The HouseKeeper 

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2 Eki 2022




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@Jaden_708 Yıl önce
This man and cory are the only people to dissappear for months and come back with bangers
@anyaschmieg734 Yıl önce
Fr bruh
@javeyahayes4132 Yıl önce
Fr 🤣
@LoadingDG Yıl önce
Chad 007 😂
@DreamingEdmond Yıl önce
This house hasn’t changed in YEARS! The nostalgia!
@fxwizard6421 Yıl önce
But you see it has
@bigbirds130 Yıl önce
right same house from 7 years ago 😂
@lucylee4366 Yıl önce
That's a grandmas house for you😂
@teeteelera Yıl önce
This guy is sooo dedicated, that he even somehow made his own “escalator” in his house
@sugardady1019 Yıl önce
@@Seeyou776 but you are one. You wouldn’t tell that ur making fun of a boy if you truly were. So yeah hell no
@BKLYNSamurai Yıl önce
@@sugardady1019 what did they say
@OoniUni Yıl önce
I think that house he gave to the thingy the other person he was with which is why he installed it
@tomato2281 Yıl önce
but he also got so many people who look similar to him but just different enough to tell it isnt him for these videos
@yaya2breezy591 Yıl önce
Lmao nah I’m pretty sure that’s his parents house, he moved out but this house is basically his studio
@lisastone4931 Yıl önce
The fact he does this all by himself is amazing
@blackcherry941 8 aylar önce
I like how creativity funny he is by putting multiples of him in his videos but at 0:54 I choked on my water from that shit because I had my volume on my headphones so loud I might go deaf and mostly forgot he can put more than 1 of him in his videos lol
@EmperorHoneyBee Yıl önce
This man and Cory are the only TRvidrs I can say after 5 months I can watch again and be happy
Yessir I live off of Cory and him lol
@alicyarhowe8654 Yıl önce
Facts 👌!
@itsdesean Yıl önce
@rengog4060 Yıl önce
@Ur_Fav_Hijabi13 Yıl önce
@ariarose3089 Yıl önce
As a housekeeper... this is so accurate 😂 But if you put a "Do not disturb" sign on. We definitely won't bother you lol.
@asterianne2977 Yıl önce
Lmao hahaha
@crazydude2361 Yıl önce
Accurate? Hell nah. I would’ve never tried this hard to clean someone’s room.
@ariarose3089 11 aylar önce
@crazydude2361 Accurate for some hotels. Some of them force a housekeeper to clean a stayover's room. If left up to me, I wouldn't try that hard either.
@diamondly6250 10 aylar önce
well thats what its there for
@gsdwdhdfsdgfgsfhdgsf 7 aylar önce
You didn’t put a do not disturb on this comment now you’re gonna get it
@nmk1ng Yıl önce
Lucas really be poppin out every couple months and still makes heat 🔥
Yessir 💪🔥🔥
How long he not updating this video again!?!
@damemeboi6997 Yıl önce
On god
@s1y22 Yıl önce
For real
@glitch6968 Yıl önce
It's not a couple lol
@CJExtreme98 Yıl önce
The wardrobe saying “housekeeping” got me pretty good 😂😂😂
@roodiz Yıl önce
@sukaretto223 Yıl önce
Yeah that got me a lot when I first saw it LOL😂
@Tido2006 Yıl önce
Even the boogiman bothering him
@@roodiz *housekeeping*
The amount of dedication, recording, acting and editing all this shit takes is the reason im never upset with this man taking his time to make quality videos.
@BoiZee Yıl önce
Lucas is the definition of ‘never let them know your next move’ lol
@toemunchleroffical79 11 aylar önce
@losts4593 6 aylar önce
@WilofJ Yıl önce
Not gonna lie, I really be forgetting about this man but I can never forget how hilarious his skits are when he uploads!
@thejman1730 Yıl önce
Man. The housekeeper is like that boss in a game that gets ambitious if you let your guard down yet has a very easy way to be defeated that most are too overwhelmed to find out.
@thesurp72520 Yıl önce
This guy is the definition of quality over quantity.
@williamlee987 Yıl önce
@socrates8605 Yıl önce
Hell no
@HAZARD-mi5mf Yıl önce
@@socrates8605 🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢
@titanely5723 Yıl önce
Yeah I wish he wouldn’t take months for one video I would be okay with one video per week or two weeks
@djibrilwone4071 Yıl önce
I’m pretty sure it takes long because of how he has to edit and he must be busy with other things in life
@jmargoku2138 Yıl önce
This dawg really makes another banging comedy masterpiece after another while of being gone and still goes flawless, he should definitely collab with RDC, eezyGang, SomeBros, Lenarr, Caleb, Vader etc. nowadays 🤣🔥
He did do some videos with King Vader.
Lucas is the only person that can have a gang war with him being the only member on both sides. Also, being a legend takes time
@lucasdiazjr5679 Yıl önce
Man I missed these videos they never fail this man deserves all the props and respect This is a horror comedy I'd watch immediately
4:34 This part nearly killed me! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
@asterianne2977 Yıl önce
Lmao, Ikr?
@sammiej.5526 Yıl önce
when he grabed him omg LMAO
@ihaveasmallpp8453 9 aylar önce
House ... KEEPING! :D
​@@ihaveasmallpp8453**Grabs** WAAAH **Slam**
@paulyates6679 Yıl önce
That snatch from the house keeper took me out 😂😂
@Howieazy Yıl önce
The loud mouth makes his return 😂
@maxair9438 Yıl önce
@CelesteWuff Yıl önce
la boom lalakaka whip!
@dumbmaster5575 Yıl önce
The way he said damn
@kingstep19Anims Yıl önce
Indeed he did btw Big Fan
@wuudy_doni Yıl önce
Been watching this man since the beginning and he’s still so entertaining
@kiyothefunnyguy Yıl önce
Lucas is like that dad that only comes to visit once in a while but its really good when he does
@albatablays24 9 aylar önce
He really needs his own show. This guy is amazing
@soraq.6595 Yıl önce
As a fan for years I can say your content never gets old! Keep up the amazing work king.
@AngelinaGenus Yıl önce
You & me both
@onepiecefan1459 3 aylar önce
@qhai09 Yıl önce
1:51 "It's such a great day to watch a man do a 200 m sprint with a bag of luggage, ain't it Bobby?" I'm dead Send help 💀
We might complain abt his consistency but he never disappoints.
@Abstract_1302 Yıl önce
@ihearttwucee Yıl önce
Man worse than Cory
@@unknownstranger6041 why you gotta try to start an argument😂
@woshiii3284 Yıl önce
@@daggerfallcovenant6972 fr
@steven1946 Yıl önce
I was basically dying laughing the whole video Lucas is just incredible 🤣🤣
It’s so great to see another post from Lucas, they always make everything better missed this man ❤
Bro, this guy is too funny. I have been watching him for a while, and he has some of the funniest videos ever. Nowadays, looking for humorous videos, I always see the classic "sex is funny, sus things are funny" when really they aren't. They get old, reused. This guy can push out content of a different type of humor, "quick humor". The way things happen so fast without explanation is something I find truly funny. I wish more content creators were like this. That's why HARDSTOP LUCAS IS THE GOAT. THE GOAT!!!
@xo.aariel Yıl önce
I can't get over his intros they're always so good
@dontspikemydrink9382 5 aylar önce
they are
That outro shall never get old,always sing along and re-watch this guy's vids😊
@Jack-nx4ci Yıl önce
After so many months, he returned to make us laugh. ❤️
Very happy rn
Hardstop Lucas is a legend
@razz_tv1859 Yıl önce
@jaynba_824 Yıl önce
Couldn’t agree more
Yep 👍
after many months he has returned to make us smile
From the point of view of someone who works the front desk in a hotel, this absolutely cracked me up. I needed that laugh haha.
@pilpiscas1661 Yıl önce
Man this man never disappoints
@afifnazmi6803 Yıl önce
"Take a day off; you don't have to work this hard," Thank you man. I need this.
Lucas has shown me I never have to worry about him leaving youtube as he'll always come back with bangers.
@arandomweeb1890 Yıl önce
Hardstop Lucas can take all the time he wants if it means he can keep making masterpieces like this
@tredaman4382 Yıl önce
Chad 007 Thank yoi
@JamalMonkeVR Yıl önce
@@tredaman4382 dont click on it
@teaworktv2606 Yıl önce
Chad 007man you got nothing better to do
@JamalMonkeVR Yıl önce
@@teaworktv2606 cuz it’s a bot
@TowerOfCards1 Yıl önce
we all know lucas is one of the og viners and he still be popping off even tho he dont even post daily we still all love his videos
@LucotIC. Yıl önce
I LOVE how he left for a few months and came back with AMAZING content and he acts as if he never left.
@LonelyLyndsay Yıl önce
I’ve never seen this guy for so long. I’m so glad he made something that’s amazing!
@merufin6955 Yıl önce
This guy has came so far,haven’t seen you in 3 years in fact I forgot about you I’m glad to see u being recommended
@amzar3903 Yıl önce
Never knew housekeeping can be this scary
Warning: No games we’re played in the making of this masterpiece
@beatsbyromeb Yıl önce
@pinkwooper5129 Yıl önce
Oh, phew.
@ThingsNatSays Yıl önce
Were* 😢
@ybbetter5808 Yıl önce
@@ThingsNatSaysbruh it doesn’t matter this is TRvid not English class
@romanortega349 Yıl önce
It's funny that he still does these stuff in the same house, this man made my childhood.
@seanblessed1322 Yıl önce
He always makes bangers every time he returns
@Nothing-nm2cp Yıl önce
I'm so glad that he still posts videos. This is one of my favorite youtubers
This man inspires me that I CAN do my skits alone and still make it a masterpiece
@GSS126 Yıl önce
As someone who works housekeeping, i can confirm that we do this, but it's solely because of 2 reasons 1. Our boss thinks that everything is dirty every 2 seconds. 2. We are working up to 8 hours (12 max) and we legit have three things to do the whole shift and we really just trying to find something to do
Welcome back Lucas..Does anyone else like the really cute & wholesome detail that the room was filled with pics of his grandparents/mom & dad
@Daisy30y03 Yıl önce
Yes, I did😁
I did too ❤
@dasaniii Yıl önce
@npmproductions Yıl önce
I respect your consistency and am glad you still make videos man. These are op.
@lordainz438 Yıl önce
THE LEGEND IS BAAAACK! Glad to have you back ♡☆☆
@lordainz438 Yıl önce
Naruto Uchiha (Dont sub here, this is 2nd channel) sure and i subscribe🤔👍🏾
@lancey_animechild 4 aylar önce
The punch, and then him just casually saying "damn, you was right" had me dying 😂😂😂
Oh boi just like the good old days... Old house, sprinting across the street and making the whole hood question their neighbour's sanity, extream yelling for very necessary and valid reasons, minding one's business and last but definitely not least... Not playing a single game whatsoever... Ahh feels nostalgic tho it wasnt all that long ago.
the housekeeping part gets me with the bag 🤣🤣🤣
@zozwings3149 Yıl önce
I remember watching these in the summer, and laughing my ass off when I was 12. I still love them.❤️😂
@swiftyboi7877 Yıl önce
@ronjayombao2670 Yıl önce
Remember don't go to the hotel with a crazy house keeper 😉👍
@kadence4972 6 aylar önce
Agreed,if I go hotel see a housekeeping I going said nope
@angelyblood7034 Yıl önce
I missed you and you never fail to make the video more funnier as ever.
@KingWgzz Yıl önce
“I mean he did say he was gonna do it” and “we picked a great day too do this “ killed me😂
@dislook3991 Yıl önce
God, i laughed so hard that my stomach hurts, don’t ever change Lucas. Quality over quantity
@Im_Zion 8 aylar önce
As a housekeeper I’ve literally had to wait in the hallway for guests to leave and damn near sneak into the room to change towels and remake the beds on some stealth shit. So even if you say no to fresh towels and water we still have to go in💀
@Mikael-ip2po Yıl önce
God, it's so good to watch his new content when it comes out.
@BevinEG Yıl önce
Man that room blasted me with so much nostalgia.... I don't miss living with my parents but damn. Edit: That blooper was gold!
Good to have you back Lucas :) 5:08 HE SAID IT HE SAID THE THING-
After all these years and I still cant stop laughing🤣🤣
@kitanasfans2328 Yıl önce
the tear wipe got me 1:36
@Lily-jz6rg Yıl önce
This is like if housekeeping was a horror movie, and is no one going to talk about how he actually checked him out 😂
@bigchrill4142 Yıl önce
When he hit the full sprint with the baggage that had me dying 😂😂😂
After so many months, he returned to make us laugh and make more bangers glad he’s back 🖤🔥🔥💯🙏🏾
@BecomingCapria Yıl önce
That housekeeping part 💀 Literally felt that in my soul especially when you stay at a "5 star" motel for 2 nights 🤣
@Okbiae-ly9js Aylar önce
Cory and Lucas should do a collab with each other they have a lot in common with the part when they are leaving for months or maybe years😭💀😂
@Xronna9 Yıl önce
I lost it at the chair. Good job Lucas, another great vid!
@therushman5106 Yıl önce
Im never disappointed with one video, and no matter how long he gone, I don't even mind it. 🤷‍♂
@irfanghafur Yıl önce
Selalu kocak!!!
@showtime_nez Yıl önce
Welcome back Lucas you were missed🙏🏾
How did he get back to his previous place? Well, regardless, he makes amazing content, and I never want it to stop.
Probably was just visiting for a time.
this man never disappoints 😭
@bread6120 Yıl önce
Haven't laugh so much in a long time 🤣🤣🤣
@whoisquint Yıl önce
i remember how many times i would watch lucas it never gets old
@WarlordChaos Yıl önce
He makes really good entertainment, especially for a man just yelling at himself for 6-15 minutes 🤣💀
@JamalMonkeVR Yıl önce
When the world needed him most, he came back
I know right 👏👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Don’t worry he gonna dip again💀
@JamalMonkeVR Yıl önce
@@RandomTangent5263 let’s hope not
IF LUCAS QUITS WE RIOT!!! Literal comedian legend. has his own style of comedy and it never gets old. ❤️🇵🇭
@jkmkhalil 5 aylar önce
lucas’s fast paced comedy is unmatched
@spawn_7862 Yıl önce
I love it when he makes all these bangers so I can be entertained everyday :)
@seoljung6532 Yıl önce
Lucas bringing back the fire as if nothin happened respect man
@nopressure6986 Yıl önce
It took me rewatching this three times to realize that he now has the ability to make actual shadow clones.
@grunt2705 Yıl önce
These videos will never fail to make me smile or laugh once. HOUSE KEEPING. SO MUCH HOUSE KEEPING
@iamstill1451 Yıl önce
10 seconds into the video and I am laughing like hell 😭😭😭😭
@Alicorn_Magic Yıl önce
I've been watching you since I was 15 and I'm 20 now. Your videos never get old they always makes me laugh 😂
@slyther1nn Yıl önce
When we all needed him, he returned.
@petseagull6818 Yıl önce
This man is someone who can't get old and will always make me laugh 🤣
@RudraBeats24680 Yıl önce
I never miss out his videos, they are just OP af!
I actually don't mind that leaves for months because his content is always quality humor and definitely worth the wait
@Mythic2099 Yıl önce
He’s made a come back! And its fire just what I needed hope everything is good Lucas
This dude can take his time on making his videos ,cus he comes back with funny and OG content 🔥
It's has been three years not watching this channel it feels so great watching you again
I was having a bad day, but now I feel like i almost died of laughter watching this! 😂
@WhosOni Yıl önce
Lucas has been caring comedy for so song, it’s insane.
@angryboi595 Yıl önce
Naww the way my mans got pulled back into his room got me laughing 😂😂 This was worth the wait!
@Dargonhuman Yıl önce
As someone who actually does work in a hotel, I can confirm this to be 100% accurate. I'll even let you in on an industry secret: the housekeepers can shrink in size to utilize a series of hidden passages between the rooms, which is how they can get into the closets from the main entrance so quickly. Actually... That would be a funny premise for a parody FNAF game - you have to keep overly helpful housekeeping and bellhop staff from getting into your hotel room...
@zveldarkus125 Yıl önce
That's a really nice idea 😂
@XShadowX681 Yıl önce
I love when he said house keeping and he took him 😂😂😂 it was my favorite part
@Bvkjay 11 aylar önce
For those of you who know this man is a god I remember watching him on vine like he helped my child hood