The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - Mr. Aonuma Gameplay Demonstration 

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Get an introduction to Link’s new abilities in this gameplay demonstration of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom presented by series producer, Eiji Aonuma.
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27 Mar 2023




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Who saw the Zelda franchise turning into the best physics simulator game? Not me, but I'm into it
The last 6 years have been an absolute Zelda renaissance and I'm loving every second of it, I hope we get some good old fashioned temples someday though, that's one thing I really miss!
I can't even imagine how speed runs are going to look now. These new abilities are insane
The last game had runes that had very wide applications in the world of the game. Like stasis was for puzzles but it could also be used for combat, etc. I'm excited to see what ridiculous uses we find for all these new tools too.
I love the way they don't change the gameplay too much in compare with botw. 6 years ago they created the best handheld open world RPG game and no one have ever close to match it even until 6 years later. Don't change if it's not broken, but enhance it.
I can hear every other open-world game dev crying bitter tears about how hard it's gonna be to steal that fusion mechanic -R
It’s nice to see a game that focuses on physics and interaction with the world.
I'm astounded at how they've managed to take the foundation of botw and elevate the potential of creativity and curiosity. The amount of love and effort in this title is so clear I'm so excited to see how I can use these abilities!!!
NOOOOOOOOOO! I need it now. There are infinite possibilities. I will never stop playing this. I'm full of excitement like a 3-year-old getting candy for the first time. I cannot wait for TotK to be released. THANK YOU NINTENDO!
never been more excited for a game. this trailer was so well done
I love that the fusion hand ability basically tells us that they saw players making flying machines with boxes and minekarts and went "Write that down! WRITE THAT DOWN!!"
Coming back to this after the final trailer yesterday. I really like fuse and ultrahand as a mechanic. I feel like it's their answer to more tedious and grindy crafting systems in other games. Essentially crafting and making weapons and structures is more on the fly and hands on rather than grinding for materials and sitting in a menu for 30 minutes making what you need. Overall it's really creative and I'm so hyped to try everything I can I'm this game.
Very smart of them to lean into the stylistic sandbox elements of botw. A great team for sure.
I'm so excited. I'm playing through BOTW again. This team is so well put together and reputable. They have been awesome through the years. I'm DEFINITELY getting the collectors edition. ❤️ 🥳
Thank you for Ocarina of Time and all the other Zelda games you made possible. Years of awesome memories
For me the best part of BotW was just wandering around Hyrule. The movement systems combined with all the ways the game rewarded you for thinking "I wonder what's over there" made it one of (if not the) best games I've ever played for exploration, and it looks like TotK kept all of that and then enhanced it.
It doesn't feel real that this game is only a a month and a half away!
my whole life i have been a fan of zelda, now finally i can play another one of nintendos masterpieces, thank you Mr Aonuma.