The Last of Us - Reaction - S1E2 - Infected 

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I guess taking the short way had a hefty toll (ᴗ_ ᴗ。)
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30 Oca 2023




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Kwigs-kun 7 aylar önce
Sam: Not even a kiss goodbye?! Infected: Hold my fungus
Nick van der Linden
Nick van der Linden 7 aylar önce
This had me dead lol
Ryan G
Ryan G 7 aylar önce
broooo 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Someone 7 aylar önce
it really is a parallel
k3n12ock 7 aylar önce
That makes it so much more heartbreaking
Kerr Robinson
Kerr Robinson 7 aylar önce
I’m deceased 💀😂
Michael Webster
Michael Webster 7 aylar önce
Dani grinning the entire clicker sequence was a mood
Richard 7 aylar önce
I was the same watching that scene, this show so far has been delivering so well!
AlastorCorvus 7 aylar önce
That's why she's the best.
Bollekoek Bowling
Bollekoek Bowling 7 aylar önce
Morgan and Sam are going: OH MY GOD WHATTHEF?! And Dani: 😁
Jens 7 aylar önce
The rRAZEr
The rRAZEr 7 aylar önce
The fact that the nice scientist lady suggested bombing instead of the typical military guy doing it shows how hopeless humanity is, damn..
Lalisa T
Lalisa T 7 aylar önce
If you girls didn't know yet, Annie Wersching (VA for Tess in the game) recently passed away at 45 because of cancer. You may know her in others roles like 24, Bosch, Timeless, Runaways, and The Vampire Diaries. RIP 💔
Tahoe Nevada
Tahoe Nevada 7 aylar önce
Basic rule of thumb for the show is that if it doesn’t have Joel and/or Ellie in the scene, it wasn’t shown in the game.
RX 2904
RX 2904 7 aylar önce
Dani straight up grinning like a psychopath during the clicker scene. 😂
Animeke 7 aylar önce
I was the same way lol. Most people who have played the games just enjoy the moment, while those who haven't are nervous AF. It's pretty funny.
FifthOfNovember 7 aylar önce
The first girl asking "If you get bit on a limb, can you cut it off" I'd guess yes since you did see a lot of amputees back at the QZ in episode 1.
Ethen Millard
Ethen Millard 7 aylar önce
I was thinking that at first too, and it still might be the case, but I wonder if maybe that's the punishment lesser crimes within the QZ. Like if you steal or something they take a hand or some fingers.
Praetoras 7 aylar önce
@Ethen Millard I would air more on the side of doing that in emergencies like being bitten. Cutting off limbs as punishment would use up a lot of medical supplies.
FifthOfNovember 7 aylar önce
@Ethen Millard Could be, but I didn’t get that kind of vibe from the QZ. Like I don’t think there is that kind of mafia enforcement going on, at least not from the military’s part.
Shinobi_912 7 aylar önce
And we can see a sign in first episode, the infected kid scene, where it says the time of spreading if you get bite in different parts of your body. Arms was something like 2-3 hours, legs like 24hs (something like that, the further from the head the slower the propagation)
Tyler 7 aylar önce
Okay so we all now know that if we end up getting trapped surrounded by blind zombies with Morgan, we should run as far away from her as possible because she'll gasp and say "oh god" until we are all dead lmfao
Animeke 7 aylar önce
Fungi uses the path of least resistance to reach its desired destination. Since Tess was already infected and wasn't struggling, that's why the infected went through her mouth.
bLuGhOsT 7 aylar önce
21:25 OKAY BUT i feel like it would have been SO much funnier if after the zoom in on Morgan and Sam's stressed out face, the next shot should have been of Dani with her giant ass grin on her face :D
ShadowPhoenix82 7 aylar önce
21:35 lol yeah I agree, right? That was funny though 🤣
Brian Berg
Brian Berg 7 aylar önce
You actually see Tess get bit in the game, but it happens so fast, Joel and Ellie comes in rushing, seeing Tess fighting an effected of her at a door. But if you dont know to look after a bite, most will not notice
Alex 7 aylar önce
Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but you can actually see Tess's blood on the infected from the museum's mouth.
Kelzzz 7 aylar önce
@Alex I’m pretty sure because if u look closely u can see her with blood on the shirt of where she got big also
Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown 7 aylar önce
Fun Fact: This episode was actually directed by Neil Druckmann who was the director of the game. So that's why a lot of the shots Dani noticed were shots from the game. Love you gals' channel.
Jesse 7 aylar önce
31:58 poor Morgan she’s terrified of zombies and it just went up a whole new level😂
Animeke 7 aylar önce
The special infected that were in the museum are way more aggressive than the normal ones, that's what was supposed to be implied during the dead body scene.
DR3AD47 7 aylar önce
I think the fresh dead body at the museum before the Clickers scene implies that non-infected humans are also or much more dangerous. You can tell by the way Ellie said that the wounds are not from the infected.
Loliston 7 aylar önce
@DR3AD47 those scratches aren't from human origin mate, Ellie didn't recognize that damage because that was the first time she saw a Clicker, Clickers are brutal compared to runners
Putrefax 7 aylar önce
The showrunners and creators explain the kiss like this: The fungus doesn't want to kill people, since it needs living people to infect and spread. So the zombies get up in your face to try and shove the tendrils into fresh bodies to spread, and they get violent if you fight back to try and force it. But if you're like Tess and you don't fight back, then the most efficient way to get the tendrils as close to the brain as possible would be through the mouth and into the sinuses.
Xvyolt 7 aylar önce
That first smile from Dani 22:26, just epic lol
PrjctFreelancer 7 aylar önce
For those wondering why that scene with Tess and the infected happened that way, here is some clarification: Craig Mazin (Co-writer of the show) was asked if the sole purpose of the infected is to spread the fungus, why is there a need for them to be violent? His response was, there isn’t. They’re violent because we resist, but what happens when we don’t? What happens when you stand perfectly still and you let them do this to you?
sgtmian 7 aylar önce
i don’t like that, they made it feel rapey.
aaron geraghty
aaron geraghty 7 aylar önce
@sgtmian well it’s not supposed to be exactly nice for a fungus to take over your brain
Pieck 7 aylar önce
@sgtmian I don't know where you expected the fungus to go that's the biggest entry point in her body it's also the closest to the brain so it makes sense lol
Honk 7 aylar önce
They go into detail on the official podcast and make arguments for how that scene relates to some of the core themes of the show but I still think it's bad and should have been cut. One of the reasons I really liked the game was that it had a gritty setting but didn't rely on gratuitous portrayals of sexual assault, whereas in the show it's extremely hard to see the kiss as anything but. "It only kissed her unconsensually because she didn't fight back but if she resisted, THEN it would have gotten violent with her" is not a good argument that it wasn't SA. From the context of world building that's only a half step away from "we decided to explicitly show that the bandits have rape slaves now". I will acknowledge that the show isn't concluded yet, so there's a possibility that they might add more stuff in the future that ends up salvaging this scene, but as of right now I truly doubt that will happen. Another reason why I dislike that scene is much more granular and kind of petty. I have heavy disdain for that overdone horror trope of 'character uses unreliable lighter to sacrifice themselves with an explosion' that we've all seen a million times. I get that the failing lighter is a metaphor for the character's spirit, etc, it's just soooo bland and cliche for a show that has otherwise been very genre savvy. One of the big reasons Tess's death hits so hard in the game is that it's such an ignoble end. It's clearly a suicide-by-cop that ends up being completely futile because fedra catches up to Joel and Ellie anyways, but in the show her heroic sacrifice kills an entire horde of dozens and dozens of infected in a massive blaze of glory. To me, that kind of end for the character just doesn't read true to the setting or the tone of the story.
ShadowPhoenix82 7 aylar önce
I enjoy the whole team's experiences, but I love Dani's energy reacting to this show. She's my favorite, and I thought she'd definitely be someone I'd want on my apocalypse team, until: 12:54 Aww shucks 😭
omnom nomnom
omnom nomnom 4 aylar önce
imagine not knowing what the fu*k is going on and you're like "i know! just find someone who is an expert!" but then even the expert said "idk what to do but the best solution is we must die" watching that scene sent chills down my spine 😭
StevenDC010 7 aylar önce
My favourite thing is just Dani smirking when she knows what's about to happen
Chad Bailey
Chad Bailey 7 aylar önce
You guys give great reaction! Love the energy. Love how invested you all are 😊
Esinach 7 aylar önce
That dead guy they found (to me) was implied that the "helmet heads" did it. They are much more swipey with their arms.
Baimer 55
Baimer 55 7 aylar önce
Can't wait for the next episode 🥲
The Curse One
The Curse One 7 aylar önce
Straight up pain
Mohammad Kallend Effendi
Really disappointed on episode 3 i know it's been a while you're not in love but still I lost my mind
Gleek The Monkey
Gleek The Monkey 7 aylar önce
Hannibal Solo
Hannibal Solo 7 aylar önce
Tahoe Nevada
Tahoe Nevada 7 aylar önce
Episode three will win some Emmy’s for sure.
Jesus Dæmon
Jesus Dæmon 7 aylar önce
The quote "Long range attacks, fuck that." 34:30 Made me genuinely laugh out. The success of The Last Of Us inspired the up coming Tomb Raider live action tv show. I am exited for Sunday, the 4th episode.
The intros for the first two episodes are so insanely well done.
Hannibal Solo
Hannibal Solo 7 aylar önce
Everyone in here impatiently waiting for their next episode reaction
Jens 7 aylar önce
Masterpiece 10/10
Omar Gonzales
Omar Gonzales 7 aylar önce
This 2nd episode was disappointed
JKD Y 7 aylar önce
Where's Parker?
MrP 6 aylar önce
That infected kiss definitely a new scene, I was so confused because in the game it's a different faction that kills Tess not an infected. Definitely made it creepy.
GrayMoe 7 aylar önce
This show has amazing sound design. Everything has been perfect in this show so far: the performances, the VFX, the creature design, etc. But the music and sound design have been unsung heroes.
Why Do I Have Subs
Why Do I Have Subs 7 aylar önce
I wouldn't say the performances have been perfect. Bella struggles to maintain her american accent
MastrRKO 7 aylar önce
My theory about the kiss has been that the fungus had already started to take over tess's body but because the bite was so high it was effecting the brain first. Her last ditch effort while still having control was to light the lighter but she was fighting against the infection (remember a bite that high only takes a few hours) so the fungus was keeping her still to allow the others to finish the full infection tess's last gasp while in control was to take out the horde before losing control. that last try to light was the last thing she was able to do before turning its such a cool mix and also shows infection doesnt have to be violent which is what the directors wanted.
Tristan Anderwelt
Tristan Anderwelt 7 aylar önce
I love this series so much. They did the clickers so damn f***ing awesome! Disturbing and terrifying af! The cinematography, the score, the atmosphere, the emotions ... just perfect! There are so many shots I would love as a picture at my walls. I need the last scene with Ellie at my wall
oddinry 7 aylar önce
I think you mixed up spores and bloaters, bloaters are the infected that throw acidic projectiles. They're not including airborne fungal spores in the show, they had them in some sections of the game where the characters had to wear gas masks. There was a bloater in one of the teaser trailers though
Jaime Arismendi
Jaime Arismendi 7 aylar önce
just a detail, their are not zombies, their are infected. The fungus need the hostage alive, zombies are death people 👍, similar but not the same 😅. love you girls 🥰🤗, keep the great work
Youngeen Eden
Youngeen Eden 7 aylar önce
Late but the zombie “kissed” Tess instead of biting to open her up because she wasn’t running or fighting whatsoever… making it very easy for the infected. If she was fighting it, it would’ve bit her to create an opening to infect her. But with her not fighting it didn’t need to do it went through her mouth opening and out the infection in her to turn her
Fajar Kurniawan
Fajar Kurniawan 7 aylar önce
22:25 Morgan’s gasp is a jumpscare for me 😅
Krew Island
Krew Island 7 aylar önce
Im so excited for season 2 hoping ellie pick her weapon just like in the game a bow and arrow pistol rifle shotgun.
ALBAO, Sherwin T.
ALBAO, Sherwin T. 6 aylar önce
The way of the smile of the middle girl (sorry of not knowing the name I'm new here) is the smile of loving the reaction of her friends to things she already knew hahaha
Press to Skip
Press to Skip 7 aylar önce
The dead guy that ellie found was killed by the helmet heads. Ellie was shocked cause she only knows about the normal zombies who attacked and bit her. She doesnt know about the other mutated zombies like the helmet heads. Joel and tess knows it already thats why they suddenly got worried and told ellie to be silent. The fungus main goal is to spread. So they decided to pass the fungus to an already infected one faster thru the mouth. If tess flinched or gave a little hint of aggression, they will attack and kill her asap. So tess is a real G for not flinching cause she knew she still needs to live long enough to ignite her lighter. But for me she shouldve just use one of those grenades in the floor instead of the lighter.
Arthur 7 aylar önce
Idk if it's just me but it would be cool to see there reactions to the game so they could see like a side by side from show to game per episode. Wether they play it or watch a silent playthrough like a cinematic version of it.
Teyon Alexander
Teyon Alexander 7 aylar önce
Consider that little grass spot she was sleeping on was probably soaking wet since it was raining the night before. More gross than comfortable. Shocked Ellie isn’t covered in mud.
Arctic_Stark 7 aylar önce
It's only now dawning on me how sing-songy Morgan gets every 5 minutes and now I can't unsee it.
Nicole Ray
Nicole Ray 7 aylar önce
Honestly can’t wait for your reactions to the third episode!!! I love this!!!
jesus christ
jesus christ 7 aylar önce
Ellie: what did this Joel & tess: clicker stare
Halcyonic 7 aylar önce
Still so excited you guys decided to cover this series! Thank you so much
The Fourty-year Old Gamer
my theory is that it could sense that she was infected and he was like passing it along to her.. which is why she didn't struggle against it too. horrifying to watch...
Dianne B. Dee
Dianne B. Dee 4 aylar önce
Some background on why the infected guy kissed Tess. According to the showrunners, Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin, the infection can either be violent, or loving. When you resist like Joel, Tess. and Ellie did in the museum, the clickers were violent and wanted to assimilate them. In the State House with Tess, she was already infected and wasn't going to fight. She knew she was done for. According to Mazin the fungus recognized each other and despite Tess still being cognizant of her surroundings and such, she was not running or trying to escape. When the man came up, the tendrils coming out of his mouth wanted to find a like self. Tess had the advanced infection inside and was taking quickly due to where she was bitten and so the two cordyceps were seeking each other. However, just as the last moments of herself remained Tess got the lighter to light and dropped it stopping the hoard from following Joel and Ellie.
Ken Fromchicago
Ken Fromchicago 7 aylar önce
Ellie said the infected didn't attack her "that" way, the way the guy in the basement was killed. That's because there's ANOTHER type of infected. We first saw Runners in episode 1, the ones who are really fast and basically run at their prey. Stalkers hide in the dark and attack prey at opportune times, they sometimes attach to walls or the ground like what Tess saw or the ones at the end who broke free to where Tess was at then end. Clickers are blind and use clicks and echolocation to target prey and move around. That's what attacked Joel in the museum. Will episode 3 show another type? I won't spoil episode 3.
Darion Vogt
Darion Vogt 7 aylar önce
From left to right High Low Medium. the reactions really show the contrast in their personalities.
datz fatz
datz fatz 7 aylar önce
Dani having seen the game and knowing whats going to happen probably is also a factor in how she reacts^^
J De Leon
J De Leon 7 aylar önce
Thank you Dani for not referencing the game much during the episode.
kristian 7 aylar önce
Can't wait for next episode
Shane99 7 aylar önce
Hey guys! Some constructive criticism: for a show that is currently airing like this, I would really consider trying to get your reaction out the next day instead of being a week behind. You would probably get a lot more views from people who are searching for reactions and who don't already subscribe to you. I'm going to watch them no matter what since I'm a subscriber, but feel like you are leaving a lot of potential views on the table. Anyways, keep up the good work!
Jens 7 aylar önce
Next episode is of one my favourite pieces of television ever. And I'm not alone with that feeling
MrKawika64 7 aylar önce
Sam has the best reactions
FifthOfNovember 7 aylar önce
Who else been binge watching episode 3 reactions the whole day? 💀Can''t wait for these three to get to that episode.
Virus 7 aylar önce
Literally what I've been doing all day 😂, and same!
Tahoe Nevada
Tahoe Nevada 7 aylar önce
Big same
k3n12ock 7 aylar önce
YO! Me too, lol
fffernsw4dl 7 aylar önce
Lmfao same
War Never Changes
War Never Changes 7 aylar önce
Guilty. Trying to not start sobbing at work.
Jko b
Jko b 7 aylar önce
"damn they're earth benders too?!" You caught me off guard on that one Höhöhö
luvBB4lyf 7 aylar önce
Love these reactions!!
Mauricio Gines
Mauricio Gines 7 aylar önce
I'll watch EVERY terror reaction you post... Its to much funnnn
Nileswimmer 7 aylar önce
RIP to Annie Wersching actress who plays Tess in the game. She died yesterday. 😔
Yuju’s wife because she’s very fruity
She voiced Tess in the game
Nileswimmer 7 aylar önce
@Yuju’s wife because she’s very fruity thanks, I clarified the comment.
Yuju’s wife because she’s very fruity
@Nileswimmer of course! I freaked out thinking you were talking about the actress from the show. RIP Annie Wersching.
Albion of Avalon
Albion of Avalon 7 aylar önce
after episode 1 and this episode and finding out that there is a fungus that hijack the brain but only works on insect.... yeahhh my perspective of fungus has change for the better
Mr. Smee
Mr. Smee 7 aylar önce
Damn they're more scary than in the game!
HybridAbroad 7 aylar önce
Shout out to Dani for doing a great job as the one who already knows the story from the game. It's not always easy to navigate conversation when you know most things that are happening/will happen but I think she's doing really good about being careful on what to say/not say and giving context on how things are similar or different from the game.
Raf M
Raf M 7 aylar önce
I think Samantha would be too scared to play the game! lol
Jonatan Azevedo
Jonatan Azevedo 7 aylar önce
Usually ppl fight back the infected thats why they r agressive and bite, the "kiss" scene is to show what happens when some1 just do nothing.
Reynaldo Lorenzo
Reynaldo Lorenzo 7 aylar önce
Not only that but Tess was already infected and it was in the neck, she had 5-15m and they walked to that building so like she said to Joel “Stfu because i don’t have much time” she was already twitching and the infected are all connected so the stalker knew it and just try to speed up the process
Angel Bedolla
Angel Bedolla 7 aylar önce
lol that never even happens in the game they are also not hive mind. That scene was just dumb as hell period.
Jonatan Azevedo
Jonatan Azevedo 7 aylar önce
@Angel Bedolla yes, because its a series, not the game, they are adding some other things that they didnt in the game. The "hive mind" is the substitute to the spores.
Cartiae Smith
Cartiae Smith 7 aylar önce
Every time Dani talks❤️❤️❤️
Fajar Kurniawan
Fajar Kurniawan 7 aylar önce
As Indonesian I can confirm that we also has orange yellowish sky just like Mexico or Afghanistan 😂
Gabriel Moline
Gabriel Moline 7 aylar önce
I’m definitely not subscribing, cuz it’s not just these three, but I really look forward to the next episode. That will be the benchmark.
howard andrews
howard andrews 5 aylar önce
Wow, you ladies are absolutely stunning, all of you are beautiful, intelligent, and carry yourselves with class. Kudos to The React Pack. I just have to say, Dani, if that's the name of you in the middle, there is something about you that just knocks me off my feet, and I love the little grin while the others are terrified. You are incredible in so many ways, so, so lovely and appealing. Can't put my finger on why you have such an effect on me, but I like it, lol, you are amazing. I really enjoyed the reactions so far, this is an incredible series and I look forward to watching the rest with you all, well done ladies.
Simply Rohith
Simply Rohith 7 aylar önce
Am I'm so excited to see a certain characters part in probably ep4 Or 5
Gabriel Moline
Gabriel Moline 7 aylar önce
34:20. Well, spores are the main way fungi propagate to new areas, so, that’s a big void. The way they did it in the game wasn’t believable, so it’s understandable they moved a different direction.
Vaine 7 aylar önce
Still waiting for your episode 3 reaction
afrotonywilliams 7 aylar önce
Y’all are not ready for the next episode. It’s one of the best pieces of television I have ever seen. It’s a beautiful episode that will definitely win awards. Can’t wait to see what y’all think❤️
Strawhat jay
Strawhat jay 7 aylar önce
Oh gosh
Fuzzy 7 aylar önce
If that's one of the best pieces of television you've ever seen, that means the television you've seen was nothing but garbage. It's the usual highly emotionally manipulative Hollywood episode. Looks like a movie tailored made for the academy to appeal to their exact "values" and blueprints. Also terrible LGBTQ wise as it just uses it for cheap tears and to score points. Nothing else.
afrotonywilliams 7 aylar önce
@Fuzzy lol ur just a hater man. I feel sorry for you. I personally enjoyed the episode and I’m entitled to my own opinion.
Jza 7 aylar önce
The 94 degree limit thing is made up by the show FYI. It's a simple way to involve global warming into the story, but cordyceps don't infect mammals at all so this jumping straight to humans is pretty much impossible
Johan Stenfelt
Johan Stenfelt 7 aylar önce
You’re in for more of a ride than you might think.
MrEnvisioner 7 aylar önce
8:27 So long as you know where things are being bent for the sake of entertainment, I think it's all good fun. The general idea is plausible, yes, but any such fungus influencing a human's brain would at most just give them bizarre hallucinations, poor motor control, etc. No "desire to infect others", etc. Not to mention, we actually DO have a number of antifungal medications that are effective. And the incubation for such a fungus to begin growing intravenously all the way up to the mouth from a leg would be measured in weeks/months, not minutes or hours.
Yasser Montasser
Yasser Montasser 7 aylar önce
That intro is so funny
david d.
david d. 7 aylar önce
In the game Tess dies holding off Fedra that’s a big change.
CodeeXD 7 aylar önce
Yeah cause she was bitten. But the creators explained to them it made more sense that it would be infected way out here I stead of fedra expending resources to track down a handfull of people that far outside the qz
Alex Dewayne
Alex Dewayne 7 aylar önce
At least the next episode is beautiful.
Mahjong Silver
Mahjong Silver 7 aylar önce
Holy moly GUACAMOLE man !!! I didn't know that Indonesia in it.. 😂 n btw great reaction guys as always 👌🏻
ErichWilliam 7 aylar önce
This kind of fungus controls your muscles but not specifically your brain. So with Tess, in her head she was probably thinking "run" but the fungus was telling her to stay.
PhoenixGreen 7 aylar önce
Hey @The React Pack - can you girls turn up the volume from the actual show more ?
Jonathan Uribe
Jonathan Uribe 7 aylar önce
The reason why she stood there and let the infected “kiss” her was because the virus had already begun to control over here and was connecting with the other ones
MCheshire 7 aylar önce
It's not a virus
Scott Burton
Scott Burton 7 aylar önce
You're _assuming_ Joel and Tess are in a relationship? Did you skip Robert being terrified that "her guy" would put him down for crossing her, *and* her climbing in bed with Joel while he's asleep, and this didn't wake him up or disturb him?, *and* his reaction when he saw her bruised face? I'm not calling it a relationship of any particular variety, but if a woman is curling up with me in bed, while I'm asleep, and I'm not surprised, and I'm that upset seeing she's been mistreated, there's _a relationship_ ... Just putting that out there. Time difference, as I started to write this, it is 9:41PM on February 15, 2023. It is presently 10:31AM February 16 in Jakarta. I am in the same time zone as Austin, TX. So 7AM in Austin would be 8PM in Jakarta (same day, barring any disconnect of the spring/fall shift some places use and some places don't) so if they picked her up interrupting her lunch, it would be mid day in Jakarta, about midnight the night before in Austin.... So about 6-10 hours before the time we saw Sarah for the first time. "split open heads that see like bats" (neither Joel nor Tess answered that), "giant super infected that spew fungus spores all over you?" Tess: "God, I hope not!" I like that one of you asked about a hand or foot being cut off to stop the infection. Though you didn't catch the sign in ep 1 that showed time to full infection, it's a good idea. And it's kind of implied in ep 1 when you see things like several people missing a limb, and the fact that shoes and laces are being sold individually _and_ in pairs. (as in I have 1 foot, why do I need 2 shoes or 2 laces?) Did somebody block it off on purpose? Why are all the doors locked? Yes... Someone went through and locked all the doors and collapsed floors deliberately... [sarcasm, for those who don't recognize it] This city was bomber 20 years ago, and no one has been coming through to repair or maintain things. Weather still happens. Pretty sure Boston has seen at least a couple major weather events between 2003 and 2023, Including at least a single blizzard. Thank you for acknowledging that if she doesn't know how to use a gun, she's dangerous to you. Poor choice "keep her in front" she may be immune to infection, but as Tess said, she's not immune to being ripped apart. Also in this episode, Ellie volunteered that she's the smallest, she could get through easier, and Tess pointed out "you die, we get nothing" If you look, that bridge is a ladder, extended across, with planks of wood to spread the load across the rungs. The wood will bend, and wouldn't be strong enough, the ladder would be hard to walk across. But if that was a quality ladder, it could handle 500-600 pounds on a single rung, but it's designed to be going mostly up, so I'd have some confidence in it, but not a huge confidence in it. The planks provide a little strength, a much better walking surface, and spread the stress over a larger area of the ladder. but the planks across the ladder the planks spread the load over a larger portion of the ladder, the ladder provides support for the planks. Joel would know better than I do the quality of the wood and the ladder, but even if I were confident in it, I wouldn't just tromp across it like it's a concrete sidewalk. Tess was hiding her injury since the museum. Most likely when she was off camera while Joel dealt with the one, definitely before Tess put an axe in the head of the second. It's why she said she could take care of her ankle, and why at that point it became so important to her to get Ellie there right away. Ellie put the pieces together, why it wasn't Tess's home, why she wasn't going back, why she was taking risks to rush in to find the Fireflies, and why she said "our luck had to run out." Once called out on it, she had to admit it. A lot of people mistakenly thing she was bit around what she showed Joel (neck) which the sign in ep 1 shows to be a few minutes. What she showed Joel was how far it had visibly spread, from somewhere on her leg, ankle or foot. (which explains the ankle claim, even if it was higher up, an injured ankle excuses favoring an entire leg when walking/climbing. How much do you blame someone for favoring their whole right leg, when you know they have a sprained or broken ankle at the bottom of that leg?) [as someone who has had 5 broken bones in one foot at one time, a 3rd degree ankle sprain, and had a car hit me in the knee (different times over 35 years) all three times, I heavily favored whichever leg was injured at the time] "spores" were not an infected type. They were an atmospheric effect. The complication of having airborne spores would make quarantine zones ineffective, because a few infected just needs to die "upwind" of a QZ, and the QZ fails. after 20 years, even with a lifespan of only a day in open air, every QZ in anything but an artic tundra or absolute beast of a desert is wiped out. Makes for a good game mechanic, not a good storytelling plot device. Not to mention having half an episode where everyone has to be wearing a gas mask, is bad for a screenplay, and it would potentially make a single microscopic, unseen by the naked eye, potentially the death of an entire QZ. (unless they wore gas masks the entire time outside the QZ, followed intensive decontamination every time they came in, and never removed their masks outside the QZ, which mean no one can operate more than 16 hours outside a QZ, and that's very giving, since the filters are limited, and once used, would have to be destroyed, and can't be replaced in the field, barring the airborne by wind contamination of a QZ over 20 years. Why they didn't get the vehicle, guns, etc at the "check point" The truck was out front, they went inside, the ammo and weapons and fuel were inside. Joel and Ellie went out the other side, Tess blew up the fuel, ammo, and likely the truck, to stop the huge number of infected that came in through the door Tess, Joel and Ellie entered through. Option 1, try to find the keys or hotwire the truck, load up ammo and fuel, into a truck 100+ feet from where the ammo and fuel are and get the truck started (what if it takes 30 seconds to start? Not like you know it's had it's routine maintenance 100 miles ago) in the minute or so before 100+ infected are trying to physically touch you? Option 2. Head out the other side of the building, away from the rushing mass of infected, and hope Tess can stop/slow them? What Ellie was attacked by is a basic infected. Not one of the "helmet heads" (I'm not revealing the term, you decided not to know the term) She wasn't attacked by something that was "like that"
Shardok1 7 aylar önce
The footage from the show is fine but I wish they turned up the volume on stuff again :(
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TLOU Tuesdays are the best! Thank you The React Pack!
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Didn't know Oliva Munn had a twin....
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Johan Stenfelt 7 aylar önce
Say, have you heard that the Voice Actor of Tess in the Game has passed?
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That zombie gets a bonk
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She had her kiss goodbye, alright?
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wait for next reaction feels like a long long time.
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Not zombies, guys…infected.
Llamarama 7 aylar önce
21:35 People who have played the game vs those who haven't.
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Fun fact, the average human body temperature has been decreasing for the past 150 years
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They took out spores so actors dont have to wear masks half the time.....
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*Its like playing on grounded mode*
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Army of the Dead movie when you have the time to watch it’s a great zombie movie
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the next episode will make you cry lol
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Well, you wanted a kiss goodbye.
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You matter, Sam! 😂❤
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que es linda dani, se queda callada para que no la escuchen
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At 1550, “if you get bit on hand or foot, can you cut it off?”…”I don’t know”…I had to stop watching, it was literally covered in the first episode…thighs check, brains….