The Kung Fu Panda Ripoff From Your Nightmares

Danny Gonzalez
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on TRvid, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.




16 Nis 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Alex SM
Alex SM Saatler önce
Every character in this movie looks stoned af And at the same time the animations look like early 2000s game cutscenes
The Unknown Man
The Unknown Man 3 saatler önce
Imagine your a new viewer and your name is Greg
Finlay Foster
Finlay Foster 5 saatler önce
Idk how people can dislike this
malighn 5 saatler önce
why is there no "err whaa?" shirt in the store?
FadleLight 6 saatler önce
the lightning greg hoodie's back looks a lot like daddy dearest and that's sick
Orud Cinavo
Orud Cinavo 10 saatler önce
Me:Mom can we have kung fu panda? Mom:We have kung fu panda at home Kung fu panda at home:
Lune 420
Lune 420 15 saatler önce
Why is this my comfort video lmao
Benjamin Brown
Benjamin Brown 16 saatler önce
Great Eric Andre reference
Chaos Tails
Chaos Tails 18 saatler önce
variety tubers
variety tubers 19 saatler önce
i laughed sooo much that is all i need to say~
Games And logins
Games And logins 19 saatler önce
This pasta is d e l i c i o u s
Sibree 20 saatler önce
The snot bear is voiced by the same guy that used to voice meowth in Pokémon
Snoop Dogg The Certified G
This is what I’ve been waiting for babbyyyyyyy
Ash Mason
Ash Mason 21 saatler önce
Imagine a bear with snot dripping from its nose constantly. How gross... -Looks at Cubchoo-
Dog Adventure
Dog Adventure 21 saatler önce
Danny make a video about Lala life she is literally interrupting my lessons!!!!!!!!!!!
Faith Ferra
Faith Ferra 23 saatler önce
Anyone catch that those are drew gooden's eyes on the glasses??😂😂
Xenomorph Gün önce
This movie is a hate crime against humanity
xShroomix Gün önce
SFhghjg the thic thigh
KITT vs KARR KR Gün önce
I would love to see this guy react to "Planes".
british roadman
british roadman Gün önce
21:05 he is having a seizure
Aderemi Kayode
Aderemi Kayode Gün önce
This feels like im watching moldy cheese spoil on a satarday
feral cryptid
feral cryptid Gün önce
Have u seen the harry potter knock off but its animated and actually doesn't have much to do with the actual harry potter movie?
MoonMan the MeMerMan 2
Why do you torture yourself watching all this
I like this
I like this Gün önce
i like this
Dj Sushi
Dj Sushi Gün önce
Teagan O'Keefe
Teagan O'Keefe Gün önce
please do Gnomeo & Juliet
Luna Quadrophenia
Danny, I don't have any social media to send this movie recommendation so I hope you see this one: watch the movie Obsessed with Beyoncé and Idris Elba. It's one of the worst movies I've ever seen, with so many holes and subplots with no resolution... it's a joke, and Beyoncé is one of the executive producers on it, to make things even worse!
shane court
shane court Gün önce
Bruh why the glasses got Drew's eyes in them
Stephanie Corneau
Why dose snot bear sound like meowth
Carsten Wyant
Carsten Wyant Gün önce
No one: The panda at the end: (look at my pfp)
Nathaniel Puamau
Nathaniel Puamau Gün önce
Sadie Scott
Sadie Scott Gün önce
Can u please react to lanky box
Alejandro Vargas
Alejandro Vargas Gün önce
You should review "vampire sisters 2" it's cringe and weird😂
Leen Septiceye
Leen Septiceye 2 gün önce
Danny could you please react to a movie called ( The Adventures of Acela)
Rain Feather
Rain Feather 2 gün önce
No one can out thic Carol
AG Feild
AG Feild 2 gün önce
Emily Sanders
Emily Sanders 2 gün önce
I didn't even look at Polaris's face until he wore that jumpsuit so it wasn't a bad disguise at all
Jacquelyn S
Jacquelyn S 2 gün önce
Wait why did Pancata have to fight that scary bear anyway? If the boss whose name I've already forgotten beat him already he should be gone.
Sarah Dunn
Sarah Dunn 2 gün önce
(insert sonic meow meme but instead of sonic its Pancata dancing)
Annoying art Kid
Annoying art Kid 2 gün önce
polarous got some nice chesticals
NightRaven Plays
NightRaven Plays 2 gün önce
Gumball made fun this movie
Ashley Rose
Ashley Rose 2 gün önce
I'm so glad you watch these so I don't have to 😂
Sarah Patton
Sarah Patton 2 gün önce
Danny, watch Izzies way home. 😌
Sophia Hegland
Sophia Hegland 2 gün önce
"But, he's not a fighter yet oh no no no"
Zola Quite Catholic
Zola Quite Catholic 2 gün önce
If those aren't Drew Gooden's eyes at 16:02 then my name's not GrizzlePuss
PikaSheep 2 gün önce
Every time I watch these dumb ripoff movies, I feel like I lose 10 years of my life
enoc flores
enoc flores 3 gün önce
Review Kung fu rooster
Isabella Smith
Isabella Smith 3 gün önce
Pancotta's bones were getting squishy in that dance routine at around 18:27
TheBigWeebyBOi [:
TheBigWeebyBOi [: 3 gün önce
Did anyone else die when he started laughing with the liquify effect 😂
Cartoon Critique
Cartoon Critique 3 gün önce
10:52 Sure I have...all the gender-swapped Rule 34 of Freddy Fazbear! XD
Huck L. Berry
Huck L. Berry 3 gün önce
my friend when they have a head ack 11:56
idk Channel
idk Channel 3 gün önce
Which goes into the worst sequence *youtube advert plays*
Maretas Shiva
Maretas Shiva 3 gün önce
Ngl I probably start watching these kind of movies just for the sole purpose of entertainment
Em Liu
Em Liu 3 gün önce
Kung Fu Panda: There's no special secret; with perseverance, even a panda can defeat evil Little Panda Fighter: i kNew thErE waS No WAY a tuBbY liTtLe paNDa coUld BeAt a MonStEr liKe ThAt
Grace Beardslee
Grace Beardslee 3 gün önce
when are you gonna do a video reacting to Selena Gomez’s Cinderella?!
Yoh Voys
Yoh Voys 3 gün önce
*sees snort dripping out of bear's nose** Komugi? Komugi, anyone?
Cooly McGee
Cooly McGee 3 gün önce
Is that how to ratatwang your panda from the amazing world of gumball?
Silent Whisperer21
Silent Whisperer21 3 gün önce
jo_king 3 gün önce
parkour potato
parkour potato 3 gün önce
the movie: we have blue bears. Any normal human:like wtf whats a blue bear
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 3 gün önce
23:30 oh not Danny dying in minecraft 😂
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 3 gün önce
19:00 uh the one bear has blue eye shadow??
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 3 gün önce
16:03 drew glasses? 😂
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 3 gün önce
15:00 i can’t with Danny’s skits 😂
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 3 gün önce
11:55 uh...is there no dryer in the room??
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 3 gün önce
10:17 lol wait she looks like a bear version of Karol from that rat movie???
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 3 gün önce
9:45 why not a mask too??
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 3 gün önce
9:30 why is there pink stuff on his hands???
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 3 gün önce
7:55 why did it cut like that????
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 3 gün önce
6:18 who’s that? goopy??
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 3 gün önce
5:25 why is Danny’s skit better than the actual movie? 😂
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 3 gün önce
4:00 why the snot??? 🤢
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 3 gün önce
3:10 oh...i thought he was dreaming about a female panda 😂
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 3 gün önce
2:10 um...is that a care bear???
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • 3 gün önce
man that company is just known ripping off other movies now 😂
Raphael Lobao
Raphael Lobao 3 gün önce
THAT thing (I refuse to refer to it by anything else) is brazilian, Which is the reason most of the THINGS that this company makes have weird lip syncing, Also the reason his name in pancada is because in Brazil that's like the same thing as punching somebody.
Peppermintt_Tea 3 gün önce
P A N C A T A I N T H E V O I D. T O D A Y.
Weasel whopper
Weasel whopper 3 gün önce
You should do CarGo
Fresh Panther
Fresh Panther 4 gün önce
This is kinda like billy elliot
Ultimate Kars
Ultimate Kars 4 gün önce
Eli Go
Eli Go 4 gün önce
Danny should try watching popee the performer
Gianna Ramieri
Gianna Ramieri 4 gün önce
holy sholy cow
Bratt 1908
Bratt 1908 4 gün önce
I feel bad for the voice actors O_O
Edits ect.
Edits ect. 4 gün önce
Dinky Gunky?? But what about Diggy Gorgonzola??
The dialog is fine its just the characters and the animation
• Jazz •
• Jazz • 4 gün önce
So we’re all gonna ignore that they literally animated tender heart the care bear into this movie then? Alright (but like fr the nose shape and you can even see the little heart on his tummy around 19:10 )
Lindsey Meath
Lindsey Meath 4 gün önce
DANNY--I’m telling you--watch Fifi and the Flowertots.
izzy o’brien
izzy o’brien 4 gün önce
polaris got those mommy milkers
Cynthia Robbins
Cynthia Robbins 4 gün önce
Pancada has logged out of the abyss 8:39
tanzu yamazaki
tanzu yamazaki 4 gün önce
it seems as though i have a lot of cartoon movie ripoffs from my nightmares.
Hannah Cooper
Hannah Cooper 4 gün önce
Nobody: NLE Choppa: 21:04
Tani 4 gün önce
Wolfgirl Kymlie
Wolfgirl Kymlie 4 gün önce
Review sleepover
Wolfgirl Kymlie
Wolfgirl Kymlie 3 gün önce
The movie it’s free on TRvid
Nacho_ Nyah
Nacho_ Nyah 4 gün önce
why is her coochie hanging.. but the way he keeps finding these rip off movies 😭 I love these videos
Elmo's World
Elmo's World 4 gün önce
My little sister made a movie better than this and it was just her hitting/kicking me for an hour while my parents laughed so this movie was AWFUL! (but i love the videos!)
audrey 4 gün önce
the alliteration in this video is unparalleled
Yonaah_ Chan
Yonaah_ Chan 4 gün önce
Does GeorgeNotFound date you?
Wolf Reacts
Wolf Reacts 5 gün önce
Wut 19:25
Karlyann Lauritzen
Karlyann Lauritzen 5 gün önce
is it just me or does grizzle puss sound like meowth ,,, ,,
oreo wolfie
oreo wolfie 5 gün önce
11:56 can you make a joke out of this!
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