The Inescapable Room 

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The Inescapable Room
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(Video edited by Vitjok)
(Replay mod footage provided by Loppezz)




30 Kas 2023




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@Baconnwaffles0 Yıl önce
I'm never saying yes to a Boosfer video ever again
@Stonesword_ Yıl önce
How didn't you realize it was a trap to get you into one of his basements?
@ThatOneSuperine Yıl önce
When in doubt... BOAT
@RedBox. Yıl önce
Hacker!!!! OmG 🥶🙄🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🙄🙄ban him
@@RedBox. bro imagine being cringe
@rezanhammo3224 Yıl önce
good choice
I can't say how much I love these escape prisons from boosfer they are just an amazing mix of mystery and humorous commentary
@Teoji7 Yıl önce
DREAM commented on my newest video!123
@malkat8914 Yıl önce
Technoblade rest in peace ok but who cares
@Hunoa44 Yıl önce
I'm glad i'm not those poor souls trapped in boosfer's basement that he calls "inescapable room" :)
@Teoji7 Yıl önce
DREAM commented on my newest video!123
@Mr_Frequency Yıl önce
@@Teoji7 OK spammer!
@gamerboy762 Yıl önce
I taught it was children's in his base
@gerz1197 Yıl önce
@@Teoji7 I, a species of mammal, known as homosapiens, fail to recall mentally using the body part inside of my head commonly known as the "brain", an instance in which I requested verbally that you utilize your two vocal cords situated inside your throat, in order to generate certain vibration intended to form a specific sounds that result in a sentence that conveys a personal peice of information that was known to me previously, that you felt would be appropriate to share with me because you decided it would be interesting, but in this process you did not consider wether I wish to know about the factoid or not. In shorter term, I don't remember inquiring for you to speak about the fact that you just now revealed to us.
@khuedinhvan1986 Yıl önce
@superking100 Yıl önce
The fact that they escaped from the room you didn't even put an exit in... that is impressive ...or it just shows how broken boats are lol
@Bjlogna Yıl önce
both honestly
@Nikolasecretaccount 7 aylar önce
​@@Bjlogna facts
@Firefly256 Yıl önce
This is proof that boats are the most OP thing invented
@Mr_Frequency Yıl önce
Try chorus fruit for size
@Vitalasy Yıl önce
This was EVIL!! I’ll get my epic revenge soon Boosfer!
Do something crazy
@jofo5173 Yıl önce
Gl bro
@Nuhbzdotvee2 Yıl önce
the vitalasy villain arc
@thitam5003 Yıl önce
@ppgpp109 Yıl önce
Boosfer: 0:00 What if i put you in a room, with random puzzles, and told you theres a way out. Also boosfer: The objective is to stand on the netherite platform and hit the sign for the prize. However Boosfer didn't say there is a way to get on the platform, he just said there is a way out (the boat glitch way) Bacon/vitalasy/reeon: beat the dragon and made their own platform Me: thats just basically skyblock...
This may be true
@UhmActually1 Yıl önce
Acom adfa iopue dertue!
@Black-ec8kb Yıl önce
@omegamad Yıl önce
I love boosfers content lately, so unique!
@aaravanand6239 Yıl önce
@switchart5692 Yıl önce
It was sarcasm
@Teoji7 Yıl önce
DREAM commented on my newest video!123
@aaravanand6239 Yıl önce
@@switchart5692 lol
@itskaydenxd6526 Yıl önce
@MilkWave Yıl önce
The fact that they speed ran the game got the egg made a room for the egg then the server got closed is hilarious 😆 Edit: thx for 420 likes
@daydreamer1727 Yıl önce
@gdstar6917 Yıl önce
@@daydreamer1727 then dont read comments
@MilkWave Yıl önce
Kaawz 'n' Pose lol
@ItzFrostTheWolf Yıl önce
Kaawz 'n' Pose then don't read the comments
@keithjoseph574 Yıl önce
No comment in ran
“I’m not unfair, I just made an escape room that can’t be solved, tricked three people into thinking it could, made them spend three hours there, and destroyed their progress when they got close!” -Boosfer
@Airooon 10 aylar önce
"And then I had a very good idea- I use F5. You see, using F5 gave me a whole new perspective and alowed me to see things I wasnt able to see before."
@amorgan5787 11 aylar önce
@RemoteAccessGG 2 aylar önce
Canadian gang
@PeteH-wc8wf 4 saatler önce
@@RemoteAccessGG no... seawattgaming...
@bloopahh Yıl önce
i would literally question my reality if i was in that room..
@lavards7003 Yıl önce
rip 💀
@Teoji7 Yıl önce
DREAM commented on my newest video!123
@P4NK6336 Yıl önce
КSl 🅥 nobody cares bot
@SweetVictory270 Yıl önce
They basically said “screw the rules I have boats”. Edit: Sry for spoilers.
@zCqmbo Yıl önce
yeah and “WE BEAT IT WE BEAT THE GAME” their time was like 6h
@tritamtran4603 Yıl önce
@deoverseers7520 Yıl önce
@void.z Yıl önce
"Screw the freaking rules, boats are superior."
@DerpTQ 3 aylar önce
I love this, rather than dealing with the fate of an inescapable room and an unreachable win, they overcame all of it and found ways to even go further.
Boosfer: "inescapable prison..." Prisoners: Escaping, beating the game and putting Boosfer to shame
@TimeBucks Yıl önce
The editing is so good
@user-sm8kf8oy2t Yıl önce
@blueflamez0660 Yıl önce
@baconless3666 Yıl önce
@BlueFlamez0 they are verified
@JoshyRB Yıl önce
0:46 The Warden can’t spawn anyway, because you placed the Shrieker by hand, so it won’t be able to spawn it. You have to place it with commands with a specific id for it to spawn a Warden. You can see if it can spawn it by the souls swirling inside. If they are slow and aren’t glowing, it can’t spawn the Warden.
@dimitar4y Yıl önce
boosfer's my favorite, he's pure chaos and energy
@JoeBidnX Yıl önce
Finally, I’ve always thought the concept of a room that breaks you mentally instead of psychically was a good concept.
@shazamnegroid7379 2 aylar önce
It's Physically.
@speedstorm0332 Yıl önce
They couldn't beat the puzzle, so they beat the game instead. Too stubborn to simply give up and let Boosfer win. That's some serious dedication right there.
@Artur-xd6ve 10 aylar önce
the concept and execution is GENIUS!
@probablyaparent Yıl önce
Boosfer, you make some great content but this was absolutely phenomenal. Hilarious, exceptional pacing and editing - well done!
@limetoast1124 Yıl önce
These videos are so good! If im having a bad day boosfer will always be there to cheer me up
@Teoji7 Yıl önce
DREAM commented on my newest video!123
@Dark_Peace Yıl önce
The reason they couldn't beat it is because they hadn't got the very good idea to use F5. See, using F5 gives you a brand new perspective and makes you able to go to places you couldn't have gone before
The ending, when they were trying to get there by using boats, was hilarious 😂
@tyronorxy5646 Yıl önce
If you want players to not realize that your puzzle is fake by looking trough walls, just put command blocks outside your escape room.
@sqam3066 Yıl önce
boosfer is quickly becoming my favorite mc channel
@amnesia7935 Yıl önce
I am so proud of boosfer for #10 on trending!
@lizardyt6845 Yıl önce
No way they actually grinded out in the end 💀
@ryryisthe1 Yıl önce
I love these videos. The editing is good, the stuff is interesting, and it's just captivating to watch. Ty boosfer
@Dr-Fox Yıl önce
The fact that they beat the game in an escape room map 💀
@Sarah_Bragg Yıl önce
Great video, its always fun to watch you mess with people in new and exciting ways
@chorkano2313 Yıl önce
if boosfer made more videos with this kinda editing like the end i would 100% come back to his channel
@SamLabbato Yıl önce
man literally turned it into an smp. MAD respect
@KingCodd Yıl önce
Love that because they couldn’t beat the escape room they decided to beat the game
@NotPipipupu Yıl önce
this was literally a "inescapable room" to a "minecraft speedrun" (and i enjoyed it)
@FanOfAphmau._. 5 gün önce
boosfer is the definition of torture by these videos, as well as his manhunts. i bet mostly dev and kierr NEED therapy
@oofnotoff8881 Yıl önce
the ending montage tho… they got so far, I could never be so proud 🥲
@Kboogenerate Yıl önce
do a manhunt with the end remastered mod that makes you collect 12 unique eyes of ender for the portal maybe even use a random number gen or something to determine the 12 you need to collect it would spice up the normal manhunt format a lot
@kaiiemm Yıl önce
finished the game in a puzzle server. such legends
@bobandewel1599 Yıl önce
Boosfer I really like your content and also you have to realize that the two words: impossible and escape room doesn't come together. Because impossible means you can't escape and it's an escape room.
@itsthelore6788 Yıl önce
I really didnt think Boosfer actually has people in his basement. Someone help them.
I cannot describe the many times my mom came in my room and asked if i was ok because i almost needed an exorcist multiple times because of how hard i laughed
@hottrash7942 Yıl önce
Boosfer has been interacting a lot with lifesteal members. Makes me think Boosfer might be in season 5
@berrotwo Yıl önce
The shrieker was player-placed, so it’s impossible for a warden to spawn from it anyway
@airies_6986 Yıl önce
Congrats. #13 on trending videos. Great work.
@DuelistFencing Yıl önce
No room is truly inescapable!
What about a 1 by 1 bedrock Prison with no items in your inventory ?
@mirzababaluk Yıl önce
@@geetanshgaming8684 You can still jump constantly, lose hunger and die, if world spawn is not there, and it is not on peaceful mode, you can get out. Also, if server is on LAN and not hosted, you can change versions to mess up world generation, and like that get out. Minecraft is game with thousands of possibilities...
@@mirzababaluk if the height of the room is 2 blocks high and the world is single player then what ?
@jacobchen5271 Yıl önce
Boosfer: has a whole video with funny, random bits planned His friends: haha boat go brrrr
@TheCreatorPilot Yıl önce
Actually beyond funny lmao, congrats on #20 on trending Boosfer
@tli357 Yıl önce
He should make a diamond pyramid one that's a manhunt with Keir hunting. Maybe Dev and Yellowool too
@gpuklo784 Yıl önce
Guys give boosfer support he gives us chances to see these videos and get entertained lets beat Kier and Dev
@Dr-Fox Yıl önce
"Inescapable" *proceeds to escape it*
@BastingLumon Yıl önce
The item frame can be used as blocks but with holes in between
@nathanleech4933 Yıl önce
If you had used nether woods like crimson or warped, they can’t craft boats with them, but everything else is fine.
@dimitar4y Yıl önce
the good thing about boosfer is he ain't afraid to bully. This is the chaos we need!
@badname7684 Yıl önce
I don’t know why they went from solving the puzzle to trying to beat game with immediate access to diamonds
@4nevar Yıl önce
*changes thumbnail 5 times*
@MrFhinShorts Yıl önce
🌟I remember watch like tens of broofas videos when I discovered his channel around 500k subs... this guy's deserve all the success his getting
@anliva5635 Yıl önce
This was just awesome! Thanks a lot!
@beycraft8243 Yıl önce
The fact that they beat the unbeatable is hilarious
@ppgpp109 Yıl önce
Waiting for vitalasy to comment with all caps saying something bad about boosfer and getting pinned
@Vitalasy Yıl önce
@@Vitalasy bruh
@TheRandom1.E Yıl önce
As soon as booster leaves: let's speedrun the entire flippin game
@Prismatics157 Yıl önce
Whoever came up with the command block to /kill Vitalasy must be a genius
@imslicku-ib3cb Yıl önce
Its been so long since you, kier and dev posted. Watching this video makes me happy
@redflag0477 Yıl önce
Boosfer literally prevented them from winning. Feels bad man.
@lemon4378 Yıl önce
@WillCalltheCops Yıl önce
Imagine saying first in 2022
@MyloPhatYT Yıl önce
@MyloPhatYT Yıl önce
@MyloPhatYT Yıl önce
@MyloPhatYT Yıl önce
@MyloPhatYT Yıl önce
@leaf2690 Yıl önce
"two people doing it is better than one" - Boosfer
@ragearmor8632 Yıl önce
I feel bad for the editors in boosfer's basement :(
@AllegoryAri Yıl önce
When Reeon was in the bedrock trap, he could just keep jumping until he starved to death.
@Hamza-B3 Yıl önce
I love the new content just miss the longer uploads, but the quality and editing does show
@Teoji7 Yıl önce
DREAM commented on my newest video!123
@obliverator1654 Yıl önce
Maybe do manhunt with op loot from killing players, but everytime hunter dies you get stronger, even if you're not the one killing them?
@pairsrana7971 Yıl önce
Impossible prison: a bedrock box with nothing inside and 2 block high walls and it is also put in spawn with chunk bans at the perimeter (prison is 8 blocks by 8 blocks) and chunk bans go for 5 chunks.
@Atonks Yıl önce
They really started a whole play through at the end
@Jayfether1767 Yıl önce
The retaliation to the fact that it was unbeatable
It wouldn't have spawned a warden regardless as placing a skulk shrieker is different from the ones that spawn wardens
@emeraldnickel Yıl önce
I can’t believe they all managed to escape Deez.
@Ghost-wg2ho Yıl önce
Great idea! Love your videos boosfer!
Edited L comment
@btrmaks1228 Yıl önce
Okay, HBoosfer84, we got it, your more creative than you know who. But seriously great video, and keep up with the great content.
@user-mb4pw1gk6b 8 aylar önce
damn they really pent an smp on a impossible puzzle. damn.
@kkh4nh23 Yıl önce
the fact that they can escape that room 2 times, it's not impossible any right :D
@su1kou Yıl önce
These dudes escaped a prison and then played survival Minecraft with little space 😂😂
@sczme Yıl önce
that editing is AMAZING, im subbing
@bro00001 Yıl önce
"Can we all agree that when he upload, it make our day better 💙"
@fireblade696 Yıl önce
You should of showed more of them playing lol
@Sam-kv5sg Yıl önce
This is basically Just don't let them win, make them make their win themselves
@sketchAsketch 10 aylar önce
Probs to bacon for escaping an inescapable escape room
@maxmovv Yıl önce
Im someone who specializes in dark puzzles Even better when someone trys to complete them The darkness fully consumes the person trying to compete They have no idea where they are trying to look I LIKE SEEING THEM HUG THE WALLS FOR DEAR LIFE Maybe I should make video's on this
Boosfer I enjoy your content :D Keep up the great work
@minecrafter6080 9 aylar önce
1 block in Nether = 8 blocks in Overworld. They could enter the Nether 8 blocks next to a platform
@pinkeylol4051 Yıl önce
They really just went from solving a puzzle to speedrunning the game bruh
@berko2076 Yıl önce
❤Only for fans over 18 year⤵️ Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine GirlfrienD.Host Brünette und eine andere Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde 💕
boosfer makes great content and better with these videos
@The_K-Dude Yıl önce
Now Kenadian is going to speedrun this
@agent6567 Yıl önce
I wonder if Ivory would be up for another breakout?
@k7v278 10 aylar önce
the end had me laughing so hard lmao
I hate it when challenges are made but the person making the challenge intervenes anytime the players start to make progress or are starting to win!
@iggy_koopa31 Yıl önce
Normally I play Rimworld, but my son (he's 9) loves to play Minecraft so I thought I'd check out some videos. Your video was fun to watch, so he seems to have a point 😉 Got a like from me my friend 🙂👍
@AccursedFir Yıl önce
Im happy being an og of many channels that have blown up First boosfer and his friends Then roshambo And now bacon
@linxuanya501 Yıl önce
Booster: the ‘inescapable’ room Them: *escapes with no problem*
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