The Ghost Rider’s First Ride | Ghost Rider (2007)

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When motorcycle rider Johnny Blaze sells his soul to the Devil to save his father's life, he is transformed into the Ghost Rider, the Devil's own bounty hunter, and is sent to hunt down sinners.

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The Ghost Rider’s First Ride | Ghost Rider (2007)



15 Ağu 2022




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DOLPHINSFAN🐬 3 aylar önce
Say what you want about this movie, but Nic cage killed it in this role. Especially this first transformation scene. Epic !
gorge washington
gorge washington 11 gün önce
@Doto Boniface J no its not just remember its from 2007 dont forget its only youre point of view not a reality
Deborah Racks
Deborah Racks 13 gün önce
SoaringThrough 15 gün önce
@Doto Boniface J well bruh it was before abunch of cgi and actual good editors were there this isnt endgame this is a film that was made in 2007😭
SoaringThrough 15 gün önce
@Near Darkroad true but yet it tops the new movies that marvel is shooting now
Pedro Silva
Pedro Silva 17 gün önce
@Doto Boniface J yeah I agree man. I would like to see a reboot to, or even a decent new one.
MJ khan96
MJ khan96 3 aylar önce
15 years later and this is still one of the coolest moments in marvel films. Just imagine this version of Ghost Rider in the MCU. Also Nicolas Cage always did have a way to just slay the crazy moments and that transformation really did show his abilities quite well
Hollywood Pineapple
Hollywood Pineapple 11 gün önce
@Papa🏳️‍🌈⃠ Female Ghost Rider already exists...That said, Disney is a mess these days with all storylines.
Cybercop 17 gün önce
@Papa🏳️‍🌈⃠ males nowadays are so weak, back then we never got offended if they showed a man weaker than a woman because we knew movies are made to have fun and not to get triggered but this snowflake generation gets offended the minute a woman is shown smarter or stronger than a man in a movie and starts complaining.
Kate Park
Kate Park 19 gün önce
They are gonna make a Movie for 10 years old kiddos. Not gonna be this cool. I'm latina, i was the other day having lunch at a local restaurant and they were playing this movie and literally EVERYONE was so into it watching it and EVERYONE had already saw it cause they new what exactly what was gonna happen but we ALL were so excited. This doesn't happen with movies now
Papa🏳️‍🌈⃠ 27 gün önce
@FiCode 3RVPTTKEWK you don't understand I have nothing against actresses but it's the wokism they're never gonna get casted as you want them to be so no until this bs dies it shouldn't happen
Chat Noir
Chat Noir 27 gün önce
@Maria Hardy I think they're both great versions of the Ghost Rider. But Johnny is my favorite.
Beuken Phom
Beuken Phom 3 aylar önce
That laugh from Johnny is just amazing ...it's not him but the Rider inside him waiting to come out after a long time that's what makes him to laugh !!!!
Jackhammer078 Jack
Jackhammer078 Jack 10 gün önce
So that’s what happens to my pizza in the oven😂😂😂😂😂
Jackhammer078 Jack
Jackhammer078 Jack 10 gün önce
The face you make when you realized you just took drugs😂😂😂😂😊😊😊😊
Niha Nusrat
Niha Nusrat Aylar önce
@Adithyan V are you comparing ghost rider with vrammarastra?
DoomSlayer Aylar önce
It’s laughing at Johnnys futile attempt at trying to resist it lol
Potatoe chip
Potatoe chip Aylar önce
KobiCool 3 aylar önce
I love this scene, I especially love how he transforms the bike and starts riding it by saying "It's Ghosting Time!"
Mike 22 gün önce
Why are you so unoriginal?
Brei 24 gün önce
Most original TRvid commenter
Randall McGrath
Randall McGrath Aylar önce
It's Morbing time
Matheus Phelipe
Matheus Phelipe Aylar önce
Me was like if all the fallen angels have bike, gressil (a eart & stone bike) Wallow (a water H2o-Bike) Abigor (with a flying O-bike ) Blackheart (with shadow death bike)
Jaiden Carmona
Jaiden Carmona 2 aylar önce
@Tommy Vercetti AYO ur a sinner 🙂
Ronald Downer
Ronald Downer 4 gün önce
I Love this scene 👏🏿🙌🏿👍🏿💪🏿
John Xina
John Xina 3 aylar önce
Nic Cage's acting in this one is so on point. He perfectly captured the Rider's rage and insanity.
DEADPOOL Aylar önce
@jassie lol
jassie Aylar önce
oh fr ohi glla yr
DEADPOOL 2 aylar önce
ChubbyDino Aylar önce
5:47 music makes this scene so dam good
Gabe Mark
Gabe Mark Aylar önce
This is actually one of my favorite transformations in general because how Johnny is reacting. The transformation is absolutely insane instead of just being painful like a Hulk-Out and the face of Nick Cage captures that perfectly
Louis Robitaille
Louis Robitaille 3 aylar önce
My favorite part of the whole movie is definitely this scene at 6:55. Wes Bentley's expressions are perfect with the Ghost Rider's punch lines :D
Ajay 3 aylar önce
No CGI just real life scenes captured by cameras. Nicolas cage is a legend
Darren Zebrowski
Darren Zebrowski 13 gün önce
@TheBlueShark Ikr like what the fuck are they talking about? No CGI ????
hagestad 22 gün önce
Also Denis Hopper wants it bike back
Jeremy Gray
Jeremy Gray 24 gün önce
@Tina Karabasevic what u laughing at
Smelly Cunt
Smelly Cunt Aylar önce
@It's Aidy'tude I doubt his bank balance is looking great these days. It has long been known that he's blown many millions on castles in Europe, a dinosaur skeleton, and other rubbish which normal people would never bother buying. Because of his financial woes, he's accepted movie roles which A-list stars would never accept. If you don't know all this, then you know nothing.
It's Aidy'tude
It's Aidy'tude Aylar önce
@Smelly Cunt he's ugly with so much bank balance, you're ugly and poor. Don't act like he's the loser.
Oh Dannyboy
Oh Dannyboy 3 aylar önce
That motorcycle transformation at 9:15 is way more wicked than I remember Ghost Rider rocks!
JarvisBailey VA
JarvisBailey VA 3 aylar önce
A lot of people with myself included give Nic Cage credit for this scene and rightfully so. He's not so up his own ass that he's above going over the top and goofy for a transformation into an insane flaming demon.
Bauso, Bong bong Ryan
Bauso, Bong bong Ryan 2 aylar önce
Abhijit Das
Abhijit Das 3 aylar önce
I don't care how bad or good this movie was. All i want is another Ghost Rider movie in MCU but powerful as he is in comics.
Unexplained AF
Unexplained AF 2 aylar önce
@i didn't mean to shoot that vietnamese farmer but- What they say to every Indian man who becomes an actor: Welcome to Bollywood - would like a mustache or a beard?
vp 2 aylar önce
@i didn't mean to shoot that vietnamese farmer but- 😂
Prince MonZzzi
Prince MonZzzi 2 aylar önce
@Dead Inside nope
i didn't mean to shoot that vietnamese farmer but-
​@Dead Inside lol when overproud indian people want you to watch that, of course its not good
Dead Inside
Dead Inside 2 aylar önce
@Adithyan V is it good?
Dmitri Ciccarelli
Dmitri Ciccarelli 13 gün önce
Love how the bike has its own personality and mind of it's own.
yommish 3 aylar önce
“You’re going down” “Sorry, all outta mercy” Brilliant writing
Tejpal Thakur
Tejpal Thakur 8 gün önce
@Allighast ... Q₹
Tejpal Thakur
Tejpal Thakur 8 gün önce
@Allighast .
Jalen Sangester
Jalen Sangester 15 gün önce
“Hey Dirtbag” underrated pun
Anomaly 21 gün önce
“Hey dirtbag”
anonygent Aylar önce
Have mercy! Who's she?
MEESUM'S DEN 20 gün önce
Ghost Rider & Nicholas Cage was perfect combination....no one can execute this role except Cage.
Edgar Mena
Edgar Mena 3 aylar önce
I loved this movie as a kid. Looking back, yeah it's bad. Still you really got to respect Nic Cage's energy in this scene.
Trajan Clinton
Trajan Clinton 18 gün önce
Looking back...it's bad? As compared to what?
Xman99 16 gün önce
His transformation scene still gives me goosebumps, the cgi still holds up!!
Think PIONEERing
Think PIONEERing 3 aylar önce
Not sure how much the fanboys criticized this movie but I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is one of those few live action films that did the comic book justice IMO
Mr. Introvert
Mr. Introvert 2 aylar önce
@Adithyan V no
Adithyan V
Adithyan V 2 aylar önce
Алан Каров
Алан Каров 3 aylar önce
Nicolas Cage perfectly portrayed the burning alive from the inside. No one, I repeat - NO ONE could do that.
David _9D_06
David _9D_06 7 gün önce
@X I I I sa
Mike 22 gün önce
My grandma can.
Mike 22 gün önce
The people on 9/11 did.
Samuel Brocanelli
Samuel Brocanelli 2 aylar önce
05:54 Yeah! This performance by Nicholas Cage was amazing! He really felt like he was burning up inside. 06:20 And when he opens his arms screaming, it's like he would just stop resisting and let hell take over him. And with this song, everything got even more fucked up!
Truck- Kun
Truck- Kun 2 aylar önce
Sure you can, just eat taco bell
Fortin Denis
Fortin Denis 4 gün önce
15 years later this movie is still excellent !
KRK 3 aylar önce
Nick may be the greatest actor alive today. From performance to keeping his life in check and keep his private life private, a true gift for mankind.
Greg Gillings
Greg Gillings 3 aylar önce
@8:46 his human scream muffled by the demon scream is terrifyingly good! Gives you a sense of how powerful the rider is. Granted I don't know much about the history of Ghost Rider. So I don't know how powerful he really is.
Amarson 232
Amarson 232 23 gün önce
ghost rider could solo the entire avengers pretty ez, thats how powerful he is. If he joined MCU there would be no need for Endgame cause he would kill thanos by staring at him3
Yegroid Aylar önce
He's pretty op
losever Aylar önce
He is strong that he beat doctor strange by just staring at him and fight the avengers by himself alone and beat galactus by staring at him.
Mulamu Erastus
Mulamu Erastus 2 aylar önce
That scene where horse ghost rider & cage go for a ride always gave me goosebumps as a teenager..Movie was great for the 2000s ..But also I felt like it went downhill after the first movie
Chris17 3 aylar önce
3:39 As a Biker I can confirm that this is what it feels like to go for the first ride after winter break :D
DEADPOOL 25 gün önce
@B Simpson I roast Chimichangas over his fire head.
B Simpson
B Simpson 26 gün önce
But you won't be as warm as he is 😄
DEADPOOL 2 aylar önce
 HLP Ex  Leak
HLP Ex Leak 2 aylar önce
Maria Joean Miller
Maria Joean Miller 2 aylar önce
you ain't a biker if you break because it's winter
Franet Digital
Franet Digital 16 gün önce
The one and only Ghost Rider character I'll always recognize
Abhijit 007
Abhijit 007 2 aylar önce
The way the skeletal hand creeps on to the tank of the bike breathing fire gives me goosebumps!!
Rex Noct
Rex Noct 3 aylar önce
say what you want about this movie as a whole, but the transformation scene was one of the best of any superhero i've ever seen, even in 2022.
4pandasplease 2 aylar önce
I was 17 when I first watched this movie. The bike transformation scene was always badass to me.
DEADPOOL 2 aylar önce
rohver 3 aylar önce
This movie was pretty raw for a 2000s movie, it still holds up pretty well and Peter Fonda did an incredible job as Mephistopheles.
Hunter Benson
Hunter Benson 7 gün önce
Jesse Marx
Jesse Marx 17 gün önce
His the best
samuel hollman
samuel hollman Aylar önce
cgi was great even before the 2000's
rohver Aylar önce
@Liam You got me 😭😭😭
Syamsuri Ani
Syamsuri Ani Aylar önce
@Torque the prisoner l
JSGaming27 3 aylar önce
This movie was so good. After all these years it’s still one of my favorite marvel movies. I wish the sequel was better and I wish they made a 3rd movie.
Adolf Potatoler
Adolf Potatoler 3 aylar önce
Spirit of vengeance was a remake , not a sequel
Ricky Uzumaki
Ricky Uzumaki 3 aylar önce
C.T. Warren
C.T. Warren 17 gün önce
This was by far the most malevolent character Peter Fonda ever played, but he pulled it off like no one else could. May an amazingly good actor rest in peace.
soup sock
soup sock 3 aylar önce
"You're going down!" "I don't think so" 10/10 performance right there
DEADPOOL 2 aylar önce
Ralph Blanda
Ralph Blanda 3 aylar önce
Nobody can replace Nick Cage , OUTSTANDING
Abdizur87 3 aylar önce
I really hope Nick's version of Ghost Rider exists somewhere out in the Multiverse for the MCU.
Nicholas Lamoreux
Nicholas Lamoreux 4 gün önce
@Yellow truck and depp is a pedophile. So I think humanity wins here
Shaun Hartin
Shaun Hartin 27 gün önce
@Ice Berg Nick Cage was excellent in this film. Very few people would be able to pull this off. I'm not sure who else could. The only other people the come to mind would be Scott Adkins or Jason Statham.
Ron Edwards
Ron Edwards 27 gün önce
@Yellow truck love jd but nah i can't imagine him being the ghost rider
Jared Flynn
Jared Flynn 29 gün önce
Imagine blade Ghost Rider and Doctor Strange teaming up to fight the cosmic and Supernatural evils of the world
Саша Черняк
What do you mean "I hope"? MCU is fictional. Until they show him in one of their movies, he doesn't exist there.
Hexagon Shorts
Hexagon Shorts 3 aylar önce
Suddenly after watching Phase 4 this movie seems like a masterpiece.
Dr. Weewe Mongoose
Dr. Weewe Mongoose 2 aylar önce
@湾岸ミッドナイト • 𝐀𝐯𝐚𝐥𝐨𝐧 | 𝐑𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐨 how though?
湾岸ミッドナイト  •  𝐀𝐯𝐚𝐥𝐨𝐧 | 𝐑𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐨
@Mr. IIconic too long didnt read. you also have a garbage taste in films. get comfy woke fanboy.
Mr. IIconic
Mr. IIconic 2 aylar önce
@湾岸ミッドナイト • 𝐀𝐯𝐚𝐥𝐨𝐧 | 𝐑𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐨 what a juvenile and binary little worldview you've got there. Let me attempt to explain to you a concept that should be self-evident; just because I think this dumpster fire of a film is worse than phase four doesn't mean phase four isn't disnified shit. It just means I wasn't one of the 2000's kids who grew up watching trash like this and thinking that it's so good cause nostalgia.
i didn't mean to shoot that vietnamese farmer but-
​@Mr. IIconic more like not comfortable enough
ORBITOL NOOK 3 aylar önce
Say what you want about this movie, but I enjoyed the hell out of it till this day.
Brian Falls
Brian Falls 15 gün önce
That was a great movie! I went to the theater when it first came out and it was mighty impressive to say the least! Loved the special effects.
Kennedy Lemon
Kennedy Lemon 3 aylar önce
Love the part where ghost rider said: “its nic cagin time” And nic caged everyone. Truly a emotional moment in the movie
Sean Riley
Sean Riley 3 aylar önce
I wanna know if those demons just patiently watched Nick cage freak out for like a full minute before approaching him.
Sam 25 gün önce
Either they were waiting for him patiently to chill, or they were hoping the Spirit of vengeance would kill him kill him. I have a sneaking suspicion that not everybody can become a ghost rider that transformation looks rough not everybody could survive that.
Tau-5 2 aylar önce
Through the power of friendship
Lyoko 2 aylar önce
@Kriptichris also how the hell did he whistle his bike with no lips n shit 😭
Kriptichris 3 aylar önce
KAVISH KHAMESRA 3 aylar önce
Loved watching this movie everytime. A very different kind of superhero with a great rogue style attitude who is cursed with divinely understanding of eternal life. His life is a mystery and his mind toggling each day with what he has inside of him. Is it a boon or bane as no one can understand what he has to live through. Also, amongst all the super natural excitement and sorcery, it did express a very different side of human emotions (love, guilt, gratitude and sacrifice). Ultimately, in a way the dim light of human will breaks free to win over slavery of a trapped mind. #bigfan
Ice cream
Ice cream Gün önce
Most of th e superhero films before Marvel were something to witness.
Cyrus Nwaokocha
Cyrus Nwaokocha 3 aylar önce
I love the way the bike just threw him in the garage as if to say "we gotta do something about that skin John".
SimmyChann 3 aylar önce
Damn I remember watching this movie everyday after elementary school now I’m 21 and this shit still go hard
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Tiffany Ingram
Tiffany Ingram 2 aylar önce
Same except ages
Ismco Ribeiro
Ismco Ribeiro 2 aylar önce
i'm 24 and this movie is amazing.
Никита Липов
Same dude. Each Friday
R Ξ Ι 2 aylar önce
holy shit same
Dave Crupel
Dave Crupel 3 aylar önce
Whoever calls Cage a bad actor needs to watch this movie.
Justkillintime Aylar önce
If u look at thos as an adult it was a bit corny but as a kid it was a really good movie but alot of things improved from this and this is really good still yet for what they had then
vp 2 aylar önce
@i didn't mean to shoot that vietnamese farmer but- people keep forgetting that he's got a friggin Oscar ffs!
i didn't mean to shoot that vietnamese farmer but-
i mean he won an oscar
Srinath 2 aylar önce
The transformation of that bike was epic; from normal to radiancy.
Ronnie Chawariya
Ronnie Chawariya 3 aylar önce
Seriously scene gives me Goosebumps ♥️
Adithyan V
Adithyan V 2 aylar önce
heiseiren 2 aylar önce
Fun fact; Nicholas Cage is well known for his ability to spontaneously set himself on fire. It's why this movie's perfect for him.
Janoy Cresva
Janoy Cresva 2 aylar önce
One of the most underrated superhero movies ever. This, Superman Returns, Spiderman 3, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, among others are among my favorites.
Psycho J
Psycho J 3 aylar önce
I wish the MCU bring Nicolas Cage as Ghost Rider back to big screen. He's a terrific actor and he did extremely well as Ghost Rider.
Simon Muhumuza
Simon Muhumuza 9 gün önce
Will never forget the times I was laughing and screaming like Cage was but Couldn't transform 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Luk Ahmad
Luk Ahmad 3 aylar önce
That CG was great knowing that they did this in 2007, I love this movie. Hope they have variant of Cage's Johnny Blaze in MCU.
Dragon Lord Gaming
Dragon Lord Gaming 3 aylar önce
Nicholas Cage is by for the best ghost rider. And nobody can change my mind on that.
Ice cream
Ice cream Gün önce
Funny how his skin burn but his jacket doesn’t
shoulder guy
shoulder guy Aylar önce
Johnny: I'm not doing it Devil: you don't have any choice. So badass
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Stealth Section
Stealth Section 25 gün önce
That motorcycle transformation has always been my favorite part when I was kid because I used to do that with my bike lololol
SlapperTV 3 aylar önce
Great movie, just one thing annoying is that it doesn’t show the true power of the Ghost Rider. Literally one of the few Marvel characters to take out Thanos but for a 2000s movie this movie was great!
Humberto Duran
Humberto Duran 27 gün önce
I'm from the future. All I can say is......... DC still way better then MCU ...
samuel hollman
samuel hollman Aylar önce
"for a 2000's movie" as if it was a bad decade.
Physics State board- Parimal Kulkarni Sir
ghost rider could take on Galactus too
Andres Garcia
Andres Garcia 2 aylar önce
I dont think they did nerf him, he wasnt really challenged by any of the demons and just him riding around in his bike would tear everything up around him. I just think he didnt have a legitimate challenge to showcase his power
Resof 2 aylar önce
Movies and comics are not the same thing. Why the hell does everyone wants that God level ghost rider?I know he's frickin strong. But think about the movie. It's like saying "batman fought strongest dc villains. Why are they making him fight bane?" Look how trilogy worked out. Think about the movie, not how frickin that char was strong in comics.
Minecraft and Roblox
Brilliant performance by Nicholas Cage in this one , he really embodied the character. Nicely Done.
Larva Cartoon
Larva Cartoon 2 aylar önce
I really hope Nick's version of Ghost Rider exists somewhere out in the Multiverse for the MCU.
Paras Semwal
Paras Semwal 13 gün önce
This movie has always been my favourite and I've watched it several times and never got bored
1986 Model
1986 Model 2 aylar önce
Nicolas cage is a legend.. Outstanding performance
Manu Gulati
Manu Gulati 3 aylar önce
One of the greatest acting performances I’ve ever witnessed. Thank you Nic Cage!
AcCeSsDeNiEd65 Aylar önce
I sure do wish too. I wasn't too impressed with MCU's ghost rider in agents of shield.
AlphaMaleNate 2 aylar önce
@Yellow truck dumbass we can see ur comments lol
Manu Gulati
Manu Gulati 2 aylar önce
@Anam Rajbhandari I don’t think so lol
Anam Rajbhandari
Anam Rajbhandari 2 aylar önce
Are you somehow related to Dr. Mashoor Gulati?
Ratocronic 2 aylar önce
@Yellow truck liar
Tony Chavez
Tony Chavez 3 aylar önce
Even though ghost rider was not part of the MCU(yet) I really enjoyed it. It's sequel however is a different story. The only cool thing about spirit of vengeance was when Ghost Rider turned that excavator into hellfire. That was badass.
Khl Lnd
Khl Lnd 3 aylar önce
This was the first movie that I was allowed to go and see by myself as a preteen for my birthday and it was absolutely worth it
提斯藍 2 aylar önce
After 15 years, I still enjoy this movie
SammyAndJustin Becker
SammyAndJustin Becker 3 aylar önce
Thanos (to Thor): You should've gone for the head Ghost Rider (puts hand on Thanos shoulder): Hey...Dirtbag....
Accounts Support
Accounts Support 3 aylar önce
This guy has all this power but can't do it himself? Johnny has a point.
Kryo: Ruler of the Ninth Circle of Hell
There’s a strange thing regarding demons in mythology and grimoiric texts. If you read them a lot of them have odd descriptions and make you think things like “That’s their name?” or “That’s their appearance?”
DoomSlayer Aylar önce
The Ghost rider is pretty much what the Silver Surfer is to Galaxtos A supernatural herald lol
Jeep Amir
Jeep Amir 2 aylar önce
The thing is Mephistopheles limited on Earth with his powers. That's why he needs Rider
Klimbo93 3 aylar önce
Say again, USA vs Russian every conflict last century?
Torment or
Torment or 3 aylar önce
mephistopheles was always quite limited almost everywhere, he follows strictly his code, and it works
XenoDawn 2 aylar önce
6:07 gives me chills
Clyde Pate
Clyde Pate 16 gün önce
Dude actually manifested the most powerful being the MCU ever produced. Respect.
Gaming With Final Secret
“you’re going down” “Sorry, all outta mercy” Brilliant writing... But it was in 2007, so it is understandable...
MrTheDarkKnightFan 3 aylar önce
Nic cage should remain the Ghost Rider in the current MCU timeline
Game Trigger
Game Trigger 3 aylar önce
Imagine wolverine being ghost rider with metal flaming skull. That would be badass. No one would mess with him
Evan 3 aylar önce
I never actually saw this movie at all, but it looks like it’d be really goodn
S Sifr
S Sifr 26 gün önce
I watched this as during my college years and I thought it looks cool. And now I still think it looks cool LOL. Nic cage is always so over the top, really like his acts.
Daniel Windle
Daniel Windle 2 aylar önce
Needs a reboot. Ghost Rider was my first ever comic book and still my favorite. There's still alit meat on the bone
SGK Aylar önce
One of My childhood film in star movies 💥🔥🥺
The Phobias
The Phobias 3 aylar önce
I don’t care what you say. The point and subtle “you” 😂😂😂 Is one of the best scenes in cinema history.
Andrew Nguyen
Andrew Nguyen 3 aylar önce
looks like the Ghost Rider brought us altogether for a trip down good memory lane
DEADPOOL 2 aylar önce
Katlego Masoeu
Katlego Masoeu 2 aylar önce
Joe Gorzoch
Joe Gorzoch Aylar önce
The sorry all out of mercy line gave me chills 🥶
Mr.Double D🤺
Mr.Double D🤺 2 aylar önce
Imagine avengers seeing this transformation , everyone would literally pee their pants 😂
Daniel Dsouza
Daniel Dsouza 3 aylar önce
Hope they bring him back in MCU
Giannis Amanatidis
Giannis Amanatidis 2 gün önce
Ghost 3 please 🎉
Serioussmile51 3 aylar önce
I can't watch this scene without thinking about Nic Cage running down the street shouting "I'm a Vampire. I'm a Vampire".
B1. 00D
B1. 00D 3 aylar önce
5:15 that sound effect makes it looks as if the water guy just pop out of a bubble 🤣🤣
NextVenomX360 2 gün önce
6:33 Zarathos laughing
Player0039 2 aylar önce
If you find this as a story, then you definitely have a story.
Ryan Govender
Ryan Govender Aylar önce
Still amazing. We deserve this ghost rider in the mcu
Stepan Serdyuk
Stepan Serdyuk 3 aylar önce
It's interesting how both movies have their own ups and downs. If only we could get the third one that would combine the best of two worlds.
Dasun Wilson
Dasun Wilson 2 aylar önce
MA 3 aylar önce
The second one was God awful.
XTRY DELTA 3 aylar önce
needs more metal music
TC - Channel Hobby
TC - Channel Hobby 3 aylar önce
Two was shit to be honest, remake the second to fit the first narrative like the game did.
Kunal Apte
Kunal Apte 3 aylar önce
Could u elaborate on what things did both movies do best in their own way ? Edit: I'm not mocking tho, just genuinely asking for ur opinion.
RJ Dorian. 2795
RJ Dorian. 2795 3 aylar önce
I remember this movie and find it to be entertaining.
Ricky Uzumaki
Ricky Uzumaki 3 aylar önce
Same here
Charles Phillips
Charles Phillips 3 aylar önce
"Sorry, all out of mercy!" Now if Baggins had said that to Gollum.
Luq San
Luq San 5 gün önce
6:33 that evil laugh while trasnforming is iconic
L.A. Thorne The Martian
6:15 when you imagine yourself when you were younger when your mom told you, you're burning up with a fever
Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo 3 aylar önce
3:40 esta escena y la cara de cage... Desde que era niño me ponía la piel chinita
No recuerdo mi sueño
No recuerdo mi sueño 3 aylar önce
Cage tiene un tipa de emocion ese dificil para describir. Un poco loco y tambien gracioso.
Dand 20 gün önce
7:43 how did the train doesn’t move, that truck literally hit it in like 40mph
Guest Acc
Guest Acc 3 aylar önce
Yoo... Put this scene in the museum never get old⚡
Heisenberg1055 3 aylar önce
“Please, have mercy” Bro you just hit me with a semi
TheSupremeNerd1 2 aylar önce
ghost rider laughing while his bike transforms gives me chills.
Dalvizar 2 aylar önce
This really bring bac childhood memories, when this is the most badass Overpowered Rider, Nicolas Cage is really a legend and its iconic Ghost Rider.
joe The guy
joe The guy 24 gün önce
I love how when ghost rider talks to black heart and his posse he belittles them and sees them as an absolute joke except for maybe black heart, since he just tries to kill him without saying anything until blackheart has the souls in him.
pavilion hp
pavilion hp 3 aylar önce
still gives goosebumps...
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