The McLaren Speedtail Is the Coolest Modern Hypercar (For $3 Million!)

Doug DeMuro
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McLaren Speedtail review! The McLaren Speedtail is amazing -- and it's the coolest modern hypercar, in my opinion. Today I'm reviewing the McLaren Speedtail, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the Speedtail -- and then I'm going to drive the Speedtail and review the driving experience.


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22 Haz 2021




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randolph torres
randolph torres 16 saatler önce
I would rather have a Tesla
Borja Barbadillo
Borja Barbadillo Gün önce
Looks like what they thought in the 1950s what cars would look like in the future
roadrunner Gün önce
Hey! i just saw this same exact Speedtail cruising around Ohio!
SuperEman500 Gün önce
Would still buy a P1 over this
1of1 2 gün önce
All this just to do 250mph and be illegal, koenigsegg and bugatti having a field day
1of1 Gün önce
The reason i said both is coz they both do over 300mph while being legal! Too hard for you to understand i guess!
1of1 Gün önce
@Anubis XIII “koenigsegg and bugatti having a field day” apparently the word koenigsegg is invisible 😂🤦‍♂️
1of1 Gün önce
@Anubis XIII did i not say bugatti and koenigsegg at the beginning? Lol sorry if i hurt ur feelings mclaren fanboy. Anyone buying these cars can wipe their ass with half a mill, ur points are not points pipe down, this car sucks. F1, P1, senna are what mclarens good for
Anubis XIII
Anubis XIII Gün önce
@1of1 1. Koenigsegg isn't Bugatti 2. Jesko Absolut cost half a million dollars more than the Speedtail
1of1 Gün önce
Koenigsegg jesko absolut
eppsislike 2 gün önce
It has an 90's style. I like it.
Dexter’s YouTube World
2:21 who else saw the senna in the background
Bart Admiraal
Bart Admiraal 3 gün önce
Doug should have this car, if he could
s c
s c 3 gün önce
This is a Dougie 2021 winner I am guessing🏆🏆
Mathew Briggs
Mathew Briggs 3 gün önce
12:47 ya you know what we should do to save weight lets make the tools out of the heaviest metal we can oh a added benefit to using the heaviest metal is its also extremely soft so wen you use the tools they bend to shit before they do there job
Khallel De Jesus
Khallel De Jesus 3 gün önce
doug demuro:can i review your mclaren speedtail? :D owner:sure!:D dont scratch it or your dead..........😈
Pierre Pinson
Pierre Pinson 4 gün önce
😃Wow, look like the prototype 90 'ies cars. I remembered this design when i was young.
Pierre Pinson
Pierre Pinson 4 gün önce
🇬🇧👱‍♀️Parker. ...👨🏼‍✈️Yes M'Lady... 👱‍♀️Get out the Rolls ROYCE🚘21:49🏰🛣🌳🌳🌳.
James Ayton
James Ayton 4 gün önce
Must be cool to stomp around a $4 million car with muddy shoes
Infinity Plus1
Infinity Plus1 4 gün önce
I melted when I saw the gold Ratchet and socket set
Larry Wexner
Larry Wexner 5 gün önce
love the pants!!
live_love_give 6 gün önce
The threesome car. The car that automatically comes with two bitches.
dy zolytan
dy zolytan 6 gün önce
Sounds like a Fiesta...
Johnny Georgopoulos
Johnny Georgopoulos 6 gün önce
Doug: "The tools are SOLID GOLD for weight savings!!!" Me: "Dude, that's titanium, you know, for weight savings, and strength" 😑🤣 Related side note, I would love to see someone break a steel(or titanium) bolt free with a 24kt solid gold wrench.... 🤣🤣🤣
BC P 6 gün önce
That's one ugly car...
Edwin Hong
Edwin Hong 7 gün önce
Doug demuro is a german spy!
Scott Adams G [Scotianbank]
Me looking at reviews of these exotic cars is like a chimp watching reviews for universities.
tirthb 7 gün önce
3 million dollar car with hubcaps hehe
BlueSky 7 gün önce
A beautiful McLaren at last!! 😍😍
Daniel Dagenais
Daniel Dagenais 7 gün önce
The Jesko is way cooler c'mon Doug...
Fortress of Solid Dudes
I got to see the Speedtail recently amongst several other new McLaren models and I did not expect it to be my favorite of the lot but it was, by far. The side profile is always the shot that gets shared the most but the front and rear of the car are absolutely spectacular.
Manolo Brigante
Manolo Brigante 8 gün önce
drinking game: take a shot every time doug says 'i love this car'
Seiba 8 gün önce
Some Forza people might be driving this guy, with an exception of driving these in real-life especially in United States.
Lloyd Filasol
Lloyd Filasol 8 gün önce
3 front seats? Well my Bajaj RE have that😂
laurieh 9 gün önce
I see the owner has the worst taste in interiors known to man.
Morse Code Reviews
Morse Code Reviews 9 gün önce
Only 4 million big ones, hm. #lifegoals
statikreg 9 gün önce
Why would they make options for a car like this? Are there really serious buyers who wouldn't want the top package? The only ones that make sense would be subjective ones - not ones that objectively lower the value or performance of the car.
hangm4n 11 gün önce
the seatbelt comes out on the right on a Right Hand Drive car, not a Left Hand Drive car like you said doug :) 17:40
Meaculpa Mishegas
Meaculpa Mishegas 11 gün önce
It’s so funny that they included those tools like anyone who ones one of those fixes anything and like they would use tools made of gold when they do it; just goes to show the demographic they aimed for are hilariously insane
mickey blowman
mickey blowman 13 gün önce
With arms as long as this dude who needs a car, just flap them!
Vince C.
Vince C. 13 gün önce
I absolutely hate the front wheel covers. I sincerely hope they're easily removable.
MeyoMix 14 gün önce
doug wearing jeans. it just isnt right
Bernardo Merlini
Bernardo Merlini 14 gün önce
The sound not impress.
Falinov 14 gün önce
no one gonna ask about the literal fortune of cars sitting in the background?
egads2 14 gün önce
Windshield wipers? Or Rain "cameras?"
RDA8191 14 gün önce
Absolute fugly. Looks like an 80s supercar trying to look futuristic
drrider100 14 gün önce
I wanna know who's house that is.
Andrew Pfeifer
Andrew Pfeifer 15 gün önce
removes mirrors to add aero , adds cameras the same shape and size as small mirrors to see behind " aReO "
Jason Escudero
Jason Escudero 15 gün önce
I think the door rises pneumatically 10:30 ... But I don't know...
Bequanis Looby
Bequanis Looby 15 gün önce
Doug Demuro strikes me as the Kendrick Lamar of TRvid car guys...mostly silent but true to his craft.
Petr D
Petr D 16 gün önce
It simply does not look good. With all respect to the engineering
Pickle Panther
Pickle Panther 16 gün önce
Today on the way to work a saw a bright green Porsche taycan and I thought “ooh nice that made my day, I’ve never seen one irl” and then 15 seconds later I see thins car in my fear view mirror and I almost crashed I was so busy staring
kingkobra 16 gün önce
Still like the F1 GT better and it sounds like a Honda Accord
Enea Azzola
Enea Azzola 17 gün önce
Did anyone noticed the Senna at 2:14 looking like Han’s rx7 veilside in f&f Tokyo drift?
TheBattleMaster100 17 gün önce
At least you can tell law enforcement you couldn't see them behind you because there's no rear view mirror.
Olivia Lambert
Olivia Lambert 17 gün önce
To be fair the charger isn't as cool as it sounds frankly shouldn't be used. Wireless charging wastes about half of the charging power into the environment. For cars specifically, that means using the gasoline engine to charge the batteries (and drive) uses significantly less CO2 than using electric and charging wirelessly. It sounds like a dream technology, its incredibly cheap to make, and it would be easy to put chargers under every parking spot and popular red lights in the city. But since electric cars are about saving CO2 the wireless charging technology becomes almost entirely useless, unless we want electric for a non-environment based reason (eg racetrack performance).
Walter D Wormack
Walter D Wormack 19 gün önce
With all of the dashcam videos, I've seen of REALLY DUMBASS DRIVERS, on TRvid, I will just say, this car will attract STUPID DRIVERS, like excrement draws blowflies. I would drive it, JUST ONCE, on a very long stretch of highway, in MONTANA, or WYOMING. After which, I will then take the car, and give it, the "Ferris Bueller Treatment!"
pedro pereira
pedro pereira 19 gün önce
T-50 is the beast hypercar today
Rafi Baig
Rafi Baig 19 gün önce
Topper of the Batch 😁
Ali Jumabaev
Ali Jumabaev 19 gün önce
the senna chillin in the back
Lenzi y0
Lenzi y0 19 gün önce
2:09 love the Han's rx7 paint inspired senna in the background
My Father Calls Me Elijah
2:54 Man.... who's house is this!?? Look at all those super cars and rare cars like the Mercedes gullwing! Awesome club to be in for sure.
Michael L
Michael L 20 gün önce
not sure how solid gold tools would save weight
God Ki
God Ki 21 gün önce
An lil import never hurt anybody 🤷🏽‍♂️
Carter Oriente
Carter Oriente 21 gün önce
This guys a weirdo
eric1138 21 gün önce
The design seems to be inspired by Malcolm Sayer's 1966 Jaguar XJ13.
ZyroSkillz 21 gün önce
I know this sounds really weird and soft but I hope nobody is ever mean to Doug.
jake lambert
jake lambert 22 gün önce
Who the hell mowed the lawn i could definitely do better than them curvy lines. Need a new landscaper lmk will work for car views.
Collin Sager
Collin Sager 22 gün önce
what if you lock the keys in the car? :))
Heinz Kirkpatrick
Heinz Kirkpatrick 23 gün önce
Million dollar car, but company can't figure out how to include a few thousand in airbags. Really expensive paperweight.
Timzoid 23 gün önce
i hate his vdeos they are toooooo long
Kris Carmelo
Kris Carmelo 23 gün önce
That’s one ugly car.
Team fire Gag
Team fire Gag 23 gün önce
This thing is hideous
Ahmed Yasir
Ahmed Yasir 24 gün önce
Yes, of course... Gold... Famous for it's light weight
Shobhit Bansal
Shobhit Bansal 24 gün önce
is it just me or the sound of this car is somewhat close to lightning McQueen
Marian Iacob
Marian Iacob 25 gün önce
Ugliest 4 million dollars i ever seen... I would take a Bugatti Chiron or Koneggseg over this any time!
Gianluca 25 gün önce
even if I am italian McLaren is my favorite brand but this is big fail for me, they tried to revive the F1 but they failed miserably, too elegant and delicate for the track too uncomfortable to drive and not at all beautiful and the worst of all is that of manny khoshbin hermes edition with interiors so delicate that you can't even ride it without gloves and foot protectors.
Mark 25 gün önce
Don’t see how this has a lower practicality score than F1.
Armando Valmont
Armando Valmont 28 gün önce
19:14 "you just stick it right between your legs in this little pouch, which is kind of charming"
Conan Jackson Sr
Conan Jackson Sr 28 gün önce
Super cool!!
olomarfarg 29 gün önce
Those are not solid gold tools, lol. 1 gold is too soft to be used on a tool of any kind, 2 gold is one of the heaviest metals so this would be absurd. 3 it will be like 100000$ in tools alone.
Peter Howard
Peter Howard Aylar önce
I was going to watch your video but then I heard your voice
Charles -
Charles - Aylar önce
Anwar Alexander
Anwar Alexander Aylar önce
Imagine charging your mclaren while grabbing dinner
hongniao10 Aylar önce
imagine accidentally rear-ending a car with 600K carbon fiber!!! yikes, not sure even the highest insurance premium would cover that! cheers!
Reece Argo
Reece Argo Aylar önce
I like the raptor in the back
181. Filo
181. Filo Aylar önce
Its a super rare 3 million super car and it has screens with thick frame lol
Plan C
Plan C Aylar önce
It’s like that weird VW hybrid car but way cooler
Chris Leone
Chris Leone Aylar önce
Dog is definitely taller than I am, but he makes that car look so small lOl. I think any normal sized adult will make it look small, but Doug is a big guy so it looks even smaller
hongniao10 Aylar önce
agreed...and Doug's expression is most “quirky” at 08:17 lmao...cheers!
vlogger sd
vlogger sd Aylar önce
My dream car
usertakenagain Aylar önce
Americans don't drive their supercars anyways ....it's usually garage queens. So doesn't matter if it's just show/museum imports
Emo Bassist
Emo Bassist Aylar önce
I think the car looks good the rear reminds me of Corvette stingray a bit
chris germann
chris germann Aylar önce
one of the few cars where your wife can sit on one side and your gf on the other. 10/10
Sm0key Aylar önce
2:12 casual McLaren Senna in the background, just the usual
Eduardo Trochez
Eduardo Trochez Aylar önce
I think this is the best super car ever!!!
Dustin Holstein
Dustin Holstein Aylar önce
Imagine curbing one of those front wheels...
hongniao10 Aylar önce
haha yeah, and at 12:47, i think Doug meant “gold plated” tools, because how can a wrench be torqued and not bend because of the highly maleable solid gold? cheers!
Catbird Aylar önce
That charging plate seems like it would be a huge annoyance owning that car. I get that it’s very experimental and uncompromising and I appreciate that about it, but at the same time that in particular seems to be making their customers’ life way harder than it should be. Can the charging pad fit in the trunk at least? If not was that out of necessity? In any case it’s a cool proof of concept, just probably maybe a little bit too ahead of it’s time.
Ayush Mathur
Ayush Mathur Aylar önce
I can buy a fucking tesla by selling its badges🤣
Walter D Wormack
Walter D Wormack Aylar önce
I would SO want to 'own' one of these beauties! This car is the 'Lynda Carter', of hypercars! (I better not find myself, the sole winner of a Billion dollar lottery!) I could definitely see myself 'cheerfully' saying to the owner of "that particular 'XP3'", "Just SHUT UP, and TAKE MY MONEY", before I'm forced to do something 'drastic', like "TEAR UP, & 'CRY' ALL OVER YOU!" Yes Siree Bobby! I could 'definitely' see myself, paying the owner 7 times what 'he' paid for the car, 'just' for the golden opportunity to slip into the center seat of a McLaren SpeedTail! P.S., I was under the impression, that the 'XP', actually stood for, "Experimental Pursuit"!
Walter D Wormack
Walter D Wormack Aylar önce
No rear view mirror = "What's 'behind' me, is NOT important!"
trAnz Blank
trAnz Blank Aylar önce
Mans went through so many emotions when he started doing pulls
The Car Industry
The Car Industry Aylar önce
The long rear looks amazing
niouts Aylar önce
Hello, the Fiat Multipla is another 3 front sits car.
Barthez Bartholomew
I like how McLaren trusts him to drive a middle seated car for the first time and thank god he didn't crash it
elliot ehring
elliot ehring Aylar önce
I gotta say as an artist... this car is a piece of art
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