The history of our world in 18 minutes | David Christian

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Backed by stunning illustrations, David Christian narrates a complete history of the universe, from the Big Bang to the Internet, in a riveting 18 minutes. This is "Big History": an enlightening, wide-angle look at complexity, life and humanity, set against our slim share of the cosmic timeline.

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10 Nis 2011




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Ben Ramage
Ben Ramage 8 yıl önce
Fantastic TED talk. I love it. A beautiful ode to complexity.
Jeffrey Thein
Jeffrey Thein Yıl önce
An eloquent, informed and masterful presentation. The visual aids were right on point, as was Mr. Christian's narrative. I especially like the inclusion of his Grandson Daniel's example at the ending. One of the strongest TED presentations I've seen.
Science and God - Bill Morgan
This man has more faith than any Christian I have met.
Esico6 4 aylar önce
Its terrible and science unworthy. He explains things with: ‘because of magic’.
Di Strachan
Di Strachan Yıl önce
Love the Goldilocks moment concept. Love the Threshold moment and how we are vulnerable when we are in it concept. So good to be aware of how change happens and what to expect.
Steve McElmury
Steve McElmury 22 gün önce
This man is a guru, and a heckuva great teacher! I'm uplifted & inspired... thanks, TED. 😃
John Doe
John Doe 9 aylar önce
Great talk. I always have a hard time remembering the time frames of the various epochs but I always like the three billion or so one where all life is single celled, it seems really cool that it took that long to form multicellular organisms and then in just a short eight hundred million years here we are.
Ian Rhodes
Ian Rhodes 2 aylar önce
Tariq Khan
Tariq Khan 5 yıl önce
This talk was beautiful, it was so informative, so mind blowing. I remember why I loved science and astronomy as a kid. I forgot, i kind of lost my way for a while, but now at 23 i am starting to remember that love of science that i always had.
Paul O'Reilly
Paul O'Reilly 4 gün önce
Science is a portal to see into the mind of God ,not a portal to promote the folly of men's thinking ,about things they know to be false, so God does not get the credit for the wonders found in the Scientific discoveries that were his idea at the beginning of time when he got the universal clock ticking, and will one day stop that clock ticking ,for in eternity ( when all knees will bow and confess that he is Lord) that clock will no longer be needed.
John J
John J 17 gün önce
@Level1 Selamat1 I agree with your comment, apart from the 'science' bit. Science it ain't ~ pseudo science it is.
Hila Kummins
Hila Kummins 22 gün önce
@Esico6 don't underestimate the role of MAGIC, we ALL need a healthy balance of science & magic in life. Otherwise you could end up an evangelical! I'm a witch who loves & practices "magic" but everyone should study SCIENCE of all kinds, preferably in a real SCHOOL (visiting a dinosaur "museum" doesn't count) FUND our $chool$ ✍📚 END home schooling 🙏 STOP TRUANCY!! 🛑
Parnam Saini
Parnam Saini 27 gün önce
Tariq Khan ...thanks for the compliments.
joseph sullivan
joseph sullivan 27 gün önce
Did you fall for some religious bull crap for a bit?
Chinawhite84 Aylar önce
Incredible. I hope this has gained the momentum it deserves!
Shane V
Shane V 4 aylar önce
A very informative articulated summary of our universe while masterfully using metaphors.
Chris Manley
Chris Manley Yıl önce
This is a fantastic video. I was watching some other video and right after it ended this one started and I had no interest in watching to so it was going to be background noise while I played a game on my phone...then slowly my interest started to grow. So glad I decided to watch this because I personally learned a good amount from what David was saying then I started learning more than what he was even talking about. At the end of his speech he said his reasons for being there was to teach the future generations (and I assume generations here now) and I must say, he couldn't have bullseye any harder lol. Amazing job *Clap clap clap*
Adi Constantin
Adi Constantin Yıl önce
I love this expose, with many thanks! Little after 13:15, he could just mention (as means of enhancing the spread of knowledge and information), these: - the writing, with alphabets, - philosophy, - (then the cursive handwriting invented by Charlesmagne emperor), - then the books printing, invented by Guttenberg, - before computers and the net
Austin K
Austin K 2 yıl önce
I haven’t heard this concept described as “big history,” but it’s an appropriate name. What has always amazed me about “big history” is how such a chaotic processes developed such complex wonders as life and the human brain, and inspired those curious creatures to not only ask “how,” but “why.”
Science and God - Bill Morgan
@Blake Brosenne Hello Blake, Bill is fine and thank you for the introduction. Blake, I would rather someone steal from me than lie to me. This man, with an eloquent accent and gentle voice, is lying to all the viewers. He clearly outlined the beloved 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, then did his best lies to tap dance around it. He called "each step is magical (at 2:57) and just before than he said each step was more complex than the prior. No evidence, no science, just philosophy to satisfy his world view because he knows the 2nd Law destroys his world vie. His world view is from simple, and chaos, to complex and ordered, I surmise his world view is atheist, but am not sure, but it sounds like it. The Universe demonstrates the validity of order and complexity to chaos and simplicity. This world view is the Christian world view despised by many, which is fine, people can despise anything they want, but to lie and say complexity is magical is dishonest, capricious, and anti-science. I hope you reply and share your opinions on my comments, and I would love to hear what you think about the 2nd Law and its implication to a God world view and if you think "magic" can usurp it. Thank you sir.
Blake Brosenne
Blake Brosenne 21 gün önce
@Science and God - Bill Morgan Good morning Bill, or is it William? I am Blake Vincent Brosenne. What do you mean by that?
Science and God - Bill Morgan
This man has more faith than any Christian I have met.
Erick Enriquez
Erick Enriquez Aylar önce
I encourage you to look at conway’s game of life and consider these questions!
Shobha Mohan
Shobha Mohan Aylar önce
Read Bible, you'll understand everything. Jesus is Coming Soon
Julia Sullivan
Julia Sullivan 8 aylar önce
I had the privilege of taking David Christian's class on Big History at Macquarie University in Australia. It is without exception the best class I ever took.
Freedom is Priceless
I just wonder what specie is going to dominate earth after we destroy ourselves
Kathryn Albany
Kathryn Albany 4 aylar önce
Me too!! So good.
Esico6 4 aylar önce
Its terrible and science unworthy. He explains things with: ‘because of magic’.
Mily Alvarez
Mily Alvarez Yıl önce
I used this class for my final exam as an interpreter and I can't believe how deep it touched my soul!! Mindblowing!
Esico6 4 aylar önce
Its terrible and science unworthy. He explains things with: ‘because of magic’.
Betül Mulbay
Betül Mulbay 5 aylar önce
Wow! How did it go? I am sincerely asking as a freshman of translation and interpreting studies :D
Preeti Sharan
Preeti Sharan Yıl önce
Absolutely fantastic Ted, could not take myself away from the screen for a sec!
Monica Aiken
Monica Aiken Yıl önce
I like that: “complexity means vulnerability and fragility”. I’d very much like to hear the rest of this, at some point! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
adam nasser
adam nasser 4 aylar önce
A marvellous presentation!! One of the best Ted Talks ever. Bravo!!
Henry Simpson
Henry Simpson Yıl önce
One little correction in his description of how dust clouds in space eventually form into solar systems including stars, planets and other bodies. It is not gravity that initially draws the small particles together, but rather it is electrostatic forces. They better explain how clouds of dust started condensing. Once enough of the space dust was thus pulled together, then gravity began to be a stronger force and caused the stars, planets and other bodies to be formed.
@Google User Interesting. I will look into this more. I have a chemistry background, so I cannot wrap my head around the fact that there was matter but no atoms/elements?? Matter has to be made of something, but it wasn't until the universe expanded did their become atoms, but there was really dense and hot stuff that magickly got there. I just can't see it all, but I am interested in this CMB radiation.
Google User
Google User Aylar önce
​@phillycheesesteak36 Cosmic microwave background is the proof you ask for.
There's a ton of "little corrections" throughout the video. I know he is limited on time, but he says all of this like it is fact with no room for error or disagreement, but in reality, most of it is likely not exactly like he says. Like do we really think that it is possible for everything in all of the universes fit inside something that was smaller than an atom. Come on ... there is no evidence of that and it is not at all practical.
Kim Sand
Kim Sand Aylar önce
Jesus built this place!
Shalabh Gunjan
Shalabh Gunjan Yıl önce
Very nice. Thank you for this video and information you shared. Btw I have one question - when you speak about DNA you said that single error in protein structure introduced in every Billionth DNA. My question is why do you think this ERROR, it could be grand plan of universe to introduce variation. Though it could be continuous but we ( Humans) able to see them or realize the change in pattern after every Billionth DNA. possible? I am not sure if it is possible to prove these theory. Any insight on this would be great. Thank you!!
Arnab Mallik
Arnab Mallik Yıl önce
Such a powerful oration . 17 minutes of pure genius.
In Between
In Between 10 aylar önce
Or madness
TUDO BEM 2 yıl önce
Amazing ,prodigious !!! Congratulations Mr. Christian for this clear , concise and complete explanation of our origins and why we are here!! Thanks
Caleb Blake
Caleb Blake 25 gün önce
Thanks for the talk, I am always hung up on what was before the Big Bang: and whatever was before it, why should it change? Then the immense improbability of life arising and living is just insane. Let alone that life not dying right away. Seems to be to big of odds to work out, but I always enjoy seeing quality presentations. I would say God is a more probable explanation.
Sarah Javadi
Sarah Javadi 6 aylar önce
So beautiful. Thank you professor 🙏
Subramaniam Paulraj
Superb! Very useful information and right advise for future generation
PaGus Music
PaGus Music Yıl önce
Beautiful, reading ‘talk like Ted’ and this was recommended in the intro chapter, fantastic speech, in less than 18 mins we learn about billion years of history!
Rosanna Desole
Rosanna Desole 3 yıl önce
Thank you so much for your great lesson on how it evolved and the universe is the transformation of the human race. His lesson that I hope makes us think is to understand the mistakes we no longer have to make, to give the new generations the chance to evolve and understand what to do to save the extraordinary beauty of mother earth: the mother of all existed and humanity existed. All that has happened from nothing is a mystery even if I am not a believer, I believe that the birth of the life of every organism in this universe is an inexplicable miracle!👏🙏🌌🌍❤️
kiuhlahla 2 aylar önce
This talk is up there with the greats. Timeless. Beautiful.
Bubber Cakes
Bubber Cakes Yıl önce
Thank you Mr. Christian. Everyone should see this at least a couple times a year to give us a sense of wonder and belonging. All of us share a history and all of us are family. We all need to learn to work together.
Morten Simonsen
Morten Simonsen Yıl önce
Should we work together because we're family? How did you infer moral here?
Active Fit Gym
Active Fit Gym Aylar önce
Fantastic! Thank you 🙏 A pleasure to listen to and watch. Well done.
Gary Bryan
Gary Bryan 24 gün önce
Whatever is moving the big timeline along seems to be doing a pretty good job. Do you have a theory as to why it has chosen to hand off that awesome responsibility to us?
Janich Mondieu
Janich Mondieu 3 yıl önce
There was a time when I feared the internet, because I assumed more ignorance than mind altering and mind opening discussion. Fantastic stuff!
Harris Dabideen
Harris Dabideen 2 aylar önce
Great talk.Based on his chemical spontaneity of creation following the laws of physics,we should anticipate the continuing evolution of different things including man . I wonder which chemicals mediate our ability to good or evil or that innate instinct to thank a higher spirit.
J. Todd Ring
J. Todd Ring Yıl önce
Really excellent encapsulation of our history that is presented here, however, there is a major oversight and flaw. This is the view of the dying scientific paradigm of Newton and Descartes - it is based in an atomistic, mechanistic, dualistic, materialist reductionism, which quantum physics, ecology, systems theory, chaos theory, epigenetics, and mind-brain research, all show is obsolete and out-moded. The focus on collective learning is useful and powerful, and the emphasis on our creativity and adaptability is greatly important, and these are very valuable and worthy of applause. But the underlying mechanistic and materialist bias and paradigm, makes the entire narrative akin to how we today would view a Ptolemaic scholar talking about the history of the world. We are in the midst of a paradigm shift, as the great historian of science Thomas Kuhn called it. In the near future, when the paradigm shift is complete - and these things take decades and sometimes centuries - if we survive, we will look at this presentation of the history of the world as woefully inadequate and utterly crude. It is time we embraced a non-dualistic, holistic and organic view of life and the cosmos. The science is clear, and the evidence is conclusive. We - other than a minority of scientists, sages, thinkers and others - have simply not yet made the shift in consciousness to accord with it.
Mike Trifan
Mike Trifan Yıl önce
I would really-really appreciate if someone explained how cold-blood reptiles switched to being warm-blooded and started giving birth instead of laying eggs. Still can't quite figure out that transition. At what point did the mother lay an egg out of which a cub came out and had an uterus/testicles. Thanks in advance.
bugs181 Aylar önce
@Gerard Schrieff What do you mean by philosophical naturalism? Are you describing religion, etc?
Gerard Schrieff
Gerard Schrieff Aylar önce
Unfortunately, all you get are just-so stories (aka unsubstantiated assertions) regarding that specific question you asked an many other assertions where only philosophical naturalism is allowed to permeate the narrative.
Terrell Methvin
Terrell Methvin Aylar önce
I love how he illustrated that fossil fuels are how we created our current prosperity.
AlmostEthical 5 yıl önce
A fine clear-sighted summary. I personally think that multicellular organisms could have been given greater weight. For two billion years life was stuck at unicellular level before, apparently, mitochondria fell inside of archaea and the resultant symbiosis prospered. I think it's important too to consider what he said about collective learning being out of our control. Notice how influential large institutions are largely now a law unto themselves? The freedom of large corporations and intense global competition ensures that we will have no control over new AI, biotechnology, nanotechnology or quantum computing. Humans may only be a conduit for the Earth being able to send its material to other worlds before the Sun expands. This century looks like it will get harder as it goes.
Brian Davis
Brian Davis 4 yıl önce
I agree wholeheartedly, AlmostEthical. I don't remember him mentioning prokaryotes-to-eukaryotes either, FWIW. I personally feel the video amounts to "preaching to the choir". There's nothing here to convince anyone of anything, it is "merely" a highly-informative (and perhaps inspirational?) presentation.
Ananya Imtiaz Hussain
His eyes speak! Such a wonderful presentation!
Mustafa Alnoori
Mustafa Alnoori 16 gün önce
Amazing how molecules started to make DNA to stabilize and replicate themselves , how smart and convenient !
Peter Weltweit
Peter Weltweit Yıl önce
Imagine, learning this by heart and making it a street act.
Andy S
Andy S 8 aylar önce
@Antony Casanova z
divine femme layla
now i want to lol
porfin Yıl önce
Andrew Novion
Andrew Novion Yıl önce
Then you'd be a plagiarizing busker. At least you would be helping spread information. You could also give credit where credit is due... at the end...?
Sajjad Nosrati
Sajjad Nosrati 7 aylar önce
Wow! Astonishing And I'd like to say that we are experiencing and creating the seventh threshold: the artificial intelligence
Kent St. John
Kent St. John Aylar önce
This dude is a master presenter. The theatrics of the presentation timing and animations was one of the best I've ever seen.
John Langston
John Langston Yıl önce
Wow!! What a great thing to share with the 🌎. I just viewed this. And your correct. I look in my grandkids eyes and wonder what they will be facing when I'm gone. We all know the world is changing as we all see we need to remember that there many people of other people other then you in this world . The point here is you cant live for ever some one or other person will be taking your place like there has been for thousands of years. Let's leave this world as best as we can for the future in the best condition for our ancestors to share there views. Like this man did with us. 🇺🇸. Thanks for sharing this it gives me more hope then what we been seeing going in this world. Thanks again.
Jude Imuede
Jude Imuede Yıl önce
If we weren't systematically regulated by death as a way to control the seemingly increasing number of humans, what measure in the population do you think the earth would have been overwhelmed with? Just maybe we would have been able to grasp the complexity in the context of densely populated.
Nelson Wayne
Nelson Wayne 8 aylar önce
Hello Jude 👋👋 How are you doing and how's the weather condition over there. ???
Pankaj Tiwari
Pankaj Tiwari Aylar önce
You are one of the best story teller I have seen in youtube!
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith Yıl önce
Now it’s 2020 and it seems very obvious that we have not learned to appreciate just how precarious our existence actually is.
Stefan Dobre
Stefan Dobre Aylar önce
@xana mata I hope so too
Adam 7 aylar önce
You have religion to thank. Nothing means anything because our existence to most, isn’t in fact a miracle but just simply we were put here by a higher power, don’t ask questions, don’t take accountability.
xana mata
xana mata 8 aylar önce
no time for that . time is running ahead . to our extinction , not our existence .
Pachun Olán
Pachun Olán Yıl önce
You better watch what you write, somebody may get offended (because you know... is 202#)
historic wine
historic wine 10 aylar önce
Dude was my professor. He change the way I think about human nature and I somehow ended up studying linguistics and computer science as a result. Great teacher.
Brent Wells
Brent Wells 21 gün önce
That's awesome man!! He's definitely engaging.
k 7 aylar önce
Yeah, he was my professor too. He failed me and I was expelled from school. Then I had to work at McDonald's. One day both my arms fell into the fry bin. Now I can even work at McDonald's! I have to type this out with my nose. Thanks professor.
Michael james
Michael james Yıl önce
The amazing rate of scientific discovery; since that video was made, we found out that Gold is mostly formed in the collision of neutron stars, rather than in supernovae.
Gabriel Yıl önce
@Wayne Well said
Wayne Yıl önce
@sherwyn stalls Absurd. Don't confuse discover with create. One discovers what already exists.
Barnie Stormer
Barnie Stormer Yıl önce
@sherwyn stalls +1
sherwyn stalls
sherwyn stalls Yıl önce
What has science discovered? All science does is observe laws that are there already and we put it in a way for us to understand and manipulate. We are not discovering anything if it exists already?
Gobind singh
Gobind singh 7 aylar önce
One of the best TED talks ever.
Hiren Gala
Hiren Gala Aylar önce
Very Interesting and Eye Opening that we are all connected be it chemical, physical, atomic and sonic level.
Simon in Hong Kong
Brilliantly written and delivered. Images of the grandchild with his comparatively minuscule timeline was unexpectedly moving after the enormity of what came before it, and nicely "teed up" the nukes/Thunbergian bit. I'm telling my science teacher colleagues about this talk for sure, in case they missed it. When's your next one, David?
Randy Rolfe
Randy Rolfe Yıl önce
Fantastic! Big history needs to be taught in every shcool, but more importantly in every family. Thank you David Christian!
Nelson Wayne
Nelson Wayne 8 aylar önce
Hello Randy 👋👋 How are you doing and how's the weather condition over there ??
x3mofile Yıl önce
Of all the TRvid videos I have ever watched this one really and deeply hits home.
Alwyn George
Alwyn George Yıl önce
I am a graduate in Mechanical Engineering. But only now I got a sensible comprehension of what entropy is all about. Entropy always created a huge intellectual barrier during my academic studies.
Eithk Obbsh
Eithk Obbsh 26 gün önce
What did you learn ?
Michael Heflin
Michael Heflin Aylar önce
Very interesting that his milestones perfectly match the creation of the universe, and even the era count, described in the Bible
Andy Snadden
Andy Snadden Yıl önce
That was easily the best TED talk Ive ever seen.
Jesse Mairose
Jesse Mairose 7 aylar önce
Absolutely beautiful. And at the same time absolutely disgusting. That we would so selfishly be COLLECTIVELY willing to throw away an opportunity to be a continuation of this tree of complex life, and opt instead for being another collapse or extinction event. I do find a calmness in knowing that even when we do throw away that opportunity, something even better and more complex will obviously rise from the ashes.
Kili1994S Aylar önce
I think this in simple terms should be one of the first things to learn in school or maybe middle school. Make everyone curious and aware of how amazing it is that we are here and what potential lies ahead.
chrisprenmusic Aylar önce
What a brilliantly well crafted talk
Scott T
Scott T 22 gün önce
Great talk. 4:35: 'smaller than an atom...' is not accurate by we physicist's standards, but it gets to point across - I guess in 2011 many were still holding on to outdated notions of the Big Bang vs the more accurate Big Expansion
AAA 2 aylar önce
The tendency of entropy to only move in one direction only applies to a closed system. The surface of the earth is not a closed system. It receives energy from the sun and the center of the earth.
Dimi K
Dimi K Aylar önce
...and with all that collective learning, humans have been able to reach unimaginable heights of complexities and communication, but even though there is now almost 8 billion of us buzzing around our planet, we still haven't figured out how to deal with the curse of greed.
ThingsInDubai Aylar önce
One of the greatest speeches of all time!
ThePADDYMAGIC 3 yıl önce
I imagine most of the people at that ted talk already know the basics of a history of our a world but they after admire the fantastic way he summerises it
anir prasadd
anir prasadd Aylar önce
EXTRAORDINARY!! Perhaps the best Ted talk I've ever seen. Very profound and enlightening
Tera Burlong
Tera Burlong Yıl önce
Humans are not alone in our ability to learn and pass that learning on to others in our communities. Apes and birds have also been observed teaching others and have carried tool-use from one area to another. I would love to see us understand ourselves as part of the universe. Not above it, or outside of it, but within it as an equal partner with other life forms.
D Heyman
D Heyman Aylar önce
nothing is equal, inequality is the basis for evolution
Farbot Zarathuštrötöma Nia
I thank you. I need to note that animals also have accumulated learning that can be perceived through observation of their behavioural instincts and their accumulated learning is passed to their following generations through gens/DNA carrying instinct membrane. They also have collective consciousness and their experiences are shared via the grids of collective consciousness among their living generation. I think we have a little different perception, nonetheless I do truly appreciate you. Farbot Nia
weerwolfproductions 8 aylar önce
@Farbot Zarathuštrötöma Nia Written language developed from record keeping on stocks in the early agrarian age, when the first cities started to form. And also codified religion started to appear as a support for leaders who needed to rule up to 10.000 or 20.000 people and needed more than personal fealty from their subjects, in order to tell said subjects what to do. Like, build that wall, dig those irrigation canals, go to war and die for me, etc. So a priest-caste telling the populace that Leader X ruled by divine permission and to doubt that was to doubt God Y and doom the individual / the individual's family / the entire city, punishable by banishment or death. Alphabets developed from keeping inventory, not from cave drawings. Cave drawings are artistic impressions of the artist's reality and/or his imagination. As such they are communication, but not a language as it is currently defined.
Atif Sayyed
Atif Sayyed Yıl önce
@Farbot Zarathuštrötöma Nia yes, every word you said is right. We as humans, need to take a step back and contemplate the monsters we created like AI and social media. It is high time, that we force these social media platforms to change their business model from advertisers-based to Humanity-based as due to this the people are getting divided in small groups and there is no room for people having a different perception. what are your views on this?
Farbot Zarathuštrötöma Nia
@Atif Sayyed Greetings Atif, I think, Men collective communication first came to be in form of body language, facial expression and meaningless vocal notes. then it gradually evolved to meaningful notes and sounds such as alphabets and words, and it eventually evolved into written form in a form of cave drawings, later to hieroglyphs, up to modern simple written alphabets in combination. However, humanity still is in its primitive and early stage of development of a profound communication format. Consider two people who speak American English, not necessarily speak the same language albeit they use English words both in spoken and written language. One person might employ words in a lousy cultural habit with no regard for the true implication and connotations of words, while the other person puts great effort to be selective and precise in usage of words in construction of a phrase. In that case, even these two persons use American English, but won't ever truly be able to understand each other. So, humanity needs to work on its collective communication format and further stages of development and evolution in the field of communication and language, as required . With this being noted, in regards to decoding and understanding the language of other animals, I think, humanity should put some effort to first understand the behavior, body language, facial expression of the animal kingdom in order to set the foundation to understand the vocal notes/sounds produced by animals in their communication. However, such a task can not be accomplished unless some prerequisite are met such as protection of wildlife or animal habitat, animal protection and illegalazation of animal slaughter for any reason, ceasing the consumption of animal flash as a source of nourishment, ban on using animal body parts in any form and etc. Atif, as you see humanity has a long way to go to reach its first stage of true evolution, but it does not have long or enough time to achieve it. I leave it to you to further embark on this thought since it is not feasible for me to write more comprehensively in this regard. Farbot Nia
Atif Sayyed
Atif Sayyed Yıl önce
Hi Farbot, Indeed. However I was wondering that the cognitive revolution happened with us and with that collective communication was formed, but still, why haven't we decoded/understood the language of the animals? It's a good question, isn't it?
Its Just Me
Its Just Me Yıl önce
The history of our world from beginning to end.. In the beginning, what came first, the action or the reaction? All things at rest stay at rest and all things in motion stay in motion. The universe accelerated and expanded and then cooled down as a beginning where there were no actions in motion and everything was at rest before this Big Bang. Consciousness being a reaction without an action creating the entire universe, being the center of all life, and a single instance of infinite temperature so bright that if you looked upon it, you would disintegrate. What is the geometrical shape of space? NASA measured density to observe that there was no observational difference between actual and critical density and then demanded that zero is the only measurement that is non-observable using a Newtonian gravitational field removing Relativity (including optics and thermodynamics, where the geometrical shape of space is altered with curvature expressing space as a geometrical shape) defined by the interior surface having no center and no parameter functioning rather than the mathematical fact that infinite is the equal and opposite of zero and zero and infinite are observed as the same without a cross-reference graphing between the 3 dimensions and the 4th dimension as zero has no beginning and no end, infinite is both the beginning and end, both are non-observable, and time is the only measurement in which we can observe a difference between them requiring the measurements of optics and thermodynamics. Space can be expressed as parallel circles with infinite curvature forming flat parallel lines in the interior surface, accelerated expansion in the parameter functioning, and a point of singularity observed in it's gravitational field of Dark Matter and Dark Energy. A circle around a circle until infinity always accelerates and expands larger. Every circle around the former circle acceleratingly grows larger. Actual density infinitely exceeds critical density with a point of singularity at the center having an infinite gravitational field of mass and energy altering the flat field of space without time. Infinite being non-observable, infinite curvature is not observed as 360. It is observed as zero curvature. The parallel circles form flat parallel lines and the center forms a flat line between each parallel line of the circles. The center of space is at every point of space right below the surface and the Sun is merely the cross-point where all directions meet and where the singularity accelerated and expanded cooling down forming the Sun as an infinite temperature would disintegrate everything around it. Black holes do not factually have infinite density. They have zero density. It is the point at which space breaks down and ceases to exist. However, the space and energy broken down is moved below surface into the singularity and back out through the Sun..if it does come back at all because deflation is factually a science. However, you observe the same point of singularity at all points of space so every black hole appears to have it's own infinite gravitational field that should implode the universe everytime one exists. When you look at space, you still use a 3d graphing calculator that you view as flat in front of you when it is not physically possible to view a 4 dimensional shape with a flat calculator. A graphing calculator of timespace would be the combination of two graphing calculators. So now that we got that out of the way.. What is "life", "consciousness", and "perception".. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction except when? Except when there is the scientific existence of "life", there is a reaction without an action. The scientific proof and meaning of "life" has no scientific meaning or substance to biology. Science can be in a state of existence but without the non-living universe, there are no objects to have reactions from actions. Consciousness without mass and energy would merely understand that it is never going to move anything around it and would only be a "thinking" existence. Thus, "hallucinations" and sensories have nothing to do with "consciousness". The added component of mass and energy to interact with consciousness is perception. Perception is your sensories. Perception is deception and clearly it is a state of disorder. Consciousness, reactions without actions, is measured by energy over space or more simply reacting to future spacetime before that spacetime exists. The speed of light moves faster in the conscious mind. A five year old able to know and understand quantum physics reacts to the future spacetime of being a senior in high school at the age of a Kindergartener. That is what he called the going outward. The speed of light moves the same going in but does not going out and going out is what we use to measure consciousness in IQ. To mathematically calculate this, you would have a 4d graph of 3d space being your flat graphing calculator and time being your second. You measure the distance between zero space (volume, density, mass), zero time (temperature, optics, thermodynamics, energy), infinite space, infinite time, and graph the intersecting point where you are located. In the end, there is an equal and opposite reaction to an infinite singularity having an infinite consciousness to expand the universe, in which Albert Einstein explained it pretty well. Political unrest will cause universal implosion. What is a thermonuclear bomb? It is a 4 dimensional bomb. Normal bombs are 3d bombs that have no major effect on the 4th dimension and the gravitational force of space that keeps space inflated. Nuclear bombs are nuclear chain reactions in the 4th dimension. This dimension is what keeps an equal force from the end of the infinite universe against the beginning of an infinite universe preventing it from imploding against itself. Mass has a much heavier force of gravitational field but in that same hand it also has less of an ability to alter the equal force required for inflation because even if you explode it, it still exists. That is how the universe was created, explosion. The gravitational force of energy is a cushion against the collision of mass objects in space that molds around the shape of all mass preventing collision that would cause a breakdown of spacetime by the collision of mass as all things in motion stay in motion and interestingly enough, when you explode something, you create a lot of energy. Now decrease the electrical charge of space and the gravitational field of Dark Energy and Dark Matter will push against the gravitational field of the mass of space and the objects in it, such as Earth, without any collision to slow down all things in motion staying in motion. The end.
Someone Aylar önce
Worth watching! Great speech!!
Justin Case
Justin Case 22 gün önce
Some of us are learning at warp speed. The masses, however, remain manipulated by politicians to regurgitate that which they're taught, not for their benefit, but for the benefits of the powerful elite. Excellent points, David. Never forget, however, that personal acceleration requires a Goldilock's level of adversity, enough to spur one on, but not enough to break us.
Court Jester
Court Jester Yıl önce
We went from atoms to stars to elements to planets to molecules to DNA to cells to variant species. Each Threshold Moment coming at a faster rate with more material to use. Then we became aware of the Universe. Or, the Universe acquired SELF AWARENESS from our brains, developed from earlier species, developed from cells, developed from DNA Data Packs built upon molecules, built upon atoms. As long as there are any intelligent sentient beings the Universe has SELF AWARENESS.
In the advent of chaos and confusion this world is becoming- here is a great reminder on the importance of sticking to our core. To be human and learning from our history; to be progressive and never stop learning; to collectively learning and inspire other; and not to be very resistant to changes.
Warrior Spirit
Warrior Spirit Aylar önce
I came here because my experiences on Out of body travel made me awake&aware. The portal to this higher realms, dimensions, is within us. it is the seat of the soul, also known as pineal gland, third eye. once you meditated in your dreams and focus your Consiousness in the middle of the eyes, it will open up a like spiral wormhole tunnel and your Consiousness will travel through it in the speed of light and you will see how vast our universe really is. “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.”
Angela Rogoveanu
Angela Rogoveanu Yıl önce
very nicely yexplained , Thank you , I enjoyed a lot 😊
Ron Paul 7
Ron Paul 7 24 gün önce
The Big Bank presumably resulted in all particles moving away from other particles like the surface of a balloon being expanded infinitely or a bomb exploding - sort of like an anti-gravity occurrence. It that is the case, how could any of these particles ever approach each other and form progressively larger objects via gravity or some other force?
BeActive Behappy
BeActive Behappy Yıl önce
I have been postponing this video since so long and TRvid kept recommending it. And now after 10 minutes of listening to him I think I have heard him in some documentaries as voice over.
Ariel Vinda
Ariel Vinda 6 yıl önce
You gotta love the subtlety of the camera editing. In the exact moment where he says "which explain why you and I are smaller than..." they select the shot where the people look colossally smaller than the place they are, giving the whole message an impressive weight to the point he is demonstrating... perhaps involuntary, but still beautifull
Douglas Blowe
Douglas Blowe Yıl önce
Absolutely brilliant, I am a history teacher/professor and this was brilliant.
Eric Herbig PhD, MBA
Eric Herbig PhD, MBA 19 gün önce
I'll be honest, I heard this story already like 5 times. Basically intro bio + the internet.
Marcello Moraes
Marcello Moraes Yıl önce
Beautiful speech, congratulations.
Teresa Gomes da Silva
Teresa Gomes da Silva 3 aylar önce
best Ted Talk i've seen. Amazing presentation
Dennis Strahm
Dennis Strahm 5 aylar önce
I like how the 'Big Bang Theory both postulates a universe 'created' from nothing, and that humans are but an infinitesimal accident with great potential but deadly flaws.
Allison Farah
Allison Farah Yıl önce
This is a fantastic talk. I'm enraptured.
Bryan Telford
Bryan Telford 24 gün önce
How can it be taken without question that the whole universe fitted into one atom?
Barb T.
Barb T. 4 aylar önce
So bottom line, IT JUST SORT OF HAPPENED. what a great scientific Explanation.
Isaac G
Isaac G 6 yıl önce
I understand and have great respect for this man who I've never seen or heard talk before, He has real passion and feeling for the future he's building and that's going to help revolutionize the way we educate, not only in English, but in other dialects. I don't really think the universe was ever a baby or unborn child like our chemicals limit us. Space is messed up man but truly really honestly believe when we look up we see what's been going on forever. Not God. Not Destiny. Not some 5-legged Rah or Sun god. Just Space dust infinitely churning out Light and Dark. Part Light and Part-Music, or magic and that's what I am. I am the music.
Eric Scaillet
Eric Scaillet 2 yıl önce
Once thinking,this is one way to keep sane.
Boris 6 yıl önce
+Isaac Gecas I like this bit
Ministerios Cristianos Efata
Very eloquent and passionate story. I’d like to know the scientific evidence for any of it though. Every scientist changes the number of millions and billions of years in which the universe created itself. None of these theories are observable, repeatable nor consistent between scientists. The Big Bang theory as well as the theory of evolution contain much myth and “theory” and it’s the only thing taught in schools. I’d suggest finding a better and more detailed story that does not start with the word theory and it doesn’t take place millions and billions of years ago. It’s in Genesis 1.
Winston Madawala
Winston Madawala Yıl önce
Complexity does not just happen. There has to be intelligence first. Just look at ourselves first. We have created so much, but in order to create something we must be 'creative'. Intelligence does not come from non-intelligence just as life does not come from non life. Which takes us right back to the first creation - but we miss that intentionally and say we create all things. A car did not create itself, nor does a ship, a jet, a building ..you name it. We created them all. If so, who created the first human? Investigate that, and everything falls into place.
André Rüegg
André Rüegg 7 aylar önce
Wow, that was powerful. Awesome.
Barry Kee
Barry Kee 22 gün önce
I listen to these very genius people but my simple mind always has the same question. How did something come from nothing? At some point no matter how many billion or zillion of years we go back even if other galaxies and dimensions are considered something (energy or matter or whatever) came into being from nothing. The great "uncaused cause" I guess. Until science can answer that I will remain low IQ and believe in creation. The great "uncaused cause" would have to be God by default and all life would be made/created through it. I do see micro evolution as relevant but the macro evolution aspects take more faith for me than believing in a form of creation. The part about protecting this wonderful gift of a planet we have been given I completely agree with. No matter what you believe in this planet is pretty awesome and we can strive to better it in many ways. I'm not trying to convince anyone one way or the other, it is just my thoughts
TrueKoalaKnight Yıl önce
Since I was a child and I began to understand countries and politics, it has always struck me that the larger the organization is, the more childish and petulant it behaves. I wonder if this observation could be connected to the collective global brain?
hobbies spiele
hobbies spiele Yıl önce
11:30 Early Simple-celled Life Forms 11:37 Algae 11:40 Multi-celled Organisms (600-800MYA)
Miss World Tamil
Miss World Tamil Yıl önce
This is truely an amazing video!! WOW!!
Rainier Ray
Rainier Ray 27 gün önce
It always amazes me how such intelligent people can talk about nothing to something so easily, as though it actually makes any sense without the Unmoved Mover, the Uncaused Cause. Where matter, time, heat, space, energy all comes from--they never actually explain and then deny the idea of a supernatural force to explain the supernatural result of life itself. Something and someone so powerful, so knowledgeable, the source of truth itself... I pray that they meet their Creator before time runs out.
Derrick Griffines
Derrick Griffines 4 aylar önce
Great and informative.
Zhouquantui Yıl önce
Stunning talk!!
Enrique Vial
Enrique Vial 2 aylar önce
It’s really the history of the universe, our world included
Del Stone
Del Stone 5 aylar önce
The entire language of this talk speaks of matter anthropomorphically... it is as if matter is living, conscious and decision making which is mistaken (universe 'creates', energy 'does things', universe 'builds' complexity, gravity 'compacts', stars 'create' or 'die', atoms 'combine', dna 'copies itself' or 'learns' 'building' diversity etc). This use of language is deceptive as it suggests it answers the 'why' questions when science simply answers the 'how' questions. This is the problem of empiricist based scientists crossing the boundaries of metaphysics-crossing the line from 'how' to 'why'.
Sisu413 Yıl önce
Makes you wonder what we'll evolve into in another 200,000 years
Fullhalf Aylar önce
this is why I loved journey to the end of time or was it the universe..can't remember who wrote it even..over sixty eh..but that's sci-fi.. and I'm not sure we're the only species to learn it but we're certainly the first to abuse it..
Wet Dogs Media Productions
Both science and religion have a lot in common - and that's their belief in miracles. At least religious people are honest enough to call miracles "miracles". Whereas scientists call miracles " threshold events". I believe that the Universe was created by the Big Bang - and that in the beginning, the whole of creation was compacted into something smaller than an atom. However I also believe that the creator - chose to create a close relative (with an important message for humanity i.e. pacifism, unconditional love and forgiveness) by making a zygote appear in the womb of a Jewish virgin living in the Roman province of Palestine - (not in the usual way) about 2,000 years ago. Should I be ridiculed for believing in any of those miracles?
R J 27 gün önce
Every complex system teeters on the stability of the previous complex system built before it, making it exponentially more difficult to develop a system of complexity more than a few levels deep.
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