The Grand Tour - Jeremy Clarkson reviews the Mclaren Senna

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31 May 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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h8GWBî 5 gün önce
Not shown: Jeremy's ride to hospital to treat an aneurysm after that emergency stop.
graham parker
graham parker 9 gün önce
Am surprised it didn't fire the seatbelt tensioner when he hit the stop peddle....
Tucsonan Dude
Tucsonan Dude 9 gün önce
I sure wish Amazon would hire the Stig. Is he "owned" by the BBC?
OFFICIAL AKM 8 gün önce
Tribia tribia
Tribia tribia 10 gün önce
If something goes 100 and djesus then you its really fast
Amc547 Warlord
Amc547 Warlord 11 gün önce
Abby can move those cars I tell ya. N Mclaren r the best at wot they do. If the British want it done they will do it n there's ur proof. Well done chaps.
Cheeky Kunt
Cheeky Kunt 10 gün önce
You mean apart from the fact Bruce mclaren was kiwi
Bryce Sattler
Bryce Sattler 12 gün önce
*No air conditioning will be a huge hit when you pick up your trophy girlfriend*
Patrick R
Patrick R 4 gün önce
Uhh the trophy girlfriend is the one driving that Senna.
TS 14 gün önce
Love ya Jeremy. But... "...stops like it's run into a wall..." Poor choice of wording.
RoyTheDON 3 saatler önce
yeah i agree sometime his genius is really frightening
Noor Ahmed
Noor Ahmed 6 gün önce
@• Monkee • well, what i can say is, it surely isn't the most optimum choice of wording. Could've steered clear of this specific choice of wording and still conveyed the point, yes, that's true. But you know, if talking about barriers then, well, even air or wind is a barrier but we don't say it as such, do we? But i get your point :P
• Monkee •
• Monkee • 6 gün önce
@Noor Ahmed what is a wall if not a barrier? it's definitely unintentional, but you have to admit that it is a bit of a poor choice of wording.
Noor Ahmed
Noor Ahmed 10 gün önce
@Lancelot Davantes 🤦🏻‍♂️ it's not a reference to that even unintentionally. Also, Senna didn't run into a wall, it was a barrier, not a wall. I know about Aryton Senna. He's talking about the immense strength of the car's brakes, which is one of the prime highlights of this car.
Lancelot Davantes
Lancelot Davantes 10 gün önce
@Noor Ahmed Ayrton Senna the driver the car is based on died by crashing into a wall
Dwi Halim
Dwi Halim 16 gün önce
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this car is so ugly its beautiful
David Liddle
David Liddle 23 gün önce
Was watching topgear with paddy and Chris last night and thought it was good Then watched this today and realised its not top gear was theys three
Michael Alongi
Michael Alongi 25 gün önce
They need to do the McLaren P1 GTR
GT CRO 77 27 gün önce
My dream Stjepana Pranjića
M1co29 Aylar önce
3:49 for anyone wondering, it's that one Top Gear episode where they entered a 24h Britcar race.
Veda Samhit Matta
Veda Samhit Matta Aylar önce
But there is no AC!!!
Tenderheart Bear
Tenderheart Bear Aylar önce
You will be my some day
Adam Skjervold
Adam Skjervold 2 gün önce
Yes it will
tjmark67 Aylar önce
Love this car
Trinity Davids
Trinity Davids 2 aylar önce
The ugliest McLaren
Wozzord101 Gün önce
I think there are definitely worse looking McLarens
Marcus_Trance 6 gün önce
@Ometecuhtli 👏👏👏👏
Trinity Davids
Trinity Davids 12 gün önce
@Ometecuhtli 😐
Ometecuhtli 12 gün önce
Calm down guys, until you become so pathetic to willingly watch videos of things you don't like you won't be able to understand Trinity.
destructoidx99 15 gün önce
must drive a pt cruiser
mujahid s
mujahid s 2 aylar önce
love it
Yash Raj
Yash Raj 2 aylar önce
Senna ❤❤❤
MaTaDoR! 7 gün önce
PLK 2 aylar önce
4:55 I laughed so hard lmao
DivaNove 2 aylar önce
Have you seen topgear unauthorised? Its a documentary about how top gear got started andbehind the scenes drama and easter eggs. Its on youtube
DivaNove 2 aylar önce
@Top Gear Clips Central its great! There are lots of things i didnt know before the documentary. Its a great showcase on how to get famous
Top Gear Clips Central
i've heard a lot about it, i havent watched it yet tho, is it good?
Mukelani Tshabalala
Mukelani Tshabalala 2 aylar önce
I would actually like to hear James May's explanation regarding that rear spoiler.
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