the entire history of minecraft, i guess

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the entire history of minecraft, i guess.


Video inspired by bill wurtz :)

Twitch: www.twitch.tv/sipovers

Twitter: twitter.com/Sipover

Instagram: SipoverS

Discord: discord.gg/qFrX5Qb

minecraft: dying
Dream manhunts and pewdiepie: hello



28 Oca 2021




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Naples Yıl önce
"Swedish guy just revive minecraft from dying" "we can make a religion out of this"
MikeraS 25 gün önce
@Terrance Bloxlore Man, it's been over a year..
Terrance Bloxlore
Terrance Bloxlore 26 gün önce
@Heinhtet Naing ..., how am I a stan.
Terrance Bloxlore
Terrance Bloxlore 26 gün önce
@MikeraS OOF
Heinhtet Naing
Heinhtet Naing 26 gün önce
@Abe no
Heinhtet Naing
Heinhtet Naing 26 gün önce
@Terrance Bloxlore stan
Sudeku 2 aylar önce
Dude Nether reactors just hit different. Seeing all this just gave me mad nostalgia seeing the game I grew up with change so fast. It feels like just yesterday I was playing on my mom's phone trying to figure out Minecraft Pocket Edition Lite.
Solomon 5 aylar önce
The amount of effort and work put into this video is impressive.
Just Litten
Just Litten 2 aylar önce
The funny part is that there's not much effort put in to it. Which makes it funny
Fuzion 2 aylar önce
@deadpool243q More impressive than anything you've ever done and 700k people also thought so
Fuzion 2 aylar önce
@AlexFN Not sunny v2 how does the editing style or even anything resemble sunnyv2 its has similar editing style to bill wurts videos
AlexFN 2 aylar önce
he just copped sunnyv2
deadpool243q 3 aylar önce
Not impressive.
Error 404
Error 404 Aylar önce
This was a very fun history lesson. Thank you! :)
Heinhtet Naing
Heinhtet Naing 26 gün önce
@mogus god ???
A_nice gaming
A_nice gaming Aylar önce
@mogus god you have 1 subscriber
mogus god
mogus god Aylar önce
remember to drink mug root beer!!1111!
Ayonix Animations
Ayonix Animations 5 aylar önce
This just makes me realise how *_long_* I've been playing MC. I've been playing since Late Alpha when I was barely a preteen. I remember logging into the game (Well- opening it because you didn't have to log in if you were playing offline and I was usually offline) the day horses were added and going "HOLY SHIT", and the day Diorite and all the other stone blocks were added. This is insane.
Salpaca53 Yıl önce
Fun fact: The gears actually acted like “sideways redstone” (redstone for walls)
RobloxFasulyesiYT Aylar önce
4:45 looks like rick astley
Aokadas Aylar önce
Łuki Aylar önce
@Salpaca53 I guess that's why Mojang showcased Create of all mods in their Java&Bedrock trailer. Nostalgia hits.
SkateMe 4 aylar önce
One of the best things about dude is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something. He always respect us, the audience, and his team, and he is always polite in all of his videos. We congratulate ourselves on this achievement. More to come and everything to come.. 💞💞
A Weirdo's Channel
A Weirdo's Channel 23 gün önce
Uh... Maybe bot???
Ari Gaming
Ari Gaming 5 aylar önce
This is so nostalgic! I played before redstone got released and I feel so much nostalgia from this video
Mr. Slap
Mr. Slap 2 aylar önce
Sipover, to be honest I never EVER thought about fossils being dead giant zombies. You deserve an award
Jimmy Robot
Jimmy Robot 2 aylar önce
Thanks to this video, you’ve made me realize I can remove the water from my flooded world very easily. I made that world a year ago I think and I made the idiotic decision to flood it. I can’t remember why though. I tried using lava and covering the water with blocks. Then I left my world inactive and went back to it after a long time. Then I learned that you can use sponges to drain water. I am an idiot and now my world is filled with obsidian, stone, and some miscellaneous blocks. Thanks for reminding me that I’m stupid and for helping me by making me also remember sponges in Minecraft have a use
truefaster minecraft
make bill wurt proud
Joan Layosa
Joan Layosa 9 aylar önce
@Tomoko what about sky cotl
●《Mandi a Cocoa Cookie》●
@Tomoko hey at least he didn't buy an account... Riiiiiiiiiiiight......?
Isabel Arauz
Isabel Arauz 9 aylar önce
@White Demon gg
Xezor not
Xezor not 9 aylar önce
[CG] enjoyer
[CG] enjoyer 2 aylar önce
i have fond memories of most updates, me and my friends always had 1 world which we built everything on and it usually had the new block at the time, great video
Muneer CH
Muneer CH 5 aylar önce
Sipover: "Minecraft stayed alive by a swedish guy and a green blob" Dream and pewdiepie: so you have chosen death
Timo Cruz
Timo Cruz 3 aylar önce
The ladders will forever haunt the OGs. They were once perfect
TXF 3 gün önce
You know what I miss most? I think it was beta 1.6 The last version that had non-stackable food and no hunger meter. Those two things alone made the game more challenging. Because you couldn't just carry stacks of food with you, you had to figure out if healing or inventory space was more important. You also couldn't just sit and wait for your health to refill, you had to actually pay close attention to it and heal manually if it got too low. Mushrooms were also still important and worth farming, because it was like, the ONLY stackable food supply you could get. Stack each type of mushroom, stack some bowls. And just make mushroom soup on the fly. I also miss things like the old boat roads, boat elevators and such that you used to be able to make. I remember how much I loved the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft when it released, because it was still a slightly older version. Specifically Beta 1.6. So it had all those features I loved. Then it got updated, and it annoyed me. All that stuff that I enjoyed was gone or broken, and I had to re-do a lot of things. It also covered half of my nice green area that I custom built with custom lakes and waterfalls...wish snow. I was not happy. Back when I had a good PC, I'd just use mods to re-add all that shit back into the game. I don't remember what mod it was anymore. Nostalgia maybe? But it had a whole menu for enabling and disabling features from older versions of the game. Also, can I just say. I still miss the old flat square chests. I used to decorate my house with 'em, shoving 'em into walls and floors, to hide my storage. Now I have to specifically make a storage area with thought out constructions so I don't block the lids.
Hailey S
Hailey S Yıl önce
It is DEEPLY disturbing to see stacks of 99 instead of 64
Lattecore77 4 aylar önce
I agree
Fahim Rahman Shamriddho
even more on 99 eggs
MogiMochi 4 aylar önce
It's cursed
DE23 :]
DE23 :] 4 aylar önce
Why was it lowered anyways?
TyrannaTom 4 aylar önce
What’s disturbing about it? Have you never seen 99 of something.
Julius Ng
Julius Ng 2 aylar önce
Sipover great video, you should do a part 2 to this video.
Demonfy 5 aylar önce
i started playing this game since 2014. looking at what happened and the change, its almost unrealistic.
griffikallend 4 aylar önce
ik good chicken
Nire EGM 2.0
Nire EGM 2.0 4 aylar önce
@griffikallend you are kid 😂😂😂
griffikallend 5 aylar önce
I was born in 2014
Thomas Stebbings
Thomas Stebbings 5 aylar önce
I remember playing on Friv with my mates and someone was playing the minecraft demo back in 2012 or so and we thought it was the most amazing thing ever.. 10 years later and it is still my go-to quarantine pass time :)
YoloYester Aylar önce
Oh my god, the fact that he started the video with “How did we get here” is pure genius.
A Yıl önce
“Can we go out at night?” “NO” “Why not” “The creeper is a deadly explosive” “Not anymore, we have shields”
Criixael Aylar önce
Cecilia Tilley
Cecilia Tilley 4 aylar önce
@Lukas not any more theres a blanket-
MinorCrafterpro 4 aylar önce
Bill Wurtz reference
SCREECH 11 aylar önce
Yes lol
Im in depressive state
Damn i remember when i started playing minecraft in 2013-2014 (idk which year). I remember coming back home from kindergarden and going straight to my playstation 3 to boot up minecraft. It was so fun. The tutorial worlds were kinda hard bc i didnt know english
Hermansfood 3 aylar önce
“Can we dig straight down” “No” “Why not?” “Lava is a deadly liquid” “ not any more we have potions”
konvitalik's Channel
konvitalik's Channel 4 aylar önce
i really watched this to the end, thanks alot, very entertaining
B.E.E 5 aylar önce
8:52 soo funny keep it up man
RaidenAnimates Yıl önce
Funfact: the piston was actually a mod for minecraft. Notch added pistons to the game as inspiration and the person who invented pistons in minecraft is now working for them
David Brown
David Brown 13 gün önce
you forgot 1.18 and 1.19.3
R Moore
R Moore 25 gün önce
Łuki Aylar önce
Because he and his team have all rights within the Aether mod. And there comes second part of Aether which isn't as Minecraft vanilia as previous. It's all complicated.
Łuki Aylar önce
@Robert Skitch It would be neat if Mojang will let modders to contribute to the game performance like Sodium, Starlight mods etc.
HNotAlbert 4 aylar önce
Hello Guys Welcome to my Clannd
Adham THE DESTROYER 4 aylar önce
Wow, what a good video, I watch it 4 times a week! Not cuz it's amazing but because it reminds me with the old memories that make me feel nostalgic now, OH MY GOD I'M CRYING NOW SOMEBODY HELP ME IT'S NOSTALGIC!!!! BTW it was a good video 😅👍🙃
zin zinad
zin zinad 4 aylar önce
That tingly feeling is called nostalgia
The Sharkinator
The Sharkinator 3 gün önce
I first peeked into the development shortly after it was retitled to minecraft, probably right before the weird girl character model was added. I then forgot about it for awhile until I saw a post about the new survival mode that was added, and then kept up with development from there buying the Alpha version multiple times for myself and friends. Pretty much kept playing up until the days of console ports and started to wane off while playing on PC modded servers and the like and my Xbox 360. Then got back into it shortly before Bedrock edition came out while on PS4, which confused the heck out of me having it change from PS4 Version to just Minecraft haha. It's been a wild journey for the game, and I'm not surprised it's still so popular and consistently fun to play. I saw that potential back in '09, supported development during Alpha and spread word around about it as much as I could. The most shocking thing for me is how deep the game has become for both the redstone side of things (I.e. Recreating video games, creating computers, etc.) and the educational side of things with it being used in schools (like cmon!! that I couldve never thought of happening back in the day)
overheated melon
overheated melon 4 aylar önce
It has been reported that some victims of torture, during the act, would retreat into a world just like the real one, except they weren’t being tortured. The only way for them to wake up was for something from the real world to trickle in- like an otherworldly force. It would tell them about themselves, and to find hope and wake up. Sound familiar?
Stukacide Yıl önce
“Can I have Bill Wurtz?” “No, we have Bill Wurtz at home.” Bill Wurtz at home:
Simon Riley
Simon Riley Aylar önce
You can make a religion out of this
Panda Field
Panda Field Aylar önce
I do do like ‘Sipover’ and I do also like Bill Wurts (pls don’t attack me)
cat gd
cat gd 2 aylar önce
Priyanshu Chatterjee
Priyanshu Chatterjee 4 aylar önce
Fun fact: the dungeons before the spawners came, The dungeons were called "Bonus Houses"
Lumpy Potato
Lumpy Potato 5 aylar önce
Very nice work, it's amazingly.
RobloxObbyGuy75 4 aylar önce
11:39 Great history lesson Sipover lol
SeleverMFM 4 aylar önce
“green blob.” Every dream stan in a 50 mile radius: Excuse me?! Dream is daddy 🥵🥵🥵
Brianna Heberle
Brianna Heberle Yıl önce
“Some Swedish guy revived it and some green block kept it alive” so inspirational 🥲
The Talking Stick
The MC fan base was already regaining old fans and the children who grew up with it has grown up, PewDiePie was just a perfectly timed catalyst that boosted it’s rebirth. And I thought lazerbeam was a Madden youtuber, smart to branch out then
Handemore Battlelands
Minecraft playerbase was already reviving on its own when pewdiepie started uploading mc videos
Giga Chad
Giga Chad Yıl önce
Actually blob
ADHITHYA Suji Yıl önce
@Plastic Cup t series is a music channel The most subscribed non musical channel is pewdiepie Oh and t series is a company not a youtuber
Kpop Scenario
Kpop Scenario Yıl önce
buckylovesplums_ 5 aylar önce
I started playing around 2014-2015 on ps3 and this game really has come a long way. This game forever has a special place in my heart 🥲
TheYoutubeMan 5 aylar önce
Me too!
Smiley 4 aylar önce
Fun Fact: Did you know that when notch was creating the first mob the pig he accidentally created the creeper!
Devin Mudge
Devin Mudge 4 aylar önce
I love how he included "you can make a religion out of this" like Bill Wurtz
ʅǝuuɐɥꓛ ǝqnʇno⅄ ʅɐɯɹoN ʎʅʅɐʇoꓕ Ɐ
Man I wanna see a behind the scenes to this
Nate Cas
Nate Cas Yıl önce
Wait a minute, this isn’t bill wurts.
Emma Payne
Emma Payne 2 gün önce
Can we go on land N. O.
Maverick 7 gün önce
luckyaxolotl 𓁺
luckyaxolotl 𓁺 10 gün önce
@Hyun Soon Ahn gasp *cries in living in australia*
♡4X0L0TL_M00N♡ 11 gün önce
Matthew Playz
Matthew Playz 16 gün önce
how did we get here
dayanara. 19 gün önce
i’ve been playing minecraft since i was 8/9ish im 19 now and it’s crazy how far it’s come🥲 it’ll always hold some special place in my heart
Tysen Bean
Tysen Bean 5 aylar önce
I remember when you couldnt just drag and drop stuff for crafting tables on console
Miri 4 gün önce
I got a damn heart attack the first time I saw the prismarine temple ghosts And you forgot the legendary 100 minutes demo!
Utopss AKA PJ
Utopss AKA PJ 4 aylar önce
Insane how far it's come
Xzito Yıl önce
Minecraft's youtubers have amazing evolution as well, you should do one of those timelines! :)
Munin Sovann
Munin Sovann 4 aylar önce
Minecraft was actually created at 2011 for real if you think is wrong just tell Siri (Siri is a AI)
Yas sin
Yas sin 5 aylar önce
No not at all i like minecraft but most mc yt are pretty bad
we'll meet again some sunny day
@Pancakes 10 based opinion
Polen 7 aylar önce
Hi me lol 🙂 (your name is you so)
Quetzalcoatlus 4 aylar önce
Started right before colored wool came out. I really miss the old minecart boosters.
Joe Mungus
Joe Mungus 2 aylar önce
When minecrafts history is more interesting than humanities history 😂 😂
Ryan Rosen
Ryan Rosen 5 aylar önce
Bro… I remember playing the alpha… times were so much simpler back then.
RB 3 aylar önce
Sipover you are the best TRvidr in the history of TRvid I have one video idea please. Checking every texture packs from unrealistic to real life
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
The nostalgia hits hard and it makes you feel old at the same time
Warthunder Canblunder
@Redstoneninja 375 yeah for pocket edition it only needed two people to grab something out of a chest at the same time, how the days went back then
😥good old days
Redstoneninja 375
@Warthunder Canblunder I used to do that with my brother all the time and we would get so many diamonds we could build with them
Siren Blank
Siren Blank Yıl önce
webzilla 3 aylar önce
0:17-4:48 the old Minecraft 4:49-10:30 the golden era 10:34-11:26 the dark era 11:34-present day the rennisons
AlexEr 4 aylar önce
The old obi texture gives me hard nostalgia
bigga 5 aylar önce
"How cringey do you want remake bill wurtz?" Sipover: "Yes"
Incorpse 2 aylar önce
My first time playing Minecraft was 2014. So much nostalgia!!!
Yahiamice Yıl önce
There's this guy named "bill wurtz" that copied your video and made it about some boring real life topics like "japan" and "the entire history of planet earth"... Might wanna patent your ideas next time 👍
The slayer raven
The slayer raven 2 aylar önce
Bro he made this before this video was published
Spacebar 3 aylar önce
Bill Wurtz didn’t copy him this was made after the video by Bill
Sipe Lokznrda
Sipe Lokznrda 3 aylar önce
@-*S a k u r a - K i t t e n s*- I agree
Brok 3 aylar önce
Bruh bills video was 4 years ago while his was 1
-*S a k u r a - K i t t e n s*-
Those videos were made long before this video, the one for Japan 5 years ago and The world 6 years ago
Dog With It's Nose Stuck In Bread
“You could make a religion out of this” 💀
Maria Matos
Maria Matos 10 gün önce
I’ve started playing Minecraft in 2015 or 2016 and i have learned a bit more about it by this video
"You can make a religion out of this" I get it lol
toast 5 aylar önce
the fact that the nether update came out almost 3 years ago makes me feel old since i remember it like if it was 5 months ago
FastFate Yıl önce
imagine not using the same singy-voice as bill wurtz even though the video is an idea of his vid
koyti 11 aylar önce
@bruh. what jingles is deez nuts
Nawfal Vids
Nawfal Vids 11 aylar önce
yeah that's right
GREENMAN 11 aylar önce
oh so all of a sudden all history videos are required to be like bill wurtz’s videos
Voidkin 11 aylar önce
@Laam pissed off dream fan alert, everyone lock your doors and hide your children!
BIGMAN 3 aylar önce
8:14 bro I remember how cool that pocket nether thing was. I felt like I was hacking or something when I did it lmao
TytusGamer 5 aylar önce
Can we acknowledge the fact that Jeb only added polar bears because his wife liked them
No • 20 years ago
No • 20 years ago 2 aylar önce
“The Halloween update happened on Halloween” Ah yes, the floor here is made out of floor
TheAres1999 Aylar önce
Hi, you're on a massive platform floating over the void. Pretty cool, huh? Some of it's stone, heck, most of it's stone. I kind even get from hereto here without crafting a pickaxe
Host Yıl önce
Bill Wurtz: History of the entire world, i guess. Everyone: *Takes notes*
itsmealex76 5 aylar önce
This was what I was about to say lol.
bigga 5 aylar önce
@Alice S it isn't good at all tbh
kitpvp yay
kitpvp yay Yıl önce
i was just about to comment that
Alice S
Alice S Yıl önce
this isnt half as good tho
Day 17 Productions
Day 17 Productions 2 aylar önce
“The Halloween update happened on Halloween” Hmmm yes the floor here is made of floor
Ryandagamer 5 aylar önce
I never knew notch lived for this long to make this game
AT THE STUDIO Aylar önce
Just imagine beating the ender dragon while doing math
Will Carroll Hamilton
Will Carroll Hamilton 2 aylar önce
12 years of minecrafting. I remember when planks no longer existed
Zachy kun
Zachy kun Yıl önce
Hats off to this guy for spending 13 mins explaining minecraft history to us while on a date with the love of his life
bigga 5 aylar önce
hats off to this guy for recreating bill wurtz and making an even shittier version of it
ٴ Yıl önce
who misses playing Minecraft back in 2012 on the PS3 or xbox 360 maybe even on the school computer
Voxan Yıl önce
I like how the chicken just walked away like "Dude you're so boring" Edit: 6:18
Tryzick Theminecratfer
@Natalie 12:57
Natalie Yıl önce
A Trans dragon with a flamethrower
I find it hilarious how he pronounces “chartreuse”
Ado Standley
Ado Standley 2 aylar önce
When he says "I don't know its just a game theory" I shat myself
Stabster 5 aylar önce
In one version, creepers could move while exploding
Alfred Natsir
Alfred Natsir 5 aylar önce
“All they ever wanted was a friend” Me: *starts crying*
Josh17xSenpai Yıl önce
**Minecraft exists** Gamers: "We should make a Religion out of this."
-Kenta EH-
-Kenta EH- 5 aylar önce
@bigga it's been a year and yes i didn't get the reference even tho i watch it countless times before and my respond to them is utterly cringe. But not comparable to your shi7ty comment lmao
bigga 5 aylar önce
@-Kenta EH- damn bro you didn't get the reference? L + bozo + ratio + cringe + touch grass + didn't get the bill wurtz reference
-Kenta EH-
-Kenta EH- Yıl önce
@Connel Evish i didnt get it. Imean. You can also read some reply and can see that i say i didnt get it. Thank you anyway for telling
Connel Evish
Connel Evish Yıl önce
@-Kenta EH- . That was a reference
lumapop 2 aylar önce
fun fact: iron golems dropping roses are actually a reference to castle in the sky!
Echo 3 aylar önce
I hopped on one of my old worlds the other day and I found I actually had one of those weird cobbleston portal blocks
Akuto5an 13 gün önce
Yogscast...my childhood heroes and legends
Epic Memes
Epic Memes 2 aylar önce
I like how the whole minecraft community hates phantoms *Even though they voted for phantoms in the 1.13 mob vote*
Bober Yıl önce
Fun fact: The gears actually acted like “sideways redstone”
qwertui lord
qwertui lord 9 aylar önce
mumbo jumbo be like Give me those gears!!!!!
56Quadrant 10 aylar önce
Copy pasters be like:
Salpaca53 Yıl önce
@PolyBotics Yes, because my comment has more likes and comments and this comment has the exact same words as mine (my comment has more words than this one because I edited it).
PolyBotics Yıl önce
@Salpaca53 They copied your comment.
shreksbro t
shreksbro t Yıl önce
I’m sorry to tell you but, this comment was copied
Justin 4 aylar önce
At the beginning I was hoping there would some mention of Infiniminer, the inspiration for Minecraft. Notch literally called MC an Infiniminer clone.
Ryan and Hazel
Ryan and Hazel 5 aylar önce
Teacher: what did we learn today? Me: Old sponges were overpowered
Joshua Flores
Joshua Flores 5 aylar önce
In 11:11 sipeover says “It’s just a GAME THEORY” Matpat would be so happy
Mary M
Mary M 2 aylar önce
The only reason a floating sky dimension wasn’t added was because he couldn’t have the game create giant shadows under floating islands. So we have the end. Which is similar.
[Infinity] Yıl önce
“Now you can accidentally burn down a forest” *hey, we could make a religion out of-* “no don’t”
AngieIdk Yıl önce
Bill Wurts reference
Panzerpack Yıl önce
**Fortunate Son son starts playing** Some folks are born made to wave the flag They're red, white and blue And when the band plays "Hail to the Chief" They point the cannon at you, Lord It ain't me, it ain't me I ain't no senator's son, son It ain't me, it ain't me I ain't no fortunate one
EnvyGames Yıl önce
@Coffee kat Anarchists: “oh yeah it’s all coming together”
Marie-Pier Edwards
Marie-Pier Edwards 2 aylar önce
Pocket Edition is the Edition I play on currently, and soon after it was released, I guess it became part of Bedrock Edition, and became very similar to it.
•!cloudy_angel!• 5 aylar önce
This reminds me a whole lot of “history of the entire world, i guess” from Bill Wurtz (edit) am I famous or smth?!??
Joel Dizon
Joel Dizon 3 aylar önce
@Ogi Ipad and plus bill wurtzs was from 5 years ago when sipover did 1 year. So sipover was copying him(or just taking inspiration)
Joel Dizon
Joel Dizon 3 aylar önce
@Ogi Ipad he dident. Its more like this video but for adults not children
Leonel 14 HALLOWEEN 3 aylar önce
Joel Dizon
Joel Dizon 4 aylar önce
sipover copied bill or sip asked bill if he could use it
Itz_Vixle 4 aylar önce
10:05 you can make a religion out of this “is from that vid
DeanBao Aylar önce
The gear was actually the first version of redstone
Jason Patterson
Jason Patterson 4 aylar önce
Wish you'd mentioned where Notch got the entire idea to dig up blocks and build things with them - Infiniminer by Zach Barth (Zachtronics).
f 9 aylar önce
Honestly, I'm surprised that I just watched a whole 13 minute long video, it felt like 2 minutes went by.
silentclicks 7 aylar önce
@Erin TV is not working
louris main
louris main 8 aylar önce
tofu macoroni
tofu macoroni 8 aylar önce
yeah same idk why
l3w15 r4m5d3n
l3w15 r4m5d3n 8 aylar önce
Must have enjoyed it
The Cheeseburger Oreo
The Cheeseburger Oreo 9 aylar önce
And In mid 2020 i just watched a 1:58:00 video
Izechin 4 aylar önce
And now the New Cave update is even scarier than the sounds they put there
Dionisio Esoreta
Dionisio Esoreta 2 aylar önce
One of the hardest minecraft achievement is how did we get here to get that achievement you gotta get all of the potion effects in one place but in 1.19 the achievement how did we get here is getting even more harder because of the new minecraft warden
Technoleginy Aylar önce
i defentily liked nochs's creations so im saying i like the older ones
The Family Yogi
The Family Yogi 3 aylar önce
Respect to the cameraman for going back in time
Atomic Joan
Atomic Joan 3 aylar önce
pretty easy, just load up a minecraft launcher and select an older version
mrriyan Yıl önce
Teacher: "Who is your favorite teacher" Me: "Bill Wurtz"
Shark Ice T
Shark Ice T Yıl önce
Boas Simamora
Boas Simamora Yıl önce
SCP Productions
SCP Productions Yıl önce
@Simplyy oh I was dumb and thought you were talking to the original comment
king kapoor
king kapoor Aylar önce
this made me feel old, I REMEMBER THE UPDATES FROM 1.10! I WAS A KID BACK THEN
Desmond Schneider
And now the cave sounds are on Bedrock edition… Thanks… I really needed mining PTSD when looking for diamonds… Ngl thought, it high key gives me a panic attack. Just don’t play the sound on peaceful… 😒 I’d like to know in Hard mode, but they don’t spawn in peaceful.
BenInvałid 4 aylar önce
4:45 If People Don't Get The Joke, The painting looks exactly like rick roll.
literally every youtuber that exists
this video contains as much nostalgia as possible
Minecraft's Rarest Occurrences...
görünümler 11 000 000
Minecraft's History of Travel
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Minecraft's History of Hacks
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Overwatch 2 is FINALLY here...
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Revisiting Historic Minecraft Mods
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Visiting Historic Minecraft Worlds
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The Story of Minecraft's Pillagers
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Minecraft's Most Unknown Secrets...
Overwatch 2 is FINALLY here...
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