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OfficialQuan Gün önce
Play it back in .25 speed and you know he traveled. He took 4 steps but gg
Victor Salazar
Victor Salazar Gün önce
Hezi"god": dribble, dribble, dribble, carry, dribble, dribble, carry, travel...
C Liljon
C Liljon 2 gün önce
Hezi debo'd them few calls at the end. Hell of a game
CRSWHT 3 gün önce
Hezi all the way 💯 trvid.com/video/video-NPe9moXRjqI.html
Dannysmokes 5 gün önce
This is controvereSEAIAL
skipappap skr
skipappap skr 6 gün önce
hezifoul? hezifkin foul? chears on most play wut a loser
oMa Dynasty
oMa Dynasty 6 gün önce
So no one’s gonna talk about frigas crossover lol
Heer 6 gün önce
Friga kill him... He was playing rude.. N foul.
Heer 6 gün önce
You should play this game with and 1 baby shack
Troy Litle
Troy Litle 8 gün önce
30:12 controversial lol
C-Swooop 8 gün önce
29:15 not only did he travel, he carried too lmao
RobinsonBrooks 8 gün önce
these announcers sound like they feel some type of way about Hezi
ben a
ben a 8 gün önce
jeeez what a good run.. great 1v1
Baby Spook
Baby Spook 9 gün önce
Anyone peep @deestroying?
Tropik Shade
Tropik Shade 9 gün önce
Dude was cheeeaattinngg. 😂 took 5 steps.
Dub4Lif3 10 gün önce
hahaha MFers brought out the swifer, and the broom for the sweat, and this how you play a 1v1, straight up, win or lose we friends just competing making each other better. Unlike when "i forgot who the two were that played 1v1" one way syaing he should of won cuz he 6"8 ... either way they took it too serious started arguing after, beefing all over a 1v1 He travels hard at the end there, talking "Its a bucket" bro when playing basketball that much you know when you travel because of muscle memory, you can always tell when you took that extra step and he knew, cuz when homie said you swear on basketball gods, he didnt answer just shot for it. he knew he traveled hard AF. Then "no foul i just jumped with him" yea you just jumped INTO HIM Friga won because he was suppose to, after the bullshit travel, and foul, destiny made sure it ended up the way it was suppose to.
obnoxious mind
obnoxious mind 11 gün önce
Weak.... why they need unlimited dribbles
X94 11 gün önce
Jack and Druski needa be here lol
RedReigns Here
RedReigns Here 12 gün önce
Sit on the right hand who tf coaches defense and reading you opponent these days
WeRhoops TV
WeRhoops TV 12 gün önce
Basketball needed this one ☝️… W for the hoop world #bringthisback
Marcel Ferrin
Marcel Ferrin 13 gün önce
Hezi fouled and traveled and friga still gave it to him
TheLukeBenfield Channel
love this video dev!
Ed Norm
Ed Norm 14 gün önce
frigga won twice
Ed Norm
Ed Norm 14 gün önce
that was a 4 step traavel yall bitches are weak for not calling it... He LOST
Kevin Larsuel fitness
Kevin Larsuel fitness 14 gün önce
These boys is trashb
EMoney Quarantino
EMoney Quarantino 15 gün önce
If they play 💯 times it'd be 50 50
Mason Malaguti
Mason Malaguti 15 gün önce
The defense horrendous
Mason Malaguti
Mason Malaguti 15 gün önce
I watched it with no sound
Mason Malaguti
Mason Malaguti 15 gün önce
Not hating but the commentary is pretty annoying
Black Mamby
Black Mamby 16 gün önce
Been waiting for this for forever
Iam-yvngEditz- 17 gün önce
Did I see deestroying
Zaybriel Clanton
Zaybriel Clanton 17 gün önce
Enjoyed this. Both can hoop. Friga game more mature and he’s the better shooter. Hesi got nice handles although kind of wild and carry a bit. Hesi defense is trash though and when he try to play defense, he foul. He need to work on his defense straight up. Slow on his feet. There’s workouts to get better at that. I kinda feel like Friga took his foot off his neck and let him live till the end out of respect and being a nice dude😂. That’s how the overall momentum felt of the series. Overall good game.
Zaybriel Clanton
Zaybriel Clanton 17 gün önce
Yo I like this… this dope! Basketball done changed but the change workable. Make me want to hoop again. This force ppl to play defense or look silly
Ryan Miskin
Ryan Miskin 17 gün önce
Hezi is a chump, you can tell by the way he plays.
Carrington Salgado
Carrington Salgado 18 gün önce
Man, great series! I'm not a hater but I love to see Hezi lose. Clearly a travel on his end.. Been following you for a few years Friga, good finish bro
D Y 21 gün önce
mad travel lol
JEGS ALCASID 21 gün önce
Chewks vs friga.
Douglas 21 gün önce
I hope Bone, Slim, TJazz, and Professor is there.
Keoveon Humes
Keoveon Humes 21 gün önce
and they on hezi meat nikka don't even do nun crowd be like oooh like go head🤣
Keoveon Humes
Keoveon Humes 21 gün önce
hezi god garb fridge gave em leeway like sH%t
j s
j s 22 gün önce
Cool game. But the first one with Dev vs. Friga I paid the cash because you guys said it wouldn’t be on TRvid at all and the next day it’s on TRvid. I subscribe to both. But tht was foul.
Hani Waalee
Hani Waalee 23 gün önce
Dis is real 🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏁🏁🏁
Yeqly 23 gün önce
Hell naw dat shit was friga ball hezi traveled like a mffffffffffffffff
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson 24 gün önce
Ball don’t lie
Blak Gesus
Blak Gesus 26 gün önce
Charlotte breed the best in everything
Mitchell Epps
Mitchell Epps 26 gün önce
Where's the mid range...nobody like midrange but all great scorer relied on mid range..
Alex Arellano
Alex Arellano 27 gün önce
My anxiety: 📈📈📈📈
Demarcus Morris
Demarcus Morris 28 gün önce
Friga im sorry to say your a beast at basketball but man just finish the game rather then trying to look saucy
Lewcy 28 gün önce
Hezi really has a raw handle
Douglas Liggion
Douglas Liggion 29 gün önce
Friga toooo nice
mike lagua
mike lagua 29 gün önce
Great set up, you should do a best 5 group next year oh and invite tjass
Kui Pan
Kui Pan 29 gün önce
OMG, this Hezi dude with all these fouls...Still took the L
Ricky Griffin
Ricky Griffin Aylar önce
People might say I’m stupid but I feel like hezi isn’t that good
K3YZ614 Aylar önce
He walked his ass off
Jesstin De Leon
Jesstin De Leon Aylar önce
Hezi wack for that shit at the end 🤦‍♂️, anyways a lot of these youtubers ain’t playing real basketball
Carlton Swanson
Carlton Swanson Aylar önce
Hezi you traveled bro Friga good shot for game, that was very entertaining good basketball, that might have been the best basketball I've seen on TRvid both guys can play. 🏀👍
Sonny Lopez
Sonny Lopez Aylar önce
watching the carry god take that L was so satisfying to watch!
Tonio Caruso
Tonio Caruso Aylar önce
Am I the only one that's going to say this? That last play by Hezi was CLEAN. No travel. Once he controls the ball with his right hand (so when his hand comes under the ball) = 0 step or gather step He does a perfect 1-2 after this. Watch it again, slow it down. It's clean.
Joe Wils
Joe Wils Aylar önce
Friga was destined to win the moment hezi traveled and fouled him in the end
Tariq Khalid
Tariq Khalid Aylar önce
that was a Travel
Live Breathe Eat Fitness Co.
Hezi god defense exposed
Brian Goins
Brian Goins Aylar önce
Lost allot of respect for hezi god after watching this. Friga was ballin though
The Smackalation TV
What about offensive rebounds. Take back everything. Don't stop the game
SGL -GEE- Aylar önce
Dope. Wonderin why Chris Staples was rootin for Hezi when Dvontay was on HIS squad... 🤔 are they homies orrrrr?
Nofear At All
Nofear At All Aylar önce
No cap this bout to be my 3rd time watching
Canadianbeast gaming
I need more of this... !!!!!!!!!
Canadianbeast gaming
Broooo this is soooooooo dopeeeeee
Skillsonthestixx Aylar önce
These guys fucking suck. If someone gave me that many open 3’s it would be over QUICK
Alexander Calixte
Alexander Calixte Aylar önce
correct me if im wrong but at 27:51 hezi god traveled after the pump fake
Denzel Aylar önce
Friga is more skilled... Hezi just get away with stuff
Honebead Smith
Honebead Smith Aylar önce
Great games. Thank you Dev! Friga lot of respect for explaining the no call and I agree. How you call shouldnt be based on the score. Hezi your drive to the right is pretty dope in 1v1. Kinda wish every game was to 11 by 1 & 2 but the change did make for a cool game 3. Lot of love on keeping it very competitive but showing the friendship too. I like seeing that.
SunanbinKusnan Aylar önce
at last friga "the humbleman" won with respect
TheAvrgJoe Aylar önce
Good game. Good shit!
Dale Aylar önce
Wish you could watch this without the commentary... one guys says something and the second guy repeats it 2 more times, stupid and annoying
Randy Ugarte
Randy Ugarte Aylar önce
Bruuuhhhhhh, they did not disappoint!!! Hats off to everyone in the Creator Classic 🔥🙏🏼
TbneCapone Aylar önce
How many times Friga gonna call game before he makes the shot dear god.
TbneCapone Aylar önce
Great game, but when you get fouled you do you get the ball back? Wha
Izzz Star Player
Izzz Star Player Aylar önce
Bull shit at the end
Jakob Amaya
Jakob Amaya Aylar önce
RWizard Aylar önce
Friga such a good dude
J R Aylar önce
Ima say it, Friga BETTER be smashing Jenna See how she cheerin for him
Tyre Celestin
Tyre Celestin Aylar önce
Friga do dis.
james Flash
james Flash Aylar önce
Now this was a good game Hezi was hacking like crazy and friga just kept it moving
Brennon Fitzgerald
Brennon Fitzgerald Aylar önce
Hezi a Que?
Brennon Fitzgerald
Brennon Fitzgerald Aylar önce
I think I can see the brands or am I trippin
B G Aylar önce
hesi picks up his dribble, then wants to complain about the ball. What a chump.
Flash Aylar önce
Hezigod has horrible shooting mechanics, he never sets his feet and his back foot barely plants a lot of times. His body doesn't align with the rim either, he really shoots like a street baller.
Eli Aylar önce
That's a bucket bro, nah that was a half mile walk
Eli Aylar önce
They should drive more
ራስ አንበሳ ተፈሪ
Epic game 🔥🔥🔥 Hezi Travelled like there was no covid mandates
KING RO Aylar önce
hezigod loses in 1 vs 1 cause he's all offense
Siah 100k
Siah 100k Aylar önce
Jesus loves you e
maria oliviera
maria oliviera Aylar önce
“ Ain’t got no body to blame but himself “ hahahaha 😩
BasketballDeal Aylar önce
basketballdeal trvid.com/video/video-KEmpNDGcvYo.html
Hezi got all the excuses and free passes with all his violations yet Friga still won. Deal with that.
Cris EX
Cris EX Aylar önce
If I watched it live or didn’t know who won it would have been super intense. Was still fun to watch these ballers battle.
Miguel Alarcon
Miguel Alarcon Aylar önce
This was the fanciest 1v1 game ever
cloud 5thave
cloud 5thave Aylar önce
Good sportsmanship gd game 🤞🏾💪🏾✅
Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez Aylar önce
This ain't my battle this ain't my battle but says whoever makes it first trying to be on hesi side and he still took a L dev in the lab literally tried his best to sell this wack ass event 🤣😂
Learning Intellectual
The Cream Rose to the top on that one!!! WTG Friga and I think Hezi stil walking... I clocked him over in the middle of Iceland Somewhere....🏃🏾🗻🧭🗺
Tom Ebinger
Tom Ebinger Aylar önce
Friga gets way to comfortable gotta learn how to finish when you only need a layup or mid range and gotta call foul that’s bs
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