The Huawei Ban: Explained!

Marques Brownlee
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Huawei flagships without Google or Android? This is everything you
need to know.
Fingers crossed Huawei can resolve things. For the sake of competition.
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22 May 2019

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GON HD 11 saatler önce
Will Google ban OnePlus as well?
shiny pantsu
shiny pantsu 11 saatler önce
cant you just flash your phone and install lineage os on it if you want to keep getting updates?
Mirik Kla
Mirik Kla 12 saatler önce
huawei and apple, phones for stupid people!
D7eadnaught Humanbeing
D7eadnaught Humanbeing 15 saatler önce
This P20 is by far the best handset I have ever owned. spacebar size being the only negative.
CrashArenaTurboFan 17 saatler önce
That lappu toppu tho
C Mukherjee
C Mukherjee 18 saatler önce
Huawei - ban Apple - ban Samsung - yes ( then hang for 5 min)
Lego & Entertainment
Lego & Entertainment 21 saatler önce
If trump isn't re elected the next president can just unban huawei
Smurfy Trends
Smurfy Trends 23 saatler önce
USA: bans huawei China: bans apple *SAMSUNG HAS ENTERED THE CHAT* 🤡
Odog Gow
Odog Gow Gün önce
Rite this doesnt even affect me as im lucky to not have a smart phone at all, however I feel so much frustration with this and the absolute bullshit that it is . Me and the rest of the world are fuking fed up with racist nazi america thinking they can just strong arm anyone they want that is better at business than them!!!!. no country more corrupt and deceitful. EXPLAIN THIS TO ME!!! google manage to pay fuk all in the way of tax, how they do this we all already know, HQ offshore so as no taxes get levied so someone please fuking someone explain to me are they in america or fuking not???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? if they have to ban trade with china due to this bullshit that would meanthey are in america, SO THEY SHOULD BE PAYING FULL TAX!!! IF THE GOVERNMENT DONT CONSIDER THEM IN AMERIACA AND LET THEM AWAY WITH THE TAX ISSUE THEN HOW THE FUK CAN THIS BILL OR ANY OTHER MADE WITHIN THE USA AFFECT GOOGLE!!!! ITS ABSOLUTE BIGOTED RACIST NAZI HYPOCRISY!!!! I HOPE CHINA FIRE EVERY FUKING NUKE THEY HAVE RITE AT AMERICA AND DO US ALL A FUKING FAVOUR. IF THE HUMAN RACE GOES EXTINCT ITS ALL DUE TO TODAYS USA AND ITS SELFISH FUKING POPULATION OF FILTH
lunga lunga
lunga lunga Gün önce
You sound white
Raj Shekar
Raj Shekar Gün önce
Isn't the ban lifted off completely? I guess that is latest news??
Yamame Even
Yamame Even Gün önce
I am in Bulgaria right now, from Finland, I bought a Huawei phone this year for 600 lv (340 USD) and I am pretty poor, I can't buy a phone every month like americans, I want to know will I suffer now or it won't have a big impact?
Dan Flowers
Dan Flowers Gün önce
Dammit ❗ I was gunna upgrade my mate se and get a P30 lite. But if it's gunna end up a paper weight I'm gunna have to start shoppin around a little bit. I'm in no hurry now, ❗
Žarko Petković
Žarko Petković Gün önce
Its like as if big countrys banned apple and accused them of spying.
John Rice
John Rice Gün önce
I believe I know why they are being banned. Hauwei would not release their encryption keys to the US government is why it is really being banned. Any other reason given is fluff meant to distract or hide the real reason. The USG can't spy on Huawei-encrypted phones, and so has effectively banned them. Any others agree?
The XO
The XO Gün önce
Huawei will replace this shity Apple."they spying on us" 😂😂
Vincenzo Karol Flagiello
Fuckin Americans jk lol
Lucius kole
Lucius kole Gün önce
So on the 19th of August is the last security update?? But I'm glad I got 9.1 now
E P Gün önce
Checkmate lol
Pete Roe
Pete Roe Gün önce
Trump hit Hauwai square in the balls lol
Kevin Trye
Kevin Trye Gün önce
3 months on, seems Huawei sales have increased outside the US. The biggest losers will be US consumers.
RadeTcg Gün önce
Kevin Trye thats because they are being sold at huge discounts. p30 pro is buy one get one free where i am lol
account Random
account Random Gün önce
Trump just doesn't like china. Hes trying to attack them. He was in the middle of a trade war so the ban was probably just another shot.
Gurt Frobe
Gurt Frobe Gün önce
I think we are all missing the real issue here...Huawei was selling tech to Iran through the backdoor circumventing trade sanctions. Huawei is half to blame for this by going through the backdoor and they got caught. Unfortunately they have unwittingly put themselves in the line of fire in the trade war by breaking trade sanctions. Its sad that the US has to lie about the real reasons for the Huawei ban. We should just call it was it is. A tool to add pressure to the trade war. In the end though its a backfire as this means billions of trade with American companies due to Huawei phones containing billions of dollars of American components AND Huawei will emerge bigger and better becoming more self sufficient and a better homegrown choice. Only loser here is Trump and US tech business and ultimately the American consumer.
Jayesh Kanodia
Jayesh Kanodia Gün önce
Why did it get banned is what you didn't explained?
Jayesh Kanodia
Jayesh Kanodia Gün önce
@John Rice probably you are right. This has something to do with the USA being denied something or the other.
John Rice
John Rice Gün önce
I agree with you, and believe I know why they are being banned. Hauwei would not release their encryption keys to the US government is why it is really being banned. Any other reason given is fluff meant to hide the real reason. The USG can't spy on Huawei-encrypted phones, and so has effectively banned them. Any others agree?
Jeremy Stock
Jeremy Stock Gün önce
Great video. Thank you for breaking it all down, MKBHD!
Dylan DeSisto
Dylan DeSisto Gün önce
did anyone notice tiktok is the only app still available on every device 🤔 not to mention it’s the largest app out with ads EVERYWHERE. all children must have tiktok.. but for what..?
Stis Oisfnr
Stis Oisfnr Gün önce
So this is US answer to China banning Apple huh 🤔
As a consumer i just want something that works but we also need competition to drive things forward. Kinda on the fence about all of this.
Trumpenstein Gün önce
It's not "waway". I dont know where people keep getting that. It's pronounced "hwaway". The H is not silent. Or think of it as Who Ah Way.
Kangarooo Gün önce
Oh man you so bad in tech, you just read article and don't understand tech. What is 90 days. Android works and you being spied any way. Not all phones get Android updates, you still 99% do it yourself on computer. America has problems with product usage witch is illegal. You so funny lieing to people thinking that you smarty but look just funny 😂
Bunthoeun Vlog
Bunthoeun Vlog Gün önce
Good VDO
Bunthoeun Vlog
Bunthoeun Vlog Gün önce
Sairagna Gün önce
Half this comment section is bots the other half are morons. Proceed at your own risk.
tommy teh
tommy teh Gün önce
Reality check. China is a huge market itself which it can build its own ecosystem. Huawei is the leader in 5G infrastructure and IOT. I foresee an alternative ecosystem.
Marko Mileski
Marko Mileski 2 gün önce
I just bought a huawei
Leland James
Leland James 2 gün önce
Huawei and other Chinese companies are stealing everything off the American companies. They became big over night because of it. All that sht theyve been making for us they steal, so they never have to figure out the technology ect. Apple and other companies are stupid for even being there.
Vladimir Peter
Vladimir Peter Gün önce
😂😂 damn you have a very simplistic view of life for a self proclaimed "smart" person...
Mark Ola
Mark Ola Gün önce
Excellent point. I am glad at least one person on this chat is smart enough to understand reality. All the rest, the most of crowds here, are just simply stupid, don’t see anything further than their own nose and don’t care about anything except their own stomach and wallet. They don’t think and care about this great country and great people that live here. They live in US but care about China. It is just insanity, I just cannot believe that. All that Chinese are doing good is stilling and selling back to owner- the USA. They got all of that technology for free, never pay patents. Of course they are getting rich, because they don’t pay for anything. All the high tech stuff they produce is 100% stolen technology from US and Japan. Everything they designed/invented by themselves and selling around the world is simply junk.
Migel Mugambi
Migel Mugambi 2 gün önce
Should I buy a Huawei phone that has already been realised after the ban??
Betillo Juarez
Betillo Juarez Gün önce
Yes, you can!
Ena.bot3 2 gün önce
but w8 my mother works with an american company in tunisia and they gave them huawei phones
Migel Mugambi
Migel Mugambi 2 gün önce
Will phone that have already shipped after the ban be able to access Google search and other play services??
Gabriel Majin
Gabriel Majin 2 gün önce
been using a huawei since honor 9 , aka the first phone that distroyed Samsung and apple.this bullshit ban happend after huawei , 3 years in a row, beat samsung and apple...aaaaand nothing happend.huawei is still nr 1, still has android on , google store is still there , so chill ppl.USA lost her nr1 spot in the world a long time ago. accept it and move the fuck on :D
Rose 2 gün önce
This all sounds very good in one respect, the following things are not beliefs but facts. I do not want to write a long text that everyone does not read it, I'm just telling you the most important thing, for the people who like it all very well. The connections of cell phones and Co. are funneling over rays, our brain and body also funnels over rays, 4G, etc., all of us are already streaming through, and I can say that these rays damage our body, even if you do not notice it directly. Example, radioactivity, you know what happens when you are exposed to it, radioactivity are also rays. 5G is stronger than anything else as you can see, the rays as well, the damage to the bodies as well. Cancer etc. I want to illuminate also the other side of the beautiful and helpful 5G, because almost everyone looks only on one side but that through this "improvement" is the bad more, say and know few. Our body will form new diseases through these radiations and that is slowly sneaking up and suddenly it is there. That's the dangerous yes, and I say again, these are not theories or phrases but facts! On the one hand, a doctor could cure a patient by a robot that is far away, and on the other hand, 500 new people will get sick. That `s not worth it.
Rose 2 gün önce
We can already do so much, why more and more, from movies and reality, we know who more and more and more will eventually get the bill, which is very difficult
Christian Morales
Christian Morales 2 gün önce
Is it just Huawei or all Chinese phone companies?
Rodney Pitcher
Rodney Pitcher 2 gün önce
They are spy they steal they they copy make America great again
j js
j js 2 gün önce
they can copy the hardware but its our software is whats valuable
Richard 2 gün önce
Either way China needs to pay somehow for all the stolen IP over the decades.
Eric L
Eric L 2 gün önce
it's been on for decades. only when its Chinese related the US would go big hoohah about it. imagine if another 10 years down the road India or Indonesia rises to become an actual competitor to the US then you would go accusing them of theft and fraud again. the actual fact is the US Govt does not like competition
Richard 2 gün önce
@Eric L Nice try but nobody has done it at your country's scale.
Eric L
Eric L 2 gün önce
when US companies copy, it's called 'innovation'. when Chinese companies, i'ts called "IP Theft'
max factor
max factor 2 gün önce
Why ban Huawei? Bcz they comply with whatever the Chinese government says. How to ban Huawei? All American companies have to comply with the US government order.
Alpha 2 gün önce
Well mkbhd i'm glad you spent that $1.6k so that i wouldn't have too, not all heroes wear capes
Derik Tran
Derik Tran 2 gün önce
Can you do one on HarmonyOS? Their answer to Android. Thoughts?
ßerrısırıs 2 gün önce
People can just flash the play store and Google services on the phones, problem solved.
ßerrısırıs Gün önce
@Chickenfriedfrog The one true God.
Chickenfriedfrog 2 gün önce
ßerrısırıs good old “Odin” .....
Travis McGhee
Travis McGhee 3 gün önce
Great I'm screwed I love my mate pro 10.
the_invincible _young_ulises
Stupid te encontraré perro!
Adam Zugone
Adam Zugone 3 gün önce
I'm just wondering how important is it to get those Android updates... Because I was planning on buying the P30 Pro in a couple days but now I'm not so sure..
The United States Of Trump
citizen: Why did you ban Huawei? Trump: Because Huawei cant be spied so we cant spy on you If you use Huawei.
Truth Troll
Truth Troll 3 gün önce
Do u no da way? Huawei is da wei. Trump banned da queen, spit on him
-_LinusE 06_-
-_LinusE 06_- 3 gün önce
Skyy Skyy
Skyy Skyy 3 gün önce
Huawei i will trust you
Alpha 3 gün önce
China : screw you apple US : screw you huawei ( uno reversed card ) Korea : Samsung is ready too kill you both
HTHAMMACK1 4 gün önce
I loathe Trump and the ground he walks on, but he's right about this. Huawei should have absolutely no presence in the government or in our infrastructure.
Lopki098 Ror
Lopki098 Ror 4 gün önce
All phones banned! xD
Tru fact earth
Tru fact earth 4 gün önce
Just watch their space sectors , their GPS, satellites , rockets that banned by the Wests...
teenage dirtbag
teenage dirtbag 5 gün önce
This sounds like a big problem to US citizens but what about people who live outside the US? Can we still buy huawei phones? Will the huawei phones still be of good use to us?
K.Evrgrn 5 gün önce
china should close down all the apple sweatshops then
Uzzie B
Uzzie B 4 gün önce
K.Evrgrn I’m just saying, that China refusing to do business would not hamper apples bottom line. They’re a trillion dollar company. You don’t think a number of different Asian countries would love to do business with them. It would strictly be chinas loss.
K.Evrgrn 4 gün önce
@Uzzie B sure but it would be an inconvenience. Im pretty sure the chinese could still copy them tho.
Uzzie B
Uzzie B 4 gün önce
K.Evrgrn hahaha you really think apple can’t find another country on the planet to cheaply assemble their phones. They also wouldn’t have to worry about the Chinese stealing their designs. Everyone knows the Chinese can’t create anything, all they do is copy.
setsunasamachan 6 gün önce
I know racism when I see it. Not everything in china is cheaply made and this is truly sad that fearmongering is taking over the world yet again.
setsunasamachan 3 gün önce
@Uzzie B you do realize that it's the reverse, right? Huawei's first book anything was before the apple redesign, and the p20 and p30 phone models came out before the samsung "a" series, and now, even the note 10 has a similar design. Huawei beat both giants to the foldable phone and made it actually work.
Uzzie B
Uzzie B 4 gün önce
setsunasamachan most things in China are cheaply made. Look at huawei, no innovative ideas so they steal ideas from other Android and apple products. Even their so called MacBook copy is physically exactly like a MacBook. No innovation or new ideas, just stealing intellectual property. Sad.
Mickyle Rahmet
Mickyle Rahmet 6 gün önce
Can’t I just get a custom rom on a Huawei
Roman Krajewski
Roman Krajewski 6 gün önce
Thank you, important info.
PusheenLover666 8 gün önce
Joke's on you I live in the UK 🤭😎
PusheenLover666 4 gün önce
To be honest guys I don't really care about Huawei coz their phones aren't the best about from the camera, so I don't really care if they get updated or not
Uzzie B
Uzzie B 4 gün önce
PusheenLover666 you realize huawei makes google android phones, they aren’t allowed to use google in the future, this means future huawei phones wont run the same software. This literally affects every huawei user on the planet
AshY 4 gün önce
@PusheenLover666 yes they will sold I know that but android is still American so the phones you have now won't be getting any new android updates as Google is an American company n dat
PusheenLover666 4 gün önce
@AshY no, Huawei phones are still being sold here from companies like ee and virgin. They've not been affected at all
AshY 4 gün önce
That won't make a difference lmao you still won't get any android updates , this shit affects the whole world aw man
Řìďwăñ Ÿãşìñ
Classic Rocker
Classic Rocker 9 gün önce
Why is no one talking about google, hell they have been spying on everyone for years. They are all left libtard socialist bastards. If you want to do business with China so bad, go to China. I'm sure they will be happy to have you. You can have all the things you are wanting here in the UNITED States. Socialism Communism big government, complete control over free speech and travel.
Jumbomuffin13 9 gün önce
China bans Apple with Apple phones, iPad, etc is still being made in China cuz the Chinese want to stop Apple from asking money in China but China wants to make money by producing Apple products.. gg
Simon Paterson
Simon Paterson 9 gün önce
I have a Xiaomi phone... Is that a bad thing?
Tsuki Dawn
Tsuki Dawn 11 gün önce
What’s stopping them, heh the Chinese government.
Timothy Swanson VFX
Timothy Swanson VFX 11 gün önce
Wait so did that mean that I shouldn't get a Huawei P30 Pro?! It's such a cool phone but idk if I should get it if all of this drama is going on with Huawei...
Rodger Murphy
Rodger Murphy 12 gün önce
Huawei is built on industrial espionage....go Trump
ArianaGrande Fanboy
ArianaGrande Fanboy 12 gün önce
Huawei got reinstated........ . . . . . . Briefly. Huawei got banned again
Ban Y E E T os
Ban Y E E T os 12 gün önce
Me watching this video on a Huawei phone: o_o
Krystal Paul
Krystal Paul 12 gün önce
I'm not worried. I'm so boring they would stop watching. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Ban Y E E T os
Ban Y E E T os 12 gün önce
Same 😂
Soli Deogloria
Soli Deogloria 12 gün önce
I'm watching on my Honor View 10 To bad about this propaganda war, I was looking forward to my next Honor. Hands down dollor for dollar the best phones -available- ☹️😢😭☹️
Akash J Dutta
Akash J Dutta 13 gün önce
Me:Why r u banning Huawei? Trump:They are spying us Me:Any proof? Trump:We don't need to give proof we already told Me:No, That's not gonna work Trump:Yup, we have already done so in case of weapons of mass destruction with Iraq Me:Ok then I can buy a Huawei phone now without a doubt. Thanks
01hondascott 14 gün önce
f*ck f*ck, i just finally settled on what my next phone was gonna be and it was the p30, looks like it's back to the drawing board ffs. took me a while to decide on this phone,. not impressed.
addy1333 14 gün önce
If you can't Beat them, Ban them!!
Rodger Murphy
Rodger Murphy 12 gün önce
If you can't beat.....industrial espionage from them - China
Trump postpones Huawei ban again
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