The First Phineas Drawing

Dan Povenmire
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15 Oca 2022




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Youtube Songs
Youtube Songs 3 aylar önce
The person who gave him that crayon created memories for a whole generation
Gamer Ioannis
Gamer Ioannis 25 gün önce
✞DEATH✞ 2 aylar önce
@Nizami 3 how is that scary
Colton Roberts
Colton Roberts 2 aylar önce
I still watch it
Barry 2 aylar önce
only to find out that it's himself in the future.
berry 3 aylar önce
"I didn't just trip and fall with a pencil"
Phoenix of the Stars
Phoenix of the Stars 21 gün önce
Obviously. It was a crayon!
starbursted Aylar önce
Nope with a crayon
Box Aylar önce
Yeah it was a crayon
Cuddle Queen
Cuddle Queen Aylar önce
Oh no
Page's Waffles
Page's Waffles Aylar önce
I tripped and fell with a pencil... It went up my foot and now I have a scar there.
bread 23
bread 23 4 aylar önce
I like to imagine Dan tripping with a pencil and catching himself with the pencil tip on a piece of paper, and then proceeded to draw Phineas in extreme detail
Orange Nostril
Orange Nostril Aylar önce
@Charlie Kowitt Music 🤦
Charlie Kowitt Music
@Orange Nostril Uhh.. I think you’re taking this a little too seriously kiddo. Peace lol ✌️
Orange Nostril
Orange Nostril Aylar önce
@Charlie Kowitt Music bruhh imagine making a joke and someone's like "incorrect, I didn't guess the punchline" 😳
Charlie Kowitt Music
@Orange Nostril In other words, hundreds of us expected the joke to end one way. And the OP veered at the last second. The other guy wrote what we were ALL thinking, Bruh.
Orange Nostril
Orange Nostril Aylar önce
@Charlie Kowitt Music "correct joke" bruh
Pissa 3 aylar önce
I love the fact that Phineas just acted scared or anxious in one episode, and in Dan's napkin it looks like he's having a panic attack💀
Mister Rhombus
Mister Rhombus 4 aylar önce
Designs first started in 1993, The first episode aired in 2007. Never give up even if it takes years!
Schizniit 12 gün önce
Max Bunny
Max Bunny Aylar önce
That would be 13 years, because it was accepted by Disney and officially began production late 2006.
black hole i guess
black hole i guess 2 aylar önce
@Wuvumgywgy ! right now, i do paper comics with this little dude, basically in the art style of object shows he's a pumpkin with limbs named Jack O. yes, Jack-O Landern. planning to make a game (first), then show (2nd) in like 2030 or some sh*t if we survive. Kinda like Cuphead.
Valhatan 2 aylar önce
@Eljay MenesesLeonardo DaVinci took a whole 12 years or 4 years to complete Monalisa, not because procrastinating but because he was a slow worker and put effort on thought. A prove that art need time not to rush. Edit: idk who i originally wrote this for.
Wuvumgywgy !
Wuvumgywgy ! 3 aylar önce
@NicDoesDumbThings I mean im making little comics in my sketchbook with those characters, so thats practice ig. But thanks for the advice.
MadChickenPictures 4 aylar önce
I like the dark circles around phineas's eyes. It gives him a dark edgy look
Axeeco 2 aylar önce
@ElectrikStatik I see you like using question marks
ElectrikStatik 3 aylar önce
I'm sorry, but your comment makes no sense????????
Silver knight
Silver knight 3 aylar önce
Look up phineas sing 21 guns
R. Rodriguez
R. Rodriguez 4 aylar önce
You have to appreciate people like Dan. He's a real go-getter. While he was developing this idea that would become one of the best kid's shows of all time a lot of people were letting life go by day after day never reaching out for something better. I mean, myself for example, in 1993 I wasn't doing anything with my life. Heck. The only thing I did that year was be born. Man, if only I had that time back.
Shan Ali
Shan Ali 3 aylar önce
Same except i did not exist
Elaina Deeter
Elaina Deeter 3 aylar önce
I didn't do much either, except for not existing yet.
ToonTerraMine Gamer
ToonTerraMine Gamer 3 aylar önce
I wasn’t doing anything either. Because there was no me to be doing things in the first place.
Iggy Stardust
Iggy Stardust 3 aylar önce
Eyyy I was just like you in 1993… not doing shit with my life… except for being born lol
BestOfAllTheGeeks 3 aylar önce
Nique Tube
Nique Tube 4 aylar önce
I love when the artist/creator can debunk what people think they are soooo smart about and spit out these “facts” lol love your work Dan!!
Eyeluvver Butterdogsheds
The fact he has that very doodle framed in his house is AMAZING. I love this guy.
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 4 aylar önce
So glad you created these characters! My children have enjoyed this show immensely and it has become a huge part of their happy childhood memories 🥰
Will Reese
Will Reese 4 aylar önce
I'm really convinced everyone has great ideas throughout there life that could make a significant impact on the world but the difference between people who are successful and notable and those who aren't has mostly to do with follow through and commitment. Just imagine how easy it would've been for him to be like "huh cool charactr" then throw it away and proceed about his day. That great series would've never been born and we'd never know who he is. Imagine how many great concepts, stories, and ideas are thought up and thrown away.
Iggy Stardust
Iggy Stardust 3 aylar önce
Well said Mr. Reese
Sylva Lane
Sylva Lane 2 aylar önce
Wow, Dan is really trying to cover up how he tripped and accidentally drew Phineas on the ground as he tried to stand up
Braeden Arndt
Braeden Arndt 3 aylar önce
you're such a wholesome guy! thanks for making everyone's days brighter!
When you randomly draw geometric shapes then they sculpt an entire generation
Gibzy 3 aylar önce
I love how some of the best cartoons in history came from this man, and they all come at unexpected times
Hanif the Fish
Hanif the Fish 3 aylar önce
"So how did you create this fantastic show?" "Oh, it was an accident!"
Joanna 4 aylar önce
I LOVE that you have that first conceptual doodle framed, that’s such a timepiece
robloxgamer321 3 aylar önce
A great childhood based around a doodle, amazing show and it will always hold a place in my heart
RogueJyn 2 aylar önce
All it takes is a person giving someone a crayon and it'll make memories for future generations
BladeRain47 4 aylar önce
Hey Dan I've always been curious. How did you come to the color scheme for Phineas and Ferb as characters?
P H 3 aylar önce
Hands down one of my family's favorite shows of all time as a parent I can sing these songs 😂
Pikapetey Animations
Pikapetey Animations 4 aylar önce
Thank you for debunking these "fun facts" tiktokers. They barely do any research and spitball Wikipedia at people.
Mirsty 14 gün önce
it was semi an accident
werwerqweqwe 2 aylar önce
@Verified You can't. Try doing it yourself, and see whether your edits are ever even published.
Paul Martin
Paul Martin 2 aylar önce
@Verified People can counter edit for false information. It's meant to be an overview for basic information.
Oana Moldoveanu
Oana Moldoveanu 2 aylar önce
OMG that tutorial is SO OLD!!! I stumbled upon it when I was a child and tried to learn how to draw Phineas from it!!! You unlocked a memory I forgot I had!!
David Garcia
David Garcia 4 aylar önce
I love this, thank you for sharing this with us !!!
The Surrealist
The Surrealist 4 aylar önce
I like how the first few expression you decided to give Phineas was “WAAAAAAAH!”
Dharampaul Singh
Dharampaul Singh 3 aylar önce
Thank you for creating these characters! I still love that show and I'm almost 40
8-Pit 4 aylar önce
"He drew him by accident" Dan: "OH FUCK I did it again"
TrenteCinq Aylar önce
@MA9009 (ALERT: Boring Videos) Por qué?
MA9009 (ALERT: Boring Videos)
@TrenteCinq English.
TheOne Bman
TheOne Bman 2 aylar önce
"help i accidentally drew a phineas"
Skippy 3 aylar önce
You truly created one of the best childhood cartoons of my life. Thanks to you.
MICHAEL KEVIN GIL 3 aylar önce
If I could time travel, I would love to see him doodle this out, the birth of one of my fav tv shows as a kid, life is getting harder and sometimes I wish I could go back, I never will but this reminds me of simpler times
Derpy is cool
Derpy is cool 3 aylar önce
Im glad he was doodling those characters cause if he didn’t we wouldn’t have such a awesome/amazing show
MaryNuky 2 aylar önce
Tbh, the best artwork ive ever created was in those resturant papers, they always looks awesome
CrimsonTheOriginal 4 aylar önce
The coolest part of this is knowing you frame your doodles that inspire these amazing things. It’s cool to know that history is preserved somewhere
Kaiden Hoffman
Kaiden Hoffman 2 aylar önce
I just love how you made the show and yet you voice the villain
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 3 aylar önce
Absolute legend. Im sure I owe this show all my creativity
JustAPrankBro 2 aylar önce
"Hey bro, what do you wanna steal in this guy's house?" "Oh, THIS MASTERPIECE" "W-what?!, A Drawing that is 20% broken?"
Owen Giordano
Owen Giordano 3 aylar önce
Any words in any language can express my gratitude for what you did. You made my childhood wonderful. I absolutely loved the new movie. Wonderful.
Gabriel Gandi Goesantoso
"There's no such thing as mistakes, just happy lil accidents~" Dan: It was not an accident, I didn't trip, I didn't fall... Me: :v ok sir
Max Bunny
Max Bunny Aylar önce
"That was like 1993 so that was a while ago." Doesn't that mean he spent 13 years pitching the show before it got accepted by Disney? A lot of online sources say it was 16 years. (Of course, that could be another online theory that Dan is debunking.)
alys 4 aylar önce
i hope you know, that this show was my childhood. i appreciate you so much dan!
DonutHole 4 aylar önce
Phineas and Ferb is one of my favorite shows, thanks Dan
Liam Krumnow
Liam Krumnow 3 aylar önce
Wow, it's interesting to know that the idea of Phineas and Ferb came around over 10 years before the show came out!
Harry Highflyer
Harry Highflyer 4 aylar önce
Love coming across this.. this show was one my favourite shows as a kid 👏
The Renaissance
The Renaissance 3 aylar önce
I like how he framed and kept his own original drawings of his own show’s characters …
CantPayMyHospitalBill 3 aylar önce
This guy made my childhood. And made me the person I am today. Thank you.
Rowan404 4 aylar önce
That's incredible! 1993! I wasn't even born yet! Honestly, I'm sort of glad the show wasn't aired until so much later because then, I was able to enjoy it during my childhood!
Unit 02
Unit 02 4 aylar önce
@Rowan404 just kidding but seriously, I’m not that old..I’m on the youngest side of that spectrum but I’m far from being a kid anymore. I suggested you have some alternative to make money because I was like you too, and if I had gotten used to doing uncomfortable things like working retail instead of telling myself I was too good for any of that, I wouldn’t be in the situation I’m in now, which is unemployed and still living off my parents. There were a lot of painful years where I had basically no money. You should avoid that lol.
Rowan404 4 aylar önce
@Unit 02 My parents are my benefactors. I don't really care about financial independence as my parents are still alive and well and I have a good relationship with them. They had some money set aside for me to go to college, but, since I'm not going to, that's just more for my inheritance! They'll even let me inherit my childhood home once I save up $10,000. Speaking of inheritance, my great grandma died when I was 4 and left me $5000, and I'll have access to that and interest when I turn 18 in about 3 months. However, I am still working on a temporary way to make money. As I said, I don't like being bossed around, so I wouldn't want to work a traditional part-time job (customer service in particular would be a nightmare for me as I would then be bossed around by customers too), but I'm working on a demo reel in hopes of landing a few small voice acting gigs. Anyways, I'm curious: What do you do for a living? Do you have a college degree, seeing as you're a millennial?
Unit 02
Unit 02 4 aylar önce
@Rowan404 I would recommend you get a part time job at least just to help you like, survive…unless you have a benefactor in which case, great. But the sooner you have financial independence from your family the better
Unit 02
Unit 02 4 aylar önce
@Rowan404 I didn’t say you were, just people your age. And it’s not a recommendation either. If you have the vision to make your dreams come true then go for it. There are so many ways to go about it nowadays.
Loki iktomi
Loki iktomi 3 aylar önce
It’s awesome to see this stuff…. Your show was a big part of my childhood….
Jesse Torres
Jesse Torres 3 aylar önce
It's absolutely insane to me how long Phineas and Ferb existed as a concept before becoming a real show. The show premiered when I was 9, but these drawings were done before I was even born
coolkitten67 2 aylar önce
the way that one drawing of phineas expresses more emotion than he does in the whole series
CrispTomato94 3 aylar önce
The funniest part to me is that there’s a restaurant that gives out crayons and paper to their adult patrons. Honestly a pretty cool idea I wish more places did that.
hunterkiller1440 4 aylar önce
I've always thought that design looked like a corn chip. I knew the creator was hungry.
CodeBlogger 3 aylar önce
Clifford West
Clifford West 3 aylar önce
Dude I love your profile pic
Pandainapandasuit 4 aylar önce
D00000000000000d. Hahaha yes!
✨The Mac✨
✨The Mac✨ 4 aylar önce
@Gergana Kuzmova I swear this person is everywhere-
Xornedge 4 aylar önce
Haulics 4 aylar önce
I watched every episode and movie of this and I loved it so much I would always run home after school and watch it when ever it’s on!
Cassie 4 aylar önce
So glad you created these characters! My children have enjoyed this show immensely and it has become a huge part of their happy childhood memories 🥰
kim rowan
kim rowan 2 aylar önce
I could never tell you enough how much I looooooved "Phineas and Ferb"💕💕💕
Wolf Miggins
Wolf Miggins 3 aylar önce
This man is just an absolute legend he is so talented like jeez
Ben Tatum
Ben Tatum 3 aylar önce
your show was literally my childhood. keep up the good work!
S3RENI7Y 3 aylar önce
Respectfully debunks false information, also gives out legitimately interesting insight. Good Video!
Just Because
Just Because 4 aylar önce
This man is cool. Almost feels like my granpa telling me stories ..
Lolmanboss 2 aylar önce
You where like:" Dan, i know what we're gonna do today!"
dewoiski 4 aylar önce
I love how the first guy just dismiss all your process of creation by calling it an accident! Some people baffles me!
Godzilla 4 aylar önce
I mean it wasn't on purpose I guess lol But I dislike those kinda videos so NO POINTS!
gray’s kinda blue
gray’s kinda blue 4 aylar önce
I don’t think he was intentionally dismissing it, I think it likely wasn’t worded the best. I took it more as “one of the most recognizable cartoon characters of our generation wasn’t originally drawn with that purpose” which is pretty rad, and makes me slightly more hopeful about projects I’ve got laying around I don’t really have a plan for - some of the best things weren’t made with a clear plan.
belgium comics
belgium comics 4 aylar önce
Yeah. Its like saying Einstein came up with his theory of general relativity by spilling his coffee on a chalkboard or something.
Sarude Danstorm
Sarude Danstorm 4 aylar önce
@automatic captions The prevalence of "tik tok experts" sets a terrible precedent in just about everything they do.
Braylon614 3 aylar önce
I love the show I have watched over 100 times. I went to sleep to it every night during elementary school. So thank you for making a great show. 😊😊😊
River Blanchard
River Blanchard 2 aylar önce
Dan I hope you know how much we all appreciate you
Nosebleed de Groselha
Nosebleed de Groselha 4 aylar önce
I like thinking about stuff like this when I see people being so gatekeepey on how you have to plan and structure your stories and develop your characters. You don’t need to pull out a character template every time you create a character if that doesn’t work for you. Sometimes great ideas come from unexpected places like this.
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 4 aylar önce
This cartoon didn’t come out in 1993 it actually taken that long for a show to get approved
Monky D. Garp
Monky D. Garp 3 aylar önce
Thank you for made my childhood memorable ❤️❤️
Cindy Dott
Cindy Dott 4 aylar önce
I love how Dan gives us these insights on his creative process.
661 Choppin
661 Choppin 4 aylar önce
The perspective is insightful, thanks man. I’m not an artist in that way. But sounds like sometimes your work can take time to flourish and sometimes ideas simply flourish. While waiting for food sometimes, hmm. Back to cutting. ;(
big man for big problems
You know I got it sir I have a lot of respect for you I watched your show going up a lot as a kid I was born in 2004 and you know as a kid and the show was pretty dope and going back and watching it now that I'm older it's still pretty awesome he's 104 days and summer vacation I'll tell you how I'm spending them I'm binge watching all the original seasons of Phineas and Ferb you remind me of a modern Walt Disney just want to thank you for all the awesome memories and have a chill summer vacation dude
AQHA Bentley
AQHA Bentley 4 aylar önce
So you created my whole childhood from a doodle? Thank you.
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 4 aylar önce
The coolest part of this is knowing you frame your doodles that inspire these amazing things. It’s cool to know that history is preserved somewhere
AnAverage AnimeViewer
AnAverage AnimeViewer 4 aylar önce
That truly is a “hey Ferb, I know what we’re gonna do today” moment.
connor perkins
connor perkins 4 aylar önce
"... we are going to exist"
Shticky 4 aylar önce
*_"Hey bro I this is gonna make us famous I swear!!"_*
Knight Slayer
Knight Slayer 4 aylar önce
"Hey Swampy, I know what we're gonna do today"
shutupburntspud 4 aylar önce
There's a hundred and four days of summer vacation, and school comes along just to end it! so the annual problem for our generation is finding a good way to spend it, like maybe! Building a rocket, or fighting a mummy, or climbing up the Eiffel Tower. Discovering something that doesn't exist, hey! or giving a monkey a shower. Surfing tidal waves, creating nanobots, and locating Frankenstein's brain, its over here! Finding a dodo bird, painting a continent, and driving your sister insane, PHiniaS! As you can see, there's a whole lot of stuff to do before school starts this fall, so stick with us cus Phineas and Ferb are going to do it aaall. So stick with us cus Phineas and Ferb are going to do it aall. "MO-OM, Phineas and Ferb are making a title sequence!"
Eikom Dutta
Eikom Dutta 4 aylar önce
I heard the jingle too I can’t-
Alex Jay Sage McBurney
That’s awesome that you still have the original drawings!!
Chase Burroughs
Chase Burroughs 4 aylar önce
Took 14 years for it to get the pilot out? That’s some discipline and dedication on the creators side of the show. Aka this guy, Dan Povenmire.. Nice work brother! I love this side of social media, how these “creators” can go onto make these small clips, now we have this clip to have Reference as to when how and even wear that it was created, so we got it from the horses mouth as they say.
Buster bunz 97
Buster bunz 97 4 aylar önce
It’s always funny when people that make the “fun facts” get completely destroyed when the actual creator proves they were wrong
MCK John
MCK John 4 aylar önce
Thank you sir you literally made my childhood with this show
McCoy Kluttz
McCoy Kluttz 4 aylar önce
I love that Dan does TikTok/TRvid shorts it’s like I grew up with his show and now that I’m an adult I get to enjoy the mind of the creator of one of my favorite childhood shows kinda the same thing with Hank Green
Jade Colebank
Jade Colebank 3 aylar önce
I love Dan Povenmire so much. He's so wholesome.
MaxIsLate 4 aylar önce
Thank you for creating this master piece
Gob Champ
Gob Champ 4 aylar önce
I like this dude is out here busting Myths about his own life. What a legend.
aldo lowe
aldo lowe 3 aylar önce
Love how animators will tell the real story lol
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson 4 aylar önce
I love Dan and his passion for Phineas and Ferb . I grew up watching Phineas and Ferb in India and I still watch it occasionally .
Noah Isuku
Noah Isuku 4 aylar önce
YoDaddy 3 aylar önce
Thank you. You made my childhood better. ❤️
Chris Manuel
Chris Manuel 3 aylar önce
In 1993 I was 5 and you were creating legendary characters that would help raise a generation.
Mr.Icecap 4 aylar önce
Just think that if he didn’t decide to doodle that day then this legend of a show would never have been created
Stealthjs 3 aylar önce
O7 thank you for saving our childhoods you’re a legend
Jordan Kivi
Jordan Kivi 3 aylar önce
By far my favorite show growing up my man... super underrated show
Bananaforscale 2 aylar önce
He drew Doof as and additional character to Phineas. WE GOT IT WRONG. PHINEAS IS THE FATHER OF DOOF.
NoahDplayzz 2 aylar önce
ur right
Talyah R
Talyah R 3 aylar önce
He drew them in 1993 and we didn't get the show til so many years later. I had no idea. Worth the wait though! The show is now a classic!
Happilyblue 3 aylar önce
I love the character designs in Phineas and Ferb. Milo Murphy's Law characters look like extras tbh
Auralia aurita
Auralia aurita 4 aylar önce
I love it when you create a character design and then end up liking the design so much that they somehow acquire personalities.
Michael Eissler
Michael Eissler 3 aylar önce
Thanks for a sweet ass show to grow up on, ur the man we all didn’t know we ❤️
cwlter 4 aylar önce
does he voice some of the characters as well? the doofensmmhmirtz bit was pretty accurate
Mr. 28
Mr. 28 3 aylar önce
That’s crazy, if you hadnt been given the crayon, who knows if we’d have this awesome show.
m1l0404 Aylar önce
Jrsonic_yt Animations
Jrsonic_yt Animations 4 aylar önce
Tbh dan should have made that skit him tripping and falling and make like some really good art
Taterds 4 aylar önce
He would trip on a perry plushie like when candace tripped on perry
DriedLeaf 4 aylar önce
@High Definition a triangle boy who was a main character in one of the most iconic cartoon shows
J0aqu¡n XD
J0aqu¡n XD 4 aylar önce
When you roll a 20 on a fall
High Definition
High Definition 4 aylar önce
It's alright, I mean it's just a triangle boi
Kevin AndrewsPhoto
Kevin AndrewsPhoto 2 aylar önce
I’ve watched most of your Tik Toks and strangely have never even heard of Phineas and Ferb. I often feel like I’m in a separate reality due to how massive this show was and me never having heard of it.
Grant Van Nostran
Grant Van Nostran 3 aylar önce
wait so y’all had this show just sitting, and chillin for over 10 years before it got released..? wow, that’s insane
Natalie Davis
Natalie Davis 3 aylar önce
So it took 14 years to create this masterpiece of a show
Turner Woods
Turner Woods 3 aylar önce
this man needs a new show
Prince Stolas
Prince Stolas 4 aylar önce
That would be a hell of a story though "I was walking in my room with a pencil when I tripped. When I got up I noticed a piece of paper on the floor with a sketch. I must've accidentally drawn it but it looked so good I decided to draw more characters and bring it to work today to share"
Fabio (sonhando grande)
For me, this feels like what Doofenshmirtz would say if he ever told a story about his past that wasn't part of his childhood
Brynn Davidson
Brynn Davidson 4 aylar önce
Sometimes it sure feels that way. If you're drawing real late at night while not entirely mentally present 😂
FMFOR5 3 aylar önce
Thank you for giving us a fun fact about our childhood!
OtakuGames 4 aylar önce
Imagine if they didn't gave him a crayon, the show would've likely still came out, but the possibility of the characters designs being altered are high.
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