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HUNTERS! Greg & Andrew React To Season 1 Ep 4 "Please Hold My Hand" of TLOU giving our Breakdown, Ending Explained, Game Easter Eggs, & Spoiler Review where Joel & Ellie (Pedro Pascal & Bella Ramsey) are on the road leading to intense action with Game Differences, Jeffrey Pierce (Tommy), and Henry & Sam!
NOTE FOR TRvid: The footage we are reacting to is of a fictional, scripted tv series conducted by a professional cast & crew. Audiences will understand this

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31 Mar 2023




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Reel Rejects
Reel Rejects Aylar önce
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AKL Aylar önce
Congratulations on the live show! I'm sure it will be great.
William Perez
William Perez Aylar önce
I still can't believe the end credits song is Ellie- True Faith. Literally the last of us 2, yet it shows up here. Crazy
David Rojas
David Rojas Aylar önce
@Bucky Barnes didn't
Bucky Barnes
Bucky Barnes Aylar önce
@David Rojas no need to take it personal 💀
David Rojas
David Rojas Aylar önce
Did you say they're copying the logan movie? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤡. Come on bro, last of us came out way before logan. If anything logan copied last of us lol. I remember people even saying when they watch the logan film them saying, "oh wow I'm getting last of us vibes here" lol
CJ Rebirth
CJ Rebirth Aylar önce
This episode made me so happy as someone who played the game. The magazine scene, ellie saving Joel, him teaching her about the gun, and Joel can't stop laughing from Ellie's jokes
MrSoldierPants Aylar önce
@EhsanZhp the version in the show is the original cover by Lotte Ketsner it is not Ashley Johnson.
MrSoldierPants Aylar önce
@hiro i think he means they used the original cover for the show and gave credit to the original cover artist. The version you hear in part 2 that ashley Johnson sings...isn't her own original cover.
Ryatt Aylar önce
You olayed the game but you're not even gonna mention Tommy's voice actor?! How dare you!
@ThisPlatformIsDed how?
SHL Aylar önce
I noticed that Joel always seems to hesitate a little before making reassurances to Ellie, like "nobody's going to find us", or "we're going to get out of this", even going back to episode one before they leave the QZ, when she says "you know where to go... so we're going to be okay", Joel pauses a while before saying "Yeah". In the first episode, he promised Sarah that they were going to be okay, and I think that has weighed really heavily on him for the past 20 years. It made 100% sense to me that after he promised Ellie nobody was going to find them in the woods that first night, he stayed up to stand watch to make sure. They don't even need to spell it out, it's just how Pedro portrays Joel in his facial expressions, line delivery etc. and it's so goddamn effective!!
ArtLover Animation
ArtLover Animation Aylar önce
Man that is so bittersweet, of course he would never want to break a promise again.
Gabe Aylar önce
Not only that but up to this point he has failed everyone in his life. He doesn’t have his brother, Tess is dead, bill and Frank are gone. All he has is Ellie… and he’s struggling with caring for her and wanting nothing to do with her because he’s scared that he’s going to fail again!
Kyreem Aylar önce
I caught that too. Good detail
georgia Aylar önce
Definitely. To me it also feels like part of his hesitation is him realizing that he feels like he needs to make them to her, and he’s realizing that he cares about her wellbeing from more than a cargo standpoint. Just layers to the hesitation, and Pedro (and the show itself) is conveying it all so well with so little dialogue
Oh Yeah Mr Krabz
Oh Yeah Mr Krabz Aylar önce
Theres the irony in that
MJ Aylar önce
this was by far the best one. Joel losing it at Ellie's joke at the end made my whole week
David Aylar önce
@Brad Norton trippin
DuhDundies Aylar önce
@Brad Norton lmao how? Wild take.
ZOLO1 Aylar önce
@Brad Norton I mean I don't think it ruined it.
Brad Norton
Brad Norton Aylar önce
Ruined by Henry and Sam sneaking up on them both
ZOLO1 Aylar önce
@Catalina Martínez F. Same 😅
Khaleesi Mandy
Khaleesi Mandy Aylar önce
I'm loving how Joel is finally letting Ellie in. The chemistry between them is truly amazing. You can feel it thru the screen
Mad Titan
Mad Titan Aylar önce
@MotherMedusa it’s a fascinating dynamic, we know that Joel doesn’t want to see Ellie as his daughter but throughout the episode over and over he shows how he can’t help himself caring for her, him staying awake in the forest guarding Ellie, teaching her how to use a gun, comfort her, etc
MotherMedusa Aylar önce
@Mad Titan I noticed that as well. Isn't as closed off, which I'm fine with.
Mad Titan
Mad Titan Aylar önce
Honestly I feel like Joel in the show is more compassionate and reasonable, in the game dude was pissed at Ellie for saving his life but here he can see Ellie was mortified by what she did and comfort her, that’s pretty sweet
James Coté
James Coté Aylar önce
I really like that alot of the kills aren't being explicitly shown. It's HBO; everyone knows they can show it all. However, when you hear that kid screaming from Ellie's perspective; like Ellie, you're imagining something worse than what it probably was. It shows that the writers are putting the story first rather than feeling the need to push the R rating just because they can. Respect.
Brian Houston
Brian Houston Aylar önce
I feel like when the gore does drop, it's going to hit much harder for this very reason. Everyone who knows the game is well aware how insanely violent this world is.
Christopher Gongora
I was a tad disappointed didn’t get the glass kill and bashing that dudes head into a edge of a counter but still greatly done for a shows adaptation as vs playing the game.
Catalina Martínez F.
Pedro and Bella are owning the characters so well, they're different from Joel and Ellie from the game in the best way. Bella portrays Ellie with an innocence and tenderness that you don't see in the games and I love it. Also Pedro is such an amazing Joel, the way he looks at Ellie like trying so hard not to get attached but still caring about her is so beautiful, I cannot be happier with this cast.
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John S
John S Aylar önce
I like the detail in the scene when Joel finishes the guy off that he gets more desperate as Ellie is instructed to walk away, she is his lifeline cause he knows Joel will kill him, but maybe Ellie will empathize. Crazy scene, great episode.
KM films
KM films Aylar önce
Exactly how i thought about it. The fact that he had to rely on ellie at the end made it more impactful
Funtobefunny Aylar önce
Ellie noticed Joel is a little deaf in the right ear. That’s why Joel always lays down facing right side to avoid blocking his lef ear. In the last scene, he didn’t notice Henry and Sam because he was facing left, blocking his left ear. Cool attention to details
Ghost Monkey
Ghost Monkey Aylar önce
Absolutely loved that his reason for her not having a gun, is primarily to protect her innocence than not trusting her. Also the og tommy !!!
James L. Maldonado
James L. Maldonado Aylar önce
@kjek1 oh shit nice im gonna be looking for that thanks man!
kjek1 Aylar önce
@James L. Maldonado no. I know Troy (Joel) will be playing one of David (the cannibal)’s men
James L. Maldonado
James L. Maldonado Aylar önce
@TiagoB wait where, have they been on screen? (Joel and ellie from de game)
TiagoB Aylar önce
Yes, the actor next to Kathleen is the one that played Tommy in the game. They also have the Joel and Ellie from the game
Life Without Borders
MaiFlower Aylar önce
God the scene where Ellie saves Joel literally gave me chills. Hearing that guy beg for his life was was very similar to something you’d see in the game, but this seeing it on tv just hit different. Great Reaction!!
sumrcattails_ Aylar önce
I like how in the game, the gun Ellie uses was retrieved from some random hunter, whereas in the show, it belonged to Frank, which I think makes it more personal.
tiddle51 Aylar önce
I loved when they are both laughing about the final joke Ellie tells before she goes to sleep, Joel's sleeve slides up revealing his watch to symbolize that he's starting to see Sarah in Ellie
Me Auntie Nora
Me Auntie Nora Aylar önce
Nice catch.
Cadinho Meireles
Cadinho Meireles Aylar önce
This show just keeps getting better and better. I see Emmys in its future.
TaylorIncarnate Aylar önce
Oh man, the night they stayed in the woods was great. When Ellie asks, “Do you think anyone will find us?”. Joel tells her, “No one is gonna find us”. Then realizing he’s made a promise that he can’t be certain of. Reminding Joel of his failures to protect his loved ones in the past. Next shot is of Joel standing guard in the middle of the night. To suggest he is determined not to fail again, to protect Ellie at any and all costs.
lilmil Aylar önce
Casting such a sweet person like melanie lynskey as kathleen was a fantastic decision because it gives you the idea that this normal person was forced into the position she is in now in her life. (Not sure if that makes sense)
the_nikster Aylar önce
I felt the exact same way. her performance was chilling and I enjoyed every single moment she was on screen.
Snowden Wyatt
Snowden Wyatt Aylar önce
@Raul V. In her very first film role she plays someone very capable of violence.
Captain Arieful
Captain Arieful Aylar önce
Also thank goodness they brought Ellie’s joke book in live action. The diarrhea joke really killed me lol
Catalina Martínez F.
The character development is exquisite, god the last scene with them laughing made my heart melt, Pedro and Bella are amazing together, can't get enough of them
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Cleanix Leader
Cleanix Leader Aylar önce
The Bryan performance hit really hard. That was some of the most real acting I’ve seen in a while. He was a scared kid in a cruel world. Bravo!
Cleanix Leader
Cleanix Leader Aylar önce
@Kathryn Bedrosian he really said “I’m not a threat, I got caught up in the moment and I’m scared, I don’t want to do this.” He literally screamed for his mom as he died that shit was gut wrenching
Kathryn Bedrosian
Kathryn Bedrosian Aylar önce
When he says 'its OK we're done fighting now' it was like a little kid losing a game and saying ' I don't want to play anymore' - so sad and so well done
brandon nakao
brandon nakao Aylar önce
Definitely one of the best acted “pleading for your life” scenes I’ve seen
Raghu Seetharaman
Raghu Seetharaman Aylar önce
I was watching BTS featurette and the creators said they changed the city from Pittsburgh to Wichita, Kansas for the show when Joel and Ellie arrive. It's amazing how they made Calgary, Alberta Canada look like Kansas. The production just never seems to disappoint for this show. For me the shootout scene and then Ellie killing one of the citizens saving Joel, whipping her tears pretending as if it didn't happen was a a beautiful character moment.
Greg Norman
Greg Norman Aylar önce
I read that although they filmed in Alberta, the production did go to KC to take a lot of photos for backdrops, etc. So I'm sure a lot of the shots were a combination of Alberta physical locations, backgrounds from KC, and CG augmentations.
georgia Aylar önce
@fedos oh I was 100% agreeing that its confusing because it’s obviously not it the most direct route. I was just saying the only whys that I’ve heard going off what Neil & Craig said on the HBO podcast. And also adding to that, that if they’ve gone from Boston to KC then they’ve spent way more time & miles together than if they’d gone from Boston to Pittsburgh. I guess there could be some sort of in-world reason like those interstates are impassible now, or that part of the country has more hunters or something? Regardless of reason though I definitely think KC was a cool choice!
fedos Aylar önce
@The Awesome Man It's not just the costs. Alberta offers financial incentives. A lot of shows that take place in the US are filmed north of the border.
The Awesome Man
The Awesome Man Aylar önce
@fedos America isn't that expensive
fedos Aylar önce
@The Awesome Man $$$
Shaine White
Shaine White Aylar önce
This is a good episode, especially when Ellie finds that Beefcake magazine, saying "Why are the pages stuck together," or "how could someone walk around with THAT thing?" Lol!! I just cracked up laughing!
Infinity Aylar önce
I love how much they humanize the enemies. Same as they did in the game they checked their fallen friends, called out if they found a body or who it is. Bryan's scene was so emotional for a simple enemy, and they made that work for some parts of the game. This show is simply incredible.
Kace the Great
Kace the Great Aylar önce
Something about the guy pleading for his life and begging for his mom right before he dies really unsettled me... amazing episode.
Legend's Warble
Legend's Warble Aylar önce
Right? It twisted something in me the same way the npcs in TLOU2 did
𝑫𝒂𝒗𝒊𝒔 𝑺𝒕𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒏𝒔
They are Joel and Ellie... The last scene with them cracking up at the joke after surviving together was amazing. love this show!
RedHeadStoner Aylar önce
@System0f aDowner “ha. Godeeeem”
System0f aDowner
System0f aDowner Aylar önce
@Oh Yeah Mr Krabz sorry had to do it to ya. The ancient laws dictate it.
Oh Yeah Mr Krabz
Oh Yeah Mr Krabz Aylar önce
@System0f aDowner My reaction to that information: 😐
System0f aDowner
System0f aDowner Aylar önce
@Oh Yeah Mr Krabz copy and paste deez nuts 😎
Oh Yeah Mr Krabz
Oh Yeah Mr Krabz Aylar önce
Nice and copy and paste
Eden Star
Eden Star Aylar önce
I legit squealed “TOMMY!!!!” seeing Jeffrey Pierce!!! And I was already excited over Melanie Lynskey. This episode gave my gamer girl heart all the feels - I can’t wait for next week already!
Siddhant Pandey
Siddhant Pandey Aylar önce
I love how all the jokes we hear in the episode are the exact ones we hear in the game ( + DLC. Ellie reads the diarrhea & the scarecrow jokes to Riley).
themarine0316 Aylar önce
This show is killing it, last week gave us an excellent episode that deviated from the game & this week gave us an excellent episode that’s very faithful to the game.
yes boy
yes boy Aylar önce
11:28 dude, him crying out for his mom before Joel killed him is what got me...
Hoàng Thanh Hải
Hoàng Thanh Hải Aylar önce
I love how after Ellie ask Joel "No one will find us out here right?" his parental mode kicked in and guard her to sleep
Captain Arieful
Captain Arieful Aylar önce
I loved this episode because this was mainly focused on Joel and Ellie’s relationship. I do wish they kept the part from the game where two guys grab Joel and Ellie out of the car after they crash and one guy grabs Joel and smashes his head through glass but Joel blocks and impales the guy’s throat on the glass shard but hey what we got was great. Also Joel laughing at the end along with Ellie is the true beginning of their loving trust and bond. Can’t wait to properly meet Henry and Sam in next week’s episode especially since Sam will be deaf in the show whereas he wasn’t in the game so that’ll be interesting for us to see. Anyways great reaction guys!
John S
John S Aylar önce
@Clay Crews it really is, it’s crazy when you know the game so we’ll you literally watch just waiting for moments to happen, it’s hard to turn that part of your brain off! Lol. Testament to how good the game is tbh. I’m glad they are delivering a GREAT show too.
Clay Crews
Clay Crews Aylar önce
@John S no I totally get that and I need to stop comparing it so much, but I love that scene in the game. What they deviated with in this episode still works very well for what they’ve been setting up. This is still the best game adaptation I’ve seen in my lifetime so far
mac10 homie
mac10 homie Aylar önce
@Clay Crews go play the game.. 🤷🏾‍♂️
John S
John S Aylar önce
@Clay Crews I’m trying not to care too much about things left out cause there will be many moments left out that we want to see. Think of it like a trade off, would you have rather them left out the dude claiming he was hurt? Unfortunately they can’t do it all. Thankfully I’m busy working through the PS5 version of part 1 simultaneously for all my favorite parts:)
Clay Crews
Clay Crews Aylar önce
That scene was the one thing I really wanted to see shot-for-shot this episode. What they did was ok and worked to progress their characters, but I think that scene in the game was top tier. The Hank Williams song playing in the background and the close-up fight is so much better.
XK Aylar önce
Man I absolutely loved this episode! Joel and Ellie bonding can never go wrong, Pedro and Bella nailed it. 👏👏
Monster king
Monster king Aylar önce
I loved this episode really glad they adapted the dialogue from the truck and even happier that they added Ellies jokes and oh boy next episode is going to be insane
RMTren Aylar önce
As always, this episode is so well put together. They showed us that Joel doesn't believe that they're safe anywhere, so in that first sleeping scene, he stayed awake and vigilant. But over the course of the episode, he's slowly letting his guard down, especially with Ellie. And even though he was still paranoid enough to place those glass shards by the door, his tender moment with Ellie made him complacent, thus getting ambushed by Henry and Sam. Like what they did in TLOU2, it's coincidental stuff that always gets you in the end
Dark Jedi Knight
Dark Jedi Knight Aylar önce
As soon as I saw her pull out *THE* joke book I actually threw my fists sky high. And I’m so glad that they added the diarrhea joke because I was afraid they would *run* out of ideas. But seriously, this show is so insanely faithful to the game that it doesn’t feel like a show but almost like and expansion pass/extended cut of the game. Even though I do miss the scene of Joel teaching Ellie how to use a rifle and then saying “No matter what happens, you make every show count” I still love him teaching her how to use the pistol because a) it shows the bond between these two growing and b) it tells the audience that Ellie had some training from FEDRA so her learning quickly feels natural. And now we are getting to see the more human side of the people who were trying to kill Joel and Ellie in Kansas City (instead of Pittsburgh like in the game). Neil Druckman and Craig Mazin said their inspiration came from how throughout history there have been cases where the revolution that usurps a repressive regime becomes just as bad if not worse than the previous regime. Also loved that we got to see Jeffery Pierce (aka Tommy from the games) finally show up in the show!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
WispyLuma Aylar önce
I cannot tell you how happy I was that the magazine scene was in the show, like, I was clapping 😂
KellyK Aylar önce
I’m annoyed, that episode felt short as hell😩😩 but Ellie cracked me up a lot this time around.
Ryan S
Ryan S Aylar önce
So now I only gotta wait 5 days lol
Warhawk Aylar önce
@georgia Same I was like wait that is weird let me go back and make sure I read that correctly lol
georgia Aylar önce
@Nongmaithem Avinash yay I’m so glad they tweeted it! I know a lot of people likely missed it I only caught a glimpse of it right before it went away and had to back up my stream to make sure it said what I thought it did
georgia Aylar önce
@Nongmaithem Avinash there was a title card right before the episode that said the next new one is Friday at 9pm
R-Smokey57 Aylar önce
The bond between Joel & Ellie is starting to get better, can’t wait to see how they play out the Henry & Sam story next episode
Mistah47 Aylar önce
They’re finally bonding!!! 🙏🏽💯 I loved the last episode, but for anyone who didn’t, this brings it back to Ellie and Joel and doesn’t disappoint. And we get the next one on Friday! 🔥
Cam’s Corner
Cam’s Corner Aylar önce
This episode gave lovers of the game some awesome moments while still adding even more amazing moments between Joel and Ellie. 💩 👖 🧬
JacksonLane02 Aylar önce
I didn't even know til the behind the episode at the end of the runtime that Jeffery Peirce( dude who plays Tommy in the game) was the Soilder who's name is Perry who was with Kathleen in this episode. Gosh it's awesome that most of the people who played the characters in the game are cameoing in the series
HeikkiP Aylar önce
I'm loving this show more and more each episode. The bonding Joel and Ellie are starting to have is so beautiful to watch
TEXT 👉Official_ThinkSchool 👈ON tele,,gram
Arcane Vi
Arcane Vi Aylar önce
Diarrhea is hereditaryyyy Joel and ellie scenes in this episode were so cute, especially the diarrhea scene, I got teary eyed lmao
pencil Aylar önce
This was amazing and the ending has me in tears knowing what’s ahead
georgia Aylar önce
As soon as I saw the guy faking being hurt and realized where they were I immediately started talking to my tv going oh no oh no I’m not ready for Henry & Sam yet NOOOO
Stephanie L
Stephanie L Aylar önce
For real, I was half laughing at the adorableness of the ending, and half going "oh lord, it's only episode *four* and their bond is already everything - this show is going to freaking break me😭" It's so so good, but I'm already not ready for what's to come!!
Kathryn Bedrosian
Kathryn Bedrosian Aylar önce
Pedro and Bella continue to kill it each episode! Kudos to the actor that played Bryan, did amazing work with limited lines and was the most disturbing part of this episode. From the 'I don't know what to do' to talking about his Mom to begging Ellie to stay when Joel tells her to go into the other room, great work.
Sandra Morris
Sandra Morris Aylar önce
Awesome episode. Absolutely loving the growing bond between Joel and Ellie. I’m kinda nervous about next week though…
Mash709 Aylar önce
It's....yeah, gotta brace for that.
Lᴜᴄᴀs_ᴋʏH Aylar önce
Joel and Ellie’s scene at the end is so heartwarming, I loved it!
Nathan Lusk
Nathan Lusk Aylar önce
Like how when Joel killed that Bryan he didn’t feel remorseful to Ellie; where in the first episode after killing the grandma he apologized to Sarah. Just shows you how much the world has changed
Vincent Walker
Vincent Walker Aylar önce
Your assessment of the quiet moments between Joel & Ellie is spot on. Like when Joel told Ellie to stay close as they were hiding from the hunters. The look Ellie gave was of trust and dependency, without the need for words.
Kurt Barnes
Kurt Barnes Aylar önce
not sure if anyone caught this but the ending credits song for this episode was true faith which was covered by Ashley Johnson as ellie in the cinematic trailer for the last of us part 2. was so happy they put it in!
de 68a
de 68a Aylar önce
Yep caught this and was gonna mention it. As a musician and a big fan of collating every bit of music used in TLOU franchise it was such a nod to the news of the green light to TLOU Series 2.. i wonder if this was added recently post this news? Anyway Hooky, Barney, Stephen, Gillian and Mr Hague get some more royalties!! For info: True Faith is in DMinor which has meanings that could span pages to relate to the game/series. Also it was released in 1987, so fits in with 1980s decade "trouble" meaning !!
pooty195 Aylar önce
It's True Faith cover by Lotte Kestner. It was also used in a TLOU2 trailer.
georgie rose
georgie rose Aylar önce
YES I RECOGNIZED THAT RIGHT AWAY! it didn’t sound like ashley though. i thought it kind of sounded like kathleen’s actress?
Kurt Barnes
Kurt Barnes Aylar önce
@Reel Rejects only realized it because I'm replaying part 2 because of the show haha
Reel Rejects
Reel Rejects Aylar önce
Andrew Vera
Andrew Vera Aylar önce
This was my favorite episode of The Last Of Us. God they’ve nailed this adaptation in every aspect! From character to story to action, ect. Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey ARE Joel and Ellie!
Christopher Gongora
This episode really helps set up TLOU2 as well with humanizing the marauders already gets the audience set up for “both sides.”
Ethan Holgate
Ethan Holgate Aylar önce
God, this episode was perfection and man the way they brought Henry and Sam in at the end 😱😱😱
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china Animejukudoll
This episode was heartfelt and full of adventure! It was more relaxed episode in my opinion but it was a great build to Joel and Elle’s relationship. It was pretty sweet and very realistic seeing them bond. 😢
The Nerdy Wave
The Nerdy Wave Aylar önce
This episode was great, can’t wait for next week to see Episode 5!!!
Warhawk Aylar önce
@georgia lol
georgia Aylar önce
@Warhawk true, but that’s a problem for future georgia and future Warhawk to worry about
Warhawk Aylar önce
@georgia Yep but that means unfortunately we have to wait longer for episode 6.
georgia Aylar önce
we only have to wait til Friday for Ep5 I’m so excited
Chris Unkart
Chris Unkart Aylar önce
Another great episode! I’m just so happy that this series didn’t flop. And the trailer for next weeks episode…
GingerGeek Aylar önce
I loved this episode I adore Bella and Pedro chemistry on and off screen... I'm loving this series so far bring on next week's episode!!! Great reaction guys xx
Mr. ET
Mr. ET Aylar önce
This show hasn't missed yet!!!!! The way they humanized the Hunters and actually gave them a story instead of them being just an obstacle.....Pedro and Bella have the most amazing chemistry!!!!! God I haven't had a negative thing to say about this show
maddie_el_kaye Aylar önce
I’m really surprised no one else has mentioned how scared Joel becomes when they hit the road block in Kansas City. You can see his wheels turning second by second. Made me so emotional
Tharuka Epaarachchi
The chemistry between Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey is amazing and also Pedro Pascal was hilariously cracking up on snl as well.Nice timing with the episode 😉
James OG
James OG Aylar önce
I can't believe I was concerned about this series before it came out. It's just so damn good, I also like having to wait a week between episodes for some reason 💀😂
Ata Orhan
Ata Orhan Aylar önce
The scene where he smiled at the joke is everything man
JasperJHNS Aylar önce
You guys talk about "prior moments" and I totally agree. Same dialogue, same end result, but different feeling. Love it. Not just exact copy of the scenes from the game.
Siddhant Pandey
Siddhant Pandey Aylar önce
It's funny that you made that "You talkin' to me?" connection, Andrew!! In The Last of Us: Left Behind, if you wear the triple phoenix mask (I believe it's this one) in the Halloween store and press square (might have to do it more than once), Ellie will actually say this exact line lol. The other action she performs if you press square is that she dances a bit. Canonically, Ellie from the games has seen Taxi Driver lol
Jacob Landis
Jacob Landis Aylar önce
I love that they threw in the jokes because it pays tribute to Joel and Ellie’s relationship in part II (Joel trying to remember the joke about the clock). A very cool little moment!
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Denzy Aylar önce
God I love this show!!
Carter Lovejoy
Carter Lovejoy Aylar önce
This show is REALLY doing the games and the story justice! I love that more people that aren’t gamers are getting hooked on the world and the story. It makes me feel happy and fills my heart that something like The Last of Us is getting more mainstream recognition.
Either Tim Or Asha
Either Tim Or Asha Aylar önce
So glad they let our emotions breathe a little this week. Great parallels to the game. Can't wait for the early episode next friday!
just a fraction of time
The devil works hard but the Reel Rejects work harder 😂 y’all are so fast. Just finished the ep myself
Mariah Jo
Mariah Jo Aylar önce
Right? Haha
Lalisa T
Lalisa T Aylar önce
LOL my exact reaction as well as soon as Jeffrey Pierce popped onscreen and heard him talk! TOMMYYY!!
shayla Aylar önce
Best part of this episode was hearing Jeffery Pierce (Tommy) from the game 😭
Thorney Quins
Thorney Quins Aylar önce
Damn great episode...the are starting to bond and joel slowly opening up...i hope they have bloopers for this...because of their great chemistry!! Also when joel said ellie is just a cargo then the the ambush and shooting came...joel straight up begins being overprotective towards ellie...and when he said "look at me", that already is just a father being protective to his child...
WhisperGaming Aylar önce
5:03 I think the implication is that his daughter read that book! Or that she enjoyed puns. So Joel knows the punchline because of Sarah.
Siddhant Pandey
Siddhant Pandey Aylar önce
There's a note you find in the Regal Apartments shiv door in the game. In this note, a woman named Eva picks up arms and swears revenge against FEDRA because they killed her son for protesting. Upon reading it, Joel comments (one of the few times Joel says something about a note) "well, with that kind of thinking, no one wins." Here, Kathleen's brother is killed by FEDRA. I'm almost 100% certain that this character was inspired by Eva and that note.
AKL Aylar önce
Very happy the game actors are getting some of the recognition they deserve. It seems sadly rare in most adaptations.
Natalie Brown
Natalie Brown Aylar önce
Im really glad they included a lot of the game actors in this show. It was cool to see Tommy’s actor in the episode.
Ri Aylar önce
I loved this ep, that last scene with Joel and Ellie was so cute 🤧😭
TEXT 👉Official_ThinkSchool 👈ON tele,,gram
Rose Aylar önce
this episode is so brutal i love it .
TEXT 👉Official_ThinkSchool 👈ON tele,,gram
georgia Aylar önce
I can’t tell you how excited I am that we only have to wait til Friday for the next new episode LFG I’m sure Reel Rejects will have their reactions up just as fast then too so I’m double-excited for that. Thank you guys for helping me keep my TLOU binge going for dayyysss lol
DatBoiDego Aylar önce
Episode 3 was like a freedom episode, gave the writers and the OG storytellers a chance to show what they wanted from the first game, but now it’s episode 4 and it looks like this show is back on track with the game. I wonder if they are gonna change what happens to Sam and Henry or keep it as is from the game 😢😢😢
SarahSav Aylar önce
37:42 yeah that’s such an important touch. In the game the NPCs like the hunters or other groups you don’t really humanize them. They are just obstacles in the way, ‘things’ you have to kill. It’s easy to forget that they are humans. And adding Bryan crying for his mother in his final moments was hard to witness and with the addition of Kathleen you can really realize that they are not these monsters without emotion like the infected are, but people with stories and emotions.
Lost Legend
Lost Legend Aylar önce
Pedro Pascal laughing it's what you live for
Louis Berry
Louis Berry Aylar önce
Loving this show and it's pacing and development. Pedro And Belle are nailing Joel And Ellie and their growing connection like the game. Hope to get a lot of time for Henry And Sam to shine like the game. Can't wait for the rest and hope to get flashbacks of The Aftermath Of Sarah's death and How Joel Met Tess.
Siddhant Pandey
Siddhant Pandey Aylar önce
Glad to see Joel conserving his ammo. Seen too many players shoot the downed enemies (the last alive enemy who begs for their life) in the game. I never do that. ALWAYS melee them lol
Reece Hart
Reece Hart Aylar önce
I have never cheered so loudly over a joke book or an "artistic" magazine in my life
Michael Scott
Michael Scott Aylar önce
After episode's three deviation...I'm incredibly happy with 4...man, it was perfect.
Fire in the Holtz
Fire in the Holtz Aylar önce
Love this show really doing the games justice
Perplexed Wolf
Perplexed Wolf Aylar önce
I liked that they had Ellie maim him instead and then having to hear his cries. It made it feel even more real hit harder than in the game where she straight kills him. At least for me it did. Both are still great.
Scorpionstrike7 Aylar önce
As someone who hasn’t played the game, I like the way Joel and Ellie’s relationship is progressing
Cryptic Mindz
Cryptic Mindz Aylar önce
Never played the game though greatly enjoying the show ( make me want to play it now but holding off till the shows end ). The part where the kid screams out to his mom was VERY real in terms of what would it be like. Probably that kids first time out hunting then BAM, paralyzed and in shock, begging for my life... i couldn't imagine but I know I would be screaming out to my mother and I am 33 years old... terrifying scene in terms of reality.
Joan Heartless
Joan Heartless Aylar önce
Now the episodes are getting way much better this one was really good
JStymie Aylar önce
With every passing episode, I love more and more how this show is both so faithful to the game, while having a lot of significant changes. If you look at the last episode, Bill still served the same basic functions -- to get Joel & Ellie a truck, and to help push Joel away from his loaner path (in the game via a negative example of where his road was leading him, in the show via positive example showing that even men like them can open up to someone). This episode is another good example of a character change that has been showing on and off throughout the series so far... game Joel is definitely darker and quicker to anger, show Joel is a little more even-keel. On the flipside, though, where as game Ellie is a bit more high-energy spastic but also innocent and open, while show Ellie is a bit darker and more secretive. Both combinations work and it's going to make it easy to suggest the game to new fans of the show, because the two experiences will each still thrive on their own.
Mash709 Aylar önce
THEY PUT IN THE JOKE BOOK!! I was so happy when she broke it out!
Metalj Aylar önce
Really liked how they never say it but Joel clearly stays up all night on watch in the forest. Hence the huge thermos of coffee, failure in the fight and general tiredness, and "losing it bigtime" when finally laying down to sleep.
Ciscoak 907
Ciscoak 907 Aylar önce
first time joel legitimately smiles is that "scarecrow" joke, and the 1st time joel lols is the diareah joke...
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Iris Moon
Iris Moon Aylar önce
Ya'll would love the promotional interviews with Pedro and Bella. They are friggin precious.
Sensei KLX
Sensei KLX Aylar önce
I literally just finished it 😭 and was waiting for this 🙌🏾
Ohio guy
Ohio guy Aylar önce
Life is completed by seeing Sam and Henry
saltysalmon Aylar önce
When Bellie spoke out the line "you are losing it big time." I swear It literally sounds exactly like Ashley Johnson aka our Ellie from the game. Love how she's been doing and really looking forward to the rest of the show!
HoldYourFire Aylar önce
The ambush when they get to Pittsburgh is as far as I ever got in the game. I'm just not a good gamer, so I never finished it even though I liked the story. So excited to see what happens from here!! These 2 actors are just amazing together.
Aaron Hall
Aaron Hall Aylar önce
After episode 3 I watched a lot of other TRvid reactors.....because I enjoy watching people cry.....and I have to give kudos to Greg and Andrew. They do a great job breaking down the episode.
Karen Ingram
Karen Ingram Aylar önce
I still find myself comparing the show to the game a lot in my head, but there's no shred of disappointment in doing so. I love the differences as much as the similarities, it's all great. What a joy to have a GOOD adaptation of a video game, finally. You can tell that everybody involved--in front of the camera and behind it--worked their asses off to make this something special, and they should all be proud.
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