The Huawei Ban: Explained!

Marques Brownlee
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Huawei flagships without Google or Android? This is everything you
need to know.
Fingers crossed Huawei can resolve things. For the sake of competition.
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21 May 2019




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Natharooo Saatler önce
Me watching this on my huawei 👁️👄👁️
Williaums Doukcs
Williaums Doukcs 16 saatler önce
Is this all fixed now?
Nathan Gaertner
Nathan Gaertner Gün önce
Tiktok is next!
TwstedTV Gün önce
8:30 Having them around is not good. As many governmental agencies have found out that there has been many "call home" code in the devices. Homeland security, CIA and even the FBI, secret service all used to use their products, and found out that their devices was pinging home & sending data out over to China. Hence why USA government immediately cut ties. Last thing we need is a company that is actually listening to conferences & tactical meetings that ANY president is having in the war room. Specially when USA government has Seal Team & CIA and other agencies at risk because of these devices. I understand you like Tech, I like Tech too.... But there are some companies who at face value seem to be a good company, but in the background they have alternative motives and not telling anyone, UNTIL agencies like the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security and many other agencies figure out whats going on when one of their techs bump into some serious situations like this on devices. All this started when several white house devices was sending out data from the white house, and the Secret Service & CIA intervened. See, what people dont know is that when you are in the White House or secured buildings like the White House, your incoming and outgoing data is monitored. Secret Service knows what that device is doing at all times, even if you are only using your Carriers node and not on WiFi. because each government building has a Carrier antenna YOU have to go through that they monitor. Because its inside the government building. Hard to explain over Text on youtube. Anyways, you get monitored, and all that data they know the IP's and locations of communications. Again, this happened in the White House when Obama was in office, 6 phone devices was sending data out, and secret service found out that its been calling home to China. Hence why government banned their devices. This was on the news and well explained on many news stations live telecasts. When the Secret Service found out about the massive data calling home, they investigated the communicating IP's which included China. 6 of those devices was actually in conference in the white house. The Secret Service also found out that those devices was on constant monitoring , just like Alexa, meaning it would constantly listen. And knowing those devices was in the white house..... well you can clearly guess what happened. - then the ban started.
OutsideMax Gün önce
Huewei is a good phone, but they clearly spy on people and are owned by the CCP. It's like supporting a North Korean company. Just google all the atrocities china does to it's own people and you will never support Huewei.
Bobspineable Gün önce
But there's many other Chinese companies that aren't banned, stuff like Oppo, OnePlus, and Xiaomi
Cosmic Sniper
Cosmic Sniper Gün önce
Well u could use a vpn to make it so ur in a us country and use google
James 1992
James 1992 Gün önce
Trump is an idiot.
Saurabh Raj
Saurabh Raj 2 gün önce
One year later.. I feel like this was a good idea to ban them.
Bobspineable Gün önce
But it's just Hauwei, Oppo, OnePlus, and Xiaomi still exist.
Shady Boi
Shady Boi Gün önce
Why what happened
Hjonkers Does stuff
Hjonkers Does stuff 2 gün önce
*chuckles in Huawei tablet*
Pavle Pavlovic
Pavle Pavlovic 2 gün önce
There is nothing complex in this topic , Huawei is cut of from Google for same reasons why Apple cut of everyone from their Apple services . That is because if you want to be a part of that you need to pay for it . Now Google has a problem , its Free software so they cant charge for it , however they can charge to manufacturers for licences , and they do Huawai is not a big fan of that . And there is another reason for it , and that is that global corporations need to distinguished cheap products from more expensive ones . Because technically they cant , its all the same ,so they do it by software . Cheap phone , you dont get Google , more expensive one you do . This will grow , its just a start others will join google is just first to do so . Slowly they will make everyone pay for everything on the internet , free or not .
Olivia Timm
Olivia Timm 3 gün önce
I wonder if LineageOS could help free my Huawei from the US government. I'll have to try that
the meme man 4
the meme man 4 3 gün önce
So will my Huawei phone become usless and all my apps will get deleted?
Pete Blue
Pete Blue 3 gün önce
Why don't they just do business with Google Australia?
Isa A
Isa A 3 gün önce
I hope Samsung is the next!
Stone Vicky
Stone Vicky 3 gün önce
Amazon free products, no need to buy, no need to review,If you are interested, please contact me,Tell me what number you want.
SandboxArrow 3 gün önce
Xiaomi is better still.
Gautham Raj
Gautham Raj 3 gün önce
1 year later. Many countries will be banning Huawei
Lc D
Lc D 4 gün önce
Im from england and our government is dumping huawei, China has been very aggressive to several countries lately, taking over HK and killing 20 indian soldiers and threatening the Uk if we drop hauwei. Thanks for your vids i understand what is going on with Huawei and all the issues now. You are very handsome.
L. DRAGO 4 saatler önce
Theirs too got butched badly and necks broken and their numbers are lot more
ARRJ 4 gün önce
i feel like the hype around huawei being 'dangerous' is only because of the ongoing perpetuation of chinese things being foreign and 'other'. just because something is chinese it doesn't mean it is dangerous. the only reason this was big news is because western media likes to play into the idea that foreign things are dangerous and bad, guess what asian media does the same thing with america.🤷🏻 no one is really right.
Just4Fun 2 gün önce
Well, it is pretty obvious that Huawei gets backed by the chinese government. I personally think we need to get more independent from China since they are simply terrible
Critstix Darkspear
Critstix Darkspear 4 gün önce
Anything coming out of China should be banned including Apple
Bhushan Nikhar
Bhushan Nikhar 4 gün önce
HUAWEI was sending data across US.. So ban is fair.
Paul 4 gün önce
When Trump no longer is president this will hopefully change
DanFan :D
DanFan :D 3 gün önce
I really hope so
Hunger Strike
Hunger Strike 4 gün önce
who keeps listening to this elitist apple fanboy? yep me
Кирило Ігошев
Well, once again teh USA has decided for the rest of the world what we should and shouldn't buy and use
Nicks Jiao
Nicks Jiao 4 gün önce
ALSTOM, TOSHIBA, and now HUAWEI. F**k America.
Gurry l.
Gurry l. 5 gün önce
Говорил сума сойдешь
shiv 5 gün önce
You can get spied upon from any network whether cisco,nokia,or Huawei. I'll go for cheaper Samsung phones
Tiancheng Xiao
Tiancheng Xiao 6 gün önce
i'm from China and can confirm, HUAWEI is trash
sreamwalker24 6 gün önce
amazon is now a trillion dollar company on of 2
Joseph Anshewitz
Joseph Anshewitz 6 gün önce
I love your content Marques. You’re well spoken and knowledgeable, and thanks to your reviews I’ve made many decisions on tech purchases that I’m happy about. Thanks
Galaxite 6 gün önce
L. DRAGO 4 saatler önce
They were banned left, right and center 😂😂😂 see usa uk Singapore Australia New Zealand Canada France is little subtle🤣🤣🤣
Ravikumar Pottabattula
Huawei should ban in India
Cloverbii 6 gün önce
Trump from USA just scared China be no.1 country one day.. so he started ban here and there?????? haha it's good news to samsung lol
Queen Apryll M
Queen Apryll M 7 gün önce
I think I'll be fine I mean I bought my phone nearly a year ago
ItsMint 7 gün önce
That moment when you *JUST* bought a Huawei phone Me: oooo fuggg
Jeremy H
Jeremy H 7 gün önce
One down hopefully we blacklist more and move to apps
Ninja 2nd
Ninja 2nd 8 gün önce
Huawei is going down my sister won huawei Y6P AND MY PARENTS GOT COMPLICATED
no one
no one 9 gün önce
Great phones unfortunately can't get em oh well allways get regurgitated Hollywood phone not innovative,
D Schirpke
D Schirpke 9 gün önce
The play store is an app so if they make a phone that is compatibility with android apps, the play store could be added after the phone is sold.
D Schirpke
D Schirpke 4 saatler önce
How was I able to add the play store to an android device?
L. DRAGO 4 saatler önce
Google regulates apps and play store can't be downloaded!
DK 10 gün önce
7.7k dislikes. All china
L. DRAGO 4 saatler önce
@Paul ok Huawei employees ok
Paul 4 gün önce
ok dude that's a bit racist
Hello!! :))))
Hello!! :)))) 10 gün önce
Now is the time to do away with China & its lies
Zephixer 10 gün önce
In The Future Me : Orders A P90 online. Also me : Why Did you give me a Gun
FU KURO 10 gün önce
What if huawei is working with apple? Google: *Can't rid with this dude*
Jak 11 gün önce
TRUMP is the only common denominator in everything negative a distructive taking place in the USA today.
Kuba normální kanál
Nice video.
Dj Lg
Dj Lg 11 gün önce
usa : if you can't beat them ' ban them
bom6thebase 12 gün önce
So if I buy a second hand P8 lite on 2020 is there literally no google apps?? Playstore? All the games and apps?
saif Sultaan
saif Sultaan 13 gün önce
I love the fact that he didn’t criticize trump at all just in case it might be controversial and sound biased
Eecnf2r4 Roblox gamer
Eecnf2r4 Roblox gamer 15 gün önce
Im gonna get outta of here 😥
Eecnf2r4 Roblox gamer
Eecnf2r4 Roblox gamer 15 gün önce
Oscar 15 gün önce
Huawei is too good for America, you don't even need google for a Huawei, they will have their own search engines and apps.
Safaa Freeman
Safaa Freeman 16 gün önce
Just bought Huawei yesterday completely American free, everything works well. Huawei focuses on biggest market, Asia. The ban make US companies lost 11 billion dollars, well done Trump lol BTW FB, IG, UT, Gmail, Gmaps and Google search all work fine lol Thousands of apps can be downloaded from APKPure nothing blocked if using Oprah explorer.
Harry Styles
Harry Styles 17 gün önce
Huawei was growing too fast and apple didn't like that
Lord Tsuchikage
Lord Tsuchikage 17 gün önce
I know I'm late to this video and probably won't get a reply, but couldn't they just buy the software from Samsung or something like that?
Amina raed
Amina raed 18 gün önce
I like your reviews :)
Amina raed
Amina raed 18 gün önce
Haters always trying to bring the best smart phone down :)
dax roger
dax roger 18 gün önce
Linux,would be my choice it's free it would be easy yo port over apps and you could have a full desktop in your phone. Games from steam and windows have been coming to the platform as well. It failed last time but on much lesser hardwear.
Cryss B
Cryss B 18 gün önce
1 year later ... fuck the ban, they do just fine i own a huawei and i don't give a fuck about google
Antonio Britto
Antonio Britto 18 gün önce
Love the intro music... Its so fresh!
Trevuhhh 18 gün önce
All chinese phones don't use google services, you have to ask for them to install google services onto the phone, there are plenty of different chinese app stores...
Cumbuster 18 gün önce
China: *Gets banned for spying on people.* Google: "Let me step right in, I've got things to invent."
Kevin 18 gün önce
That's because the United States doesn't want Huawei to continue to develop, it needs to suppress Huawei.
Jon D
Jon D 19 gün önce
China has banned Google, Facebook, TRvid, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Wikipedia, Reddit, Tumblr, PInterest, Instragram, Dropbox, Medium & Flickr. US has banned Huawei. Fair?
Vanaja ajith
Vanaja ajith 19 gün önce
Trump is officially hated by everyone
g0dzi11a 20 gün önce
Bruh litteraly every smartphone company spies on your through the devices they sell. They prob got banned because they weren't giving the government enough information about the users lmao
ZergforLoser 21 gün önce
Jokes aside, China does not hesitate developing technologies and policies that violate human rights and freedom. As Huawei has a close relationship with CCP, it might be appropriate to ban this company from expanding globally.
wondering_ sheep
wondering_ sheep 21 gün önce
Here is a simple summary of the video Trump messed up bc he's stoopid
Mkpouto TechTV
Mkpouto TechTV 21 gün önce
David A
David A 21 gün önce
There are bigger questions, than you raise, but with a shallow understanding of where the CCP would put you, for only expressing disfavor, dissatisfaction or any criticism of the CCP, people have not included ALL the costs of surrendering to China's lead in 5G.
Peter Tran
Peter Tran 22 gün önce
Everyone commenting Google, facebook, etc... You'd rather have communist china spy on you rather than an American private company (yeah they sell your data, but not to a communist country)?
Samuel kibunda
Samuel kibunda 21 gün önce
Soooooo only the ideology matters tell me which is better Communism or Capitalism
Mola 1.9
Mola 1.9 22 gün önce
And 1 Year after this Video it turned out to be pretty wrong. I use a Mate 20 pro and I have a fully functional Google Services Phone getting updates
Uncle Danjee
Uncle Danjee 22 gün önce
Dude has a sloth laptop... Did you get it from Timmy Ham himself?
ioan gamer
ioan gamer 22 gün önce
Welp Huawei's dead
Mola 1.9
Mola 1.9 22 gün önce
Definitely not
J L 22 gün önce
Huawei dominantes the 5g market, sells more than apple and were about to sell more than samsung. There is everything you really need to know
Hmlqrt 18 gün önce
Well turns out that if you are being financed by the world's second largest economy you can do a lot. Like going from a shitty cellphone brand to a world tech leader, l wonder how that happened
Edward Lam
Edward Lam 22 gün önce
competition is always better for da consumer... ppl who want competition dead cant rlly call themselves tech eunthusiasts if they like to slow down innovation
ultan mc sharry
ultan mc sharry 22 gün önce
Will this affect huwawi phones in other countries
Mola 1.9
Mola 1.9 22 gün önce
What he said turned out to be completely wrong and the point you need to be worried about, is the model of your smartphones. Until the p30 won't be effected at all, I know because I use a Mate 20 pro with new updates and fully functional Google Services. As far as I know the aren't even affected in the US. After the P30, like Mate 30, have no Google Services but Android which is frequently updated
morteza ahmadi
morteza ahmadi 22 gün önce
It's 2020 and my huawei phone keeps getting android updates (security patches)
Not4K 23 gün önce
meanwhile google assistant when I say ok google : your mic is turned off
Kaushik Deka
Kaushik Deka 23 gün önce
Why other Chinese phone companies can do business with Google then?... Please explain it
Arun Singh Suriyal
Arun Singh Suriyal 20 gün önce
they do not make network equipment like Huawei and ZTE
Mola 1.9
Mola 1.9 22 gün önce
Because they are "trustable", which just means Trump wanted to hurt China with banning Huawei
IMeanWhyNot 23 gün önce
I mean,,, this video getting recommended is ok but a video from 2009? oh no that's another level
Nxbnull 23 gün önce
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