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20 Mar 2023




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8 Cut Strings
8 Cut Strings 2 aylar önce
This is one of those things that makes you feel good for no reason whatsoever
Little Pigeons
Little Pigeons 2 aylar önce
62 likes yet no comments? Let me change that
8 Cut Strings
8 Cut Strings 2 aylar önce
@Little Pigeons This comment made itself aware to me at the particular point in time this comment reached 69 likes. Nice
Lawrence of Arabia
Lawrence of Arabia Aylar önce
Can you name some more of those things?
Paul Carey
Paul Carey Aylar önce
My only question is: How did the guy do on the exam he was supposed to be studying for instead of inventing staple cubes?
BMR Customs
BMR Customs 2 aylar önce
when there's one hour left at work.
Joram Erandio
Joram Erandio 2 aylar önce
rockmemama86 2 aylar önce
Especially when you work 13hr 3rd shift shifts lmfao
자유대한 2 aylar önce
그회사 망하면 당신도 일자리 잃겠군요..
Scallion Pancake
Scallion Pancake 2 aylar önce
​@자유대한 ain't no company going bankrupt because bmr customs decided to build a staple cube in the last hour of his 5th overtime this week
Фёдоров Юрий
Не наигрался в детстве,А сколько женщин хотят любви, а где мужики-- играют...
Евгений Монин
This is how prefabricated cottages are assembled.
Teauma 2 aylar önce
I'm concerned at the amount of happiness that brought me
Superslime 2 aylar önce
dont be concerned cuz now you're making me concerned that this also makes me happy
Eddie The Blackest
Eddie The Blackest 2 aylar önce
Stop spreading concernedness
ThunderStrike 2 aylar önce
Nah I'm concerned now
joemamaydgejsn 2 aylar önce
Stop being concerned bro and just enjoy it🍷🗿
CaptainBeatDown Aylar önce
When you steal the teachers paper clips and start making cubes
Niezyje Aylar önce
we all had that one kid in school doing something like this
Warrior GP
Warrior GP Aylar önce
How could something so simple be so mesmerizing. That was awesome
C. C.
C. C. Aylar önce
Waste of time
Cosmic Aylar önce
@C. C. Bro you’re on TRvid shorts. This entire video format is designed to be a waste of time.
Creator Productions
@Cosmic Yea, like bro is training to become one of those people that always say the obvious to get cheered
Giraffe space trails gamer
Ikr I need to make one of these now
s5RE07TI0 Aylar önce
​@C. C.no, it's awesome
Ani Playz
Ani Playz Aylar önce
Won't be long until bro becomes a stapleologist
Sofia Aylar önce
Skillet Aylar önce
“What if we used 100% of the brain?”
Scott Petersen
Scott Petersen Aylar önce
This is How the Borg started, they asimulated Staples and began building cubes
rosie blushx
rosie blushx Aylar önce
That snap was all I really needed in life.
James Sword
James Sword Aylar önce
Just عبّاد
Just عبّاد Aylar önce
intraflow Aylar önce
Become saved in the Lord Jesus Christ and find out how to get saved the Catholic way 👍🙏
Geo314 Aylar önce
ぼっさん Aylar önce
Staple maker should use this movie as their commercial :p
Kaneda Yoshida
Kaneda Yoshida Aylar önce
This is how architects make building structures.
Karma Aylar önce
ferb, i know what we're going to do today
Jodio Aylar önce
Johnny Joestar, I mean Great-Gigi
Борис Воробьев
король Ди ванов!!!!.
jellyblox-YT Aylar önce
Sorry to be this guy but I thought it was "ferb, I know what we're going to do today"
Reality_101 Aylar önce
@jellyblox-YT it is and finally i will be able to hear that in new episodes again
Zeyy Aylar önce
Ryen Aylar önce
Just when I thought you couldn’t get any stupider, you totally redeemed yourself with this 😂😂😂😂
Rem Aylar önce
You know the guy who figured this out was some dude bored out of his mind at an office job.
Kenroy Adams
Kenroy Adams Aylar önce
This video was way more captivating than I anticipated. Now I want to attempt this
Clean beanz
Clean beanz Aylar önce
Lmk how it goes
RMD2008 Aylar önce
Grob Aylar önce
This was low-key trippy
Cink Namloh
Cink Namloh Aylar önce
I'm doing this at work today lmfao 🤪
2020 Kia Soul EV
2020 Kia Soul EV Aylar önce
it’s been 16 hours have you tried it
Kolpila the derg
Kolpila the derg Aylar önce
My childhood has been realized
Farzana Yasmin
Farzana Yasmin Aylar önce
This is what kids Will do in their pass time in school and the teacher be like he won first place in Crafts
aslegger Aylar önce
My man just made an Aperture Science Weighted Storage Cube
younas qureshi
younas qureshi Aylar önce
Replace science with stationary and storage with staple 😂
BlueCreeper Aylar önce
Aperture Science Stationary Staple Cube
Aww. I didn't know you were in a relationship with this man?
sigma1932 Aylar önce
This was a triumph.... I'm making a note here: "HUGE SUCCESS"...
Aebhosor Aylar önce
Some bygone childhood memory popped up all of a sudden
Lucky Student
Lucky Student Aylar önce
The one kid in the back of the class be like:
Muhammed AlShameri
Muhammed AlShameri 2 aylar önce
That last click .....perfection.
Amarendra Kumar
Amarendra Kumar 2 aylar önce
Jerry S Sikes
Jerry S Sikes 2 aylar önce
The whole thing cleanses the soul... This man has ascended from gigachads to king chad
Canal INsectus
Canal INsectus 2 aylar önce
it was satisfying!
Amarendra Kumar
Amarendra Kumar 2 aylar önce
КЛИН 2 aylar önce
​@Jerry S SikesStandard Chad, Giga Chad, King Chad😂
Mimi Thinks
Mimi Thinks Aylar önce
the new prototype for a saw movie
Ashley Brown
Ashley Brown Aylar önce
When you're bored at the office
birbie 2 aylar önce
this has made me unreasonably happy
Drift Jr
Drift Jr Aylar önce
69th like
a sheep
a sheep Aylar önce
Лана Aylar önce
Типа дом?
Black One Punch Man
Achievement unlocked: Save Ted
Dhruva Aylar önce
It's all Goodman to hear
Unknown Aylar önce
just the normal day in the life of a creative person
Colin Blau
Colin Blau Aylar önce
Before Time Began, There was ... The Cube
MORRIS Aylar önce
Imagine he by mistake scratches his nail on one of em
Agus Wahyu Kurniawan
when you hear sound of "click", thats just like orgasm in a climax way whatsoever.
Sushant Singh
Sushant Singh Aylar önce
Staple sales after this 📈
Joseph Livengood
Joseph Livengood Aylar önce
Yep time to invest in the stock lol
João Gomes
João Gomes Aylar önce
Ray Catlin
Ray Catlin Aylar önce
By - the - box too .
Cube Chan
Cube Chan Aylar önce
Remember Staples?
Moderator Alfred K.
Gre3eM Aylar önce
Bro spun that cube at the end like a Rubik's cube
Brain Smoothie
Brain Smoothie Aylar önce
Imagine if he accidentally breaks the thing, and his hands suddenly become covered with nothing but bloody staples.
Jullia Capybara
Jullia Capybara 2 aylar önce
I made this at home, and now my parents are really proud to have me. People started calling me stapler pin man, i'm really thankful to you.
Lucyana 2 aylar önce
For a minute I thought this implied that for your entire life up until this point your parents didn’t love youc
Engineered Truths
Engineered Truths 2 aylar önce
​@Lucyana that's is exactly correct. This man saved me from being put for adoption
Hanabi Hyuga
Hanabi Hyuga 2 aylar önce
hey we have same pfp just you have irl and i do anime
Totower 2 aylar önce
@Lucyana what can do if true?
Moose Moose
Moose Moose 2 aylar önce
omg its you! stapler pen man!
Husiek576 Aylar önce
My coworkers wondering where did all the staples went while being surrounded by 20 weird cubes.
mihai 123
mihai 123 Aylar önce
when you're life is meaningless
Uddhav Srivilasan
Uddhav Srivilasan Aylar önce
And it's exactly a minute long. Perfection.
Mr postman
Mr postman Aylar önce
Thats how long a yt short is 💀💀😭😭
Ankit Pal
Ankit Pal Aylar önce
no bro he just recorded and speeded it till 1 min. 😊
something cool
something cool Aylar önce
Now that is what I call a lazy day in the office
Thomas Heo Romaso
Thomas Heo Romaso Aylar önce
Well, now I know what I'm gonna do in my office.
Burpo Stockings
Burpo Stockings Aylar önce
"Jackson, where's that TSA report I asked you for an hour ago?"
trentbateman Aylar önce
Michael Jackson😂
Shattered Glass Unicron
"Before time began, there was the cube..."
Strxberii_Kow Aylar önce
Man I can’t even simply put in staples into a stapler and you gotta flex on me like this
NFS 24 gün önce
I feel u bro 😅
Nanophile Laboratories
Impressive. I used to play with staple packs as a child, but I never thought I could build something like this!
Keir Aylar önce
creepsosteady187 SIX66IX
I built a staple tower when I was like 5 and my younger cousin knocked it down. Looked like this just taller
Joyfactors Aylar önce
Can you tell me if all the pins are the same equal size I really need to know
Siok Boen
Siok Boen Aylar önce
Me too.
Aetheryx Aylar önce
this hurts my brain more than a peeled lemon
Васька Пряник
К мему "Расскажи шахтёрам, как ты устал в офисе".
NNTD Aylar önce
Awesome, I think I’ll spend my first hour at work on this 😂😂
Numinous Aylar önce
Y'all have some jobs.
Nonsense618 Aylar önce
As someone who has never watched this channel before, this is a very good first impression
The Slithering Peanut
The things you do when bored.
AllGamingGoomba Aylar önce
This man is going places
Lukas Prien
Lukas Prien Aylar önce
Real Kiwi
Real Kiwi Aylar önce
He just made a cube
Chuck N.
Chuck N. Aylar önce
Thinking outside the box. 🤔
AsSeenOnMyAss ForWorld
hes almost got 7mil subs i think hes already been most places
black dog
black dog Aylar önce
The shop to get more staples🙄
This would put a smile on Thanos' face
Molete Kgobe
Molete Kgobe Aylar önce
As an engineer I approve of this🫡
Woody Chang
Woody Chang 2 aylar önce
Lego company should hire this dude.
Helan. Hashim 10
Helan. Hashim 10 2 aylar önce
Naruto's Adventu.res!
Naruto's Adventu.res! 2 aylar önce
😐 simply no
Useless Soundtracks
Useless Soundtracks 2 aylar önce
No, this guy is just step one of illegal lego builds
Shantanu 2 aylar önce
Dancer to a Discordant System
I've never needed staples that bad.
RyanFoxx302 Aylar önce
This something I would’ve did in the 6th grade.
Sussy gaming
Sussy gaming 2 aylar önce
This is the talent that no one asked for but we all need it
Ujwal Pimple
Ujwal Pimple 2 aylar önce
Chopper 2 aylar önce
Nobody needs it
herpja1 2 aylar önce
Percy best friend Grover also The GOAT
He playing in creative mode
Uncolored 2 aylar önce
@Chopper pessimistic
B-DOG THE STOPS Aylar önce
I’m torn between thinking “why make this” and “why not make this”
cmalc8 Aylar önce
Design was a psychic joint effort of a million people pretending to work at their desks.
Chris Wilgus
Chris Wilgus Aylar önce
Well, I know what I'm doing when I get back to work.
volvo09 Aylar önce
"so how was work today?" 🎁
Kerry Gibbs
Kerry Gibbs Aylar önce
I can hear the office manager yelling…… who in F#€¥ took all the staples!
Jack Skellington
Jack Skellington Aylar önce
Guess I’m buying some staples today 🤦‍♂️🤣
Lophie Yattes
Lophie Yattes Aylar önce
Me too! :3
BiGbIsHoP Aylar önce
Wait until Monday, I'll have 10+ unopened boxes that we can all go crazy with. Staple gun doesn't need em anyways
Гасан Алиев
taireico reco
taireico reco Aylar önce
B-Roca Holder
B-Roca Holder Aylar önce
jdiah daniel
jdiah daniel Aylar önce
Me at the teacher's desk when she leaves to go to the bathroom:
Yashraj SRGM
Yashraj SRGM 2 aylar önce
Bro this guy is the only reason why I bought a new box of staples 💀 Edit : my reply section is the beginning of World War 3 bruh
SwiftBlade4 2 aylar önce
Qwerty 2 aylar önce
@SwiftBlade4 bruh 😎
EliPlaysGames 2 aylar önce
Zenvixity#roadto1k 2 aylar önce
elliesmaui 🤿💓
elliesmaui 🤿💓 2 aylar önce
Alan Turbocharged
Alan Turbocharged Aylar önce
Somebody’s getting a lot of work done today
TheMaestro Aylar önce
Optimus Prime says: "The cube..."
Puneet Maheshwari
Puneet Maheshwari Aylar önce
i always had a inner urge to make something from these but never figured out what it was
Silver Hand
Silver Hand Aylar önce
Same 😂
바킥tv Aylar önce
i thought making this was suppose to make me calm not stressful
George Emmanuel
George Emmanuel 5 gün önce
Me watching this at 3 A.M
Chronic Smoke
Chronic Smoke 2 aylar önce
We need this man for president.
KlyddKorupt Aylar önce
We need anybody ELSE for president...
Katrina Pettirose
Katrina Pettirose Aylar önce
Ok this is some, "I have an entry level office job. I finished my work already 2 hours in. I have 6 hours left to kill. What do I do?! OoOooo staples!"
Jesus protects
Jesus protects Aylar önce
Certified "why am I watching this?" moment.
FuzionGgamer ____
FuzionGgamer ____ Aylar önce
Someone hire this dude as an engineer.
Point Blank
Point Blank Aylar önce
He: does it easily without struggling; Me: hiring an exorcist to get rid of something known as "physics"
Herschell Bennett
Herschell Bennett Aylar önce
This is a reflection of my life.
Giga Chad
Giga Chad Aylar önce
The best part is that just a box made out of staples can make millions of people happy
Олег Мащенко
Это называется -когда в офисе нечем заняться
ells 2 aylar önce
“hey bro! do you have some staples I can borrow?” “oh yea, for sure!” *pulls out cube* edit: glad I could make you laugh :)
Akshay 2 aylar önce
Bruh this this was a joke? Qq
Akshay 2 aylar önce
Should I have to laugh?
AirGlitter 2 aylar önce
Its gonna be difficult trying to fit the cube in the stapler
Zoe Nelson
Zoe Nelson 2 aylar önce
​@Akshay you don't have to laugh, me and 100+ other people will do it for you 😊 all you've gotta do is keep on scrolling 😀
NBCC FARMS Aylar önce
He would be a good architect, his mind is on level 10...👍💪
Kevin G
Kevin G Aylar önce
How does a person even figure something like this out, holy crap.
Phoom's gaming vid
Phoom's gaming vid Aylar önce
The perfection of that cube makes me feel weirdly good 😌
Cows Against Capitalism
I've been wondering for decades if this was possible.
Let Juice Rest
Let Juice Rest Aylar önce
*breaks off one too many staples on a clip* he will never be as long as his brothers.
LaKesh Jasarevic
LaKesh Jasarevic Aylar önce
I can't decide if this is a waste of staples, a waste of time or pure genius. But I'm playing it on a loop because I'm utterly mesmerized 😂
DogeRulez Aylar önce
* cube of staples * Damage: 12 Durability: 663/724 Description: A cube of staples, that's a pretty original item.
Abandoviewer Aylar önce
-I dare you to make the video that get the most people fired from their jobs. -This dude:
S Patrk
S Patrk 2 aylar önce
i always wanted to make a cube from staples as a kid. this dude actually did it
Евгений Зеленцов
офисный планктон развлекуха
Iacob Fechete
Iacob Fechete 2 aylar önce
ULTIM8 _ 2 aylar önce
Nice pfp
Parv Joshi
Parv Joshi 2 aylar önce
​@ULTIM8 _ Hmm... Two galaxies meeting each other that's good I gu-
Edward Zhang
Edward Zhang 2 aylar önce
hes a god damn architect
성이름 Aylar önce
그동안 만들고 싶었지만 지능의 한계로 만들지 못했던걸 유튜브로 볼수있다니 다행이다.
BKIND Aylar önce
I need those reports on my desk by noon! 😂 But wow, now I have to have one of these little staple box’s in my life. Heading to staples. 😂😂😂
Anmol Singh
Anmol Singh 2 aylar önce
Bro just made me use the packs of clips left untouched for years
Sarah_ 2 aylar önce
Same 😂
Blue Clouds
Blue Clouds 2 aylar önce
same too lmao
Om Kumar
Om Kumar 2 aylar önce
Ragul R
Ragul R 2 aylar önce
​@Blue Clouds 🤣 7u
Safi ullah
Safi ullah 23 gün önce
somethings you always wanted to make in childhood but never knew how to
Nia Aylar önce
That snap was oddly satisfying
Niravel Niflheim
Niravel Niflheim Aylar önce
If I ever see one of these cubes out in the wild I'll know the owner watched this video.
talbd195 Aylar önce
I actually went out to buy staples just to try and make this thing and let me tell you, he makes it look easy. You have to have 16 segments of identical length and I had to use guess work to figure out the right length. If they're too long or too short, it won't even work. That pile in the beginning looks like he just took them out of the box but most likely, he pre cut them for the video. TL;DR it's a fun project but it's not super easy like it looks, I recommend to try it but you may get frustrated and it will take longer than expected.
Ricky&Ricardo Aylar önce
It's definitely doable. However, if each section doesn't have the EXACT same number of staples, you're in for a rage-inducing process. But, my desk is now happy with one. :)
Julia van der Merwe
Julia van der Merwe 2 aylar önce
it fits so perfectly my life is complete
Nick Name
Nick Name 2 aylar önce
Saurabh Kesharwani
Saurabh Kesharwani Aylar önce
He he! 😀 👍🏼
Shane Campeau
Shane Campeau Aylar önce
Bro imma steal... i mean borrow my teachers staples just for this epic creation
nadhirah aidit
nadhirah aidit 23 gün önce
Ehhh how hard can it be. Then got humbled by the last step😂😅
M1 2 aylar önce
I’m literally going to be trying this during my next virtual zoom meeting.
Craig Stratford
Craig Stratford Aylar önce
Everyone gonna be nicking staples from work now
Bro took classes from the lego gods☠️