The Importance of Being Ethical, with Jordan Peterson

Hoover Institution
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Recorded on April 20, 2022, as part of a Classical Liberalism Seminar at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.

By any measure, Dr. Jordan Peterson is the most famous (now former-as is discussed in this interview) Canadian professor of clinical psychology in the world. He’s also a deep thinker and a best-selling author of multiple books, and has amassed a huge following through podcasts, TRvid videos, and public speaking. Today, Jordan Peterson is one of the most influential voices in the “anti-woke” movement and this powerful interview demonstrates why.

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21 Mar 2023




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Cesar De Jeronimo
Cesar De Jeronimo 10 aylar önce
The last statement by Dr. Peterson. That is what every young adult needs to hear. Don't let the sins of your father (parents, ancestors, etc) become your own. You aren't a bad person. You can make this world a better place by placing responsibility on your shoulders. And by making that decision, you become indispensable in a world where everyone blames each other for their failures.
bikescience1 8 aylar önce
I’ll never understand how a large number of people disagree with and attack JP when his overriding message is “Make yourself a better person by looking after your own body and mind, because that will make you more capable of looking after those around you including your family, friends and the wider community”. His message changed my life and I imagine that of hundreds of thousands of others like me across the world. What’s not to agree with?
Hasan Cehajic
Hasan Cehajic 10 aylar önce
This man is helping me to tolerate and understand different perspectives even if I am also in ideology - muslim. I give my best to be open minded and also to be a proper and good muslim. Building bridges between different perspectives is one of the most important things to do if we want to grow as people.
Jhonnattan Meneses
Jhonnattan Meneses 10 aylar önce
What an ending. The entire interview was phenomenal. I loved the quote " those who believe nothing, will believe in anything". Fascinating indeed.
Keiton Guan
Keiton Guan 10 aylar önce
As a Chinese, it hits me hard when Jordan said "a wealthy slave, that's no life man". Have been learning a lot about life from Jordan Peterson. Thank you sir.
Pat M
Pat M 10 aylar önce
Jordan Peterson is a treasure. It was great to see him interviewed by someone who wasn’t antagonistic and trying to put words in his mouth. Excellent discussion, and the very end hit much harder than I expected it to. His care and integrity are obvious.
Emit RelevArt
Emit RelevArt 10 aylar önce
"The only thing more difficult than contending forthrightly with existence, is failing to do so." -Jordan Peterson
Getting Better
Getting Better 6 aylar önce
When Jordan Peterson, takes few moments to think about what he is trying to say is nothing but an absolute proof that this genius is so humble and is willing to spread GOOD in the world. Thank you sir!
Getting Better
Getting Better 6 aylar önce
Having come across his teachings, helped me a lot. He said” I’ve learned that no one gets away with anything “.
YouTube Blocks My Comments
I love his passion and his heart. I think he earned that with age, pain and wisdom that comes from searching deeply and sincerely. I love his boldness in speaking up when others tear down. Prayers and blessings. 🙏🏽💗
Thor Beorn
Thor Beorn 10 aylar önce
One of the greatest men alive right now. God bless Dr. Peterson.
Dandelion 10 aylar önce
It makes sense if one considers how they used and are using universities’ young people’s relative innocence + emotional vulnerability to accomplish their end. Thank you, Professor Peterson
The Spirited Planter
The Spirited Planter 10 aylar önce
This was one of the most brain expanding discussions I have ever heard. Oh how I wish most of society could think.
Solid 10 aylar önce
Finally. Peter Robinson is the best interviewer and it’s about time Jordan Peterson was interviewed by someone on his level or higher.
Tom Price
Tom Price 9 aylar önce
Peter Robinson is the pinnacle of interviewing. His preparation, his ability to cut to the heart of the meter, represent the audience reaction, and to gently steer the conversation and then simply stay silent and allow his guest to speak is fantastic. He’s protestations of ignorance and stupidity are funny but, truly he is a master. Love his conversations and this one is a peach.
Noah Daugherty
Noah Daugherty 7 aylar önce
Man, this world should count itself lucky to have this man.
Putter Vids
Putter Vids 10 aylar önce
If world leaders had half the deduction and reasoning skills of this man. Well. We’d not have the issues we have.
Laura Kanis
Laura Kanis 10 aylar önce
Mr. Robinson, thank you. Your incisive questions and patient listening led to a revealing, uplifting interview with a beautiful man. Dr. Peterson is the greatest philosopher of our age.
Shlepp TV
Shlepp TV 10 aylar önce
He always brings me to tears. I cry with him. I get angry with him. Learn from him and I constantly nod my head with him. It's like the light bulb inside my brain that is already on just gets more voltage and shines brighter very few do this, but then it's like my heart opens up to the inherent truth and that's just so mind-blowing because what he has done like it or not is confirmed that what I know to be true, what I feel to be true, what is actually true... IS TRUE and with the fundemtal removal of lingering doubt that has cursed so many of us, A seed sown by the one who wishes to undermine the very highest value and the deepest truth (call him what you wish he goes by many names) I'm once again set free by the truth which like many others I did not even know I had lost. Thank you JP and thank you for such an insightful, challenging, compelling and real interview. Wow.
C McGruder
C McGruder 10 aylar önce
Wow, what an explosive last 2 minutes! It was so poignant and significant; I wish they could have explored that a bit more but it was nearing the end and it was the capstone to a solid conversation. It is so true that this society is putting into young people's heads that there's no point of even being here anymore, that "human beings are doing damage and have no inherent value", where the culture mocks a religious foundation. So young people are literally floating and wondering why they exist without learning the tools of being able to persevere when times are difficult.. We're seeing negative effects of that-- higher teen suicide rates and just a general existential crisis. Don't believe the lies! Your life is important and it comes from being the best person that you can be and not being ashamed of who you are and your successes or failures that you learn from. I'm so glad I discovered Hoover Institute and Peter Robinson and Jordan Peterson. Wish I had done so earlier in my life.
Jacs Falconer
Jacs Falconer 10 aylar önce
Brilliant interview. I so admire Dr Peterson for his intellect and his humanity.
rob pearson
rob pearson 5 aylar önce
This man stands out because he is a true stand up guy, in a world where sadly, to many people are just content to remain seated!
ProPatria 97
ProPatria 97 10 aylar önce
This is Jordan in his prime. Giving goosebumps with every thought he articulates. Dear God, bless him and keep him safe. WE. NEED. HIM.
Andrew Moody
Andrew Moody 10 aylar önce
This guy gives me goose pimples. He has opened my mind completely. Thank you Jordan. 💗
Veggiewrangler 10 aylar önce
While I don't 'identify' as conservative, I agree with a lot of what Dr. Peterson says. There is room for nuance and discussion and differing views in a healthy democracy. As a Canadian, divide and conquer has been a tactic of our federal government, very disheartening to experience.
Alison 10 aylar önce
As Peterson gets older he gets more emotional and I’m here for it. There’s nothing more important than fighting for what you believe.
0 0
0 0 10 aylar önce
Robinson is such a great interviewer. Always curious, inquisitive and intelligent dialogue in every video with him I've seen.
BasilBrush BooshieBoosh
I'm definitely more left-leaning than right though I wholeheartedly support Jordan Peterson, mainly because of his agile and searching intellect and his insistence on producing truisms only via the longest path of deducing from first principles. JP is a giant of free thought and listening to him is akin to hearing a verbal orchestra.
LionAmongSheep 10 aylar önce
First time I came across Jordan Peterson. And I must say I am going to buy every one of his books because this man hits a home run on so many issues and quite frankly has a wealth of knowledge to share and all politicians should at least try to do their bit for society listen to this man.
KA 6 aylar önce
Thank you, this interview especially the last 5 minutes moved me to tears. Our children and young people must hear this!!!!
Play by Ear
Play by Ear 10 aylar önce
Very little of what Dr. Peterson does is devoid of meaning and I cherish every scrap of thought and wisdom that he is so generous to share, but this was extraordinary.
Steve 10 aylar önce
This guy is easily the best interviewer I’ve ever listened to. Super articulate, with deep and profound questions to JP. Really enjoyed this 🙏
Lee Parker
Lee Parker 10 aylar önce
I love listening to this man, to me he drives home the decent passionate common sense on every topic in which my opinion of course today is sorely missing to the general public. Great interview and thank you Jordan, a privilege listening to your thoughts 👍
w peters
w peters 4 aylar önce
If I had a chance to sit with anyone in the world, Jordan Peterson would be my choice. I have so much respect for his commitment behind his views when he speaks. DO NOT STOP TALKING!!!!!!!! We are listening. Thank you Jordan.
robichard 10 aylar önce
Jordan Peterson is a “global treasure”. I so admire his lifelong pursuit of truth.
Jolanta Hill
Jolanta Hill 7 aylar önce
Because Reasons
Because Reasons 4 aylar önce
My lord this was one of the most shaking and powerful conversations. My hair is standing.
HC Q 10 aylar önce
What a wonderful man. Being ethical in this day in age is crucial.
Steve Warden
Steve Warden 10 aylar önce
One of the best lectures I have ever heard. Jordan is able to express the basic Christian principles in a very logical, scientific and clear way - he makes extremely complex ideas understandable. I love his heartfelt passion - he knows that ideas matter - thinking has consequences - even for eternity.
mdrewry04 7 aylar önce
Absolutely one of the most in depth, thought provoking interchanges I’ve seen. Thank you to both.
Nicholas Gilson
Nicholas Gilson 10 aylar önce
He is a hero through and through never breaks a word off never says what's true to his heart trying to help people make themselves better he is a hero
Ginger 10 aylar önce
I love this man. What a great interview. We are graced to have access to Prof. Peterson’s intellect and morals.
Michael in Orlando
Michael in Orlando 10 aylar önce
Very enlightened exchange. The great thing about Jordan Peterson is his ability to recall his research and others, in the moment. It is this kind of interaction that Americans now lack as a direct result of being isolated from face to face exchange due to the internet. We all talk to our phone now instead of facing the actual people and we've lost the interpretive skills to communicate. It is in fact a discipline. It must be practiced or the discipline is lost.
dawna copeland
dawna copeland 10 aylar önce
Wow, Jorden Peterson is a gift to humanity. I’m Canadian and in my 60’s. I am embarrassed to say that I have only recently been introduced to him. Incredibly because I saw a rant he did about Covid, so ironically I have Covid to thank. He is an incredible thinker and speaker. My impression is that he is the most unbiased person I’ve ever heard speak. He tells it the way it is, drawing from his incredible volume of knowledge and putting it together in such an understandable format that it’s generally infallible. Then people want to shoot the messenger and call him provocative or controversial. I guess that could be said, but only if one considers the truth and reality of “what is” as being provocative and controversial. Great interview! Great questions, great conversation. Wow. I have been enjoying listening to Jorden Peterson’s incredible mind, what a treat. The university and students loss is society’s gain. I would disagree with him when he expressed that if he hadn’t left his teaching position that his students would be at a disadvantage from getting hired, I beg to differ, I think that NOT getting hired by those people/companies would be a badge of honour for the student because those people/companies are not the quality ones that they should be working for. 👏👏👏👏💕
Caesar Augustus
Caesar Augustus 10 aylar önce
You can tell he's a professor by how he was constantly speaking to the crowd and not the interviewer. Love Dr. Peterson, probably saved my life. Stay well good sir.
moody mother
moody mother 10 aylar önce
I've changed my lifestyle because of this mans advice and wisdom. Thank you for all your educational support , that you upload online dr Jordan Peterson 🎯❤
originalAtreyu 9 aylar önce
This is a gem. And I've been listening to Jordan for years. I have to make notes in this. Especially as a scientist if 15 years . I was never a materialist. Infact my curiosity for the divine drive me into biochemistry..
fedupwitumboth 10 aylar önce
Ethics have not been present in our govt or society for a long time. It is shameful and a tragedy. Love Peterson. Great thinker and a great man.
Wewillwin777 10 aylar önce
Thank God for Jordan Peterson. His words are food for the soul and music to the ears.
Gman 10 aylar önce
I don't think of him as a hero, just an intelligent man who speaks with logic and common sense, which is such a welcomed change in today's woke world.
Paige Turnner
Paige Turnner 10 aylar önce
He genuinely cares for the next generation and their potential. We DESPERATELY NEED more teachers and professors like him.
Scott Gregory
Scott Gregory 8 aylar önce
He’s so good. Thoughtful. Perceptive. Great interview from both men. 🙏🏻
D Gal
D Gal 8 aylar önce
I've listened to this video several times from start to finish and each time I learn something else that I didn't get the first couple of times. What a great mind Jordan has and what a beautiful simplification of ideas he gives us to help sort out our own thoughts and beliefs. F cking brilliant!!! Thank you Jordan and Peter for a powerful discussion the world needs to hear.
Akamai 10 aylar önce
Actually brought to tears when he started crying. I don't see it, but I totally believe that kids and people my age or younger are being fed that they're a virus on the earth. And that would be very demoralizing. Such a conversation
shojunx 10 aylar önce
Fantastic interview. One of the best I had seen from JP in years. What a great interviewer. 1st class man.
R & G Gebert
R & G Gebert 10 aylar önce
“Don’t think your ambition is corrupt.” Well said Mr. Peterson
Makeshift Muse
Makeshift Muse 10 aylar önce
That closing from Peterson hit hard. I know it wasn't the optimism Robinson probably wanted, but that's a message the youth really needs. Great interview.
Vida Valente
Vida Valente 10 aylar önce
Jordan is one of the most impressive and necessary personalities of our time. We should cherish him more.
Susan Munro
Susan Munro 6 aylar önce
This man is beyond brilliant. What I wouldn't have given to be a student in his early classes. Being a thinker most of my life, totally misunderstood, I listen to this man and see a like soul.
MDLion 10 aylar önce
The last 5 minutes is so powerful! It is so true that those hyper-concerned of other's morals are lacking in their own self-awareness.
James Cox
James Cox 9 aylar önce
This man is sacrificing his physical and emotional health to teach us! I fear it may not end well for this prophet. He has my prayers. I am endlessly grateful for your sacrifice, doctor.
playingdablues 10 aylar önce
JP's brilliance and understanding of human nature, history, literature, politics, and religion is almost beyond comprehension. Thank you for this upload, it is a gift.
Imnotanalien 10 aylar önce
Dr. Peterson is just quite brilliant…he gets to the core importance of truth…. and freedom of speech. This core essential belief in truth and freedom of speech …. is the battle our society is fighting for at this moment……without a society built on truth and freedom of speech…. we ALL will fall into tyranny….. Great interview…. Well done!!!
aberwell 9 aylar önce
sir, you amaze me. you humble me. you inspire me to be better. please don't stop what you are doing. you have the smarts to frame your views and the courage to express them.
Christine Pencak
Christine Pencak 9 aylar önce
This was one of the best interviews. Jordon kept his responses focused and on track, which he hasn’t always been able to do in the past. His thoughts are so interconnected that I believe there are only six degrees of separation between anything he says, and anything else to be said. Bravo.
Karoly Vaczy
Karoly Vaczy 10 aylar önce
Simply outstanding; what a different world we’d be living in if our political leaders had a tiny shred of these minds’ ethics and moral understanding
Reac 9 aylar önce
"I looked you up and you said you don't like that question, so I won't ask that question" Instant respect for this man. Does his research, is respectful, engages intellectually, even though there is likely incentive to "push where it hurts" in modern journalism and the interview format.
Robert Harrelson
Robert Harrelson 10 aylar önce
I did not begin to realize the depth of understanding that Dr. Peterson has until I watched this interview. Very impressive!
redbelt1000 10 aylar önce
This is why we love Peter Robinson, he is a commensurate interviewer never tearing down his guests simply probing their minds and allowing them to bring forth their mastery for the benefit of humankind
CPU UK 10 aylar önce
Man speaks truth, from the heart.
Thule Huff
Thule Huff 10 aylar önce
Amazing interview! I had to watch the two minutes more than once. Dr. Jordan Peterson clinched everything together at that moment - it showed me that the nullification of self is worse than self aggrandizement even. I was moved more by his plea than even his words.
Alanda 10 aylar önce
Thank God for this man and his courage to speak the truth.
KanDoAllThings 10 aylar önce
What a talk! THIS must be played for ALL students at every university! So Powerful and True!
Ekaterina 10 aylar önce
This interviewer is totally absorbed and fascinated and is learning from that professor as well. I’ve not have been exposed to either of them, so it’s a good surprise to me. Thank you.
Norm Nielsen
Norm Nielsen 10 aylar önce
Wow, that ending is powerful. The whole conversation is filled with good things, but the ending brought me to tears. I agree we've lost sight of our divine God given value, and it's playing out in all sorts of destructive ways. There is hope in that. If it came from God, it can be restored.
HotTune 4 aylar önce
This is the final Jordan Peterson interview I will watch as merely a listener. This interview has set me over the edge- from this day forward I will be making my own videos to spread what I believe to be the truth. Thank you Dr. Peterson for changing my life from hopeless resentment of my existence to my current state of enthusiasm and absolute CONVICTION that I must spread the message of the true god, the god within. May the truth set us all free from our captors and may we not be damned to the hell that awaits otherwise.
Annika Schio
Annika Schio 7 aylar önce
Love this interview! Great overall summary of the state of things from Dr.Peterson
Andrew Lamb
Andrew Lamb 10 aylar önce
GOD BLESS! Let's work together to help people like Dr. Peterson carry this load! He needs us!
Jesper Lassesen
Jesper Lassesen 7 aylar önce
What a superb interview with a remarkable man. I'm no intellectual, and there were segments in this video that eluded me some, but what i did get was gold. And i especially loved the last bit, where Dr Peterson gave his take on the disparity most young people have to face growing up. That was powerful. I agree, that we as adults, have a moral obligation to paint the future in a more bright light, especially when conveying said future to the next generation... Love from Denmark.
Nimbat 99
Nimbat 99 10 aylar önce
This is one of your best, Mr peterson. Extremely uplifting. I feel you as a good man. Blessings and peace. ❤️🔥
Glenn Moyers
Glenn Moyers 10 aylar önce
I'm so glad to see Doc Peterson back on the lecture circuit. I highly value his insight, knowledge and logical reasoning.
David Sherrod
David Sherrod 6 aylar önce
I believe this is the best interview ever. You could spend weeks, months, and even years to study and to improve society. How we have gone from a nation of morals, and thinkers, those who were looking at ways of improvement of society to now where we see those who want to tear down society and build a utopia.
Mrs. Flax
Mrs. Flax 10 aylar önce
I loved this. The ending was profound and emotional. I wish I could state it better. Thank you Hoover Institute and Jordan Peterson.
Edward 10 aylar önce
I have passed this clip to everyone I care about. Wokeness has destroyed my family relationships as well many the families of many of my friends.
Danger Bier
Danger Bier 7 aylar önce
Thank you JP! Spreading the good news through truth, humility, and integrity. Highly enlightening.
Jay Wessels
Jay Wessels 10 aylar önce
The most compelling interview for any free thinking person to listen to and consider the implications
Alan Hill
Alan Hill 10 aylar önce
I've been watching Peterson off an on for five years, and the way he explained the power of postmodern literary criticism just blew my mind. I had never put it together like that, but he is absolutely correct.
Stephanie Lynn
Stephanie Lynn 8 aylar önce
I love this man's passion. And what a fascinating mind he has!
Tyler Vorhies
Tyler Vorhies 7 aylar önce
An absolute treasure to the world. I feel lucky to be alive during the era of Mr. Peterson.
Enrico du Plessis
Enrico du Plessis 10 aylar önce
Jordan Petersen, as usual, is absolutely brilliant. Unfortunately, those who most need to hear and understand his critical thinking and application of pure logic, because they have become too intellectually lazy and superficial. Deep dive not required, or even desired. He succinctly, objectively, and pragmatically exposes the huge holes in their arguments. Their biggest problem is they read only the Index of chapters, and not the entire book, and then assume that they already know the full content.
Chris Bondurant
Chris Bondurant 3 aylar önce
This was awesome. I rarely find myself engaged with deep philosophical questions for an hour without feeling mentally fatigued. This left me uplifted instead of tired or winded. Kudos!
Richard Bullock
Richard Bullock 10 aylar önce
Through its entirety, and I felt a gut-punch at the end. So sincere. Thank you and do not stop!
Chunk Wobbler
Chunk Wobbler 10 aylar önce
To label this interview as excellent would be a crass understatement. This is the kind of stuff that should be required curriculum in all schools.
sharlock 9 aylar önce
I love listening to this man. So much value to everything he says!!!
Jan Tefft
Jan Tefft 3 aylar önce
Just awesome with his philossophy, his teaching is needed everywhere. Citizens must be kind to themselves.
jay ernster
jay ernster 10 aylar önce
This interview is, (or can be,) an example of what saves societies and humanity. Logical discourse and straight talk are rare these days, shamefully enough. Mssrs. Robinson and Peterson are human treasures.
Caleb Huff
Caleb Huff 10 aylar önce
What a great talk. Really speaking truth. I feel it in my heart. I'm finding my way through life every day and time and time again. Jordan touches my soul. I can't say fortune what it is but he speaks to my deeper self. I think it's the truth in what he says. It's a force that can't be articulated by me lol
Kayise Ncoco
Kayise Ncoco 10 aylar önce
Thank you, this is very informative, educational and encouraging during these unsettling life episodes
Tee 10 aylar önce
Thank you Peterson and Robertson for fostering space for not only freedom of speech but also thought !!
Marina Knife
Marina Knife 10 aylar önce
Thank you! Such an important message to put out in public.
John Kaiser
John Kaiser 10 aylar önce
Absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing this. As one who's been to their own hell and had to fight to get out of it I due to EGO (Edging God Out) reluctantly took his hand and was pulled out of the fires of the self created hell. Yes I believe it exists.
j mc
j mc 10 aylar önce
Jordan Peterson is a man of honor, courage and a brilliant man that understands the human condition and behavior on an unparalleled level.
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