything, they all come out pretty much straight after another, I see her and I'm like how does she have time for all of this let alone herself 😂 hats off to her 👏🏾
J.O.R.D 2 aylar önce
@Shantay naughton haha no she is honestly everywhere she probably has more decent roles then some known actors today 😂 you are right she is doing great work, I wouldn’t even call her an upcoming actor anymore
Shantay naughton
Shantay naughton 2 aylar önce
Lmao I thought it was just me after I watch her for the first time in a series I’ve been seeing her in a lot of movies n shows lately n I’m not disappointed at all she does a wonderful job I love her so much
S O'Rourke
S O'Rourke 2 aylar önce
Anyone who loved this movie subconsciously or very much aware believes the gram, critics, and social media as a whole is killing the discovery and mystery of experience in life. That was the message I got. This movie still has me thinking.
Erik Vina
Erik Vina 2 aylar önce
Looking forward to catching this on HBO. I was expecting a cannibal twist as well, but I think the turns it takes are just as dark. Heard Ralph Fiennes knocks it out of the park yet again.
CHRISTINA REALE 2 aylar önce
I loved this movie!!! It was very well done!! I just rewatched it on Saturday! Its definitely going to be one of the classics! Thanks for the video!!💖
Bob Langford
Bob Langford 2 aylar önce
It was so much fun to watch this movie. So unique. This will easily become a literal Cult Classic. A must watch! Subjectively speaking.
♜𝐏𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐝 𝐛𝐲 Judicial Watch
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Brian Kaaya
Brian Kaaya 2 aylar önce
Didn’t like it as much but I guess the point of it all was in regards to class. How people follow blindly in order to be recognized as a part of something different. That explains as to why they didn’t even fight it when they were being turned into dessert. Anya leaving was a way of, you are in control of your own fate, the little things matter instead of trying to complicate things😂…. Love from Uganda🇺🇬
YouAintGotsToLieCraig 2 aylar önce
The only one I’d argue that shouldn’t have been there is the actors assistant. But on the contrary, I believe her being there was a important. Although most can understand the Chef’s “Method to Madness” approach which most of the time can have viewers sympathize with an antagonist, the assistant being there off the strength of her “going to Brown an paying her student loans” brings focus to the “Madness” side of the Chef. That no, this isn’t a antagonist to sympathize with, to understand, this is a maniac that doesn’t mind a lil ‘collateral damage’ in order to get his point across. (Side note: When ‘Margot’ got her food ‘to go’ I do NOT know how nobody else didn’t use the same idea lol. I would’ve said “me too” with the quickness)
Joe Bond
Joe Bond 2 aylar önce
@The Oracle lol they all committed one of the 7 deadly sins of which is what each table represents which is apparent if you pay attention to the tortilla scene. The actor and his assistant are sloth, Margot’s bf is envy, the table with the man that loses his finger is lust , the 3 men are greed , the chefs mom is glutton and the old lady and the man she brought are pride. The hilarious part of the whole movie is they where brought there specifically by wrath aka the chef
Bing Chingler
Bing Chingler 2 aylar önce
@Yams important thing to note, the CHEF says that, not the actor himself
Yams 2 aylar önce
@Bing Chingler bro watch that scene again and you will see the chef says the actor has lost his passion to create art like him
Yams 2 aylar önce
@Cultural Oasis the critic derversed to die in the chefs opinion because she is the direct reason while multiple restuarants closed down her bad reviews ruined the lives of many chefs
Daniel Witt
Daniel Witt 28 gün önce
Margot was never going to die. When the boyfriend character tries cooking up food and fails miserably. Chef whispers to the dude something that was probably along the lines of “you won’t get to die in the menu tonight”. And he turns to Margot and says she is free too. That’s when he asks her to go get the barrel, we are so used to sick demented serial killers in horror movies that we thought he would have searched for her if she didn’t return. When in reality, he was giving her an out. The fact she goes and looks for the barrel is when that host lady tries killing her because she says Margot is trying to “take her spot” since she didn’t run away and followed his orders. Chef just didn’t let her leave earlier because he didn’t want to leave her enough time to go and get the cops before dessert happened.
Julien Forletta
Julien Forletta 2 aylar önce
I’ve worked at fine dining restaurants in Los Angeles for the last 10 years, I was really excited about this movie. It did not diss appoint it was amazing ! Only thing that bothered me was the low price point. Would have to charge way more than 1250 a head with only 12 guests a night lol the overhead to run that restaurant with that kind of quality ingredients and huge staff would be so high.
日暮れ 2 aylar önce
My partner raised a point about this. It does seem like a very low cost for the quality the guests receive but because they source from the island it may help reduce costs. Although I believe the low price is making a point about how the 'givers' are being exploited. Working for low or no pay, with no days off, yet trying to provide a perfect experience while under constant scrutiny. This comes with a clear mental cost. The 'givers' have given up their entire lives, going so far as to live on the island in order to reach for perfection and satisfy strangers they will never know.
Jesse Stirling
Jesse Stirling 2 aylar önce
Amazing, refreshing, horror-adjacent dark comedy. Made my Top 5 films of the year. Original, witty- great acting and performances. Ralph Fiennes in particular shines. 9.5/10
R C 2 aylar önce
I seriously still can’t find the comedy in it 😭
Ish Sadeepa
Ish Sadeepa 2 aylar önce
What are the other 4 movies ?
Xavier Abii
Xavier Abii 2 aylar önce
Ralph Fiennes was amazing in this movie. He's scary and funny all at once. I also love Anya Taylor Joy.
Morningstar 2 aylar önce
Chef telling The actor's assistant she's going to die, after he asked her if she has student loans was random and so funny 😭
Brooke Johnson
Brooke Johnson 2 aylar önce
The whole movie is actually about class... because she didn't have school loans she is clearly part of the "takers" not the "givers".
SayTheGreat 2 aylar önce
The movie was definitely a breath of fresh air. I enjoyed it. It was kinda weird in a good way
Sheena Williams
Sheena Williams 2 aylar önce
Even though it's only January, I think this film will make my top five of 2023. It was a very clever film with great acting.The timing was on point as well. From the moment with Elsa at the smokehouse, I was hooked.
Matt Nord
Matt Nord 2 aylar önce
This was definitely one of my favorite movies this year. Ralph Fiennes killed it.
crammons 2 aylar önce
Loved the film, and as someone who worked several years in the food service industry as a salad, fry cook, prep cook, and general kitchen helper (basically sous chef without the title or pay) and a brother who's been an executive chef of several big restaurants here in Baton Rouge, I thought the movie was great and understood the chef completely which is why I could never work as a waiter for fear of lashing out like chef in the movie lol Also I understand it applying to movies as I've often missed the days before streaming movies when quality was more important than quality
Souf Aha
Souf Aha 2 aylar önce
Dylan James
Dylan James 2 aylar önce
I saw this at the movies and I just rewatched it, finished about 20 minutes ago. I recommended it to my friend who watches movies but doesn't usually watch ones like The Menu. I'd kinda say The Menu is a little bit like an A24 movie like Midsommar or Pearl. He loved it, he was glued to the screen aand it helped too that I looked up the dishes they ate in the movie and was describing what they were and meant without spoiling his appetite lol. I'm gonna show him more movies like this
TucsonHat Aylar önce
This is the 1st movie I've watched on my own accord in a long time. I drank 1/3 a bottle of tequila and ate a bag of non descript microwave popcorn while only taking one piss break during that "happy birthday" scene, that coincidentally lined up _perfectly_ with whatever animated movie my parents were watching... And I still don't know what the fuckin barrel was about. I really enjoyed this movie
Pierce Gray
Pierce Gray 2 aylar önce
Okay so being a Chef personally I have gone through a burn out multiple times this movie was an absolute 1000/10 for me and even my wife who doesn't watch movies let alone once or even a second time we both love this movie. I teared up at him making the cheese burger cause it was the first and only time we see him smile. He had come back to what made him truly happy even after having a family. And continuing his craft and passion of cooking not even that having a family made him happy like making a simple cheeseburger did it was just amazing writing all the way around. And an absolute blast comedically and again as a chef myself who has gone through being burnt out on my art my craft my life see that people can visually see what happens to somebody who is in an art go through that. It was absolutely amazing and quite frankly his actions were just lmao.
Craig Robertson
Craig Robertson Aylar önce
I wasn’t sure - are you a chef?
Faisal 2 aylar önce
I finished this film as soon as it became available on Disney+. Definitely going to give it a rewatch in a few days.
Faisal 2 aylar önce
@YouSawNothing It's made by Searchlight Pictures, which is owned by Disney. They have an old contract with HBO in the US because of which the Searchlight and 20th Century Studios films go to HBO in the US. Outside the US, all these films are on Disney+ including 'The Menu'. Oh and that contract with HBO expired at the end of 2022 so all the 2023 and onward releases from both the aforementioned studios wouldn't go to HBO anymore.
Zahwa Sakti
Zahwa Sakti 2 aylar önce
@YouSawNothing they also available on Disney+ indonesian (maybe other asian too) people watch it on Disney+
YouSawNothing 2 aylar önce
bowl_slayer 2 aylar önce
The actor didn't do anything wrong. Having money and buying expensive food doesn't warrant being murdered. It sounds deranged when you try to make him out to be the same as the others.
bowl_slayer 2 aylar önce
@Kristine Ilochi If you think that's worthy of brutal death there is something wrong with you.
Kristine Ilochi
Kristine Ilochi 2 aylar önce
He was a phony though. He admitted that he liked to name drop to make people believe that he's so popular and knows so many other popular, prestigious people when in actuality he was washed up and does not. Oh, and he ruined Chef's one day off with his crappy acting in a trash movie. He lost his passion for acting and Chef didn't appreciate that.
IAMGODGVN 2 aylar önce
I very rarely comment on videos. But good sir, I greatly appreciate this break down. Truly, I’m grateful that you took the time to break down the premise. Originally I wrote this movie off as some sick twisted dark fantasy of a sociopath chef. Thought it was too dark and overtly dumb. But then sought an explanation. Found your video. And honestly, I wish I had watched the spoiler first and then the movie. I would have had a greater appreciation. For that, I thank you 🙏🏽
Abwizzy Baby
Abwizzy Baby Aylar önce
Your explanation is so good, now I get to understand the movie better, thanks for that man, I do appreciate you.
MakanaLani Pike
MakanaLani Pike 2 aylar önce
My boyfriend and I watched this in theatre not knowing what to expect. I CANNOT tell you how many times we looked at other with the eyes of “DID THAT REALLY JUST HAPPEN??” 😂🌺🌺 We loved the movie so much that we spent the drive home talking about it. I appreciate movies that make me think about things more in depth and new perspective. Very well done! 👏🏽
David Lopez
David Lopez 2 aylar önce
Not going to lie the part with the birthday cake had me in hysterics
Tiff Monique
Tiff Monique 2 aylar önce
As someone who worked as a cook and a chef for years I loved this movie.
Kid Pill
Kid Pill 2 aylar önce
I love how each course was introduced like a real commercial 😂
Simon Hill
Simon Hill Aylar önce
Always good to have my thoughts confirmed. Thanks for breaking it down. I always come to the channel after most movies I watch to see if you've made supporting content. 👍🏻👍🏻
CJKhaos 2 aylar önce
I loved this film. One of my favourites of 2022. Ralph Fiennes and Anna Taylor Joy’s performances were great, as well as their chemistry
mompreneur life
mompreneur life 2 aylar önce
❤We just watched it. One of the more interesting movies so far this year. It was quite a creative concept and I LOVED the ending. The girl and her cheeseburger got away. Nice! ❤
Purrrrr!🌱 Aylar önce
This movie reminds me of ‘Ready or Not’ it has almost similarities of concepts and twist, it’s fun and refreshing.. except few cannibalism :) and both movie had me think and had no idea what is all about, any new ideas or thoughts could happen in this movie, it’s just how the narrative and how we view them. This movie gives me unlimited questionable feelings which is fun!
Anastasia Woodruff
Anastasia Woodruff 2 aylar önce
The ending gave me midsomer vibes they seemed so like brainwashed to the whole thing and accepted death and even thanks the chef saying they loved him. Super weird still have no answers why I am so confused. Definitely one of those WTF movoes
Paranormal look
Paranormal look 2 aylar önce
I absolutely loved this film, I'm a huge dark comedy fan to begin with and this one delivered perfectly
Meleena Faith
Meleena Faith 2 aylar önce
When I went to watch this it was said to be a horror thriller. It was nothing close to that 😂 seems like alot of people enjoyed it but I was just trying to figure out what every random part of this movie was about, which led me here. Eh. Even if explained I'd rate it 5/10 but nice to see everyone else enjoyed it ❤
Sammey Phammey
Sammey Phammey Aylar önce
So many people might walk away calling slowic as stuck up or psychotic but people are a product of their environment. Slowic used to be a fun loving chef but through the years, he’s had to put up with reviewers and such and it changed him. When I started my career in teaching I was passionate and caring but through experience with the administrative politics, I had to eventually split my focus elsewhere away from the students
Christopher Lynch
Christopher Lynch 2 aylar önce
And the fact that she wipes her mouth with the Menu at the end is the ultimate way to disassociate from the others.
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