The iPhone USB-C Law: Explained! 

Marques Brownlee
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All opinions in the video are my own. Armchair analyst mode activated.
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2 Haz 2023




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MrUnknown 7 aylar önce
It gives real satisfaction to see Nations saying "no" to these mega-corporations. I want more of it.
Márton Szigeti
Márton Szigeti 7 aylar önce
There should be laws against mega-corporations for sure, but this one is totally unnecessary and not gonna solve any real issues. The fact that every once in a while you can't charge your phone because your friend has a Lightning cable and you need a Type-C is not a real issue, it's just an unnecessary 'fuck you' to big corporations.
Tony Kickerkomp
Tony Kickerkomp 7 aylar önce
Politicians aren't engineers and the government doesn't make anything
Fhesseti 7 aylar önce
760futura How is USB C flawed? It should be the standard rather than crappy proprietary ports just so Apple can make more money at the expense of the consumer and the environment.
Deses 7 aylar önce
760futura They are free to say that. But then they can say goodbye to the European market. I hope that corpos being more powerful than governments will only be a thing of dystopian media.
Marlon 7 aylar önce
And to see the big corporations then complain about being regulated. It's really the best
Jumpier Wolf
Jumpier Wolf 3 aylar önce
I love how apple uses the term e-waste. They can make it mean literally anything they want it to mean.
Nick Schafer
Nick Schafer 2 aylar önce
If anything the Apple cables and phone connectors are more likely to go bad from corrosion due to tendency of super tiny junk being jammed into the iphone port. I've personally never seen a ruined USB C cable unless you purposely damaged it.
László Juhász
László Juhász 2 aylar önce
​@Nick Schafer yeah. All of my friends' iphone cables got broken several times, mine also. Had no problem with my Type-C cables so far. So if they're talking about E-waste....
John Young
John Young 2 aylar önce
More like iWaste
Lugas 2 aylar önce
@John Young good one xd
kentripp 17 gün önce
yea and not standardizing cabling and ports creates more ewaste because households will need more different types of cables rather than reusing the same on for different devices. of course they'll say anything for their bottom line
Alessandro Leonardi
Alessandro Leonardi 13 gün önce
Apple had enough time to let their engineers "figure it out". I'm happy about the regulations and want more of them.
Brainwater 2 aylar önce
It's stupid that they argue about e-waste. Requiring an entirely different cable for their products is much more wasteful than standardizing.
Arsenio Allison
Arsenio Allison 2 aylar önce
What is really weird about them being so resistant to this change is the iPad uses a type c connection. So they can do it easily but are choosing not to.
Myrtle Money Makin Jenkins
Yea my house has 2 iPads using type c and 4 phones using lighting. It’s kind of annoying. I’m constantly switching plugs 🔌
Brandon Drums
Brandon Drums 2 aylar önce
Not just that, they made the MacBook with only two USB-C ports YEARS before anyone else started deleting every other port. I hate apple. Never owning any more of their products.
Tony Pham
Tony Pham 2 aylar önce
As an android phone user myself, since the iPhone 4. Lightning is the superior choice for a phone as how much often do you have the plug and unplug to charge the devices.
Redd Bendd
Redd Bendd Aylar önce
You are probably not going to drop your iPad into the toilet
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas Aylar önce
​@Brandon Drums !
Thain Humphrey
Thain Humphrey 2 aylar önce
The thing with a portless iPhone is that the port doesn’t just function as a charging port. You can use it to connect adapters that allow for card reader, thumb drive and usb mic connections, to name only a few use cases. While the market for adapter users might sound small, I see each of these benefitting budget-minded podcasters, video bloggers and micro-bloggers (TikTok, IG), so it’s certainly something they should consider. If they came up with a wireless port adapter to replace these older adapters, that would be a brilliant solution.
SzisziCat 2 aylar önce
2:28 i can imagine apple putting a lightning port to the iphone 17, i just not gonna charge the phone😅 This is apple i can imagine everything.
Espressomatic 2 aylar önce
magnetic peripheral connector that isn't used for charging takes care of that. Like on the iPad.
Joy L
Joy L 2 aylar önce
I know a lot of devices already use wi-fi for transfer. Printers, cameras, etc, so that's definitely one way. I for one have a Canon camera, and while I use USB-C to take photos from the camera to Mac, if I'm on my phone (Android), I use an app to connect to the camera, and can use it as a remote, or transfer files. And while printers still use wifi, it's a bit different. With a printer (at least ones I've used), you connect it to the same network as the computer or phone (like your home wi-fi, or office network), and it finds the devices on your network, where cameras create a wi-fi signal that you find in your settings, and then connect to it as if it were your network. The main drawback is that you can't use wi-fi for internet if you're using it for file transfer, but most of us have big enough data plans that it doesn't matter. I could see a mic being an issue as wireless charging does make a hum that could get in the way, but most bluetooth headsets and speakers have mics built in, so that might be the way to go.
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 17 gün önce
I shoot with my DSLR and use a card reader adapater to transfer photos to my phone right on location quickly. Don’t want to see a world where I can’t do that.
BoostedBill 7 aylar önce
It would be truly aggravating of Apple to ditch C and just go wireless. Compromising charging speeds, data transfers, accessories, etc. Crazy
chet corey
chet corey 7 aylar önce
Not to mention iPhone wallet cases. Having my wallet and phone together and also findable is more important than using an iPhone. The wallet cases can’t use mag charging
Gungrave123 7 aylar önce
they are that vain, and their fanbase is that gullible.
joe mama
joe mama 7 aylar önce
its gonna be so frustrating if we have to live with portless iphones for the newer models.
GunColony (Minecraft)
GunColony (Minecraft) 7 aylar önce
@chet corey That's a very good point in favor of keeping wired charging.
Brandon Eastman
Brandon Eastman 7 aylar önce
Yes I may finally buy an android if this actually happens. Biggest problem for me is listening to music in the car, going through Bluetooth just does not sound as good as having it wired!
Peter Reime
Peter Reime 4 aylar önce
this isn't just about charging, it affects anything that needs to plug into the port, from external batteries to docks and accessories, all of which can be made multiplatform with relative ease if there is just one physical interface type to deal with. this way you can use your wired headphones on both your ipad and your iphone without the need for adapters and dongles, you only need one cable to charge both your macbook and your iphone and wireless keyboard and mouse.
Username 2 aylar önce
exactly what i was thinking, the argument of electronics waste is complete bullshit when you produce far more bullshit than literally anyone else
Eric Shafto
Eric Shafto Gün önce
My car. I will need to buy a new car in order to use Bluetooth CarPlay. My car is a mid-tier 2021 model and I can only use CarPlay with a Lightning cable. Given the choice of buying an car and buying a new phone, I won't lose any sleep over the decision.
Mihir Ojha
Mihir Ojha Gün önce
@Eric Shafto your car doesn't have a USB-C interface, only a lightning cable one? Or did I just botch the entire meaning of your sentence lol
Eric Shafto
Eric Shafto Gün önce
@Mihir Ojha Hi, Mihir. It has USB-A and I use a USB-A to Lightning cable. My car will not do wireless CarPlay, so if my phone has no cable ports, I won't be able to use it with my car's display.
Mihir Ojha
Mihir Ojha Gün önce
@Eric Shafto ohh, okay. Yeah, even my dad's car (which is now 10 years old) has the USB A port, which is great as it's still a relevant port. Thank you for clarifying!
jack_da_niels 3 aylar önce
I liked the Lightning port when it came out as it was robust and could be plugged in in any direction. But today it's just annoying how many different cables you have to pack when you travel. Yes the USB-C port will at some point also be old and not up to the latest features - but at least its a sturdy connector, can be plugged in in both directions, can be used to charge any phone, any tablet, powerbanks, laptops, headphone etc. so I need one (!) cable in my luggage, backpack, car, desk or similar. By adding wireless charging we are at the same situation again that I have just another cable I have to buy and lying around everywhere (or take everywhere). So wireless charging is an additional thing which is nice but still annoying in day to day use in combination with other devices which need to be charged.
Noah Raines
Noah Raines 11 gün önce
Type c definitely not sturdy lmao
Sanquinity 2 gün önce
@Noah Raines It is if you get a decent quality one. Most cables that come standard with devices...aren't.
Noah Raines
Noah Raines Gün önce
@Sanquinity the connector itself isn’t that middle contact in the phones or computers is super easy to break
Król pawi
Król pawi 22 saatler önce
​@Noah Rainesi dont think i ever had seen the usb c itself broken (And i use really old phone). The cable itself on the other hand usualy made out of guano i saw being broken a lot.
Robin 17 saatler önce
​@Noah Raines they make the cable side of the connector weaker. It's easier and cheaper to replace a cable than to open up the phone and change that connector.
Simon Ives
Simon Ives 3 aylar önce
Great overview. If Apple do move away from a cable, they’re going to want to ensure charging and data speeds are competitive. And whilst 2024 is a while off, Apple need to tool their factories to produce their hardware in time for distribution - I don’t know how long this takes but they’ve probably got around 12 months to lock in a design. Also remember that Apple already use USB type C so have the tooling already available. The iPad I’m writing this comment on uses USB type C.
Nate Dimelfi
Nate Dimelfi Aylar önce
I mean, considering the type c connector itself is capable of handling Thunderbolt 4 data speeds on PCs, and all of the insanely fast chargers on the android side, I think it can handle Apple's needs, especially since Lightning is a USB 2.0 standard.
Justin Theng
Justin Theng 13 gün önce
LIghtning cable is a joke compared to USB-C in terms of charging speed and data speed. They are just stubborn not to change and want that extra cash from selling more lightning cables for profit.
terry 17 saatler önce
"tool their factories"? You make it sound like they're manufacturing tractors. They could make this change in a week.
Oliver Attwood
Oliver Attwood 3 aylar önce
I think it's interesting that u brought up the use of hearing aids and compatibility with phones as they used to have a similar issue with a non uniform system but as technology developed it saw the use of Bluetooth and headphones moving over to wireless systems and the industry recognized this as a new standard and developed new hearing aids that work through the same Bluetooth network and as a deaf person it has allowed me to use my phone to a lot more of its potential than before as I can just link to it with the Bluetooth compatibility
pb 3 aylar önce
Great vid - FYI EU law did enforce use of micro-USB standard sometime ago when all brand and model in given brand had X number of different charging connectors. So I'm guessing that at some point they will switch to different standard from USB-C
Holey Moley
Holey Moley 6 aylar önce
I wouldn't be surprised if they made the phone not charge unless it were using an official mag safe charger
pepe shadilay
pepe shadilay 6 aylar önce
That's impossible
pepe shadilay
pepe shadilay 6 aylar önce
That's not how induction works
Stefano Melis
Stefano Melis 6 aylar önce
@pepe shadilay lol sure, impossible, wonder why MagSafe technology communicates device ID via NFC? It is easy to imagine that non "certified" charging devices have limits imposed by Apple. Dunning-Kruger effect: you know the basics of how induction works, you think you know all the intricacies of how MagSafe (and Apple as a company) operates.
Caeden W.
Caeden W. 6 aylar önce
@pepe shadilay It’s not impossible… the iPhone can do a wireless hand shake before it accepts power draw from the coils. This is actually exactly what the lightning port does as well. I don’t see you saying “pins are just copper, it’s impossible for Apple to make you use their cables” but they actually do license that connector because you need the microchip to do the handshake.
iFlu 4 aylar önce
On the other hand, USB type A is there since the beginning of USB 1.0. USB-C doesn't mean USB-C 3.0 10Gbits 140W, it's just the shape of the connector and that's a huge difference (especially since a lot of product have switched from proprietary connectors to USB-C in the recent years)
tekitron 3 aylar önce
to be fair the wattage is seperate from teh USB v, USB-PD is a seperate standard. That now being said, under current standards USB-C could deliver 40Gbps and 240W, and that is about to increasee on the data rate side to 80Gbps/120Gbps with USB 4 v2.0
iFlu 3 aylar önce
@tekitron exactly 👍🏻
Saruman1000 4 aylar önce
The follow up here we all need is not a wireless charging loophole, it's additional government mandates which require these laws to be reviewed every X number of years and updated, preferably with top tech experts at the table. One of the biggest problems of government which you briefly touched upon is that laws are made but rarely updated as fast as needed. But in the short term I'm super super glad of EUs decision and fully support it.
Cinder's Spot
Cinder's Spot Gün önce
Acolz 2 aylar önce
My ideal for the successor to USB Type C would be a new type that has the same plug but new specs. So it could be backwards compatible with all the Type C stuff we have already but still bring new tech. And also, was there really a reason for apple to use that old wide connector on the iPhones instead of going micro USB? My guess would be that Apple is afraid of people jailbreaking the devices easier if equipped with USB Type C too..
Eoin Kenny
Eoin Kenny 17 gün önce
Thats what the EU law states, "USB type C" describes the shape of the port only. There are already multiple variations and improvements to the USB type C standard which started out in 2014 as USB 3.1 capable of 5 Gbit/s, its since gone through multiple revisions to the USB 4 standard which can go up to 40Gbit/s and they're all backwards compatible. Current charging over USB C is up to 100W. Which variant of the standard is implemented is down to how the individual companies configure their products.
Eloi Lamarque
Eloi Lamarque 6 gün önce
my guess is apple sells lighting port lisence to people who wanna build a lighting compatible device and apple dont want to lose that money (you dont need micro usb to jailbrake an iphone)
RAIJINMARU 3 gün önce
actually the old large charging port on iphones was so much better than micro usb in terms of just about everything other than size so yes there was a reason for it lol. i think ur forgetting just how bad micro usb was.
Jay Paans
Jay Paans 3 gün önce
Letters denote physical forms, numbers denote data/power transfer protocols. So, what you are talking about is actually USB 4.
Stef De
Stef De 4 aylar önce
Another very good vid from Marques Brownlee, thank you! My take: the port on the smartphone is not only useful to charge, which indeed can also be done with magsafe accessorie. I need a port (two would be better, though) to synch the phone and to connect headphones. Sure BT works too, but BT headphones need to be charged, are more expensive and sound quality is lower. Also, synching is much faster with a wire than through wifi, assuming that it works well. Also, the EU tried to convince manufacturers to agree on a standard, as it happens for most industrial standards (check CE marking regulations) but it did not work, hence the need to impose one. I disliked it when apple ditched headphones jack, I will be very unhappy when they close it like an oyster.
John Długosz
John Długosz 2 aylar önce
My main use for the USB port on my Galaxy phone (and tablet): using a thumb drive to transfer files, because it's easier than getting the LAN shares to work.
Soundwave 7 aylar önce
Making everyone carry the wireless charging adapter instead of a simple cable would be such a huge step back
xyoxus 7 aylar önce
So... it sounds exactly like something Apple would do
Ammar Harith
Ammar Harith 7 aylar önce
As if it's not embarrassing enough to charge a phone via cable in the public, now we'll get to see these clunky, wireless pucks being thrown into the mix for extra shame.
GUY CHA0S 7 aylar önce
Evolving backward since tim cook
Battleray 7 aylar önce
Soundwave 7 aylar önce
@Ammar Harith I dont really see any problem with charging a phone with a cable in public o.O
Joy L
Joy L 2 aylar önce
I remember when I had an iPhone 4s (the only iPhone I had), I had a case that blocked all ports because I wanted something waterproof and kept breaking LifeProof cases. I wished that wireless charging existed then, as I had wireless headphones. Now I have a Nokia specifically because it does have USB-C and headphone jack, but I could see the wireless part coming for a while. People joked about it when they removed the headphone jack. My only concern, is that I run a church sound system, and the only way to play something wireless, is to connect to the piano via bluetooth (brand new piano, I don't even know how that works), and then the mixer channel for the piano should be able to control that. It just sounds confusing, but expected.
Frank 2 aylar önce
It's good finally specifying a charging connector, can you imagine countries/regions didn't specify the power socket in your house and every (electricity) company did their own thing?
dewan akib
dewan akib 11 gün önce
This guy just keeps on getting better and better over the years. Good research made video sire
Rufus Eats Cheese
Rufus Eats Cheese 2 aylar önce
I think the approach is to facilitate phones being charged in emergency situations, but then my Mum is still using her flip phone (from the first time around) which is not even mini-USB-B yet 😂
Brandon Feeley
Brandon Feeley 2 aylar önce
The problem with leaving it to the engineers is you end up with different ports...if they mandated all engineers need to agree on 1 port, that might make sense. But being that the largest portion of the market uses USB-C exclusively it makes sense for everyone to just switch.
terry 17 saatler önce
They do and its not a mandate its called an engineering standard. Standards are what make the modern world possible. Apples ditches standards whenever they want to differentiate their products to make them seem more advanced, which from an engineer's POV is just silly. However, engineers don't sell phones, marketers do. Apple is the greatest marketing company since Phillip Morris which literally sold people death.
bracco23 7 aylar önce
The EU directive is pretty flexible in that it is actually published by an apposite team working on this, which is set to re-evaluate the market and update the directive every 5 years i think, which would see the connector change if a new one is developed that has advantages. EU tried telling the market "hey, it would be nice to have everyone on the same connector so that chargers are compatible" and that's the reason why almost all android phone had mini USB, but guess who didn't jump on board and forced the law to be so prescriptive?
nickcc1000 7 aylar önce
This. You framed my thoughts perfectly. It's only the MFI program revenue that they're thinking of.
Chris Kelly
Chris Kelly 7 aylar önce
The EU is a lot less dysfunctional than the US when it comes to governing over things like this. I think Americans assume that these sort of choices coming from a government are always bad when they aren’t.
Сергей Бобров
yeah, kinda disappointed he skipped that, he's too big of a youtuber to omit facts like that
Spaghetti 7 aylar önce
Yea exactly, it isn't the EU being strict because they want to be strict, it's the EU being strict because big bully Apple forced them to be strict. I mean if what Marques speculates actually happens (and I'm 90% sure it will) they will still stick to making their own proprietary products because money.
Adrián Norte Fernández
If I recall correctly, the law also states required serviceability and that can be really hard to comply with without a cable to run diagnostics from.
Reshpeck Gün önce
They could just have a non-charging port for data and diagnostics and remain in compliance.
Bootygangcapn 2 aylar önce
That’s just funny to me because we really made wireless charging more easier, by making it magnetically stick to your phone which is basically turning it into an oversized version of the charger we already used, the “wireless” is it’s not wired directly to your phone it’s wired to a charging pad, which is creating just the same amount of waste imo,
samin90 8 saatler önce
It's even worse because not only are more materials required to make the chargers, wireless charging is inherently less efficient than wired charging
Bootygangcapn 8 saatler önce
@samin90 wireless charging was just a ploy to make extra cash off people,
Sammie1053 4 aylar önce
I totally understand the concern about companies being locked into supporting a single standard, in theory, but in practice it’s going to be a lot more than a few years before we have a standard that makes USB-C obsolete, if it ever happens at all. You said it yourself: we’ve got devices _today_ that are implementing 200W charging over type-C. Most mobile devices don’t require anywhere close to that kind of power budget. Between the 200+ W power budget and the 40 Gbps data transfer speeds, modern mobile devices have a lot of room to grow before they start to run into the physical limits of the standard, and by that point it’s questionable whether wired charging and wired data transfer are even going to be as necessary as they are now.
Sanquinity 2 gün önce
I'm noticing a distinct lack of "charging docks/devices" on that list that needs to have a USB-C port. In other words, they can still make the wireless charging thing have their own plug, and sell a separate adapter so you can plug it into a USB port.
Ashish Mishra
Ashish Mishra 7 aylar önce
Wireless charging seems to be worse for the environment for now. It doesn't provide the same amount of energy as it sucks out of the wall, so much waste. Also, you still need to carry a whole charging dock, maybe mini but still. I think they have to follow and go for usbc, because wireless is not really wireless 😅
Kaitlyn L
Kaitlyn L 7 aylar önce
Exactly. Even though I’m happy with 15-20W charge speeds, I see no reason to make all that extra heat between the coils when I can have a nice cool connector. In fact the only times I ever even consider wanting a wireless charger are when my phone got wet and it won’t let me charge until it’s dry. But that’s infrequent enough that I’m not spending money for that scenario.
Zachary Kistler
Zachary Kistler 7 aylar önce
I think most people who have used wireless charging can attest to how shit it actually is, especially in Magsafe's case. Magsafe is literally less efficient, slower WIRED charging with a worse location on the phone. You don't get rid of any wires at all!
fire surfer
fire surfer 7 aylar önce
No energy is wasted at all. ALL DEVICES pull current as needed. The only thing that is wasted is your time.
Ash Land
Ash Land 7 aylar önce
You also have to take off your case every single time you want to do it
Birtalan Lorant
Birtalan Lorant 7 aylar önce
@fire surfer wireless charging is like 40-50% efficient. Meaning if you want to charge your 3000mAh battery, you will pull 6000mah at least.
C C 3 aylar önce
I think Apple will want to make the switch to wireless, but it’ll depend on how the technology develops
atreynolds 4 aylar önce
Marques, you make a very good point, and I agree with you that it's highly doubtful that Apple will ever make a USB-C iPhone. The main advantage of doing so would be for users to be able to download enormous 4k video files that currently take forever over current wifi or the Lightning port. However, by the end of 2024, Wifi 7 will be widely available, and with a theoretical speed of up to 30Gbps it will be plenty fast for those kinds of downloads. And besides, how many people does this actually apply to today anyway?
Joshua Aylar önce
Ignoring the possibility of apple going usb C. If Apple were to go portless, they would need to start making many adjustments leading up to the switch. Apple would need to adjust Carplay, data transfer with non-apple products, dongles/lightning accesories, and probably most importantly make wireless charging good enough for Apple's standard that apple would need to start prepping the industry to be ready for a Portless phone. As is now, I don't see apple making these changes and seeing as they're incorporating usb C on more accesories now, It seems like they're accepting usb C as the standard. Apple will still absolutely find a way to be "apple" about the change. I.e a mfi usb c connector/locking the best usb c port to the pros etc.
Jason Kay
Jason Kay Gün önce
@Joshua "Apple's standards" equates to whatever they can use to bilk people out of more money.
Triparadox C.
Triparadox C. 11 gün önce
They can either disable charging on the lightning port (data only) or they remove the whole thing outright.
dev droid
dev droid 4 aylar önce
I think it is possible to embed some code so that the wifi and Bluetooth can be used even when the oS is wiped. That means you don't really need a port to install or update the device. Only thing left to sort out is how reliable and practical a phone without a charging port is. I haven't used wired charging more than once in a year and don't need it. But for someone else, it may be essential.
Nick Schafer
Nick Schafer 2 aylar önce
Xiaomi(and those under the same umbrella of companies) are the only ones who brought about over 15w wireless charging where they got phones wirelessly charging anywhere from 30w to 50w depending on brand and phone model. Some as well provide up to 15w of reverse wireless charging from the phone to another device like earpods. Honestly this along with wired charging, the regular brands have been rather slow to innovate compared to the Chinese brands. I love that I can take my nearly dead OnePlus 11, plug it in, and be at 100% in 25 minutes or so while not harming the battery's health and it's ability to get to 1600 charge cycles before it goes down to 80% battery capacity. I don't get wireless charging but I can just buy an SuperVOOC charger for my car and I'll be assured that I will have a quick charge up wherever I go.
Gareth 7 gün önce
In your final thoughts you make a good point - about the law not keeping up. While it is great that this law will come into effect, how easy will it be to keep it updated? For instance, USB-C becoming outdated and a new, better way is created. Will the law recognised that quickly enough not to hamstring the tech?
Pedanta 6 aylar önce
The EU basically did say "just come up with a unified cable" a number of years ago. The industry responded and chose of their own valition type-c, but it was just apple refusing to play ball because they were making money
Mikko Räsänen
Mikko Räsänen 6 aylar önce
^ ^ ^ this!
Kaneda12 6 aylar önce
USB C is supposed to a a uniform standard but the only thing that’s standard is the connector shape. A lot of usb C do not support the various functionalities they’re supposed to be able to support.
Paul Neil
Paul Neil 4 aylar önce
Data transfer is the biggest challenge. Large file transfer like 4K video, connecting to vehicle UX systems, secure connection rather than wireless, etc.
Hexzing Gaming
Hexzing Gaming 2 aylar önce
Another problem is when you get a failed update when using wireless and you have to plug it in to update. What happens when you have no port to do this? Also the waste from having separate cables for everything produces so much more waste than just having one standardised cable. Honestly if there is no port I'm not buying it unless some third party finds a way to add a port to the iPhone in which case I'll do that since I have an electronics degree and shouldn't be to much hassle, but for regular everyday people this really won't be an option. Honestly I hated when they removed the headphone jack and I had to buy a dongle to use it but it was still usable. Also we need to conserve power and electricity not waste it with wireless charging and downgraded phones.
Sachin Plays CODM
Sachin Plays CODM 3 aylar önce
You are absolutely right I also had doubts about apple putting a type C port on iPhone if it’s there it’s good but we can’t be sure of this until the new iPhone comes out
Kasey Turner
Kasey Turner 2 aylar önce
I 100% agree that all chargers should be usb-c, no more mixed cables for car rides and just makes life easier. Don't think apple should be dragging out the lightning port. I've been ready to switch back to iPhone from Samsung for a bit now but I just don't want to deal with having yet another wire added to my desk or bed. My keyboard and mouse are usb-c which mean I just need the one and I like keeping my desk clear.
Noel 2 aylar önce
With ultra fast charging being available with type C, I'd hate to be reduced to the speeds at which wireless charging is at. Mainly due to the fact that having ultra fast charging comes in handy when you need to get your phone charged when limited on time.
Oxaile 2 aylar önce
Not just the speed but the energy loss... No way Apple can claim they care about the environment if they force everyone to use a charging method with a 30%-40% energy loss in transmission... Sure it's not going to have an impact on your electrical bill but consider the amount of iphones that are sold across the world. That's a lot of wasted energy lost for no reason simply because of corporate greed.
Dasaviour 7 aylar önce
Data transfers and debugging/restoring situations are what I'm more interested in looking at if they go wireless.
ANUJ JAIN 7 aylar önce
Airdrop lol
Tevin 7 aylar önce
@ANUJ JAIN And if youre transferring to something thats not apple? Such as a windows pc?
Dasaviour 7 aylar önce
agreed 100% but it's not apple if they don't do something outrageous just because "They Can".
Rain man
Rain man 7 aylar önce
@ANUJ JAIN airdrop cant be used for restoring/debugging, as the feature works only when the phone is on. If Apple genius bar will have to open the phone for simple troubleshooting and repair, Apple is going to punish itself. For end users it's a big bummer as they have to rely on slow magsafe charging all the time. I don't see how it is an advancement, as we will be using a big puck instead of a small pin to charge the phones. Inconveniences charging the phone in car alone is a big step back. I know there are car holders with magsafe, but those don't allow good ventilation or make the experience easy.
David Rafael
David Rafael 14 gün önce
I dont think the portless is the next step. For most of the car for CarPlay to work you will need a cable. For fixing black screen bug you will need a cable as well. As far as I know the safemag does not have the capability of data transfer. In my opnion its good to have uniformity but this is gonna cut evolution and creativity for companys... All the best and great review, DR
thenumberweknow 3 gün önce
5:23 I wouldn't be surprised if apple had the bright idea of not even adding a magsafe charger to their iPhone boxes at all.
aTTaX Media
aTTaX Media 3 aylar önce
The connector is very important for troubleshooting issues and restore iphones, if they ditch it, there will be much more devices sent in for repair, because customers would have no way to troubleshoot software issues. They would litterally shoot themselves in the foot if they would remove the connector completely. Also the Lightning connector is pretty outdated compared to USB-C so they could market it as an advantage.
Grey Egmond
Grey Egmond 3 aylar önce
I already kinda liked you and your videos. Now I have so much more deeper level of respect for you. That you saw the real way of the world and did the work to show it.
Victor 2 aylar önce
Not too long ago the charging port on my airpods stopped working, so I had to buy a wireless charger. Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s just another form of ‘planned obsolescence’
Warren 7 aylar önce
The main thing I absolutely hate about wireless charging is that I can’t use my phone whilst charging because it has to be laying on a charging pad. With a cable I can use my phone however far the cable reaches
Marc Kreuzer
Marc Kreuzer 7 aylar önce
Fixed by having a wireless charger with a long cable to the plug attached to it and have it magnetically attach to the back of your phone (strong enough to be able to use). As much as I love my Apple products, that ridiculous solution will probably be called an innovation or be made by a 3rd party
xd 7 aylar önce
@Marc Kreuzer wired wireless charging
Disinque 7 aylar önce
U can look for some power banks with a charging pad on it
Tamás Schuttovits
Tamás Schuttovits 7 aylar önce
@xd this was the first thing that came to my mind when I first saw magsafe
Daniel Dani
Daniel Dani 7 aylar önce
also, the charging pad needs a cable anyways.
Max Goldberg
Max Goldberg 2 aylar önce
Lightning cables have exactly one advantage over USB-C when it comes to phones: it's much much easier to clean lint out of a lightning port with a pick without damaging the connector. IMHO that's why the iPad uses USB-C while the iPhone uses lightning. You don't normally get pocket lint in the port of your iPad.
Peter Knuerr
Peter Knuerr 2 aylar önce
Apple also discontinued rj45 on their MacBooks, and also cd drives. Back 20 years could we live without those items? Great insight!
NecroBabe 3 aylar önce
While wireless charging avoids the need to keep replacing cords and avoid damage over time to the port, it's also not nearly as fast as charging by cord.
Rick Burt
Rick Burt 4 aylar önce
You are a smart cookie Marques, well done for clearing the muddy waters of technology for us :)
jed fleming
jed fleming 3 aylar önce
This might be the most genuinely nice thing iv heard in a while
hbarfarkle 9 gün önce
I believe that all electronics should use the same connectors instead of not being able to connect your devises until you buy the one connector used by the new device.
n3on 7 aylar önce
USB-C is just the port shape, the data/charging part can keep being improved in subsequent USB versions or even another protocol entirely down the line. A good example would be thunderbolt which is a different protocol to USB but uses USB-C as the standard for the physical port itself.
Nur 7 aylar önce
people seem to miss that point
light monkey
light monkey 7 aylar önce
You make an excellent point
H8RSAPPRECIATE 7 aylar önce
I wouldn’t be surprised if apple just have all future iPhones in the EU to have a USB C adapter that would be funny
Sey 7 aylar önce
мастер 7 aylar önce
No, there are limits to the port itself, lightning and micro usb(standard) physically cant use the usb 3 protocol, they dont have enough pins, same for power delivery, micro usb maxes out at 15w, since without enough metal to metal contact, too much power can melt the port.
altaccountmercury 2 aylar önce
One of my concerns with this is that apple could make it so you require the newest software to use it, like one of those chips that start with a n that I keep forgetting how to spell could be in a phone and the charger, and they have to agree they were made on the same year or so. Also how would data transfer work with this?
Frank 2 aylar önce
EU specifies anything beyond 3A and 5V needs to follow the USB-PD standard, really neat!
Minmatar Gün önce
If you buy this thing, its on you, dont even blame apple for milking you.
Element 47
Element 47 3 aylar önce
So do you think that the work around this law for once we move on past type c will be just naming the new ports/cables something like "type-c.2" and then it's still type c but possibly a different form. Or do you think that everything will go completely wireless? To me that sounds almost more impractical bc we can get much better data and charging speeds with cables than we can with wireless, and it kinda seems like that'll always be the norm. At least for the foreseeable future. Or will they have to just amend the rules?... Of course I know you don't know, but would like to know your opinion(s).
Terrakx FB
Terrakx FB 2 aylar önce
I think a mandatory standart charging port is great. Im not sure if just selecting usb-c is the one is the right way but i don' know if we would get any one if ther wasn't one selected. Also i wonder how why he is so sure about the wireless charging. Honstly, i think its way less practical than using a cabel and thats also what i see is Happening in my sourunding
S T 5 gün önce
USB Type-C only defines the physical layer. The protocols used are already different and confusing. Some USB 2, some USB 3, USB 3,1, USB 3.2, USB 4. Unless the law is specific about it, Apple could make a device that has a USB Type-C port that would allow for charging, but devise an entirely different protocol for data transfer, which would mean most everyone would still want the Apple brand cable that connects to other devices. Also - do the MagSafe connections support data transfer? I don't think I've ever tried to connect one. And the speeds? Since the only port left on the iPhone is the charging port, removing it would be a big problem for the many people who use that port to connect to other external devices (for audio out, or midi in, etc.)
david hulk
david hulk 2 aylar önce
they actually can't remove the port from the device unless they come up with a centralized way of transferring files from or to the phone to a lap top or pc yes there are many apps and cloud share platforms but they can be slow and or annoying to deal with compared to just plugging in a simple lightning or type-c cable to get pictures or other files transferred
Yikes 3 gün önce
I'm so excited for the future of phones being completely portless so there's literally no way to use wired peripherals without a wireless adapter dongle that limits their bandwidth, really cool for anyone who enjoys specific enthusiast electronics that rely on wired data transfer, like audiophiles
terry 17 saatler önce
Irony is confusing to some.
mazda9624 6 aylar önce
My biggest problem with iPhone getting rid of the charge port entirely is that every phone is going to copy them after a few years just like they did with the Headphone jack and expandable storage. I REALLY do not want to lose my USB-C port on my phone in like 2027 or something
niajef 6 aylar önce
if the charging speeds can keep up, then i dont mind it, 1 less port to clean dust out of.
Daily Mynt
Daily Mynt 6 aylar önce
@niajef yea, so if your phone is low on juice, your shit out of luck in so many different situations.
niajef 6 aylar önce
@Daily Mynt wait what?
Daily Mynt
Daily Mynt 6 aylar önce
Power banks now won’t work. So any situation that was handy means your gonna have a dead phone battery. At the bar, well the bartender can’t help you and just let you plug in etc… wireless charging is cool as an option but not if it’s the only option.
Faith Mwaura
Faith Mwaura 4 aylar önce
I'm not a fan of getting rid of the port. Mainly because of charging and earbuds - I don't want to lose the functionality a cord gives me there. For one, a cord is much better for charging on the go. You can have your battery in a bag, and your phone in a pocket, and charge it while walking. You can't do that wireless unless you have a magnetic charging case, which is bulky, expensive, and not always faster. You also need a newer phone for that function. I also don't have to worry about my phone falling off a charging pad overnight and not charging - I typically keep my phone in my bed on a cord, and keep it close depending on which side I'm sleeping on. I move it around a lot, and I move in my sleep as is. I can't trust that it will charge if I had to rely on a pad. A cord is also great for when I'm sleeping somewhere awkward - like a plane or a friend's air mattress. Do you really want to sacrifice valuable surface area on a charging pad when you can use a cord and a battery pack instead? The other big thing is that I actually LIKE the wired earbuds. I like the shape of Apple earpods - it fits my ears without pain the way typical bulbous ones don't. I don't fancy going wireless, either. Airpods are expensive and tiny, and the ease of losing them is an anxiety I don't need. I'm not a fan of overhear headphones, as they hurt after a while, and the more comfortable ones are also pretty pricy. They're also so bulky that they're not always great to use out of the house or traveling, and are an item that I feel is more likely to get stolen because of its larger visibility. If I get one, I'd only really use it at home - not something I'd feel comfortable using on the go or even at work. I'd really hate it if we moved to a wireless option - I would much prefer a port all the same.
Brian Brunn
Brian Brunn 3 aylar önce
Great video. Is it really practical to say apple can include lightning on 15 and 16 and wait until 17 to go portless (or USB-C)? That would give only 15 months of sales on 15 and only 3 months of sales on 16. Seems like apple is forced on 15 to “comply”.
Grey Rifter Rellik
Grey Rifter Rellik 2 aylar önce
I don't think ALL use of wires will vanish for quite a long time without some insane breakthroughs in technology. For power, specifically, sure. But I haven't yet seen any kind of wireless *data transfer* that doesn't come with noticable delays compared to wired connections.
Aero 4 aylar önce
From a physical design perspective I prefer the lightning port of apple over the USB C. The USB-C port is bigger, harder to clean and has pins within the port that are easier to break. Also the lightning port has a satisfying soft locking mechanism. The USB-C port is obviously much more capable but in power delivery, compatibility and data transfer.
Aditya Sinha
Aditya Sinha 3 aylar önce
I think Apple will bring USB-C with the next iPhone's. I'm worried it won't be the fast USB's (incl. in Pro), I mean Apple never had plans for USB-C in the first place. So they will probably stick to there there orignal plan and alternate solutions (like MagSafe), and bring us a completely new wireless solution in the future.
Brent Lewis
Brent Lewis 6 aylar önce
I think USB-C is going to stick around for a long while, because it can be improved while still having the same physical form factor, which I think most people agree is leagues better than previous generations.
MondoMiami 6 aylar önce
Thanks. Everyone was waiting for you to weigh in before we made a decision.
Aaron C
Aaron C 6 aylar önce
Please tell me How am i alive?
@MondoMiami cope?
Chris 6 aylar önce
@MondoMiami Who's "we"
Sheepless Knight
Sheepless Knight 3 gün önce
I would have preferred a regulatory body to determine the standard or even empowering a trade group to mandate an open standard. The big problem with lightning was always the royalties effectively killing competition
Shaown 8 gün önce
I'm sure this has been said somewhere here, but do you think they could get around it with a lightning to USB-C dongle included with the phone. Or whether that would be in their best interest financially
Mikel Sopelana Durango
According to the law, the device itself must be equipped with a USB-C port.
Vincent Ferreira
Vincent Ferreira 2 aylar önce
I think they’re going to go portless. That way, because the phone isn’t able to use a cable, they don’t have to make USB-C. That also means they can keep selling MagSafe Duo, MagSafe battery pack and all that.
Rich Moog
Rich Moog 4 aylar önce
Great video. Superbly put debate. Love your work sir.
Bob Sagat
Bob Sagat 2 aylar önce
I think you are right there. I am just wondering about all those cars that don't have wireless carplay. Will they be able to get the magsafe pucks or something equivalent to work for that. I mean I know eventually that wont be an issue as it will be standard but there are millions of cars out there that would be useless with out a charging port for the carplay forcing people to either move to Android or get a new car. I mean I know that is not a TODAY problem but that was the first thing I thought of when watching this video was how would I use my phone in my car.
Eric Fielding
Eric Fielding 3 gün önce
Yes, my car only does CarPlay through a cable. It could be a USB-C cable instead of lightning, but it requires a cable.
Zebu 7 aylar önce
I like the fact that’s they’re complaining about e-waste when standardization of cables would mean less, since everyone can just use one cord for most of their devices
beefstrokinoff 6 aylar önce
I think their angle here is "everyone will get rid of their current chargers." Not saying its a good argument, but its AN argument
Zachary Andrews
Zachary Andrews 6 aylar önce
Oh they don't give a shit about e waste. They make plenty of it already, so does the 3rd party companies who produce lightning accessories. What they really meant to say is " we don't want to move to USB type C or wireless/no port, because then we as a company couldn't continue to collect quantitative amounts of royalties from 3rd parties who pay us to manufacture lightning accessories & chargers"
KingOfTheRevolution 6 aylar önce
a couple years ago I would just say that apple people don't have usb anyway, and I guess that's true anyway (most iphone users have a windows laptop or pc, or no real computer at all, and very few other devices), apple makes usb c devices sooooo
Nicholas H
Nicholas H 6 aylar önce
I have collected a cable for each of my cars, work, and by my bed. Buying 6 new cables is waist full
Sal3600 6 aylar önce
This is not good. Forcing companies to use one cable halts innovation. I want USB C on all devices but I also want others to come up with better solutions. And the only way to do is not with this law. Now there will be no port at all on Iphones.
Vera Platt
Vera Platt 4 aylar önce
I laughed so hard at the thought of Apple ACTUALLY putting the puck into the sales package - never going to happen.
Frank Bank
Frank Bank 2 aylar önce
No port entirely seems pretty awful imo there are so many times I’m using my phone while plugged in and find it hard to imagine trying to use my phone with a big magnet on the back inefficiently charging my battery.
Wisteela 2 aylar önce
I'm all for USB-C becoming the standard for everything, but given it only needs to be for charging it gives Apple the ability to make it only do anything else with certified things. If they go with no port it will be even more ridiculous. But I'm an Android user, so if they do mess up in some way I'll find it highly amusing.
Sami June
Sami June 3 aylar önce
I wouldn't be surprised to see wireless charging before USB c on iphone but since the iPad pro dropped I've been a bit confused on the ecosystem split. MacBook and iPad charge via USB c so why keep the iphone and other accessories lightning? I've been itching to switch back to iphone after being with Samsung for about ten years but all my devices are on usbc right now and it irks me to think about having to purchase new cables (since the new iphones no longer come with it) 🤷🏻‍♀️ small caviat but it's there
James E
James E 2 aylar önce
I know a lot of people who use cases with card wallets on the back, and pop sockets. I'm wondering how forced wireless charging work for those people.
Jason Kay
Jason Kay Gün önce
It wont. Apple doesnt give a fuck about that, though.
Maciej Kaniowski
Maciej Kaniowski 7 aylar önce
imagine all those MagSafe cables that need much more resources to be made instead of usual cables, really great for the environment
Teku 7 aylar önce
Less efficent way of charging wasting both time and electricity to charge and heat up devices giving them lower lifespans as well. But don't worry apple isn't selling the brick in the box so the store you bought an brick from is actually the one affecting the environment negatively!
P-Can 7 aylar önce
Has nothing to do with MagSafe
Bound4Earth 7 aylar önce
Imagine not buying a new phone until it breaks in four years because you have an otter box and screen cover. You can do this all day. No one need to live a comfortable life, but we all want to live them. You have to find a measure of what is a step too far and mag safe plugs is definitely not it and aren't going away. Those are on PCs and Macs. Oh sorry I was thinking about the magnetic plugs not wireless charging. It should never be used. Bad for the battery inefficient and destroys the battery life. Apple always has to invent their own name for already existing everything.
Luis Velazquez
Luis Velazquez 7 aylar önce
Sergio Bolaños/Sergiob466
What about plugging to the computer for data
miracle innocent
miracle innocent 9 gün önce
As an engineer this is Ideally impossible unless they’ll have to ditch more up coming law, firstly Charging ports serve more than just charging, from rooting, jailbreak, testing, data transfer, correcting os file corruption and the truth wireless charging with magnets will never contain such features, so if Apple really dared to go full wireless they should be ready to face some charges with Apple well known to hate 3rd party repairs and “Self repair “ it’ll be interesting how Apple will play the game
Arimodu 4 aylar önce
I don't agree that the port will change any time soon. In fact, USB-C has 16 data transfer pins, thats A LOT and its also VERY flexible. Just look at your RJ-45, a standard used in networking since forever, it has "only" 4 pairs (8 pins) yet it can go up to speeds of 100Gbit over 100 meters. Just imagine what inovation, shielding and tighter tolerances can do on a meter long cable with double the pins ( yes not all 16 pins are used for direct data transfer, but even with half, thats plenty enough future-proofing for now). And don't start on wireless, my chromecast which is literally next to my business grade AP (for warehouses, plenty of power) cannot play 4K video over wifi, yet a computer wight next to it via cable has no issues. CABLE IS CABLE, you can't change my mind.
Brady Mengel
Brady Mengel 2 aylar önce
Problem with removing a wired port entirely is the inability to connect a phone to a computer to do a factory restore in case of a bricked device
David Spiggle
David Spiggle 9 gün önce
Well considering they made batteries unremovable so they could charge you more money and prevent you from repairing your own device, this would be par for the course so they could charge you for another “service”
Mihir Ojha
Mihir Ojha 6 gün önce
​@David Spiggle with right to repair laws coming up all across the globe slowly but surely that is unlikely.
Jason Kay
Jason Kay Gün önce
@Mihir Ojha And apple is fighting them every step of the way. And when they do get implemented, apple will spend millions to circumvent them. They are VERY anti RTR.
Jason Kay
Jason Kay Gün önce
@David Spiggle Its even worse than that, as wireless charging makes for more heat, which degrades batteries faster. This would be a boon to apple, since they already dont allow for battery swaps. It would push people to replace perfectly usable devices even faster.
Puncea 8 gün önce
Linus made a good point that perhaps we won't need something better than what type C is capable of. Isn't this the case?
Bigbad Hodad
Bigbad Hodad 4 gün önce
I like the Idea, of USB c but if you compare the apple port to USB c the apple lightning port is a lot more robust, it just has less points of failure as compared to the USB C
One Salty Boi
One Salty Boi 7 aylar önce
What I think people always overlook is the fact, that wireless charging is also wired, only the place where you put your charger changes to the back of the Phone. In my opinion the advantages are marginal...
Totoro 7 aylar önce
Yup, exactly. It's not really wireless at all. You still have to connect your phone to the end of a wire. Really, it's just a new type of port/connector. Just, it's a lot slower and larger than a USB-C connector.
Martin Tink
Martin Tink 7 aylar önce
Had to scroll way too far to find this comment
Barney Laurance
Barney Laurance 7 aylar önce
@Totoro yeah hardly comparable to a wireless in the sense of an AM/FM radio receiver.
Round Peg
Round Peg 4 aylar önce
I think forcing them to do usb c is just fine; to be so explicit in their instructions just to punish apple for avoiding it. and when a new standard is adopted, they can pass a new law to force them to specifically use that standard. hopefully after several laws apple will just avoid the whole thing and preimptively comply with the standard instead of being jerks
Dumbtex 12 saatler önce
A big concern to switch me to MagSafe is CarPlay it’s a major feature I use on the daily
Admiral Stoic Rum
Admiral Stoic Rum 2 gün önce
Ironically, if the magsafe thing doesn't come with a plug actually attached to the wire but instead requires you to plug it into a receptacle that magsafe wire will still have to have a USBC connector to plug into a charging receptacle that you plug into your wall. So they're still going to be making USBC if that is the case
Brian Stanaland
Brian Stanaland 2 gün önce
The charger puck that comes with their watches is USB-C. I had to go buy a wall plug because all of mine were USB-A.
Joey Gylytiuk
Joey Gylytiuk 2 aylar önce
It's so crazy that Apple would rather be stubborn to not only give up their data transfer speeds of 480Mbps and possibly make it even slower with the push to wireless transfer rates But that they also don't wanna raise those speeds up to 40Gbps by just switching to USB. It's not even a question at that point it's just better. It would significantly speed up their charging speeds as well, just a stubborn company
Azeem Abadi
Azeem Abadi 13 gün önce
I prefer the ability to plug in my phone and use it at the same time. Also, not all cars have good wireless airplay so thats gonna be a bummer unless they push the automative industry hard.
randomnickify 7 aylar önce
The EU gave corporations push to standardise themselves years ago without forcing them into any standard! Even you mentioned it in video before. Most of corporations moved to USBC by themselves, Apple didn't and did not proposed any better alternative. So now its a law.
alvareo92 7 aylar önce
Apple didn't because they're waiting to go portless. It's the logical nextstep
Znarffi 7 aylar önce
@alvareo92 Not even in 5-10 years. Wireless is still too slow
Piotr Rywczak
Piotr Rywczak 7 aylar önce
@alvareo92 Since 2014?
mobimaks 7 aylar önce
@Znarffi Wireless charging still wastes 50% of its energy to heat
David Robins
David Robins 2 aylar önce
Thanks for the very clear explanation of what Apple is doing next
Hannes Persson
Hannes Persson 4 aylar önce
What if (in theory) Apple would keep their lightning port but stop their software from letting the iPhone charge? It would make it a cheap solution and it could in theory be bypassed?
Alextraordinary 2 gün önce
Apple kept promising than actually introducing this change so a whole continent forced it into reality. I’m impressed.
David K
David K 4 aylar önce
I can’t wait for the riddance of lightening cables!! I’ve been using iPhones for over a decade and it’s my biggest request. Well done to the EU!
slouch 3 aylar önce
i'm sure most of the product designers and engineers at Apple would be glad to finally get to use usb-c
Paranoimia 5 aylar önce
I always roll my eyes when these companies pretend to care about e-waste. If their concerns were genuine, they wouldn't insist on releasing new phones every year. At this point, the "improvements" are so minor year-to-year that it's unnecessary - people could easily go at least 2 years between phones, and that alone would give a drastic reduction in e-waste. I get myself a new phone every 5 years or so, and that's usually only because I'm effectively forced to if I want to use newer software. I don't view a phone as a fashion accessory, or even an essential item, and my life doesn't revolve around it. I'd probably still be on my HTC Desire S if I knew newer software would be usable.
T2MARA 5 aylar önce
Agreed. They should make them so that they're more customizable. Ie. Ability to upgrade an existing phone without having to buy a completely new phone. (storage capacity)
Paranoimia 5 aylar önce
@T2MARA There was a project trying to do exactly that a few years back - you may have heard of it - Phonebloks. Lots of companies showed an interest, Google got involved and created Project Ara... then in true Google fashion, they killed it after 2 years. Because why sell modules for a reasonable price, when so many people are happy to pay a fortune every year for a whole new phone that's very slightly better than the one they already have? The first thing that's needed is to kill this perception that a phone is a must-have fashion accessory that the likes of Apple and Samsung have drilled into everyone; I mean, who really _needs_ a phone that folds? 🤷‍♂
zBarba 5 aylar önce
@Paranoimia they do exist, check out Fairphone
Paranoimia 5 aylar önce
@zBarba The Fairphone is a step in the right direction, but it's not on the level that Phonebloks aspired to be. Yes, you can replace components if they fail, which is great - but you can only replace like-for-like. They're now on Fairphone 4, which uses different parts from the previous versions, and several parts for those older phones are now discontinued... so you're still forced to upgrade the entire phone at some point. The (admittedly idealistic) concept behind a fully modular product like Phonebloks wasn't just that you'd be able to replace failed components with working ones, but that it would be _upgradeable_, with newer, better cameras/processors/batteries/screens etc. that fit into the same chassis - so there wouldn't be any need for a "Phonebloks 2", you'd just buy newer components as and when they were available and slot them in to the existing phone body. That said, they (Fairphone) have only released 4 phones in 9 years, which is more or less one every 2 years, and that is _definitely_ something to be commended.
wss 5 aylar önce
A lot of things are released annually, like cars for example. It doesn't mean you have to buy a new one every year.
Fabiano Barbosa
Fabiano Barbosa 4 aylar önce
The only thing that trouble's me about this is the carplay connection, older cars don't have a wireless connection mechanism
The Cheeky Native
The Cheeky Native 6 gün önce
At this point I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out that Apple lobbied to have the law worded like that
Gary Zimmerman
Gary Zimmerman 3 gün önce
I use the port, not just for charging, but for data transfer as well, something MagSafe doesn’t do. Also because the wireless charging doesn’t have enough power at a simple 10w, where with the wired charging you can get up to 15watts, sometimes more. I tested my iPhone. With the wireless charger to go from 10% to 100% took 2 hours. Wired it took 53min. Big difference. The other problem, is in my vehicle, my phone holder won’t hold the phone AND s mag safe charger. I am in an off road vehicle, and the magnet is not strong enough to hold the phone on it when I’m on a bumpy road. Vehicle charging holders will be an issue.