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iPhone 11? iPhone XI? Either way. Tick tock tock.
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17 Jul 2019

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Shannen Tan
Shannen Tan Saatler önce
I’m still using i6+ n it’s getting slower. Am thinking to upgrade for an XS but decided to wait for de launch of 11 n yes, we shared de exact sentiment on de latter‘ s camera design, ain’t cool looking at all 😉
Omar Mostafa
Omar Mostafa Saatler önce
Looks like Apple is going to scam y'all once again with another copy-paste ...
PixelLord 2 saatler önce
Well, hoping to skip every Iphone..
Noah atwood
Noah atwood 3 saatler önce
Samsung galaxy s7 user here i'm just laughing at iphone new clown phones 🤣
Petros Printzios
Petros Printzios 3 saatler önce
Apple died when SJ died , the fact that people still buy iPhones is because Jobs still have impact on the world. We clearly see that every year iPhones lose their "power"
Howard The alien
Howard The alien 5 saatler önce
It looks like shit
Honshu Wolf
Honshu Wolf 6 saatler önce
LMAO WOW that looks so stupid looking. These iphones are getting worse and worse as if the notch on the screen and no headphone jack wasnt bad enough. This ugly ass phone is probably going to cost $2000. 🤣 I'm sure Steve Jobs wouldn't accept this atrocity.
Lyon 8 saatler önce
I don’t know why they don’t release black backed iPhones anymore, could’ve been an easy cure for me, buying a jet black iPhone to cover that ugly patch. Been using a 7 btw
Eric Borkowski
Eric Borkowski 14 saatler önce
They say you can do live editing video with the iPhone 11 pro
flyronflyk 14 saatler önce
Was planning on retiring my iPhone 7, guess i'll just wait another year.
Liam Matteson
Liam Matteson 15 saatler önce
the iphone hasn't changed since the X, there's no need to switch
Rae Anne
Rae Anne 16 saatler önce
Definitely skipping if there’s no Touch ID ... I actually really like my XR
Seun Balogun
Seun Balogun 18 saatler önce
Imagine taking a mirror selfie with this 😂🤣🤣
Oli Lowry
Oli Lowry 18 saatler önce
Will they be 5g????
Agam Kohli
Agam Kohli 18 saatler önce
No why are you getting rid of 3D touch!! this is the whole reason i upgrades from iPhone 6 to 7. after 7, I haven’t found a reason to upgrade, and if 3D touch is gonna be gone forever, I think I will just switch to a oneplus 7 pro
Stephen Fletcher
Stephen Fletcher 18 saatler önce
Apple: "let's look at our competition and really put out a quality device" Guy in room: "how about we just steal their ideas, put an i in front of it and make it frustratingly proprietary?"
Dee Duncker
Dee Duncker 19 saatler önce
the iPhone 11 is a hard PASS just like the iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s iPhone SE, iPhone 6, Only because I can't afford anything more than an iPhone 5c 😭
shawn brian
shawn brian 21 saatler önce
This looks ridiculous
Joshua Rackham
Joshua Rackham 22 saatler önce
Why is nobody talking about the fact that the Pixel 3a delivered on an OLED screen, and Apple can't bring that to the iPhone R series for nearly twice the price? I'll definitely be skipping this upgrade.
PIERRE Gün önce
They did a lousy job. iPhone X is still better looking
Billy Croacker
Billy Croacker Gün önce
Man, iPhones have been having the same design since 2014. Does it really make sense keep complaining about that? It's the same thing for every damned smartphone out there. Obviously this kind of device has reached its ultimate form, and producers can't really do anything new about that. Do you complain about the TV's rectangular form? Yeah, I don't think so... I really think that these kinds of videos - not only yours - are getting more and more useless over time, and the reason it's quite simple: there's nothing really new about these so called "new" smartphones, no matter what marketing campaigns say.
Kayla Siuce
Kayla Siuce Gün önce
1:08 *Shots fired.*
Dingyi Shang
Dingyi Shang Gün önce
i feel like apple keeps testing people's patience..
popothebright Gün önce
As they always said... Apple without Steve Jobs is lost. This looks 100% lost.
Michael Nimstad
Michael Nimstad Gün önce
This looks of course different in a cover or case you have anyway. Better wide camera is wanted. Yes, I will probably want this also. =)
Shabbir Hussein Murad
Yeah, I would skip this iPhone because I am currently using XS Max and it'd be the same.
Rigved Kale
Rigved Kale Gün önce
homeandalone Gün önce
should be iphone XSs
homeandalone Gün önce
JoseWavez Gün önce
Lmao whoever gets this phone on the release is just a fucking moron at this point. Steve Jobs will be very fucking disappointed. He tough the stylus was ugly imagine this 😂.
Tommy Gearhart
Tommy Gearhart Gün önce
I would skip
daniel9680 Gün önce
WHUUUTTTT. I use 3D touch almost every minute haha, i think they should not remove it ever!
Agnius Sobatas
Agnius Sobatas Gün önce
iPhone 11 we won’t buy because of design, it looks very bad.
Delia Simon
Delia Simon Gün önce
I’ll keep my iPhone 7plus
Alejandro V
Alejandro V Gün önce
Quien está aquí por Marciano? 👽
Floosh Gün önce
what the #### is that thing?!?
Wil Grant
Wil Grant Gün önce
this will likely be the first iPhone i’ve skipped since the 5s
John Hoang
John Hoang Gün önce
I will skip this phone, i need a iPhone with usb c charging port and wide angle selfy camera.. waiting for that dream iPhone
Victorious 69
Victorious 69 2 gün önce
Definitely skipping. 1. That camera is a hideous design. & 2. There isn’t much besides the internals that have changed, to justify an upgrade from my Xs Max.
Nine B
Nine B 2 gün önce
No USB-C starts to suck BIG TIME. I’m ok with having another port if it’s better than the standard, this is not.
Rehan Alam
Rehan Alam 2 gün önce
Stupid design, at least go with the center position if they want this square shit anyway. Apart from Samsung, there is nothing much in flagships now.
Karl Reith
Karl Reith 2 gün önce
I'm still rocking a 5S 16 gig....most reliable piece of tech I've ever bought!
SaltySoySauce Gün önce
@Karl Reith Yeah, the only reason I upgraded from my galaxy S4 is the storage too, I couldn't download enough music. This 128gb will last me another 5 years I hope!
Karl Reith
Karl Reith Gün önce
@SaltySoySauce If I had saved a bit more and got the 64gig I wouldn't even be contemplating an upgrade at all!
SaltySoySauce Gün önce
Sweet! I hope it lasts you a long time!
B Patel
B Patel 2 gün önce
I'd skip it, no way i'm paying a grand for that fugly thing.
B Patel
B Patel 2 gün önce
The management team at Apple is as dumb as a brick. And they wonder why iphone sales are down. Old, overpriced and ugly tech. I've been an iphone user since the 5s, but not anymore. Just pre-ordered the Note 10 Plus.
looneytoones11 2 gün önce
Tbh I think it’s sad that Apple barely updates their models from year to year when all I really want are new text and ringtone sounds 😂
Imperial Guard
Imperial Guard 2 gün önce
No reduced notch, no improved battery. Just a big black ugly bump. Wtf Apple?!
Virel360 2 gün önce
Skip this one, the camera design on the back is anti viagra. Makes my dick go soft. Don’t like the way it looks.
Summer Zahid
Summer Zahid 2 gün önce
No longer impressed with my iphone and in need a fresh start, I’m legit lookin into going android for the note 10 :D
Nine B
Nine B 2 gün önce
Summer Zahid get the plus version in that case, not the regular one
Brayan Guerra
Brayan Guerra 2 gün önce
only getting the new iphone because i currently have the xs and need max size desperately.
awesomeferret 2 gün önce
Sorry, but if I see another Cake ad, then the ad blocker goes back on. Please, blacklist Cake.
D e
D e 2 gün önce
From the details provided, I would skip with no regrets.
John Smith
John Smith 2 gün önce
This is the year Samsung new phones look better than Apple.
Mishko Mishko
Mishko Mishko 2 gün önce
Ugly phone. Ready to buy my xs next week.
SaramyJ94 2 gün önce
I'm waiting for this XI to come out so I can buy a cheaper XS
jjgallardo 02
jjgallardo 02 4 saatler önce
I'm waiting for it to come out so I can get a cheaper 5s
Robert Miller
Robert Miller 3 gün önce
Xs Max owner here....I'm hanging on to it until another redesign. This is hot garbage
robyourlady Gün önce
chetan costa - I’m still using my 5s, I’m thinking to get Samsung S10+, it looks good and has tons of features.
chetan costa
chetan costa 2 gün önce
I can understand your pain me too now I'm thinking I should get Samsung S10 or note 10 both are dope
T sarada
T sarada 3 gün önce
It is a fake model
Dean Enzo
Dean Enzo 3 gün önce
i skiped since iphone 7 and bought huawei and it rocks.
FBI 3 gün önce
Look at the good thing, now you also get an Watch with the iPhone!
Lasha 3 gün önce
*Iphone 11 Be Like..* . ( ͡°° ͜ʖ ͡°°) .
Jelly Toys Art
Jelly Toys Art 8 saatler önce
lol :D
Nemesis Power
Nemesis Power 3 gün önce
hasnat parvez
hasnat parvez 3 gün önce
Iphone pagla ra e dekhe ai video ☺️
Fin Valino
Fin Valino 3 gün önce
I’d skip it. The prices we pay these days for phones, you sort of expect something more polished and beautiful than the same iPhone X but with an uglier looking backside due to that god awful looking camera square.
Vaishnavaa Ragupathy
Fact 1:Why people love celebrities??? For their looks...convincing themselves that they love their acting and skills that's Bullshit. Fact 2:Why people buy iPhone??? For its looks, convincing themselves that it has superb specs that Android doesn't have, that's Bullshit too. Fact 3: IPhone lost its looks, well that's a Real Shit...
Jordan Craddock
Jordan Craddock 3 gün önce
Yo what is that tube light behind you? I want one so bad!
Trent LaCompte
Trent LaCompte 3 gün önce
The specs better be damn good cause Android is pulling away fast.
Exomobile 3 gün önce
They better change the camera bump for the 12
Chase Smith
Chase Smith 3 gün önce
Damn this disappoints me
Vitalstatistix Stats
*This is similar to buying an ugly car at high price and then sticking ugly expensive aftermarket mods on it to give it a fresh look*
THE NUKER 5000 4 gün önce
Honestly I’d Skip it and stick with the IPhone XS. It looks good and has all the good features. Whether ur buying cause ur phone broke or whatever, stuck with the Xs
Alex Rusu
Alex Rusu 4 gün önce
I am waiting for an iPhone 11 or next generation with the design of iPhone 5 (or SE, Ipad Pro) Seriously, that is a perfect phone. I don't need three cameras, only one for taking pictures when I don't have the DSLR with me.
Minsozi Simbwae
Minsozi Simbwae 4 gün önce
Do you get to keep those? Would u mind shipping me one ? 😐
Ariz Kamal
Ariz Kamal 4 gün önce
Even if they wanted to add the 3 cameras, they should have kept the linear camera design.
Marek Diviš
Marek Diviš 4 gün önce
Hell yeah I will skip this ugly boy. Such a shame. No innovation, the ugliest model yet. Literally. Bravo. That camera is really too much.
Ammar Masood
Ammar Masood 4 gün önce
Ugliness at its best.😬😬. Apple has totally lost it man.
Juandiego Salazar
Juandiego Salazar 4 gün önce
Apple is going down hill with iphones, pretty disposable devices. Can’t fix them and they are expensive. I’m sticking to my XS until it’s no longer good and then explore options.
uindy4 4 gün önce
Samsung on note 10 goes vertical for cameras and apple iphone goes square.
Summer Zahid
Summer Zahid 2 gün önce
uindy4 who woulda guessed...I’m legit lookin into going android for the note 10
Marcos Vinícius Petri
I have an iphone X, and then I skipped the XS because it wasn't that different and it was so expensive... if this have just a third lens, I will skip it too. The only feature I wish my phone had was the ability to read any NFC tag, but other than that, maybe next 1-2 years?
Frank Hoogveld
Frank Hoogveld 4 gün önce
Zach Benjamin
Zach Benjamin 4 gün önce
Yo, Ryan Higa predicted the iPhone 😂
Elon Musket
Elon Musket 3 gün önce
Zach Benjamin YES RYAN
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