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THE LAST OF US ELLIE Explained | Full History Breakdown. We breakdown the full history and explain the origins and story of Ellie in The Last Of Us. From the very beginning of Episode 1 of the HBO Series to where his story ends in The Last of Us Part 2.

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Alright so uuhhh The Last of Us series must have infected the minds of everyone, because it is the biggest show ever right now. And since we covered the history of Joel Miller last week, it’s time to move on to his counterpart for a majority of this post apocalyptic story, Ellie Williams.

Yeah, I had no idea that was her last name either, but we’re going to explain Ellie’s journey, fill in her backstory from the comics and Last of Us DLC, her story in The Last of Us Part II, and whether or not she’s actually the real deal cure at the center of this all.

Obviously spoilers for the game and potential ones for the series, so quietly sneak out of here if you don’t want those. But please clicker that like and subscribe button as it keeps you updated on all of our Last of Us coverage

With all of that out of the way, a huge thank you for clicking this, I’m your host Jared, now let’s get into The Last of Us.

So the first 2 episodes of the series slowly introduce us to Ellie, and honestly has been really faithful to the games source material. Ellie was born after the Cordyceps infection outbreak roughly in the Spring of 2019, so with the 10 year time difference, it would be 2009 in the series. Anyway her mother was a nurse named Anna, while her father was unknown. He was never identified in the source material, so probably went out to get a carton of milk and yeah. But unfortunately Anna passed away giving birth to Ellie, granting guardianship to Marelene, member of the FireFlies, as she had promised to take care of Ellie.

However her idea of taking care of Ellie, basically meant placing her in an orphanage in the Boston QZ, and later a military boarding school. So for those years, Ellie learned the nonsense that FEDRA was teaching them about the new world, with little knowledge of the world before the infection. Ellie finally met Marlene when she was 13 years old, learning about her mother and so forth. Now roughly a year later, when Ellie is 14, is where the game and series introduce her, under Marlene’s care, needing to be transported to the other group of Fireflies. This is also of course where Joel and Ellie begin their father daughter relationship, with neither of them trusting one another.




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Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers Aylar önce
Let us know what you want to see from Ellie in the show
Tango Nevada
Tango Nevada Aylar önce
"what you want to see from Ellie in the show" - So far I'm seeing it and I think she was a good choice.
Tango Nevada
Tango Nevada Aylar önce
@Terra JaeWhy are you even watching videos like this? What do you expect?
Timothy Stephen
Timothy Stephen Aylar önce
I want Ellie to stand up and go full Lyanna Mormont and say: “Your son was butchered at the Red Wedding, Lord Manderly. And you refused the call. You swore allegiance to House Stark, Lord Glover, but in their hour of greatest need, you refused the call. And you, Lord Cerwyn - your father was skinned alive by Ramsay Bolton... still, you refused the call.”
JP Aylar önce
BTW @HeavySpoilers Film Theory straight jacked Ryan’s and especially yours theory about Flour in last of us. He just posted a video today. He said he found it but couldn’t find any info on TRvid’s channels. One channel he scrolled was yours. He’s saying THEE Exact thing you said just weeks later. I like the guys channel but I least give credit man. Go watch the video and 6:56 I believe where he gets to Jarkarta. Just looking out for you guys because that’s not right.
Erika D Lloyd
Erika D Lloyd Aylar önce
I want some surprises in the plot. So far so good, from being adapted from the VG.
Mike Z
Mike Z Aylar önce
Watching Ellie's story from beginning to end is a rollercoaster of loss and trauma. If part 2 were to be adapted for TV, then it's gonna be heavily rewritten and repaced, so that the conflict between Ellie and Abby is more natural, rather than swapping back and forth between protagonists with polarising perspectives
Agil Timothy
Agil Timothy Aylar önce
I actually think the story of TLOU2 would work perfectly in a show, structure and all.
CEWIIH Aylar önce
That framework has happened in films before, it's just a method of storytelling...
thetruebatman Aylar önce
I don’t care if the video is titled “Footwear worn in TLOU”, i’m watching it. I can not get enough of this franchise.
HISHAM A.N Aylar önce
One of my favorite characters ever. I love her growth throughout the games
H K Aylar önce
yep, I was still soo frustrated that I couldnt kill Abby...I wish they would have given player a choice
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers Aylar önce
Yeah she goes on such a good journey, thanks for checking out the video
Freddie Aylar önce
I'm a grown ass--surly construction type, and the giraffe scene made me weep like a four year old who dropped their ice cream cone. Can't wait to experience the feels again.
elgranduderino Aylar önce
Going back to those 20 years of Joel's adventures will be a great spin off for this series. Can't wait!
EndGame Aylar önce
10:53 by the end of 2033. Not 2023 11:15 it wasn't the fight with the bandits that changed Joel's mind about continuing with Ellie. It was the quiet ride back and Joel reflecting on what Ellie said to him about losing everyone combined with the sadness he could see in her. He realized she was right and decided not to be another loss for her
Lillie Bobson
Lillie Bobson Aylar önce
I always thought that Ellie had known about the truth of how the fireflies would get a cure from her. That's why she is sullen before they make it to salt lake city. The perspective that she is sullen because of the trauma with the cannibals makes sense. But she also gets mad at Joel for ruining the world having a cure because he saved her. Thus confirming that she knew what her life meant and that it had to be sacrificed.
Surfntrucks Aylar önce
Thanks for summing this up. It made me appreciate The Last Of Us even more. Wasn't a fan of part two because of Joel's death and them making it seem as if Joel was the bad guy. Even though he tells you he's a bad guy. But Abby has to go. Hopefully in The Last Of Us 3 Ellie takes out Abby. Then Ellie is still sad because she couldn't get back what she lost. But Joel would have been avenged and I would be happy with the trilogy. Any other ending and it would be disappointing.
Louis Berry
Louis Berry Aylar önce
One of the best female characters ever. Ashley is incredible and Belle is great too.
Lenny C
Lenny C Aylar önce
The show is on point as well as the actors. One of the best games I ever played. I LOVE IT 🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙
Jesse Aylar önce
Even though I’ve played the games, I know the story and this was fully entertaining. Thank you.
Alejandro Bautista
Alejandro Bautista Aylar önce
They definitely have to recreate the giraffe scene!!! So far, the series has faithfully given the Last of Us community a fully realized live action show but also has been thoughtful enough to bring a whole new group of people into the fold. I can’t wait for what the rest of the series has in store.
Dom510 Aylar önce
The Last of Us Part 1 and 2 are both masterpieces and two of the best games ever made. There has to be a Part 3
JP Aylar önce
I know I say it every time but Jared is so good. I don’t like when other people come on channels a lot. It’s because I like the original persons voice so much and many don’t have a great voice like that. A good voice keeps me in the video and if you don’t have a great voice, it just doesn’t work. You got lucky with Jared for real or maybe he got lucky with you. I don’t know, anyways he’s very good. There’s a few TRvid channels with some people I don’t really care for. It’s tough what you all do and it takes a radio voice for sure. So cheers fellas!
Ciscoak 907
Ciscoak 907 Aylar önce
I have a theory about how the show will explain ellies immunity...since we know that Ashley Johnson will be playing ellies mom, we see a brief moment in the trailer of her giving birth! my theory is that her mom got bit or infected while pregnant, that causes her into going into labor prematurely.. I think ellie is immune because her mom passed along the infection, but some pre natal miracle caused ellie's infected infant body to adapt to the fungus so that she never experiences the negative symptoms of infection! so basically ellie was already had the fungle infection when she was born, she was infected while in the womb when her mom got infected, but whatever fungal infection within her adapted to her biology b4 she took her first real breath. so basically the bite didn't "turn" her, because n never will because she has ALWAYS been infected from birth. her biology just adapted in utero. this would also explain how her mom died. not giving birth but from infection!
gwenpool Aylar önce
Interesting theory!!
Natalia Moon
Natalia Moon Aylar önce
Joel giving Ellie's 16th birthday present is a must!!!! I'd riot if they didnt do it in the series!!!!
Josh Hoehne
Josh Hoehne Aylar önce
Supposedly there's a "script" for part 3 from the games creators, so if HBO is so on lined they have a template to follow for an additional season.
Walker Lamebrain
Walker Lamebrain Aylar önce
Oh gosh, I hope Joel's death won't be that traumatizing in the series💔😖😫😢😭😭😭
Emmy Aylar önce
Literally sobbing my eyes out wtf
Hayley Margules Arden
This is a great video. The only thing is I wish you'd been a little clearer with the David dynamic. As a survivor of CSA, it was very clear to me and to plenty of other survivors that the scene was coded as an attempted rape.
Veronica Aylar önce
Would’ve been nice to see Joel, Ellie, Dina and JJ as a family 🥹
Timothy Stephen
Timothy Stephen Aylar önce
Every time I see this actress I will hear this speech: “We know no king but the King in the North whose name is Stark! I don’t care if he’s a bastard. Ned Stark’s blood runs through his veins. He’s my king from this day UNTIL HIS LAST DAY!”
Ashley S
Ashley S Aylar önce
I think Bella is doing a fantastic job as Ellie
L05 Aylar önce
I am seriously trying to get into Bella/Ellie in the series and I can't. I understand being a rebel yet clever but she's just a reckless know it all for someone who's never been out of QV before.
FoxNation18 Aylar önce
A strong female character done right💯 I fw Ellie heavy
DL15 Aylar önce
A perfect story
S B Aylar önce
Wait wait though, need clarification. You say she met Marlene at 13? What's that whole monologue about where Marlene tells Joel it's even harden for her as she knew her since a baby??
CasaLobo 77
CasaLobo 77 Aylar önce
Joel was killed 2 years after they settled in Jackson so he was 58 when he was killed.
Erika D Lloyd
Erika D Lloyd Aylar önce
Can someone explain how is Ellie not Typhoid Mary? She hasn't ever infected another people with bodily fluids?
Erika D Lloyd
Erika D Lloyd Aylar önce
@Brent Forrest thanks
Brent Forrest
Brent Forrest Aylar önce
It’s kinda explained In part 2. The fungus doesn’t mutate and just kinda dies after it tries to infect her brain.
Christina Rosetti
Christina Rosetti 23 gün önce
I haven't played the video games. Can someone please explain to me how Dina is pregnant if she's in a relationship with Ellie?
Hoàng Dzớt Idol
Hoàng Dzớt Idol Aylar önce
her arc is similar to john snow from lord of the rings.
Ricky Lam
Ricky Lam Aylar önce
Great games!
Silas Bertrand
Silas Bertrand Aylar önce
You plan on doing the third episode... Cause it just got released... I think... since the release date said January 29th of 2023.
Clark Kent
Clark Kent Aylar önce
Thanks for this video. You saved me hours of my life. There is absolutely nothing in this story that I want to see onscreen.
The Politicrat
The Politicrat Aylar önce
Just beat it for the first time last night.
ℙ𝕠𝕚𝕤𝕠𝕟 𝕀𝕧𝕪
Am I missing something? This is a different person. I like to listen to the accent. 😂❤
Boblocke3575 Aylar önce
Do Abby next!
Lucif1 Aylar önce
damn.... that was some HEAVIEST SPOILER I ever encounter I just finish this video. but I think I just finish Last of us 🤣
djtripmix Aylar önce
Thanks for the info
lawrence TV
lawrence TV Aylar önce
They really photoshopped the actress face 😂😂😂😂
Woah There
Woah There Aylar önce
Ellie the real get back gang fr
Tango Nevada
Tango Nevada Aylar önce
I hope they skip the Cannibal story line. I think it will be too much like Terminus from The Walking dead and people will be like "Been there, seen that". Maybe they can reference it, but I don't need a full episode dedicated to it. And I think it would turn a lot of people off to the show. Like "Here we go again.....Cannibals".
Mayeit Guinto
Mayeit Guinto Aylar önce
12:48 i see her as me. fight for life.
J Qhart
J Qhart Aylar önce
Bro, Dina was preggo by Jessie. If you are going to do spoilers……… lol
hhholsteiners Aylar önce
Part 3 ... Who is punly going to make a baby with ellie to repopluate the earth?
Just B Gaming
Just B Gaming Aylar önce
I’m surprised you guys haven’t said anything about Rick & Morty
shazam 2 breakdown please
Mayeit Guinto
Mayeit Guinto Aylar önce
kung naay higayon nga tagaan kog laeng higayon sa ginoo sa kadto nga oras ug panahun. ako gud buhaton pag-usab ang tanan - joel to ellie.
Chris Cairns
Chris Cairns Aylar önce
Joel was a bad man who did some good but ultimately got what he deserved.
Vileplume 48
Vileplume 48 Aylar önce
I hope she and Abby and Lev team up in part 3.
FoxNation18 Aylar önce
Nahhh I think her and Abby shouldn’t cross paths again. Tbh
Ayush Raj
Ayush Raj Aylar önce
I thought you fired this guy
M Aylar önce
They should have got that girl from the walking dead
M Aylar önce
@Manny Perez she’s 15.
Manny Perez
Manny Perez Aylar önce
Exactly what I thought. She might be a bit too young tho
MadridForever Aylar önce
omg she wouldve been perfect
Jonathan Levant
Jonathan Levant Aylar önce
Sterling Burnside
Sterling Burnside Aylar önce
Wakanda forever
justin aller
justin aller Aylar önce
If she is humanities only hope then why tf did juel make such a selfish decision . And what they did in Part 2 they lost me big time and lost alot of fans. Last of Us sold 37 Million copies . Last of Us 2 10 million copies. Numbers dont lie.
Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez Aylar önce
Ayyyyyy Santa Barbara. My hometown. Let's Goooo!!!
Freddie Aylar önce
It's weird, I'm from Salt Lake and my wife is from Santa Paula. It feels like Naughty Dog owes us a royalty.
Nancy Scogin
Nancy Scogin Aylar önce
What's with all the big ass avitars spamming?😆
Jay 1791
Jay 1791 Aylar önce
I comment. Plus loved the video
吴国栋 Aylar önce
Bella Ramsey一点不符合游戏对Ellie形象的设定,脑门太大了,没有那种Ellie的美感,我怀疑她是强行进入剧组的。
Sami Anouti
Sami Anouti Aylar önce
Ellie zuckerberg
Milk milk milk
FPVx Aylar önce
Last of Us 2 is such a scam. I like the Series, but I know the disaster that lies in front of us...
monitarTV Aylar önce
TLOU2 is just bad, our heroes are just weak, killed and unable to do anything against a kid and his 20 year old guardian... damn
Plan B
Plan B Aylar önce
Funny thing, is that Joel will die at the end.
Jake Hill
Jake Hill Aylar önce
2 seconds in and nope just nope
Anyone else think her face is a bit long?
Batman-rebirth52 Aylar önce
Here’s my criticism of the last of us show tv shows Joel doesn’t have the beard is a bit thin and Ellie on the tv show looks to different and has a big forehead the rest of it is great
Delainey Macphearson
Hey Jared
Ex Knoll
Ex Knoll Aylar önce
Where is Paul.
MadridForever Aylar önce
Lev is a girl
Chris ForTheCross
Chris ForTheCross Aylar önce
The Woke level of The Last of Us 2, is on 1 million.
Ok, I see
Ok, I see Aylar önce
Too bad they cannot cast Ellen Page for the role because she had never existed according to some ideology
💜BaNgTaN NiKki💜
Hey Paul!! Thanks for another TLOU video 🥹❤️
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers Aylar önce
Hope you enjoy it
Matthew K Kwan
Matthew K Kwan Aylar önce
Good breakdown
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