The massive Fatigue Carousel helps keep roads safe

Tom Scott
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The "accelerated pavement testing facility" in Nantes can simulate decades of road traffic in a few months. Here's how. ■ More information: lames.univ-gustave-eiffel.fr/...

Editor: Dave Stevenson davestevenson.co.uk
Camera: Guillaume Juin www.guillaumejuin.fr
Producer: Axel Zeiliger at Block8 block8production.com

Thanks to Jérémie Chabot for the suggestion

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22 May 2022




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Tom Scott
Tom Scott Aylar önce
I really hope the scale of this comes across on camera. Drone shots would have been wonderful, but unfortunately the Carousel is just a couple of kilometres away from an airport!
ESSBrew 5 gün önce
It looks small, but Im assuming it kinda is?
SpiritSlayer 6 gün önce
AnalystPrime 16 gün önce
The prudent text-books give it In tables at the end 'The stress that shears a rivet Or makes a tie-bar bend- 'What traffic wrecks macadam- What concrete should endure And this is how they find out what to write in those books. Great video
Doppel Frog
Doppel Frog 17 gün önce
Can you share a Google maps/satellite link?
ThePeopleVerse 17 gün önce
Ha, what they need to make roads out of is the inner non-replaced track those wheels roll on. Bet they have never replaced it like they do the outer track.
Pup64HCP Aylar önce
Tom Scott: always pointing out things I didn't know existed but now that I think of them they make perfect sense
Robbie James
Robbie James 18 gün önce
@MUZKF47 What about it do you think is overengineered? Given the forces it needs to apply and withstand over long periods of time, it seems to be very sensibly designed to me.
MUZKF47 18 gün önce
Looks like pointless over engineering
Nenrikido Aylar önce
@Robbie James not really, we're used to it, and im sure most countries do sth similar
Robbie James
Robbie James Aylar önce
​@Nenrikido damn! that's harsh.
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MAN_ON_WHEELZ Aylar önce
I actually was just wondering about how civil engineers/scientists know what kind of abuse a road can take and how to measure lifespan of a road. Tom... always answering questions I never thought I'd get an answer to.
Psychotropni Lachtan
Psychotropni Lachtan 14 gün önce
Psychotropni Lachtan před 1 sekundou They take a wild guess. Most of these companies get liquidated after a while just so nobody can hold them accountable when it starts falling apart. And politicians are more than happy to secure new contracts for their buddies in construction bussiness so its not a big deal. Everyone wins, except the tax payers ofcourse.
Termitreter 21 gün önce
A lot of it is also just decades or centuries of experience. As the guy said, you cant speed up things like the asphalt deteriorating over time.
Xavier Aylar önce
I feel like this could also be used to test tire durability
Arubaguy 24 gün önce
@Stephen Eyles It does not seem to simulate cornering to any great degree. The wheels appear to be always running tangentially to the circumference, thus running virtually "straight". The tires may experience some stresses across their contact area, since the outer cross-section has to cover slightly more distance than the inner. Sort of why the pivot axis of a vehicle's steerable wheels is not vertical, but canted asymmetrically on left and right in such a way as to force the right wheel to pivot more on a right turn and less on a left turn, and vice-versa.
R.O.B 27 gün önce
@Stephen Eyles the tires appear to be designed for that, look at the closeups, I think ..., just a guess and 2cents.
Colbashi Maru
Colbashi Maru 28 gün önce
@the definition of comedy its not a bot
FurnitureFan 28 gün önce
Yes, I was wondering if the testing tyres are specifically designed for the process, if they have any extra properties.
Nefasto Brasil
Nefasto Brasil 29 gün önce
Xavier is everywhere
Goat-on-a-Stick Aylar önce
You have a knack for finding the most interesting stuff!
brot und wasser
brot und wasser 10 gün önce
500th like
Mike Fowler
Mike Fowler 18 gün önce
I think Tom's special skill is taking otherwise mundane things and making them very interesting.
sang vo ba
sang vo ba 20 gün önce
Theo M.
Theo M. Aylar önce
How tf u get verified as a goat on a stick
Baryonyx Walkeri
Baryonyx Walkeri Aylar önce
I do wonder, how many wheels does this facility go through during a testing cycle?
Thomas Bennett
Thomas Bennett 19 gün önce
Bet they'll last longer than ours, so we change whilst there's still tread, could run these to slicks few k more miles there
HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul
@Railnut Maybe they can cut a deal. modified road surface with standard tyres and modified tyres with standard road surfaces.
Railnut 20 gün önce
I wonder if the tire manufacturers use this to test their tires too!!??
Fromatic 21 gün önce
Would be interesting to know, I would guess 1 as even though its constantly turning slightly theres no load applied through the turn like a real vehicle where the turn is caused by the friction of the tires physically changing the direction of the vehicle, and acceleration and braking which would also increase wear are again not being applied through the wheels, all they're really doing is simulating the weight of a vehicle but the tyres arent really having the same forces put through them as they would on an actual vehicle
Rolf Ödin
Rolf Ödin 21 gün önce
This was exactly what crossed my mind too. The wear and tear of those tires must mean that they need to be changed very often?
Graham Aylar önce
One of the mysteries in life - how does Tom Scott find all these niche things that you never knew about - but sort of make sense when you hear about them!
Ian Aylar önce
@James ROFL nice troll there James.
Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy
@James citations needed
James Aylar önce
@James unless you've got some examples... your statement is factually inaccurate
RAD Aylar önce
Atlas Obscura
Brenden Pischke
Brenden Pischke Aylar önce
He's like a modern Mike Rowe with Dirty Jobs.
EMAngel 2718
EMAngel 2718 Aylar önce
I really appreciate the way you can make a 5 minute video that feels like more than a lot of 10+ minute ones
Deto Qcney
Deto Qcney 13 gün önce
I feel like they could have a similar carrousel indoors with cooling coils to simulate freezing conditions, and ice/thaw cycles.
Scott D
Scott D Aylar önce
As a civil geotechnical engineer, this is fascinating to me. I’d love to get ahold of their data.
Kevindeuxieme Aylar önce
@El Gatto Oh, spare us the usual geo-engineering soililoquy
El Gatto
El Gatto Aylar önce
A visit from a soil wizard. People think soil isn't so complex, but they would be very wrong.
Pacifico Studios
Pacifico Studios Aylar önce
When I worked for Minnesota Dept. of Transportation, the Research Dept. was proud of establishing a test site on a real piece of freeway with real traffic. This machine gets data a lot faster than that.
GoombaGenocide 20 gün önce
@FurnitureFan in the long term for a large area maybe, but I imagine this machine cost millions of dollars to design build and operate
FurnitureFan 28 gün önce
Right, the fatigue carousel must save a great deal of public money by identifying the most durable materials beforehand.
Wilson Guilger
Wilson Guilger Aylar önce
At work (agriculture tractor parts supplier) I've seen something very close to this, but instead the test subject is the moving part, not the floor. Tractors ate tied to the center and kept driving in circles through many obstacles as a way of validating its fatigue strength. It is so similar to this that now I'm wondering what else is running in circles out there.
Voltaic Fire
Voltaic Fire Aylar önce
"A fatigue carousel" is a great way of describing a really exhausting week and that's exactly what I'm going to start calling it.
Chompy the Beast
Chompy the Beast 6 gün önce
Capitalism has us all on the fatigue carousel while the ownership class rides all the relaxing water rides and exciting roller coasters
Voltaic Fire
Voltaic Fire 18 gün önce
@Masinary I'll do as I please.
bw 22 gün önce
Treadmill from Hell
Blasko xx
Blasko xx 24 gün önce
Me too
Toucan •
Toucan • 29 gün önce
Nalehw 29 gün önce
I hope Tom remembers to gets his cameras back when the testing finishes in a few months.
Bertil Hatt
Bertil Hatt Aylar önce
I feel like they could have a similar carrousel indoors with cooling coils to simulate freezing conditions, and ice/thaw cycles.
billy manilli
billy manilli 29 gün önce
This was really cool! Would've never thought of such a contraption (or even testing things like this) existed, tbh...
ivarwind Aylar önce
Reminds me of the days when I worked with non-rewind platter systems for 35mm film projection. I calculated that during disassembly of the film unto smaller reels, the outer rim of the platter would reach tangential speeds of around 100 km/h - and I would have my hand with a tea towel just a few centimetres above it, ready to stop it quickly in case of an accident - like a fuse blowing in the motor - so as not to end up with half a kilometre of a movie (or more) in a pile on the floor, and of course touching lightly to slow down in a controlled manner before a splice. When going fast, it also moved a lot of air, and could even lift cloths covering the movie on the platter below it. Good fun, but might be a little scary for people not used to it! (Now I'm only working with 1800 meter reels. They don't reach the same speeds, but still plenty fast, and the tea towel is still at hand. :) )
Zukaro Travon
Zukaro Travon Aylar önce
The fatigue carousel is what I'm calling my internship from now on.
nullplan01 Aylar önce
Change your perspective: You are not running in circles! It's a downward spiral.
Nullvalue Aylar önce
The same term applies to any job with a crappy boss.
The Real Plato
The Real Plato Aylar önce
read that as `relationship`
Socky Noob
Socky Noob Aylar önce
KingRCT3 Aylar önce
The only remaining unanswered question: has anyone ever rode this thing? Speaking of amusement rides, French manufacturer Reverchon had to make a fatigue test machine that simulated jeans (> butts) rubbing on a coaster seat. Same idea, testing in months what several years of operation would do to the padding.
eDoc2020 28 gün önce
I'm glad I wasn't the only one to think of that.
FurnitureFan 28 gün önce
My local IKEA has a machine running to show how they test out chairs to last. It's good to see.
Loturzel Restaurant
Know Joe Scott though?
Synjd Crispy
Synjd Crispy 21 gün önce
This covers something I deal with at work ALL the time. Management is always looking to do things more cost effectively, which makes complete sense, but they are convinced that everything can be analyzed on computers, eliminating the need to expensive real world tests. They actually asked the engineers "what additional modeling and simulation tools/packages do you need to eliminate testing?" It's mind melting trying to explain things to them when they have tunnel-vision on eliminating a large budget item. No matter how sophisticated and detailed your models are, there are always assumptions that need to be made in building them. You need that physical data to actually show the models are giving the correct results, and if not, make fixes/corrections/adjustments to the models to have them line up. You do this up front, the models can save tons of money and time down the line.
Xanderqwerty123 Aylar önce
Unfortunately this wont test years of weather erosion, but it is still absolutely fascinating
I ate your beans
I ate your beans 12 gün önce
Yes like they said in the video
코코 6 gün önce
I actually live in Nantes and didn't know this carousel existed. It's great to learn something new !
Lighter Microbe
Lighter Microbe Aylar önce
That carousel is ablsoulty terrifying, I'm going to have vaguely infrastructure-themed dreams for weeks, Thanks Tom! 10/10 would show to friends and family :)
JP Abcede
JP Abcede 4 gün önce
@Paul Lowell In the middle of a pandemic, I'll pass.
Paul Lowell
Paul Lowell Aylar önce
You need to get out more
@Martin Finnerup Because i watched the video! Maybe you should! And charging cars by the road is a stupid idea! Try thinking about it!
Sample Text
Sample Text Aylar önce
Imagine trying to cross the road while that thing is running
Martin Finnerup
Martin Finnerup Aylar önce
@Dan Quayles ITS SPELT POTATOE! Not sure you meant to post that in this thread? Also, why?
dark_neverland Aylar önce
I just want to say thank you for continuing to make the seemingly boring things of life absolutely fascinating! I love learning weird little behind the scenes tidbits on stuff
Ray Aylar önce
Thanks Tom, never thought about how roads materials are tested for ware. Great video as usual :)
baconsmoothie Aylar önce
I'd love to see Solar Roadways tested on this. To be honest I think it would probably be too dangerous to even try.
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Michael John
Michael John Aylar önce
I've often wondered how they do accelerated tests of road surfaces. And now I know!
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Magmafrost13 Aylar önce
I want not prepared for how utterly terrifying this machine is, even through a video. I think the scale really does come across on camera here (I imagine that shot of how much it squashed the wheel at the start of the video really helped sell the weight of it), its scary just to watch, I cant imagine standing next to it
ESSBrew 5 gün önce
Its ok, we will be ok.
FurnitureFan 28 gün önce
@longshot7601 I love that idea. I once took a flight to a small island where they weighed each passenger before assigning us seats. Plus we got rearranged after the plane unloaded some freight on each island.
Ken Norcott
Ken Norcott Aylar önce
@Thomas Payne it is a large machine moving extremely heavy weights at high speed. I’ve worked on machines very similar to these, and I fear them for a reason. It’s not like a truck or Covid (not sure where your logic is on that) the forces these machines withstand is far greater than anything like that.
Thomas Payne
Thomas Payne Aylar önce
If you find this machine "utterly terrifying" then you must have been absolutely petrified when scientists told you about covid and cancer. How are you coping with the constant threat of nuclear war and terror1st attacks? You should definately avoid beaches in case you see a sand castle or seagull and faint. It's also probably best to avoid theme parks, trucks, cars, planes, ships and tractors...just avoid roads altogether that way you won't be terrified all the time.
Dr. Skillz
Dr. Skillz Aylar önce
Meh. It wasn't that terrifying. Y'all are feeble.
Ring Andpinion
Ring Andpinion 16 gün önce
Hats off to the engineer, his presentation was very informative.
Matt Flamand
Matt Flamand Aylar önce
This was a really cool video. You always do such a good job putting these together. Cheers
Ryan Aun
Ryan Aun Aylar önce
I really admire your nerve Tom! It takes a firm presence of mind to stand there delivering a monologue Inna calm and casudk tone while also working hard to suppress your bodies dear response to the enormous, fast, heavy machine moving very swiftly behind you. You weren't even flinching, what a legend! Say, did you get to practise any of your high school french while you were out there? Thanks as always for the captions!
Can Sabancı
Can Sabancı Aylar önce
4:37 - as an aerospace engineer I totally agree with that. there are aerodynamics analysis tools called CFD - computational fluid dynamics. but my professors used to call them colorful fluid dynamics (bc they give you nice colorful contour images as results :D). because the chaos theory applies to fluid dynamics, minor changes in the initial conditions can cause massive differences. therefore you can only trust them *a little* after you validate its results with real test data by changing some parameters in the tool.
Oscar Gill
Oscar Gill Aylar önce
Two fascinating things I learned from this video: 1. There are things called fatigue carousels responsible for testing roads 2. There are windproof mics
Carter Milan
Carter Milan 13 gün önce
@Michael Scott-Joynt in those cases, it's more likely that the crew didn't prepare for a windy scene and/or didn't have access to a windscreen than them not being aware that they exist. it's extremely common for shotgun and lavalier mics to use windscreens.
Michael Scott-Joynt
Michael Scott-Joynt 20 gün önce
@Luke Royle The way I read it, the person is surprised to watch a video like this which isn't ruined by wind noise, even though there's simple technology to address it. Most of us have probably lost count how many random videos we've seen where the creator acknowledges and apologizes for wind noise, but has nothing more to do about it. In just about every case, the creator shrugs it off as if they can do nothing about it. Seems more awareness is needed.
1 million subs without a video challenge
Haha ! I knew windproof mics existed because I've seen reporters standing outside during a huricane trying to film a short segment.
Luke Royle
Luke Royle 28 gün önce
Most mics you see are designed to be "windproof" to some extend, with rough /fuzzy surfaces surrounding the membrane to dampen any air vibrations that aren't sound. The "windproof" mic he's talking about is just a regular clip mic with a small sponge to act as a windscreen, like a "pop filter" but all around the mic rather than in one direction.
Robert Kustos
Robert Kustos 28 gün önce
3 . Eye protection has been around for years .
SpecterX 26 gün önce
This guy can make testing pavement interesting. That’s how you know he’s done a good job at this
artisanrox 29 gün önce
This is the coolest thing I never knew existed. And also smart considering the cost of infrastructure projects.
SRT Amplification
SRT Amplification 24 gün önce
Looks like this could also be used to test the lifespan of different tires as well.
tp Aylar önce
Tom: “Roads need to last decades French highways agency: “les routes doivent durer des siècles!” UK highways agency: “Roads need to last 5 minutes”
SirBojo4 21 gün önce
@zazak972 Montreal, the city which is in a permanent state of construction..
zazak972 27 gün önce
And there is Quebec....
loys zimmermann
loys zimmermann 27 gün önce
Well, they don't last centuries. Those are not roman roads. Some roads are remade every few years (highway and heavy duty roads). Cars are not a problem, but as soon as you have heavy trucks on a regular basis, roads end up damaged very, very fast. This cost a lot of money, and is one of the reason I hate those trucks and loves trains.
BMC 28 gün önce
Belgium: "you guys maintain roads?"
FurnitureFan 28 gün önce
😅 In fairness, UK roads have speed limits, which must slow down the deterioration process a bit.
Anime Fan
Anime Fan Aylar önce
I love stress tests that actually use these cool practical tests instead of some math along with tiny test samples. There’s a reason for both, but seeing the test in action is just a lot more fun.
FurnitureFan 28 gün önce
@Tim D Hey, thanks for that info.
MonkeyJedi99 Aylar önce
@Dezgesh I really loved and was bothered by an episode of How It's Made where they showed the machine that stress tests a new piano movement by rapidly and repeatedly running all of the keys through a rising chromatic scale. Loud, but hypnotizing.
MonkeyJedi99 Aylar önce
@Tim D The question was not, "are my tires already wear tested or not?" it was, "Can a rig like this be used to wear test new tire construction methods?"
MonkeyJedi99 Aylar önce
Other fun ones include machines that simulate mattress and cushion use by repeated simulated sitting, and that one college project where they tested how many (simulated) licks it REALLY took to get to the center of a tootsie pop.
j Walster
j Walster Aylar önce
@Simon Zerafathey also have ways of testing tire slip angle on F1 carsm
William Bonner
William Bonner 19 gün önce
This is making me feel a bit like Alice in the rabbit hole. Based on the test panel, I think they made this with the SW (and probably HW) of the company I work for. I've actually probably worked on test systems that would test the HW that would go into this test system (which are made with similar HW and SW). I know a lot companies/labs use the same test equipment, but it never ceases to amaze me how widespread it really is.
Sam Jones
Sam Jones 5 gün önce
Does the rate of tire change match that of the simulated number of tyres a road would come into contact with over say, a 10 year period?
Zipp4Everyone Aylar önce
That is quite interesting. Would be lovely to discuss the effect of the lateral force being applied to the wheels while spinning like this and how that affects the end result.
Daschickenify 19 gün önce
I doubt there is much of any lateral force on the wheels, the arms are what is turning, to the wheels, they are going straight ahead.
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Litheo Dragon
Litheo Dragon Aylar önce
This is wild, I wanna stand next to this machine and see the scale in person. Also I couldn't help but notice one of the four wheel arms made a different noise as it was spinning full speed.
Brooks Moses
Brooks Moses Aylar önce
For those wondering about tire life: At the typical speed of 70km/h, that's about 1700km in a day, or 50,000km in a month. Commercial truck tires are apparently expected to last somewhere between that long and twice that long, spending on which hastily-found online source one reads.
johno 28 gün önce
@FurnitureFan keep they stray elephants out?
FurnitureFan 28 gün önce
@johno I assumed the strong fence was to protect wildlife from wandering in overnight.
AnElbow Aylar önce
@EhCanadianKid1 the curve produces wear too
Famed Aylar önce
Who asked?
Dylan Dreisbach
Dylan Dreisbach Aylar önce
This machine could double as a tire tester while testing roads.
kwisin1337 Aylar önce
As always Tom, 10 out of 10. Please keep this up. More of youtube needs to mimic your skills.. love the work. Be safe.
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The Slow Mo Guys
The Slow Mo Guys Aylar önce
Utterly terrifying
Paul Hill
Paul Hill Aylar önce
I don't think this would be very interesting in Slow Mo
Badass Tank
Badass Tank Aylar önce
AutoManic Aylar önce
Only 10 likes as of right now 👀 Also, salutations Dan or Gav!
Cameron Duff
Cameron Duff Aylar önce
Hi Gav and/or Dan!
Magical Capi
Magical Capi Aylar önce
"this spins terrifyingly fast" *says while posing with a smile and a thumbs up in front of the deadly machine* yup, that's our Tom
Arkaïd Aylar önce
Damn I used to live next to this monster and I had no idea it existed. I even did my driving license test 100m from there. So weird to think this thing is running continuously
spoopy poods
spoopy poods Aylar önce
1:21 “Suspension compression” and “Thermoplongeurs” are exactly the kind of buttons I expect to find in a fatigue carousel
huong thi
huong thi 21 gün önce
giang tran
giang tran 25 gün önce
jBurn! 25 gün önce
this control panel looks like the LabView standard Frontpanel
Name Name
Name Name Aylar önce
@Dood Uhm ackchually it's "compresseurs suspensions".
Boss Pods
Boss Pods Aylar önce
Also “lubrification” and “marche”
Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul Aylar önce
What really sells it is how nervous tom is just standing there ^^ I haven't known about that test stand but it absolutely makes sense.
sundaynightdrunk Aylar önce
I question the real-world accuracy of the wear on the pavement. The wheels are constantly in a turn, which wouldn't happen on an actual road. The tires are constantly scrubbing and losing rubber in a turn. That will cause rubber buildup on the pavement, which might alter the wear of the substrate beneath over time.
A. DUBITANTE 29 gün önce
"That’s a good sound."… of course Tom Scott is one to notice things like that. Love and Respect from Amsterdam!
ESSBrew 5 gün önce
Thats amazing, I wishI knew where the other facilities were, and where major countries like America test them. Im assuming UK tests here in France, but even that wasnt obvious in the video. Very very curious.
Hallam Crafer
Hallam Crafer Aylar önce
I got three on my Tom Scott bingo today: "It's unnerving to be standing this close" "X doesn't just mean X, it can take months..." "I hope the size and scale is coming across on camera"
Synthetic_Future Aylar önce
You also got the free center square "Tom wears a red shirt and jeans"
Barry Munro
Barry Munro Aylar önce
Technical commentary on a porn video???!
RisingStar Aylar önce
Don’t forget the “ah! I got x’d, ow”
kelaarin Aylar önce
Now make it a drinking game.
SCP-049 Aylar önce
Where do I get a copy of the bingo card?
Pete Beatminister
Pete Beatminister 21 gün önce
A amazing machine, I never heard of that before. Thanks for showing.
Chakat Nightsparkle
There is actually 1 of these Accelerated Pavement Testing Facility's in New York and 1 in Virginia in USA. I Remember a News Segment couple years ago that showed these in action.
HK Guitar
HK Guitar 20 gün önce
Some drone video footage might have helped show the scale of this machine. Really interesting, thank you.
Léguman Aylar önce
Wow this goes a long way towards explaining how French motorway surfaces are (generally) so damn smooth.
JAMES BERTRAM 15 gün önce
They replace surface when it's needed- up here in TARTAN MUNCHER LAND- WEE KRANKIE STURGEON - thinks we should walk 🚶‍♀️ hence back to a surface before roman roads.
JWQweqOPDH Aylar önce
I was thinking about how much they must spend on electricity over the course of several months. Then I realized that they probably spend just as much on tires.
jholotan best
jholotan best Aylar önce
I wonder how accurate this is because I always thought that a major thing in road surface damage is the constant freezing and melting that this dose not simulate.
Just ADD Jeff
Just ADD Jeff Aylar önce
It would be interesting to test IRD road sensors on that! Setup a WIM and compare ESALs (Estimated Static Axle Load)!!
CommenterBruh II
CommenterBruh II Aylar önce
This experiment should be everyday. And congrats on 5 million subscribers Tom!
Restore It
Restore It Aylar önce
How do you find these places, Tom? Great video, cheers!
Mike Ernst
Mike Ernst Aylar önce
@Steve It's in the video description ;)
Steve Aylar önce
Not sure he’d want to give that information away
Dom Jones 🇬🇧
Dom Jones 🇬🇧 Aylar önce
@rafaelskt4ever yep
ayisdec Aylar önce
Ilya Popov
Ilya Popov Aylar önce
"I've got an email..."
Joshua Collins
Joshua Collins Aylar önce
This is exceptionally interesting! Especially to me as a gear head.
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Jeff NME
Jeff NME Aylar önce
Massive and fast spinning machine in the background, I bet Tom is wondering "What's the worst that could go wrong?" I wonder if they've considered adding UV spotlights, to simulate a longer exposure of the surface to sunlight?
Annantrow 29 gün önce
Makes me wonder how much additional ware comes from acceleration, deceleration, and the tires putting power to the ground rather than just rolling.
zach moyer
zach moyer 21 gün önce
@Colorado Strong you ever hear the phrase pick your battles
Colorado Strong
Colorado Strong 21 gün önce
@zach moyer _Alot_ is a town in India. _A lot_ is more than one of something.
zach moyer
zach moyer 23 gün önce
in a state with heavy trucking its alot extra most trucks stay in the right lane and its like driving over constant speed bumps get in the left and its smooth sailing.
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 26 gün önce
Unfortunately this wont test years of weather erosion, but it is still absolutely fascinating
EspenX Aylar önce
I want to ask a question about the inner support wheels on the really narrow path, but I feel like it is like the "why don't you build the whole plane of what the flight recorder was built of" kind of question. So I guess the rubber and pavement is really, really heavy duty and long lasting.
zach moyer
zach moyer 23 gün önce
they most likely only support the full weight of the arms while the outside wheels are being changed and have very little load on them during operation so they last longer
Ashley Neal
Ashley Neal Aylar önce
Driving is my profession and I didn't have a clue about these machines. Mind blown as normal Tom 👊
Poodz 28 gün önce
@greatleapforwards this would be fantastic
FurnitureFan 28 gün önce
@TheSphongleface How do you get your deliveries, by carrier pigeon?
TheSphongleface Aylar önce
Driving all day is just lazy
pennsred Aylar önce
You’re welcome
dmaster225 18 gün önce
They need those here in the US. Freaking roads break up in a year or two!
Justin Bremer
Justin Bremer Aylar önce
I'm curious, when they said they can change out the tires, add axles, all that -- can they mix and match to simulate mixed use, or would they all need to be the same to keep the whole thing balanced?
Neil Barnett
Neil Barnett 29 gün önce
Do they ever twist the wheels to check the behaviour of road surfaces where vehicles turn? (lateral and torsional forces) It would be scurrilous of me to suggest that Amey, who have the contract to rebuild the roads of Sheffield, have never looked into any of this. To be fair to Amey, this carousel tests level roads with minimal lateral forces, but real roads have slopes, other lateral forces from braking vehicles and twisting forces from turning vehicles. Sheffield roads have all three, as you can see at corners on hills and at bus stops and traffic lights.
Down Under
Down Under 19 gün önce
The modules at the ends of the arms look similar to the cross section of an aircraft wing. Imagine changing the shape slightly and increasing the speed it might just take off!
Joshua Watson
Joshua Watson Aylar önce
This is what I would call a perfect Tom Scott video. A really unique thing that does one job, and does it very well, that I didn’t know I wanted to learn about. Thank you!
iabervon Aylar önce
This is such a Tom Scott subject that I thought I'd already seen a Tom Scott video about it until I realized that wherever I'd seen it previously didn't have in-person video with the person explaining it.
Zyo117 Aylar önce
Nah, that's Tom Scott Plus
clray123 Aylar önce
It's not a perfect Tom Scott video without Tom Scott strapping himself to the carousel and passing out due to G forces.
John Arnold
John Arnold 18 gün önce
That's all well and fine as long as the road builders do everything to the same specifications without cheating. This thing also doesn't simulate the bouncing of heavy trucks that has a severe affect on roads.
Louie McEwan
Louie McEwan Aylar önce
Thanks again Tom Scott! Again something I never new existed, and yet is quite fascinating. I really appreciate these videos
Faytoto Aylar önce
Always nice to see his town in this kind of video. Never heard of this system before, very interesting !
Pheonix1328 Aylar önce
Considering how crappy some roads I've been on this must not work too well... xD Also, you could simulate anything you just need a powerful enough computer, which we don't have... yet.
marcianoacuerda Aylar önce
The limitations Mr Hornych talks at the end are just as important as the benefits. I really enjoy listening to researchers because they try to look at every angle possible.
Callum Beatson
Callum Beatson Aylar önce
@Pat The Plant In this case I don't think it matters. The road surface should not experience any transverse force from the wheels because the centripetal force is on the rotor.
MonkeyJedi99 Aylar önce
@Pat The Plant Hmm... Something with good shear profile, but bad compression response?
Augmented Smurf
Augmented Smurf Aylar önce
@Pat The Plant I imagine that ruts and grooves appear more in straights than on curves. I can't imagine that a lot of people will take the same exact route through a curve, but when it comes to straights, people will generally just follow the middle of the lane.
Pat The Plant
Pat The Plant Aylar önce
I wonder if there are materials that are fine on curves but fail rapidly on the straight.
Rob Weckert
Rob Weckert Aylar önce
Another amazing report, Tom. Love your work
Paul Kurilecz
Paul Kurilecz Aylar önce
That is quite fascinating. Goodyear used to have a test track out in West Texas. I don't know if it is still in use or not.
Jake Outdoors
Jake Outdoors 22 gün önce
This is very interesting. I have never heard of a Fatigue Carousel before. Its amazing how the Romans built rods that could handle the technology they were driving at the time. Some of those roads survive today. While today our roads need repaired constantly.
Dustin Frank
Dustin Frank 5 gün önce
Have you seen the one that tire companies use to test the rubber? I'd say it's even more terrifying
MAC SandSquid
MAC SandSquid Aylar önce
Yet another job nobody told me about during the high school job fair, along with flinging chickens at airplanes. Thanks Tom.
lunavixen015 Aylar önce
@Robert Pruitt Chickens aren't the risk to planes, but they are the best analogue for the average bird and most easily available. Bird strike can absolutely down a plane
Pyroteq Aylar önce
@kat The alternative is 300 dead passengers on a commercial aircraft including children whose finally moments would be sheer terror as they plunge into the ground close to the speed of sound... The real tragedy is that after going through the engine there won't be anything left to BBQ.
Robert Pruitt
Robert Pruitt Aylar önce
@lunavixen015 Well TBH, if you're flying into chickens, you've probably got other problems to worry about.😄
lunavixen015 Aylar önce
@kat It’s used for testing for bird strike, a real phenomena when flying and using other objects would add variables that can’t be controlled or wouldn’t match what happens with a real bird
The Bird
The Bird Aylar önce
@kat Well simply put, nothing can more accurately tell you the effects a duck would have when hitting something, than a duck.
Korbei83 Aylar önce
This is the kind of machine I love to see fail catastrophically (assuming no resultant injury.)
ISH Aylar önce
I worked as a security guard for a large athletic shoe company (probably shouldn’t say which one) and they used a similar, albeit smaller, gadget to test the wear and tear on shoes. The key difference being that since they were testing shoes and not the surface it was the wheels that changed… And the wheels were made of six or eight mannequin feet on spokes. It was the wackiest-looking thing. Like something out of Dr. Seuss.
Grape 23 gün önce
I just moved to the Philippines and can't believe how good the roads are. You can literally drive all day and not see a pothole. Most of the roads are concrete, beyond that I dont know anything about them...but theyre great.
David Gardiner
David Gardiner Aylar önce
Does the testing work in both directions? Can the carousel study the wear on new tyre compounds and sizes and shapes, or on those mechanisms being conceived of for transferring currents to charge EVs on the go? Or indeed the effects of new surfaces on existing tyre setups?
ToyKeeper Aylar önce
That is seriously unnerving. I've had nightmares about being stuck to the outer wall of a machine like this, with incomprehensibly massive arms passing at astronomical speeds just inches from my face. I didn't know such a thing actually existed!
MixnMatch Flavour Bleach
If you think oversized objects moving quickly is freaky, I'm not gunna tell you to look up what a ships propeller looks like in motion underwater
Dillinger Aylar önce
Could these hallucinations be from the body overproducing DMT?
k Aylar önce
Hey big fan of your flashlight UI software :) imo you changed the scene forever
Old man
Old man Aylar önce
If you were actually in that situation, that would be a great opportunity to practice controlling your mind/fear. Making your amygdala stand down can save your life!
Ostensibly Average
Ostensibly Average Aylar önce
ToyKeeper' Therepist: The giant machine which spins massive metallic arms at high speeds isn't real, the giant machine which spins massive metallic arms at high speeds can't hurt you. I mean, why would someone even invent the giant machine which spins massive metallic arms at high speeds? Tom Scott: Explaining exactly why the giant machine which spins massive metallic arms at high speeds was invented.
Soumi Mukherjee
Soumi Mukherjee 4 gün önce
The fact that there's a multi-ton metal behemoth spinning at 70 km/h somewhere in France just baffles me!
Tungsten Hexafluoride
This is great, if only the US could use them to test roads too!! Would love to see roads that lasted decades here...
Jess Stuart
Jess Stuart Aylar önce
Accelerated lifetime testing is tricky. Weathering, daily/seasonal temperature fluctuations, and freeze/thaw cycles will cause a slightly worn surface to rapidly deteriorate. I'm not convinced a few months of testing would be adequate to predict a road surface's long-term performance.
Christian Johannesen
Another one of those "I did not know X existed, but thanks for showing it to me"-videos. Thanks for broadening my horizon, Tom! 👍
👆👆👆For investing guidelines🚀🚀
balaclava351 Aylar önce
Can we take a moment to appreciate how well this guy was able to communicate this in a second language. Amazing.
HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul
@【Chucklebutt】 ʘ‿ʘ France has some massive push towards language purity in the society. But as a non-native english speaker I found this french scientist quite easy to understand. And I agree on the USA/Europe comparison. In terms of area, population size, population distribution, size of subdivisions, and many other metrics the US and europe (or rather the EU) are quite similar. Similar enough to make them comparable. And interestingly Canada is closer to Europe than to the US in many metrics.
Tomás Pabón
Tomás Pabón 20 gün önce
Found the american
N N 22 gün önce
English is the de facto language of science and technical fields, many engineers / scientists speak it for that reason.
Yann Roger
Yann Roger 24 gün önce
@dereknalley And sometimes, not that much accented.
MaNNeRz Laguna
MaNNeRz Laguna 25 gün önce
In my area there's still a test patch in one of the industrial estates using different types of brick surface and they're still holding up today. Older than me.
Shogo 昇剛
Shogo 昇剛 Aylar önce
I wonder how much energy does this machine consume.
Dr D
Dr D Aylar önce
This would make one hell of a fairground attraction.... imagine the g forces it pulls!
FurnitureFan 28 gün önce
I'd like to try that. They should have an online lottery sometimes to attract participants.
boltonky 20 gün önce
Amazing and that's a lot of mass moving, the problem is with all the computers and knowledge of engineering we still get basics wrong. KISS is harder than you think
Northern Pyro
Northern Pyro Aylar önce
It looks like a giant terrifying fairground ride. I almost expect the arms to start bouncing up and down
Tooner Studio
Tooner Studio Aylar önce
Imagine standing in the middle piece "Weee this is kind of fun, wait it's getting faster, uhh its not stopping, TURN IT OFF PLEASE I CAN'T HOLD ON MUCH LONGER"
Just add some speed bumps to the test road!
Jon Lawrence
Jon Lawrence Aylar önce
Thrill rides alone are quite the engineering marvel
Leo Ciresi
Leo Ciresi Aylar önce
It’s like they took the blades of a wind turbine and turned it into a thrill ride!
Anshka Aylar önce
I love your videos. This is random (par for the course) and really caught my imagination. Thanks dude.
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daniel 39
daniel 39 Aylar önce
would be interesting to see how long the solar powered road ways lasts with this.
Aidan Šeštokas
Aidan Šeštokas 20 gün önce
Australia could do with one although I think we'd just ignore it's existence and continue to turn our roads into more of a patchwork than a surface worthy of traffic
Kevin Berges
Kevin Berges 26 gün önce
i worked at the research department at a company that makes commercial refrigerators. one of the tests was a shipping test. 15 minutes getting the crap "shook" out of them aka launched up in the air about 1/2 an inch simulated a across the united states shipping trip. the noise of a 1500 to 2000 lbs refrigerator with shelves flapping about was loud enough to be heard across the lab.
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