The Last Human - A Glimpse Into The Far Future

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Because of the potential size of the future, the most important thing about our actions today might be their impact on future generations. This simple-sounding idea has some surprising moral implications: 80000hours.org/kurzgesagt-las...

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The future of humanity seems insecure. Rapid climate change, political division, our greed and failings make it hard to look at our species with a lot of optimism and so many people think our end is in sight. But humans always thought they lived in the end times. Every generation assumes they’re important enough to witness the apocalypse and then life just goes on.
This is a problem because it leads to short term thinking and prevents us from creating the best world for ourselves and our descendants. What makes this worse is that we actually may live at an extremely critical moment in human history. To understand why, let us look at the temporal window of humanity and ask:
When will the last human be born and how many people will there ever be?

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27 Haz 2022




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Amy Escobido
Amy Escobido 17 gün önce
Dylan thomas
Dylan thomas Aylar önce
Do a video on Lissencephaly
Thành Nguyễn
Thành Nguyễn Aylar önce
I wonder if you can launching Kurzegesagt in Vietnamese
PhantomStrider Aylar önce
Imagining being at the beginning of human history rather than the end.. It's funny how that one perspective seems to foreign to me and probably many other people. But I like it.
slightestimpression 27 gün önce
@Nope It'll be pretty cool, people who have mental breakdowns will be able to peace their lives back together, bit by bit, using every ill conceived 2am tweet they ever sent ! On a more serious note the Sumerian's were documenting their lives in pretty good detail from about 4000 BCE.
Alden Mahoney
Alden Mahoney Aylar önce
@Stop the Philosophical Zombies I didn't say it was true, I said it was nice to be optimistic. You are exactly the kind of person that needs to watch these videos because you are convinced you live at the end of the human race.
Stop the Philosophical Zombies
@Alden Mahoney Doesn't mean it's true.
Alden Mahoney
Alden Mahoney Aylar önce
I took about a solid five minute pause just to think about it that way, because I realized I have literally never thought about humans like that. It's a nice change of perspective really.
Zack Keneth
Zack Keneth Aylar önce
Yes We Are The Beginning Within Our Race And The End Within my Quote: We are The Beginning and The End Representing That we are The Future and The End Within Our Timeline We Control the thread of our Life in the Line Once Cut Will lead through our Extinction Leaving Only Misery And History within the galactic era Quote:Me
Cody Burns
Cody Burns 19 gün önce
I was avoiding this video because it sounded depressing and I wasn’t in the mood, but it’s so wonderfully optimistic! I love it! Considering that our actions not only affect people alive today, but potentially a number of people impossible to truly comprehend, really puts things in perspective.
Minari Nico
Minari Nico 7 gün önce
Spot on! It's an unimaginably crazy thought.
Grape guy 🍇
Grape guy 🍇 12 gün önce
Blissful maybe , i don’t know I haven’t died yet I think
Ryan Flanagan
Ryan Flanagan 12 gün önce
@Grape guy 🍇 we do have proof for the afterlife. what do you think it is like?
Ryan Flanagan
Ryan Flanagan 13 gün önce
@Akram Benchikh El Hocine do you believe in afterlife?
SummerSalt -Cloudtail-
“We went from worshipping the moon to walking on it” This is the most inspiring thing I’ve ever heard ever. It shows how much humans have conquered. God bless you, guys.
Latosi 7 saatler önce
@Anaklysmos What made you say that?
Anaklysmos 7 saatler önce
@Latosi already did take a look and sorry to break it to you but as in every other religion there is no logic or rationality whatsoever. I'm afraid it looks like your questions and research were not the most sophisticated to begin with.
Latosi 2 gün önce
@Bruce Wayne This is also backed up with numerous credible witnesses throughout the world.
Mundo Da Criança
Mundo Da Criança 2 gün önce
@charlie pearce If you really are god, i wanna say that i'm trying to make the world better, so don't kill me too soon. This world needs me!
TazerTuber 18 gün önce
I don't usually make comments, but this one was an exception... This is one of the most optimistic things you people have ever posted and it has changed the outputs of many people to think of what their importance is to the universe and its potential that could be to come, thank you for being you.
John Cooper
John Cooper Gün önce
I just made it a few magnitudes more positive ;d Imagine how the Universe is actually very young and after all the big stars die out, the small ones will continue existing for tens or hundreds of times longer and such.. Now think about how life on Earth appeared billions of years ago, and we have strong reasons to believe that ALL life on Earth is connected and probably is related to a single living creature, that appeared at some time, somewhere, in an ocean. At that time, Earth was empty, devoid of life, and just in that one spot a "miracle" happened - the first EVER living things on the whole planet. And at the same time they were so small, you couldn't even see them.. Now look at us, 3.7 billion years later, on a planet covered with life, with so much diversity and so many species lost forever.. asking ourselves "Are we alone? Is there life on another planets?" Well, what if we are, we do survive, we do become interplanetary species, and we become that first place in the entire universe that created live.. maybe in a billion years from now (or a few billion, it doesn't matter) a great part of the universe will be filled with life, some intelligent, some not so much, but EVERY SINGLE living creature in the whole universe will be connected and will search for their origin, just like we are searching for the origin of life on Earth right now. They will be searching.. for us o.O
serdy ximi
serdy ximi 12 gün önce
progress. The first step to a brighter future is envisioning it.
Joshua Michael Rico
Joshua Michael Rico 24 gün önce
This makes me feel like I’m actually going to be worth something. I thought of my self as worthless but I’m also glad to hear the possibility of me helping make a whole new jump in society. It’s unfortunate that I might only see a very small jump when I’m alive as it could be a glimpse of what is to come. Thank you, really Kurdgesagt
Bright Sky
Bright Sky 6 gün önce
I agree. I hope someone will figure out cryosleep, I'd love to see what might happen in a million years.
bababooey 13 gün önce
Just remember that a human is only good for a few decades at most. But great ideas can last an eternity.
QwerYT 14 gün önce
@Diego Pagura organs
Derek Morris
Derek Morris 20 gün önce
@Joshua Michael Rico I've been in the same boat regarding feelings, lately. However, with the advent of the internet and how it's grown and people can connect. Also, seeing the technology that we have today, for good or worse, it does have the POTENTIAL to really help people in the future. It's up to each and every one of us to help teach and inspire every new generation by spreading our individual knowledge & wisdom (whatever that may be) which we all recieve throughout our lives. WE are ALL important in many respects, but don't let that get to your head. ;)
Joshua Michael Rico
Joshua Michael Rico 22 gün önce
@somethingnottaken You and others who will result in commenting; thank you really. Life has been rough mentally for me but I needed this boost. I couldn’t thank you enough for trying to support me in this time in life. I mean it.
5ilent5hift Aylar önce
This is probably one of the most optimistic and inspiring ones you've done yet. I needed this today, thank you.
specUVdust Gün önce
@WhisperyWind So you’re capable of making a claim just like anybody else? You feel to acknowledge that you don’t provide any reason as to why your claim is true. I could just as easily claim that we don’t matter because we are alive. You need to think deeper
Stop the Philosophical Zombies
@WhisperyWind Bullshit.
WhisperyWind 2 gün önce
@Nomad AA if you believe in that, certainly not.
WhisperyWind 2 gün önce
@Stop the Philosophical Zombies it is already happening man, mars is the first.
specUVdust 2 gün önce
@WhisperyWind you’re merely declaring that you know best, and that you are the one who has thought it all through. You have no idea how many decades someone may have meditated or pondered about these things. So silly
Joaquin Galindez
Joaquin Galindez 2 gün önce
You all guys are doing some fantastic job, really. I can tell everyone involved in this proyect loves what they're doing because that's the feel that all the viewers have when we watch all of this wonderful, inspiring and full of hope videos. Thank you very much :)
Bingles Praise YTP
Bingles Praise YTP 15 gün önce
I love how your inspirational/optimistic videos aren't just sugarcoating. They're honest, genuine, and uncensored. It's easy to think about optimism being just whispering sweet nothings, but these are truthful and sourced.
When I thought the growing number of human population is bad, the line "more humans may actually mean more progress" changed my mind. Thank you Kurzgesagt!
John Peric
John Peric 10 gün önce
@P X Which the vast majority are. The human population has risen and so has the standard of living. Despite have 7 times more people than 150 years ago, the human population is collectively far more well off, materially that is.
P X 11 gün önce
Well, only if the additional humans are educated, healthy, and happy.
SikK 14 gün önce
What a beautiful video! For me it actually makes me wanna cry because of the potential that we waste. We are capable of doing such wonderful things and yet we waste our time and happiness with stupid discussions and having selfish people in powerful positions... I hope that somehow we will have a huge improvement in this, otherwise I am not really optimistic about the future of the human race.
Alien Aylar önce
“Every generation assumes they are important enough to witness the apocalypse.” Always keeping me humble, Kurzgesagt.
The Last Generation
The Last Generation 11 gün önce
@Ionized Water again? I never had a conversation with you... Please be kind and tell me where i force any one to anything? _John 14_ *6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.*
Ionized Water
Ionized Water 11 gün önce
@The Last Generation Again that’s your belief, trying to force your religion and ideas onto others really doesn’t make you a good person.
Good Lookin' Out Homie
To be fair, the last couple of generations have been the first who are actually capable of causing the apocalypse.
Ikki 16 gün önce
Humildade é importante. Muitos esquecem ou não sabem que toda a complexidade humana não nasceu ontem com o Homo Sapien, mas se desenvolveu por bilhões de anos para que hoje humanos possam pisar na lua. Eu acho que nós deveríamos nos ver como representantes do potencial da vida da Terra, não como superiores e externos à natureza
Sirgs 16 gün önce
I feel like we can basically turn the whole worlds environmental situation around and there is actual proof of this being possible out there we just need to get the people who lobby against the total recreation of lost ecosystems out of their seats of political power
liouy cnny
liouy cnny 16 gün önce
I was afraid this was going to be a depressing video, instead it’s highly motivating! Thank you Kurzgesagt
Kathleen Medina
Kathleen Medina 13 gün önce
This is actually a question i asked myself a long time ago and i used many calculations to try and get the answer. All my good friends told me that it wasn’t important and that I should focus on the now and not the soon. I am very happy the world has other people who ask the same question. i think its just awesome how amazing this channel is. Thank you so much for spending time to make your videos. I hope that you never stop making people wonder. Thanks again!
chaaran s
chaaran s 3 gün önce
Im one of them, happy to know I’m not the only one
serdy ximi
serdy ximi 12 gün önce
progress even more so we wouldn't die out and made interstellar travels inevitable reality
Matty Blomfield
Matty Blomfield 15 gün önce
Absolutely inspiring. I love how this is motivational to look after the planet and our future rather than honing in on the problems to trigger change
57c 23 gün önce
The animators are doing excellent work. Keep it up and looking forward to amazing videos and animations
Katherine Aylar önce
Seeing a positive outcome to today's social problems is so refreshing! People love to complain and to predict a scary future for us all, but they don't understand that our future is what we make today. Thank you Kurzgesagt for showing us a positive prospective!
Nemesis from Resident Evil
You really need to stop using like bots on your comments, it's really annoying
I K Aylar önce
The video did not offer any solutions to the social and economic problems.
a normal turbine
a normal turbine Aylar önce
@Steve Jakab Exactly, that's why we need optimism. Optimism gives people hope it can be fixed, thus driving more people to try to make a change so the optimistic future comes true.
Steve Jakab
Steve Jakab Aylar önce
We are currently going through an extinction event, where the cause is humanity. And one of the species that may go extinct is humanity itself.
a normal turbine
a normal turbine Aylar önce
@CityOfTrees Hopefully this video inspires people to take action by showing them there is hope and that if we don't fix things now, we will have lost a very bright future.
Surely 13 saatler önce
I avoided it for a while thinking it’d be negative and feed into my paranoia but it was surprisingly super positive. It gave me chills!
Jeff Guads
Jeff Guads 8 gün önce
"We went from humans worshipping the moon to humans walking on it" gave me goosebumps, realising how far we have come, and hopefully more far in the future 🤞
Kudzi James Rusike
Kudzi James Rusike 25 gün önce
Hello, great content as always. Please help with explaining the James Webb Space Telescope. How does it work? How do you tell how far away those galaxies are especially considering some are behind others so won't the light coming from them be disturbed when it passes the other galaxy or even say a solar system in our galaxy? Since it seems infrared how do they turn the images to RGB we see with accuracy? So if it is that good to see galaxies so so far away if you point to look at planets in our solar system and other solar systems in our galaxy you will get outstanding images that accurately show you even the surface of those planets? And other buring questions. Really keen to understand this but not so easy to find were it is explained well. Thank you and keep up the good work.
Edson Dos Reis Carvalho
This Project it's sooo amazing. Thank YOU for translate in so many languages. I'm a Brazilian guy and I'm so happy for the channel in Brazilian Portuguese. I follow you for a many years and now I can share knowledge with my friends. A huge hug for every who makes this possible! (Sorry for the bad English)
Kieran Kieran
Kieran Kieran Aylar önce
I don't believe the Kurzgesagt team really understand how much their fantastic creations can fuel in us the optimism and show a silver lining we so desperately need. Thank you a thousand times for your dedication and hard work. I feel nothing but humility when watching their content, and love for this channel.
sweatyy 9 gün önce
@Subs1338 for our future generations, so the world can be a better place to live in
Cycles Are Singularities
@Subs1338 think of your childeren that you might have or nieces and nephews, they will grow up in a world we set up for them. and so will our grandchildren and so on. the point is that we want to give the people we love and the best possible world to grow up in, because we love them. this goes for strangers too, I personally feel responsible for my family but also for other people my actions effect.
Subs1338 Aylar önce
Sure but whats the point of it all? Why would we care about that future if we wont even be here. Whats the end goal?
Alvin Bong Hui Min
Alvin Bong Hui Min Aylar önce
this channel has the exact same vibe as Infograhic show channel
Marie. 17 gün önce
Hello! thank you so much for sharing this information, and taking your time to educate us throughly on multiple languages! you are my go-to channel! i love you guys sooo much! you make my passion for science much bigger, and i am much more well educated than i was befote passing by your channel. thank you. about spreading the word - i dont have loads of friends that science lovers, but ill try to spread the word as most as possible! thank you again. thank you. sincerly, Marie.
Juan Venegas
Juan Venegas 14 gün önce
I really needed to watch this. Still I feel so frustrated because those who have the power to do more are moved by greed and very very few do probably think as responsibly as it is stated in this video. Would love to live a thousand years to see what we become.
titicolosse 9 saatler önce
@Andre Fasching you dont annoy me brother. much love
Andre Fasching
Andre Fasching 10 saatler önce
@titicolosse yeah no prob man. Also, same age here. wohoo Really just wanted to know your opinion. Thank you for also telling me your reason for said opinion! (I wont annoy you any further ^^)
titicolosse 11 saatler önce
@Andre Fasching i dont know man. the fact is im 22 rn and i wont incinerate of get buried, i will get cryonized :) cause i just want to see how far humanity will go
Andre Fasching
Andre Fasching 11 saatler önce
@titicolosse Current methods are prooven to destroy vital parts of biological matter. I agree that it might be possible in the far future....My question was if you believe the current technologies work
titicolosse 19 saatler önce
@Andre Fasching i dont "believe" i say its maybe possible
lukas Robertson
lukas Robertson 25 gün önce
I've always been a fan of open Philanthropy and the effective altruism community, great to hear you guys are collaborating!
Mohamed Robow
Mohamed Robow 22 gün önce
I've been with Kurzgesagt for a long time and this would have to be one of the greatest achievements ever made for them, Keep up the good work :)!!
Mutual Information
Mutual Information Aylar önce
One day it’ll be appreciated how many scientists were inspired by Kurzgesagt. I honestly believe it will make a material difference on space exploration and medical innovation over the next 50 years. I know this b/c I consider myself one of those motivated. Creating quality education on TRvid is a powerful way to have a positive impact.
Jared Donaldson
Jared Donaldson 7 gün önce
Available and quality education is the key to all human existence!!!!
Mikel Cuvet
Mikel Cuvet 13 gün önce
I have reconsidered my education for this exact reason and because of this exact video. This video has motivated to study a career path that will help advance the human race
ffc1 a28c
ffc1 a28c 13 gün önce
@Daniela Lambrechts "Studying scientific research" is the most vague statement you can make. What field? What research area? What fucking subject?
Kevin Hughes
Kevin Hughes 13 gün önce
I have been watching for years, I always enjoy your content, thank you for your time and dedication ❤
WZ T 13 gün önce
I am shocked I came for my periodical dose of existential crisis I ended up with an uplifting mood...kurzgesagt I see what you guys did right there ! Thanks a bunch for an awesome video.
TheAdvertisement 3 gün önce
3:32 This... is pretty mind blowing to think about. We always view new inventions as progress but, if we do end up destroying ourselves, we might have actually lived longer if we stayed as hunter gatherers.
Nat Nat
Nat Nat 12 gün önce
This is one of the best inspiring and motivating video I've ever seen. Cant believe, my tears came out while watching this video. Truly loved it ❤️
L. K.
L. K. Aylar önce
“We went from humans worshipping the moon, to humans walking on it”. This is such a beautiful phrase.
Akram Benchikh El Hocine
Believing in God is innate to human nature and it's something deeply rooted whithin himself. And u r beliefs is what will construct u r vision on world. People that believe know that the mission and the spirit of their presence on life, so they wouldn't think a lot about infinite expansion on Universe, but they would content themselves of what they could work on right now and knowing the limits of human being.
C. Joel K.
C. Joel K. 24 gün önce
@MichelangeloVA No arguments then?
C. Joel K.
C. Joel K. 24 gün önce
@kartik kk Prove your magic daddies existence
Miles 25 gün önce
@B B I fully agree thanks for scrolling this deep in a secular video’s comment section I know it’s difficult 😂🙏
Miles 25 gün önce
@Backpack PePelon We do need a higher ideal, and Judeo-Christian values heavily impact all of the western world, so I would weigh Christianity heavier than some tribal religion you may see it as…
Ralph Acosta
Ralph Acosta 11 gün önce
Thanks for the great optimism; it aligns right with mine, which i don't find often. In my mind, too many people get their idea of the current and possible future of things from news sites instead of learning about what actual numbers show is going on and what science is developing. Plus, there are lots of people who have been pushing us forward without being seen in the overall picture of the culture. Thanks to all of them for what they've done and are doing. You're one(?) of them. Very refreshing. Personally, i think the future is hurtling toward us - lots of change, lots to keep up with, but lots of hope. Since i was 15 (in the 1950's) i've believed it was possible i'd get the chance to live as long as i want. Almost there; fingers crossed.
gammingnick21 24 gün önce
This is a huge motivator for me but I feel like us people fight over trivial things that wont matter in the long run.
Stefan Sivak
Stefan Sivak 13 gün önce
Great video. I love the progress you have all made. :) Keep going!
Alex l' Anglophone
Alex l' Anglophone 14 gün önce
I love this channel and all it stands for!! thanks for all your hard work!!
Victor Ivens
Victor Ivens Aylar önce
I feel like kurzgesagt is making an conscious effort to be optimistic, because it feels like that's exactly what their audience needs, to be more optimistic about the future and guide it's actions based on that. I agreed with the effort.
Edgar Fabián Herrera Iberico
@Dylan C I can assure you that 10 years ago I didn't see the future the way it is now, I remember when I was a child I had my tablet to play and comparing it with a current iPhone... you get the idea. do not mix your resentments against liberalism with your vision of human progress
naedanger123 15 gün önce
@Dylan C I presume you’ve used your incredible powers of accurate future prediction to win the lottery several times over
Digital Organism
Digital Organism 18 gün önce
@Dylan C You: it's not possible man forget it. All the space engineers in the world: Sure buddy, life is full of hope and you decided not to be part of it.
uyuty 26 gün önce
they do not need cheap optimism they need to understand tha the problems are structural and not individual and yes or yes change this economic, social and cultural system but that will not happen and not without a bloodbath so prepare for that
Dylan C
Dylan C Aylar önce
Unoriginal hopium is cringe. Interplanetary colonisation at any meaningful scale is not possible, to suggest interstellar or intergalactic travel is, is laughable. No matter how advanced tech gets (hint: it won’t be much more than today) it can’t defy scientific laws or create resources out of thin air. Oh but Andromeda will come to us in 2673578533776326 years anyway, this part was particularly hilarious. The Mass Effect style man made space colonies were a nice touch too, really added to the absurdity of a supposedly scientific channel touting pure science fiction as reality to push a neoliberal agenda. Cool story tho, needs more Dyson spheres. Perhaps the next video can be on the Fermi Paradox (And how we can solve it! Proudly supported by some billionaire philanthropist’s tax avoidance not for profit NGO).
nijuo joing
nijuo joing 16 gün önce
I absolutely love these videos. They always give me an out of body experience thinking about the future and possibilities. Thank you so much :)
Bingles Praise YTP
Bingles Praise YTP 15 gün önce
I'm in the Mega Man fandom right now, and I needed something like this. I know that sounds like a silly reason, but the Mega Man series has 7 sagas, all of which take place centuries in the future(except Battle Network and Classic, which are in present times); especially Legends, which takes place at around 7000-9000 AD. The story of the main timeline has robots that, overtime, cause century-long wars and several apocalypses, and at the end completely replace human society. It makes me very anxious, since robots are a thing that are happening in our lives as we speak, and getting more and more advanced, making those futures believable. So, thank you for snapping me out of believing a series about killer robots is just a funny fantasy, since even if I knew that my brain subconsciously didn't get the memo. It's just as you said in the video: Science Fiction often displays the worst case scenario for suspension's sake.
Noah J
Noah J 16 gün önce
Thank you so much. This video filled me with such a wonderfully specific type of optimism. Sort of like existential dread but good. Existential optimism? There will be so much more out there in the future for our descendants if we're able to keep ourselves alive until then.
Richard Preinitz - MaybeMysticc
usually i dont go for the whole "grand scheme" inspirational stuff but this one actually inspired me, thank you for that
After Skool
After Skool Aylar önce
Many of us have been conditioned to think that more humans = more problems. I appreciate the optimistic perspective presented in this video. More humans also means more progress. The first step to a brighter future is envisioning it.
The 4 Space Constants Tetraquad
@Serron Serron I had that same thought!
Chadronius 8 gün önce
If we want more humans, we're definitely gonna have to solve the climate issues and near future water/food crises. Water is drying up, and the planet will have uninhabitable zones because it just gets too hot. It's hard to be optimistic when there's a Global heat wave going on, and I'm literally watching my city start catching fire every few days.
erikincph 9 gün önce
I am sure Elon would like this video
atur chomicz
atur chomicz 15 gün önce
@Aluminium Knight 🙄🙄🙄
Aluminium Knight
Aluminium Knight 15 gün önce
@atur chomicz yes.
Aeternus Doleo
Aeternus Doleo 22 gün önce
"Even if we go by conservative estimates, the unborn are by far the largest group of people, and the most disenfranchised." I can see no way that this quote can be pulled out of context. Nope! :D
Ferent Cristian
Ferent Cristian 24 gün önce
dude why after watching all their videos I feel like bursting out crying because of the optimism and the sheer beauty. This is one of the best channels out there on youtube.
Firenzar Frenzy
Firenzar Frenzy 9 gün önce
There is something timeless and awe inspiring about Kurzgesagt’s demonstration of orders of magnitudes using cubes
misolou fout
misolou fout 6 gün önce
this but not so easy to find were it is explained well. Thank you and keep up the good work.
Joe Momma
Joe Momma 14 gün önce
Nah this is actually genuinely an amazing video bro. Keep up the amazing content🙌🏾
Chris Wang
Chris Wang Aylar önce
PLEASE also have translation in Mandarin Chinese in the not-so-distant future!!! I want to share all your videos with my parents and have them understand all the beautiful nuances in your videos!
xyrium Aylar önce
@aCeeLeo Mainland Chinese people still have bilibili, Kurzgesagt can potentially expand their platform. You underestimate how many Mandarin speakers there are outside of Mainland China. Think about those in Taiwan, Singapore, even Hong Kong, in other parts of Asia, even in the West.
Drakuba Aylar önce
@Robert H. uneducated oppinion right there. This, ladies and gents, is the reason why education needs to get ALL OVER THE GLOBE so you have less ppl like Robert here
Igor Aragão
Igor Aragão Aylar önce
@Robert H. stop using drugs
Robert H.
Robert H. Aylar önce
I don't like the fact that Kurzgesagt is also now translated into Arabic. The goal should be to leave the Arab population as uneducated as possible in order to have a good justification for the future worldwide re-education camps (like in China).
Anthony P
Anthony P Aylar önce
Wholesome moment.
Vigo Matuka
Vigo Matuka 3 gün önce
Every time I watch your video about future theories I remember how small and insignificant an individual is which is why we need to encourage others to care about our planet, and potentially others, as well as contribute ourselves.
Squeer 19 gün önce
I wish we could create a cult, than city, than country and eventually a whole Earth of Kurzgesagt fans to maintain intelligent, peaceful and thoughtful society that will speed up progress even more so we wouldn't die out and made interstellar travels inevitable reality
Sumoi Ga
Sumoi Ga 7 gün önce
Im in
Diego TuX
Diego TuX 24 gün önce
I really appreciated the idea of kurzgesagt in brazilian portuguese, agora posso entender 100% dos vídeos sem precisar de legendas 😂
imissmyvespa 24 gün önce
This video just caused a phenomenal shift in my perspective and my direction in life. Thank you.
Nick Fotopoulos
Nick Fotopoulos Aylar önce
Going on nearly 10 years and Kurzgesagt is still, hands down, producing the best content on TRvid.
Utoobe Izkaka
Utoobe Izkaka Aylar önce
​@Kenos Optimism is disarming. It makes you feel like nothing needs to be done and good. Pessimism is alarming it makes you feel like nothing can be done and shit. Its about balance. Be pessimistic enough to keep touch with reality and be optimistic enough to not fall into depression. Don't wallow in the pool of the future's despair but do take often trips in to it harsh waters to not end up in a nutshell of false happiness. Because nothing hurts worse than expecting the best and then getting shit, or shat on.
Kenos Aylar önce
@Utoobe Izkaka I know, but sometimes, you need a break from being powerless in the f*cking mistake that is today’s modern world. I have been hearing that for years and that lead me to almost killing myself. Sometimes, you need a break man.
Utoobe Izkaka
Utoobe Izkaka Aylar önce
@Kenos Preparing for the worse while hoping for the best.
Utoobe Izkaka
Utoobe Izkaka Aylar önce
@Kenos I prefer the truth over that which makes me feel better about myself. If you listen to this wildly optimistic tripe you will be doing your ability to deal with hard truths dirty!
Utoobe Izkaka
Utoobe Izkaka Aylar önce
@Fabian Hahn Shudder the thought!
The Vionweather
The Vionweather 22 gün önce
Im just saying, If kurzgesagt formed a government, aw hell yes . These guys never fail in doing what they want to do, they give me hope but at the same time warn me. Thanks a lot
Zryan 21 gün önce
honestly, it would work insanely well
laskin riubn
laskin riubn 22 gün önce
your channel to the extent I am able to and passing videos along to friends and family
Laporte Beauvillier
Laporte Beauvillier 15 gün önce
Thank you, Kurzgesagt. You made me smile, hope, for the first time in many years.
David Lang
David Lang 4 saatler önce
Also... Have to deeply appreciate the purposeful connection with people, family, and children (new people, afterall). Our struggles today are not about us and our needs, desires, fears, dreams. It is about a future that is so much bigger than ourselves and yet so critical for us to care about here and now.
Darren McCann
Darren McCann 10 gün önce
Wow this really sparked something in me, even a tad emotional and inspiring. Every leader should watch to put things into perspective.
Zensan Aylar önce
i genuinely cant find a way to thank Kurzgesagt for rekindling this childlike, unbelievable fascination and wonder i have for humans, existence and everything in between. for the past decade ive only felt neutral and indifferent to new things; more of a "huh. cool." than a starry-eyed "WOOOAAH". This youtube channel managed to make me see our universe the same way a 9 year old sees the world around them... with indescribably fuzzy curiosity. I cant thank you enough.
Cityz3n Aylar önce
@crappy soup Nothing yet, but I'll probably get one or two posters at some point. As the OP said I also want to express my gratitude to them :)
crappy soup
crappy soup Aylar önce
@Cityz3n I’ve bought the immunology book! It’s pretty darn cool. What did you get?
Cityz3n Aylar önce
You can buy their merch :)
crappy soup
crappy soup Aylar önce
I could never put into words why I loved this channel. Now I can, thank you
Kapil Easwar
Kapil Easwar Aylar önce
This perfectly captures my experience and feelings too. I love this video so much, and I miss the unbridled optimism I used to have about the future
Bougie312 2 gün önce
What makes me smile even more is all the stories these lives will have to tell
Cam GB
Cam GB 9 gün önce
This is what should be taught in schools. Put away our differences and tap into humanities infinite potential
Iasmin Gusmão
Iasmin Gusmão 12 gün önce
Canal incrível!!! Meu favorito
Mario Schoepe
Mario Schoepe 21 gün önce
I'm speechless. What you produce is mindblowing! Thanks a lot for that!
Sir Pemberton S. Crevalius
I love the message. Humanity's goal should always be to make the world a better place for not only ourselves, but for those in the future as well!
Frahd Chikun
Frahd Chikun 16 gün önce
Huh, you're here as well?
Birdie 29 gün önce
Being short-sighted and selfish could be our 2 biggest problems, if we overcome that we will be around for a long time and will also have the chance to leave the earth.
space cowboy
space cowboy Aylar önce
i disagree.I think our species's goal should be to expand our region(expanding to mars,other planets,other star systems.......) while finding out more about the universe. Any non related alien species that comes in our way should be destroyed.
Steve Jakab
Steve Jakab Aylar önce
Emphasis on "should". Unfortunately, there's a lot of people, many in powerful positions, that are dedicated to doing the opposite.
Scientist Walter
Scientist Walter Aylar önce
WhitePill successfully administered, enjoy your happy life!
Ayam K. Razy
Ayam K. Razy 15 gün önce
I've been suicidal lately. This video really changed my thoughts that I should value my life. The lives of 10 octillion people depends on my decisions. Thank you Kurzgesagt.🥺
Random Button
Random Button 22 gün önce
This really motivates me to continue my scientific career and keep on living for a long time
Siddhant07 WC
Siddhant07 WC 17 gün önce
Thanks for making this and reminding us of this simple fact that we hold the key. Then again earlier we used to die due to illness now humans are dying due to suicide. We are suffering more from our imagination and past and future.
Bahadır Öner
Bahadır Öner 13 gün önce
🚀This video was one of the most inspirational videos that I watched. Thank you Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell!
Primer Aylar önce
We are an ancient civilization. Great video!
The Randomizor
The Randomizor 17 gün önce
oh hi. love ur vids too. especially complex simulation ones
Weaver ant nanitic
Weaver ant nanitic Aylar önce
Hi primer didn't expect to see you here
SquishyMan9919 Aylar önce
Looking at our current civilization as either ancient or infantile offers the opportunity to view our missteps and follies with quite a lot more sympathy and forgiveness.
Batat Sauté
Batat Sauté Aylar önce
We will always be ancient. We can't have enough to explore as being viral mammal species. We will consume our resources in stupid trash. There will be no goal for the future aside from money so this video is very veeeeery optimistic.
J Aylar önce
I can’t believe that I am commenting on your coment
Skye Sherwood
Skye Sherwood 18 gün önce
Thank you. I have heaps of depression and much more anxiety...this made me put a few things into perspective
David Lang
David Lang 4 saatler önce
Can we take a moment to appreciate the soundscape? Amazing backdrop to what is being discussed. 👍
Alonso Brescia
Alonso Brescia 12 gün önce
what a mind blowing and uplifting video got me really deep in thought and actually made me tear up what an amazing thought of our future what amazing potential we have as the human race united if only we could overcome our differences what fantastic and wonderful things we could accomplish in a short amount of time how sad I will never see this future of ours.
Don Kirkpatrick
Don Kirkpatrick 19 gün önce
Thank you guys. I am humbled and enlightened by your art.
Ix Kahn
Ix Kahn Aylar önce
I love watching Kurzgesagt videos because they're always a roulette between "renewed hope for the future" and "existential crisis" lmao
Sairaj karad
Sairaj karad Aylar önce
@Pasha Rizky Dwantara what is that
Luckytime Aylar önce
Perfectly balanced, as all things should be
Shaheen Ziyard
Shaheen Ziyard Aylar önce
@Link they explicitly say in the beginning that while our technical advancements point to this number being a lot higher, our technical advancements also bring us a lot closer to our demise. We are better at healing ourselves but we are also a hell of a lot better at destroying ourselves. Also the rough estimate of a million is a conservative value that that could be a lot higher. The whole point of the video is just to give a sense of scale. There is a lot more to come after us, the actual number is irrelevant.
Link Aylar önce
I gotta say tho, the comaprison between humans and survival rate of other mammals is an absoluteley horrible one. No other mammals has had the technology we've had or come even close to it.
Glasgow McGlasgow Face #voteGreen
I always think it is terrifying to know with 100% certainty that someone in the future will literally be the last person ever to be alive/die. It could either be the very last person to be killed alongside everyone else at the same time (e.g. gamma ray burst or whatever), or it could be that there will be a human alone as the last one for years and years.
Pramod Bisht
Pramod Bisht 5 gün önce
This video is very optimistic and when he said we might go to other galaxies i felt a sadness that this might never be true although i wish this somehow comes to reality.
Martu 17 gün önce
Good video as always, Kurzgesagt It will be interesting see a video about the Creutzfeld Jakob prion disease, the only disease with 100% mortality.
Tal Lin
Tal Lin 12 gün önce
I wonder if at some point in the distant future, when billions of billions of people will have already lived, someone such as Einstein would have become forgotten due to the significance of any such important past figure getting occluded by the myriad of newer significant figures - who might make progress into unimaginable new scientific peaks which will completely overthrow our current way of living, or rather that the scientific progress humanity has achieved mainly in the last couple of centuries, when we finally understood we are a speckle in a grand universe, will forever be remembered as the turning point of our scientific and technological advancement - even if we still have plenty left to discover?
Tal Lin
Tal Lin 9 gün önce
@sartnow elye I understand that notion, but also think about how few people lived during the times of Pythagoras compared to nowadays, and how much more quickly will the number of _all people whom have ever lived_ keep rising from our time to the future millennia compared to the millenia since Ancient Greece. The future will be overwhelmed by new potential scientists.
sartnow elye
sartnow elye 9 gün önce
@Tal Lin that we can't really know, but what i think is the best example to my point is pythagore, to first learn about area and trigonometry, you need to learn the basic principle of pythagore theorem, unless some jackass tries to appropriate pythagore's theorem, i really think you can't forget about his discovery
Tal Lin
Tal Lin 9 gün önce
@sartnow elye But the knowledge of many of the more ancient greats of science is probably fading a bit in terms of common knowledge. There were times when all of medicine was based on some writings of some individuals barely anyone knows nowadays. But, as I said Albert Einstein for example is possibly to pivotal in the history of science to be forgotten. Just we need to remember that at some point in the future so many more people would have lived that we don't know how many additional sources of important knowledge and information will accumulate.
sartnow elye
sartnow elye 9 gün önce
i don't think so, you can't remove the base of a pyramid no matter how long it's been there, that's the reason we are so advanced right now, because so many people came before us to discover something new while standing on the discoveries of age that's basically why school exist, to teach young people about the discoveries of people that came before them, so they can use those to discover some more, and therefore have their mark in history
David Hall
David Hall Aylar önce
As someone who grew up being taught -- literally every single day, no exaggeration -- that I was living in the "last days", I can't tell you how much I needed to hear this. To not be at the end, but the beginning... that is such an incredible feeling.
Itanof 24 gün önce
@Austin Moon He was probably raised as a Jehovah's Witness.
David Hall
David Hall 26 gün önce
@Austin Moon Wow! Came back 2 weeks later and this whole comment blew up. It's hilarious how many people are harping on JWs being a cult and teaching these things, meanwhile, Evangelicals, Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, and many many many more are preaching the exact same concept of "The Last Days!!!!" Also, some of yall need to chill. Go outside. Hug a dog. Watch some clouds and count the stars.
Fiction Is Fake
Fiction Is Fake Aylar önce
@Stephan Dolzan Unfortunately, every one has been wrong, and unfortunately the people saying it now are probably wrong.
Morsugio Gameplays
Morsugio Gameplays 16 gün önce
the animation from kurzgesagt is just perfect ❤
Brodie Millar
Brodie Millar 3 gün önce
Best Kurzgesagt video yet! Keep up the amazing work
Tai Davidson Bajandas
man this has me absolutely SOBBING. thank you for offering such a beautiful and hopefully perspective
Orchard Enterprises
Orchard Enterprises 7 saatler önce
hi. I love your videos. I know you already have an app in the app store but I think you guys should develop a kurzgesagt game. You could have people be able to build a mars base and a Dyson sphere or you could let them solve problems on earth. Everybody loves your graphics. The possibilities are endless. Thank you.
AndryCraft69 Aylar önce
0:16 "Every generation assumes they are important enough to witness the apocalypse" this sentence alone completely changed my prospective on this subject. Such a beautiful quote. EDIT: Over 1k likes?! Thanks guys! EDIT²: I must say that another thought crossed my mind while seeing the replies of this comment: we're possibly the only civilization that has solid proof of the apocalypse.
Astilea Lavatica
Astilea Lavatica Aylar önce
@Tuna I want to believe all self aware life has souls, but if there is a higher power watching all of this...it's either evil or incapable...the "logic" of nothingness awaits us all...is terrifying as well... Ultimately I see most religions as harmful rather than productive for society in general. I thought life would get better for everyone on earth as time goes on, but it's really just inflation of same issues. Long winded short...more life is suffering on this planet than truly getting basic needs met...and in 2022...that's difficult for me to accept. Be well. Blessed be, if there be anyone to bestow such.
Tejè mo
Tejè mo Aylar önce
@Anna C well who knows future generations might be dealing with something worst than ours
Steve Jakab
Steve Jakab Aylar önce
Previous generations didn't have nukes.
Blue Player
Blue Player Aylar önce
@Tuna But they don't think a magical creature is watching them because they are special, they think a magical creature is watching literally everyone because no one is special excluding the magical creature who gets to decide everyone's faith, that again is not narcissistic, the self proclaimed prophets of the magical creatures however were indeed the definition of narcissists The whole divine image thing, imagine saying you are a clone of the greatest human to ever live and that literally everyone else is also a clone but that none of you can accomplish a fraction of what the real one could, that's what they were saying basically, to me it just sounds like they didn't even think it through.
Valinorean Aylar önce
what proof of apocalypse?
Laura Almeida
Laura Almeida 19 gün önce
This channel somehow gives me anxiety and takes it away. I love it
Liv Boeree
Liv Boeree 10 gün önce
This is a masterpiece. I wish all our world leaders could see this.
FunkyLoiso 2 gün önce
Hi, thanks for all your work! I would love to see a video exploring the possibility of human immortality in the future
Médéric Mausse
Médéric Mausse 23 gün önce
had to take the time as the title was such a clickbait but I never expected that approach at all. What an intelligent video, so rare and refreshing, and also important for us to understand. Thanks for the amazing contribution your channel has to make humans better.
Decreasing_entropy Aylar önce
"We went from humans worshipping the moon to humans walking on it." This deserves an ovation! The video illumines a shift of perspective, although the underlying idea of energy output as a measure of growth has been explored earlier. The key takeaway is once again, the Kardashev scale.
The Randomizor
The Randomizor 17 gün önce
Kenos Aylar önce
@dennis askeland we also sent JWST, the voyager probes and countless others, built an impressive shared space station, and explored Mars’ surface a ton
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel Aylar önce
@Szajba the cat Yeah. Its hard not to feel down when discussing or even thinking about Planet Earth and especially Politics. Feelings we can all relate to? But if anything's a Shiver of Hope than it's this: Smart Entertainment (like Kurzgesagt and ALL the Channel i listed) become more frequent. Educating with Fun and entertaining with Science/Truth/Logic literally became Trendy.
Szajba the cat
Szajba the cat Aylar önce
@Slevin Channel I know how your comment seems, especially that last part, but the WORST part is that some people have beliefs that are way more ridiculous, and often way more dumb than that.
dennis askeland
dennis askeland Aylar önce
@UIIIii toll we sent up hubble. Thats Nice i guess… But not as monumental as landing on the moon
Ghost 23 gün önce
Man, I want to see what the future holds for humans. Ah, that would be so cool.
Pedro Esnaola Borbore
Pedro Esnaola Borbore 14 gün önce
I love this video, is amazing all the theories you have. All of you probably picture the way Elon's Musk thinks. That phrase i will always remember, never thinks you are the end of human history only at the beggining.
Fatih Mehmet Hancı
Fatih Mehmet Hancı 3 gün önce
Thank you so much for doing what you do
Wan John
Wan John 15 gün önce
Team, great to hear about the other languages launching! Have you thought of doing Chinese/Mandarin/Cantonese? I am interested to help!
Approblade Aylar önce
Honestly, I was expecting this video to be one of the most existential crisis inducing on the channel, but it turned out to be one of the most hopeful
Alok Kumar
Alok Kumar Aylar önce
Yeah but at last ...the factual bitter existential crisis truth...."someday later or sooner ,the last human will be born"
mdoerkse Aylar önce
They really should have chosen a more optimistic title!
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Aylar önce
hear our voices. That blows my mind.
Matt Chagnon
Matt Chagnon 9 gün önce
What a beautiful, thought provoking video.
Sandeep subhash Abhyankar
"We went from worshipping the moon to walking on it" greater words have never been said
F691 3 gün önce
This video really does show you how short our life is in the present time compared to how long people will live in the future. Live up your life now because it will be gone in a flash.
Matthew Jenkins
Matthew Jenkins 15 gün önce
Love the art design in this episode
Widget Aylar önce
Facing down cosmic horror and existentialism with an optimistic outlook, I hope all these new language channels do great. The world needs more Kurzgesagt and I honestly believe the world is better off for it
a normal turbine
a normal turbine Aylar önce
@ccriztoff why?
ccriztoff Aylar önce
I’d rather have humanity go extinct than to be forgotten and to be out lived.
orbrat212 Aylar önce
Cosmic wonder is simply an optimistic outlook at the same things that cause cosmic horror: Large numbers, the vastness of space, the eventual meaninglessness of our actions. While cosmic horror shows the fear in those things, cosmic wonder shows us that these eternities are just another reason that we should do as much as possible with out little tiny crumb of endlessness. It really is all about perspective.
Navratna Sharma
Navratna Sharma Aylar önce
Ungarium leviosa!
John Cooper
John Cooper Gün önce
I've never thought about it, but.. imagine how the Universe is actually very young and after all the big stars die out, the small ones will continue existing for tens or hundreds of times longer and such.. Now think about how life on Earth appeared billions of years ago, and we have strong reasons to believe that ALL life on Earth is connected and probably is related to a single living creature, that appeared at some time, somewhere, in an ocean. At that time, Earth was empty, devoid of life, and just in that one spot a "miracle" happened - the first EVER living things on the whole planet. And at the same time they were so small, you couldn't even see them.. Now look at us, 3.7 billion years later, on a planet covered with life, with so much diversity and so many species lost forever.. asking ourselves "Are we alone? Is there life on another planets?" Well what if we are, we do survive, we do become interplanetary species, and we become that first place in the entire universe that created live.. maybe in a billion years from now (or a few billion, it doesn't matter) a great part of the universe will be filled with life, some intelligent, some not so much, but EVERY SINGLE living creature in the whole universe will be connected and will search for their origin, just like we are searching for the origin of life on Earth right now. They will be searching.. for us o.O PS: if you read my comment, I appreciate you ^^
The One
The One 10 gün önce
What's scary is that even if we spread across the solar system, this amount of people is still extremely large. 6:45 This amount of people would mean that almost all matter in the solar system would have to be consumed, kind of like how water that we drink has been through multiple organisms bodies. But as humans today we usually eat foods that have organic compounds, and we use fertilizers that are made of old food to grow new food. This is were it gets scary. For an amount of people that have lived to be that large, it means that at some point your body had degraded, regrown, processed, and eaten multiple times. Now that I've typed this out I have also realized that since it's been 200,000 years since modern humans have existed, that means that there is a chance that we have eaten food that was made out of the organic compounds that made up our ancestors. Just a random thought.
MooseCampbell 25 gün önce
I really needed this today. It's been hard lately. Thank you.
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