The Magical Kylian Mbappé 2019/20

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The best skills, passes & goals by Kylian Mbappé at PSG during the 2019-2020 season.
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3 Dec 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Score 90
Score 90 2 aylar önce
The world at his feet 🌎👀
ell kibblewhite
ell kibblewhite 2 aylar önce
Score 90 what the fuck is this background music . Please sort this out
7amza Bari
7amza Bari 2 aylar önce
Soufiane boufal next 🔥🔥🔥
MK7Hfootball 2 aylar önce
@R7 Football pro can you sub my channel plz
R7 Football
R7 Football 2 aylar önce
Score 90 can u play make a video on zaniolo or barella or sensi or havertz... those young talents plz. And btw gr8 video 👍
MK7Hfootball 2 aylar önce
@SWAT 1611 visited me
udeesha alwis
udeesha alwis 8 gün önce
This boy is going to dominate world football in the future!
Samuel Malekani
Samuel Malekani 16 gün önce
Futbol HD
Futbol HD 22 gün önce
Papjin 24 gün önce
The hype on this lad is too much, even winning abalon dor, hah, let's wait if another phenomena will snatch it as he tries
Christian Manurung
Christian Manurung 29 gün önce
Over rated
humanoid Aylar önce
He’s pissing off his career in stupid PSG. He needs to leave the farmers league for either the English league, or the Spanish one
Mambury Ndow
Mambury Ndow Aylar önce
I hope he doesnt become next Ben Arfa
JBoss Aylar önce
Amazing skills , terrible music
Jeroxvids Aylar önce
kai Havertz is better than this guy.Do not oppose me.
Jeroxvids Aylar önce
This guy should play in EPL, play against the big dogs and stop terrorizing the farmers league
Pao Chongloi
Pao Chongloi Aylar önce
The guy is nothing special , just only speed. Take away his speed. I doubt he will be that good. If he improve in only space and finishing then the stats will cover it up for him.
Hafid Terkini
Hafid Terkini Aylar önce
olly nunn x.
olly nunn x. Aylar önce
Intro song?
Dkdkdd Jsjsjd
Dkdkdd Jsjsjd Aylar önce
For you mbappe can become stronger than cristiano Ronaldo and messi in future?
Tiago Cerqueira
Tiago Cerqueira Aylar önce
Neymar is better, but he is definitely one to watch
Jihem Netaf
Jihem Netaf Aylar önce
Great Kylian, one brain in each leg.
Anas Bin
Anas Bin Aylar önce
New Ronaldo
Mateo Llamazares Pereda
I love this player Real Madrid is behind him
Simon Stabij
Simon Stabij Aylar önce
Every football skill video ever: Exist Really really really shitty music starting in 3,2,1.. damn
Mambury Ndow
Mambury Ndow Aylar önce
Would he choke in the Prem?
Randy andy
Randy andy Aylar önce
Quality videos exept for the music ( noise ) ... Had to mute it to enjoy the otherwise very good clip.
varga gery
varga gery Aylar önce
Olivier Marbre
Olivier Marbre Aylar önce
un coureur 🏃 à pied 👣 pas un joueur de foot
you 10
you 10 6 gün önce
Beaver Dam
Beaver Dam 2 aylar önce
Sorry boys but there is a tall blond moron Erling Haaland taking over the throne.
Parkour Indonesia
Parkour Indonesia 2 aylar önce
Music/song what
Manu JMG
Manu JMG 2 aylar önce
He is very hard to play with
Yo liv 94
Yo liv 94 2 aylar önce
Kilian la seul relève de Messi et Ronaldo dans un autre style mais tout aussi séduisant ! Tellement fière que tu sois français et parisien qu'elle chance de t'avoir profitons en et pars pas avant d' avoir ramené la ligue des champions à paname please
Jean Espinal
Jean Espinal 2 aylar önce
He's a prodigious and has magic in his feet. But he don't have the messi magic. This guy could compare to Cristiano Ronaldo maybe one day.
Arslan Awan
Arslan Awan 2 aylar önce
Please make videos without music with just commentary.
Carlo Alberto Marconi
Carlo Alberto Marconi 2 aylar önce
Dybala is better
Faux Nul Zéro
Faux Nul Zéro 2 aylar önce
Nice player...against Ligue 1 player. Maybe he can be very good in MLS too.
king ryuga
king ryuga 2 aylar önce
Probably be brilliant everywhere He goes, He succeeded in the WC.
Uriel Porte
Uriel Porte 2 aylar önce
Real Madrid
Cedric Rostand
Cedric Rostand 2 aylar önce
He have good pass quality
The Unambiguous
The Unambiguous 2 aylar önce
He looks a bit fluffy tbh
Martin Calvo Pereda
Martin Calvo Pereda 2 aylar önce
Wich is that song???????
Chelsea 2 aylar önce
The only best fastest turtle in the universe 😂😂❤❤
Vero Delgado
Vero Delgado 13 gün önce
damn thats fucked up
Mohammad Arif
Mohammad Arif 2 aylar önce
Ninja turtle
La selección española
0%Difficulty 0%injuries 0%French nationality 100%speed
Te G
Te G 2 aylar önce
La seleccion espanola: 100% idiot
La selección española
@you 10 me : 100% you're son
La selección española
@n Las Sorry this was joking my friend
n Las
n Las 2 aylar önce
Him: 100% intelligent 100% tatcital 100% physical 100% French nationality, he was born in Bondy Near Paris. 100% magical 1world cup, 3 championship won and 1 euro U 17 101 goals in his young career... He s almost 20 years old.... You: 100% racist, ignorant and fuckin dumb...
you 10
you 10 2 aylar önce
You : 100% son of a bitch
Alessandra Giunta
Alessandra Giunta 2 aylar önce
Mappe s'è na mera
Jasper Martin
Jasper Martin 2 aylar önce
Doesn't look like he's beating anyone with magic. Just speed and strength
Oliv'n'Roll 2 aylar önce
Protocoles des Sages de Sion / LE SPORT
yoyo lebarje
yoyo lebarje 2 aylar önce
César du pain et des jeux lol
Tamudazo 2 aylar önce
golden boy 😪
minhaj ahmed
minhaj ahmed 2 aylar önce
Odegaard feeding him in future. Should be fun to watch
bArraxas 2 aylar önce
Sans rire c’est une croute
Brovs Prankster
Brovs Prankster 2 aylar önce
It’s difficult for kylian MBAPPE to shoot high shots
Frank Gallagher
Frank Gallagher 2 aylar önce
not so good. Ego in front of football
Rebar Amin
Rebar Amin 2 aylar önce
My favorit players MESSI MBAPPE
Chris Mascarenhas
Chris Mascarenhas 2 aylar önce
Great and all that but I don’t think turtles r allowed in football
stoicien31 2 aylar önce
Dude is a created player
Nok Gage
Nok Gage 2 aylar önce
he is very underrated this video
Max LAGRAVE 2 aylar önce
Fière d être parisien mais surtout fière d être français ligue des champions pour PSG cette année avec l art et la manière nous sommes prêt et complet
P ROB 2 aylar önce
At times he looks unplayable. Unplayable is 5 levels above world class..
Valerie Celine
Valerie Celine 2 aylar önce
12345rozenal 2 aylar önce
I dont know what is so special about him...
you 10
you 10 6 gün önce
Hes better than penaldo 21y
radieschen Aylar önce
Mbappe 30 games in Champions league 19 goals and 12 assist.
Stoopid 2 aylar önce
12345rozenal positioning, great passes, outstanding technique, scores in various ways all the time, great finishing, consistent. All this only 21 years old
10,000 subscribers with no video's?
Why is the thumbnail so badly photoshopped?
fxgg 2 aylar önce
After of Ronaldinho the soccer is boring and cold
david reutz
david reutz 2 aylar önce
Reminds me of a combination of the best of both Thierry Henry and Brazilian legend Ronaldo.
Bradley Owusu
Bradley Owusu 2 aylar önce
@Dao Originator Celestial Thearch Brazilian Ronaldo was a much more complete player and he didnt rely on his raw pace as much
Dao Originator Celestial Thearch
That's bullshit.. owen+henry maybe..
S M 2 aylar önce
Was jus thinking tht
shiv kumar
shiv kumar 2 aylar önce
this guy is sure the fastest finishr
qT1ify 2 aylar önce
HE do more than messi in 2018/2019/2020 he dont got the Ballon D'or yet what a shame
qT1ify 6 gün önce
@CraftyProFTW Man Barcelona play for Messi he Plays for anyteam is on
CraftyProFTW 2 aylar önce
Lol In what way? He’s a great player but not on Messi’s level