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What happened after Hitler died? Propaganda Minister Dr. Goebbels took over as Chancellor of Germany. Discover the full story of Goebbels' brief government in the last days of the Battle of Berlin.

Dr. Mark Felton is a well-known British historian, the author of 22 non-fiction books, including bestsellers 'Zero Night' and 'Castle of the Eagles', both currently being developed into movies in Hollywood. He has written extensively on Japanese war crimes, POW camps, Nazi war criminals, the Holocaust, famous escapes, Hitler and other Nazi leaders. In addition to writing, Mark also appears regularly in television documentaries around the world, including on The History Channel, Netflix, National Geographic, Quest, American Heroes Channel and RMC Decouverte. His books have formed the background to several TV and radio documentaries. More information about Mark can be found at: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Fe...

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11 Tem 2020




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This video probably took longer to make than Goebbel's government
matt mammone
matt mammone 7 gün önce
@Adam Williams The coffee kicked in lol
Polish Husaria
Polish Husaria 21 gün önce
@Scott Humphreys Just because someone is a insane psychopath doesn't mean he is non compos mentis so not responsible for one's actions. Insane psychopaths can also be pragmatic. Incidentally, in this context the term "pragmatic" is the correct term and "rational" is not. Because rational is a completely wrong term in this context, because rational is derived from concerning reason, determined by reason, reasonable and meaningful. But nothing the Germans did could be defined that way. Insane extremist racism and insane extremist greed of the Nazi nation can very well be viewed as a form of some kind of pragmatism. Because acting pragmatically is placed above reason and the truth and validity of ideas and theories are measured solely according to their success. Not to forget that the "success" of the Nazi nation here is the exterminationof tens of millions of people for racist reasons and the robbery of the land of these people. That is then the opposite of reason and rational.
Scott Humphreys
Scott Humphreys 22 gün önce
@Polish Husaria I mean sure. If you want to classify evil as insane. But if you start with some base beliefs and are evil then all of his decisions after that are fairly rational.
Polish Husaria
Polish Husaria 22 gün önce
@Scott Humphreys It is totally wrong what you mean! Nothing can be compared to the Germans and their " Führer" Adolf Hitler! Incidentally, the more appropriate attribute is total insane coupled with megalomania! But madness is not really bad for a Nazination and their "Führer" that murdered tens of millions of people.
Scott Humphreys
Scott Humphreys 22 gün önce
@Polish Husaria he wasn't mad, he was just very wrong about certain things and a grifter. There are a lot of those in politics.
B Tomlin
B Tomlin Yıl önce
I can remember when “The history channel” first came to be in the early 90’s, I was hooked. So many war stories from WWII. Slowly it turned to reality garbage. I stopped watching. I found Mark Felton’s channel a few days ago. Hello real history. God bless you Mark Felton. You’ve answered my prayers.
Jacques LeFave
Jacques LeFave 3 gün önce
Or fake reality shows like Pawn Stars, with shills bringing in things that NEVER show up in a pawn shop.
American Patriot 2022
American Patriot 2022 12 gün önce
Yes I agree B, he doesn't have an agenda, does he? Refreshing!
BLACK MOTH 14 gün önce
WW2 declared, must be ALIENS....
Kenji Fox
Kenji Fox 14 gün önce
@chackers97 love Peep Show! lol
Kenji Fox
Kenji Fox 14 gün önce
@Ed Lutz reality tv is extremely low cost to produce. That’s why everyone does it.
pod Yıl önce
Mark remember the days when you only had just over 65 subscribers?? You have come a long way and I'm not the only one who remembers them days. You are nearly there. ONE MILLION .. well nearly. Keep going mate don't fix something that is not broken. 👍👍👍👍👍👍
megamillionfreak 3 gün önce
@Kenya Tanzania It's already too late.
Kenya Tanzania
Kenya Tanzania 4 gün önce
Compare1930s Nazi Germany vs 2020s Communist China in your next video project before it's too late
megamillionfreak 17 gün önce
@Jade Thornton Badge number 0082 or something like that?
Jade Thornton
Jade Thornton Aylar önce
I wish I was an early day subscriber
ComradeCat 4 aylar önce
@Rick Astley it was a joke...
NoN Energetic
NoN Energetic Yıl önce
I wish I had a girlfriend as loyal as Goebbels was to Hitler
Edu Tekno
Edu Tekno 4 gün önce
@viriato silva and disable !!!
Polish Husaria
Polish Husaria 6 gün önce
@Alex de Moya Well mocked!
Alex de Moya
Alex de Moya 6 gün önce
Same. Only been saddled with girls like Goering. Fat, drug addicted, and opportunistic.
Anthony 28 gün önce
@Periklis Germanos Funny, how God is absent. That is, not here. And you're okay with that? You're deluded.
Polish Husaria
Polish Husaria 29 gün önce
So I think this video is completely superfluous! Because what happened to Hitler's henchman Goebbels in the last few days before the German defeat is completely irrelevant. Only the failure of Hitler and his henchmen was relevant, as was the failure of the entire German nation in this war. Only the defeat was relevant and how it came to this defeat while Hitler was still alive.
I wish we had a history professor like Mark in our school days.... Thanks for keeping this eagerness to know about history by your videos
Jean 20 gün önce
@popsflying The only people who bellyache about school curricula are alt-right nutcases.
popsflying 9 aylar önce
nope, the corrupt liberal controlled unions wont allow the truth to be told.
Cattle Herder
Cattle Herder Yıl önce
As depressing as these subjects can be the sheer amount of details and factual accuracy its very upbringing. I enjoy your videos very much Mark!
Square-deal Sam
Square-deal Sam Yıl önce
VERY impressive work, Mr. Felton. Measured, concise and and historically accurate. And gratifyingly free of histrionics. Please continue.
Peter von Hoffmann
I was born and lived many years in Berlin before moving to the United States. I remember my Grandfather telling me how he met Mr. Goebbels before the War after a speech he gave at the Sportpalast Arena around 1938. Unfortunately, he was impressed by Goebbel's charisma and devotion to the Fatherland. My memories are those playing in the rubble and having many childhood friends who lost their fathers during the War. My family lost everything after the war due to Russian confiscation. It is difficult for Germans like me to watch those old newsreels and all the destruction and atrocities.
ᚲᚢᚢᚲᛖᛗ 50 dakika önce
@Leto Lethe lmao where you from kid?xd Nazi? part of my family was jewish yet i'm proud of my country
Leto Lethe
Leto Lethe 19 saatler önce
@Seb Hahn At least this nazi gets how horrible they were.
Leto Lethe
Leto Lethe 19 saatler önce
@ᚲᚢᚢᚲᛖᛗ No, little Nazi, I won't be silenced, certainly not by someone whose grandparents acquiesced in the murders of millions, including my family. You pretend to be civilized but at the slightest pretext Germany would do the same again. That's why neo-nazis flourish in your country.
ᚲᚢᚢᚲᛖᛗ 20 saatler önce
@Leto Lethe schnauze du kek Deutschland ist geil
Leto Lethe
Leto Lethe 21 saatler önce
A nazi family complaining about "atrocities." What a joke. The fact that a nazi family was allowed in this country is disgusting.
Douglas Robin Barker
I am so very grateful to you Mark Felton for being the scholarly entrepreneur and audacious historian who has accomplished so much in the furtherance of apparent objective history. You are obviously an exemplary person to have done what far too many have failed to do before. Your accuracy is absolutely stunning! Please do keep it up Mark!
edwads74 Yıl önce
You can see most of these events in the Movie "DownFall" , with Bruno Ganz.
Marnie Bova
Marnie Bova 3 gün önce
@DH You’re right it’s an excellent film. It’s on Amazon right now. Watched it a few months back. Worth the watch
Rating Your Crypto Video on a scale of 1-10
Literally just got done watching it for the first time.. that’s what brought me here.
J Glenn
J Glenn Aylar önce
Good movie
GodDamn Aylar önce
Where to watch full movie of downfall or the man in the high castle pls help me thank you in advance.
Astrid Schlegel
Astrid Schlegel Aylar önce
My mother met Goebbels and she said he was a stupid dork and had a club foot.
No Signal
No Signal 8 aylar önce
As a student of history, thank you ever so much Dr Felton for all of your contributions to the field.
Honorary Bogan
Honorary Bogan 10 aylar önce
I’m currently reading The Diaries of Joseph Geobells (1942-1943) as well as the Final Entries 1945. They are fascinating and an interesting peek into the inner workings of the regime. Highly recommended to anyone interested in this period of history.
Honorary Bogan
Honorary Bogan 16 gün önce
@David S. I think the name was a fight with auto correct and I just let it go. And yes, historiand is a hobby of mine. Thanks.
Honorary Bogan
Honorary Bogan 9 aylar önce
@Poohtonium628 You can still find them on Amazon and EBay. There are two separate books.
Poohtonium628 9 aylar önce
Where can i read this
cocodog85 Yıl önce
The day before Hitler committed suicide, the central communications center and army headquarters at Zossen was captured by the soviets thus cutting off the fuhrerbunker from the outside world. With Soviet artillery and bombs exploding over head, Goebbels reported this to Adolph and after a few moments of contemplation of what this meant, Goebbels reaffirmed his commitment to the fuhrer. Suddenly Goebbels snapped to attention and gave the Hitler salute and shouted " Adolph, i believe in you and the final victory!"... Goebbels then lowered his arm and went limp and continued, "but the thousand year Reich thing isn't going too good right now".
Boxing Gospel
Boxing Gospel Yıl önce
Hitler escaped via a secret exit tunnel which led to a makeshift airstrip. There was also a tunnel to Templehoff airport. He flew to Denmark then spain before getting a sub to Argentina where he lived by a lake in Bariloche until 1955, the probably went to Chile.
Bloqk-16 8 aylar önce
The Red Army artillery, by some accounts that I've read, was overwhelming in the approach to Berlin. One article I read said that the Soviets had artillery pieces placed 50 meters apart that stretched along an 11 mile, or nearly 18 km, front . . . that would amount to around 360 pieces raining down artillery shells on the German lines. While the Western Allies had its air corps for bombing, the Red Army did it with artillery.
Polish Husaria
Polish Husaria 29 gün önce
Wonderful, so this cursed city was destroyed!
fluffy1931 Aylar önce
Soviet airforce was no more than tactical extension of its ground forces. Completely different from the strategic airforces deployed by the allies. Compare tonnage of explosives dropped on German homeland from allied bombing campaigns that lasted years bombing germany homeland against the Soviet Army & airforce combined efforts and it's not even close.
Peter Brown
Peter Brown 10 aylar önce
I can’t help the sense that I am being made privy to undisclosed secret history listening to this. Thank you, Mr Felton.
Khánh Bảo Đoàn
Khánh Bảo Đoàn 8 aylar önce
Probably because of his close-to-a-whisper voice xD It's as if he's divulging secrets to us.
Larry Manuel
Larry Manuel Yıl önce
This entire channel is a tour de force of incredible research, impeccable production and taut intellectual rigor. Thank-you, sir, in every way possible.
Stale Bread
Stale Bread Yıl önce
Who else finds Mark Felton videos to be incredibly interesting? Like make you stay up in the middle of the night just to watch his videos interesting?
Polish Husaria
Polish Husaria 16 gün önce
@David S. OK! The wording "...used his underpants as a flag" is really funny. Thumbs up for that! Thanks for that! I will use this on occasion when I want to mock the Nazi nation. Incidentally, one should understand my comment in such a way that one should not waste one's time looking at videos that provide detailed information about Hitler's successors. Because actually you can describe the relevant facts in a few sentences. Anything more is a waste of time. One can use the time to find out more about more important topics.
Polish Husaria
Polish Husaria 29 gün önce
So I think this video is completely superfluous! Because what happened to Hitler's henchman Goebbels in the last few days before the German defeat is completely irrelevant. Only the failure of Hitler and his henchmen was relevant, as was the failure of the entire German nation in this war. Only the defeat was relevant and how it came to this defeat while Hitler was still alive.
Natalie 5 aylar önce
I like his channel. I love learning about world War 2 and history in general.
Quel Tizio Italiano
Quel Tizio Italiano 9 aylar önce
Oh yeah
William Joyner
William Joyner Yıl önce
Mark Felton is simply a genius.
gimple Yıl önce
Thank you for all of the hard work you do that must go into creating such consistently high-quality work, Mr. Felton. One of the very finest channels on TRvid, without question.
Cosmos Yıl önce
Would Mark consider making some Q&A videos? I'd be interested to know if the tankhunter concept still exists, or if advances in modern tanks means that a single tank can fulfill both roles; and if tanks like the Jagtpanzer could have replaced tanks in general, or if they were subject to mechanical limitations or limited effectiveness against softer targets.
Dreams of Divinity
Mark, I’m sure you already know this but you are the best channel on TRvid. Your videos are so well done. WWII history has no shortage of facets to it, so I hope you will never stop making these videos.
Keith Finch
Keith Finch 11 aylar önce
What a great video. Anyone interested in this period of history will do no better than to watch this channel. Well done Mark and thank you.
Hjörtur Howser
Hjörtur Howser Yıl önce
One more outstanding contribution by Mark Felton. Well done sir - you are to many of us what The History Channel tried and failed to be.
Paul Lewis
Paul Lewis Yıl önce
Mark Felton Productions - Quite simply the best ever documentary series of WW2. Nothing else comes anywhere near for comprehensive and little known information.
Hi Mark, I'd love to see a video about the Battle of Bremen in 1945, I enjoy the forgotten stuff you shed light on. Keep up the great work!
Adam G
Adam G Yıl önce
"Downfall" the movie (Der Untergang) dramatizes what Mark covered here very well - a must see.
Plen122 2 aylar önce
@ChrisKip and the bunker must have been hell. The noise and fumes from the diesel generator, alcohol, cigarettes / cigars, etc.
Plen122 2 aylar önce
@Bad botch Down drama is good
Bad botch Down
Bad botch Down 6 aylar önce
No need to dramatize every aspects would be real and reported by many witnesses present in the bunker.
Eva Marek
Eva Marek 6 aylar önce
@ChrisKip I cried when I seen that movie. I have the DVD.
ChrisKip 10 aylar önce
@Alex M What adds to the drama. It's a drama not a documentary on how the Reich ended.
ultramet Yıl önce
Last year I was visiting my sister in law in Berlin. I ate in an Indian restaurant and then walked a few blocks towards a Shopping Mall. Shockingly, I came across the remnants of the Fuhrerbunker located in a rather nondescript parking lot. I know Mark has covered this but it was eerie being near the bunker in person. As always, thanks Mark for such a thorough history presentation.
trollking99 7 gün önce
@Hamdan Jantan It means eerie
Hamdan Jantan
Hamdan Jantan 8 gün önce
@trollking99 what does creepy and scary means?
trollking99 8 gün önce
@sea nettles Here in Canada it's the same. Indians (Punjabis) arriving by the thousands. They have no allegiance to Canada other than the money and benefits. In some major urban areas, Indians have replaced other ethnicities and they make up the bulk of low skilled workers. The current Liberal party allows this for future votes. By the way I'm a non-white immigrant myself, but I embrace Canadian culture and am thankful for what the country has provided me. I've given back in several ways like joining the Canadian military among many other things.
Caleb 10 gün önce
So wild. I saw the same thing. Seems weird
~=Paid2Post=~ 10 gün önce
@sea nettles I wouldve danced, how many chances do you get to dance on Hitler's grave?
TLAMN Yıl önce
Absolutely Brilliant! Very well done, edited, narrated and overall... an Incredible Historical vid and one of the most impressively made re this period of WWII. Nice One. Liked and Subbed
Cassandra Ralph
Cassandra Ralph 8 aylar önce
This video left me absolutely speechless and sad! How can a mother kill her own children?! They were the helpless pawns in the middle of these terrible events!
HooDat DonDar
HooDat DonDar 5 saatler önce
@ian jacka some war crimes occur everywhere. They are *not* state policy everywhere, and were not with the western allies. The Nazis and the Communists - no holds barred.
ian jacka
ian jacka 3 aylar önce
@UnF4M4Z Absolutely correct. Many other mothers in Berlin jumped to their deaths with their children for the very same reason. People don't understand the power that Goebbel's propaganda had over the German people, it was cult like but on a massive scale.
dariuz the macaroni
dariuz the macaroni 5 aylar önce
@MrBrown BearMan americans and english never made a habit of shooting unarmed children.
MrBrown BearMan
MrBrown BearMan 5 aylar önce
@dariuz the macaroni yes they would, every nation committed war crimes during ww2, even america and britian.
dariuz the macaroni
dariuz the macaroni 5 aylar önce
@MrBrown BearMan so? They wouldn't have shot children.
oncall21 Yıl önce
Mark you are incredible in both research and diligence in every video you make. This one is far from being the exception. Thanks for sharing!
Tracie Yıl önce
Excellent as ever. I now want to find out more details about each would be deputy leader and details about what they did to lose hitlers favour. Thank you Mark for the work you put in to each fantastic video. They are my favourite videos.
chipsthedog1 Yıl önce
It never ceases to amaze me how trgic it is that so many young life's were snuffed out on both sides and somehow it seems even worse when everyone knows it's pointless to continue fighting as the war was already lost but because of some zealots in power the unnecessary carnage continues. Rest in peace to all the brave young men and women from every country that died in this war. Lest we forget
Polish Husaria
Polish Husaria 18 gün önce
@Ango Gablogian Thanks!
Ango Gablogian
Ango Gablogian 18 gün önce
@Polish Husaria Well said. I couldn't express why this comment rubbed me the wrong way.
Polish Husaria
Polish Husaria 22 gün önce
@James Brennan Your comment is nonsense! Because your comment completely contradicts historical facts. How could the Germans have thought that the war would end with the Soviet raid on Poland when the Germans, in their megalomania, had plans to attack France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland in the west and later in the east to raid the Soviet Union for to conquer so-called living space for the Germans. Because that was the German ideology. Destruction of the nations in Eastern Europe to create living space for the Germans. So it is out of the question that Hitler could have thought that the war would end with the Soviet raid on Poland.
James Brennan
James Brennan 22 gün önce
WW2 should have finished the day the USSR invaded Poland. Hitler may have even been counting on that.
Polish Husaria
Polish Husaria 28 gün önce
@Pete It was the British who declared war, and Churchill was not Prime Minister at the time of the declaration of war. But the British and French declaration of war 1939 against Germany served only for saving face. The British and the French did not intend to keep to the contractual commitment and to attack massively in the west. They wanted to sacrifice Poland for peace with the Germans! This was the continuation of British and French appeasement stupid politics of the 30s! The inaction of the French and British was the message to Germany: Be satisfied with Poland. Do not attack us behind the Maginot Line. We do not attack Germany either! So most British bomber activity was the dropping of propaganda leaflets. That was a betrayal nothing else!
Richard 7 aylar önce
Dr. Felton. I’d like to request a video on the impact of Goebbels’ propaganda. How did he learn his trade and how has it been used in modern day totalitarian regimes as well as capitalistic societies? Thank you!
ian jacka
ian jacka 3 aylar önce
I read his autobiography, absolutely fascinating. He literally had loudspeakers put in all the factories and streets with a constant stream of manipulation. Not a nice bloke, but a genius, we would not even know who Hitler was without Goebbels being the master of political spin. He used the oldest trick in the book 'fear'.
Thynda Yıl önce
Thanks Mark. As a historian i approve your videos and find them very entertaining. Sadly too few are interested in history.
john wright
john wright Yıl önce
Ploen was a german naval training school ( if I remember correctly ). It was used as boarding school for children of british forces personnel. After winter storms us kids would find stick grenades and bullets washed up onto the beaches of the lake, though covered in rust were probably still dangerous.
Kenny Fuhr
Kenny Fuhr Yıl önce
Love your content, so thought out and nails the tiniest details to the wall for everyone to see. I wouldn’t mind seeing a lesson on the Iron Front. I heard it was a group that was against nazism AND communism during world war 2, but I’d like to hear more about it and I feel you’d do a great job featuring it as a lesson. Again, thanks for your content!
Bill H
Bill H Yıl önce
Mark ALWAYS has something new, some tidbit that fills in the gaps, some perspective that I hadn't seen before.
B Tomlin
B Tomlin Yıl önce
So true! He has taught us so much that we never knew before!!
Deftone 303
Deftone 303 Yıl önce
Brilliant man
Gabriel Rabin
Gabriel Rabin Yıl önce
Many many years late we are. however never to late to learn. I’ve been studying WW2 for 30 years, I don’t care how we figure out what not to do. Just never do IT again.
Leonardo Lupini
Leonardo Lupini Yıl önce
Yes his posts are so interesting.
Ginger Fish
Ginger Fish Yıl önce
Thanks Mark for putting so much effort into these videos. The information you provide in these videos is highly detailed. Many Thanks.
Jay Roosevelt
Jay Roosevelt Yıl önce
George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel quote “We learn from history that we do not learn from history.” “To be independent of public opinion is the first formal condition of achieving anything great.” “What experience and history teaches us is that people and governments have never learned anything from history, or acted on principles deduced from it.”
HooDat DonDar
HooDat DonDar 4 saatler önce
Much truth, but pessimistic. Some do learn sometimes. A minor example - the modern German govt. will not inflate the currency, even those who would benefit are against it. You can probably guess why
Five Nine Cummins
Excellent work, as usual, my friend! Keep em' coming, Mark!
Swissted Chef
Swissted Chef 10 aylar önce
Mark, I did my history thesis about the Third Reich. I was born and educated in Switzerland with a mother who was in Germany in WWII and a Grandfather that was in a penal company in Smolensk. The way you dig up all these facts is simply AMAZING. Best, ever about WWII .Thank you, I am a History buff.
Jojo Dejoux
Jojo Dejoux 2 aylar önce
De de tu vu
Haragoth Yıl önce
These videos teach you, in 10-20mins, what a history channel documentary would spread out over an hour. The history channel documentary would also have tons of false info, silly drama to keep you watching, and lots of commercial breaks.
Luke Yıl önce
These videos are fantastic, the quality and depth of knowledge, love your style I look forward to watching these
Chris Davies
Chris Davies Yıl önce
The German movie "Downfall" dramatizes much of this. And does a very good job of it. Anyone interested in this chapter of history should see it. The actor who portrays Hitler does an excellent job. It's one of those stories that is at once horrible yet compelling.
The Geezer
The Geezer Yıl önce
This was another MFP video documentary that was very well assembled and presented. The amount of time, effort and research MFP exerts into a video such as this is well worth it for the pay-off. Well done, keep them coming MFP keep them coming.👍💯💨👏
maxv Yıl önce
This video takes up more than 1% of Goebbels' time as Reichschancellor.
Detomaso Pantera
Detomaso Pantera 9 aylar önce
Josef Schmeau
Josef Schmeau Yıl önce
The Geezer
The Geezer Yıl önce
Laughs Out Loud! 😆
Trillock 1945
Trillock 1945 Yıl önce
A very interesting story and film clips about what actually happened in the dying days of WWII. I knew that Hitler killed his new wife and himself, and that their remains were set fire to, and that Goebbels wife had poisoned their children, but didn't know that a 'friend' had made sure they were dead, then shot his wife and then himself. This has expanded the real facts, so now I am a bit wiser about these actions than I was some 20 minutes before watching this video....:) So thank your Dr. Mark, and look forward to your next episode of facts and mostly unknown stories....:)
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 5 aylar önce
I love this channel. It is done with great authority and historical integrity.
Kornelius Parker
Kornelius Parker Yıl önce
Is there a video on how those breakout attempts went? I’d be interested to know more details about it
Dennis Settlemyre
Dennis Settlemyre 2 aylar önce
@dexterdog62 ….Axman made it out & 40 miles to American lines. Bormann killed him self under a bridge with a cyanide capsule. Glass was in his teeth when they found him.
ishit realbad
ishit realbad 3 aylar önce
@dexterdog62 That's not what OP was asking though. Having a clear picture of what type of strategy they were going to use and how they thought they could get out + what actually happened would be quite interesting.
4TheWinQuinn 6 aylar önce
@dexterdog62 he said a few made it to American lines
dexterdog62 10 aylar önce
@Y07 “Fegelein!”
Y07 10 aylar önce
'"Downfall" great movie
Jim Willis
Jim Willis Yıl önce
Mr. Felton, I just wanted to say, I enjoy this short videos and am looking forward to picking up one of your books. You are doing us a great service by reminding us of our past so we don't repeat it. I pray no evil like this ever happens again.
Ba'ath Water
Ba'ath Water Yıl önce
Nothing brightens up my morning like a new Mark Felton video
OriginalMetalMan 8 gün önce
@Dixon b. tweenerlegs same. Don't forgot a nice cup of coffee
Jack Smith
Jack Smith 7 aylar önce
That's a good name you got
TGWCL 9 aylar önce
Now Europe collapses again ..
Fabrice Courtois
Fabrice Courtois Yıl önce
@VOYAGER }⁴4⁴⁴=}
Guill PLG
Guill PLG Yıl önce
Ba'ath Water stop talking shite
John Brower
John Brower 7 aylar önce
thank you for uploading this: I think Mark Felton is an excellent historian!
Sandy Dandy
Sandy Dandy Aylar önce
Had Goring assumed power from Hitler, what might have he set about doing? (i.e. would his priority have been to negotiate a conditional peace deal with the Allies? Would discussing terms with the Red Army in the hope of preventing further damage have been too late by this stage, or perhaps not on his itinerary at all?)
Hallo Hallo
Hallo Hallo Yıl önce
also: yes, mark felton, together with the other guy making EXCellent aviation history video's, and some other people ofcourse, making superb ww2 history documntaries, surpassing national georaphic by far in 2020. but i have to say i hardly watch tv anymore, who does..
Scott Essery
Scott Essery Yıl önce
"disposing of her children" was a pretty shocking thing for a parent to do
_Richie96_ Aylar önce
@Hamza K Anything is better than being captured by rapist communists
Damian 1989
Damian 1989 Aylar önce
With names like "the future lies in the past" and "thought police", what did you expect
CageyBee Aylar önce
she married a nazi, mate.
K R 2 aylar önce
@Earrapes are good good before calling versaille unfair, look at trianon man
Earrapes are good good
@K R The treaty was really unfair though, it's a valid point. To blame germany for the first world war was just stupid and unfair.
wave runner
wave runner Yıl önce
The events in this video are excellently portrayed in Downfall (2005). Goebbels was more competent than Hitler at the end. The idea to ceasefire with the US/UK in January, assuming they agreed at all, would have been the final chance to save themselves.
FlorinSutu Yıl önce
At the meeting in Casablanca (1943), Churchill and Roosevelt imposed the "unconditional surrender" condition. This "unconditional surrender" term kept Germany and Japan fighting as long they could technically do it. They would have surrendered earlier, if "unconditional" was not in the menu.
attic light
attic light Yıl önce
How extraordinary that even as the Third Reich imploded its senior figures still engaged in internal power struggles. Playing musical chairs on the deck of the 'Titanic' springs to mind.
AmericanPatriot 1967
Makes me wonder if they found a useful idiot as a body double to hold the spot and made their escape, i'm sure they didn't calmly stay there, had a exit plan in place, they was too high up, not to think of a exit plan, much as may deny lots of us have see documentarys of them in south america, rumors in west virginia with relatives who came to america long ago, maybe south america, maybe even my cleveland, the shortest escape route into canada if needed to flee 50 some miles north across is Canada, anything is possible one things is The name is still around in ohio just drop one B and you can have the correct spelled version
Mick Berry
Mick Berry 4 aylar önce
Thank you Mark. Extremely well done, as always.
random observer
random observer 5 aylar önce
1:58 German friend of mine 25 years ago was showing me around Hamburg and pointed out a building near the alster [the little one] in which his grandmother had lived and which had had an UXB in the roof until a crew came to toss it in the river, at which point apparently it exploded. Supposedly, many years later, she had in a tone of mock wistfulness cited this speech and told her grandson, "Goebbels asked us, 'do you want the Total War'? We said yes. It was nice..." This stands for my whole life as the epitome of dry wit and subtle sarcasm.
xymann dario paquitol
This ia a part of the overlooked events of the third reich in its death throes, only Dr Felton of all historians dared to discuss it. Kudos Dr Felton!
James Brennan
James Brennan Aylar önce
@Philip Balfour no, it's VERY obscure. The consensus was that Doenitz was appointed 'Fuhrer' - this is essentially untrue, as he was appointed 'President', which in Germany is effectively Veep, as Goebells was appointed Chancellor (US equivalent: President). I have never known this. It is also up to the Chancellor to declare himself Fuhrer, I gather. So Doenitz was not the heir: Goebells was! He lacked the courage and the common sense to claim his prize. I was totally in the dark about this.
Gerard sOchoa
Gerard sOchoa Yıl önce
what overlooked events??? is the same crap you see on every documental of BBC, Deutsche Welle, Nat Geo, etc. about Göbbels or ''the last days of Berlin/nazism/ III Reich, etc.
Philip Croft
Philip Croft Yıl önce
I don't think''dare'' is the right word. It's his 'Bloodhound instinct, to root out the forgotten, and bring it into the daylight.
john jacobs
john jacobs Yıl önce
@Philip Balfour Dag, watch the F bombs! Children might be reading this. Thanks in advance. JJ
Philip Balfour
Philip Balfour Yıl önce
No it fucking isn't, this period is relentless covered already, the focus on this small section is interesting to be sure, but it's hardly obscure.
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The only channel on youtube where the video footage...facts and especially the narrator all match up perfectly to make a flawless channel.
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Great educational content. Thank you very much Mark! Keep this up please.
Nelson 8 aylar önce
I’ve watched dozens of Mark’s videos and countless other documentaries and I still can’t over the utter madness of the Germans that fought until the very end. In our relatively peaceful modern world it is truly hard for me to comprehend
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John McKenna Yıl önce
A great documentary by Mark Felton, brilliant!
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Joe Hart Yıl önce
As someone really interested in this period of history, I love your videos Mark.
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Just the best what else can you say?! But you Dr. Felton know that! Thank you for all your hard work!
Trentus Magnus
Trentus Magnus Yıl önce
Hitler sent nearly two dozen peace offers to the British during 1940-41. If the British were unwilling to accept a negotiated peace when they were losing, why would they have accepted a negotiated peace when they were winning? Besides, the main reason Hitler sent peace terms to the British back then was because he wanted to devote all of Germany's resources toward Operation Barbarossa. He figured (probably correctly, as it turned out) that Germany stood the best chance of defeating the Soviets if they could concentrate their entire war machine in a fast war effort against Russia in 1941. But after that failed, offering anybody peace terms was probably the last thing on his mind.
blazeaglory Yıl önce
I love that Mark Felton discusses the stories that are not really known much but are still very interesting!
Mike P.
Mike P. Yıl önce
No one is better than Mark Felton at making these great WWII films.
minecraft stop moshen
I found the video very interesting. However the story you tell at the end about the KGB cremating and then dumping Hitler's remains into a river is different from what I've read and seen about Hitler's skull in Moscow in storage. Can you delve more into this history?
Liz Kulla
Liz Kulla 5 gün önce
Again, thank you for these broadcasts! They are very informative. I feel as if I'm learning so much!
Edmundo Valentin Diaz
Las imágenes de Goebbels visitando el frente sobre el rio order antes del asalto final sobre Berlin...nunca las visto...increíble material visual 👍
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thank you mr. felton.. I'm a big fan of yours..as if I'm still locked down in WW2 by your videos..keep it up..
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I have to say he's the one and only man that makes me feel like I'm watching an actual documentary on TV. I swear he has the voice for it. Thank you for your content.
Nice to see this talked about, most people usually skip over this.
Josh Odell
Josh Odell 9 aylar önce
Probably not the best strategy to try and surrender when the enemy is within spitting distance of you. That probably gave the Soviets a good laugh. Yeah we've been fighting you for 4 long years, I think we can manage another 4 hours
Jeswin Thomas
Jeswin Thomas 2 aylar önce
Lol F
CristoNestore 29 gün önce
4:10 it's incredible how propaganda, in 1945, still menaged and edited propaganda clips with such a positive and triumphant atmosphere. Completely surreal.
Just Kim
Just Kim Yıl önce
I am just fascinated by your videos. I've heard you mention "Hitler's death in the bunker" numerous times. Can I assume that you don't believe there was any chance that he escaped to Argentina like so many other high ranking Nazi officials?
Jonathan Mark
Jonathan Mark 6 aylar önce
Very few high ranking Nazis made it to South America。Goebbels, Himmler, Hitler, Speer,Goering,etc。did not make it。
Uber Yıl önce
Nice and well explained video as usual, thanks Mark.
james lyddall
james lyddall Yıl önce
I matter how many times I hear this story of the final hours I can picture that most horrible thick atmosphere of the bunker and death.
Jive Patrol
Jive Patrol 9 aylar önce
Great video and Goebbels was a very terrible man! I hope people study WWII History for thousands of years to come and view videos such as this one.
Lydia Ramento-Tipon
The vivid details of the last few hours of Hitler and his supposed immediate successors was really amazing ; the.conspiratory theorist still tries to cast doubts on the details of Hitler and his officers deaths on the last days of the Reich; making one curious of the sources of these informations especially the ones that were not well documented elsewhere
Gaz1980 Yıl önce
I've sometimes wondered what would have happened if Heydrich had still been around? He was devious, clever and dangerous
Jack Pantrey
Jack Pantrey 11 aylar önce
Himmler actually got him assassinated as he was jealous how fond hitler was if him .
BeardClipper Yıl önce
The description of the death of the children made me feel physically sick. An informative and well presented video as always. Thanks.
Lee McBride
Lee McBride 6 aylar önce
The failed assassination attempts had also taken a tremendous toll on Hitler's health also. He survived them, but they were still devastating.
Peter Mayer
Peter Mayer 11 aylar önce
It is amazing my family lived through all this in Berlin. My three brothers were born over there, I was born here in the states, in Chicago in 1959.
Edge of Time Productions
Mark never disappoints, always fascinating content.
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Robert Jones 7 aylar önce
I love hearing about history. Some of this I already knew and some is new.
John Richmond.
John Richmond. Yıl önce
Regarding Goebbels' family, he had announced on the radio that they would all stay with him in Berlin 'until the end'. A clear example to his beloved country men & women; as everyone knew what that meant. What a guy, eh?
coldste 11 aylar önce
Always amazes me how Himmler went from a simple chicken farmer to one of the most powerful and feared men in the Nazi regime
Ron Schramm
Ron Schramm 9 aylar önce
Himmler never served at the front in WWI. He enlisted in the very last of the war. Himmler was always made fun of by Hitler and Goering because he never actually saw combat, unlike both of them. It also was explained in Mark's video about Himmler's uniform that none of his decorations were for combat.
coldste 10 aylar önce
@Charles Middleton didn’t know that, either guess that sort of explains partly why he was the way he was
Charles Middleton
Charles Middleton 10 aylar önce
Himmler was a ww1 veteran.
MenwithHill 10 aylar önce
A lot of the worst people in the 20th century were of humble roots. You can never really tell what people will do with power until they have it. The answer is buried so deep within them that they might not even know it themselves.
Nickest Nick
Nickest Nick Yıl önce
Mark Felton Productions I have to ask you as someone who has a mutual passion about this history, do you believe the official story of Adolfs death? I have a hard time believing it myself.
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once again as always Mark top video quality top information top commentary perfection every time and always still remarkable
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I subscribed to this channel when Felton only had about a few thousand subscribers. As I write this, Felton has 1.5 million. Congratulations Dr. Felton!
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Mark Felton should be running the history channel! The history channel in the US, glorifies history with just dumb positivity. The history channel never shows the ugly truth because broadcasters don't like to air graphic and ugly content. Your channel is what the history channel should always be.
E 5 aylar önce
If you look closely you'll notice that in Hitler's last appearance in the gardens of the Reich Chancellery in March '45 the absence of the 2 massive, bronze "Striding Horses" statues he'd commissioned by Sculpturer Josef Thorak. There is a Soldier standing in the location where the statues had formerly been positioned. This confirmed they had been relocated to safety and were not destroyed during the Allies bombing of Berlin, as was assumed for around 70 years after the War. This observation by astute 'nazi-looted art' Detective Arthur Brand prompted the search and discovery of the massive statues, intact and still hidden in Germany, almost 70 years after the fall of Berlin. This was a monumental discovery which rocked the World in 2015. A fantastic story.
Mysterious Booze Bunny
Mark, I implore you, please never start researching aliens. It's a slippery slope. Just keep doing what you're doing.
Monde du Silence
Monde du Silence Yıl önce
Noticed the use of the word "degenerate" a couple of times.. Thumbs up for Mr Felton's discreet irony :)
IamDoogy Yıl önce
That's a word I find myself using more a more lately.
Ain't gonna lie.. LOVE the content, LOVE the channel. Thank You!
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