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A woman’s beach vacation takes a dark turn when her obsession with a young mother forces her to confront the secrets of her past. Directed & Written by Maggie Gyllenhaal the cast includes Olivia Colman, Jessie Buckley, Dakota Johnson, Ed Harris, Peter Sarsgaard, Dagmara Dominczyk & Paul Mescal.

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The Lost Daughter | Official Trailer | Netflix

A woman's quiet seaside vacation takes an unsettling turn when her fixation on a young mother staying at a nearby villa awakens memories from her past.




17 Eki 2021




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Soul Glow
Soul Glow 3 aylar önce
certain actors and actresses.... you begin to trust their choices and know the project is quality without even watching it. olivia is one. Elena Ferrante is the writer who falls in that category. so yea I'm going to watch this.
Soul Glow
Soul Glow 3 gün önce
@Dean Samchester all due respect, please keep your theory to yourself.
Dean Samchester
Dean Samchester 3 gün önce
Bless her but I gotta say, if you love your children please don't watch netflix originals. 90% of it is trying to indoctrinate us with sexual taboos, racism, witchcraft, pedophilia, and much more. God is still God. Innocence is still golden. They are coming after your childrens innocent minds...
Soul Glow
Soul Glow 10 gün önce
@H L I'm not running a focus group, but what I've picked up on is the film is resonating with people who have 1) read the book and or 2) are the primary caretaker of children (past or present). you asked what it has to do with it? in my comment to you I hinted at why I was asking. it may be a film for specific audiences.
Golf Fanatic
Golf Fanatic 10 gün önce
@H L You're the one that put "zzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz"s in your comment, not me. That implies you were bored and fell asleep, am I right? Or does that mean something different in NZ?
H L 10 gün önce
@Soul Glow whats having children and reading the book got to do with watching this movie. My answer is yes to having kids.
Rob Brown
Rob Brown 3 aylar önce
Anyone who casts Olivia Colman knows that you can't go wrong with Olivia Colman 🏆
AngelWings 10 gün önce
@Isabel Gandarillas I agree. I’ve seen many films in my 62 years including many foreign films - this movie had potential but the ending was especially just plain stupid.
AngelWings 10 gün önce
But it did go wrong. But not because of Olivia. The ending was f-ing stupid.
Kelly acer
Kelly acer 12 gün önce
@Golf Fanatic you could be right mate. I have every Intention of watching when I get atleast 5 minutes to myself. The trailer looks good.
Golf Fanatic
Golf Fanatic 13 gün önce
@Kelly acer Interesting how the official critics were very positive about the movie - Rotten Tomatoes - 96% and Metacrtic - 86% but casual viewers ripped it apart. I think a lot of that was on the touchy topic of poor parenting and how it didn't resonate with viewers.
Kelly acer
Kelly acer 13 gün önce
Dunno so much this has a terrible write up in netflix recommendations
Maliha 2 aylar önce
It feels so great to witness this part of Olivia's career after all the hard work that she has done for years. Much of it flying under most people's radar. She deserves the world!
Marley Luna
Marley Luna 16 gün önce
@Gabriella Gelir almost half of actors out their is as good at their job as the famous ones or✨ talented✨, whatever that means, the system is rigid, the bird who is early, pretty, hungry and lucky gets the worm. She is amazing but not anymore special than others, other people juggle for 10 or 20 years.
Chris dev
Chris dev 28 gün önce
Well said.
Drabee Aylar önce
@Gabriella Gelir is the past 6 years a short time?
Nishant Katoch
Nishant Katoch Aylar önce
She's finally got the Numberwang prize
Gabriella Gelir
Gabriella Gelir 2 aylar önce
It's almost criminal how long it has taken the industry to start recognizing her immense talent. She's a treasure, indeed.
Charlie Watertown
Charlie Watertown 3 aylar önce
Maggie Gyllenhaal is one of the most underrated artist in the industry working today. She's a fantastic actress, I enjoyed many of her movies she's in. The fact that she branch out her career in becoming a writer and director and her debut so far have been doing great, i'm so proud of her. I hope people will recognise Maggie's talent a lot more just like her brother, Jake
Isabel Gandarillas
Isabel Gandarillas 9 gün önce
Maybe so , but it´s so hard to see
Pink Green Melon
Pink Green Melon 17 gün önce
@Robin Lmao 😂
Shail Aylar önce
@Robin 😂😂😂
bellona6356 Aylar önce
Agreed, she is talented. After watching her in the Secretary, I knew she was something special.
Kimmy Howell
Kimmy Howell Aylar önce
i loved her in the deuce. such an underrated performance
SoundW0RM 3 aylar önce
Best trailer I’ve seen in a long time. Tells you essentially nothing but leaves you so intrigued
Cæcilie 9 gün önce
I am here in the comments to find out that exact reason. Funny you wrote what I needed to know with your comment.
nessi777 13 gün önce
I thought she will be some psycho obsessed with that girl and she will be responsible for her disappearance. Turns out she just stole the doll. It is that foreboding music in the trailer. For example when Ed Harris comes at the bar and says “I saw you there” or something along those lines, it seemed menacing like he knows something about her. Again because of the music. While that scene was completely innocent and unimportant. I did laugh at that bar scene in the movie which comes after it, when she comes seductively to him and tells him in Italian “Bello gioco” (sorry about the spelling) and then gets embarrassed and runs away. There were some scenes I enjoyed, but I was expecting a different movie. I expect something bad to happen all the time, that family was always looking at her weird and suspiciously. Maybe it was all in her head, paranoia, who knows.
Live Music
Live Music 16 gün önce
@literelli thanks a lot. I had a feeling from the trailer that this isnt going to be a great movie.
DAVID SCHULDER 17 gün önce
Agreed. And why is this so hard for Hollywood to understand?
Jang Kayser
Jang Kayser 17 gün önce
@Raising Alex it is. And very negative. A 48 year old woman that steels a little girl‘s doll…welcome 2021. Crap time…😂 But indeed boring, boring…
Ella L.
Ella L. 3 aylar önce
I see Olivia Colman, I click. She's great! Also loved everything she's been in so far!
callmecatalyst 25 gün önce
I see Jesse Buckley, I click.
Jason and Lynne Chambers
Ha ha! What a funny comment, cause you know you have only seen her in a couple of things.
nada Gabri
nada Gabri 3 aylar önce
She was a Fab queen
Ella L.
Ella L. 3 aylar önce
@king igz No, I haven't; thanks for the suggestion! I guess, I should've been more precise - she's been great in everything I have watched from her so far ☺
king igz
king igz 3 aylar önce
You’ve seen her in Peep Show? Early uk tv comedy role, cult classic.
Lilly Kovacs
Lilly Kovacs 20 gün önce
This movie is relatable, appealing, the attention to detail, feelings and the understanding of the world of what some women live in and how things like this happen in life is absolutely astounding, this is definitely now in my Netflix top 3
George Sedeno
George Sedeno 13 gün önce
@Lilly Kovacs...they are just characters that are relatable to you Asia. I tell the truth about their characterization. She's horny through the entire movie. "She", is the lost daughter.
Lilly Kovacs
Lilly Kovacs 13 gün önce
@George Sedeno I’ve replied quite a long time ago to multiple of your response weirdo lol who just “waits” for someone to reply. You sound more deranged than the mother on the film.
George Sedeno
George Sedeno 13 gün önce
@Lilly Kovacs I'm patiently waiting for your reply?
Golf Fanatic
Golf Fanatic 13 gün önce
@nessi777 The sad part is that in many cases it goes beyond mixed feelings. Some parents become abusive towards their kids, retaliating and lashing out in the only way they know how (e.g., throwing the doll out the window). That's a whole other topic but that's also part of the spectrum being explored here.
nessi777 13 gün önce
@Golf Fanatic But some do regret it, I’ve seen some commenting about it. I think those people just stop complaining and push through for the sake of the kids. I mean imagine you are a child and you know your mother regrets having you. Children can be overwhelming and I understand people get mixed feelings about having them, it is normal, I just don’t think they should make them public because it could be hurtful to their kids.
MateoPapiChulo 2 aylar önce
It's interesting how some people are beginning to say that Olivia Colman is becoming "Overrated." I highly disagree. In my opinion, she's becoming one of the best actresses working in the business. She struggled on and off for nearly 20 years until she finally got her big break. For the past few years, I'm happy that she's been getting some great quality roles, and I hope it continues.
alan james wood
alan james wood 12 gün önce
I Just think of Sophie in peep show everytime I see her. She was class in that also.
nessi777 13 gün önce
@Wes & TKP 66-02 Yeah, I think she did pretty well in the UK, I don’t think she was struggling. It is only that she got her big breakthrough in Hollywood in last few years. She will always be Sophie from Peep Show to me. But I remember watching her in many British comedies.
Wes & TKP 66-02
Wes & TKP 66-02 17 gün önce
Colman was best known for roles in The Office and Mitchell & Webb’s shows (among others) before a terrific dramatic turn in Tyrannosaur. Not sure what someone thinks her big break was; she’s been killing it for some time now.
Final del juego
Final del juego 18 gün önce
She is BRILLIANT. What she did in the Favourite, and in this movie is outstanding.
McAllister Pulswaithe
McAllister Pulswaithe 18 gün önce
I’d give her a cabbage roll.
Darien Golden
Darien Golden 3 aylar önce
This is what I call a trailer. The cast is introduced well but I still know nothing much of the story.
Brian Sennett
Brian Sennett 7 gün önce
“The Lost Daughter. I thought it was about someone who lost a daughter due to death or ? Nope, it was about a woman who had two daughters and she just wasn’t maternal and so on. One of the reviews about this movie captured the film perfectly, “A maternal truth: some women don’t love their children as society thinks they should.”. And they’re right. I never thought of it that way either. I as child had a misconception of what a mothers love is supposed to be because of tv shows, etc., but it isn’t always that way. It is a very uncomfortable movie. Maternal abandonment.” - L. S.
Wes & TKP 66-02
Wes & TKP 66-02 17 gün önce
@lukasWalli89 That’s pretty much the story. *spoiler* Dakota isn’t Colman’s daughter by the end. Her two daughters were together on the phone and far from Greece. Remember that film Broken Flowers? That was a far more interesting film. Watch that instead.
Diamond Label Films
Diamond Label Films 20 gün önce
Oh just wait until you watch it. You'll still know nothing about the story until the last 30 min. Waste of 2 hours.
Angela&Rodrigo 20 gün önce
I just watched. What a waste of time Garbage
S Hawk
S Hawk 21 gün önce
I think Olivia will end up being Dakota mother in this
Gloria 2 aylar önce
This actress Olivia Colman, is absolutely outstanding in any roll cast for her! She is remarkable she always picks movies that move her it's masterful!!
Oppothumbs M
Oppothumbs M 9 gün önce
@spectral muffin Yeah the movie bores as it moves along at a snail's pace. The only way to stop pretentious lovers of this movie is to talk pretentiously about the movie. It's not enough to say it's aggravatingly boring and too detailed a performance by the now and always magnificent Olivia Colman (so much more unbearable than Dame Judith Dench) is not going to stop a movie that inspects itself and it's subject too closely.
spectral muffin
spectral muffin 18 gün önce
Stop being pretentious the movie is straight up bad.
S. L.
S. L. 16 gün önce
A solid cast. Olivia Colman is a great actress who always injects a healthy dose of humanity in whatever roles she's in. Love her.
Oppothumbs M
Oppothumbs M 9 gün önce
I saw you at the beach today. I didn't see you. I saw you. There was a movie that wasn't there it wasnt there again today I wish I wish it would go away.
Nathanael Reyes
Nathanael Reyes 3 aylar önce
This movie is gonna be something special. Love how the trailer is edited.
Golf Fanatic
Golf Fanatic 8 gün önce
@Oppothumbs M That was a critique? Sunburn, peeling skin, lotion? If you don't like Coleman, don't watch her movies.
Oppothumbs M
Oppothumbs M 8 gün önce
@Golf Fanatic The peeling back was slow and painful like very sunburned skin. Wonder why she spend a lot of time in the sun yet only got red on her chest . Maybe it should have been on her belly so to drive home the point of the Lost Daughter. Suntan lotion was rare in the time of covid. It's just an indictment of one movie not of psychological dramas. I like flashbacks as they helped explain more and moved the movie; anyway to get more time away from Coleman herself.
Golf Fanatic
Golf Fanatic 9 gün önce
@Michael Miller This is a psychological drama, not an Indiana Jones adventure. What do you expect the pace was going to be like. More and more of the character's history was being peeled back through the use of flashbacks - not everybody likes that approach but how else are we going to learn what she's going through and why she does what she does in the last third of the movie. If that's not your cup of tea, why watch it?
Michael Miller
Michael Miller 9 gün önce
@Wes & TKP 66-02 Yeah Pace is the issue. Nice analogy comparing it to The Iceman Cometh. The Ice Cream cone melteths and not in Good Humor, Man.
Michael Miller
Michael Miller 9 gün önce
@Golf Fanatic The movie gives away so much .. how can you watch this boring claustrophobic "thing" (I guess that is the point of the movie to make us feel that confined?) and then read the book.
James and the Frames
James and the Frames 3 aylar önce
Saw this one at SDIFF... it's a fantastic debut from Maggie Gyllenhaal and the performances are top tier. A slow burn, intriguing thriller!
Oppothumbs M
Oppothumbs M 9 gün önce
It's a very well intentioned boring movie that hints repeatedly at what we already suspect is coming due (no pun intended). So much grandeous detail and elegence is wasted on a vital topic as the movie tries to radiate life but it is just another victim of Covid. It thinks it's subtle and great film making but the movie never moves you as it is caught up in loving itself. Some moms were not meant to be moms. But a much more interesting less claustrophic script is required though I guess it was going for a Kafkaeques feel. I guess eveyone will say I'm missing out on this wonderful movie . Oliva Coleman gives an all too exacting performance which is undone by a monotonous plot that slowly boils like a frog in hot water. It starts out interesting but after a while one can't wait for the movie to end. We don't like Oliva's character not because she's full of human fraility but because neither she nor the movie is just not that good. I'm kidding of course. great movie!
D. R.
D. R. 26 gün önce
It’s hard watching Olivia so serious and stressed when you’re used to hearing her laugh and comedy. If she can stretch this far into someone we don’t even know, it must be incredible.
Mikee Del Rey
Mikee Del Rey 3 aylar önce
Olivia gonna get another Oscar. It's what she deserves
Muni Rajesh
Muni Rajesh 2 gün önce
No definitely for Stewart for Spencer
Carl Borman
Carl Borman 14 gün önce
Oscar's will not even exist soon. And who cares
We want answers Now
We want answers Now 22 gün önce
Oscars aren’t determined by good acting but by who the higher ups choose. There are many deserving of one but the higher ups don’t hand them out unless they personally like you.
Tajma Cameron
Tajma Cameron Gün önce
Thought-provoking and honest film. I loved it and Olivia Colman's and Dakota Johnson's performances were amazing.
Narimene ISSAAD
Narimene ISSAAD 3 aylar önce
This movie didn't tell me shit about what's gonna happen in the movie and that's exactly why i'll be watching it !
Oppothumbs M
Oppothumbs M 9 gün önce
You''ll be sorry you went back in the water. I guess it doesn't give itself away but the point of the movie is given away half way though and then it's so smug about itself. Only smug terminology by me can describe that hell.
Wes & TKP 66-02
Wes & TKP 66-02 17 gün önce
@Tim W There is no twist. Anyone saying so is a liar.
Susan Knowles
Susan Knowles Aylar önce
Normal people was great
Twinkle Toes
Twinkle Toes 2 aylar önce
@iAhmed1401 is this based upon a book??
iAhmed1401 2 aylar önce
Big spoiler in the trailer
CutZy McCall
CutZy McCall Aylar önce
I loved this novel, and all of Ferrante's others. I can't imagine how this could be made into a film. But I can't wait to see it! Plus, what a cast!!!
Simona Sabová
Simona Sabová 11 gün önce
@Elizabeth K I think you are mistaken. My brilliant friend series on HBO is based on four book series but The Lost Daughter is not one of them - The story of a lost child is the correct one. The Lost Daughter is one of Ferrante's first books and as for the series - they are actually working on a new season - it should come out this February :)
Ronique Breaux Jordan
Based on a novel?? Ok!!!
Elizabeth K
Elizabeth K Aylar önce
@Shady Queens so welcome. You are in for a treat. It felt like your imagination came to life watching it. I’m not sure if it finished it bc pandemic but it’s really so good. By HBO doing it, I mean an Italian director/actors/production/etc did it and HBO bought rights to show it I believe. I’m going to watch again today 😍☺️
Shady Queens
Shady Queens Aylar önce
@Elizabeth K I had no idea HBO had done a series. I just looked up the trailers. I will definitely watch it. Thanks for telling me about it. I can't wait!
Elizabeth K
Elizabeth K Aylar önce
@Shady Queens same. I read through the comments and I was getting desperate bc no one was saying this. Did you see the Italian version of the show? It was on HBO and really lovely (in my opinion). To take the third book and cherry pick out of the entire lineup of the series does a disservice to the enormity and perfection of the other books and their story. And then to just fill it with random not culturally appropriate actors. I love Elena Ferrante so I’m going to see this but man I am already going in with that lump of disappointment in my throat. What else did they alter for convenience sake? It’s such a beautiful story 😭
Emilio Trejo
Emilio Trejo 2 aylar önce
I saw these a couple of weeks ago and is just heartbroken and at the same time heartbreaking, love these, Maggie Gyllenhaal is really talented
Dariusus 13 gün önce
If you consider this aberration "talent" then you're probably highly untalented
Dariusus 13 gün önce
@We want answers Now nothing.
Liara I'Sorry
Liara I'Sorry 15 gün önce
Oh no. I'm only halfway through and everything's fine so far. Maybe I stop here.
We want answers Now
We want answers Now 22 gün önce
What’s it about
petrina clark
petrina clark 2 aylar önce
I read the book of this… Elena has a brutally honest writing style that I have found confronting, but not in a bad sense… if anyone saw ‘My Brilliant Friend’ which was made in (her native) Italy into a series, this follows those same girls in their later lives. MBF on screen was excellent and this made me pursue reading her other books. I will be seeing this one, though adapted to English, the cast and director should do it justice, but I believe some may find this a difficult watch. P
Ronique Breaux Jordan
Go ahead..spoiler alert it..
petrina clark
petrina clark Aylar önce
@Veronica Turtle Heart I’m very glad you’ve liked it as much as I did… happy to help 😁
Veronica Turtle Heart
Thanks for recommending the My Brilliant Friend series. I’m enjoying it so much that I finally had to come back here and find your comment to tell you thanks. Also found some of her books on z- library
petrina clark
petrina clark 2 aylar önce
@Elena Jtc no Elena… I’m very sorry I mistakenly thought this was the movie another of her novels ‘The Story of the lost Child’ which you probably know was the last one of the books by Lenu…. I will have to fix the comment.
Elena Jtc
Elena Jtc 2 aylar önce
waittt this is connected to Mia Amica geniale?
the vagabond tribune
the vagabond tribune 3 aylar önce
This looks AMAZING! I love, love, love Olivia Coleman; everything she does is brilliant.
Anyone who casts Olivia Colman knows that you can't go wrong with Olivia Colman 🏆
Karen Jiménez H
Karen Jiménez H 3 aylar önce
I can't wait to see the movie. Love the editing and music of this trailer. All the actresses look fantastic. I'm dying to see Dakota as Nina
will end
will end Aylar önce
Paul Mescal is such an amazing actor, I'm glad he keeps getting roles in great projects like this one. Can't wait to watch the movie.
قناة الرعب The horror
Lola4u Gün önce
Can we all just give a nod to the one & only Roberta Flack. Her song in the most telling part of this film, while Leda is cutting the orange, is perfection.
rajibdavid 20 gün önce
Loved it, it shows the reality of motherhood for many women. Amazing performances. I was captivated from start to finish.
Greer Johnston
Greer Johnston Aylar önce
Elena Ferrante's book, an honest but usually unexpressed view of the crushing responsibility of motherhood, interpreted by a shrewd female director and a talented cast. I expect this film will be wonderful. The novel is short, well worth reading before watching.
Greer Johnston
Greer Johnston 16 gün önce
@80s Gal I agree, the movie was depressing, but I think it would have been less so if the director had followed the novel more closely. Leda isn't dying and she left her daughters because she simply found motherhood burdensome and unfulfilling, especially compared to her academic career, where her unique mind was valued rather than her ability to mindlessly tend to other people's domestic needs. Leda left her daughters in their father's care so she could have her life back, the kind of life her academic husband was free to enjoy because he was a man. He was outraged when she shunted the children back on him and immediately defaulted to dumping them on Leda's mother. Does this make him an unnatural father or a fairly typical father? In hindsight, if Leda had any regrets, they were getting married and becoming pregnant in the first place. The crushing responsibility of motherhood is a constant theme in Ferrante's writing. I think the message she wants her young female readers to consider is that motherhood can be the worst thing that can happen to many of us. It limits other aspects of our lives and restricts our ability to contribute to society in more useful and personally fulfilling ways. Biology doesn't automatically suffuse everyone with tender feelings for their kids. Ferrante wants young women to be aware of this possibility and not fall into parenthood simply because we're pressured to have kids by our husbands, family and society in general. The film was good, but not as true to this point as I'd hoped it would be. The director chose to portray Leda's departure as a result of a new romance. In the book, she left because she was just sick of motherhood. She loved the time she had to herself and returned only out of a sense of obligation and guilt. I guess Maggie Gyllenhaal thought that message was just too stark and subversive for an American audience to contemplate. With eight billion people on the planet, it's high time more of us considered opting out.
80s Gal
80s Gal 17 gün önce
Also both women were/are raising their children pretty much on their own. That makes the responsibility even more overwhelming. Leda said she is an unnatural mother. Even natural dedicated moms can feel overwhelmed. I haven't read the novel, but I also get the sense Leda may be dying. I feel the combination of her illness (if she is indeed sick) and watching Nina w her daughter made Leda feel shameful and regretful over abandoning her daughters. This movie was depressing.
jabrown1978 3 aylar önce
Olivia? I'm in. And thank you, trailer folks, for leaving me thoroughly bewildered and bewitched by the trailer. Exactly what a trailer should be for a film of this sort, not tell the story from start to finish.
Canon 19 gün önce
Whoever did this Trailer … thank you for giving us the suspense, telling us a bit without it all & left many future viewers drawn in. This is how you do it!
Anagha Tiwari
Anagha Tiwari 3 aylar önce
'children are crushing responsibility' - 100% agreed. I wish I never ever die under this burden of responsibility
Robert B
Robert B 5 gün önce
@Sitcom Christian it’s a shame that the only way you could become engaged with your life was to have children. There is so much more to life and in this era of climate change and global warming it’s an even more selfish act. I am so sorry for you.
Mark Robertson
Mark Robertson 17 gün önce
@Jessica Bueno "Your children are not your children They are the sons and daughters of life longing for itself They come through you but not from you And though they are with you yet they belong not to you. You may give them your love but not your thoughts For they have their own thoughts You may house their bodies but not their souls For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow Which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams You may strive to be like them But seek not to make them like you For life goes not backward, nor tarries with yesterday You are the bows from which your children As living arrows are sent forth The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite And he bends you with his might That his arrows may go swift and far Let your bending in the archer's hand be for gladness For even as he loves the arrow that flies So he loves also the bow that is stable." Kahlil Gibran
MsGrumpyPants 17 gün önce
@Jessica Bueno @Jessica Bueno after reading TOO MUCH nonsense in several comment sections on several different social media platforms and losing hope in humanity, I kinda thought well, it can't get any worse than this. Thank you for proving me wrong. Don't shame other women because they don't want to have kids. That is not your right. Nothing gives you that right. Crawl back under the stone you came out from again.
Bibble 19 gün önce
Some people are not meant to have kids and that is perfectly normal. What's important is to identify that at an early age (early 20s) so you can live a fulfilling life for yourself and family. Don't get pressured to have kids. You not only ruins your life but also your kids'.
Jessica Bueno
Jessica Bueno 19 gün önce
@Anagha Tiwari then you should dedicate your life to working yourself to a point where you are no longer oppressed by India
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy 3 aylar önce
Maggie Gyllenhaal has directed a movie? More power to her. Looks brilliant! (Also, it’s an adaptation from a book which I love)
Cal V Thomas
Cal V Thomas 2 aylar önce
Any trailer that has stringed instruments playing in the background as the scenes come across the screen, manages to get my attention every time. You can bet I’m going to watch the movie!
Zribi Rahma
Zribi Rahma 11 gün önce
What's the soundtrack's name please in this trailer?
Estelle A.
Estelle A. 3 aylar önce
I listened to the audiobook a few weeks ago and a lot of it takes place in Olivia Colman’s head so I’m intrigued how Maggie Gyllenhaal has adapted it into a movie.
Roxana A
Roxana A 3 aylar önce
Yes!!! It all happens in Olivia's head so I'm wondering how Maggie adapted it. I imagine she made a good job because she won best screenplay at Venice Film Festival
Winter Garden
Winter Garden 3 aylar önce
Lots of flashbacks, probably.
Namrata Das
Namrata Das 3 aylar önce
Olivia Colman is a goddess. Always love watching her on-screen..she is brilliant in every role she does. Is that Paul Mescal from normal people? and is that Dakota? and the director is Maggie? WOW! I haven't read the book, but definitely looking forward to watch the movie. Ed Harris, Pete Saarsgard!!! amazing cast all in all.
Camila Itzel
Camila Itzel 3 aylar önce
Gretchen Larsen Bish
Gretchen Larsen Bish 3 aylar önce
Yes he is! He is also in Dope Sick Hulu Michael Keaton about Oxycontin, Purdu Pharma. Fascinating and troubling at the same time.
E O' C
E O' C 3 aylar önce
isn't Peter Sarsgard Maggie Gyllenhal's husband ?
bippityboppity bitch
bippityboppity bitch 3 aylar önce
WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT CONNELL FROM NORMAL PEOPLE AHHHH Im so happy he's getting more attention and opportunities
Maliha 2 aylar önce
@Emma Bennet It's probably because 2020 feels like it was either 15 years ago or just a few months back.
Caffeinated Nation
Caffeinated Nation 3 aylar önce
I came looking for this comment!!!!! 🔥
Camila Itzel
Camila Itzel 3 aylar önce
Love him !
Didhiti Anam
Didhiti Anam 3 aylar önce
yeah yesss I was bout to comment that
Gennifer Burgos
Gennifer Burgos 3 aylar önce
Rashmi Gupta
Rashmi Gupta Aylar önce
Just like a trailer should be, shows enough to want more. and the women here, front and back of the camera, are AMAZING!
i can watch olivia doing anything and i just love it XD what a woman!! the whole cast looks amazing
Slamma Jamma
Slamma Jamma 3 aylar önce
Maggie Gyllenhaal & Olivia Colman working together. It is a gift, pure and simple.
Kate McGill
Kate McGill 3 aylar önce
new year's eve?!?! but that's so far away 😭
Dani McMahon
Dani McMahon 23 gün önce
It's finally almost here! 😃
Hannah Welch
Hannah Welch 2 aylar önce
I feel like just yesterday was March so NYE for me doesn’t seem far away at all 😅
Katarina Ramos
Katarina Ramos 3 aylar önce
You think that but in a blink of an eye time will pass.
606 606
606 606 5 gün önce
Amazing to think that in Maggie Gyllenhaals directorial debut she delivers an absolute Masterpiece!! What a movie.
Samantha Powers
Samantha Powers 3 aylar önce
The moment I saw Elana Ferrante, I know it’s a masterpiece.
Indigo Wolf
Indigo Wolf 2 aylar önce
Looks like an amazing movie. There's now three movies on Netflix that I have to see. Glad there are some great movies finally on Netflix worth watching. This looks like a great thriller
joko7038 19 gün önce
Its not a thriller, and its alot crying kids and a old woman who swims in selfpitty. And i 2 wonder what are the orher 2 good movies?
Joey Tang
Joey Tang Aylar önce
Just out of curiosity, what are the other 2?
shapeshifta85 Aylar önce
Maggie Gyllenhaal is an artist of many talents, glad to see director becoming of one them!
Glori Das
Glori Das 3 aylar önce
Everyone has said almost everything I want to say-except for the music! The music sounds so good! Can’t wait for this film; won’t be surprised if it’s an Oscar hit.
king igz
king igz 3 aylar önce
Peep Show ➡️ The Favourite ➡️ The Oscars ➡️ The Crown ➡️ This. Everything Olivia Coleman does is solid gold 🥇
Susan Knowles
Susan Knowles Aylar önce
not forgetting Fleabag.
barfyman362 3 aylar önce
Been a fan of Olivia Coleman since Broadchurch and The Peep Show. Brilliant actress. Glad to see how far she's come.
Ihatemyself 3 aylar önce
First our friend, now this - Dakota should also get big recognitions.
DoAndroidsDream 3 aylar önce
She is so great!
Dpk 3 aylar önce
@Nougan Tanker Yaah Peanut Butter Falcon 👏👏
trisha 3 aylar önce
truee she needs more recognition
Nougan Tanker
Nougan Tanker 3 aylar önce
I love her in The Peanut Butter Falcon.
Garland5 3 aylar önce
Wow, that's an impressive trailer. I'm psyched for this. Great cast.
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy 3 aylar önce
We all need a bit of Olivia Colman fabulousness to inspire us. ❤️
theylied1776 3 aylar önce
This type of movie used to be made by large movie studios in the late 1970s - 1980s. But with all of the consolidation of movie studios, these movies became few and far between. If it weren't for streaming, psychological thrillers would only be made for TV projects.
theylied1776 19 gün önce
@Bibble okay, if you say so??
Bibble 19 gün önce
@angellover02171 Marvel and DC are overrated as hell but I haven't seen a movie this awful with high-budget actors in a long time. How they got approved by Netflix is beyond me.
Bibble 19 gün önce
Many good psychological thrillers out there like Nocturnal Animals, Gone Girl, Greta, Fractured, but this shit movie doesn't compare.
angellover02171 2 aylar önce
@RonW357 people who hate marvel movies shouldn't support them. They should stop complaining and watch some art. If you don't like art go watch Marvel movies. We are living though a golden age of content so go find what you really like.
RonW357 2 aylar önce
@angellover02171 Why? Most are horribly shot, have bad writing, and are shot on home video cameras. No thanks.
jeremy 0 1 1
jeremy 0 1 1 3 aylar önce
Olivia Colman is THE MOMENT!
T Mackie
T Mackie 3 aylar önce
OMG looks fantastic! A huge thumbs up to see the amazing Maggie Gyllenhaal directing!
originaozz 3 aylar önce
Olivia Colman and Jessie Buckley gave of a totally different vibes so it'll be interesting to see them playing the same character.
Linda Harris
Linda Harris 27 gün önce
Oh Yes! We've desired a movie to intrigue and stir the mind; from this trailer itself, a cast and crew coming together like this one, looking forward to watching this movie.
kurozke 3 aylar önce
I don't understand the trailer and I love that. Cause it means there's no spoilers.
Angela&Rodrigo 20 gün önce
Cast is great and that's all the positive about this film for me sorry.
Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot
@Dan Svektu I think the other woman is the younger version of her.
Dan Svektu
Dan Svektu 3 aylar önce
clearly she abandoned her daughters wheb they were kids, the daughters? dakota and the other woman. She must have some memory loss
Meka 1991
Meka 1991 3 aylar önce
I'm glad I'm not the only person who didn't understand trailer
maya jama
maya jama 3 aylar önce
This book is by Elena Ferrante who also wrote one of my favourite shows 'My Brilliant Friend' really excited to watch this!
Lisa Love
Lisa Love 3 aylar önce
Love Elena and my Brilliant Friend. Read all four books and she amazing.
Venus A
Venus A 3 aylar önce
This movie seems like is going to shatter my heart and make me cry endlessly
Elizabeth K
Elizabeth K Aylar önce
If you think that then read the book series it’s based on. It’s so intelligent, gutsy, real, poetic and layered in sssuch a beautiful way
C D 2 aylar önce
I can’t wait for it n yes I think we will b crying
Thomas Campbell
Thomas Campbell 3 aylar önce
Well there's an endorsement.... sign me up for THAT.
Tony Fisher
Tony Fisher 3 aylar önce
Looks crap to me.
Σαπφω Θωιδου
OMG! Masterpiece! The direction, the cast, the music, a must see! I am looking forward! 😍💖💖💖💖
DegrassiInstantStar 2 aylar önce
I have no idea what this film is going to be about, and I am completely here for it. So excited to see this one!!! Brilliantly done.
Charlie Watertown
Charlie Watertown 3 aylar önce
This movie seems to have Oscar nominations written all over it especially for Maggie Gyllenhaal's writing and directing
Ian Volkov
Ian Volkov 2 aylar önce
Saw this at the London Film Festival. Put simply, it's a masterpiece.
I love, LOVE
I love, LOVE 6 gün önce
I don’t get it?, what’s it about?
B H 20 gün önce
@Tyler Goodwin whats is about? Why?
Tyler Goodwin
Tyler Goodwin 20 gün önce
This movie was absolute trash ..
SPIDER LILIEZ 3 aylar önce
The fact that Maggie Gyllenhaal wrote and directed this makes me so excited to see it!
hi hello
hi hello Aylar önce
Best Feature, Best Lead Role, Best Breakthrough Director, Best Screenplay
Albert Sirit
Albert Sirit Aylar önce
Este Film le dará la tercera Nominación al Oscars para la gran Olivia Colman 💜💜
Gossip Girl
Gossip Girl 3 aylar önce
the cast is everything.
Cadu 3 aylar önce
look at the desperation in the dakota's eyes in 1:38, it doesn't even look like acting, she's amazing and need to be really recognized
5jwiq Iojwio21
5jwiq Iojwio21 Aylar önce
truly, good catch
Emmanuel Okoronkwo
Emmanuel Okoronkwo 3 aylar önce
I agree
Eily Bergin
Eily Bergin 2 aylar önce
Dakota Johnson looks totally different in every movie she does!
dina 2 aylar önce
i love the fact they didnt spoil anything, so excited to see this movie😩
Mary 3 aylar önce
A movie set in Greece with a great cast say no more! 👍🇬🇷
SEA BASS 3 aylar önce
This looks absolutely brilliant!
Dead Head
Dead Head 18 gün önce
Can we just mention the two other actresses also Jessie Buckley and dakota Johnson, to think Jessie was a runner up on a TV talent show astounds me to this day , and its a credit to Johnson for not being typecast after the 50 shades shite and prove her worth as a seriously good actress 👍
AT1987 2 aylar önce
Can’t believe Netflix finally has what appears to be a decent movie.
CutZy McCall
CutZy McCall Aylar önce
How about “Passing” and “Bruised” - two more recent masterpieces. You just gotta look. And I wish everyone would watch “The Good Bandit” out of Colombia. One of the funniest series of all time, and touching, too. Yet another Netflix jewel.
Atashi Wa
Atashi Wa 2 aylar önce
@AT1987 True, most of their movies are boring generic action/teen romcom most of the time, but they already did some very good/decent movies, unlike you mean.
AT1987 2 aylar önce
@Atashi Wa Netflix is notorious for their awful movies.
Atashi Wa
Atashi Wa 2 aylar önce
You probably just watch the shitty movies to say finally.
Ms. Par
Ms. Par 3 aylar önce
So excited about this one. Can't wait.❤️
Maria Bouloukaki
Maria Bouloukaki 3 aylar önce
Elena Ferrante. One of my favourite writers. If you haven't already, please read "my brilliant friend" which is the first part of a beautiful story ending with this one.. "the lost daughter" ❤️❤️❤️
Simona Sabová
Simona Sabová 11 gün önce
The Lost Daughter is not part of My brilliant friend series - The Story of the Lost Child is the one.
chalkie meme
chalkie meme Aylar önce
I want to see it NOW, this looks amazing.
John C
John C 3 aylar önce
Olivia is a rockstar, one of the best actresses alive
Silfverr 21 gün önce
Olivia Colman is in everything this year - and I'm not complaining.
M Hyatt
M Hyatt 3 aylar önce
Love it!!! Can't wait to watch it!!! thanks for this masterpiece.
elliest 55
elliest 55 2 aylar önce
The bad thing about great film trailers is that they make you want to watch the film RIGHT NOW. Damn, I hate having to wait! At least with Netflix releases the wait is not as long
angellover02171 2 aylar önce
@000 000 the dune trailer came out a year before the movie.
000 000
000 000 2 aylar önce
It is long, more than 2 months!!! Its too much
Jungslotus 20 gün önce
I came for Dakota but Ms. Colman gave such a beautiful performance I’m looking forward to seeing her other works wow!
Linda Case
Linda Case 2 aylar önce
60 seconds into the trailer and I can tell I'm going to LOVE THIS MOVIE! And, it got an excellent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Bye, don't talk to me for the next 2 hours :)
I love, LOVE
I love, LOVE 6 gün önce
What is the premise of this movie??!
MundoJuanci 3 aylar önce
Olivia keeps winning and winning, can't wait to watch this
Madison Smith
Madison Smith 15 gün önce
(This review contains spoilers) Maybe this movie went completely over my head so I'd love to hear someone else's explanation of it. But from my understanding this movie was about a horribly selfish woman who has an obsession with a young mother and her daughter because she reminds her of herself as a young mom. The stalker behavior was strange but believable given that she found motherhood challenging and this young woman brought back those memories for her. However, THEN she goes on to steal the child's doll which absolutely reeks havoc on this poor family because the child had a severe attachment to it. The woman with the daughter continuously confides in this older woman the difficulties the lost doll has caused (she's been getting no sleep, her daughter has become extra clingy etc.) And the older women listens but does not return the doll. Like wth? Furthermore, she's very uptight and just plain unlikable. Maintains intense eye contact without blinking, a more serious demeanor and I am not convinced she isnt mentally ill. Her character was one of those women that should never have had children because she wasn't made to be a mother. The story was in my opinion, a tragedy and I hated her by the end of the film. I feel sorry for her poor daughter's who will grow up with major mommy issues and if I ever got the chance to meet this woman I would tell her to go to therapy. The only good thing about this movie was the acting and I love Dakota Johnson. She's stunning and gorgeous as always. Also would love to know where she got her swimsuit for this film. Please someone explain why anything about this movie was good besides that.
I love, LOVE
I love, LOVE 6 gün önce
Who was Dakota supposed to be playing???????
Christina Z.
Christina Z. Aylar önce
I can't wait for Olivia's second Oscar winning speech.
nawal10 3 aylar önce
O M G!!!! I read all of Elena Ferante's novels except for this one because I was hesitant of the plot! Now I can just watch the movie 🥰🥰🥰🥰! Can't wait for them to also make the movie/show of her book The Lying Lives of Adults!
erika lopez
erika lopez 3 aylar önce
I'll see this movie by Olivia and Jessie, they're incredible.
julian navarrete
julian navarrete 3 aylar önce
I also love their performances, I always wanted a project with them together.
Andres Hernandez
Andres Hernandez 3 aylar önce
I was getting interested and then I saw Ed Harris got me super convinced, damn this is going to be good. Cant wait.
Ernie 3 aylar önce
What a fantastic cast!
Emmanuel F
Emmanuel F 3 aylar önce
It seems to be really good. Can’t wait !
Roxana A
Roxana A 3 aylar önce
Two times academy award winner OLIVIA COLMAN ✨
Panos Karliotis
Panos Karliotis 10 gün önce
one of the very few good movies by Netflix in 2021...saw it yesterday...I liked it...Olivia Colman was marvellous, all the actors were fantastic
pht 1979
pht 1979 Aylar önce
Olivia Colman could read me the phone book and I'd be biting my nails. So good. 🙌🙌🙌
Paul Adorna
Paul Adorna 3 aylar önce
I have watched Olivia for years, everything I mean everything she does is brilliant love her.I want her and Adele to do a movie together.💋💕💕
Petek Demircioğlu Çelebi
Paul Adorna
Paul Adorna 3 aylar önce
@Charlotte Castillo the singer
Eily Bergin
Eily Bergin 3 aylar önce
@Charlotte Castillo THE Adele
Charlotte Castillo
Charlotte Castillo 3 aylar önce
Which Adele?
Camila Andrade
Camila Andrade 3 aylar önce
Dakota Johnson looks fantastic in this!
Roxana A
Roxana A 3 aylar önce
@Oscar Maidana Hope Dakota gets the recognition she deserves 🤞🏻 This week Olivia and Jessie were nominated in the Gotham awards for lead performance and supporting performance respectively
fatin miss
fatin miss 3 aylar önce
At the first time I saw her I didn't even recognize her, she is Dakota Johnson I hope this movie is great 👍
trisha 3 aylar önce
she does
Oscar Maidana
Oscar Maidana 3 aylar önce
I started to ear Oscar Buzz from the 2 leads in here. I supose Dakota and Olivia.
Amartya Chatterjee
Amartya Chatterjee 3 aylar önce
Whenever I see Olivia Colman, the first thing which comes to my mind is DI Alec Hardy shouting in a Scottish accent- M I L L E R, Broadchurch fans, I hope you get this, hahah.
Renee Doucette
Renee Doucette 3 aylar önce
when she was walking with her arms around her back, I got major Miller vibes
Tonja Milan
Tonja Milan 21 gün önce
That little girl sounded like she was genuinely upset either that or she's a great child actress
R A H M A 9 gün önce
This is how you make a trailer. I've watched it fully yet I have no idea what the film is about but I'm so excited to see it.
Eric Cunningham
Eric Cunningham 19 gün önce
There are movies that I know I will never watch, but still garner crazy respect and awe in me. This is one of those movies
mookeychase0907 18 gün önce
Save your 2 hours
Panos Karliotis
Panos Karliotis 10 gün önce
Maggie Gyllenhaal made a very nice directorial debut, hope she directs more films in the future
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