THE LAST OF US Episode 3 Breakdown & Ending Explained | Review And Game Easter Eggs

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THE LAST OF US Episode 3 Breakdown & Ending Explained. Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping @Manscaped with code HEAVY20 at → mnscpd.com/HeavySpoilers

We break down Episode 3 of TLOU Including what we think will happen and the major game plot points. Covering subjects such as Joel and Ellie, Tommy, Bill And Frank, the game differences, all the Easter Eggs we spotted and also our Theories on what this could mean moving forward in Episode 4.

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so The Last Of Us Episode 3 has just dropped and in this video we're gonna breaking down the new entry, talking about the easter eggs in it and all the changes to the game. Whereas the last two weeks have had us following the footsteps of Joel and Ellie, this one takes a big detour. Not only do we focus on Bill and Franks relationship but they also massively alter the way that things happen in the game.

Now the first thing I wanna do is go through Bills story in the playstation classic for everyone who hasn't played it, just so that they can get an idea of how much things were changed and what we originally had the first time round. As always we will be saving future spoilers for the end of the video and if you enjoy it then please hit the thumbs up button and don't forget to subscribe for breakdowns like this every day. With that out the way, huge thank you for clicking this, now lets get into The Last Of Us Episode 3.


Now in the game you arrive in Lincoln having just escaped the state building. This culminated in Tess' death and Joel and Ellie fled into a subway station after being chased by Fedra agents. You never really got to catch your breath and on the other side of this when you did slow down Joel refused to talk about Tess. This showed how cold he was and even upon reaching Bill you just played along that she was alive without ever correcting him when he asked about her.

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Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers Aylar önce
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Lima Alexander
Lima Alexander Aylar önce
@MacGyver man you take a closer look. Use glasses.!!!!
REX10 Aylar önce
it is a 7 with slash through middle not a 9
Alden Michels
Alden Michels Aylar önce
Stacked stones or a cairn are done often as memorials or gravesites - I read it as Joel silently paying memorial to Tess.
Jupiter Aylar önce
I 100% agree and think that he was telling himself it was to be a way marker so he could lie to himself that it wasn't for her
ShadowProject01 Aylar önce
I think this was the intent I agree
Ultimate Douchebag
Ultimate Douchebag Aylar önce
@Dj_ Cmc22 hey, if you like eating hot dogs, more power to you....but there other ways to show love.....how about a guy waxing his carrot?......oops, i mean car.
Wil Bane
Wil Bane Aylar önce
Pretty much exactly what Craig said it was on the podcast
thewirah1 Aylar önce
The thing about Ellie asking so many naive question about the world before the pandemic is that it makes her appear child-like, whereas initially Joel saw her as a big-mouthed teenager. That innocence makes it a lot harder for Joel to block Ellie out and be cruel to her.
Fernando Ramirez
Fernando Ramirez Aylar önce
Annoying questions
Kotarō Aylar önce
Also Joel forgets Ellie was born after the pandemic started.
Angsty Teen
Angsty Teen Aylar önce
I think it's worth mentioning that Joel telling Ellie to put on her seatbelt very much ties into the death of his daughter as she wasn't wearing one when the truck got hit by the piece of the plane/other car. If she was, she might not have injured her leg and the soldier might not have shot. It's just another example of Joel learning from his past mistakes.
Charisma Hornum-Fries
We talked about that here. When we were the only people biking through the center of Copenhagen back under lockdown we put on bike lights. Completely unnecessary but a way to uphold normalcy. We thought that was the second reason.
CoffinEd13 Aylar önce
Because Joel always learns from his mistakes. 🌝
Michael Meadows
Michael Meadows Aylar önce
I didn't really think about that but it totally makes sense and is perfect for character development. It shows that Joel is starting to care for her. Nice observation!
Aji H
Aji H Aylar önce
Did anyone catch the front door closing when Joel tried to open Bill's room in the house? The door closed because of the draft due to an open window in Bill and Frank's room (as described in the note left by Bill).
Rashaad Genie
Rashaad Genie Aylar önce
Nice catch!
TkingQ Aylar önce
That's all good a well fair enough but this episode was a just to woke for no need at all has no reflection on the story at all just a waste of an episode and still no action hopefully it not the start of rewriting the story because what is the point in making it and just could call it something else..🤔
chloe c
chloe c Aylar önce
@Bobby Fischer yeah I know but I was just wondering how they came to that conclusion
Bobby Fischer
Bobby Fischer Aylar önce
@chloe c He wouldn’t. This dude is way overthinking this pretty simple love story haha
Michaelneiss Aylar önce
Besides a beautiful relationship, this episode is also telling us much about a way to remain human under the most adverse of circumstances. Initially, it took a capable man like Bill to save this remaining patch of civilisation, albeit rather by accident than by design. But it was the determination of Frank that turned both of them into custodians of the little world that the murdered ones left behind. Even though it is not spelled out explicitly during the episode, it feels to me that the small acts of appreciation that Frank and Bill came to bestow upon their physical memories also served to restore the very dignity that their own government denied them when it chose to dispose of them back in 2003. As a result, the whole neighbourhood becomes a shrine which preserves the last remnants of the same civilization that we only spot in a state of total ruin elsewhere. Therefore, it feels twice as heartbreaking to know that Bill and Frank have gone for good and that the place is doomed to fade like the rest of the world.
MrOh2specv Aylar önce
The “hehehehehehehehe” in the letter from Bill, had my DYING!!! Also beautiful episode, the crafted such a beautiful love story. 10/10! Loving the series so far!
saedo Aylar önce
The sulfuric acid is for the battery. It seems Bill must have split the battery into its component parts so it wouldn't degrade. Joel had to put it back together and charge it from scratch
Rashaad Genie
Rashaad Genie Aylar önce
@White Rabbit Oh boy.
Elder Rusty
Elder Rusty Aylar önce
@Keith Hooper yup, instructions were probably left nearby too
Despain Aylar önce
@La Rochejaquelein I’ve seen a lot of dumb comments on TRvid. Truly, I have. Yours takes the cake, tho
pojo 10
pojo 10 Aylar önce
@vanthursday He didn't build a battery
pojo 10
pojo 10 Aylar önce
@Saidu Fofanah Doesn't matter you cant take a battery apart and rebuild it
Alvin Holguin
Alvin Holguin Aylar önce
I loved Nick's little giggle when he tasted the strawberries. Reminded me of when Ron would giggle on parks and rec.
Nate Aylar önce
@AcidBath Spa and Resort huh
Gregor Drizzle wing
Give me ALL the bacon and eggs you have.
Juli Aylar önce
I love how the show develops on characters you won't spend many episodes on but still connect on the same level as the main characters. Truly amazing work from the writers.
Lima Alexander
Lima Alexander Aylar önce
@Embrace Valhalla sooo so righhhhtttt.!!!!!😋😋
Juli Aylar önce
@Lima Alexander a better one...
James C.
James C. Aylar önce
@Darragh O connor what about butch lesbians?
Darragh O connor
Darragh O connor Aylar önce
@King Patrick feminine men wouldn't last very long yes
AstridCrash Aylar önce
I've always seen Tess and Joel as very close friends. They're buddies that could kind of joke about being a couple but never really do anything about it. Both are strong and independent and that's why they work so well together as a team, neither is reliant on the other but they work towards the same goal and support each other...
Sugarsore Aylar önce
They were definitely romantically involved. Neil Druckmann talked about it in the HBO podcast for the show.
Lexz W
Lexz W Aylar önce
I like the placement of the "rule 1 2 3" conversation in the show cuz it makes more sense. Frank and Bill plus earlier Tess made Joel realize that Ellie is the person worth saving in this world. It's at the moment, after reading the letter from Frank and Bill, that Joel decided to work with Ellie, so he set the rules for her, in his cold and indifferent way.
Daniel Paterson
Daniel Paterson Aylar önce
I was not expecting such an emotional episode. After the first episode, I was expecting to cry maybe once in the series at the death of Sarah. I was sobbing through pretty much the last third/quarter of this episode. The way they crafted the narrative of Bill and Frank's romance really made their ending a total gut punch. I'm loving this series and I can't wait for more.
K P Aylar önce
@Derek Prospero that’s actually a pretty funny point
Derek Prospero
Derek Prospero Aylar önce
@K P I find it so hilarious that everyone, literally everyone, who can’t stomach gay scenes describe it as being “shoved down their throats.” 😅
K P Aylar önce
@Mephostopheles like I said it’s not insecurity but yeah ik it’s two ppl in love. I get it. it was good story but you trynna shove the gay sex scene down my throat rn and tbh that’s even more insecure u trynna make others enjoy sumn they know they wont and that’s insecure asf personally wouldn’t be me🤷‍♀️
Mephostopheles Aylar önce
@K P Nah man you have no reason to be uncomfortable with it other than being insecure. Sorry bro, it’s literally just two people in love, if that bother’s you you need to grow a backbone
Jae Me
Jae Me Aylar önce
About the exposure through bread, flour, cereal, sugar. Makes sense that the survivors like Bill were not eating that. I like the consistency of showing him eating real food, vegetables he grew and meat and eggs he harvested.
Celieboo Aylar önce
Everyone went Paleo. Lol.
intro3 outro
intro3 outro Aylar önce
If this happened in real life I would be from the 1st ones to go with how much bread I eat 💀
MacGyver Aylar önce
Joel kills all the fireflies and the doctors working on Ellie for the Cure because the Cure would kill her
A H Aylar önce
@Benri bread is not even made from wheat
Tahlia E
Tahlia E Aylar önce
The strawberry scene was what got me - thinking I knew where it was headed. This ending was so much better. Devastating in the best way possible. 💔
Lindsay Garvin
Lindsay Garvin Aylar önce
I loved Bill’s character development in the series, a paranoid, Ron Swanson opens up and falls in love during a fungi apocalypse. I was completely OK with this deviation from the original story….. so far all the deviations have really added some thing to the series. … Like how the fungi connects is really a great element.
TheBackRoom StockBoy
Honestly, I couldn’t agree with you more. I was pretty excited yet very unsure when I heard about this series. The Last of Us is one of my very favorite games and I’m shocked that they are killing it! Can’t wait to see more!
Stewart Fletcher
Stewart Fletcher Aylar önce
"Episode 3 Breakdown" is exactly how I felt by the end of the episode
Clara Salinas Sánchez
I liked the tampax moment, because in these kind of films/series or games the writers usually forget about the period.
Acromion 11
Acromion 11 Aylar önce
Probably the best scene in television history
Dr. POP Aylar önce
A.B. Aylar önce
I also appreciated that scene.
clemnthyme Aylar önce
man i started crying halfway through the episode and didn’t stop until the credits rolled. it was such a beautiful and bittersweet story with some phenomenal acting! it tied in really well with the themes of the larger narrative. i really like the changes they made, and im glad they’re focusing on expanding characters rather than it just being all zombie action. a lot of action works well for video games, but narrative additions like this are what really makes adaptations shine.
Lima Alexander
Lima Alexander Aylar önce
All a bunch of pretty pinky ponies.🤣😂🤣😂😂😎😎
deen Aylar önce
totally agree!!
𝑫𝒂𝒗𝒊𝒔 𝑺𝒕𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒏𝒔
I've always enjoyed Nick Offerman very much. But I didn't know he had this caliber of acting in him, he was absolutely sensational beyond words. It may be completely different from the character of Bill, but seeing their life together was beautiful, romantic, tragic, all in one. Pedro and Bella continue to display amazing chemistry, cannot wait for next week.
Criss Contino
Criss Contino Aylar önce
@Black Phillip I don't. The fact you can't deal with that is CRINGE, Karen.
Spiders Aylar önce
I'm so happy that they didn't make Frank hate Bill. I definitely think he deserved to go out with his lover like that. It was such a sweet moment. Beautiful writing, honestly.
Panzer Lehr
Panzer Lehr Aylar önce
B. S.😖
President Yoda Rodenkirch
Primitive USA bro gay people exist, there’s nothing you can do about it. gay people don’t hate you, they’re not out to get you. they just love the same way you love, as they are humans just like we are
CutePandamonium Aylar önce
@conway329 you never played the games it would seem. The story is about the people not the monsters. It is about the relationships and connections people discover in impossible circumstances like an apocalypse. If you don't like same sex relationships then you are going to be unhappy with the rest of the story.
Scott E. Dawg
Scott E. Dawg Aylar önce
2 small things I noticed;- 1) The song on the radio at the end of episode 1 seemed to focus on the words "I'm taking a ride with my best friend" which was sent by Bill. It mirrored Bill and Frank dying - Bill was taking a ride with his best friend... 2) If you look carefully at the creeping fungus in the opening credits, there are brown globs of fungus depicting townships of uninfected scattered around the USA.
Liv Aylar önce
Bill and Frank's love story was so poignant, glad they showed the humanity of two people falling in love and forging a new normal life in the midst of all the other terrible apocalypse stuff going on.
Lima Alexander
Lima Alexander Aylar önce
You 're right on that.. Got the same feeling🤗🤗
D/ Night
D/ Night Aylar önce
@Nunya Bidness yet here they are? Why is it such a big issue for you? Oh no it hurts “you’re” feeling
D/ Night
D/ Night Aylar önce
@Nunya Bidnessoh no you’re feelings you’re “values” 😭😭
Nunya Bidness
Nunya Bidness Aylar önce
Not a love story. Not love. Didn't your parents teach you anything? So insulting to real couples to pretend there is parity.
Izawwlgood Aylar önce
I took the stone stacking to also be a memorial for Tess. Also, showcasing how two people find love and go out together ties well to the games title. They were the Last of Us.
HypE Aylar önce
The dinner scene broke me...I can't remember the last time I cried during a film/series. This episode was the best for me so far, such a beautiful, bittersweet story! And such a beautiful depiction of love!
Dan duerkop
Dan duerkop Aylar önce
I love you have the npc profile pic. Fitz
White Rabbit
White Rabbit Aylar önce
grow a pair
HypE Aylar önce
@Rapha&Yada Farms Soft? I am literally a soldier! xD If you didn't think that the episode was touching that's fine, but don't criticize others who liked it!
The Eid of E
The Eid of E Aylar önce
@Rapha&Yada Farms it’s literally directly in context. But I doubt a pastor supporting violence and anything other than love understands a single word of Jesus. whatever you want to tell yourself to twist the words of a God to support your hate of others. I’ll continue to do as Jesus preaches. You can continue to ignore the New Testament because you hate “others” and dream of the day you can freely hurt them. Otherwise instead of a militia you’d be helping people. Violence people seek violence and I’ll pray for your violence and hate to leave you.
Rapha&Yada Farms
Rapha&Yada Farms Aylar önce
@The Eid of E tell that 2 his 12 disciples, then you bring out one scripture out of context when you know the Messiah’s coming back for blood up to the horses bridle. Uh oh!
fatima Aylar önce
i missed the banter between ellie and bill and joel going through bills traps but what this episode actually ended up being was so needed and so emotional. it was great
TacoZone Aylar önce
@JUNA not relevant to this post but i whas referring to frank wanting to kiss and sleep together so fast just felt very quick affection and as a straight man if felt a bit weird seeing them kiss the first time im not used to seeing it and i don't look for content where men kiss and if this whas entire show i would not watch it and i would have been more happy if this part whas maybe 20-30 min then we joal and ellie interact with bill or hell keep them both alive for joel and ellie i would have been ok as a extra episode maybe it whas a nice story just felt out of place
John Smith
John Smith Aylar önce
@Kenny Johnson yeah man, pretty sure I’am not a degenerate, are you ?
Keith Anderson
Keith Anderson Aylar önce
It's cool they changed it up but I was also looking forward to the funny interactions between Ellie and Bill
Kaij Aylar önce
I've got another interpretation of Ellie killing the infected. She doesn't really have a look of mourning, it's more morbid fascination. I believe this is setting up Part II where Ellie becomes much more violent and bloodthirsty - this is supported by the ending of ep 1, when Joel murdered that soldier, Ellie watched on and liked it. Of course, the infected could have been a mercy kill, but I think it's deeper than that
angelique Aylar önce
The creators said as much in the podcast. It was coming from a sadistic place. In the episode when Joel beats the guard, the look on Ellie's face is charged. She's drawn to the violence of the world.
EndureEndeavour Aylar önce
@mobious01 explain further?
M Aylar önce
I took it as a morbid fascination, but because of her previous encounters and it’s the first time she’s seen one close like this. She has a unique perspective having been bitten
mobious01 Aylar önce
Lmao “liked it”
Jason Evans
Jason Evans Aylar önce
Just a theory but I think Bill is still alive & will show up later in the season. The camera shot of the door closing right after Joel/Ellie arrived was way too suspicious. Watched it a bunch of times & def wasn’t Ellie nor the wind. Someone snuck out & most likely Bill. I think he (or both) unintentionally survived the overdose Other clues- pills were 20 yrs old & lost potency, 1st line of the note says don’t go in the bedroom, note/key was placed on the corner as if left in a rush, music was still playing down in the bunker & explanation was playlist reset every few wks but it had clearly only been a few days.
Dom510 Aylar önce
Episode 3 was absolutely phenomenal. Really loved all of the changes and expansions. This episode was heartbreaking. Can’t wait for episode 4 and to see how they do the ambush scene.
Julie Nicole
Julie Nicole Aylar önce
I loved this episode and think the change of story for Bill & Frank work better for the show.
Lizzard Aylar önce
This episode was beautiful in the way it played out. Making them be a couple and then flipping the script with the love of his life getting Parkinson's? 💔
Kyle Aylar önce
The open window is the window they left open so the house wouldn't stink. Such a sad ending but an incredible episode!
David Barroso
David Barroso Aylar önce
Primitive USA they didn’t do anything with Joel and Tess’s relationship like they did with Bill and Frank. i don’t think it was a romantic masterpiece, and i don’t like that they changed it to a more positive ending, but it wasn’t bad
David Barroso
David Barroso Aylar önce
Primitive USA bro, if you don’t like the episode, that’s fine. you don’t have to like anything just because it involves gay characters. but when something is bad to you just because it has gay characters, and you think the only reason anyone likes it is because it’s gay and they’re brainwashed, then you’re just weird.
Janbert Guerrero
Janbert Guerrero Aylar önce
@Bilbo Gmail it was happy, bittersweet, but also sad, its sad because it ended, but it was happy because of how it ended. Heck, im sure anyone in the zombie apocalypse would want to die like that, in your own terms and living like kings in the end
Cory Rich
Cory Rich Aylar önce
Socio 😂😂🔥🔥It’s been around since life has been on earth. You can turn anything into an agenda, but is it right to turn people’s life into one?
Kobean History
Kobean History Aylar önce
Great video as always! Just wanted to correct one thing, you refer to the fungus as plants a few times but fungi aren't plants. They are their own separate kingdom of life, more closely related to animals than plants.
Kahldria Leighsun
Kahldria Leighsun Aylar önce
Every episode has made me cry, but I wept like a baby with the love story here. At first I was holding my breath thinking it would go wrong but..after the strawberry scene I knew they were going for a soul punch this time. The acting...it made me so jealous I want to be loved like that. May we all be loved the way Bill & Frank loved each other❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Deb Shaw
Deb Shaw Aylar önce
This episode was so moving! The acting was phenomenal!!!
BoyWizard Aylar önce
This gives the use of Never Let Me Down Again more meaning imo. I know that the playlist is set to automatically play, likely a shuffle but the lyrics work with what Bill and Frank end up doing. The song is about addiction but more generally, taking drugs and/or alcohol. There’s also the literal interpretation of the lyrics in that Bill and Frank are best friends in addition to lovers.
Kimberley Jane McNab
After going on about the toilet roll stashing, you actually missed out the fact that Ellie stashes toilet roll into her backpack after Joel tells her to fill up on necessities for their onward journey. It’s the only thing other than the gun you see her pack lol!
Jonathan Levant
Jonathan Levant Aylar önce
Man I could've cried. This is a big reminder that the show is not just about Joel and Ellie, but the survivors of the apocalypse and how they manage to find humanity without looking for it. Really sweet episode and I'm happy they changed everything they did to make the show special.
Stephanie Reyes
Stephanie Reyes Aylar önce
@White Rabbit it was intentionally done to create drama and to divide
Dutchdmg85 Aylar önce
@White Rabbit oh no...poor fragile little you.
White Rabbit
White Rabbit Aylar önce
the pink dollar is huge so why not have it onside for HBO subs....?
White Rabbit
White Rabbit Aylar önce
@Willian ッ exactly! waste of airtime! this episode adds nothing to the story arcs. its just the production company trying to look woke and open to all....what a bs marketing move! its all about the money....
White Rabbit
White Rabbit Aylar önce
@Monkey Dog i agree. its personal choice but why make this move and ruin the show?
Bryan McCauley
Bryan McCauley Aylar önce
I'm from New Orleans and I remember the FEMA - X - Markings left on all the doors after the house was search. You were lucky to see them with all the piles of debris in front of the houses - some as tall as the roof. And every yard had a fridge wrapped with Duct Tape out front.
Jord Aylar önce
Man this episode had me ugly crying. Did not expect it this early in the series at all
Danyelldoesnot Aylar önce
I think this episode shows what true love looks like as a comparison to that of Tess and Joel. Joel lost his ability to love when he lost Sarah. Ellie helps him learn how again.
Cloverleafe Aylar önce
I agree. It highlights how both Bill and Joel were closed off and afraid to love. Bill opened himself to it whereas Joel still refuses to. I really enjoyed all of the parallels between Joel and Bill this episode. And I look forward to seeing Joel let Ellie in.
White Rabbit
White Rabbit Aylar önce
nobody cares
Some Jerkbag
Some Jerkbag 21 gün önce
24:46 That smile when he gets the rabbit for dinner just melts me 😊
Katrin Kroning
Katrin Kroning Aylar önce
Perhaps one of the most involving love stories in a complete different ambience. I honestly was very critical in the beginning but in the end I nearly cried and now it’s a perfect part of the evolution to the Joel story. Really liked it much more I was expecting. Cannot wait for how the serie will ho on…
mattbo_0 Aylar önce
I didn't think they'd change Bill and Frank's story this much but damnit was amazing. Also having Frank being sick from a disease rather than being infected makes it hit harder. Emmys all around
Cloverleafe Aylar önce
@ha people hating it just don't WANT to see
Legatus Skiller
Legatus Skiller Aylar önce
@Devon Henry Why? Serious question
Mr. Majestic XIII
Mr. Majestic XIII Aylar önce
@mango🥭 I am missing The Walking Dead franchise and Black Sunday.
Mr. Majestic XIII
Mr. Majestic XIII Aylar önce
@The pattern of chairs THANK YOU!!! I'm already missing the Walking Dead franchise and the Black Sundy series.
mango🥭 Aylar önce
@Josh Navarro exactly! That’s so foul to make us watch 😭 like they could’ve kept their gay shit but at least had some action put in there not some lame ass gay story to make gen Z happy.
Alisa Aylar önce
For me, it was more emotional, than episode 1 and 2. I got some tears, in the end, when the window from Bill and Frank bedroom showed up on the screen... Such a beautiful and touching episode. Loved it.
Megfreakx3 Aylar önce
I honestly loved this episode. They turn a side story that ended in spite and made it a bittersweet story.
Chad Bentoski
Chad Bentoski Aylar önce
And, through their side story, actually developed Joel's character too.
Sip Aylar önce
@Jacob Fong absolutely not
Dave Verhoeven
Dave Verhoeven Aylar önce
@Jacob Fong how to say you wanted to see their meat without saying that you wanted to see their meat
Ana Lins
Ana Lins Aylar önce
Loved this episode. Wonderful performances. From a narrative point of view, it's important that Joel finds Bill's letter; it helps shape The relationship he will develop with Ellie. In a way, in the show, Bill is a mirror for Joel, he sees himself in that man. So, knowing that even Bill could find love and someone worth living and dieing for, the show is foreshadowing Joel's choices and sacrifices down the road.
DadaPlayz Aylar önce
This episode was amazing fr. Didn't expect them to do a whole episode on side characters but happy they did very heartwarming/breaking at the same time. Excellent breakdown per usual!
Sean Aylar önce
this was honestly one of the best love story episodes of tv i have ever seen. choked up.
Chris Aylar önce
LMAO, you choked up huh.
philip joseph
philip joseph Aylar önce
pursaki Aylar önce
Being familiar with the games, I wasn't expecting to cry during the Bill episode, but DAMN! That was such an emotional and touching episode!
RoseDVlad Aylar önce
@What in the Goddamn Sameee, i went to chill and laugh at 12 am and spent sobbing like a baby until 2 am, was not expecting this depth of real emotion and amazing acting. Truly an amazing time to watch this series
Eileen Snow
Eileen Snow Aylar önce
@What in the Goddamn I loved the episode and cried my eyes out, but come on…we don’t get ANY banter?
What in the Goddamn
@Eileen Snow honestly it would've been hilarious. One part of me loved episode 3 and the story it told. Another part of me? Wanted to see ellie smack Bill with a crowbar
Eileen Snow
Eileen Snow Aylar önce
@What in the Goddamn Ah man, I wish we could’ve gotten some of that! Not just Bill but Nick Offerman butting heads with a teenager 😂
Geremy Roxas
Geremy Roxas Aylar önce
yeessss 😭😭😭
Adam Hawn
Adam Hawn Aylar önce
I don’t think I’m capable of watching this show without being overwhelmed by emotion by every episode. 😢
Adam Hawn
Adam Hawn Aylar önce
@Emily Canfield I wouldn’t want it any other way
Emily Canfield
Emily Canfield Aylar önce
Right? Like can they chill 😭
Skyler Koontz
Skyler Koontz Aylar önce
14:50 you missed also how they did not eat pancakes the morning everything went down, saving them from eating the fungus. Joel even mentions “pancake mix” in his dialogue with Ellie
Camila Hurtado
Camila Hurtado Aylar önce
Cordyceps is a fungus...not a plant! Fungi and plants are completely different and fungi are actually more closely related to animals than plants. I noticed you mentioned "the plant" a few times in the video and as a biologist I couldn't stop cringing! haha...other than that thanks for the videos! Love them!
Ben Wallace
Ben Wallace Aylar önce
The stone stacking is used by backpackers to mark a trail or path that isn't easily identified. They do it for others after them and also if they need to take the same path back out of the woods. I think it was a combo of burying Tess and also marking the way back home.
Rikbikboo Gamer Noob
It was a very touching story and I really enjoyed it. Almost made me want to cry when they are on the sofa talking before the go to Main Street to go shopping Brilliant!
pursaki Aylar önce
I assumed the stone stacking was him mourning Tess.
FArid ch.
FArid ch. Aylar önce
Nah, he's just bored and find it fun to build a stone tower 💀
Alissa Miller
Alissa Miller Aylar önce
you’re right. in the official podcast druckman and mazin directly state that was the intention
Мария Пугьова
If I were in this situation my thoughts would be - what if me and Tess get there a few days early just by themselves, they will find Bill and Frank and that working car that they needed.
Buddy Bernor
Buddy Bernor Aylar önce
Agreed. Definitely for Tess.
TheCurlyFryBaggins Aylar önce
It definitely was
Auntie Nikki's Gamin
I really liked this episode even if it wasn't filled with action like the previous
GreatGabboVideos Aylar önce
This was a pretty strong one off episode, much like Clear is a huge favorite amongst Walking Dead fans. I really do wish they used the government killing the people (or about to kill them) as the cold open, as the opens of the other 2 episodes were great, while not having one here was a little jarring. RIP Annie Wersching.
Andy Tavary
Andy Tavary Aylar önce
13:06 could be Ellie having a glimpse into an alternate reality where she was born before the outbreak. After all... Dreams are a glimpse into the lives of our alternate counterparts.
noone Aylar önce
I will remember that couch scene for the rest of my life. Had to take a break cause I was watching at work and couldn't stop crying uncontrollably.
str1xt Aylar önce
Broke me too. Bills face when he realised it was going to happen. Man oh man. Great acting from the two of them.
Fidha Swaliha
Fidha Swaliha Aylar önce
Me too man. I just paused it at that scene.
Shawn Aylar önce
Willie Bracey
Willie Bracey Aylar önce
I honestly liked the deviation. It gave Bill more of back story and didn't hurt the overall narrative. I'm excited about how they'll handle the next episode.
Tyler Hollenbeck
Tyler Hollenbeck Aylar önce
Also I feel like a nice detail of acting by Pedro pascal is when he says pancake he seems more down when saying that because I think he realized that was the breakfast that Sarah was gonna make him for his birthday
Lee Daniel
Lee Daniel Aylar önce
Yes! Didn’t get a cake and didn’t have pancakes, either. The neighbors, however, had made biscuits AND cookies from scratch… hence their infection.
Amy Aylar önce
@Semechki for Putin I remember every detail of the day both of my parents suddenly died. Afterwards, I replayed every moment of the day just to remember what it felt like to do normal life one last time before they were gone. Given that it was his birthday, the day his daughter died, AND the day the world ended - I would say it’s entirely plausible that he would remember the meal his daughter was going to cook for him that morning.
solen Aylar önce
It was his birthday, the day his daughter died and the day the apocalypse started why would he NOT remember that?
Ettena Aylar önce
@firstname lastname It was his birthday, on top of that.
firstname lastname
firstname lastname Aylar önce
@Semechki for Putin it was the last day he spent with his daughter - as well as his birthday, and the last day before the world broke apart. it seems pretty plausible he'd remember bits and pieces...
MrEtotheA Aylar önce
I love seeing these small nodes to the show that players will recognize
danku_r Aylar önce
This was an 11/10 for me, amazing episode
jimmyramos Aylar önce
My wife and cried like babies last night. Beautiful episode. Their love was just beautiful.
Rafael Aylar önce
Bill’s S10 truck didn’t have a battery, but at the fridge there were parts for the battery (top with the poles) and sulfuric acid (stable in the cold). It’s implied that Joel filled the battery case with the acid and lead plates. Since car batteries got a relatively short shelf life, Bill kept the chemicals separated to last for an undefined amount of time (if the acid is free of impurities and kept refrigerated). Very clever storytelling, small details like this adds a lot. Nice breakdown, still laughing at the “Theory Time”. 😂
aajas Aylar önce
The only thing I really missed from the episode was the interaction of Bill and Ellie. Because she loved to sass him and he always gave her the "Why I oughta..." I hope the show brings back the high school sequence at some point
Jamie Hall-Hanlon
Jamie Hall-Hanlon Aylar önce
I was sad that Ellie wouldn’t have been able to meet Bill and his partner in a way where I would like a family member I have to meet another family member on the other side of my family. To do that in ONE episode is unreal, the interactions between them both and Ellie would have been so nice and family like
Jack Lynch
Jack Lynch Aylar önce
Dude. The scene on the couch was the closest I have ever been brought to tears by a show. Its so sad yet so well written
ImagineBeingTall Aylar önce
@Embrace Valhalla stop trying to flex you know spanish it’s TRvid Not duolingo 💀
ImagineBeingTall Aylar önce
@Embrace Valhalla i cant wrap it around my head that you are confidently saying that after replying just as fast
ImagineBeingTall Aylar önce
@Embrace Valhalla clearly you care enough to reply back, it’s either attention deprived as a child or attention deprived as an adult it’s one of them so just tell me which one
ImagineBeingTall Aylar önce
@Embrace Valhalla I mean if you wanna believe your attempts at unironically using gay as an insult worked then whatever floats your boat brother
ImagineBeingTall Aylar önce
@Embrace Valhalla bro is so cringe 😬 “seeing how weak you are”, “R-E-L-A-X”, you went from saying “what happened to ignoring me” over and over to unironically trying to use gay as an insult
CommandoReptilio Aylar önce
I loved this episode as it focusses on the good rather than just the bad for most of it. While I did not like that they killed of Bill as well (as it was one of my favorite side characters) I do understand. The only thing I did miss was his iconic line to Joel 'get off your ass and on your feet' right after the trap scene. I will say I did miss a lot of that but I enjoyed seeing him and Frank just live his life! Can't wait for episode 4 :D
Elizabeth Leigh Taylor
To think that the ever-funny Nick Offerman could make me cry is unthinkable. This was such a beautiful love story.
Μłκε ŠøLø
Μłκε ŠøLø Aylar önce
The best episode so far. I haven't cried in awhile and this episode really got me. Too bad people comments are really toxic, so much ignorance.
Karen B
Karen B Aylar önce
Thank you for your breakdowns of the episode. I did wonder how life would have been if Joel and Tess lived there too.
AndromedaCeline Aylar önce
Bill and Frank story was absolutely beautiful. I was so scared Frank was going to try and F*** Bill over for his resources (seen too much walking dead I guess haha), but to my relief it was a beautiful example of why we should help people and what we are living for. I’m sure the series will show many other examples of how awful humanity has become now. I’m glad they are showing us all sides of that spectrum and reminding us what’s at stake with Ellie’s survival.
MrPsymind Aylar önce
I believe that Ellie asking about if the pandemic was due to monkeys is due to an old TLOU theory that monkeys ate infected insects and then transmited it to people
Kotarō Aylar önce
No. When you are in the university Ellie says : Well, with all that research they might have turned into fk monkeys (after Joel opening a door full with monkeys behind it)
Mirio Aylar önce
It’s supposed to be from 28 days later.
CodeeXD Aylar önce
That's also how the outbreak happens in the 28 days later series
Martin Francis
Martin Francis Aylar önce
I was so happy they did this episode this way. It was so good to see them flesh out, Bill and Frank's relationship.
Dr. POP Aylar önce
Nick Offerman truly is an incredible actor. We don't talk enough about the range of this man and the phenomenal performance this episode. Wow.
Rocky Oliver
Rocky Oliver Aylar önce
This was a touching, beautiful, poignant episode. I love the character development, and a great way to show time outside of a QZ.
Matthew Hirschman
Matthew Hirschman Aylar önce
The song on the radio in the 1st episode is "Never Let Me Down Again" by Depeche Mode, and dam does it hit different after watching this episode. "I'm taking a ride with my best friend I hope he never lets me down again He knows where he's taking me Taking me where I want to be I'm taking a ride with my best friend"
Matthew Hirschman
Matthew Hirschman Aylar önce
@Grace Robertson I hadn't heard the song in years and thought it worked great just in that moment. I watched the music video right before watching the episode and they actually have some interesting parallels. If you overlap the song with Bill and Frank starting their walk on the street it goes together very well.
Grace Robertson
Grace Robertson Aylar önce
Holy shit you’re right. I already knew the song and lyrics before the show so I never really gave it much thought. But damn, that’s a wonderful touch. Every detail in this show has a significant purpose.
gary hall
gary hall Aylar önce
Ellie talking about monkeys is a Easter egg from the college level. There is a tape recorder in that level that explains that the monkeys are infected and bit one of the doctors doing research for a cure since the monkeys didn't turn.
Cnerf55 Aylar önce
Bill was already an amazing character. The show added so much new depth to his character. The scene on the couch was heartbreaking!
lordbono2 Aylar önce
@Pizza Pizza like your dad
str1xt Aylar önce
@Pizza Pizza where did you come?
Khorne, The Blood God
@Pizza Pizza I mean technically …. you’re not wrong.
Tom Brand
Tom Brand Aylar önce
@Pizza Pizza are you 7 years old?
Charles Murphy!
Charles Murphy! Aylar önce
This episode was truly amazing…. I really loved the drama and love they created.
originalloverman Aylar önce
great break down always enjoy you guys, I’ve not seen it as of yet so it gives alot to look forward to
Snoopys MX5
Snoopys MX5 Aylar önce
These guys lived what I would call an ideal life after the end of the world they both survived thrived and died peacefully
Jorge Falcon
Jorge Falcon Aylar önce
Impressive how fast you were able to complete this detailed walk-through. Good job 👏
gary hall
gary hall Aylar önce
He got to see the episode before it aired.
xstinktion Aylar önce
Holy shit that’s a great point. The episode just came out and yet this is such a detailed review! Kudos!
UceClipz Aylar önce
Whole episode was basically a Bill side mission 😂😂 but it was a very interesting episode, learning more about Bill n Frank.
S shunt
S shunt Aylar önce
To me it's like Bill and Frank are complete while Joel and Tess weren't because they had to part ways. And Joel will find that completeness in Ellie in season 1.
Amber Kirk
Amber Kirk Aylar önce
That is true. Joel also can't feel complete because there was no variability in his relationship. He couldn't let himself live Tess. So sad and relatable.
Fascinated Blueberry
The theory time part has me laughing so hard 😂😂
Lil Empress  Macy
Lil Empress Macy Aylar önce
i can not stop sobbing, I adored this damn episode omfg
str1xt Aylar önce
It was very emotional. I cried way too much. Just about to watch it again.
Jerry McCarney
Jerry McCarney Aylar önce
Under the Tess sentence was Bill offering Joel his way out. The “wine pairing” was a suicide recipe. The 2nd wine with the crushed pills was the wine recommend in his note. Guess it’s more like..- if you and Tess decide to take our way out. I recommend pairing “described pills/formula” and Brunello
Joel Silver
Joel Silver Aylar önce
On the Nature of Daylight is the instrumental song played near the end of the episode to add emotion to Frank and Bills relationship. It's also in Shutter Island and used the same way with Teddy's relationship.
It's Me Liska
It's Me Liska Aylar önce
About the gas masks. I don't think they only gave up on spores because of that. It would just simply require a lot of plot armor for the characters to not get infected with the spores in my opinion considering they can be everywhere and they might not even notice them.
StarvedRock 314
StarvedRock 314 Aylar önce
I did not expect to spend tonight bawling my eyes out watching the love story of Ron Swanson and Armond from White Lotus, but here were are. What incredible performances. What a show, man.
Jezza One
Jezza One Aylar önce
@Juuzou I probably will episode 2 was a bit slow as well.
Juuzou Aylar önce
@Jezza One abandon it
Fighting Lion enjoyer
@Pizza Pizza cry
Thuy Minh H.
Thuy Minh H. Aylar önce
I’m amazed at how fast you can get these videos ready every Sunday! Thanks for the great content, love your sense of humor
André Arrington
André Arrington Aylar önce
I love watching your breakdowns about shows I watch, but my favorite part of your videos has gotttt to be finding the easter egg of where you’ll use the Flanders snapping video clip. 😂
Hyper-thetical Theoreticals
That was an insanely beautiful episode, so many heart wrenching lines and I cared so much ab them in only 1 hour. Wow.
RobotSpider Aylar önce
I will never get tired of using On the Nature of Daylight in movies and tv. Writers who think it's used too much don't use it. But writers who use it know exactly the right scenes for it.
Amazing_Ambu Aylar önce
I weeped like a baby while watching this episode. Jezz this episode so great in many levels, Bill character made me remember my past love and when he also decided to suicide along with his partner made me weep hard. God .. I dialled my ex and started weeping in front of her!! ( We didn't marry because of family constraints, we r good frds thou) and explained her the whole episode and cried while explaining her!! 😭😭😭
chloe c
chloe c Aylar önce
This episode legitimately made me cry twice. First when Bill and Frank kissed for the first time, and second during the entire sequence of their final day. I’m glad we saw Bill’s soft side, and I’m also glad he and his soulmate were able to die together in this universe. It was tragic but so beautiful.
philip joseph
philip joseph Aylar önce
@Dork Knight07 man I thought I was the only one that thought this
philip joseph
philip joseph Aylar önce
@Josh Navarro most definitely. It was just unnecessary man. It felt very forest and rushed. I don't get the whole gay thing
Charlie Julian
Charlie Julian Aylar önce
Damn it i this episode had me pondering everything . Incredible complete love story told in one episode of an apocalypse show that was better than most lovey doves movies I’ve ever seen . So real
CallMeV Aylar önce
12:41, just like with the comics Joel can find for Ellie, it seems the dream may have to do with Ellie’s role as humanity’s cure being juxtaposed by her survivor’s guilt and self-doubt over not being able to protect herself and losing those she cares about. Perhaps at first, she felt ready to step up and fly the plane, but after all her mentally exhaustive experiences, she’s about ready to crash, which is why she pushes so hard to complete her journey with Joel so that all the suffering is made to mean something, not noticing how much of the latter’s paternal instincts these experiences have awoken because of his time with her.
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