The End - Chapter 2 Finale (Full In-game Event Video)

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With The Convergence completed, the final battle to save the Island begins.

Watch the full event video now.

Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.

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3 Ara 2021




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Pixelcraftian Aylar önce
_"I watched you die!"_ _"I got over it"_ This is genuinely an amazing line lmao. I don't play Fortnite, but I love the animated story bits I end up seeing, especially how it integrates gameplay into it. Awesome job!
Arkus Warrior
Arkus Warrior 4 saatler önce
When he said "i got over it" over what?
Tousif Ul Habib✇_𖣐
CrispMatrix 4 gün önce
You’re everywhere LMAO I FR CAN’T
Cherub Sweetface
Cherub Sweetface 6 gün önce
its free
xKayo 7 gün önce
itsmattzed 21 gün önce
At 10:04 i realized how i always wanted for this chapter to end but i never really appreciated what we got. I saw all the seasons flashing in a second and i was looking at all those memories literally being sinked in the past. I had so much fun this chapter and i deeply thank the Fortnite devs for putting all the effort they could regardless of Covid complications
Fxngster 3 gün önce
@Fabiano Andree Nuñure Velasquez Imagine being illiterate. My god.
Fxngster 3 gün önce
wow chill out chapter 2 was actually good
Capo Laz
Capo Laz 7 gün önce
@Noble all these were never needed to be added. Fortnite was such a fun game even without them. So complicated nowadays...
Capo Laz
Capo Laz 7 gün önce
@mouses comparing to ch1 yes it was.
ClubKid 10 gün önce
@Fabiano Andree Nuñure Velasquez cope
Telepek Telepkowy
Telepek Telepkowy Aylar önce
Now that Arcane is a thing and it's a massive success, I really hope that Epic will follow because Fortnite has MASSIVE story potential. Underneath the mindless and repeatable games there is crapton of lore, lots of interesting heroes and villains and lots of action - the events are just a fraction of the story this game has and they are perfect to show it in the same way Arcane showed the world of LoL to people. Seriously, its just missing out at this point...
Shadow Midas
Shadow Midas 19 gün önce
I hope, after all if people appreciated the comic books they'll do the same with a TV series
Sontho Aylar önce
@Bendy Man what I listed was when part 2 came out.
Bendy Aylar önce
@Sontho I meant presently. It WAS overlooked, but look at it now
Sontho Aylar önce
@Bendy You say that as if Arcane was released years ago, the show topped Netflix's charts in over 50 countries.
Bendy Aylar önce
@Sontho Arcane was often very overlooked, considering how it was LoL based
Mal456 Aylar önce
8:05 the fact that these things can walk underwater is more blood curdling than I've ever felt
Fun-E Personn Productions
They are literaly more resistant than a Universe ending beeing.
DarkHissper 9 gün önce
@Линн I thought they messed up
Nevoaa aa
Nevoaa aa 11 gün önce
@Линн How is it that the cube queen made them but ty hey can walk on water but she can't?
Kaydon Cook
Kaydon Cook 15 gün önce
If the caretaker was under the water he might have survived the island flipping so he might be circling the chapter 3 island
fry 19 gün önce
Not only that care takers pretty much dont know how to swim so he just walks on water lol
Pluto V2
Pluto V2 Aylar önce
He came, he put in the work, and put in the hours, and now that new map is ours.
Jose Figueiredo
Jose Figueiredo 3 gün önce
AR this season and also the same shotgun chapter 2 season 8
Jose Figueiredo
Jose Figueiredo 3 gün önce
Put the same Arc and also shotguns as
ashton piper
ashton piper 5 gün önce
Demon_Kong 5 gün önce
Rylan Boyd
Rylan Boyd 6 gün önce
Nice at rhyming
Ethan Oliver
Ethan Oliver 21 gün önce
By far the best event! This event brought the whole community together to actively fight a threat that would change the game forever.
The Cube Queen
The Cube Queen 15 gün önce
And no one succeeded, the water defeated me
TheGamingTaylor 27 gün önce
The music in the event is 100% one of the best kinda music i've ever heard, I listen to it on repeat every day 🥰
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Aylar önce
This is the kind of polish and spectacle you would see in a full priced AAA game, especially at 7:07, that transitions was S M O O T H . Fortnite really got the best events
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Tyrannosaurus Rex 7 gün önce
@Anthony Rodriguez oh
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez 7 gün önce
@Tyrannosaurus Rex its a bot
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Tyrannosaurus Rex 13 gün önce
I don’t want to say you copied someone else’s comment but you copied someone else’s comment. Sorry
Enzo Sierra
Enzo Sierra Aylar önce
I love how she says “you.” Implying that she personally knows Dwayne.
randrod1 6 gün önce
@Marco Perugini wait, how do you know?
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Tyrannosaurus Rex 7 gün önce
@randrod1 alright. If you say so
randrod1 7 gün önce
@Tyrannosaurus Rex Yes.
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Tyrannosaurus Rex 8 gün önce
@randrod1 maybe. Do you have what it takes?
randrod1 8 gün önce
@Tyrannosaurus Rex Can I go too?
PuzzLEGO Aylar önce
Can we just appreciate epic for keeping up the super cool animation?
Nico_60_hz 15 gün önce
randrod1 26 gün önce
I'd say they do a good job in animation
Julian Reyes
Julian Reyes Aylar önce
They do one every season ??
Jared Wear
Jared Wear Aylar önce
Epic Games could totally make a full-blown movie with their animation. I'd love to see that.
Matthew Joyce
Matthew Joyce Aylar önce
Can we also appreciate the incredible music in that end cut scene? just wow.
Badpoolinator 11 gün önce
1:29 This was literally the sign that this was the end. This event was so epic!
bonnie The bunny
bonnie The bunny Aylar önce
5:10 it's a good thing he didn't use that when he punched Jones in the zero crisis
VtrueTheBeetroot 27 gün önce
Jones would have been pieced up like a mf, no zero crisis then
Qui Aylar önce
Honestly this shows that a tv show or something based on this storyline could actually be good.
Korg the Gladiator
Korg the Gladiator 27 gün önce
Fax that be sick or even a movie you can watch both on Netflix and the Cinemas
TheDemon Aylar önce
@EdTex1997 You haters are hilarious. The story has a lot of potential to be a movie or something like that, and the animation for these events is just amazing. Stop hating on every aspect of this game for literally no reason.
EdTex1997 Aylar önce
😂😂 you fortnite kiddies are hilarious
Comics.JactusCac Aylar önce
K1tzune Aylar önce
love em or hate em, their events are sick and the models arent that bad.
Bendy 29 gün önce
The animation is some of the best I’ve ever seen come out of a video game
koshkamatew Aylar önce
Chapter 3 already? Time flies pretty darn fast, chapter 2 and me quiting hit like it was yesterday... Well, this better be fun I guess, amazing cinematic!
Glamrock Freddy (ㆁωㆁ)
@239_Baby October 13
Requiem Aylar önce
i quit at ch 2, the season when the map flooded
Owner Games
Owner Games Aylar önce
The chapter 3 feels like chapter 1 with all of the new vehicles and guns !
innit Aylar önce
@Digitalszz Clips season 2 was when the game was best
Luxxior Aylar önce
@MrJomee just checked out your content, its sick bro, keep doing what youre doing and one day we will hopefully see you at the top, just dont forget me
Nolan Craig
Nolan Craig Aylar önce
Chapter two season eight was probably the best live event of all time! I can’t wait to what chapter 3 season one has instituted for us!
Gstar Aylar önce
It was the best event ever, The animation was just awesome Specially The Ending was Beautiful. We Appreciate it Epic
Fade Good PKツ
Fade Good PKツ Aylar önce
We've come a long journey, from chapter 1 all the way to chapter 2 finale
XxImBossXx101 10 gün önce
@Gladiator I fortnites having a comeback rn
Gladiator I
Gladiator I 17 gün önce
I'm curious to see how much Epic continues to expand the story. I think it's an incredible story, but they can't go on forever. Fortnite will not remain popular forever and has already lost a lot of players.
PepeYT 19 gün önce
Exodus_Gaming Aylar önce
Looking at the graphics, crazy how the game evolved from the very beginning up until now
ItsRedFusion Aylar önce
Goodbye Chapter 2 and Thanks for all the fun moments! 🙌
Leon The Hedgehog
Leon The Hedgehog 9 gün önce
Let me have chapter 2 back! I miss it so much
zMvpX Aylar önce
Chapter 2 was pretty much dead to me
adrien animation's
adrien animation's Aylar önce
@QueenJulica [BEST VlDEOS ON YT] I didn't play Fortnite but I rather play Fortnite cause gacha is to cringe Fortnite is better
Backyard Brothers
Backyard Brothers Aylar önce
I started playing in chapter 2 season 6 and nothing has really drastically changed, this new map is the biggest change for me sooo far, I’m kinda scared lol.
Stella Meela
Stella Meela Aylar önce
I mean.. really
Music Music
Music Music 12 gün önce
4:02 is one of the best cinematic pieces of all time I can say that the transition is top tier movie quality And the music is perfect
Derrian Becker
Derrian Becker Aylar önce
I honestly love how happy Jones is to see foundation
couu alis
couu alis Aylar önce
Time sure does fly, this is honestly pretty darn cool. Looking forward to revisit!
Marco Perugini
Marco Perugini 10 gün önce
Ayo what Dat pfp you bot
Denylio Rigters
Denylio Rigters Aylar önce
TheTabo Aylar önce
Not gonna lie, if fortnite had a spinoff that would have only the story of the first one, I would be on board
Cherry Guy Studios
Cherry Guy Studios Aylar önce
i mean technically br is a spinoff of stw
Chronic Carari
Chronic Carari Aylar önce
Next map better be fun
「៚ Eow Mih ᘛ 」
「៚ Eow Mih ᘛ 」 2 saatler önce
@GAMERFLM [I Have high quality VlDEOS] ir so funny
CH random
CH random 10 gün önce
@Marco Perugini now get off your moms account
CH random
CH random 10 gün önce
@Marco Perugini atleast i don't have my irl name as my yt name and a default pfp like you
Marco Perugini
Marco Perugini 10 gün önce
@CH random says the one who has a cube queen photo on your pfp
CH random
CH random 17 gün önce
@trippy. fortnite and roblox are both dogshit so your practically wrong on fortnite being the better game, and they have similar communities so both games aren't good Preach Also stop giving the troll attention
Ryan C
Ryan C 27 gün önce
the chills when The Visitor and The Scientist made their entrance.
Hihiolb 15 gün önce
wow. i didnt play this game for like a year now but got chills watching this.
Chris Gamboa
Chris Gamboa Aylar önce
The Foundation, The Scientist and The Visitor's parts were probably my favourite.
Dragdone Aylar önce
The event was amazing and I loved that the Rock appeared. However I'm disappointed that the Cube Queen didn't really do much. All she did was split the sky open. I hope she'll actually get to do more if she makes a return
Gaspar 17 gün önce
At IMO she did A LOT, at least enough for us to see her powers. She was able to grow the cube corruption (Not to be confused with the Sideways corruption, the cube corruption is the fungus-like growth we saw in S6) to the ENTIRE island, open a giant red rift in the sky and send multiple of her minions on our way. So we already know she is VERY powerful, and the only reason she didn't do more was because of the Seven. So while yes, she was underutilized, if she was utilized correctly we wouldn't have a map to be on.
Yru HbbjjG
Yru HbbjjG Aylar önce
You may not like the game, but you have to admit that animation was amazing. Very awesome event.
Xekle Aylar önce
@Wario the Milkman men, just dont like fortnite anymore, I leave that to the 12-year-olds
Wario the Milkman
Wario the Milkman Aylar önce
@Xekle You make 0 sense Fortnite isn't the past, if anything it's the future It's always evolving, pushing what was possible in the game prior with additions like creative 2.0 and elements becoming more and more interactive And Apex? it's just mid
Alpha Apple
Alpha Apple Aylar önce
@Florida Pictures Entertainment ok
Florida Pictures Entertainment
@Alpha Apple if I'm correct its Joel McHale
Xekle Aylar önce
@Fahmi_Kk na honestly, nah, i have apex men..thats a bit better.. I liked fortnite..but...ye it's the past
the gaming doggo
the gaming doggo Aylar önce
The events just keep getting better and better
HelloThere76 Aylar önce
It’s really interesting to see that all of Fortnites history was building up to this, which means there was a plan from day one Edit: also all those bunkers from chapter one *actually* had a purpose
Darth_ Nihilus
Darth_ Nihilus Aylar önce
im not even a fortnite player but the events they make in this game are amazing
Robot chicken 🐔
Robot chicken 🐔 13 gün önce
This live event made me cry. Im not such an emotional guy but this live event made me so emotional. This the most tears i ever had since 2017 when i was 11. Thank you so much epic games. I give lots of respect. Don't care about likes.
Aman Studios
Aman Studios Aylar önce
POV: You’re floating in the water *bored out of your mind* and you decided to check TRvid
Marco Perugini
Marco Perugini 10 gün önce
@Aman Studios i like your pfp
How to breathe Pls im new
@QueenJulica [BEST VlDEOS ON YT] gatcha pfp dm
Miltiades178 Aylar önce
It's Me Cloudy
It's Me Cloudy Aylar önce
Soo true lmao
Man Jr. Productions
@QueenJulica [BEST VlDEOS ON YT] Go keep playing roblox then, I guess 😕
ryder stanfield
ryder stanfield 2 gün önce
This isn’t the end, this… is a new beginning.
DrippinGold47 Aylar önce
Man did this event a thousand times with each character that's dedication
Mario Mastr
Mario Mastr Aylar önce
If the chapter 2 map comes to be the same level of nostalgic as chapter 1, whenever you land on the ch3 map, always remember: the island that you once knew... has flipped.
fallingfolks 21 gün önce
Right after the map flipped over, I realised we should love and support every map because it could be gone in the blink of an eye.
Crafter Lee
Crafter Lee 11 gün önce
The most epic event I have ever seen, good job Epic Games!
NAVY4L1FE Aylar önce
Not gonna lie, i missed Chapter 1 so much after The First End, but now imma miss Chapter 2 as well.
That kid
That kid Aylar önce
Ik this is late, but here we go with the goodbye: Goodbye, Dirty Docks. You've always been forgettable to me. Goodbye, Misty Meadows. Stay Misty. Goodbye, Holly Hedges/Holly Hatchery. Your big hedges are unforgettable. Goodbye, Coral Castle. People called you a bad POI, but I liked you. Goodbye, Pleasent Park. Hope to see you soon, old friend. Goodbye, Steamy Stacks. I'll never forget the times I glided from your funnels. Goodbye, Hunters Haven. I wish you stuck around. Goodbye, Retail Row. Thanks for sticking by us. Goodbye, Weeping Woods. What were you even sad about? Goodbye, Slurpy Swamp/Sludgy Swamp. Thanks for all those shields. Goodbye, Colossal Coloseum/Colossal Crops. You were pretty cool. Goodbye, Stealthy Stronghold. I'll miss you most of all. Goodbye, Salty Springs/Salty Towers/Boney Burbs. Please stop changing. Goodbye, Catty Corner. I hope Meowscles and Kit are safe somewhere. Goodbye, Sweaty Sands/Believer Beach. I think Believer Beach was better, to be honest. Goodbye, Corny Complex/Corny Crops. I liked your secret underground base. Goodbye, Lazy Lake. Loot Lake is better. Goodbye, Fortilla. I don't know why half of you just suddenly got Thanos-snapped. Goodbye, Agency/Authority/Spire/Convergence/Pyramid. Thanks for being great center parts of the map. Goodbye, Yacht. You were an S-Tier landing spot. Goodbye, Grotto/Brutus' Basin. You had a cool wind tunnel. Goodbye, Shark/Sharky Shell. You were also S-Tier. Goodbye, Rig/Rickety Rig. I loved you, but you were too far out on the map to go to most of the time. And of course, Goodbye Chapter 2 Map. You weren't the best map, but you gave us memories that we will never forget. Thank you, for being a great part of Fortnite.
dilik mli
dilik mli Aylar önce
Time sure does fly, this is honestly pretty darn cool. Looking forward to revisit!
Shy Aylar önce
I really love the transitions from in-game to cinematic, Well done Epic.
Korg the Gladiator
Korg the Gladiator Aylar önce
HydroInvalid Aylar önce
JGokuu Aylar önce
I added MEMES to the end event for anyone who wants to check it out 😊
The Supreme King
The Supreme King Aylar önce
@GAMERFLM [New Video Out Now] TF?
Wolvezzzz Aylar önce
@GAMERFLM [New Video Out Now] bruh Roblox is a dead game
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Tyrannosaurus Rex 13 gün önce
0:01 the sound of the blue cube here is just amazing and really calming
Sanjaii Srikanth
Sanjaii Srikanth Aylar önce
This event was excellent and I waiting for chapter 3 but I miss chapter 2.
Gone Down Hard Live
Blevin: - clicks respawn button - does nothing all season - everyone thinks blevin is detrimental to storyline - makes barrier and kills a few zombies - dies -no further importance
Korg the Gladiator
Korg the Gladiator 27 gün önce
- left coz of stream sniping
itsmattzed Aylar önce
Mustard wanted us to know that specific cubes are meaningless, we can always get another one and turn it blue
Sigma discord
Sigma discord Aylar önce
Refuses to elaborate
TommyRaven06 G
TommyRaven06 G Aylar önce
He forgor his part in brazil☠️
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Aylar önce
This is the kind of polish and spectacle you would see in a full priced AAA game, especially at 7:07, that transitions was S M O O T H . Fortnite really got the best events
Damien Lee
Damien Lee Aylar önce
foundation put in the work, put in the hours. loved this event
The foundation
The foundation 21 gün önce
Hello my friend.
P0rt4L 21 gün önce
Didn’t expect to see you here ngl. Welcome!
gxxdvibes3 the one
gxxdvibes3 the one 21 gün önce
Bruh I miss chapter2
Yang Chen
Yang Chen Aylar önce
@Zikkeboi lol u definitely trolling
Zikkeboi Aylar önce
@Yang Chen Joke? I wouldn't joke on such a serious matter. You should make your message more clear next time. I apologize if I hurt your feelings and and am willing to call a therapist if you need any assistance.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Aylar önce
The amount of effort put into this event is absolutely amazing! Kudos to the entire team behind this.
randrod1 26 gün önce
At 9:35 when everyone was looking at the island flipping I said, "I want to go back to chapter 2!"
Malik Jones
Malik Jones Aylar önce
I stopped playing this game 2 years ago but I keep up with the events just outta curiosity to see how it survived for this long it's been played out in my opinion tbh
PoorPlum Aylar önce
As everyone saw The Cube Queen die she technically isn't dead, it's the same scenario as Midas as he's not dead as he died in the loop so he just respawned, it will be the same for The Cube Queen so it isn't the last we see of her or The Last Reality. It was said she will be a problem during chapter 3 so it is likely it will happen
TimeBucks Aylar önce
by far the best event yet
Just Sandro
Just Sandro 5 gün önce
@daan-rb literally Mecha vs The Devourer > every other event that fight was crazy
daan-rb 5 gün önce
no its not even close 😭
Capo Laz
Capo Laz 7 gün önce
@AddictedSam u crazy too
Capo Laz
Capo Laz 7 gün önce
Just Sandro
Just Sandro 11 gün önce
The Ultimate Showdown was the best
NerdFlanders303 Aylar önce
He breaks into the IO HQ, whilst the cube queen executed her plan. In a final attempt to destroy the IO and the last reality, he flips the island, and a new world is revealed...
Stareditzꪜ Aylar önce
😩👏🏻 I loved this event!
The Fred Universe
The Fred Universe Aylar önce
One thing I like about the event is that fishstick is just smiling the whole way through like nothing is happening
GracedApollo Aylar önce
Oh come on EPIC, just make a TV show already, I guarantee it could rival Arcane on Netflix with the level of stuff Fortnite does
Void Lord
Void Lord Aylar önce
Seeing the event from the creators pov rather then some streamer is actually really nice
Marco Perugini
Marco Perugini 10 gün önce
@Ravin X9 he terrain looks like vomit s***t 😂🤢
Marco Perugini
Marco Perugini 10 gün önce
@Ravin X9yeah performance mode is disgusting
Ravin X9
Ravin X9 11 gün önce
And a ton of them have performance mode on so it looks horrible
Parminder Singh
Parminder Singh 21 gün önce
@Kailr absolutely true
woof woof
woof woof Aylar önce
Also this is the only video with full subtitles
🍗Nugget playz🍗
I love how the island just flipped around and created a new island
Aaron Martel
Aaron Martel Aylar önce
I Hope Everyone Gets Ready For The New Ultimate Map I Can't Wait To Play It
PurpleRanger Aylar önce
When I did this, I bounced off the blue cube to get fully shielded up and walked around it while doing the Ain't Afraid Emote alongside another player for a while. Then I led a bunch of other players in a chorus via the Sing Along Emote before all hell started breaking loose. When I saw The Rock, I immediately thought of several friends who are pro wrestling fans and a famous cosplayer friend of mine who I think can totally cosplay as The Foundation!
[ERROR:404] Fxcus
[ERROR:404] Fxcus 4 gün önce
Man, I wish chapter 2 got more to it people thought it was bad was wrong that has been a chapter full Of memories and nobody knew it, Rip Chapter 2
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
The Rock didn't settle in wrestling, but he went to movies, music and now video games. What a legend.
ninji0n 9 gün önce
@Gumball Watterson Just like a rock, cuz he's THE ROCK
SilverNinja 12 gün önce
@Chandrika Sreenivas I’m not everywhere
Chandrika Sreenivas
Chandrika Sreenivas 13 gün önce
@SilverNinja its cuz ur alsoveverywere
Chandrika Sreenivas
Chandrika Sreenivas 13 gün önce
@Da Yeeter ✨️ i̤t̤s̤ n̤o̤t̤ a̤ m̤i̤s̤t̤a̤k̤e̤ i̤t̤s̤ a̤ m̤a̤s̤t̤e̤r̤p̤i̤e̤c̤e̤ ✨️
YourOwn BossNation
YourOwn BossNation 15 gün önce
And comics
Perfect spongebob popsicle
This is where it ends... But... It never ends
I liked the event a lot! The only thing I didn't like was most of it was a cutscene.
Shxdow Aylar önce
This was such a cool event especially the rock and us winning not just that the whole thing!!
asaknight 321
asaknight 321 Aylar önce
as a apex legends player, I must admit you guys have a lot more appreciation into events and your game then respawn does.
Kasturi Chaudhary
Kasturi Chaudhary Aylar önce
@itsmattzed explain how epic doesn't respect the competitive community? I'd actually say that the competitive community doesn't respect epic
itsmattzed Aylar önce
@Kasturi Chaudhary what's cap
Kasturi Chaudhary
Kasturi Chaudhary Aylar önce
@itsmattzed 🧢
itsmattzed Aylar önce
@asaknight 321 y
asaknight 321
asaknight 321 Aylar önce
@itsmattzed idk bro
cryoclast109 Aylar önce
Watching The Foundation be revealed as The Rock was priceless
OmegaDaBoi Aylar önce
@QueenJulica [BEST VlDEOS ON YT] Gacha pfp you opinion is wrong
semmis Aylar önce
@QueenJulica [BEST VlDEOS ON YT] I find it funny how you came to this video just to say that, you're probably a bot too
Ussr Ken
Ussr Ken Aylar önce
@QueenJulica [BEST VlDEOS ON YT] Nice bite ,bruh
Gay ._. Creature
Gay ._. Creature Aylar önce
@CosmicSlayer99 in germany the synchro Voice from the movies was for the character so i think it is the Rock
BaddGeekSquad Aylar önce
Zain Ali
Zain Ali 24 gün önce
9:41 the memories on that island 🥺
Cherry-lee Rae
Cherry-lee Rae 21 gün önce
Love this event❤️
Citex23 Aylar önce
The event was so good!
JesterJohnson Aylar önce
That ending music is beautiful.
DomTheBomb Aylar önce
The Rock made this event for me 🔥
GoochPanooch Aylar önce
@Flan Lmfao
SilverNinja Aylar önce
He did? Pretty sick 😎
Enda Aylar önce
he definitely put in the work
Derry Purnamasari
Derry Purnamasari Aylar önce
@Flan you have been reported for spamming
connor pallister
connor pallister Aylar önce
@Flan stop begging. Just stop.
BeastBoy 13 gün önce
While this was the best event we have had chapter 1 kids will still say that the season X was the best even tho it wasn't which is upsetting seeing that even tho epic will put all their effort in chapter 3 and try to make it fun those chapter 1 kids will still say "nothing compares to the good old days of chapter 1"
Aaron Aylar önce
I’m not a fortnite player but I thought the event was really cool to experience through with the effects and visuals, it really did feel like a movie
Kielan2012 7 gün önce
It fortnite dude :/
Jayden paul lil PZ
Jayden paul lil PZ 15 gün önce
the event 100 out of 10
Daniel Taylor
Daniel Taylor Aylar önce
1:27 gave me chills
Saaamuraiii Aylar önce
It’s was about drive It was about power We stayed hungry We’ve devoured We put in the work And we took what’s ours The foundation:
Saaamuraiii Aylar önce
@electric Armadillo I agree og minecraft good
electric Armadillo
electric Armadillo Aylar önce
@GAMERFLM [I Have high quality VlDEOS] bruh roblóx really even god damm Minecraft is a better example
Saaamuraiii Aylar önce
@QueenJulica [BEST VlDEOS ON YT] I don’t play fn I watch the events tho
Saaamuraiii Aylar önce
@GAMERFLM [I Have high quality VlDEOS] 😂 I don’t play fn I watch the events
QueenJulica [BEST VlDEOS ON YT]
Fortnite is a bad game and will never be good like I am. If you disagree you’re wrong.
Thunder pump
Thunder pump Aylar önce
When the scientist promised us a water break I wasn’t expecting a water break that huge…😐
Komic Aylar önce
"Don't think of it as the end think of it as a new beginning"
DAWG 20 gün önce
This already gives me the chills
Kyledbeast3 Aylar önce
Did anyone else catch this? At 8:00 in the video, the scientist said that he will give us a water break soon, and then ironically we were swimming in the sea watching the new map getting flipped. Now that’s a water break! xD
Goosy 5 gün önce
Yes I noticed it
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Tyrannosaurus Rex 8 gün önce
Well I kept my promise 😂
OdeToHell 28 gün önce
i myself was a part of the event and it was crazy witnessing it. i was able to get screenshots off the event and posted it to twitter through the switch. i loved the event.
OdeToHell 28 gün önce
i still remember having full shield and 47 health
Petar Nenkov
Petar Nenkov Aylar önce
The way the Queen died was a disappointment, other than that. Amazing!
Pogger-chan shorts
Pogger-chan shorts Aylar önce
5:42 the moment we all have been waiting for:
Korg the Gladiator
Korg the Gladiator 21 gün önce
The Foundation be like:: 🤨 😂😂😂👍
Isaiah Arizpe
Isaiah Arizpe 18 gün önce
Jones: I may have dropped it in the zero point. Foundation: ugh why does she make me keep saving you.
Jayree Mosley
Jayree Mosley Aylar önce
That was the best ending ever
Riley Salazar
Riley Salazar Aylar önce
FNAF FREAKK Aylar önce
Dang who new a map could make people emotional I'm gonna miss chapter 2 9:35 this shot of the map flipping Is sad
We must pay our respects to Blevin
Badman Gee
Badman Gee Aylar önce
The Rock doesn’t die, he just cooks food for us to smell
Korg the Gladiator
Korg the Gladiator 21 gün önce
@UnBelTizio fax
Korg the Gladiator
Korg the Gladiator 21 gün önce
xots Aylar önce
No! It doesn't matter what The Rock is cooking!
Oona Nicholson
Oona Nicholson Aylar önce
@QueenJulica [BEST VlDEOS ON YT] here let me fix it for you 🤡 Gacha life is a bad game and will never be good like you. If you disagree, you're wrong. Play Fortnite instead 🤡🤡🤡
YOSHIkage Kira
YOSHIkage Kira Aylar önce
@QueenJulica [BEST VlDEOS ON YT] imagine playing gacha life LOL
Cj Perkins
Cj Perkins Aylar önce
I'm not gonna lie. I took a BIG break from this game cause it got to a point it wasn't fun. But I played it after the update and it's REALLY fun again
Zak Aylar önce
This gives me goosebumps.
It’s Gabriel Torres
It’s Gabriel Torres 27 gün önce
I laughed so hard because Jones dropped The Foundation’s Weapon
Sudore Aylar önce
How to describe this in one word: *epic*
Julio's Videos
Julio's Videos Aylar önce
i got massive goosebumps when i saw the visitor and the scientist because we haven’t seen them since chapter 1 and it just really felt like The End
Fishin with magnets
Those are powerful words
Mocha_ Meteor?!?
Mocha_ Meteor?!? Aylar önce
I just love it how it was just a normal battle royale game but they decide to make a story
Hykx4U 23 gün önce
Love it ❤
Dylan Mills
Dylan Mills 22 gün önce
i like how everyone was joking about the foundation being the rock and then it actually turns out to be him and everyone was screaming their lungs out
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