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Evan Mobley knocked down the half-court shot with 5.5 seconds remaining in the Final Round as Team Cavs (Jarrett Allen, Darius Garland, Evan Mobley) defeated Team Rooks (Scottie Barnes, Cade Cunningham, Josh Giddey) in the Taco Bells Skills Challenge :trophy: #TacoBellSkills #NBAAllStar
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18 Şub 2022




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Melvin Joseph
Melvin Joseph Yıl önce
Damn, they made the skills challenge an actual challenge. Good on em
Sac12 Yıl önce
This is a pointless challenge no one cares about this NBA just greedy for money where's the allstar game and dunk contest
Bos Yogurt Light
Bos Yogurt Light Yıl önce
@Sac12 cry
Victor Yıl önce
@Sac12 Geez why have people become so whiny. Evidently people enjoy it, let people enjoy what they want. The dunk contest and game will come.
prodbydee Yıl önce
@Sac12 its called "skills" challenge for a reason
Dwight Yawg
Dwight Yawg Yıl önce
*a challenge to watch
Мистер Огонёчек
This was fun loved the themed teams, loved that Giannis did it
Benjamin Foutty
Benjamin Foutty Yıl önce
Giannis doesn’t think he’s too cool for anything and that’s the coolest part about him
Beven Panganai
Beven Panganai Yıl önce
@Benjamin Foutty true a really humble dude
NESGTorro Yıl önce
@Benjamin Foutty 💯💯
cherry cherry
cherry cherry Yıl önce
That crossover by Barnes killed me what a legend.
J P Yıl önce
You’re still alive
Bilegtuguldur Mandakh
@J P no shit
RecapRico Yıl önce
@Bilegtuguldur Mandakh I mean he hasn't replied...
Paul Yıl önce
Imagine a 2 time MVP Finals MVP and Defensive player participate in this challenge. We should have this kind of superstar who really wanted to win many trophy as they can.
Your Vayee
Your Vayee Yıl önce
Ong 😂 he did great tbh but he's not a shooter thats also hi brother case. He got a jumper for midies but not really a sharpshooter. He did great, it was entertaining, i love it
Mark Cheverie
Mark Cheverie Yıl önce
I can see him putting in the hours and becoming a better shooter, that's really the only part of his game that needs refinement. If he can perfect that, he'll be an even bigger nightmare to defend.
King Dino Dragonite
He could have joined this dunk contest cuz it was trash
SportNut Yıl önce
Yes, no more Le-you can't beat me if I don't participate-Bron shit
august Yıl önce
agreed. Lots of Superstars were so protective of their "brand"
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts Yıl önce
This years skill challenge was pretty fun to watch, they should keep it like this
I ain't Gon lie
I ain't Gon lie Yıl önce
idk this contest got way too weird for me. They added too much extra shit.
Smiling Cat
Smiling Cat Yıl önce
@I ain't Gon lie yeah they put too much that even the players don't know what to do or where to go but it's still fun hope it get's better next season
Parzival Yıl önce
the skill challenge is so much more fun than the dunk contest
Money Dawg
Money Dawg Yıl önce
Only cause the dunk contest this year was awful
Shikamaru Nara
Shikamaru Nara Yıl önce
Fr bro lol
Juan Sebastian Raad Meza
@Money Dawg last year’s as well
Lionel Jackson
Lionel Jackson Yıl önce
It would be cool to see the ball brothers in this next year
AJ's Channel
AJ's Channel Yıl önce
@EXTRM nobody cares
Shikamaru Nara
Shikamaru Nara Yıl önce
Fr bro
Grayson Schmitz
Grayson Schmitz Yıl önce
Bruh there team name would be Balls
Mohammad Mansournejad
Cavs are lethal this year, when you watch them there is nothing but enjoyment, let's go CAVS 💪🏼🔥
Notebook. Yıl önce
Bron bought to come bring ya'll that second chip. 👀👀👀😂😂😂
Seven Stars of the Dipper
@Notebook. #LerEmKnow
Ed Hydock
Ed Hydock Yıl önce
Cavs are pretenders, you'll see
Looking For A Name
That was the most entertaining skill challenge ever 😂 I first saw Antetekoumpos, I was like "damn Giannis name his team after him, that's funny" and then I burst out laughing when I realized it was the brothers 🤣
Mr. Cheese
Mr. Cheese Yıl önce
This was fire! Great job NBA! Some other skills challenges can get a little wonky; this was perfect mix of fun and challenging
Your Vayee
Your Vayee Yıl önce
Aye fr tho, that was good. That was really entertaining, interesting, and obv hillarious 😂 I know the Antetokounbros would fail, they did great but i was into the Rooks actualy. Seems like Cavs wasn't a joke too 👏 well played
StevieMac! Yıl önce
The Greek Freaks failed because they didn't have the refs to bail them out every shot😂
OhNah Yıl önce
@StevieMac! cringe
easy for ezzy
easy for ezzy Yıl önce
@StevieMac! 😐
Mamba Forever
Mamba Forever Yıl önce
Good on the NBA on improving the skills challenge. It was actually fun to watch. Definitely enjoyed it more than the dunk contest.
JVIPER88 Yıl önce
Who would have ever thought that the Skills Challenge would be better and more fun to watch than the Dunk Contest??
flicker031 Yıl önce
I love this new skill challenge. Hope they keep it this way.
Vincent Simbol
Vincent Simbol Yıl önce
4:52 Scottie crossing up the defender for no reason at all was a highlight
Dulla Yıl önce
Giannis not losing confidence even after those missed shots, very different mindset compared to someone we all know.
A2i3l tPt
A2i3l tPt Yıl önce
Pretty entertaining skills challenge.
Your Vayee
Your Vayee Yıl önce
Ye, did not expect it to be like this entertaining. I rate it tbh
Jomu Jomu
Jomu Jomu Yıl önce
Wow! this is some Steph Curry impact right there. A change in skill challenge revolving around threes and range shooting. So Inspirational
velipulla Yıl önce
you really need to bring curry in every video? This has nothing to do with curry.
Wes Indie Film
Wes Indie Film Yıl önce
@velipulla it has EVERYTHING to do with curry
Cheese_Oh Yıl önce
@Wes Indie Film yes cause curry invented shooting, passing, and playing ball 🤦
Your Vayee
Your Vayee Yıl önce
Imagine next year skill challange "Splash bros" team, With Curry, Klay, and the other one, could be anyone on the team tbh, JP3? Wiggins? 👀 Would like to see Curry dunk tho 😂 nah fr cuz it be hillarious if he failed or slips
Your Vayee
Your Vayee Yıl önce
@Cheese_Oh lmaooo
Paul Yıl önce
Honestly seeing them competing and not just like acting like they don't want to win and just for fun. Is satisfying seeing them being competitive is just so fun to watch.
DHB Yıl önce
Loved it. Gotta add a legends team next year.
Cory Campbell
Cory Campbell Yıl önce
Three of the best players from the Cleveland Cavaliers are the greatest congratulations on winning the Taco Bell Skills Challenge
F L Yıl önce
it is close though. the team rookie was pretty good and entertaining
Clinton Longdason
The best all-star challenge in NBA history.. so much entertainment.
Markel Benedicto
Markel Benedicto Yıl önce
Bro let’s keep it real props to the NBA for making this lit. There are many things that suck in the All-Star weekend like the lack of stars in the dunk contest, but we also gotta say the posivite side and this skills challenge was fire
Sajjad Yıl önce
This was really entertaining! Not disappointing like the dunk contest
Hey Mikey
Hey Mikey Yıl önce
Cavs/Cleveland are really in a special place right now.. good for you guys/gals!!! GGs!!!
Broncos Stampede
Broncos Stampede Yıl önce
How Lebron Looking At The Cavs Right Now!? 👀
xanbene Yıl önce
Your Vayee
Your Vayee Yıl önce
@Broncos Stampede "Should've come back there, damn👀" With Bron, Mobley and Allen on the court their defensive skill will literally lock the paint. Offensively we already know, certified buckets
Broncos Stampede
Broncos Stampede Yıl önce
@Your Vayee Bruh...Lebron Bout To Ditch Them Bums In L.A Next Year And Go Back To Cleveland...He Already Planting Them Seeds When He Chose Garland In The Draft.
Solomon Wilson
Solomon Wilson Yıl önce
This was by far the best skills challenge, but if they were more creative they could make a way to make this fun to watch and competitive for the other teams
Connor🏀 Yıl önce
I liked it. But I want to see the really skilled players doing this. Like have the selected all Stars form 3 teams of 3 and compete in these challenges.
Riccardo Bonfirraro
I loved it! About time they freshened up the skill challenge!
Junoon Giridhar
Junoon Giridhar Yıl önce
It’s actually scary seeing Giannis shoot 3s confidently
Dulla Yıl önce
this is more fun to watch now than the slam dunk contest, this should be the main even other than the all-star game itself
Jackie Deshazer
Jackie Deshazer Yıl önce
These games are actually tons of fun to watch and some game applicable skills mixed with enough odd ball things to make it entertaining
Ronamae Justine Valdez
I love to see Kuminga, Wiseman, and Poole on next Skills Challenge.😁
Ismail Ahmed sidee
Mad respect for the cavvvvss 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Admiral General Aladeen
this is the best format for skills challenge. love it maybe add legends team too
CrewNineteen Yıl önce
exactly what I was thinking... for example it would be fun to have Parker Ginobili Duncan
Nikexel Yıl önce
Honestly, this is the most enjoyable one yet, scrap the dunk contest, I was jumping all around for this one.
NigerianBaller Yıl önce
It's dope they allow G League players to participate in All Star Weekend. This was more entertaining than the dunk contest tbh
Luke bellotti
Luke bellotti Yıl önce
Bring back the old skills challenge with the races and stuff that was so fun to watch
Joe Reezy
Joe Reezy Yıl önce
NBA has the best all star events out of any major sport hands down
Just My Opinion
Just My Opinion Yıl önce
mlb has the best all star game by far though. Cause it’s actually played serious
ASH EDITS Yıl önce
i mean, many other sports do not have All-Stars except for american sports?
El Mulato
El Mulato Yıl önce
@Just My Opinion It’s played serious because the home advantage for the World Series is on stake.. NBA should implement something like that
FTB Yıl önce
@El Mulato That was changed in 2017, the game no longer matters
Nightmare_FM Yıl önce
Giannis’s passing was on point in the passing challenge
Jaslene Love
Jaslene Love Yıl önce
He's an underrated passer!!
the2ndAngel1980 Yıl önce
I was impressed myself...hard, crisp passes that were accurate. 👌
Benjamin Briggs
Benjamin Briggs Yıl önce
I respect that Giannis is the only one who really tries
Kaynm Yıl önce
I can just imagine James Harden watching the Antentonkoump brothers in a skills challenge 😂😂
Jaslene Love
Jaslene Love Yıl önce
Wishing he has the skills Giannis has. Like not turning over the ball 700 times a game.
Travis Owusu
Travis Owusu Yıl önce
I could imagine him SMH-ing😂😂
Lenno Yıl önce
last 4 season s hes averaged 10+ assists per game on under 4.5 turnovers per game
Jaslene Love
Jaslene Love Yıl önce
@Lenno what is Harden doing THIS season besides switching teams again and being #1 in the league in turnovers?
Lenno Yıl önce
@Jaslene Love that’s westbrick cmon now
XXX _Monte
XXX _Monte Yıl önce
I said it I knew team Cavs was gone win out there but this was a fun format congrats to all the teams.
pavilon Yıl önce
love the new skills challenge format
BCRYS Infinity
BCRYS Infinity Yıl önce
Such a fan guys...love this all-star game
Cleveland BCI
Cleveland BCI Yıl önce
Imagine a Lebron, Lauri, Mobley, Allen, and Garland lineup.
Joshua Cayabyab
Joshua Cayabyab Yıl önce
More entertaining than the dunk contest!
David Yıl önce
Respect to Giannis he doesn’t think he’s too good for anything
TyBrezzy Yıl önce
he aint good LMAOOOO
Dabully Yıl önce
This was more entertaining than the dunk contest
No Just No
No Just No Yıl önce
gotta respect giannis for actually doing this, was a lot of fun this year
Rabo De Coelho
Rabo De Coelho Yıl önce
Just Keep Skills Challenge that way 🔥
Quan Cooley
Quan Cooley Yıl önce
As a Detroit pistons fan it was good to finally see anyone wear are jersey on allstar weekend it been a min thanks Cade rising star mvp n almost the skills challenge too
Jacob Jennkins
Jacob Jennkins Yıl önce
so proud of the Cavs this year
King Eldridge Royal
Congrats Cavs! That's awesome
DK14PROD Yıl önce
the rules were weird but the challenge was kinda cool, with some changes this could actually be pretty cool to watch
MikeeLowkey Adventure
oh men! im with a smile while watching this.. hope the all star game will be competitive too
AfroJarnet Yıl önce
it's the best entertainment show of this all star weekend for sure ! Just because it's new ! And expectation of reverse the story ...i love the format
vijay Yıl önce
Every challenge except dunk contest was a real fun to watch.
Desa Mae Mari Amad
Cavs squad is actually great! Nice win!
chuchuchuchia Yıl önce
Darius Garland shoots the 3ball EFFORTLESS
Samuel Santos Moreira
Muito top 🥇🏅🎖😁😄🏆🏀.
Better than the dunk contest This actually challenging and not so bad to watch
Nba2k14 gamer
Nba2k14 gamer Yıl önce
I wish Giannis and his team has won but overall this is the best Saturday night challenge next to the 3 point contest
Trung Nguyen
Trung Nguyen 7 aylar önce
A combination of Splash Bros + Poole might dominate all kinds of trios combo in this challenge
ThatOneWeirdGal Yıl önce
I'm a Bucks fan but I love Scottie Barnes man. Was rooting for him lol
Mar 30
Mar 30 Yıl önce
This was actually most entertaining so far!
arty.party45 Yıl önce
The top 3 rookies playing together is great to see
Ameer Dahbour
Ameer Dahbour Yıl önce
Mobley is the best rookie
Mith Yıl önce
@Ameer Dahbour Giddey no doubt
E2J - Music
E2J - Music Yıl önce
Let's get Gelo in the league, cause I have no doubt the Ball brothers would crush this next year. Best Passers, they can all dunk and shoot 3's too. And that half court shot? Melo been doing that since High school
TheHoly_Paladin Yıl önce
First time that the skill challenge was watchable and enjoyable
Giannis was so nice he help the other teams to pick up the ball
It’s crazy because bucs team had it right. Two people move back and fourth between throws and one person does not move💯💯
JJR Yıl önce
I wanna see Steph do this next year
riverofcustard Yıl önce
A lot of unskilled guys in the skills challenge, but I liked the format, pretty fun
theBuzzzz Yıl önce
Love the rookies doing it like this man lol
Gr@v1ty Yıl önce
Scottie made up for it with that crossover and dunk (would of beat obi toppin) 🇨🇦
Carson's Inferno
Carson's Inferno Yıl önce
Giannis is so damn strong that he could've solo'd that passing round
Spida Mitchell
Spida Mitchell Yıl önce
This was a lot of fun keep it like this maybe the ball brothers or holiday
JJ Yıl önce
ten times more entertaining than the dunk contest
JT Yıl önce
The NBA World has to stop hating on Scottie man 😭
Noble Venom
Noble Venom Yıl önce
Giannis literally just missed the same 3 floater shots Scottie missed but everyone ignores it
Cheese_Oh Yıl önce
It's easier to bully the rook
Demo7175 Yıl önce
It's not people hating on Scottie cause he's a rookie it's just that he's the 2nd best rookie after Evan Mobley.
Science4Life Yıl önce
SCOTTIE WITH THE FLUSH Haha I loved that bit in the team relay
jonartd_gobz Yıl önce
players are now really skilled now . with confidence.. damn.. compared to past years
Ali Zafar
Ali Zafar Yıl önce
Ahhh what a great standard set by the nba for the thousands of new fans it attracts from the all star weekend seeing the 2 time mvp missing every single thing and players airballing left and right.
Ed Hydock
Ed Hydock Yıl önce
They really should consider a legends competition. How fun would it be to see Bird, Kerr, Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, etc. in a 3 point competition?
Reggie James
Reggie James Yıl önce
This was more entertaining then the dunk contest
Mark Sloan
Mark Sloan Yıl önce
That was the most interesting part of the weekend so far.
Uncle Drew
Uncle Drew Yıl önce
5 years from now Darius Garland is gonna be MVP of the league. Mark this.
pururut Yıl önce
this is more fun than the NO-defense All-star Game
sebastian m
sebastian m Yıl önce
“Just get rid of them “ when giannis has the ball is so funny to me 😂
I like this format they should keep it
watermelon in summer
Giddy going first every time is a disadvantage for him!
Yupadej Yıl önce
Need the Holiday brothers in this next year
Jacob Reeder
Jacob Reeder Yıl önce
U know shit is screwed up when the skills challenge is more entertaining than the dunk contest
King Yıl önce
that was fun to watch though I had no idea how the scoring worked
Lishtin Yıl önce
The passing portion was pretty dope to watch imo. I think the relay part could be better but it’s better that it’s a relay race
Mamba Forever
Mamba Forever Yıl önce
Yeah, the passing part reminded me of the QB challenge in the pro bowl.
FWU - Finally Waking Up
More entertaining than the dunk contest
Alex loves Jesus
Alex loves Jesus Yıl önce
Yo that was sick when giannis hit the five then the three don’t usually see that from him
David Yıl önce
So much better than the dunk contest
Peaceful Vegan Warrior
Cavs looking good! C Town stand up! 🔥🔥🔥
Ninjaman344 Yıl önce
I love these guys.. but if they don’t stop saying “GO GO GOOO!!!” 😂😂
Damian Kinzler
Damian Kinzler Yıl önce
This was fun to watch this year
Damiane Curry
Damiane Curry Yıl önce
Slam dunk contest sucked in 22. The skills contest best event so far and KAT shooting was the cats meow. Fantastic.
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