THE ICE AGE - My favorite build in Destiny 2 - Elemental Shards + Well of Potency + Agers Scepter

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Is it cold in here? Or is it just, wait. No. No it is me. Yeah its me

Twitch I rarely stream at: www.twitch.tv/kodiakd2

Hey guys, welcome back to another destiny 2 build video! Today, I'm showcasing the ICE AGE build for Stasis Titans! This build produces unlimited wells, allowing for insane super and ability regen, as well as unbelievable ad clear with the new seasonal exotic agers sceptre! This is a PvE build you don't want to miss out on!
If you like the video, leave a comment down below! Let me know if you want to see any other builds I use, or if you have any recommendations!
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22 Eyl 2021




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Luke Hanson
Elemental shards has a 5 second cool down per shard. So basically you can only collect 1 shard well every 5 seconds. I think it’s necessary, but don’t expect every shard to be a well
This looks awesome. Excited to see your Ager's Sceptre vids for the other classes!
Erik Boomer-Tough
It's a great build, and I absolutely LOVE Mask of the Quiet One, I love seeing it featured, what a great video
Garry Sullivan
Precious scars with this build would be pretty good too
Klutz Kerman
Nice! I run something similar. Difference being that I use Whisper of Bonds so I can charge the Scepter sooner, and then go with Elemental Charge and Protective Light mods for survivability.
You could also move your mods around and switch one over to font of wisdom to get the fast int if you wanted as well
I run a similar build on my Warlock, but with Mantle of Battle Harmony and the Stasis fragment that gives me health every time I pick up a shard.
Adarsh Kamoda
Someone using the Mask of the Quiet One? "A surprise to be sure but a welcome one."
Blazin Fridge Gaming
Focusing lens is a good mod to use on the class item
Bader Ali
There is a trick to get most of the mods when using time dilation, stack up the mods you want (let’s say font of wisdom)to get maximum duration once you proc it you can swap to other mods and every time you pick up a well it will refresh the duration to maximum even with one mod on. It will go away if you didn’t refresh the timer or die.
Hey, great video and the build looks very fun, is there a way to show your compass unlocks so i have an idea which to swap out to for max efficiency please?
Dan Rooney
Sucks that the scepter cant make shards by itself on the titan. Bungie needs to fix that.
use Heart of Inmost Light instead of Mask of the Quiet One
The Baldwalker
This build looks dope af, maybe instead of Death Adder a Cartesian Coordinate? Rolling one with Vorpal gives you a great burst damage weapon to deal with HVTs quickly.
Anthony Arcuri
I really liked precious scars with this build!
ITS HERE! THE MOD IS HEREEEEEEEE I KNEW ITTTTTTT YESSSSSSSSSSS! Pair Aegis with a good Precious Scars after the changes that the helmet got and its absolutely BEAUTIFUL! My build goes to getting the super as fast as possible XD so constantly having that ability regen buff up and just massively covering the field in crystals to break all over the damn place......AND WITH THE CATALYST
You had me at mask of the quiet one… I’ve been waiting for a build to utilise the mask
I use precious scars with this and it smacks in PvE
Dynamic Baldwin
Dude your Titian looks badass! Please do a fashion vid for him!!
Jay Talley
Really needed a stasis build too! Thanks!
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Girlfriend Betrayal (ft. Wolfychu)