The Last of Us Iceberg - 70 + Facts About TLOU & The Last of Us Part 2 Story Lore! 

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This is The Last of Us Iceberg. Over 70 facts about The Last of Us & The Last of Us Part 2. Any and all feedback would be very much appreciated, what's your favorite entry on The Last of Us Iceberg? - Kevin
Huge credit to Electroslam for not only making the Iceberg, but providing answers for a lot of these entries. Along with of course the extensive TLOU Wiki by Fandom!
#TheLastOfUs #TheLastOfUsIceberg
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00:00:00 - Start
00:04:05 - Start of The Last of Us Iceberg “Open Skies”
00:04:17 - TLOU Official Podcast
00:04:56 - Stages of Infection
00:07:24 - Outbreak Day aka The Last of Us Day
00:08:16 - Seattle
00:09:12 - TLOU HBO Show
00:10:57 - TLOU American Dreams Comics
00:11:32 - Cordyceps Brain Infection
00:13:39 - TLOU 2 Leaks & Drama
00:14:37 - FEDRA
00:15:09 - WLF
00:15:46 - Seraphites
00:16:36 - Fireflies
00:17:30 - TLOU One Night Live
00:18:53 - Rest of the World
00:19:57 - Cut TLOU2 DLC
00:20:37 - David
00:21:17 - Where Are Dina & JJ
00:22:07 - Ghost Ship
00:22:36 - Why Is Ellie Immune
00:23:41- Fan Films
00:24:12 - American Girls
00:24:52 - Crash Bandicoot References (MUTE)
00:25:47 - Surgeon’s Recorder
00:26:25 - Days Gone is a TLOU Prototype
00:27:22 - Abandoned QZ’s
00:27:41 - Ellie is Not Immune
00:28:31 - Ellie’s Scar (MUTE)
00:29:04 - TLOU & Uncharted Are In The Same Universe
00:29:51 - Joel & Tess Were Dating
00:30:49 - Ish
00:31:51 - Why Did Tommy & Joel Split (MUTE)
00:33:33 - Developer Cameos (MUTE)
00:34:37 - Rattlers (MUTE)
00:35:33 - Ellie’s Tattoo
00:36:14 - Joel’s Planned Death
00:38:17 - TLOU2 is Banned in UAE
00:38:59 - Joel is the Villain
00:40:09 - The Fireflies Are The Villain
00:41:31 - Seraphite Prophet
00:42:37 - Manny is Neil Druckmann
00:43:06 - Riley’s Death
00:43:42 - Ellie Was Supposed to Kill Abby in The Last of Us Part 2
00:45:31 - Ellie is Contagious (MUTE)
00:47:02 - Cut Battle Royale Mode for TLOU 2
00:47:59 - Ellie Has A Happy Ending
00:49:15 - Infected Are Conscious (MUTE)
00:50:17 - The Elders
00:50:49 - Joel is Immune (MUTE)
00:51:18 - Giraffe Symbolism
00:52:04 - Boris Legasov
00:53:39 - Ellie Has A Brain Tumor
00:54:13 - True Faith Dispute
00:55:19 - Infected Animals (MUTE)
00:56:03 - Everyone is Infected
00:57:07 - Sarah’s Mother
00:58:37 - Sarah & Ellie Are Related (MUTE)
00:59:09 - Lost Film
00:59:44 - WLF Represent The 7 Deadly Sins
01:00:50 - Weston’s Pharmacy
01:01:18 - Fireflies Created Ellie’s Immunity
01:02:11 - Tess Was The Original Villain
01:03:11 - TLOU & The Girl With All The Gifts Are In The Same Universe
01:04:09 - CBI Was Created
01:04:38 - TLOU is About A SCP Breach
01:05:13 - Ellie is The Reincarnation of Sarah (MUTE)
01:05:48 - Nathan Drake Caused CBI
01:06:24 - Justin Bieber Caused CBI
01:07:04 - Original Infected Concept Art
01:08:00 - Originally Only Women Got CBI
01:09:18 - Ellie Didn’t Want To Kill Abby
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The Last of Us Iceberg - 70 + Facts About The Last of Us & The Last of Us Part 2 Lore!




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charlie 9 aylar önce
about sarah and ellie being related i always thought the idea was that maybe they share a mother? but its so unclear who ellies mom was and who or what sarahs mom was, theres the possibility but personally i doubt that
charlie 9 aylar önce
also glad to see a playstation fan who isn't complaining about woke culture omg. as a queer person playing tlou it sucks to see the gaming community shit on lev being a trans man and boycotting yhe game over a fake leak of abby being trans
PlayStation Source
PlayStation Source 9 aylar önce
@charlie I appreciate it! Those boycotting and talking shit about TLOU because of those aspects are gross human beings. Not who I want on this channel. - Kevin
Katlyn Dobransky
Katlyn Dobransky 8 aylar önce
This would be wild if it was true omg
MrDead 8 aylar önce
Tbh it would suck, what makes ellie special is that she is a random girl which got loved by joel, not a relative not a chosen one (Well except her immunitt but yk what i mean) So that wouldnt make sense narratively
STONE COLD 8 aylar önce
i think we need a game of the messed up stuff tommy and joel did to survive over the years, i hope if they go this route they have crazier gameplay and visuals
Daniel Cooke
Daniel Cooke 8 aylar önce
Hell yes!
Dorian Bermudez
Dorian Bermudez 8 aylar önce
Omg yesss they could be with the fireflies, meet Tess and Marlene.
Flip 89
Flip 89 8 aylar önce
Yes I would definitely pay 70 bucks for that
Canopus 8 aylar önce
Not a game but maybe a comic would be good !!
mòłęÿ 8 aylar önce
Or even a dlc type game adding to the remake they did with the first game, buts it unlikely since im pretty sure part 3 is in the works and I doubt naughty dog juggles so many games in short time spam would be pretty awesome though
Ant Money
Ant Money 8 aylar önce
I’m not sure if Ellie actually forgave Abby. I think by letting Abby go, Ellie is literally letting go of all the hate/anger she felt. Similarly, she never got the chance to forgive Joel but their last conversation she was definitely letting go of the hate/anger towards him. I just don’t think you ever forgive Abby for doing what she did but you can let go, move forward
Rah'tel Jackson
Rah'tel Jackson 8 aylar önce
Forgiveness and healing/letting go go hand in hand, if you dont forgive you will be haunted by your past, the thoughts, feelings and actions that follow the bitterness felt will return. Resulting in memories rising because of sensory stimulation, memories give way to feelings, and falling to feelings result in actions, or reactions due to bitterness and trauma. Bitterness is the brains response to pain as to prevent hurt from occuring, like a scab, you cant love out of a full heart to everyone, because your past prevents you from moving forward truly when you dont forgive. But like a scab when ointment is introduced the scab falls off, because it isn't necessary anymore
Axel Arroyo
Axel Arroyo 7 aylar önce
Sometimes ya gotta eat it. If you don't you continue on in this cycle. And that's what part 2 is about. Realizing that you have to accept it for what it is. That person you love (Joel in this case) was a bad person and he knew what was coming. You can't be mad at the person that got revenge. They doled out what Joel gave to others. Normal people won't understand it. Because they have never lived it.
Maksim Yarmoliuk • 53 years ago
@Axel Arroyo good concept but TLOU2 part 2 executed it terribly.
leviathan 4 aylar önce
Joel didn't have to die
Darren Sucks At Games
Darren Sucks At Games 3 aylar önce
To be fair, they were both basically even stevens by the end with the damn trail of bodies they left behind. 😭
Mina Stuart
Mina Stuart 4 aylar önce
About Joel being a villain. He is A villain, he just not our villain. Joel is a bad person. But he was forced to be that way as a means of survival. He regains a lot of his humanity as he travels with Ellie that he lost the night Sarah died. His character development is truly beautiful.
RoboGreek 4 gün önce
Jesus christ. JOEL IS A SURVIVOR. dude was a loving single father. He's just an asshole and selfish... not a bad person
Morgan Clarke
Morgan Clarke 7 aylar önce
Ellie cannot infect others and she knows that, she used it as a bluff against David so he'd let his guard down. Not only does she kiss and I'm sure do more with Dina, but she tells Dina after her infection gets revealed that she "can't get [Dina] infected if that's what [Dina's] worried about". We also see Ellie bite Abby in their showdown at the theatre, enough time passes to show that Abby had no lasting effects from Ellies' bite.
Tracy Brady
Tracy Brady 3 aylar önce
Wanna see more of the "stuff" that she thought Dina was worried about 😏
GamerIsAwesome1 8 aylar önce
If we base the age of Joel in both games it’s actually said he had Sarah when he was 16-17 making me believe that it was an accidental pregnancy which also makes me believe Sarah’s mother didn’t want to keep Sarah but Joel did so he kept her while her mother went out for some milk
Lachie Atkinson
Lachie Atkinson 8 aylar önce
There’s a line of dialogue in the original game in which Joel says he was married once
george davis
george davis 7 aylar önce
Makes sense cause Joel was definitely struggling financially. Also that old man strength I'm thinking comes from all the hard labor he did through the years I think he was in construction if I'm remembering correctly
strawbawrri 7 aylar önce
@george davis basically, he was a carpetner to be specific though
strawbawrri 7 aylar önce
also joel was 32 when the outbreak happened. he was born is 1981, making him 20 when Sarah was born.
Ellie 7 aylar önce
Joel was born in 1981, and Sarah in 2001. Means that he was 20 when she was born. Which is quite okay to be honest
The Outsider
The Outsider 8 aylar önce
25:48 The Surgeon's Recorder: There is actually no mention at all of other immune individuals. The "subjects" mentioned in that specific recorder refer only to individuals at various stages of infection. I.e. People who were just bitten and agreed to undergo testing or captured/killed infected such as runners, stalkers, clickers, etc... Ellie is the only case of immunity they've encountered. Keep in mind that when referring to "past cases" they are talking about infected individuals, which Ellie is. Ellie is infected but also immune. She is an asymptomatic, noninfectious case. Meaning that, while she is infected, she displays no symptoms and cannot transmit the infection to others. Essentially the infection is dormant within her.
simp 4 aylar önce
Ive been wondering about her temperature tho, cause theres a scene where she, tess and joel are stopped by fedra and they all get checked by what i presume is a thermometre, and when ellie gets checked it flashes red? Is her temperature high or is the device something completely different than what i thought? Lol
picklè 4 aylar önce
@simp probably completely different, In the show we see the fungus growing under skin, presuming it’s the same i think itd detect unnatural skin or veins
I'm Sleepy
I'm Sleepy 3 aylar önce
@simp I thought that detector thing they use detected molecules from the fungus? I mean someone gets bit and the fungus rapidly procreates to infect the host rather quickly. Body temp will rise if you’re exercising so say you’re running (in general or just fled some crap) your skin will be hotter than someone who’s been sedentary - so if it was a thermometer to check for fever it would be going off A LOT. 20 minutes after exercise typically people’s core temp will return to normal but there is a scene where Joel and the gang had just been running and got caught by the army. Two of them were clear and that’s when Ellie just stabs the person to avoid getting scanned. Running for that long plus the flight or fight response could easily cause body temp to reach over 100 which would look like a fever. I am so sorry for rambling lmao
Duncan Passell
Duncan Passell 2 aylar önce
@simp its not a thermostat lol it detects infection in the blood
L77kaMagic 4 aylar önce
Other than the fact Joel loved Ellie as his own daughter and protecting her was redemption for failing to keep Sarah alive, it would be interesting to know His mindset when he rescued her from the Fireflies. I wonder if he knew (perhaps by his own misdeeds) that humanity was lost and there was no way things could go back to being the same, regardless of a cure or not. This could've been his motivation when telling Ellie, "There is no cure", perhaps referring not to the cordyceps, but to the underlying root cause that the cordyceps brought to surface, that humanity is the ultimate reason for the current state of the world in the TLOU Universe.
amsayyy 4 aylar önce
This is a good mindset. How does humanity come back from the horrors it did to itself? Sacrificing Ellie for a cure doesn't erase the violent murder, rape, cannibalism, destruction etc that they did to each other, never mind the infected. Humanity collapsed i
Victor Nieves
Victor Nieves 4 aylar önce
I’m on Joel’s side, but humanity could’ve definitely recovered with a cure. Humans have been on the verge of extinction multiple times in history, whether from diseases, rapid climate changes, or natural disasters. We’ve always bounced back and became better.
Eddie Diaz
Eddie Diaz 3 aylar önce
@Victor Nieves have we though? I feel that those times were either out of luck or because humans in those events could actually put their egos aside and fix the world, but take the world in TLOU and quite frankly our world in general, we’re beyond saving, because we only want to save ourselves, 20 years in an apocalypse tends to destroy moral compasses, and bring out the absolute worst in people such as greed, ignorance, selfishness, and no empathy. So even if the cure by some miracle did actually get made, it wouldn’t take the Fireflies long to realize that they can use the cure as a way to gain power rather than to actually distribute it to people
Victor Nieves
Victor Nieves 3 aylar önce
@Eddie Diaz We did survive those multiple near extinction events before. If humanity had a cure for the cordyceps, they should be able to recover. It would take multiple generations, but it’s not impossible.
Syn Shenron
Syn Shenron 3 aylar önce
That could be the case. Who knows honestly. Id say its very plausable because how would anyone be able to get/keep people like the hunters under control? If there were small communes like Jackson scattered throughout the country then I could maybe see something resembling the "old world" come together but humanity and the world as we know it now would never come back. Maybe thats what humanity needs. A purge of life to restart and try again
Queue 8 aylar önce
If I'm not mistaken, in Part 1 when Joel and Ellie go to the Uni, they find out that a monkey bit the scientists and that's how the infection spread there. Seems like animals have the dormant virus but the virus only takes actions when it infects humans.
Basically-Retarded 4 aylar önce
its likely that monkeys severed as an intermediary host before the fungus made the jump to humans.
Cee Dee
Cee Dee 4 aylar önce
It's just a 28 days later reference, but maybe primates show the same symptoms as humans. Would make sense seeing how closely related the 2 species are.
BigPinkPoop 2 aylar önce
@Cee Dee honestly, im shocked the monkeys were Asymptomatic. It took COVID less than a year to jump to dogs. Coryceps in their universe jumped from insects and other simple arthropods, so in my mind it’s not a matter of if I can infect other animals but when. Also, something I found cool is that in the show is that Ellie thinks monkeys started the infection. I wonder if someone was bit by an infected asymptomatic monkey making people think that a regular monkeys started everything.
BigPinkPoop 2 aylar önce
If it can*
Keegan Laughlin
Keegan Laughlin 2 aylar önce
I love how people are like “Ellie is so aggressive this isn’t her” We have seen what she is capable of with her killing David so young. If her only father figure in life got brutally murderer in front of her as she begged for forgiveness, I’m sure she’d be a little mad and want vengeance.
the Beasley Network
the Beasley Network 8 aylar önce
great video man, I love the last of us universe, and how it challenges me to think about different details and choices. I appreciate the effort on all sharing all this information. Personally i can understand why there was theory concerning why Ellie was Sarah reincarnated, I wouldn't completely discard it, its a new way of thinking of the overall story for people who actually believe in it. Belief in her reincarnation or not, no doubt Joel saw Ellie as another chance to be a dad and protect his little girl. I hope they have special news on this upcoming "The Last of Us Day"! Thanks again man. hope to see more of this.
PlayStation Source
PlayStation Source 8 aylar önce
Thank you so much! Your comment means a lot genuinely. I’ve already started work on my next iceberg and I can’t wait to get to work. It truly was one of my favorite videos I’ve ever produced, I hope to get to a point where I can do one a month if possible. - Kevin
the Beasley Network
the Beasley Network 8 aylar önce
@PlayStation Source of course brother, keep up the great work, we need more videos like this honestly. I'll see you on the next one ✊💯
Spadez7 8 aylar önce
Something I’ve never seen posted anywhere or talked about by anyone: during my first play through of TLOU2, while searching the hospital garage where you encounter the rat king after going through the door it was locked behind, I noticed that you could clearly see two trails of “blood/juice/carnage” that veer off from each other and go there separate ways. One belonging to the rat king which ambushes you in the ambulance. The other jumps over some rubble and breaks it’s way out a wall or door. This was so obvious and apparent to me during my first run, that I honestly expected to encounter another “piece” of the rat king later on or in Ellie’s campaign. When it never happened, I thought that perhaps you’d encounter it in DLC. I recently played the game again and noticed the two trails. Had anyone else noticed this before, or am I completely bat-shit crazy?
PlayStation Source
PlayStation Source 8 aylar önce
I’m going to personally remember this, save it, find it when I play Part 2 again and credit you in a sequel to The Last of Us iceberg if we ever do a part 2. Will it show up in Tommy’s DLC 😅 - Kevin
Cod597 2 aylar önce
Any update to this? Can’t find any footage or anything
Spadez7 2 aylar önce
@Cod597 honestly, I might just play the game and post the video myself. Give me a week or two. I’m not a TRvidr. I work full time.
Cod597 2 aylar önce
@Spadez7 that would be sweet. No rush or anything! I just bought Part Two myself but I think it’ll be a long time before I get to the rat king
Bald man
Bald man 7 aylar önce
i read ellie and abbys fight as the end as a cathartic struggle for relief from a character who cant escape grief no matter how hard she tries. every waking moment is missing joel and she needs to hurt the person who caused it but she realizes that killing abby would ultimately undermine the lesson that she learned over the course of the game.
SpreadWuv..ok? 4 aylar önce
"I can't kill Abby cause it would undermine the lesson that I learned throughout the game." -Ellies subconscious
Gold Source Productions
​@SpreadWuv..ok? story was kinda raw, but atleast it tried
ZaneTLOU 2 aylar önce
Honestly I would love to see a movie about ish and his struggles, what happened to the sewers and how he survived after that
Brian Duffy
Brian Duffy 4 aylar önce
Just played through byhe beginning of TLOU pt1. While Joel and Tess are walking over to find Robert at the beginning, there is a child npc at the end of the alley with the black market, fight club and card tables. She's holding a stuffed giraffe. When you approach her as Joel, she clutched the stuffed animal closer, indicating she's suspicious you'll try to take it away from her.
RoboGreek 4 gün önce
BroFellaGuyMan 8 aylar önce
Very well done! As someone who was just introduced to the TLOU universe a few months ago I have made it my mission to consume every bit of content related to it. Same goes for GoW so definitely looking forward to that. Thanks again for the effort and dedication 🙏🏽
PlayStation Source
PlayStation Source 8 aylar önce
Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. - Kevin
Lost and Found
Lost and Found 8 aylar önce
Alex Swan
Alex Swan 3 aylar önce
It’s interesting to see how some of these theories became reality in the tv show universe
Jake Freeman
Jake Freeman 2 aylar önce
Came back to this video after the show. I love that the show was able to answer some unknowns about this incredible story.
PlayStation Source
PlayStation Source 2 aylar önce
Bro I knowwwwwww. Remake it with the shows context? - Kevin
RoboGreek 4 gün önce
The first part was an incredible story
Salad Tongs
Salad Tongs 4 aylar önce
on the "Joel is Immune" part i was very confused as to what you meant, but then i realized the one instance where joel would have been near spires without his mask: the bloater in the gym. Simple answer is that acid spores are not the same as infection spores, not to mention if you play that encounter right you don't even HAVE to be in the acid clouds.
Cilo Athenis
Cilo Athenis 8 aylar önce
Isn't technically Joel's birthday before outbreak day? because Sarah looks at the clock and it's like 10 mins to 12 when she gives him his birthday present. Then later when she wakes up it's about 1:30 - 2 AM
picklè 4 aylar önce
probably celebrated day before
S0ME0NE C00l
S0ME0NE C00l 8 aylar önce
You actually do combat FEDRA for a short time as Joel leads Ellie out of town when they first meet in part 1.
Chen Gong
Chen Gong 8 aylar önce
Realistically it must be really hard to find immune people because most people aren't going to you know, try to find out if they're immune.
b3qtr1s 9 aylar önce
this is the first video that i watched from your channel and i was not disappointed!!! i loved everything about it, what i respect the most was how you never made any homophobic or transphobic comments about any of the characters, especially when you talked about abby being trans, not only that but you made it clear how wrong was to give misleading information to other people about it, i know it is the bare minimum, but as i am in the 'the last of us' fandom since 2016 i saw a lot of those type of comments and never really understood why someone would say that, so thank you! it means so much to me as a queer person!! :)
PlayStation Source
PlayStation Source 9 aylar önce
I’m glad you enjoyed it! Hope you stick around the channel, definitely doing more iceberg videos in the future. - Kevin
autumn johnston
autumn johnston 8 aylar önce
I’ve beat this game a couple times and just started my 4th playthrough in grounded, the second Joel starts singing to ellie I’m a sobbing mess 😂 it’s worse when you know how it ends.
Dragonball Radiant
Dragonball Radiant 8 aylar önce
15:03 you take them on just before you meet Ellie for the first time. You also take them on after the Tess sacrifice. 32:06 to me it’s not hard to infer with everything we have. Tommy was disgusted with Hunter Joel, and left.
Christian Jendraschek
Christian Jendraschek 8 aylar önce
To me it was always about Ellie finding the forgiveness inside herself by "correcting" her last Memory of Joel inside her head. Over the course of her whole "crusade of revenge" there is always this Image of Joel, dying on the floor, haunting Ellie - but right before she kills Abby she sees the Image of Joel she wants to remember - a peaceful one, the one where she Talks to Joel at his house and they agree to try and reconnect. So she stops herself and lets Abby live - cause she finally deleted this tragic last Image inside her head and changed it into a good memory. I believe the worst Part for Ellie was always the aspect that Abby robbed her of the Chance to reconnect to Joel, to really get the Chance to forgive him truly. But forgiving Abby seems to give her peace of mind concerning that aspect.
MrDead 8 aylar önce
She already forgave him, but she feels guilty that he didnt know that yet... She wanted to reconnect at cinema night (she planned it, he had no idea so in his head she didnt forgave him) But Well till e get part 3 we wont get sure answer
Roger Temple
Roger Temple 3 aylar önce
I'd like to think that even though it wasn't stated that Joel knew Ellie forgave him and even after his death her visiting his grave and later in the end that he somehow knows she forgave him and she had a feeling going through her that he knew and that his spirit could now rest in peace knowing it or at least that's how I took it ?.
ARK 9 aylar önce
Well done man! That was a great video and as a fan I really appreciate all the hard work and efforts you put into this!👏👏just one thing though, Whitney wasn't in Jackson with the rest of the wolves who came to seek revenge on Joel, Leah, Jordan's girlfriend is there as later on we see Ellie telling Dina that she was also there after they find her dead in the TV station. So considering this, I guess that rules out this theory!😉
PlayStation Source
PlayStation Source 9 aylar önce
Yeah I worded that wrong as I was editing. It was just WLF members that were in contact with Abby not everyone who directly were involved with Joel’s death. Thanks so much for the kind comment my man I really appreciated it and had a lot of fun making it. Already working on the next one! Hope you stick around! - Kevin
Ronald 3 aylar önce
I think the reason Joel says too far when asked about his ex wife is simple, he has a history of pushing trauma away and refusing to acknowledge it
roee shalom
roee shalom 8 aylar önce
this is one of the best videos i ever watched on youtube! you can see the insane work you put in to make this video, props
PlayStation Source
PlayStation Source 8 aylar önce
Thank you so much means the world genuinely. More to come! - Kevin
Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez Aylar önce
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the lore in the university of the first game states that the monkeys were infected but were asymptomatic. They showed no signs when experimented on, but transferred the infection to one of the doctors when he was bit.
ImTheCASUAL 4 aylar önce
Fantastic iceberg delivered by a clearly informed and passionate fan. I have two more really awesome facts to add in hopes you find this comment! First, unused concept art of Joel's far more grewsome death. Not the one where Abby cuts his arm off but a far worse one where Ellie only finds his mutilated corpse wrapped up in duck-tape in his own house with an open window and crows ripping away at his body (yes there is concept art of this) by John Sweeney. This was drawn for an early script where Abby's group is welcomed into Jackson and build up trust there before murdering Joel. The crows throughout Seattle would cause BTSD in Ellie reminding us of that scene. And the second fact is concept art showing what looks to be Santa Barbara as a large open area map. Mirroring the first Seattle mission you as the player would use Abby's map found on the boat to navigate towards her us as you did in Seattle. This was scrapped as the game was already very long, wish we got more of that beautiful scenery though. Anyways excellent video, you've earned a new sub!
Ethan Davies
Ethan Davies 9 aylar önce
Just wanted to say that good job on the video- but shambler stage is an alternate 4th stage which only develops in infected in wet environments
PlayStation Source
PlayStation Source 9 aylar önce
Thanks so much! And shoot I must have missed that in my research my apologies. I’ll save any corrections for a future iceberg about The Last of Us if we were to do it again with new facts! - Kevin
Ethan Davies
Ethan Davies 9 aylar önce
@PlayStation Source Sure! Like I said, you did a great job either way, super good video!
Chatty Catty
Chatty Catty 8 aylar önce
Thats not a fact. Another youtuber made a theory on it, but its never been said in the game or by the developers (so no, his video was fine lol)
Ethan Davies
Ethan Davies 8 aylar önce
@Chatty Catty well.. factually speaking they are less layered with armour than bloaters.. it doesn’t make sense for them to have less fungus in a 5th stage than in the 4th.
Chatty Catty
Chatty Catty 8 aylar önce
@Ethan Davies lol well yeah, but you were stating it like a fact, it may have been a small overlook, but I dont feel it was necassary to correct lol, at least not in that way. More like "if I'm not wrong the shamblers..." Or "i think..." Instead, you say it like a correction (does that make sense? I'm not trying to be rude lol)
Chatty Catty
Chatty Catty 8 aylar önce
Answer to what happened to Riley: she turned. We know this because at the end of the last of us part 1 ellie tells Joel the story, "...we can be all poetic and lose our minds together...she was the first to turn...im still waiting for my turn.." (She goes on but the relevance ends there). Id love to know what happened after though. Did she kill Riley? Or leave her behind in that building?
Jonathan Dirks
Jonathan Dirks 8 aylar önce
Ellie said "She was the first to die" not turn specifically. So it's not confirmed.
Chatty Catty
Chatty Catty 8 aylar önce
@Jonathan Dirks oh fr? Thanks for letting me know, my bad
Duskofdead 4 aylar önce
The story of LOU2 was amazing. I don't think the hate comes at all from a credible idea that the story was iffy and some people might like it and some people might not. I think the dislike stems almost entirely from people who can't cross the hurdle of emotional attachment to Joel and then seeing part of the 2nd game from the perspective of ""the bad guy"", Abby. The story is actually fantastic because rather than allowing you the luxury of delusion that anyone "the good guys" hurt deserves it, it actually shows you that Abby and Ellie are mirrors and everything that Abby lost was as awful for her as for Joel and Ellie... except Joel was the one responsible for it. There's no honest sympathizing with Ellie's desire for revenge unless someone can bring themselves to the spot where they also understand why Abby killed Joel. In a universe where LOU1 had been about Abby instead of Ellie, Joel is the bad guy, no question.
Juan wick
Juan wick 4 aylar önce
I liked the ending where she live because a lot of us don't got humanity in us we tend to do crazy things or see things right in our pov but we never usually hear out or understand what's going until it's to late
Sept77 3 aylar önce
The answer to the question of "was Joel right, in the end?" is the fact we've been debating back and forth for over 10 years now.
Infamouz Sori
Infamouz Sori 8 aylar önce
Dope iceberg! Really detailed 👍🏽
PlayStation Source
PlayStation Source 8 aylar önce
Thank you! - Kevin
Nathan Cator
Nathan Cator 8 aylar önce
This was my first time seeing one of your videos and it was amazing! Looking forward to more from you!
PlayStation Source
PlayStation Source 8 aylar önce
Thank you! I really appreciate it it means a lot. - Kevin
HeWhoIsNamedPatrick 8 aylar önce
Pt 3 will begin with Abby and Lev finding the fireflies who are in contact with a firefly cell from South America who has the oriiginal Patient 0 who is infected and contagious but not turned or growing fungus from their body. One of the doctors working their finds out that by combining both Ellie’s and patient 0’s dna a cure can be made but only if they are alive. This will take us to back to pt 1 where Joel saving Ellie from the surgery actually saved the worlds only hope for a cure.
PlayStation Source
PlayStation Source 8 aylar önce
I should probably do a video about the different ways a TLOU 3 will go. I like your pitch though! - Kevin
Slippin' Jimmy
Slippin' Jimmy 7 aylar önce
I've seen you put this on 3 videos now. You are very proud of it lmao, as you should
Pizza King
Pizza King 28 gün önce
Even if Joel did indirectly save the worlds hope for a cure, he didn’t know that. He was being completely selfish, in his mind he was dooming everyone by removing Ellie. And he still stole Ellie’s choice from her. So if you’re tryna come up with a way to “redeem” Joel, there’s no point.
Ramazan Samat
Ramazan Samat 8 aylar önce
55:25 I would love to see infected animals! I really though there is going to be some infected gorilla or something that we have to fight in TLOU2 because there were some concept art of infected wild life
Dovahkiin 4 aylar önce
I understand Joel trying to save Ellie given he becomes a surrogate father figure any parent would do that for there child. I don't see Joel as the villain but I don't see him as the hero I just see him as someone who is rather in between since everyone in that universe is capable and has done horrible things
Joey Clemenza
Joey Clemenza 4 aylar önce
Deanna and JJ are more than likely back at Jackson. Deanna wouldn’t risk taking her baby son out in the cold wilderness with the infected a constant threat. Ellie, however, more than likely doesn’t follow. Just as she left Joel’s guitar behind in a cathartic move of release, so does she leave everything else. She’s now on a course to redeem herself… which I like Abbie, has yet to do. But just as Abbie redeemed herself through Lev, Ellie will more than likely find a child out in the wild, and hopefully Shepard him or her back to safety… just as Joel did for her. She’s got to clear her soul before anything else.
PlayStation Source
PlayStation Source 4 aylar önce
I actually love this arc for Ellie. My god that’s good stuff thank you for sharing and I hope you enjoyed the iceberg! - Kevin
Julian Vel
Julian Vel 8 aylar önce
Although the timelines of both The Last of Us and Uncharted make it impossible for them to take place within the same "universe," both are alternate reality versions of the real world so they do share a framework. Uncharted (the game) canonically exists in the world of TLOU as well, so it can get very meta very quickly. I'd classify items like the "Francis Drake" ring Nathan Drake wore as Easter Eggs rather than evidence of shared histories. Otherwise, the precursor orb from Jak and Daxter would suggest some sort of shared timeline with that game as well (which is far more unlikely). The Weston's prescription bottle showing up in Uncharted 4 is super interesting. Weston's is clearly an alternate version of Walgreen's, but it's fun to see the reference stay consistent across franchises for eagle-eyed fans who know the connection.
pinecones sx
pinecones sx 4 aylar önce
everyone isn't infected -- there are plenty of examples of people that die in the game but do not "come back as zombies", there's even a point in TLOU1 in the Pittsburgh hotel where Ellie asks about some normal dead bodies in a tub. also it's established that the fungus needs a living host.
Aaron Iscool
Aaron Iscool 4 aylar önce
I doubt the tumor thing. I mean let's be real what Ellie witnessed I'm not only the first game but seeing Joel's death literally gave her PTSD it would be weird if she didn't become more cold as a human chasing her revenge. I see it as Abbey held onto that anger and relieving came at the cost of pushing that anger and rage onto Ellie doing exactly what Abbey did which is she I feel like she spared Abbey because she realized that it was a viscous cyxle that wouldn't have stopped if she killed Abbey
Kirk Lazarus
Kirk Lazarus 8 aylar önce
Just came across your channel and this is my first video from you i watched. Awesome video! I like to think i’m a big TLOU fan but there were somethings in this that i didn’t even know about! Subscribed.
PlayStation Source
PlayStation Source 8 aylar önce
Jada 8 aylar önce
They need to make days gone 2, that game… the soundtrack, the storyline, the characters!! I was so into the storyline, great game
NeoSev7n 8 aylar önce
This was your FIRST iceberg video?! You NAILED IT! Congrats, you should do more Iceberg stuff!
PlayStation Source
PlayStation Source 8 aylar önce
astrometries 3 aylar önce
Is Lev one of my favorite The Last of Us 2 characters? Yes. Did I laugh like an insane person when that guy rocked him? Yes.
TyProdo 3 aylar önce
The thing with Joel, he can’t take the thought of losing a child again, seeing her as a young girl, someone who could’ve been his daughter if she didn’t get killed on a table to die. I think he made the right choice aswell because that cure is too far late. The entire world is already 20-30 years into the apocalypse if they cured a area/city they could still die by being mauled to death or shot n killed but the bad people out there. It was time to just live as you could till you died.
Charles Waggoner
Charles Waggoner 8 aylar önce
If the team wanted to keep consistency with characters they wouldn’t have dumbed Joel, tommy and Ellie in part 2. I love TLOU and part 2 has gameplay mechanics, weapons and graphics in a sense not really necessary but I digress being the only things that mattered to me. It’s a great video and more knowledge on a treasured game and sequel is always greeted with open arms.
Lostforever77 8 aylar önce
They didn't do that
Charles Waggoner
Charles Waggoner 8 aylar önce
@Lostforever77 I read your previous comments on others and I think your mindset on where Joel, tommy and Ellie were at all throughout the first game is Lostforever. You either replied these few worded sentences just to mess with people and if that’s how you feel pls stop. Joel is a badass in the first, his death was not needed nor did the 3 characters needed to be dumbed down to fit a plot. If your not gonna put thought, care and an opinion behind a statement don’t leave a comment.
Lostforever77 8 aylar önce
@Charles Waggoner weren't dumbed down, you just didn't understand the game Joel never was and never will be a hero, Joel knows it, Troy Baker knows it, naughty dog knows it, why don't you? Tommy left Joel because Tommy knew how disgusting Joel was Pay fucking attention
Lostforever77 8 aylar önce
@Charles Waggoner Joel had his death coming If it hadn't been Abby, someone else would've come for him for what he did
Owen 9 aylar önce
Just finished this video and big W. Can’t wait to see the next Iceberg 👀 i would love a Days Gone 2, but most of the original people that made Days Gone have already left Bend Studio
PlayStation Source
PlayStation Source 9 aylar önce
Appreciate you bro thank you for watching! - Kevin
Eternal Nightingale
Eternal Nightingale 8 aylar önce
Wait they fr left the studio? Damn so like there’s no hope for Days Gone 2 after it’s cliffhanger ending?
Owen 8 aylar önce
@Eternal Nightingale unfortunately yeah. We’re most likely not getting a Days Gone 2, even after the cliffhanger
Jim Norris
Jim Norris 2 aylar önce
Hope factions has hero characters, maybe we'll get young Joel and Tommy leading a faction.
Dani's Wonderworld
Dani's Wonderworld 7 aylar önce
There are many things that could possibly go many ways Someone said that Ellie did indeed bite Abby, if Ellie can actually infect others with her bite, then Abby is also or could be immune in some way, that could make an interesting history, Ellie helping the antagonist discover she's immune? Interesting. Abby trying to find Ellie to tell her? More interesting. Also, imagine that something happens to Dina and JJ (or maybe just Dina) and gets saved by Abby and Liv, that would also be interesting, to see Ellie's or even Tommy's reaction Also they could do something with this to force Abby and Ellie to work together and eventually clear a tension they most likely still have They could actually make something super cool These could also be part of Tommy's DLC if we had one
Jessie C
Jessie C 4 aylar önce
Earlier in TLOU2, after Dina discovers Ellie's immunity, Ellie tells Dina that she cannot make Dina infected nor immune. I have no idea how Ellie knows this (did she previously bite other people and wait around to see what would happen?) but I guess we need to take her word on it.
mapping shaman
mapping shaman 4 aylar önce
@Jessie C well Ellie and Riley kissed and Riley still turned so its reasonable to assume it can't be transmitted.
Christian Rodriguez
Christian Rodriguez 4 aylar önce
Having an alternate ending which you deside to or not to kill Abby would be great
Armando Santiago
Armando Santiago 8 aylar önce
In 14:50 PlayStation Source states the player never really combats FEDRA. There is a section in TLoU Part I where you can: when exiting the Boston QZ, after getting caught and escaping by soldiers that reveal Ellie's infection.
GALAGA 2X 8 aylar önce
Exactly thats why i was confused when he said that The part right before you go into the tunnel and under the roads while fedra passes by you fight all those enemies
jessica jones
jessica jones 2 aylar önce
When I played the last of us 2 I thought was Abby was bad at first till I started playing Abby’s part and I understood why she did what she did and Ellie did the same going after Abby to me Abby’s not evil she’s just a person who wanted to hurt the person who hurt her.
Jordan Weber
Jordan Weber 8 aylar önce
I think Sam Raimi would fit the horror aspects of the film. The bone chilling sounds of the clickers would be his golden tool. However, I don’t think he would have pulled Joel and Ellie’s story off. The game isn’t straight horror, it’s a blend of emotions and heart that make the game what it is, not the horror. Now, if he was given the chance to tell a new story in the world of TLOU, that wouldn’t constrain him as much, which would allow him to go pure survival horror.
Jim Norris
Jim Norris 2 aylar önce
1:04:00 what if the fireflies caused the outbreak. They knew someone would become immune and could make a cure and then leverage it to take over the world. Suddenly Joel is a saint and Ellie a walking wmd in the wrong hands.
Joel miller
Joel miller 8 aylar önce
I think there should be a second days gone the first one was not bad but I believe it had potential and I think it should get a second chance.
Lostforever77 8 aylar önce
They tried
Harsty69 8 aylar önce
Funny thing about the leak for part 2 is that I was so disconnected from the internet before the game came out that I didn't even know there was a leak before the game came out until today lol
creaase 9 aylar önce
I loved part II. People be trippin
PlayStation Source
PlayStation Source 9 aylar önce
Speak on it. Literally a masterpiece. Thanks for your comment and supporting the video! - Kevin
creaase 8 aylar önce
k o a l exactly! Every moment. I can play any part of that game. And just enjoy the hell out of it
akira136 8 aylar önce
it's because they're childish men who didn't get to kill the person who murdered their favorite characters
Meeloks. 6 aylar önce
There are valid reasons to not like TLOU2.
creaase 6 aylar önce
@Meeloks. yea that’s true. There are valid reason to not like every game. As paying customers we are entitled to feel whatever we want. That’s the beauty of being American TBH. In communist countries you have to like certain things. That’s what this generation is like now. People start talkin shit to people for liking certain content. Its ludicrous
PS 3 aylar önce
If someone hasn't mentioned this, Naughty Dog and Insomniac Games used to share assets for the creation of Ratchet and Clank 2, & Jak 2 going forward. So you are correct on that theory, it has happened before. Naughty Dog let Insomniac use some of their ideas / creations, and that's why you see Ratchet Clank posters in Haven City; why you hear the Naughty Dog Power Cell Theme Song on planet Planet Damosel in Going Commando.
PS 3 aylar önce
Days Gone 2 should have exsisted, but if we had to get rid of Callisto Protocol, I would stick with the latter as a tough choice. Sam Witwer is an icon.
SIR Badger
SIR Badger 3 aylar önce
Amazing that Shawn James was nowhere to be found on the iceberg, ellie sings his song on the reveal trailer for tlou2 and he has a whole song about ellie
magic-tapper 4 aylar önce
20:30 I want a secret ending where you actually kill Abby in the end, then save Lev and sail to the remaining fireflies. Also, take a look at the "Game Theory" video about why Ellie is immune... they have a pretty convincing argument as to what's going on.
mapping shaman
mapping shaman 4 aylar önce
Why would Ellie sail to the fireflies? She would just sail away.
magic-tapper 4 aylar önce
@mapping shaman Because I'm pretty sure Lev and Abby had a map to the fireflies, and Ellie made it clear that she wished Joel hadn't saved her. She is also without the knowledge of what actually is going on with her.
mapping shaman
mapping shaman 4 aylar önce
@magic-tapper yeah but she knows their only surgeon has his throat spread out over the floor of a hospital in salt Lake City.
magic-tapper 4 aylar önce
@mapping shaman Not necessarily. He may have been the only surgeon the fireflies had at the time, but I seriously doubt that he was the last one alive in the world. Plus, there's still books.
Pizza King
Pizza King 28 gün önce
Lev didn’t need saving though. He was perfectly happy with Abby, Ellie wouldn’t lug him around, it would be a constant reminder of what she did. Ellie isn’t as heartless as people think, when she hurt Nora she was extremely withdrawn, clearly effected. Abby wouldn’t be different. Long story short: Abby is alive and will never be killed by Ellie in TLOU2.
mapping shaman
mapping shaman 4 aylar önce
The women only zombies idea actually sounds really interesting to me. It'd be really cool to see how the men and uninfected women would interact and think etc. It'd also be cool to see the reverse. Contrary to "being misogynystic" you could have actually used that storyline to highlight misogyny.
Colee612! 5 aylar önce
Awesome video, watched it throughout my day!
PlayStation Source
PlayStation Source 5 aylar önce
Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed. More icebergs in 2023! - Kevin
Julian Vel
Julian Vel 8 aylar önce
What's interesting about this list of "facts" is that it's full of just as many facts as it is of unconfirmed fan theories. Still a very interesting watch!
Yellow Sweatshirt
Yellow Sweatshirt 7 aylar önce
great iceberg!! I learned a ton about this game series
PlayStation Source
PlayStation Source 7 aylar önce
Thank you! - Kevin
jompy151 8 aylar önce
13:40 Leaks ! Well said , the game and naughty dog didn't deserver this fall out . Great video 👍
PlayStation Source
PlayStation Source 8 aylar önce
Completely agree. - Kevin
mapping shaman
mapping shaman 4 aylar önce
Ellie can't be contagious. She bites abby and months later abby is not a stalker.
proANTAGONIST ! 8 aylar önce
We really need a prequel of Joel but oh well
Roger Temple
Roger Temple 3 aylar önce
With the pandemic later occurring in real life it became something that went from fiction to reality in a way and while LOU2 wasn't as good as the original it was so so I rated LOUS a 10 and LOUS2 a 6.
Joey Clemenza
Joey Clemenza 4 aylar önce
For those complaining about Ashley Johnson not portraying Ellie on the show? She’s 40… end of discussion. Bella Ramsey does a superb job though.
TheSausage14 8 aylar önce
Okay imagine we get a 3rd game with a brand new character(s), you spend 10-15 hours with this character and in their shoes, you don’t know what year it is because the game leaves it ambiguous, maybe the character is with someone or a few people, but at the half way point he/she/ their group are slaughtered, the rest of the game follows a younger Joel and Tommy, again you spend another 10-15 hours with both of them learning their backstory and what cause the rift between them that made them split up, the breaking point however is when the two of them stumble upon a group of people, they help eachother get out of a bad situation and agree to stick together for the time being, things are going fine at first but once they begin to trust eachother (think similar Vibe to Joel and Ellie with Sam and Henry) Joel turns on them for supplies and to overall help himself survive, this is the same group you played with for the first 10-15 hours, Tommy shocked at how cruel Joel has become over the years leaves to join up with the fire flies, the rest of the game (prologue) would be a while later showing Joel getting the the QZ and meeting Tess
Nol 8 aylar önce
Nathan drake caused CBI: el dorado is kind of just stuck at the bottom of the ocean somewhere so i mean it’s definitely possible that someone found it. And I know it’s far fetched, but like I was thinking that the bloaters are a mix of the guardians from uncharted 2 and CBI and that’s why you see so few of them.
Roxy<3 9 aylar önce
This is underrated. I appreciate your effort for this video 🤭
PlayStation Source
PlayStation Source 9 aylar önce
Thank you so much! Really loved making it and already started work on the next iceberg video for the channel 🙏🏽 - Kevin
ku1977 8 aylar önce
Dina and JJ are in Jackson and Ellie was already there with them before going back to the house to get her guitar…which she decided to leave to “let go”. They focus on her hands when they cut to that scene, cause she’s missing her fingers, but she also has the bracelet on which she didn’t have on in Santa Barbara…leaning towards a reunited with Dina and JJ before that. Edit: you cover this much later in the video lol.
Lostforever77 8 aylar önce
Casanova Jackson
Casanova Jackson 3 aylar önce
I don't remember Whitney being in Jackson I think she was confused for that guy that Tommy tortured to death
NBR 4 aylar önce
I personally don't buy into the "Joel hates Humanity Theory, as his own struggle over these 20 years has been filled with a lot of human experiences and he did fit into Jackson as a member of the city quite nicely. Also there's the Line in Part One where he tells Tommy" I'm bringing you the cure for mankind and I wanna play the pissy little brother", which quite clearly indicates that he thinks of solutions for a potential cure being worthwhile. Is actions at the end are more so born from a love for Ellie than a hatred for humanity
The Dragonian
The Dragonian 4 aylar önce
30:52 there is a teams meeting joining sound here and it literally gave me a heart attack lol
WarAndPoetry 4 aylar önce
I think “American Girls” is a mistaken reference to “American Daughters”, a poster that can be found in Uncharted 4 that seems to depict the world of TLOU
Miles Memory
Miles Memory 8 aylar önce
I think the American Girls entry related to American Girl Dolls as they’re parodied in the mall in Left Behind, there’s a whole store that looks like the AG stores
DirtyDab Sandwich
DirtyDab Sandwich 4 aylar önce
What’s the OST you used during transitioning to different layers of the iceberg?
themarine0316 8 aylar önce
To me the fireflies are the villain, they’re gonna kill Ellie without consent on the slight chance that it could maybe… possibly lead to a vaccine
Pintolerance 8 aylar önce
American Girls was referring to the American Girl dolls I'm pretty sure, which appear in the games. Also I would've appreciated if you actually went looking into the symbolism of the giraffes, the fact that you searched the internet but didn't find anything so you just instead chose to list off where you can see giraffes instead of thinking about symbolism, just off the top of my head I think about how the giraffes are usually shown around children, and then I think about how giraffes are gentle omnivores, so this could imply that giraffes symbolize innocence; it just felt lazy how you didn't even attempt to figure something out yourself. I also watched how you skipped over the Sarah and Ellie are related part just by saying that obviously it's not true; the way my college professor tells me to write whenever I write an essay is to pretend like the person who is reading my essay has zero idea what I'm talking about, you could've went on to talk about the differences in appearance or what I thought you would've talked about which was Ellie being presumably from the East coast while Sarah was born in the south west, but no instead just "obviously not." then move on with the video. The SCP theory I can tell you didn't go into much research in again you probably just typed it in google and looked at the front page but if you did some digging you would've seen the "flesh that eats" story from the SCP database which is a disease that acts basically just like the last of us cordyceps infection only its not a fungus like cordyceps. Ellie is the reincarnation of Sarah has some merit to it not that I'm saying I believe in reincarnation or I don't believe in it, what I'm saying is the last of us takes place 20 years after Sarah's death, Ellie is 14 years old, so if you did believe in reincarnation then yes 100% there could be a chance that Ellie is the reincarnation of Sarah but hey just play the same clip you played earlier and don't put any though into anything as per usual. Nathan Drake caused CBI theory, you could've talked about how in the first Nathan Drake game there were literally cursed voodoo zombies that looked like Days Gone creepers but whatever its fine that's just a small nitpick. In the original infected concept art you talk about a zombie that has glowing red spikes and you say that, that would've been awesome to see in the base game, and I whole heartedly disagree the zombie in that picture looks like the cheap fantastical zombies you'd see in rainbow six siege zombies, metal gear survive, or back 4 blood, and since the tone of the last of us is to be gritty and realistic based off the actual cordyceps infection I think giving zombies glowing red spikes would've significantly down graded the last of us at least in the realism department. You talk about how the original idea of the last of us being called mankind would've been misogynistic, I disagree, the games concept would've obviously been about the world being thrown into chaos and turmoil. Have you ever seen the movie, "children of men" it is a movie about the entire worlds population becoming sterilized and 1 pregnant women being the last hope of humanity basically, this is what I believe the original last of us would've been like, and I dislike how you just say this idea had no value or merit and it was innately misogynistic even though a world without women would cause us as people to better appreciate women ourselves but I think things like morels fly over your head anyways. I feel like throughout this entire video you were too scared to give your opinion on anything and instead would ask us the audience what our opinion was with almost every one of the theory's, you didn't try to dive into anything you didn't agree with like as listed above, you gave us either your videos or other peoples videos to watch when it came to some topics, and you could've put more effort into the video because I feel after watching this hour long video that I could've listened to something better, anyways it seems like your getting enough praise and views in the comment section that I'd be okay with listing off all the things I didn't like about it, this whole comment is just tough love telling you what all you could do to become better at icebergs since you said that you want to do more of them in the future. I wouldn't have spent all this time typing out this long comment if I just wanted to put you down, I'm typing this to help build you up since I've invested 1 hour and 45 minutes into you and you'll most likely not even see this comment anyways if you like doing icebergs and have a passion for videography keep it up.
PlayStation Source
PlayStation Source 8 aylar önce
Hey I appreciate the feedback and apologize for some of the entries not being throughly researched. It was my first attempt at an iceberg but that’s no excuse. Hope you enjoyed the video nonetheless and will put more effort into my next iceberg. - Kevin
Pintolerance 8 aylar önce
@PlayStation Source Yep everybody's first is always the hardest my first time driving on my own after getting my license and everything I ran my mailbox into the dirt and dented the my fender, but just keep at it with the PlayStation content I can see your passionate about, I am also PlayStation for life.-Pinto
Shaun 8 aylar önce
@PlayStation Source on the other hand, I really appreciated the level of detail. The video was already pretty long, and you gave me the choice to research any of the entries that interested me if I wanted to find out more. Thanks for the content!
Duskan Parker
Duskan Parker 2 aylar önce
There is a kid in the beginning of part one who has a giraffe stuffed animal, and she pulls away when Joel walks closer
V WorldWide
V WorldWide 8 aylar önce
Abby is my favorite character now when I walked into a room with her i fell like a tank. And jumsp scares done bother me with her.
D_ MARV3LOUS 9 aylar önce
51:18 there's also a little girl holding a stuffed giraffe hidden in a corner at the beginning when you're going to find robert
Ferret 8 aylar önce
Troy is playing David and Ashley is playing Anna
Georgie Mowett
Georgie Mowett 4 aylar önce
Was "American Girls" instead of being a green day song that corresponds with Ellie, in reference to the dark horse comics "American Daughters"? In Uncharted 4, the epilogue, in cassies room theres a poster of American Daughters on her wall.
Maytal Acedo
Maytal Acedo 2 aylar önce
This a good video definitely watch the TV series it's really good.
Loud Silence
Loud Silence 4 aylar önce
Joel hating humanity isn't a theory it's a fact. Joel is open about it to ellie. He literally said "there is nothing to save" sure it's justification for keeping ellie alive with him. But he does have a point. What is there to save? At that point?
Jay Is Sus
Jay Is Sus 6 aylar önce
This was very much enjoyable
PlayStation Source
PlayStation Source 5 aylar önce
Thank you so much! - Kevin
Antoine Fleming
Antoine Fleming 2 aylar önce
Abby is immune. Elle bit her and she never turned.
Flying Piggy
Flying Piggy 2 aylar önce
So David and dina were immune?
Alessandra Moulin
Alessandra Moulin 5 aylar önce
I live in the uae and I was FLABBERGASTED at the fact tlou2 was banned. I was looking in the PlayStation store and couldn’t find it, and I had to watch a play through and ruin the experience of the game for myself
PlayStation Source
PlayStation Source 5 aylar önce
Incredibly sorry for that bro. Hope you eventually got a chance to play the game it’s phenomenal. - Kevin
Resentment 8 aylar önce
Is it me or do Bloaters look more intimidating than shamblers for some reason
Mrchill7299 8 aylar önce
I agree, shamblers look more disgusting due to the wet environment it evolves in.
Caleb Tincher
Caleb Tincher 8 aylar önce
14:57 we combat fedra when trying to help Ellie escape the city
Jules 8 aylar önce
days gone 2 NEEDS to happen. period.
David Molina
David Molina 4 aylar önce
Regarding Joel being the villain, yeah from looking at the big picture he is the bad guy by taking out the possibility of a cure, but I said so what? If I where in his place, if it was between my family, or someone I see as family, and all of humanity I’d say let humanity burn and I don’t care being cast as the villain, so I agree with Joel cause if I was in his place I don’t see myself doing any different
MrSoldierPants 4 aylar önce
So Thanos was right?
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