Crashing the International Space Station (ISS TRIBUTE 2031)

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In 2031, after over 30 years operating in space, the International Space Station will retire. It will burn up in the atmosphere, and crash back to Earth in the Pacific Ocean at Point Nemo - a place where spacecraft retire.

But what will happen before the end of the space station’s life and 30 year mission. How many more astronauts will get to live onboard? When will the first Starship dock with the station? Will the first person who steps on Mars, get to train on the ISS. And will the station get to witness the launch of the first crewed mission to Mars.

A timelapse and timeline of a number of ISS milestones are also included in the video. From when did the first astronauts start living on the station, start eating plants grown on the station, to the first docking for a SpaceX Dragon capsule. And even the beginning of tests on a handheld 3d bio-printer, that can use an astronaut’s own cells to print bandages in space.

Space quotes from: Stephen Hawking, Astronaut Victor J. Glover, Arthur C. Clarke, and Carl Sagan.

Footage sourced from: NASA, ESA, and Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center esrs.jsc.nasa.gov/ESRS/
An international space station retirement sci-fi documentary, and a look into future technology.
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This 3 minute video is enough to make you think, even if it's "only" about the ISS. Very well done!
Raed Gaj
If I were a zillionaire, I'd have built the ISS just to record the insane footage of those Arora's from space [from
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One of the best channel in the world! Good job and very nice videos 👍👍👍
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Wow. This is such a cool video. The journey of the ISS is so exciting it's hard to fathom!
I really learn so much from this channel than from my stupid school 😅😂
My favorite channel, Your videos are so much satisfying and educational. My support from India 😊
Con D. Oriano
Can you do a timelapse of first contact with extraterrestrials? like what we will discover and how many there are etc.
Nice video. Thanks for the tribute. Humanity forever.
The grand ISS showed us it was possible and now we strive to make a space station around the MOON it's so amazing
Can we all just appreciate that we can watch this amazing content for free?
Puneet Maheshwari
loved how you credited the person who said the quote great video
When will new timelapse documentary come?
Amazing video 🤩
Feznaldo JF
Such a wonderful video! With your permission, I would be honored to repost your whole channel on Ganjing World platform. I will feature exactly your videos and channel name on Ganjing World. Waiting for a positive reply from your side, and many thanks!
The Order Of The New Phoenix
by the time the ISS expires i'll be 23, so we still have time to make memories and such
Franklin Carlson
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Your videos are beautiful greetings from mesopotamia
well done!
I think they souldn't just crash the ISS, but take the modules safely back to earth to make a museum out of it
Red Scotland
Why on earth would something like an international space station be destroyed? Surely the money it cost to put it and keep it there this long, not to mention future observations, means it should always remain where it is and if anything be expanded upon?
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