The Crew Motorfest: Teaser Trailer

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Welcome to Motorfest!

Newest iteration in The Crew franchise, The Crew Motorfest brings you to a new open world inspired by the Hawaiian island of O'ahu.

Book your ticket for a one-of-a-kind car festival and get ready for a celebration of the best of car culture, featuring an unparalleled diversity of game modes and immersive driving experiences.

Game info: thecrewgame.com

Music by Blue Stahli. ℗ & © 2023 Ubisoft Music Inc. / Ubisoft Musique Inc.

#TheCrew #TheCrewMotorfest

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30 Oca 2023




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blackJap Aylar önce
Ivory Tower is made of the developers of TDU Cool to see them working in a project with the same in-game location of their roots. Ubisoft pls don't disappoint us
Mae Gün önce
@Nestor Melendez Test Drive: Unlimited
Jango Fett
Jango Fett 21 gün önce
i really really hope they continue the story from the crew 1 or at least have a story in this one
Tommy H
Tommy H 22 gün önce
The map is smaller than the map from TDU1. Like half the size, so it's small. That's a thumbs down!
LD 26 gün önce
No it's not. It's like 3 developers from tdu. The rest are young newer staff.
Stephan Aylar önce
@lastbeer Reflections were exceptional. It's a shame what Atati did to Driv3r. And that is correct - TC1 only have great graphic and cannot be compared to D:SF physics wise. In D:SF cars have had mass, each one very different from one another, sim-cade driving experience. TC1 with the huge map and arcade physics isn't fair trade.
Rafał Rudnicki
Rafał Rudnicki Aylar önce
The Crew 3, riding again on Oahu just like in first TDU. Cant wait.
The Suit
The Suit 3 gün önce
tudy000 3 gün önce
@The Suit SC is due to launch November 2023 if I'm not forgetting anything LOL
creepsosteady187 12 gün önce
Why is everyone calling it The Crew 3. Is it not just an DLC for the crew 2?
TheBladzior667 Aylar önce
see you soon next to Lighthouse
The Suit
The Suit Aylar önce
@purplekero yuppers!
Paragleiber Aylar önce
Looking forward to giving this a try! The Crew 1 and The Crew 2 are both among my most played games of all time.
Ray 2 gün önce
Forza shits on anything the crew does forza horizon 1 looks better then this game
V3ntilator Aylar önce
Hopefully they didn't add RPG elements in it, like UBI tend to do when they wanna sabotage their own games.
Ivan Almeida
Ivan Almeida Aylar önce
Finally Micros... ops Ubisoft anounced a new Forz... The crew! It's hard today... I'm sorry. A copyed and downgraded game in comparision to... ops... A new game built from zero ! Let's see it! or not... or whatever... Did I say that's hard today?
Davion West
Davion West Aylar önce
@Daniel Redziniak yea I should give up on the police with delivering crates 🥲
explodingv8 Aylar önce
Same i love tc1
Rafael Marini Borgognoni
Parece realmente muito maneiro!
Matt Steel
Matt Steel Aylar önce
Phenomenal news 😎 Can’t wait and what an awesome place for some of the team to revisit. Legends!
Lina Dicktator
Lina Dicktator Aylar önce
With how long they have supported this game, I believe this will be a fantastic compromise for those tired of Forza and GT. Absolutely loved The Crew 2
The Runaway Kid
The Runaway Kid 13 gün önce
I love the more relaxed way to explore in the crew games I still enjoy playing the crew 2 it’s just so fun exploring the massive world
Big Poop
Big Poop 18 gün önce
@Skeletor the Gamebro bro probably likes arcade racing
Massive Mini Gaming
Massive Mini Gaming 27 gün önce
@Person 1 I think Forza changes it up pretty well
Person 1
Person 1 28 gün önce
I'm tired of games that look exactly the same 😫
Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher Aylar önce
This'll be awesome! The Crew 2 is one of my most played games of all time! I don't recall there being a Shelby Cobra in this franchise; it'll be sweet to drive one. Seeing as how Ivory Tower is made up by some former TDU developers, it's also cool to see them return to their M.O.O.R. (You're a veteran if you remember what that stands for!) roots.
Mel Aylar önce
I've been playing the crew series since like 2016 and it's definitely one of my favourites so I am very hyped for this
SnoozeBoost 12 gün önce
@abed Ammori Yeah but The Crew’s gameplay is better than forza’s, so graphics don’t really matter. I haven’t seen planes or boats on Forza
The Runaway Kid
The Runaway Kid 13 gün önce
I love how in the crew games you can just go nah I don’t feeling like doing the missions and just drive wherever you want, still play the crew 2 today on my handheld pc being able to switch from car to plane to boat is so cool
abed Ammori
abed Ammori Aylar önce
Every one is talking about how good this looks but i dont see people talking about how much there is of forza copying 🤔 ..... but the funny part is ... all of these years and it is nothing close to forza's graphics
Alexandre Infré
Alexandre Infré Aylar önce
me too
Be You. You matter.
That’s Dope!! I couldn’t wait to explore the map as much as i can as it looks stunning!! The previous The Crew maps was already that big and beautiful I’d really loved the ideas of introducing the new locations in this newest installment of TC Ivory Tower could possibly make it into several other different countries for their next projects!! So here..take my Moneyhhhhhh🤣
Be You. You matter.
Be You. You matter. 7 gün önce
@The Runaway Kid they might be lots of NPCs near the seashores too..I might be bumped into em while irl they’ve been automatically been pushed away from our vehicle haha Why cant Ubisoft make it that way so we can drove towards the pedestrians too
The Runaway Kid
The Runaway Kid 8 gün önce
@Be You. You matter. apparently someone said the planes and boats will be returning in this third game which I’m happy about I hope we also get jet packs!
Be You. You matter.
Be You. You matter. 10 gün önce
@The Runaway Kid ikr! We gotta have a different way of cruising and messing along with the polices all around the world😆..but honestly i’d appreciate their efforts in making the entire USA as a playground in the earlier TC1 (with its expansions) & TC2 Game! What an experience to be having a beautiful and gigantic scale of maps!
The Runaway Kid
The Runaway Kid 13 gün önce
Imagine how epic a crew game taking place in different countries around the world that would incredible
Bobby Martinez
Bobby Martinez Aylar önce
I believe this game is going to be really big and I’ve been waiting so darn long for it. No other racing game supports their game like the Ubisoft/ivory tower… the crew has so much uniqueness to offer. There’s so many reasons why this the stars are alining for this game to set the bar and be the face of the whole entire racing video game scene, they were already on that trajectory but this game i believe in conclusion is where and why they will arrive there. See y’all in Hawaii 🏝️
Khalid Aylar önce
Big map was always one of the best things the crew had i really hope they didn’t gave up on that
Shondelle Tucker
Shondelle Tucker 18 gün önce
The crew motorfest
X-82 21 gün önce
A big empty map wow great
Tommy H
Tommy H 22 gün önce
The map is small, even smaller than the Oahu map from TDU1, like half the size of that lol
Aloner Stoner
Aloner Stoner Aylar önce
i hope its not a huge map of the same thing because its one city
Grilth Vatore
Grilth Vatore Aylar önce
@Nikola Sovtic Sure.
Jefferson Gomes Moreira Morais
Boa Ubi ❤️
Abby Games
Abby Games Aylar önce
Seems cool, i still play The Crew 2 from time to time, mostly just roaming around the country in my bike. Curious to see where this one will develop and if it'll be as big as Crew 2.
Nazarothh Aylar önce
Just amazing !!! 😍
Redfield Play
Redfield Play Aylar önce
Выглядит отлично,жаль что не пригласили на тестирование
Jacob Wieland
Jacob Wieland Aylar önce
Already played the first two The Crew games to death. Can't wait for this game to be released. The Hawaii setting reminds me of the TDU series.
Ray 29 gün önce
@Negnat repsej no it hasn’t
Negnat repsej
Negnat repsej Aylar önce
@RayNah it’s Been delayed forever
Bevan McNicholl
Bevan McNicholl Aylar önce
I couldn't play the crew 2 for longer than 20 minutes. Just awful performance and that ps5 patch was awful
Ray Aylar önce
@ZoM_ TDU and the new tdu coming out next month
Purple Aylar önce
@ZoM_ TDU I'll let you know Ivory Towers developed TDU 👍
Sophie Edel
Sophie Edel Aylar önce
Looks amazing.
Fawad Ahmadi
Fawad Ahmadi Aylar önce
I'm excited for the new crew. I really hope we can host our own servers and have our own stimulations and terms. I'm getting sick of split streaming I'm getting tired of rear drag because it kills the fun in an actual head-on race. When the other opponent is just writing your car's bumper to accelerate faster that's not how it works in real life. It's fun and exciting when two cars without cheats or soft pity. Compete to see which one is better acceleration horsepower quarter mile that's what I'm talking about but all the soft pity stuff got to go. That's just how I feel overall still excited because it's running on newer Gen
T E L E G R AM me at 👉 Ubisoft123 👈
🔝🔝 Hit us UP.....
Thee hawklord - AKA -  Hawklord07
Great 1st trailer and I hope they stick with what ive seen here with the cars except add bikes too. I prey they keep boats, planes, etc in crew 2 and be done with them here. So we have a Lambo, Bronco, Porsche, Shelby so far and I love the way they come together just like the Original game.
BrunoCibra 26 gün önce
Fico imaginando the crew com a engine da turn 10... serial incrível.
T E L E G R AM me at 👉 Ubisoft123 👈
🔝🔝 Hit us up
Salz Gün önce
As long as the handling physics are good, I'm so down to try it
Syrus7sk Aylar önce
Hope you can own multiple garages. Also hoping for actual characters/rivals/personalities as that's one of my biggest gripes with Forza.
Sábio Shino
Sábio Shino Aylar önce
Lembra muito os trailers de Forza Horizon.
Ah yes can't wait I definitely enjoyed The Crew 1 gotta finish the second game definitely looking forward to this game 👌
Versaín Aylar önce
This will be amazing! This looks great and I'm glad to see the progress! 🍷😎
Bingus Aylar önce
@Oliver Queen🏳️‍🌈 then be fair for the game and not act like its a full release
Oliver Queen🏳️‍🌈
@Bingus really? I couldn't tell...
Bingus Aylar önce
@Oliver Queen🏳️‍🌈 its not even out yet
Oliver Queen🏳️‍🌈
Looks not so far from TC2 and almost mobile looking bruh
So hyped for this!!
Bingheadshots Aylar önce
Love this game!
IchigoZangetsu Aylar önce
It looks beautiful to where the game is set can’t wait
Sandeep G
Sandeep G Aylar önce
Looking good so far.
Tiger Hoods
Tiger Hoods Aylar önce
I definitely can’t wait to drive the new cars
ValveBouncer Aylar önce
I'm getting chills, this is going to be big!!
Mafazgafo Aylar önce
NASCARFAN93100 Aylar önce
Looking forward to checking this out Considering that The Crew Especially The Crew 2 is one of my favorite racing games of all time
maxim solyanik
maxim solyanik Aylar önce
Жду с нетерпением
PRArcanjo34 Aylar önce
"Vai Forzear, vai Forzear" 🎶 Não tem como escapar...
player dragon
player dragon 28 gün önce
Eu quero esse jogo, tá lindo demais
T E L E G R AM me at 👉 Ubisoft123 👈
🔝🔝 Hit us up
BlackPanthaa Aylar önce
Evan Kendall
Evan Kendall 12 gün önce
Hot take, The Crew > NFS
Screenydeeny prod
Screenydeeny prod 23 gün önce
Wassup bro
smiley 26 gün önce
The crew motersport
BDZ 27 gün önce
It barely left...by the looks if it lol
Tac_Eagle 27 gün önce
Austin Prime
Austin Prime Aylar önce
INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!! I saw all the cars that are in forza, but now during the cruise even more incredible
Austin Prime
Austin Prime Aylar önce
@AlfderBabybenz ??
AlfderBabybenz Aylar önce
just buy forza?
Jedooo98 Aylar önce
This and TDUSC coming this year. 2 amazing games, the future looks bright for car racing games
Jedooo98 Aylar önce
@JakeMG going off Screenshot’s and what they have promised us. I’m also going off Nacon experience in giving us some really good WRC games. The game isn’t close to being ready so why would there be any gameplay lmao doesn’t cost anything to use common sense.
Jedooo98 Aylar önce
@kamigato some of the lead Developers that worked on TDU2 are with Nacon now. So there is some experience there
insetta Aylar önce
I'm pretty sure (and at this point I hope) TDUSC will not be released this year. For that, we would already have beta testing and gameplay trailer.
Life's short have fun
@ZoM_ TDU Not even close. Cyberpunk released a mess. They SHOULD have delayed it. KT racing delayed TDU because they were working on 2 titles at the same time and the team was split in half. Now that they released the WRC game, they are all working on TDU and want to spend time on it so when they release it, it is NOT like cyberpunk. I don't see how that's a bad thing. You people just lack critical thinking, patience, and want everything NOW NOW NOW.
ZoM_ TDU Aylar önce
@JakeMG Cyberpunk of racing games
Orangutantastic Aylar önce
I cannot express how long I've been waiting for this. I am stoked. Also, I hope we still have boats and planes in this, but I'd be willing to sacrifice the vehicular variety if it compromises the game in any kind of way. (If they do still have planes, I really hope they finally give us jets) Here's my wishlist: Ferrari Daytona SP3 Volkswagen IDR Lambo scv12 A proper tuning menu like in Forza Powerboats with hydrofoils (if they keep boats in the game) Tracked vehicles(???) Maybe there could be a dedicated off-road discipline Ferrari f8 Bugatti bolide I don't know if there are deserts in Hawaii, but I really hope that we finally get some sand dunes in this, since the sandy desert area in TC2 was way too small for my liking (Also, a few people have said that Hawaii should be scaled up to match TC2's map size, but I'm pretty sure that Hawaii is already roughly as big as scaled down USA anyway, so we should just get a 1:1 scale.
The Runaway Kid
The Runaway Kid 13 gün önce
Yeah hyped for this still love playing the crew 2 today, would be great if they added jet packs, Segways and the option to walk around the world freely
ThatDudeAndrew Aylar önce
This looks really great!! Cannot wait!!
Syed Mehmood Ul Hassan
I love this game 😍
Qweet Qci
Qweet Qci Aylar önce
This is going to be fire, been playing the crew 2 for the past 2 years i think, i hope it's the same fun playing this too
Oğuz Kaan Açıkgöz
@AlfderBabybenz It's not.
AlfderBabybenz Aylar önce
when it is continuing the trend its going to be worse, because tc2 was worse than tc1
SM1ANDONLY Aylar önce
Yesssssss!!!!! Let’s go! More crew customization and driving. (Anyone getting fh5 vibes) can’t wait to see pants man’s video on this
G C Aylar önce
So hyped for this. Crew 2 was fantastic and one of my all time favorite racing games.
Okay Okay
Okay Okay Aylar önce
The motorfest should held at a great location in the game and to be performed there virtually in game with live streaming
El Gamer Cosplayer
El Gamer Cosplayer Aylar önce
I'm having a Blast with The Crew 2! Eagerly awaiting this one 😃
Philips Aylar önce
Ai é que é foda manokk
Lipe Dindo
Lipe Dindo Aylar önce
Estou muito feliz em saber que chegará ao PS4. Muito obrigado, Ubi!
Guilherme Barretto
Guilherme Barretto Aylar önce
@Lipe Dindo mano, eu joguei todos os fh, acho que o auge foi o 3, o 4 me decepcionou um pouco mas o 5 meu amigo eu nen terminei....
Lipe Dindo
Lipe Dindo Aylar önce
@Guilherme Barretto No 2 já era bem parecido com o Forza. Eu joguei O Horizon 3 no meu Xbox One S mas achei o The Crew 2 mais divertido.
Guilherme Barretto
Guilherme Barretto Aylar önce
Agr pode falar que tem forza no ps 😂
Stone2D3D Aylar önce
For one, I truly hope this new The Crew title will have good wheel support with good on-wheel Force Feedback effects and superb driving physics. Other than that: looking forward to drive a brandnew The Crew!
TED SHOT THAT Aylar önce
Yess good wheel support! The Crew 2 had it good before the updates
TOTO Aylar önce
I'm looking forward to the game ! I’m hype ! 🤩🤩🤩🤩
Jake 9771
Jake 9771 Aylar önce
I remember the "coast to coast" trailer for the original crew. It was amazing and got me into the game immediately. It's a shame that I never really had anyone that enjoyed multiplayer racing games to play with, so I only spent maybe 20 hours on it, and under 10 hours on number 2. But I did really enjoy both games when I played them. Just wished it was a little more polished, and that the co op elements weren't so glitchy when trying to partner up with people or invite your friends. Always had issues with the person I was grouped with (or just passing random players in the world) and their gamertag would pop up, but not their physical car.
Malt Lickies
Malt Lickies Aylar önce
Wow! Can’t wait 😍
vinstual 3 gün önce
I hope that there will be a track Editor like in gta with the stunt Sets.
G1GANZ Aylar önce
Looks great
michael sanches
michael sanches Aylar önce
Que pasadaaaaa 😻😻😻😻😻Hasta luego Forza horizon
Marcel Aylar önce
Yes! Hype for the Crew
Carlover-gamer Gün önce
Can’t wait
HomerdohYT Aylar önce
Yes!! I really hope this crew is good on steering wheel
SvarogovMSK АвтоФотограф
Надеюсь с физикой все в порядке! Не так плохо, как The Crew 2 Идея отличная! Игра на Гавайях! Я куплю ее и надеюсь, что она не разочарует, как многие игры Ubisoft.
Cody D. Buni
Cody D. Buni Aylar önce
If it turns out to be an improvement, it would be the closest we can get for Test Drive Unlimited 3 while Solar Crown's in development hell.
LS BigMac23
LS BigMac23 Aylar önce
YESSSS. THIS will be a gem in next gen no doubt
0-sega-0 Aylar önce
Ааа это новая часть The Crew? А я думал это новое длс для FH5
Ayman Donia
Ayman Donia Aylar önce
كلششششش متحمس
Phantom Aylar önce
PIXL , Aylar önce
اتمنى انها توصل لمستوى لعبة فورزا ما وجدت لعبه سيارات من سوني ترقى للمحتوى اللي تقدمه فورزا
A Very Normal Skeleton
WHAT A GAME! i cant wait for it to release!
Renjeev Sukumaran
Renjeev Sukumaran Aylar önce
Ngl this looks more epic than I though, no cap I was just thinking why they didn't add the Ford Bronco in game yet and here it is in Crew 3. So glad its available on ps4 too. I own both crew 1 and 2 and the 3rd one would be epic too. Can't wait for it too come out. Hyped up like crazy.
Ron1n Aylar önce
Heck yeah! I'm surprised it's coming so soon.
saymishe Aylar önce
Ждём перенос
JBRZ [®]
JBRZ [®] Aylar önce
Prácticamente un remasterizado de Test Drive Unlimited, ojala que mejoren las físicas de los autos ya que es su talón de Aquiles, en lo demás tengo altas expectativas, se que lo harán bien!
TheBearMaximum Aylar önce
I hope they still have all the vehicles. I had so much fun on those little boats, and the game had some of the best flying controls in an arcade game. Anytime I get bad flight in games (Hogwarts Legacy) I always go back to The Crew 2 to remember what's actually good
T”ext me on Tele-gram 👉 Ubisoft123 👈
🔝🔝 Hit us up
Elevatorisbest Aylar önce
Can’t wait for this, hopefully the map is just as amazing as FH3’s map
Tommy H
Tommy H 22 gün önce
There is no excuse to compromise on map size given all the money they made from TC2 DLC content, etc. Making the Oahu map half the size smaller than the Oahu map from TDU1, a game that was released in 2006! The argument that they need to make the map smaller to make it more detailed, is a joke. It's 2023 and they they can't take a map from 2006 and make it more detailed without shrinking it? Really?
Sabersz Aylar önce
@Namesii theres loads of variety. TC2 has copypaste galore, especially buildings. No thank you. If you want that go and play a ROBLOX car sim.
Athix Aylar önce
@Seaky_Moritz yeah the crew 2 map is very small compared to the size of the us.
Seaky_Moritz Aylar önce
@Athix The tc2 map was reduced in size because it couldn't be used completely as a map of America because it would be much too big
Seaky_Moritz Aylar önce
@Racing Raptor no not in total. Bc you can't put so much races on the map
Esto en principio era un dlc para el 2 , pero tiene tantos que la gente ya se olvidó de el y quieren sacar otro aver si rascan algo , pero es el the crew 2 con un nuevo mapa y 29 coches nuevos
Daniel Clark
Daniel Clark Aylar önce
Whoa... DEFINITELY picking this up day 1!!! 😀😀😀😀
Texaskingpen Aylar önce
Loved The Crew 2, this looks amazing!
Nico Bleker
Nico Bleker Aylar önce
This is giving me some major TDU 1 vibes and I'M ALL HERE FOR IT
RealisticGMR Aylar önce
Cant wait for this one , and also excited for test drive solar crown .
GnomeK Aylar önce
The Crew goes full Competetive Horizon Festival on us and I like it
Seahawkerino Aylar önce
@GnomeK People who praise FH festivals should NEVER speak of videogames- annoying characters, licensed songs everywhere and in FH4 you can't even turn the music off in loading screens unless you have "streamer mode" on, plus you can't even have cool stickers like Heat and Unbound do and you can't even put stickers on glasses like in TC2 or Unbound, nothing fantastical for me as a person who played EVERY FH and FM 1-4, *cough* 6 and 7.
Seahawkerino Aylar önce
@GnomeK Horizon Festival sucks since FH3 and Warren and Keira were so abrasive.
Seahawkerino Aylar önce
@Kenneth Colón Finally someone I can agree with.
Seahawkerino Aylar önce
@Oliver Queen🏳️‍🌈 Can people please stop trying hard to be like this overrated franchise about festivals and putting licensed songs everyehere and make a different universe?
Derek Badillo
Derek Badillo Aylar önce
I really hope they do a deep dive with the customization I love it as is but it can be better
heybos Aylar önce
U got the bronco, the sian roadster! Map looks fantastic. Please be a good game. Fingers crossed
Sera-t-il disponible sur la plate forme steam ?
Denilson Valenzuela
This looks Great, they choose the perfect location
Shadow The Folf
Shadow The Folf Aylar önce
please tell me there will be more motorcycles than in TC2, like more modern and more powerfull, loved the ones that are in tc2 and i hope there will be more here, as well as some custom build bikes (for example stunt bikes such as the Ninja 636 from Brian636)
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman Aylar önce
This is so exciting can't wait to see the gameplay!
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman Aylar önce
All Might
All Might Aylar önce
I'm so hyyyyyype!!! Although I hope this one has a better sense of top speed or speed in general. The only thing I feel the Crew 2 lacked.
Damn, looks hella nice, I hope there are other vehicles like boats, Monster Trucks, etc. again
Gray13_ 02
Gray13_ 02 Aylar önce
There are apparently planes and boats as well
M.r.f.17 Gün önce
I hope you drive a driving simulator like Driver San Francisco or Forza
Ømvr Aylar önce
This game looks interesting can't wait for it.
Crøwn Aylar önce
Looks great! I hope it will be crossplay
YoAyo Aylar önce
Wowzers! Can't wait for this bag of joy to release! ❤😸
Waifu Wars Racing
Waifu Wars Racing Aylar önce
paid actor
Berk Karşı
Berk Karşı Aylar önce
Please be a good game 🙏 Let's go!
SaTa Aylar önce
I’m praying that the driving physics is actually good in this one
YouMadeMyClip-_- 17 gün önce
Add forzas driving mechanics or close to and the games a whole dub
Stormer248 Aylar önce
At the very least the gravity physics. Cars plummeted like they were on the sun’s surface in TC2.
Monkeywrench Aylar önce
Hopefully they improved on TC2 handling.
Cow Town
Cow Town Aylar önce
Very happy Planes/Boats are also returning 😁 "Planes and boats will return - Beley is keen to point out that it's Motor fest, not carfest, so anything with an internal combustion engine is welcome." From today's GamesRadar Article speaking with the devs
The Runaway Kid
The Runaway Kid 13 gün önce
Me too! I actually really love controlling the planes in tc 2 and being able to switch from plane to boat to car on the fly is so amazing
GTRufus Aylar önce
Oahu returns once again! I'm hyped!
Octavian Popescu
Octavian Popescu 17 gün önce
zaddy savage
zaddy savage Aylar önce
I really hope they keep the map big and increase the amount of people we can have in a crew
The Runaway Kid
The Runaway Kid 13 gün önce
@nulli42 I would love a worldwide crew game with a few different towns to explore in multiple countries kind of like a driving version of Microsoft flight simulator 😉😏
Okazawa Games
Okazawa Games Aylar önce
@nulli42 thaot's what im hoping for yeah. Or sections of other landmasses (main land america, Alaska etc.)
nulli42 Aylar önce
@Okazawa Games maybe we could have multiple islands in the future
Okazawa Games
Okazawa Games Aylar önce
The bad part is that they can't make it really big. Oahu is a small island. Expect a length of about 80 km max
CuteClaire Aylar önce
I enjoy games like this. I love riding
ok 2 gün önce
Man, was really hoping they'd return to the roots of Crew 1, but I'll take another scuffed Forza clone, should be fun for a little while.
JustJawDen:) Aylar önce
Finally! I've been waiting for this for ages this is gonna be epic
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