The Cummins Mustang Takes on Drag Strip

Westen Champlin
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Race Track Testing With Cummins Mustang

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racing driving the cars cummins car collection mustang at the drag stri



7 May 2021




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Hendrix fielding
Hendrix fielding 23 saatler önce
My name is Weston
Cole Stinson
Cole Stinson Gün önce
Smoke stang needs to go to the ultimate callout challenge
Brandon Ford
Brandon Ford 4 gün önce
Hey camera guy, Always record the E/T when recording a drag race
David Bohannan
David Bohannan 6 gün önce
Dude! Awesome channel! But I think you need to rename the Smokestang, Cumstang!!! Because the Cummins is always first!
Gavin Lechner
Gavin Lechner 6 gün önce
Raptor = clapter
mrZile1986 7 gün önce
Why don't you weld that pipe in, oh right they stole your welder lol
Noah Thompson
Noah Thompson 8 gün önce
Carolina squat got banned in NC. I like the subtle dig at it
Logan White
Logan White 8 gün önce
Westen literally has everything to be a professional he had Clifford trailers and tools
Tom Nellist
Tom Nellist 9 gün önce
How much power does this thing make now? Such a beast, awesome to see it tearing up the drag strip 😎
wyatt ammons
wyatt ammons 9 gün önce
Call it the cumstang
Jamon Taylor
Jamon Taylor 11 gün önce
So they made him replace his reservoir with a bottle? What’s the use of this?
P0kets 11 gün önce
thinking of putting a the 8.8 IRS behind my 12v cummins OBS ford truck build.... how has it been holding up? from vids it looks like its been fine
Jayj B
Jayj B 11 gün önce
More boost !!!
Jake Rice
Jake Rice 11 gün önce
Cumstang? 🤔
Tracy McDougal
Tracy McDougal 12 gün önce
Devin Itzkowitz
Devin Itzkowitz 13 gün önce
8.6 seconds? That’s pretty good.
thenewjudas 14 gün önce
What was the time,
850_ Darkwolf
850_ Darkwolf 14 gün önce
Race itsjusta6
Driverlex 14 gün önce
I made the SmokeStang in a game called BeamNG Drive. Please check it out. trvid.com/video/video-kkpn43vWC4E.html Its a proper Ford Mustang with a Shelby GT500 Body Kit and a 6.7L 24V Cummins Diesel. And YES I have given credit to Westen for his AWSOME Creation.
Talking Thrasher 51
Talking Thrasher 51 16 gün önce
Plz make a drag setup and make run at least 5s
Levi Mcclung
Levi Mcclung 16 gün önce
8.6 and you went super light lol damn
Big Daddy Patty
Big Daddy Patty 17 gün önce
That's a lot of money to go slower than a stock Coyote lol
michael charbonnet
michael charbonnet 17 gün önce
You should race the smokestang against the hoonigans Cummins camaro
Official Arami
Official Arami 18 gün önce
Ya'll missed the perfect opportunity to call her the Cummstang
FBI 18 gün önce
Did the mustang get a Cummins or did the Cummins get a mustang
Steven Leonard
Steven Leonard 19 gün önce
Something I was wondering u put a Cummins in a mustang but is it possible to put a diesel in a mid engine car like a c8 or something's get big enough see you riding around in a diesel Lambo
Mark Holub
Mark Holub 19 gün önce
You know, Westen bought a 5 ton over a year ago and we haven’t seen it since then. Im starting to think Westen gave up on trying to fix it.
Mark Holub
Mark Holub 19 gün önce
@Westen Champlin you’re right. But we still haven’t t seen it in over 6 months.
Mark Holub
Mark Holub 19 gün önce
@Westen Champlin want to see what I’ve done with mine? I think you’d like it.
Westen Champlin
Westen Champlin 19 gün önce
We did like 6 videos on the 5 ton
Stéphanie Gauthier
Stéphanie Gauthier 20 gün önce
Love your Mustang 😎
Lewis A.
Lewis A. 20 gün önce
My favorite thing is...I can watch the takeoff, go get something cool from the fridge, and make it back in time to see the finish. Perfect!
Kurmit's Perspective
Kurmit's Perspective 21 gün önce
Dont trust him he told me I won $20000 then wanted me to sign up on a site that has multiple scam alerts And never gave me my prize Because I didn't want to sign up on a site that was going to steal my credit card information When I asked him about all the scammer alerts on the site all that he said was it's legit 100% official he never commented on why there was multiple scam alerts
Kurmit's Perspective
Kurmit's Perspective 21 gün önce
Dont trust him he told me I won $20000 then wanted me to sign up on a site that has multiple scam alerts And never gave me my prize Because I didn't want to sign up on a site that was going to steal my credit card information When I asked him about all the scammer alerts on the site all that he said was it's legit 100% official he never commented on why there was multiple scam alerts
Michael Kurmitis
Michael Kurmitis 21 gün önce
Dont trust him he told me I won $20000 then wanted me to sign up on a site that has multiple scam alerts And never gave me my prize Because I didn't want to sign up on a site that was going to steal my credit card information When I asked him about all the scammer alerts on the site all that he said was it's legit 100% official he never commented on why there was multiple scam alerts
Preston Warren
Preston Warren 22 gün önce
Pass is at 7:55
Sammy W
Sammy W 22 gün önce
This is a fucking pussy car, do a GE9X swap and then maybe I'll be impressed if you're lucky
Yoink Mine
Yoink Mine 23 gün önce
So what did it run😳
Maher Arzouni
Maher Arzouni 23 gün önce
"I'm a semi-professional race-dricer." No, you're another Man-Child on TRvid..
Mario Martinez
Mario Martinez 23 gün önce
Your fuckin bad AZZ bro
Isaac Jensen
Isaac Jensen 23 gün önce
Call it the cumstang
sunset steve
sunset steve 23 gün önce
It's cool seeing Westen doing his thing and being recognized in his element
doubled3510 24 gün önce
One of these things, is not like the others!!
Khanzo_24 24 gün önce
Can we just go ahead and call it the cumstang? Lol
Tint Shop NC
Tint Shop NC 24 gün önce
who does the tuning?
mlungisi chonco
mlungisi chonco 25 gün önce
Please bring back the original 5.0 and build it to race the cop car and smoke-stang
erik garcia
erik garcia 26 gün önce
Why didn't they just call it the cumstang
HaleDynamics 26 gün önce
I want one… so fuckin bad. But I’d drop a diesel into a 2006 stang.
Mome Cas
Mome Cas 26 gün önce
Real life inquiry, if you were to sell, how much would you want for this beauty 😂. I want to roll coal in this so bad
Bonehead3456 27 gün önce
Whats the mpg for it?
Garack Obush
Garack Obush 27 gün önce
First thing I thought of when I saw the title was cumstang
Stephanie Mcknight
Stephanie Mcknight 27 gün önce
meme dream
meme dream 29 gün önce
so how much power does it make?
Cody Thomas
Cody Thomas 29 gün önce
If it is true you can already run 8s with a simple motor swap, then Cleeter has been doing it wrong the whole time
Dozer Rhoades
Dozer Rhoades 26 gün önce
That wasn’t an 8 sec quarter mile pass buddy
iSoldYourLiver 29 gün önce
Anyone else love when he’s about to start and some duck from a soap commercial pops up?
D B Aylar önce
Do you have a hard time getting out of that mustang ? and no its not a fat joke
Cameron Eaton
Cameron Eaton Aylar önce
“Cumstang” is a more fitting name
michelle smith
michelle smith Aylar önce
Just saying wouldnt sub 10 without a cage get you kicked out should get one to be safe anyway
michelle smith
michelle smith Aylar önce
Dont wanna see yah get hurt
Zane Heathcott
Zane Heathcott Aylar önce
So awesome we need longer videos and more of them!
ngh Aylar önce
Why didn't we get a time??
ALY 007
ALY 007 Aylar önce
Video Starts at 7:40
jakeandrewg1935 Aylar önce
Next stop Freedom Factory?
Oliver Hill
Oliver Hill Aylar önce
Wonder how that baby smells xD
HerrMueller93 Aylar önce
8.6 has to be 1/8th mile time
peacfulseas Aylar önce
Next diesel powered project for Westen? No not the women. Just wait for it. I've been to to the long tail boat racing. If you think USA has some outrageous event Thailand is insane. If you're interested in driving twisty roads it's a fun trip. Enjoy! trvid.com/video/video-0lQ2yA5tew8.html
Fernando Guzman
Fernando Guzman Aylar önce
There is no way that boat is on the 8s who u trying to fool 😂😂😂show the real results it hast to be on the 14S
Alex White
Alex White Aylar önce
Iv been following the build and this is awesome man keep it up
Codman Aylar önce
Next you should do a Camero with a Duramax
Zyfy Aylar önce
Did anyone else duck when he put the helmet on in the car?
K2C !
K2C ! Aylar önce
Common Wes let’s see a 6 second smoke stang☝️ ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️
taylorj959a Aylar önce
Westen was like a totally different man when he finished his first run, it was awesome to watch a happy person get even more happy!
JB Technique
JB Technique Aylar önce
or lose some weight!!!
JB Technique
JB Technique Aylar önce
you should let someone that does'nt weigh a ton, race the stang! might get better times!
Rosi E. León B.
Rosi E. León B. Aylar önce
Anonymous RydR
Anonymous RydR Aylar önce
Put someone thats 150 pounds in there prob be 4 seconds faster
Victör Gütierrez.
Bring the smoke stang to tx2k in Baytown tx Westen
B Drift
B Drift Aylar önce
This is lame
Billie Jones
Billie Jones Aylar önce
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Mackenzie Deneen
Mackenzie Deneen Aylar önce
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Omega157 Aylar önce
You ran 8.6 with no experience and a soft launch, that is amazing
Evan Ramey
Evan Ramey Aylar önce
Adison Raquel
Adison Raquel Aylar önce
The funny dancer ultrastructurally stay because start commercially untidy along a crowded knife. truculent, known pendulum
whoopthereitwas Aylar önce
8s he says lol Those runs didn't look very fast u didnt run 8s there's no way
blueblood76 Aylar önce
1/8 mile?
Blurry Bud
Blurry Bud Aylar önce
cum stang t shirts
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Aylar önce
7:28 is the first time i’ve ever heard westen cuss lol
M Bot5
M Bot5 Aylar önce
The taboo leopard histomorphometrically explode because layer undeniably collect beside a stingy entrance. cooing, rustic goat
Gio Munoz
Gio Munoz Aylar önce
Who else is from Tik Tok
sam sanchez
sam sanchez Aylar önce
Hmmmm, I wonder why EPA wants to ban racing.
Hector Martinez
Hector Martinez Aylar önce
Western my man you were spitting game like Sammy the sprinkler, you better have got ole galas number
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Aylar önce
very cool 👍🏼👍🏼
Mr. SanAntone
Mr. SanAntone Aylar önce
You can really just zip tie an overflow bottle in ? Cool
Morsagram_ Aylar önce
Bro we have the same TSW wheels 🤟🏻
mofoco1971 Aylar önce
You didn't put in a Power-stroke what in gods name is wrong with you ? That's not a fiat that's a Ford Mustang. Didn't watch and don't want to. JS
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Aylar önce
Zip ties, duct tape and a pony rollin' coal?! I am so happy right now!
thats me
thats me Aylar önce
isn’t racing about how lite ur vehicle is ?? the driver wieghs more than the car 🚗
galen lyall
galen lyall Aylar önce
The careful operation jelly buzz because package arthroscopically flash beyond a aboriginal crate. ahead, determined license
Kimberly Ernie
Kimberly Ernie Aylar önce
The wasteful soap pathologically cross because hell behaviourally whine times a plastic balloon. hoc, grandiose beast
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Aylar önce
1:05 the kid is as old as me
John Doe
John Doe Aylar önce
Piece of s***
Ethan V
Ethan V Aylar önce
8:07 I thought he was gonna say “I left soft but by the end I was stiff”
Sean Stelpflug
Sean Stelpflug Aylar önce
Reece Aylar önce
If we bring tools then that's a sign we are gona break it, first run..... breaks it
Paul B.
Paul B. Aylar önce
Diesel Mustang??? Here's a guy with too much time on his hands.
Alex Duke
Alex Duke Aylar önce
I guess cleetus didn't watch your channel. Too bad his loss
Mike Nasarzewski
Mike Nasarzewski Aylar önce
@teamzmotorsports can get you hooking with a badass suspension and build you a gorgeous rear end if you want that thing to scoot for real!! Loved seeing you so happy man very cool 👍🏼👍🏼
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