The Complex Problems with Mental Illness in Fiction | a video essay

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11 Eki 2019




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Hello Future Me
Hello Future Me 2 yıl önce
This video was demonetised, basically, which hurts because I've worked for weeks on this video. If you would like to see more, please do consider supporting me in making this kind of content www.patreon.com/hellofutureme but if you cannot, sharing the video with someone who might find it helpful would also mean a lot. Stay nerdy ~ Tim
Bomber175 3 gün önce
Despite never watching your content, this showed up as a watch next thing so im glad I was able to see it
Poppysquatz 9 gün önce
Consider it shared.
Do you have any advice for writing a villain who is a true monster yet who is devoid of any mental illness? I want to create a character that holds a mirror to those in the audience who thinks themselves perfect.
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal.” ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭26:4‬ ‭NIV‬‬
Lukas Lambraia
Lukas Lambraia 18 gün önce
It’s so dumb this beautiful video that can do so much good for people is demonetized. I hate TRvid sometimes. You deserve ALL THE AD REVENUE imaginable. Thank you for always making such thought provoking and insightful content that helps me see the world more complexly.
Tristoff Yıl önce
I would like to have a serious sit-down talk with whoever decided that this video essay should be flagged as inappropriate and demonetized.
~EnigmaticAllis~ 3 gün önce
I love how the word demonetized literally has the word demon in it..lol...
Doodle 10 aylar önce
If anything. My mental illnesses have made me less mature. I’ve never learned how to interact with people. I’ve never really had a childhood so I don’t know how to interact with people younger than me and I haven’t learned how to make friends. I don’t know so many things because I’ve never had the chance to learn them.
The Jsix
The Jsix 6 gün önce
I didn't really get a childhood either but I still managed to make friends and I know how to interact with people but at the cost of they don't know what I go through or have gone through. Like you though I kinda struggle to talk to people younger than me and sometimes the same age as me. I think for me I've gotten more mature.
Destroyer 10 gün önce
Ah another one that is experiencing what I am I don’t know how to really interact with others and friends? I have 2 that really are just talking with each other not that that’s a bad thing it helps me speak with others so I am somewhat recovering what I really should know.
Luz 20 gün önce
Me too, i'm stuck in this loop where i need my mom to buy me food and remind me to take my meds, i feel like a little kid
乃卂乃ㄚ Ꮆ丨尺ㄥ
Personally, my mental struggles and mental illnesses made me more empathetic and understanding while also preventing me from learning how to properly interact with people a bit too... In the end, everyone has their different mental struggles, and i really think that that's what makes yourself be yourself
Jaimee Summer
Jaimee Summer 2 aylar önce
In Heartstopper , the character of Charlie suffers from anorexia and depression. When the story evolves and Charlie becomes sicker with his illness , his boyfriend Nick sticks by him. But , unlike most y/a literature, Nick's unwavering love doesn't cure Charlie. In fact , there's one great line where Nick's mum tells her son that 'love can't cure a mental illness'. Eventually Charlie does recover and leave the phycatric hospital, but be still struggles with his illnesses. It's such a brilliant portrayal of mental illness , and I absolutely recommend everyone reads it
LoneCyborg 13 gün önce
Charlie also has OCD just to mention
flea bag
flea bag 13 gün önce
heartstopper is an awful show with terrible writing and unrealistic settings, the only thing i can truly appreciate abt the show is that they actually chose a trans actress for a trans character unless im mistaken
•P☆KExG♡TS• 18 gün önce
Damn it I got spoiled
almond cookie fanclub
almond cookie fanclub 19 gün önce
@LK what why😭
Quelqu'un Parlà
Quelqu'un Parlà 26 gün önce
@LK There was already some pretty serious bullying issues in the first part of the show, but you still smiled. Because they'll always help each other through everything
Mason Simon
Mason Simon 11 aylar önce
“I don’t want to die, I just don’t want to keep living like this.” This is something my friends and I continually say when shit hits the fan and we just want to beg for the world to just stop. Just give us a chance to take a breath and relax and pause and just. Not feel everything all at once. When I was a teen, I enjoyed 13 reasons why because I was severely depressed. The book helped me understand what it could be like for people around me if I died and even if I didn’t think others cared, how everything could change. Unlike how some people worry that this could (and sometimes does) make people romanticize suicide and the like, it made me realize the even if I can’t always see it, I matter to someone. Even just a little. And if my passing ends up hurting them in a way that makes their life worse, what would I actually be achieving if I wanted to make the world better without me? Years later I’m still depressed and still walking that line between trying hard to get better and wanting to give up. But I’m here. And that’s what matters, even if some days I don’t want to believe it.
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal.” ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭26:4‬ ‭NIV‬‬ h
lily 16 gün önce
Same, hearing all the stories about what happened after my great aunt comited suicide before I was born has been a big part in keeping me alive since at least 4th grade, though I am doing a bit better now
I can't tell you which people in your life could help you, but I can tell you that they exist. Guidance and comfort is out there, and your friends are a piece of it. Cherish your friendships, make them truly strong. You can make it through to the end with them, and make it the best it can be.
D-Hawk Beats
D-Hawk Beats 27 gün önce
Glad that you’re here with us and offering your perspective
Joseph Brice
Joseph Brice 11 aylar önce
I’d love to see an essay on Autism in fiction. From Rain Man to this years Music, the contrast makes for an invigorating conversation.
thecatdragon589 13 gün önce
while its not at all an essay, if you want to see a great depiction of an autistic person, try warframe. spoilers for the chains of harrow quest. as an autistic person myself, Rell immediately stood out to me as autistic. He struggled to identify or name his emotions, touch and sound was too much for him. it overwhelmed Rell, and he actually has a sensory object for him to focus on. during the quest, you get a series of flashbacks. you hear his memories, as you have some cards. each has an emotion on it, and you select which one would correspond with the prompt. the mother is super patient and encouraging the whole time. i also notice rell has what i think is a stim, which is humming. Hes also got a special interest. When you play the chains of harrow, you can (or at least i could) tell that the devs put loads of research into him, and may have actually consulted autistic people about it. He faces struggles like bullying by allistic kids, and in the end gets cast out because he's different. you can see how the treatment effected him, as he asks "why dont they fix me?". the response from his mother is that he's different, not broken. which is exactly what autism is. in fact, Rell ends up being the only one to metaphorically see whats in the void, noticing the entity. but nobody listens, because they don't understand him. and when they finally do, hes died and the man in the wall is staring you in the face. Rell is one of my favourite characters in warframe, and very high in my video game character teir list. its a shame his story was cut short, because he was such great representation we often lack. sorry about the length of this comment, mental health and warframe are 2 of my special interests.
Dairy Qing
Dairy Qing 21 gün önce
Veridis Joe touches that topic
R Jxn
R Jxn 23 gün önce
@Island Rebel Makeup Okay.
R Jxn
R Jxn 24 gün önce
@Island Rebel Makeup If we're talking both talking about the same Monk, the detective guy, who works with Captain Stottlemeyer, Lieutenant Ditcher, and Sharona or Natalie, I watch that show sometimes with my sister and my mom and he doesn't have Autism. The description says he has OCD. (I think the show did a good job at it, it does the same things ya'll said were right). It's okay if it is the same Monk and you messed up, it's not the newest show.
DeadAccount 2 yıl önce
It's terrible how important videos like this get demonetized when there are awful, exploitative videos being sponsored.
BreadGal 10 gün önce
seems like they want TRvid to be the worst place for everybody (sorry for the over exaggeration, but that's how it feels to me
issarooster-_- 13 gün önce
Awful, exploitative?? Sounds like the show 13 reasons
Alexander YT
Alexander YT 14 gün önce
What TRvid? Funny videos were poppy and elsa make out and then *DIE* are good but these informative videos are not.
Its unfortunate, but also highlights the morality of creators to publish to help others versus creators who sucker people into watching them. It has no material reward, but they do it regardless.
Spaghetti is Yummy.
Spaghetti is Yummy. 24 gün önce
@Daniel Lin Ah, those Warnings mean that the Video *must* be good.
Hermione 6 aylar önce
This "love cures it all thing" used to make me feel hopeful that if I somehow find a boyfriend my suicidal tendencies will end. I've been with my wonderful partner for 3 years now, and recently I've started seeing a therapist because lately my thoughts are worse than ever. He supports me, he listens to me, but he can't save me. I wish he would but he can't.
Ray 7 gün önce
Just remember: when you die, the pain won't go, but you pass it to someone else.
Jack_Dusk_ 14 gün önce
@J_G Sadly can't get a therapist, stuck with my family that doesn't take me seriously at all.
J_G 14 gün önce
@Jack_Dusk_ Ah. The cursed self-fulfilling prophecy. You sound like you genuinely need a therapist to address/figure out the what, why and where: what makes you feel that way, why you’re lashing out and where does the anger come from. Please get help. Everyone deserves love, *including you,* but until you get help, being in a relationship _will_ hurt yourself and the other (specifically because of the self-admitted behavior of lashing out and physically- and emotionally- hurting people.) Believe it or not the facts you can recognize your behavior is destructive to yourself and others and are trying to prevent that by staying away are actually very good things! It shows that you have the necessary self-awareness and desire to change that is SO IMPORTANT to successfully move forward. Therapy isn’t easy and sometimes it feels worse before it feels better, but with work you can have a much less lonely (not just romantically but friends too) life while healing, improving coping skills, moving forward and occasionally finding peace in this chaotic world. Life will never be 💯 perfect because that’s just how life is, for everyone, but it can 💯 get better. I am very sincere when I say that I wish you the very best. ❤️
Eva Franklin
Eva Franklin 16 gün önce
I only healed when I learned to love myself. A partner or family can help guide you but they won’t do it for you.
Jack_Dusk_ 23 gün önce
From my experience, developing feelings for other people just makes me feel even more horrible than I already do. I feel like I’ll end up hurting them, whether emotionally or physically, because I *know* from experience that’s the likely case. I’ve lashed out at people before on impulse and I often act out my nightmares, so when I feel like I’m developing feelings for someone or vice versa, I want to distance myself as much as possible-but I feel a moral obligation to stay close because again, I don’t want to hurt people. And it just ends up hurting me instead. I don’t know if I explained it properly, I’m bad at phrasing especially when I’m talking about my life experiences.
Sentiental 10 aylar önce
Omori's final boss was probably one of the best depiction of fighting one self's mental illness, as Sunny cannot win againt Omori. He even has two options when he loses.
No No
No No 3 gün önce
Taki yeet
Taki yeet 7 gün önce
@Specimen 69 Honestly I really like the detail where Sunny still sees his Headspace friends after the Omori fight (Assuming Sunny chose to continue) but refuses to actually follow. It's a really, really good detail.
Nameless 15 gün önce
@Nico The good ending isn’t achieved by beating Omori, that’s impossible. It’s achieved by Sunny picking the option where he refuses to give up.
im still thinking of a username
@Nico yeah but that’s cause he can’t beat omori. During the ending fight sequence it’s impossible to beat him so that’s why sunny played the violin because of the horrible memories associated with it and that’s what helps him get over omori
Nico 28 gün önce
There’s a good ending though where Sunny wins
Dino 28 gün önce
It's really saddening to see a video like this get demonetized. A lot of history channels I watch have the same issue, it sucks to see education be suppressed because of TRvid's vague enforcement of rules. :( Hope I can buy you a coffee for how AMAZINGLY you depicted these issues.
j 4 saatler önce
@ㅤㅤQuandale Bongulius Ringle Rangleㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ about you
Donte Clarke
Donte Clarke 7 gün önce
@ㅤㅤQuandale Bongulius Ringle Rangleㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ amen
Peripherals 7 gün önce
@◇《𝕸𝖗 E》◇ You destroyed them hard💀💀💀
◇《𝕸𝖗  E》◇
@ㅤㅤQuandale Bongulius Ringle Rangleㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ actually atleast half of the people here do since they're watching this video essay on mental health in the media and monetization, and with the use of "care" being in a neutral and not inherently positive meaning, technically you do.
omnie 11 aylar önce
I firmly believe Life is Strange saved my life. I was not in a great place when I played through the first game, and Kate resonated a lot with me, and then I failed to save her, and seeing the other characters, who had previously barely acknowledged her, suddenly mourning her loss affected me. It didn't single handedly fix all my problems, but it put me off balance long enough to get actual help
nessie 2 gün önce
@ㅤㅤQuandale Bongulius Ringle Rangleㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ Then that's YOUR opinion. Not everyone shares the same as you. Me on the other hand, think it's a great game + Life is Strange 2 and Life is Strange : True Colors.
nessie 2 gün önce
@ㅤㅤQuandale Bongulius Ringle Rangleㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ lmao, that's your response?
nessie 2 gün önce
I love Life is Strange! That's why I always save Arcadia Bay over Chloe. I didn't want Kate to get killed by a storm because it felt like I saved her for nothing and to get the justice she also deserves too.
Jenn's Creativity Corner
The "suicide is weak/selfish" is hard for me. Having struggled with depression, never once have I heard that and thought "You know what? You're right! Shame on me. I'm going to choose to live, because it's just the better thing to do." Patronizing someone that is hurting is not the way to help. Great video!
Sakshi Maheshwari
Sakshi Maheshwari 27 gün önce
You know what annoys me the most? When people say those who commit suicide are selfish, because they chose themselves over the people who care about them. Okay? And had they chosen to live for those people who 'care' about them, despite being in pain and extremely poor mental health, would they have been happy? Who would be the selfish one then?
Katherine Madden
Katherine Madden 28 gün önce
I think it could help especially when people feel like they’re a burden, letting them know that their death is the biggest burden and that they’re lying to themselves if they think killing themselves is helping anyone.
T Bow
T Bow Aylar önce
No but you shouldn’t lie to them either! And tip toeing the truth about something as serious as suicide isn’t going to get through to them either! I’m not saying you should be mean but brutal truth is different. And I’ve struggled with severe depression for my entire life! And when I do think about it, because I won’t lie and say I haven’t I think about what that would do to my children, my husband, my family! It is selfish because beyond the suicide there’s nothing left for you to have to do or deal with! You! Now what about the destruction you’ve left in your wake? What if it for lack of a better word became contagious and your child or children now wanted to do it? You are going to die! We all are! That’s inevitable, there’s no need to cheat the design that is your life.
Kai LeCheddar Animates!
Sure it's selfish, but it feels like your problems are invalid, you say that it's selfish, but you're selfish for not solving my problems, is a thought that has occurred to me.
Lucy 6 aylar önce
my grandmother was a mental health nurse for over 40 years, and she always complains about the way schizophrenic people are villainized as dangerous. her patients were never actually violent, they’d just sometimes get confused and scared and lash out at the strangers trying to restrain them (she worked in both pre- and post-straitjacket times, and things got way more peaceful once they started talking to people instead of basically fighting them). to this day, the person she respects most in the world is a patient who cut out his own eyes because he thought the world would end if her didn’t. he not only did what (he thought) had to be done to save humanity, he was also _seeking treatment despite knowing that it meant he’d have to reckon with cutting out his eyes over a manufactured threat._ nothing is cooler than that, in her opinion.
Little_Sis01 14 gün önce
Well it's not technically true ... you said they were your grandma's patients, they were getting help they needed, when schizophrenia is undiagnosed people with the illness can indeed be dangerous, there are a lot of people with schizophrenia that have psychopathic tendencies, but people are just people when they are in a hospital they are taken good care of,.... fiction however needs a dramatic storyline, a realistic perspective is boring which isnt a good thing but also you need to be aware that fiction is in fact just fiction, made up stories infect real life that's true they create a stereotype, but that's how life works with everything it's like saying that psychopaths are dangerous people secretly being serial killers when it simply isnt true,
T Bow
T Bow Aylar önce
maybe may I suppose you’re right, I just don’t think that’s the adjective that fits?!
maybe may
maybe may Aylar önce
@T Bow I don't think they were saying their grandma thought the person or the illness was cool in and of themselves, but rather that they're seeking help and treatment despite that meaning that they're aware that this great act of self-harm they committed by blinding themselves was for nothing and will have to live with that. They haven't succumbed to the weight of their act, the "cool" thing is that they're getting help.
T Bow
T Bow Aylar önce
I can’t say I’d use the word “cool” for someone who is so mentally ill they literally cut out their own eye! That to me is incredibly sad regardless of their reasons for doing so. Isn’t that the same as “romanticizing it”? Granted the way we have changed over the course of history with the mentally ill from simply beating them thinking that for some reason that we could beat the illness out of them, to tortuously treating them by for example drilling holes in their skulls as if to release the demons aka their illnesses, to the beginning of pharmacology and only dosing them to the gills with Thorazine for example and leaving them as the walking dead, to now a mixture of pharmacology when necessary and talking about root causes most importantly! Even if that means having them as an in patient person who just needs some help! There’s no easy answer nor is there any simple way to have people interpret someone’s mental health issues in cinema or fictional books without any type of backlash because someone took it a particular way that went too far! However I truly believe it’s far more important to talk about it and show it as respectfully and truthfully as possible even in fiction because it’s real! And so are we & how we feel.
Tobor Two
Tobor Two Aylar önce
That is really inspiring. It would take an immense amount of strength to accept that you had done something horrible for no real reason. It would be much easier to continue thinking it was justified
Steven R
Steven R 10 aylar önce
I always find movie autism frustrating. It's often used as a superpower and plot device but in a stupid way with no social difficulties or downsides
Easy Star
Easy Star 3 gün önce
@K F Well, to be fair. I don't imagine it that easy to always hire an autistic actor. It's probably not that easy to find one and they need to play the role good. It's especially hard if the movie or show isn't produced in an english speaking country because then you can't almost every actor from around the world because almost every human can speak english you need to find one that speaks an specific language. As longest the actor can play the role good and did some research on it and truly understands autism, might even got help from an actual autistic person then it's ok imo. I still think that you could get autistic people to help on the project through. Just someone who takes a look at the script or helps the writers and actors a bit. That'd be possible and definitely better imo.
Connor Morley
Connor Morley 10 gün önce
I’m a short filmmaker with Asperger’s syndrome (dated term, I know), and I always wanted to make a movie that accurately depicts ASD, and also represents it in a more positive light. Autism is so misunderstood by the general public; it’s time to change that.
Koral Logan
Koral Logan 11 gün önce
@Stefan Are
NovaRed Yıl önce
"Love is not a magic potion" Thank you. I was waiting for this to be said. This resonates deep with me. I've found in my depression having people and support helps, but it's not a cure. When I met my current partner, we were both depressed. Being friends and then admitting Love and getting into a relationship didn't cure us. But we help each other stay up on our on two feet. They calm me down during panic attacks and helps with my episodes of anxiety, and I chat with them and just do anything they need when their feeling really down. We're not cured, it's not magic. But they help alot. Same with my friends. Chatting and having that support. It's great, and I love my buddies. But they aren't gonna fix me. And they know that. I hate how people think that just because I'm in a relationship and have good friends and family I shouldn't be depressed. I shouldn't have the anxieties I do. I shouldn't be "such a worrier". I could have all the love in the world and still wake up some days unmotivated and shitty. So, again, thank you. This video is amazing and it's wholely stupid it got demonized and restricted because this needs to be heard.
JacyAug Aylar önce
Definitely relate. It's frustrating knowing you have tons of love and support coming from others but still waking up not wanting to live
Riah Lexington
Riah Lexington Aylar önce
My boyfriend told me he had it bad in high school and I did as well but I still struggle a lot and he is very supportive but that doesn’t mean I don’t have problems lmao. Also sometimes being in a relationship can make you more insecure like about your body and such. Like he’s always say I look great but my own insecurity comes out.
SAL Aylar önce
bojack horseman, in my opinion, is such an amazing portrayal of mental illness and mental struggle. i related so much to especially diane-her struggles to abandon people she knows cause her harm, her struggle with depression. it’s such an amazing show.
Limb and Light
Limb and Light 23 gün önce
BoJack is my partner’s comfort show because it helped him get through a hard time in his life! When we tried watching it together, I couldn’t handle just *how* real it was..
Razagan Yıl önce
Just adding my 2 cents. But as an art student do not buy the depression is creative fuel, van Gogh made his work when he hoped life would get better.
Razagan 7 gün önce
@Danny Knight true, but everybody can benefit from good mental health
Danny Knight
Danny Knight 7 gün önce
Everyone is different, every artist is different
Brigade 10 gün önce
I think its interesting this has mostly been around what fuels your best work & attaching that to motivation. I only experience depression as a symptom from ptsd & a PD. I experience emotions too much & shut down. I am able to function so much better & feel happier! I also don't sit in one spot alone drawing for 16 hours straight anymore. So as I got healthier I drew less & started to integrate back into social relationships. So for me I had far more work with far more hours poured into it during my lows. NOT my lowest lows though, those just leave you lost in pain ofc. I think there has been incredible, impactful art made while someone is depressed, and idk if its useful to sweeping statement that someone's art is always best when healthy vs unhealthy. I can think of a few series done while artists are low & carry their own value. And wasn't van Gogh obsessed with those intense yellows due to how his medication affected his vision? I heard someone say that because he needed that medication we now have those sunflowers & thats wonderful art, yet is it really worth it if instead he could have just gotten to be happy/healthy? Like OP clarified, the most important thing to know is great art can be made in the dark lonely pit & out of the pit. But seperate from all of that, even if your art slows down or you aren't sure it will improve... you deserve to breath & feel connected to life & to enjoy your time here.
raspberry crowns
raspberry crowns 23 gün önce
In fact it actively interferes with hobbies. I don't find enjoyment in anything I do anymore and the results always seem to look ugly. The small times I do start drawing it's always trees and flowers because it reminds me of a brighter time in my life one I hope to see again
Razagan Aylar önce
@SwearsInSpanish I am very sorry to hear that, thank you for sharing and I hope you are in a better place now
InternetDinosaurs 8 aylar önce
"Good art isn't safe" thank you! To make a bold, resonating statement art needs to "go there", otherwise it can come off as shallow and disingenuous. As they say, good art comforts the disturbed, and disturbs the comforted.
T Bow
T Bow Aylar önce
Well said
JamaicaZ160 4 aylar önce
That says so much.
A Rabbit
A Rabbit Aylar önce
"Suicide is for the weak" invalidates how emotionally strong a lot of depressed people tend to be. I'm not depressed (I'm schizophrenic, have anxiety, and pnes) but I used to be depressed and mine was the suicidal type of bad. It takes a lot to be depressed and keep doing normal things like going to school, doing homework, going to work, keeping in touch with family friends, showering and brushing your teeth, cleaning your room, doing laundry, and other things. People don't realize that wanting to kill yourself because you're depressed (or wanting to kill yourself because of how unbearable an illness in general can be) feels like the only option for true relief.
Easy Star
Easy Star 3 gün önce
I hope you all get better soon
Danny Knight
Danny Knight 7 gün önce
Yes but the characters are saying what THEY think. Netflix isn't there to tell people the truth about life
Emma Vrijburg
Emma Vrijburg Aylar önce
@Rūsī exactlty. Plus having to figue out how to figue out life
Rūsī Aylar önce
@Emma Vrijburg the post stage is the worst it's when you have to deal with even more new obstacles that came up as a result of not going through with it
Emma Vrijburg
Emma Vrijburg Aylar önce
In 2020 - 2021 ive struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts (only thoughts, never self harmed) and it took an enormous amount of mental strength and energy to "maybe try another week/month/etc". And then there us the "post suicidal stage" in which you are like "mkay.. didnt kms...what now?" The series did a terrible job of showing what it can be like
Skygazer 3 aylar önce
As someone with suicidal thoughts, the whole “a temporary problem with a permanent solution” is hard to believe when that problem is ruining your life. When that problem might go on the rest of your life, and you can’t leave or escape any other way. A bit irrelevant to the video, but I just wanted to say it.
Easy Star
Easy Star 3 gün önce
I hope you get better soon
Kat P
Kat P 14 gün önce
T Bow
T Bow 18 gün önce
sosos gogogo Because Death is permanent! There’s no coming back no changing your mind after you feel better! And typically people want to feel better! They just can’t figure out how to without help sometimes.
sosos gogogo
sosos gogogo 18 gün önce
It’s a stupid saying anyway because a permanent solution is the preferred solution in any other aspect of life. Who wants a temporary solution when you can have a permanent one? How this became a suicide prevention idiom,,, i have no idea
Kira Anastasia Andersen
Yes! Struggling with depression has engulfed every single day since i turned 8, im 22, its not temporary. But life is still very beautiful, even with demons and sadness. Im sad, but I am still living, doing my best, and that is what counts to me❤️ I get to smile here and then, and meet wonderful people.
Paxton Gerhart
Paxton Gerhart Yıl önce
As someone who has struggled with self esteem, suicidal thoughts, and depression, I find it comforting to see someone shed light on the realities of mental illness. It’s not trendy. It’s not a joke.
Nix the Lapin
Nix the Lapin 2 yıl önce
I have a friend with really bad depression who texted me what sounded like a suicide note a little over a year ago. I don’t know if she actually was planning to or not, but my mind went blank when I read it. I barely registered it at first and kinda just sat there, I guess I was wishing I had made it up. When I got out of it a second later, I immediately called her in tears, freaking out because “what if I was too late?” “what if she’s dead?” She didn’t pick up. Panicking now. Begging God for her to be okay, I call again. This time, she picked up. I was sobbing in relief and didn’t bother with an intro, I just told her over and over again that I love her. I was just so happy to hear her voice after thinking she could be dead. What happened after that is pretty hazy, but I can still vividly remember seeing her at school the next day and running all the way to her abc gave her the biggest hug. There is always someone who will be upset when you’re gone, even if your thoughts tell you they won’t.
Sam-I-Am 4 aylar önce
This uh comment is gonna talk about self harm so uh I doubt anyone who finds this stuff triggering is gonna be in the comment section but just incase don't read..: Last weekend, my best friend and I had a sleepover. I knew she struggled with severe depression and was in a mental hospital a few years ago but it still shook me to the core when it happened. We were messing around and suddenly she started crying, and after awhile I was able to get her to tell me what was wrong and she told me "I hate myself, right now." And she said she didn't know why. Recently, some of our friends had a falling out with her. She did some not so good things, but the thing is they never told her that her behavior bothered them. The thing with her, that I love is that if you're assertive and you tell her "Hey I don't like you touching me and hugging me and patting my head so suddenly don't do that." She's gonna listen.. But those friends, they never bothered to be assertive with her like I knew that needed to be with her, and I told them that. I told her that she was a great friend, and despite your mistakes if they really wanted to be there for you.. They would have tried harder to understand not have left you. And so on. Paraphrasing, and I also told her that I loved her and I wouldn't ever leave. We ended up hugging and then while we were both crying she gave me a tiny little metal object... She had a tiny razor on her, I was shocked. I didn't know where she got it from or where she kept it. She said "Can you throw this out please?" I did, and I thanked her for trusting me and then I asked her if she had more, where she kept them etc. She had a few more in her wallet that she let me throw away thankfully. She told me she always kept some on her, and even though I want her to throw them all out baby steps. Things take time. And then once she calmed down I made popcorn and we watched a movie. Still, I was shocked. I knew she still.. harmed herself occasionally I didn't know she still had them on her. Sometimes all someone needs is someone to be there for them and listen, she needs a professional's help but a friend is good to have too.
Storm 7
Storm 7 5 aylar önce
I can’t even begin to imagine what that was like but I hope everyone has someone like you in their lives.
Samuel Dimmock
Samuel Dimmock 6 aylar önce
@Alsy Thank you for telling me that. I'm glad that you're doing better and finally able to enjoy life the way you're supposed to, and that you remember how much of a blessing that is. May you keep going in that direction. I hope that if there's anyone else out there in the same place you were, they'll find these comments and read them, and find some help in them to get where you are now, and some hope that it's possible and has happened before.
Alsy 6 aylar önce
@Samuel Dimmock it's... it's been so long since I wrote that message, and it felt so odd, reading your reply now, and re-reading my own words. Thank you for saying it all, for the effort you put into your kind words. They would help -- they would certainly help a year ago, and now... I feel so much better now I don't really need it anymore. I started studying in a university on the specialisation I adore, I got new friends that are wonderful and here for me, I learnt to live by myself and found great pleasure in it, the road of self-discovery led me to learning about autism and what non-binary means... I feel so much more alive now, and whole, and free, and *me*. Each day I look back at where I've been, I remember it so we, I see the difference so clearly, it feels odd. There's so much changed in this year, and yes, even though there's still struggles, and selfharm still hasn't disappeared completely, and I still have breakdowns where I cry and wish to not exist... But I'm okay. Overall, I'm okay, and I know I am, and that I will be, and that I will be able to survive whatever life throws at me. And I am happy. For the first time in years, I am truly, deeply happy, and I can't describe how strange this feels. And how nice. Thank you, random person on the internet, for your kindness and support, thank you for not passing by and taking your time to care for someone you don't even know. I'm happy to tell that it is no longer needed. But thank you.
Samuel Dimmock
Samuel Dimmock 6 aylar önce
@Alsy I can't speak for anyone in your life, but I have a similar experience. One of my close family members struggles with depression and other issues, and often feels like she's a burden to everyone around her. When she has days where she doesn't feel like anyone loves her, and I see her crying, I do feel a huge weight on my shoulders. When we're talking and she says she doesn't want to live much longer, it does hurt me. And I wish that she didn't have to struggle with these things. But since she does, I want those conversations to continue. Because I love her, I want to share her struggles, not just because I might be able to help her through them (maybe; I certainly won't make them go away, though I would if I could), but also because I want a relationship with her, the real her, not some fake person who's happy all the time and doesn't have any scars. There are parts of her that we both wish didn't exist, and if she pretended that they didn't, we wouldn't have nearly as good a relationship as we do, and that relationship is worth a little bit of time, a little bit of effort, a little bit of heaviness, a little bit of pain, occasional social-emotional exhaustion, and a whole lot more that it doesn't cost. In fact, that heavy feeling I get after having a genuine conversation about her struggles, or her worries, or the current pandemic that neither of us understands or can see an end to, isn't really a bad feeling. I would rather it be a bit happier, but I personally would take a meaningful sadness over shallow, meaningless happiness any day (though not every day). All that to say, in my experience, the parts of you that are broken do not and cannot reduce your value to those who truly love you in any way. Killing yourself will eventually remove the cost of their relationships with you, but it will also remove the relationship, and to my mind, the fact that they're willingly paying that price and sound pretty happy about it means they think it's worth paying. If you're not sure why, maybe you should talk to them about it. I hope this helps, even if only a little. As a side note, I think not killing yourself despite wanting to is a lot braver than killing yourself would be, though my opinion probably doesn't mean much to you.
protocetid 11 aylar önce
As someone with a messed up mind I would love for the media to have more accurate portrayals of psych disorders and to not limit themselves to the handful the always choose like PTSD and clinical depression. Would increase public understanding and sympathy which we sorely lack. In addition mental illnesses that tend to be ignored can be used for novel story telling without the writers making it an identity like you said. Any chance we could get a video on that?
Nico 28 gün önce
I’d like to see ADHD portrayed as not just forgetting and being all over the place, I’ve never seen writers who portray the sensory issues and frustration. It’s always portrayed as if the person is just clumsy and forgetful when really there’s so much struggling behind the scenes.
Chill86 Aylar önce
Also showing those of us who have ptsd but are not combat veterans.
RogueMephilesClone Aylar önce
@HanGil Cp Don't wait for recovery. Letting something, anything, get in the way of what we want to do or make is a creative's biggest barrier in my experience. No one's going to write about it if you don't, and your thoughts and words are valuable.
HanGil Cp
HanGil Cp Aylar önce
I would like to write about my own PTSD and childhood trauma but it’s so difficult when I barely remember what happens… and then is the fact that I’m not recovered so, should I be writing about it? I will ever be recovered to be able to write about it?
MissSeaShell 5 aylar önce
I've never seen anything on PTSD other than war stories, I'd really like something that discusses more about complex PTSD from childhood trauma. But I agree, it would be nice to see more variety.
Oscar 11 aylar önce
Depressed people in movies/series are often putting themselves out their, still going on with life creating forced drama interactions. That's import for a good story to watch, but it's not a big reality. When I was depressed and laying in bed 24/7, my biggest event in a month was that I brushed my tooth since a long time. Reality is often less eventful and misunderstood
Danny Knight
Danny Knight 7 gün önce
Someone lying in bed wouldn't make a very good movie
cheese000 27 gün önce
Sadly though, lots of people with depression have to go on with their lives like everything is okay, because the people around them refuse to listen.
Bob M
Bob M 27 gün önce
If only Arcane - League of legends existed at the time this video was made. The protagonist, jinx/powder, goes through so much trauma and ends up going through heavy psychosis in which she sees hallucinations and hears voices, and the trauma never ends up being resolved or helped. It would be an amazing example for writing mental illness in fiction in a well way.
KP Bennett
KP Bennett 10 gün önce
I just came here from the video about how Arcane writes psychosis and I couldn't agree more
Lore-Master Voidless
Lore-Master Voidless 3 aylar önce
I've made 4 attempts on my life since 2019. This video helps me understand, well me. Ive never seen it from an outside view like this. This hit me hard but has given me a better idea of what others almost go through. Thank you.
Tommy J.
Tommy J. Aylar önce
I’m sorry for your struggles. I hope you’re doing better now!
Koala Eucalyptus
Koala Eucalyptus 2 yıl önce
"Love isn't a magic cure" THANK YOU. People have that weird idea that being in love and having good friends is all it takes to erradicate mental issues, such as anxiety and depression. It takes a long time, and even when you see an improvement, there's still a lot to overcome and work through. It can be frustrating for both sides, and it's important to acknowledge it. So, thank you for this video.
PhoenixSkyFox 20 gün önce
Yeah, they think that saying “there are people who love you” will stop me from wanting to die.
ZeroToAnime 26 gün önce
I would agree and disagree. Having a support system and being loved by those people is one the biggest positive influences on someone's mental health and can give you hope to keep moving on because you feel like if you need it there's people willing to hear you out. Now romantic love isn't a cure for this or friend or familial but its a strong start on your journey to want to heal yourself so you can experience relationships with others better.
Mary S
Mary S Aylar önce
Writing a novel. "I can heal your wounds, but I can't heal your trauma. Hearts are some of the hardest things to heal. Of course, there are many broken hearts that never heal, and those that do often heal in lopsided and crooked ways." This character is one of the village healers and also functions as a parent figure to several of the protagonists.
Blues Aylar önce
It’s like a dream, if I can make this goal I’ll be better I’ll be happy. Unreasonable ideations give the hopeless hope in places where there isn’t much. I’m speaking anecdotally, so idk. But I think this is perhaps generally why?
Sam-I-Am 4 aylar önce
I got into a relationship just when my mental health was getting more noticeable than usual, and sure I was happy for like 3 weeks.. I felt on top of the world. She made me want to get out of bed, take a shower, do something.. But then after that I went straight back to not having a reason to get out of bed, feeling so tired and unmotivated to do anything but sleep and just feeling numb and like everything was wrong. Love can't fix me, I have plenty of it.. But that still won't magically change the chemicals in my brain. I need professional help (which I'm getting). If anything I'd argue that my relationship made it a bit worse... I feel a sudden pressure of "get better or else this person will leave you because who wants to stay with someone who won't reply to their tasks for hours because they're too busy laying down and staring at their ceiling?" I feel immense anxiety to do things and fast and please or if I'm doing something wrong and it feels like such a burden to the point where I almost don't want to be in a relationship.
Brooks Spenst
Brooks Spenst Aylar önce
The main problem I see with films is that they often write it to make it an excuse for violence or something. Instead of actually working through it carefully, mental illnesses become simply a plot tool to create a sort of empty motive or reason behind a character's actions. Serious stuff like this needs to be worked through and talked about properly, not used as a transport for narritave.
Anastasia 3 aylar önce
"Life lends itself to complexity before it lends itself to answers." That seriously struck a chord with me as a mental health professional who deals with mental illness. Thank you for making this video, I think you did the topic justice.
plushdragonteddy 4 aylar önce
i'm really glad you talked about people thinking they're a burden and not being entirely wrong - i spent years telling my mentally ill friends that, no, they're not burdens, because i was terrified that if they knew it was hard to be there for them, they'd stop reaching out to me. i've learned since then that that's not how to go about things, but more for my own sake than for theirs. i knew there were some things i just didn't have the energy or tools to deal with (i have my own mental health struggles), and my therapist told me it was more than okay to say when i wasn't able to help. i never thought, though, that admitting "yes, sometimes you're a burden, but i still want to be here for you" could be helpful for my friends, too. i can see now how it would be very meaningful for someone to tell you that you're worth helping even when it's hard, that you have a right to take up space. thank you for this video, on so many levels
You Are Now Aware Podcast
Me: Oh boy! I wonder if there is good representation of people who suffer from visual and sometimes even auditory hallucinations! Media: Killers and Mental Asylum Patients Me: Well..at least something for OCD would be nice? Media: "Haha my desk is very organised guys."
Zywia Wilkowska
Zywia Wilkowska 24 gün önce
With the ocd, I used to make those jokes, and I really hope I didn't harm anyone with that- I feel so bad now, and I'm trying to be more considerate now
Victoria B
Victoria B 2 yıl önce
when 13 reasons why came out, I was having intrusive thoughts about suicide, and I was at a boarding school. I had heard that could be a dangerous thing to watch, but I couldn't avoid it, because others in my dorm would watch it out loud, together. This was really hard in multiple ways. Firstly, I could not avoid hearing the messages of the show. Secondly, it massively re-inforced the sense of utter isolation that was causing my problems. I could not take part in the group activities, had to keep myself away. These people cared about what was happening on their screens, but not what was happening barely 3 meters away. It alienated me and suggested that it wasn't mental illness that people didn't care about or understand, it was something inherent to me myself that was wrong. Obviously a boarding school isn't a common situation, but be REAlly careful about where you are watching/listening to things which depict mental illness. You don't know who might hear or see.
Tommy J.
Tommy J. Aylar önce
They should have asked if it was okay to watch it while you were in the room, especially since the show is known for being “dodgy” (not the best way to put it, sorry). Your boundaries matter and should not have been ignored.
Jennamomenna Yıl önce
@🌸CloudyWillow🌸 I understand your pain. I have intrusive thoughts about a lot of things but the suicide ones just stick and hurt the most. It took me a long time to understand that they come from my fear of losing myself and not having control over my life. Remember that intrusive thoughts are your fears, not you.
I have constant intrusive thoughts of suicide myself. I fight back but they always come back. I'm exactly bothered by them, but it annoys me. I wish it could stop.
Zach McGee
Zach McGee Yıl önce
This is a fantastic video essay Tim. It’s unfortunate that TRvid has deemed such a beautiful, well researched, and carefully worded video to be demonetized. I know this video has been up for a year but I just recently discovered your channel and I can’t stop watching. Just want you to know, I really appreciate this one. Such an interesting and deep analysis.
Jason Ellis
Jason Ellis Yıl önce
Hearing that part about identity formation was really refreshing for me. I was afraid to or didn't want to recover (sort of still am) because I've had depression for so long, starting when I was a young teenager, that I don't know who I am without my depression. I'm scared to "get better" and become a completely different or empty person. So it was nice to hear that its actually a thing that happens a lot
Jason E
Jason E 27 gün önce
I experience the same thing, ever since my depression has gotten better, I have a major personality crisis, wondering what I am, and if my personality even exists without my mental issues.
Kryptorex 460
Kryptorex 460 6 aylar önce
How are you?
Tim Tsai
Tim Tsai Aylar önce
As someone who has had major struggles with depression, I'd like to discuss some of my favorite depictions: 1. A song called "I'm getting on the bus to another world, see ya". What I really like about this one, is that in the MV there are clear signs that the MC is struggling with SH and suicide, yet are easily missed. The song is generally high-energy, misleading the listener. In the background there are often images of Xs, pills, bandages and even a knife but are always in the background or in a corner. Often in depictions, depression is clearly visible, but this shows a more realistic depiction. The MC often has a calm, deadpan, uninterested look that doesn't seem that out of the ordinary. In the final chorus, the MC is straight up pointing a knife to her throat, but even so it's easily missed since it's not the focal point of the image. Only at the final few lines are we shown an image from the side where she's clearly pointing the knife to her throat. But by then it's too late. "This is the only thing I thought to do. I'm getting on the bus to another world, see ya. But I regret, I scream and the rain falls". On my first time watching, even though I was listening with subtitles, clearly seeing the thoughts of the MC, I was genuinely surprised at the final image. PS: the title can also be translated as "I'm getting on the bus to the other side. Farewell." 2. A song called "Trapped by the past", same artist as the first. This song was what made me realise I was depressed. Before this, I thought depression was something that happens when your life genuinely sucks; people with deep-seated trauma. I didn't have any of that and my lfie was generally good and as such I didn't realise how bad it'd gotten. This song clearly communicates that Depression can happen to anyone for any reason. It sums up depression as it was for me quite nicely. "Now, I am breathing. Now, I am living a life like any other. Now, I am looking above me. Now, there's an airplane flying over. Now, I want to chase after those clouds. Now, I don't move no matter how hard I try. Now, what will happen now that I've stopped? Because "Now" is hollow. It's hollow." 3. A manga called "Houseki no kuni" (literally land of the gems). This manga deals with many mental Issues including Depression, Co-Dependance, Inferiority Complex, Survivor's Guilt, Self-Harm, Social Isolation and more. Important thing to note beforehand is that these are themes that are handled very well but are not the main point of the story. Another thing to note before I start the discussion, is that the character are genderless living gems in the shape of humans they're immortal and don't need to eat etc though they can break, but can also be put back together, else what I'm about to say won't really make sense. The main character, Phosphophylite aka "Phos' is the youngest of the currently living gems at the age of ~300. At the beginning, Phos is innocent, but happy. Throughout the story, Phos breaks very often and gradually loses parts of themself literally and figuratively.
Anna Aylar önce
Thank you for this video. It made me think of a line of the fantastic comedian Hannah Gadsby: "Do you know why we have the sunflowers? It's not because Vincent Van Gogh suffered. It's because Vincent Van Gogh had a brother who loved him. Through all the pain he had a tether, a connection to the world." I really love that quote.
SapphixLycan Yıl önce
The idea of love not curing can also expand to the idea of gifts. Out of nowhere this year my dad got me a dog, at first I assumed she was a late 22nd birthday gift, but come around to the day we pick her up from the shelter he turns to me in the passenger seat and asks "so are you gonna stop being depressed now?" As if... just getting me a pet and an animal ive been asking for for years would cure my clinical depression and CPTSD that i have suffered with since I was 5 years old. What he said that day haunts me everyday and its really.. REALLY fucked me up because it puts me in a position of not being able to show my suffering less he uses my dog against me as guilt. To those who know others who are mentally ill, please.. please do not you gifts as a way to control others emotions. Luckily my dad has.. kinda apologized for what he said? Thi really just by saying he wouldnt do it again. I would also like to add that... while the sentiment was kinda flawed, my puppy has been a big boost to my health. She makes me have to get up and outside everyday and gives me a consistent schedule. That plus... She's a big cuddle bug and knows when im feeling low.
Marmolejo Martinez Jose Emilio
@TriggerHappy you May think its bad to not be able to take care of things, i honestly relate a los cause not only does it feel like a burden to others but it also feels like youre uselless, but hey, youre defenetly not uselless, you May not have been able to help the dog, but you understood and acepted this and gave it to someone Who could, thats very strong and helpfull of you, i assure you that that is a dificult desition but you did it!
Marmolejo Martinez Jose Emilio
@Jacquelinewithac if youre ever in problems, at least you can remember you helped in the life of an animal and she or he is alive because of you ❤
Marmolejo Martinez Jose Emilio
@Octavia hey, your story is good (in a story telling way, not that the experience was good), and its nice for you to share your story, i really hate telling People with mental issues what to do, cause ive tried and its only made things worse, but i really recommend you to not feel sorry for sharing this, its your right and everybody needs to be heard
Marmolejo Martinez Jose Emilio
@Алина Темирканова damn, thats bad, i hope your dad understands at some point how depresión actually works
Leo13o9 11 aylar önce
Well, I guess at least the dog knows what really helps you and accepts you no matter if you are cheerful or down. I really hope you get better and probably in a less toxic environment soon. (I don't mean to judge your dad from that one story you shared, but what he did was just awful)
Kourage_wolf Aylar önce
When I was going through depression and I had reached a really dark point, the police officer asked me if I was doing it for attention because of 13 reasons why and that wasn't even the case. I came out to my Christian parents and they didn't take it well, not feeling safe, looked at with disgust I thought I was disowned and being in highschool, death felt like that was my freedom but nope. Never. That was three years ago. I'm thriving now, but it wasn't without fighting for my life because of the depression.
bread 14 gün önce
@Kourage_wolf man, thank you so much. I started to tear up reading this, I love you more🤍
Kourage_wolf 16 gün önce
@bread Thank you, it means a lot to hear that even if we don't know each other. No one should have to suffer, even if we do at least it's good to know that we're not alone in this vast world. Bread, to the person reading this, know that I love you and that you matter to me, even if we lose a battle we haven't lost the war, we are forever with.
bread 16 gün önce
I am proud of you, and although I don’t know you, I’m so happy that you’re still here. You deserve the best :)
sweetpear 12 gün önce
a big part of my self harm was literally because that’s what i thought i was supposed to do. after seeing so many people in media who were harming themselves because they were depressed, i thought that it was justified. i think the same happens with this show, she’s stating the reasons why she did it and making it seem like her suicide was justified by what other people did when it isn’t. and i think that has a large effect on young kids who are developing and getting fed this harmful narrative that flat out isn’t true, which is that it’s ok and even normal to commit suicide or harm yourself.
sweetpear 12 gün önce
i also want to address that i think the flashbacks and hallucinations of hannah are harmful aswell. i think it subconsciously lets young kids think that they will be in control of what happens after doing it, or getting revenge when you aren’t. it lets people think that it’s ok to harm yourself as a way to make other people guilty.
Taron Rose
Taron Rose Yıl önce
As someone whose suffered with his own personal trauma and share of mental illnesses, I think you have to truly experience it to write about it in a show. For me, 13 Reasons Why had its' issues but, if it was written by someone with mental illness like depression and trauma like Hannah was supposed to experience, it would have been better.
Watafu 3 aylar önce
However do you conclude that the author hasn't experienced depression throughout their life?
S Russell
S Russell Yıl önce
I haven’t finished the video but crazy ex girlfriend has one of the best depictions of mental health I’ve ever seen in media. It’s a musical tv show and it can be a bit dark but it’s so good at dealing w MH problems.
James Bennett
James Bennett Yıl önce
"Love is not a cure" Thank you. I read a lot of fanfiction, with Harry Potter being my favourite universe. There is a very common trope for Harry to become depressed, sometimes to the point of attempted suicide, or self-harm (usually by not eating), after the death of Sirius, then be 'fixed' pretty much instantly by one of the girls in his life telling them they love him. As someone who has suffered the grief and guilt of someone dying when you know that if you did something different it might not have happened, it disgusts me that they have Harry get over it so easily and effortlessly. I had suicidial and self-harm ideas and urges for months, though never acted on them, and I had close friends and a mother and sister I'm very close to, my sister is my best friend, I was never without love in life, but I still suffered from it. Depression and guilt aren't things you get over instantly, and especially not just because a pretty girl fancies a snog. It's a long, emotionally draining process. I try to include this depth of emotional reality in my own fanfic writing now, though I must admit that I used to follow that trope, because I wished it had been that easy.
ÆSOR T 21 gün önce
But it does cure people, it just doesn't always work. Not all people with mental illness act the same, some people are more resistant while some aren't. It could have been portrayed better but it does technically work for some people
Faraway -
Faraway - Yıl önce
Oh god I didn't read ur comment properly and thought u meant the actual books, then spent 5 minutes thinking "when did that happen???" But yeah that's a gross and common trope, not only for HP but for all pieces of literature, not just fanfics.
@FLASHBUG oh also wizards don't exist, funny it's like real life does not appear to work like a fantasy novel... if that tropes bother you so much why do even read that stories in first place?
Or maybe you should stop looking for realism in literal fantasy stories... I'm sorry next time I write fantasy I'll be sure to write a heavy pessimistic story about misatropic mage with a depressing ending. Hey friend the stories your read are not supposed to be about your damn life.
Sharon R.
Sharon R. Yıl önce
any fic recs bestie??
dublindom 24 gün önce
"I don't want to die, I just want to never have been born" I feel this accurately displays at least my experience with depression and its annoying cause unlike most emotional problems mental illness can't be cured by someone telling you they love you
echowolf22 9 aylar önce
You mentioned how dishonest Split was about DID! Thank you! We get so many dishonest portrayals of DID/OSDD/plurality in that way (the violent/evil alter BS) and so many people just don't listen when we say how it hurts to know that the only place you're likely to see your condition in media is when they're going out of their way to say "anyone with this is dangerous and evil".
Kenny Rozu
Kenny Rozu Yıl önce
Thanks so much for this video-It’s a real shame that TRvid had to go and demonetize such an important topic. I’m someone who struggles with anxiety, and I think OCD-but that last one has yet to be confirmed by an actual psychologist. I’ve been wanting to write about mental illness and introduce the reality of it in a book of mine that I’ve been brainstorming for a while now . . . But I could never figure out how to balance it out. Keep things real, but not triggering. This video really helped to provide insight, not only on how I’ll be thinking about the book, but also about how I’ll view mental illness from now, as well. Thanks again for this high quality and educational content.
Wild Wesley
Wild Wesley 5 aylar önce
I was hesitant watching this video because I have been going through a particularly bad depressive episode and my negative self talk was terrible and I wasn’t sure if I was mentally in the proper headspace to watch, but I decided to anyway and it genuinely made me feel better. Your voice was calming and the section where you talk about finding a new sense of self outside the devaluation during recovery really helped me remember that there will be better times in the future for me. I appreciate this video so much.
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel 5 aylar önce
Excuse the Randomness, but i make some sort of 'Poll' kinda. Have you seen Some More News Video about 'Simple Solutions to World Problems'? I wanna hear peoples thoughts on it, so i randomly ask for peoples... well... thoughts! No need to answer if you dont wanna, i'm just interested in getting as many perspectives as humanly possible.
Team Weird
Team Weird Yıl önce
Simply, don't romanticize it. Especially for illnesses like depression and anxiety. It ain't going away just because one character gets into a good relationship.
103090 11 aylar önce
Teenagers on tiktok are not going to "not romanticisize" unhealthy behaviors. It's just not realistic.
I can if I want
Abigail Blackstock
Clearly, those who romanticize those have never had them. They don't "go away", you can subdue them, and the more you do it, the more routine it becomes, but I can't even really say it gets easier, it just becomes... Routine. You learn how to crush it and you know the outcome, it becomes a pattern, but it's never easy. I inconsistently struggle with depression and a constant low self-esteem, and my mate deals with anxiety, there is nothing positive about any of those traits. I have had people walk out of my life because my insecurities can be so hard to handle and my mate has bypassed so many life experiences and hidden in my arms more times than I can count because of his anxiety. Yeah, nothing there should be romanticized. It needs to be clarified so it can be understood, not idolized to make it "normal".
Mega Man
Mega Man 2 aylar önce
Rue pretty much kept me from drugs. I am 34. I have lived with pretty much the same inflictions Zendaya does a masterful job of showing in the show. Depression ,Anxiety. Low self worth, insecurities. It has cost me relationships because I don't feel like I am good enough to be loved. I feel like a burden and a hassle to everyone around me. I don't reach out for help and if I do i laugh it off and pretend like I was just being dramatic. That speech she gives hell ALOT of speeches she gives totally hits home. I choke up every time she goes manic then starts crying I have done that so many times just trying to explain to my loved ones what is wrong with me. When she leaves the party and says "I-i'm sorry I am a burden" I just lose it. I know what that is like and its good to FINALLY have something to point to and say that is what I and many others live with and its hell. It has effected and handcuffed a large part of my life and I am so so tired of it. So yeah did a TV show possibly help me finally get the courage to seek help? Maybe. I wish I could freaking DM Zendaya and tell her thank you for real.
kitvaulter Aylar önce
Your name reminds me of my own coping mechanism that I leaned on far too often when I was depressed. I'd imagine talking to my future self who had already solved all of the things I was, at the time, so overwhelmed with. And imagining them/me saying, 'you can do it, it's worth it,' was surprisingly helpful a good amount of the time. But really, what I wish I could tell past me would be, 'it's ok to ask for help.' I eventually figured it out, and a big part of that was watching Crazy Ex Girlfriend, strangely enough. It's amazing what media, what stories, can do. Just the seemingly smallest shift in perspective can be so life changing. I've been enjoying watching your perspective on many things, but this video in particular has helped me reframe some of my own concerns about how I try to help some of my friends I see going through a nightmare that I recognize (or think that I recognize). So, thank you, for posting it. I'm glad you chose to share this one.
E B Aylar önce
I've listened to this video a few times before, but I find myself grappling with a number of negative emotions now and it spoke to me in a way it hadn't previous. You were incredibly gentle and direct in your delivery, and managed to make me feel seen and cared for. It also made me consider what I've done to help myself through what I deal with and put my persistence and efforts into perspective. I also adore some good, solid, non-conclusive discourse on the power and portrayals of fiction and reality.
ThePrincessAshe 3 aylar önce
As someone with BPD, it helped me reading Winter Girls and knowing that the success of my therapy lay in my own hands (combined with a good therapist, hell I was diagnosed incorrectly for at least 5 years before). I was struggling so hard, so many times on the verge of giving up (but not in a suicidal manner but giving up on myself and my dreams). I'm beyond grateful that I got a chance and the support to learn living with my struggle. However, most of my friends back then found me irritating because they meant so much to me, to the point that I almost lost any of them and had to relearn social interactions completely from scratch. Today, it still seems like a miracle when plans with friends work out or someone values my company. I think this is the hardest part, learning to trust and try despite being insecure to the core and having internalised rejection this much.
LAngel2 2 yıl önce
The "Broken are the more evolved section" reminded me. An outward sense of maturity is a common result of trauma and mental illness. But it is NOT a good thing. A teen who is polite and calm as a result of childhood trauma may be referred to as mature but that is bad.Being mature earlier means you don't get the essential experiences that enrich a childhood. You miss an integral period of your life and development. A child acts more mature when they know there is no one to defend or protect them. They become the 'adult' figure in their own lives. They sacrifice key developmental periods in order to survive. My clinical depression kicked in at 14. Now I'm 19. I lost so many years and I'm still trying to get them back.
Lindsay C
Lindsay C Yıl önce
This is a wonderful thing to bring up! I'm still struggling with my own issues with this, having to be the emotional adult in my household from a really young age as a result of my parents trauma. It's left me able to handle others issues without a second thought, but emotionally underequipped to handle my own mental illness and basic emotions. You not only loose typical childhood experiences, but also the safe space to make mistakes and grow. You fast forward through some really important stages of emotional development because you don't have the space or examples to learn how to cope or express properly. My experiences made me appear *extra mature* as a child, but has left me underdeveloped as I entered adulthood. And I'm not even someone who's parents were abusive or actively trying to harm me, just someone stuck in a cycle of underdeveloped emotional coping skills. I can't imagine the extra impact someone in those more intentionally malicious circumstances is dealing with.
Shut up
Shut up Yıl önce
12 to 16 im still 16 but im ok for now and your 100% right my home life was far from good and while everyones out having fun I'm calm relaxed and "mature" but the only reason i am is because of my experience with mental heath some time i wish i didnt have problems but its a integral part of who i am if you havent had your own problems dont romanticize it or wish that you had them they are some of the hardest struggles
someone Yıl önce
Exactly! And then there's the "But it all made you stronger!" trope. No, it didn't. Children don't need to get strong too soon. They need to be kept safe.
Théo V
Théo V Yıl önce
oh shit, erm madam/sir, you have successfully touched me deep down my heart without me being warned. Ouch. This is literally me, but I never really put these words on it. You clearly hit it just right, for me anyways.
Natalia Almeida - NAC Illustrations
@FiNNiK this reminds me of taylor's song "This is me Trying." When they say "I was so ahead of the curve the curve became a sphere | I fell behind all my classmates and I ended up here". This song hit me hard but it felt like those words could at least communicate to others how I was feeling in a way. It's never the same for anyone, but if it helps, and if you haven't tried it yet, try cognitive behavioral therapy. It's not going to cure you, but maybe it can be that extra push. Trauma has a way of taking our lives before we even think about doing it, but as long as we're physically alive, we can try again the next day. Just trying your best like the way you're doing it everyday is a victory. I feel like giving others what I feel I didn't have helps me cope, so I became a teacher in order to try and give back that love and guidance that could've made all the difference in the world to me. Maybe there's something like that to fuel you and give you purpose.
Gina the Cookie
Gina the Cookie Aylar önce
thank you for saying "commonly caused by," instead of "which is caused by." it's a small difference but as someone who was dianogsed with PTSD, it means a lot as mine was caused by seeing a traumatic end but not in a war setting (and of course those in other settings or who get attacked or abused also get PTSD). Although there still are many common causes apart from, it's good to bring more awareness to the condition in general as well as include all causes even if its something small in wording like put here
Ardani Aylar önce
again and again fiction affects reality and I wish people understand this.. at how important it is to do deep research as to not making harmful generalization
Abeltensor 7 aylar önce
I never suffered from depression but I did/do suffer from rampant anxiety and panic attacks. Yes, there are depictions of these disorders that do trigger me or even offend me in story telling and yes there are helpful stories that make me feel empowered as someone who is dealing with this illness. Having gone through the worst of it and come back relatively unscathed I can confidently say that it is always going to depend on the individual. Certain stimulus trigger my panic attacks which don't trigger attacks in people with similar afflictions. It's like how, I happen to fall into a minority group who doesn't have a comorbid affliction; my anxiety and panic disorder is unique to me. Certain medications and techniques don't work for me while others work really well for me. Conversely, someone else might find the opposite is true. Regardless of whether or not the depiction of my disorder is accurate, I'd rather have it be talked about in popular culture than ignored. So often, in movies and tv shows, people's anxiety is played for laughs and downplayed, and imo those are the most harmful depictions of this affliction. Having someone tell me to "get over it" or "ignore it" just invalidates the problem. I have friends with depression who would rather never talk about it but eventually they find that it's better to discuss it in some fashion than to just try to brush it off as irrelevant. A person's feelings are valid to that person and society should really have no say in that calculus but it does.
VoltNoodles Aylar önce
To be honest, life is strange helped me so much. I played it when I was at a very low point, and after I had tried to commit. It felt real to me. That's how I felt. Spiralling. I think it was a good representation of how teens struggling with mental health issues feel.
Anne Yıl önce
I can't believe that even when suicide rates went up after 13 reasons why came out, that they still made another season. Wasn't the first season damaging enough?
ntbored Aylar önce
@Ivanna Claudette what ripoff?
There's honest ways to make money, this ain't one of them.
sora art
sora art Aylar önce
Honestly I liked 13 reasons why it’s kinda fucked up overall and it shows that not everything gets resolved like magic
Rayowag 10 aylar önce
The amount of people under this comment conveniently ignoring that this show wasn't only criticized by people studying the effect of media on mental health and children, but also the fact that it was MARKETED TOWARDS TEENS! They spent money and marketing strategy on marketing this to primarily teen girls and left graphic scenes in it! On top of that a lot of people in this comment section seem to have zero idea how triggers work if you really think a depiction of unaliving yourself can't make you do the same. Some people should pick up a book about PTSD & depression.
XplosionsLite Yıl önce
@just some guy with no mustache +1, the show was all about laying it bare, even if it wasnt very realistic with its overly good looking cast. The idea I think was to exacerbate the sadness and depression as much as possible (kinda a theme you see in Asian drama, from soaps to anime), so we could all stand up, make a conscious decision to be different and say "never again." This angle makes sense for some of us who aren't happy with the way things are, and not just ~not happy~, period. The problem is that some of the disgusting and depressing behaviour we see on the show is at the core of human nature, and it's not something a TV show for teenagers could ever change. Maybe there was a little too much exposed, when practically, to manage the damage we inflict on ourselves everyday, more subtle and less preachy methods like talking to an adult, growing up and moving on are the real lifesavers. The things you think you've already tried, that end up working for everyone still living eventually. But that's not as dramatic, I guess.
UltraShiko Aylar önce
As someone who is about to get his master’s in Clinical Health Counseling and is eager to use the knowledge to accurately represent mentally ill characters, this video is an excellent warning to those who wish to write these characters
S_rants 4 gün önce
i tend to distance myself from my own mentality when watching this sort of content, but i couldnt with 13 reasons why. my mantra of "suicide is a permanent answer to temporary problems" couldnt face up against the "i died because of you" ideology of hannah baker at the time i watched it as a struggling 14yr old. media and fiction have a clumsy grasp on mental health because for the most part the mentally ill or those with disorders cant permiate the sphere.
Owen Jolley 3
Owen Jolley 3 Aylar önce
*I have never heard of suicide being referred to as “suicidality” before.*
Ξ Ňøcŧıvαgυƨ Ξ
Mental illnesses/disorders have been romanticised for a long time, and I think it's bc if you don't have it you can cherry pick the cool deep interesting parts, for a film or for attention or whatever. It's trendy on tiktok to do this, before that it was trendy on tumblr, and before that Victorians were faking the illness consumption. Etc etc. When I was diagnosed I romanticised my mental illness to myself too, bc otherwise it seemed pathetic and weak to have it. But bc I actually have it, I unfortunately can't pick which parts I want to have.
Cal Tone
Cal Tone Yıl önce
When I first started therapy, one of the first things my therapist asked me was, "What is your goal? Do you want to stop self harming?" And that made me trust her. Here was this person not telling me to stop, but instead was asking what I want. I did not choose therapy, I was told to do it. But this therapist was making it my choice what we focused on. This helped me relax and look at it like it might help.
Rain l
Rain l Aylar önce
@Natalia Almeida - NAC Illustrations My therapist was nice. But there is something artificial about her. I just went there for 3 months and i quit. It’s like they’re just memorising a textbook and using that to “help” me by spelling it out. Her personality isn’t bad but there are many things she did that made me lost trust and felt even more helpless several times. For me, she told me not to sleep and that it’ll make it worse and my mother is in there with me. It felt like they’re blaming me for sleeping too much…and forcing me to change. Also the fact she listened to the lies my abusive mother says more than me made me feel pain. Also i was the one who wanted to see a therapist. Not my family. They refuse to think I’m not right. Yet they call me crazy and possessed. I made them bring me to one. To stop the painful yet suffocating feeling but ended up disappointed. But i am better now, not bcus i had good experiences with everyone. But its bcus no one understands me more but myself. They… disappointed me. So i decided to heal myself. Its painful but i learned a lot about people since then. Giving me motivation to one day help those like me and not like that therapist or anyone that hurt me. This was two years ago. Also i had been depressed and has anxiety since i was 12. I’m now 18. Getting more and more in control of myself. No suicidal thoughts, or self harm, less breakdowns and clean for two years.
Francine V
Francine V Aylar önce
that's nice~ i really hope you heal. i think some mental illnesses worsen when the person doesn't feel in control of their life so giving them a choice as simple as that goal like in your therapy helps give a bit of control.
Natalia Almeida - NAC Illustrations
@L L this is the first step to finding out. I'm on that journey myself because when you deal with the kind of thing we do, there's not much space for wanting things. There's only needing. I need to take a shower, I need to go to work, I need to eat. Even those can be overlooked. It's good to question and sometimes painful too, but it's progress.
Natalia Almeida - NAC Illustrations
Good therapists can change your whole life. I'm so happy you've found someone like that, that made my day. It's been 6 months since I started the right kind of therapy for my OCD and I'm so thankful for my therapist too. She's always tellling me "okay, you weren't able to do this and this... you're tired. what is your body telling you that you need?" This one time I told her "I'm so fucking tired I just want to sleep now, for days on end." When she responded "Then do it" I never felt more empowered and surprised in my life by how little I was paying attention to my needs because of anxiety and OCD. For the first time in years I allowed myself to sleep instead of doing it because I had to and feeling guilty afterwards. I slept like I always do, but it was a completely different thing because I was actually doing something for me, to take care of myself. I love my therapist for it.
Rosalynne James
Rosalynne James Yıl önce
@Mac O'Connor Exhaustion as self-harm is so... argh. "But I stayed out of harm!" "Eh, harm isn't just something you stay away from." "But... I don't cut myself. I don't hit myself. I don't taunt other people to punch me." "Do you eat? Drink water? Brush your teeth? Sleep?" "...yes? Probably?" "Probably? That's a bad sign." "Proooobably?" Argh.
Linx Animations
Linx Animations Aylar önce
i've been using ocs and storys to cope with my own illness and trauma since the dawn of time. Growing up while everything was out of my control while everything was scary i had control over the characters of another world. It was comforting to imagine these incredible cool awsome characters deal with what i feel and.. they have a happy ending. The idea of me having a happy ending or getting better was allways so impossible but to imagine a world where it is has literally kept me alive. Now that im more mature i want no.. NEED to learn as much as i can about how to handle my story and characters as well as possible. i Want to make people feel seen and hopeful i want to me be the thing 11 year old me needed to hear. Im still struggling but i can see hope. my characters will get better and so will i. i worry alot how my work will be interpitated and i worry so much that i might acidentally hurt someone by potraying illness in a bad way.
MagnaficoCantGame Aylar önce
As someone who deals with depression, and has had years of suicidal thoughts starting as young as 12 years old, this video hit so much harder than I could ever imagine. Beautifully done, at points I even wept and got goosebumps. Thank you for this piece, mental illness in fiction is something that SHOULD be talked about. Yes, there will always be fiction done wrong, movies like Split and shows like 13 Reasons Why will always bring harm, but there is nothing more validating than a movie focused on mental illness, or at least containing a character who struggles with it, done right. To look at someone, fictional or not, and say "I am not alone" or to be able to see people who do not struggle with mental illess empathize with someone who does. It is humanizing. Thank you again for this piece.
abyssopelagic_ 20 gün önce
Hey, I have a diagnosis of DID, and it's. It's really nice to see a singlet (someone without DID/OSDD) condemn Split for THE REASON ITS BAD, instead of just... "oh they made a person with DID be violent" Like... no, that's not the issue. The issue is that the character is violent BECAUSE OF the DID
Rissaver Aylar önce
Honestly, I enjoyed watching Split. I think everyone with any capability of rational thinking knows it's not realistic. It wasn't supposed to be realistic. There are movie that focus on showing the mental illnesses to draw people's attention to the problem and there are also movies that are supposed to be simply entertaining. Split is one of those. There are many documentary videos about DID if someone is interested in knowing more about this issue. Split isn't described as documentary, not even close. It's a thriller mixed with action movie genre. DID has very little representation in "big screen movies", but I think Split is "weird" enough for people to know it's not how this illness truly looks like. Like, who truly believes that some people can transform into a beast that can walk on the walls because that's one of their personalities that are inside their head? That's so unreal that only people with serious problems with telling fiction from reality may believe it
Rissaver 8 gün önce
@Alyssa Drews Really? Wow, people really need to catch some contact with reality sometimes. Sorry this happened to you ❤️
Alyssa Drews
Alyssa Drews 8 gün önce
As someone who has DID sadly what you've said is not the case most of the time. From talking to other systems and things talked about in support groups for DID people really do take Split and apply it to us who have DID. The most common response to telling someone you have DID I've seen is them comparing you to Split. Even in cases where they've know each other for years and have shown no reason for it the person with DID is suddenly deemed too violent and dangerous to be around.
sakura hanuro
sakura hanuro 2 yıl önce
As a writer and someone with mental illness, all I can ask for is... characters that are unique individuals. I want writers that take time to do proper research, and care to understand that the human psyche is incredibly nuanced. No two people are alike. No two diagnosis are alike. No two perspectives are perfectly alike. Whether your characters struggle with their illness more severely or your characters’ issues are more mild, whether they actively seek out professional help, or have had bad experiences... whether they are the villain or the hero... I want characters that are unique individuals. Name first, disorder second. If your character is nothing without their disorder, then are they a character worth keeping in the narrative? And why?
sakura hanuro
sakura hanuro Yıl önce
@ChartreusePhoenix I suppose it depends on the execution. The feeling of fear is a very human emotion. You are correct that panic attacks and PTSD can act very similarly. Again, I’m not an expert, but if I had to describe the difference… PTSD is memories brought on that were so traumatic that they were not fully processed when the event happened. The memories are brought up again and again because (for lack of better terms) the brain is reprocessing those memories and, bit by bit, accepting them as a reality that happened. A panic attack is the feeling of anxiety because the person is perceiving something terrible is going to happen or is happening presently. Both are visceral and are very real to the person. Never underestimate someone telling you about things that trigger them. So to answer your question as best as I can, PTSD is brought on because of certain triggers that bring up those past memories. Panic attacks can happen to people with PSTD. But not all people that have panic attacks have PTSD. For example, I was diagnosed with anxiety. In school, I could’ve had a panic attack over finishing a test on time. I didn’t have PTSD because of failing to complete a test. For reasons I couldn’t explain, I was terrified of finishing late. And a person with PTSD does not always react from triggers with a panic attack. Sometimes it can be that they freeze up from smelling something familiar, or a loud familiar sound can make them drop into a protective stance, or a touch on their body can feels uncomfortable but the person doesn’t do anything to stop the touch despite the trigger happening inside them, invisible to others. The reactions can range from the person feeling annoyed with themselves for suddenly remembering something to a person re-enacting their traumatic memories. I hope that helps. If I’m wrong, anyone else can feel free to join in and correct.
morpheus Yıl önce
A F- MEN 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Thank you so much for saying this. I know I'm late but I want to write a character that has schizoaffective disorder but I really don't want to offend anyone by giving him an ability that might get mixed up with his illness. Your comment really inspired me along with a few others and I truly just want to understand and help others that may be struggling.
I personally am trying to write a character with what I believe is PTSD. As someone who has panic attacks I’ve tried to compare. I’m always so worried about offending people with my work and I do have plans to do research on the topics. I am very much an amateur writer so I’m not fully sure on what I should and should not be doing. But is comparing one’s own panic attacks to PTSD and or trauma, the right thing to do?
just some guy with no mustache
I agree 👍 what ppl have to understand though is that the human mind is a crazy thing that can't be understood so with that said your never going to satisfy everyone
Shooting Bricks
Shooting Bricks Aylar önce
A Marine I served with (non combat experience) killed himself over a break up. While with my friend, I came across her thinking about slitting her wrist with a knife (she had thoughts of killing herself.) I ended up wrestling the knife from her. Over the course of several days, i spoke to her. Several times she told me to let her go because she was a burden to those she loved. I didn't see her issues as a burden but one of several bumps in life. Her parents ended up sending her to the hospital. Over a year later, she largely recovered.
Radio Psychic Astrology for Insomniacs & Most Cats
My brother ended his life and he had been a purple heart Vietnam veteran almost thirsty one years earlier but it was really the end of his marriage I suspect that was what flicked the domino set up to launch the others like tombstones synchronized swimming towards Death. I've been in a situation that involved a good friend who was holding a knife to his throat and I learned that it's not as easy as it appears to be in the movies when you try to disarm anyone who might have a knife. I'm going with zilch on martial arts experience and a very determined unmedicated intoxicated and stubborn man who at the time outweighed me by 45 pounds and had a good five inches of height on me. It was really well intended but it ended up lodging in my own thigh and oh did not mention at the time I was employed as a dual diagnosis substance Abu abuse intense outpatient therapist counselor. But he was a close friend and not a client and I think it took seven sutures to close the wound but I certainly learned not to just try taking a knife out of someone's grasp. And the way it plunged thrusting across/thru the denim of my 501s and into my leg was just like..... I had been on anticoagulant medication to prevent another stroke and so bleeding was a quick kind of dramatic event that snapped him back and briefly shocked him sane and he felt awful about this happening because he was the only one who was supposed to be receiving the edge or the tip of that knife and he was never a person whose illness made him want to harm himself and others... Just himself and it happened one more time about four years later. And then he eventually got sober after three tries (though he picked up smoking cigarettes in rehab at age 53) and now we've been in a relationship for several years. That knife in the thigh incident was a little over 12 years ago...
Vareece Voorhees
Vareece Voorhees 3 aylar önce
I think maybe THE most important part in writing mental illness is the sense of Hope. (In addition to being relatably written. or at least in a sensitive/careful way) Even if it's oh-so small, it's there. A goal that the mentally ill can reach or something. Think Original Naruto. He was bullied and outcast by EVERYONE. But even though he was super sad, he enjoyed the small things (cup-ramen, graffiti'ing, etc) AND he always had a goal. Wanting to become Hokage. Ofc, it's an Anime, but if you cut out the majority of later seasons and leave it open ended, it might aswell be a story about JUST mental illness. At least IMO.
Ashtarte 11 aylar önce
One of the books I'm surprised you don't mention is The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. I remember it being the first book that I related to far too much and all of my own internal struggles with clinical depression and suicidal ideation. It's an instance of "showing" the suicide by explaining exactly what Ester did and the severe trauma it put on her body after it fails.
WingsOfAutism 2 aylar önce
I mostly agree with you. But on the point of not portraying mental illness as good, I just want to say: I am proud to be autistic. And autism is not a mental illness. It is a "disorder". I'm perfectly happy to have a brain with different wiring(and I am 16). But, of course, depression, anxiety, etc. are terrible.
Veera Alanko
Veera Alanko 11 gün önce
@Caolán O'Chearnaigh I wouldnt say that people judge me or tell me otherwise. And i do think that i have talents, but i feel like its best if they stay as hobbies. I fear if i try to make a career out of a hobby ill grow to not like it or even hate it and i dont want be stuck doing something i dont like. Also i know im normal but, i think many neurotypical people see us as abnormal
Veera Alanko
Veera Alanko 11 gün önce
Im 18 and also autistic, and i dont like it. I have a very limited "diet" because of my sensory issues, i had to drop out of college, theres no career that im interested in and even if there was i dont think ill ever be able to work a normal job. Also my body fully shuts down in uncomfortable situations and i go mute so i have to have someone else communicate for me. Im glad youre doing alright, but i wish i was "normal" or that society would have different options for people like me
Caolán O'Chearnaigh
Caolán O'Chearnaigh 14 gün önce
@a.d Why doesn't everyone use that term instead of calling it a "disorder"? THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH ME, DAMMIT!!!
ZoeAlleyne 2 yıl önce
It hurts that TRvid demonitised this. This video hit me hard. I've I never seen your work before and never spoken to you before but you seemed to know so much about me through your experiences. That can only be accomplished if I'm not alone. I'm not the only person who struggles with these thoughts. And while it hurts to know that people are suffering it is always a good reminder to myself that I'm not singularly wrong. I'm not some broken toy in a chest full of perfectly functioning ones, that is just a narrative I convince myself of, to isolate myself further. My body is marked with over 15 years of self harm, and it is hard to see. But you remind me that it is 15 years of still being here. I don't always cope well with my pain, but I'm here. Thank you for this video. Sometimes things like this give you that extra fuel to make it through that bad day, thank you.
nos Yıl önce
Kelly FREMLIN Yıl önce
I'm so sorry I don't know you but you sound very strong
ZoeAlleyne 2 yıl önce
@Reapermaster 123 thank you for your kindness, may you be blessed with the same in your life going forward
Reapermaster 123
Reapermaster 123 2 yıl önce
I'm so sorry that you did that to yourself but i want to say on behalf of the entire world thank you for still being here
Foíβos Apoλλon
Foíβos Apoλλon 4 aylar önce
"mental illness can even be portrayed as a character strength" ahh yes, my character strength of becoming even more stressed when I have nothing to stress over
Daniel Stevens
Daniel Stevens 6 aylar önce
As an aspiring writer. Thank you. I’m writing a novel right now that isn’t solely focused on this, but very gently brushes on it with one of the characters. They aren’t suicidal, just have a family member who did it. I’m hoping I can get it right and not write in an offensive or harmful way. This video helped put that into perspective. Great job. TRvid should not have tried to block this btw. Definitely something that needed to be addressed.
Kitsune 4 aylar önce
As someone with depression I feel like this video has given me hope, just knowing I'm not alone with my problems is enough. Thank you
Violet L.
Violet L. 17 gün önce
I've experienced SUI ideation since I was 8 due to trauma and OCD, and it has always been content like this that has helped me to feel less alone.
Elzė Grinevičiūtė
As a person with DID, Split was incredibly hurtful. We do not have a “beast” in our system. We do not hurt others. DID is caused by continiuous childhood trauma. And now, because of that movie, people get scared, because “what if the beast comes out”
ntbored Aylar önce
Split wasn’t trying to “represent” anything about DID. There were no hidden messages, or much to read about DID.
S G Aylar önce
@Colonel Sanders know it all we got here huh
Nothing but a weirdo
@Colonel Sanders And where is your proof that they don't have did?
Colonel Sanders
Colonel Sanders Aylar önce
You don't have did
SnickerDoodlez Aylar önce
Thank you for making this! I’m an aspiring writer and I put a lot of mental illness and serious/taboo topics in my fiction, because as someone who struggles with depression and suic1dal thoughts myself, I find myself very interested when I see it and other serious topics in fiction (especially since I used to be so sheltered that I never even knew about some of these things). I really, really aspire to write the topics as well as I can, and in a way that is accurate and helpful while still being a well-written, good story. This was really helpful, thank you!
Helianthus Photon
Helianthus Photon Aylar önce
this entire discussion is a very difficult one when it comes to making a conclusion, as expressed in the actual video. in my humble opinion, art is mostly to be interpreted by the viewer, its meaning is more often than not meant to have some kind of personal connection to the consumer, whether it be positive or negative. with this comes an inherent risk of harm, unintended meaning being taken or maybe an established meaning being taken the wrong way or exaggerated. i believe it is of the upmost importance to stay faithful and respectful to whatever concepts, issues, experiences, etc the art is being based on/inspired by/representing. unfortunately it is out of our control whether an individual will consume material and take it to the furthest extreme, as some people are easily influenced, especially during struggles. i suppose what it comes down to is, like i've already said, representation; respectful representation, that perhaps shows both sides of the struggle. as an autistic individual, only speaking for myself, i wish i could say "well just dont watch potentially harmful media if you're in a bad position" as thats how i partly feel, but i know its not that easy. its never easy. the behavioural nature of individuals is needless to say unpredictable, and i cant really think of many other ways that we can censor these topics other than ratings, disclaimers, and reinforcing where to get help. i understand that what i'm writing may have already been said in the video in one way or another, so sorry if thats the case.
KuriousK 8 aylar önce
There was a time where I really, really wanted to die, but then I read a post someone made on a forum a suicide-positive site when I was looking for people to validate what I was feeling. They said, "suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem." That still stays with me, 7 years later.
PruceStrats Yıl önce
16:25 "how do I support them; how do I make them better?" I see this often written on the face of those who love me, and it saddens me to see this. It saddens me because I can see that they genuinely care. It saddens me because they don't know they're already doing what they need to do to support me. Most of all it saddens me because I know there is nothing they will every be able to do to make me better. It saddens me not because they can't fix my problem, but because they feel like they have to do something that's impossible.
itsip-yatani 13 gün önce
This comment actually made me cry since I can relate to this
Jason E
Jason E 27 gün önce
Tbh at my worst, I stopped telling my mom how I felt because her fear of being a bad parent and hating herself for not making it better just got to me. Like she has mental issues of her own, which I've witnessed firsthand all my life. The thing is that I hated to be a burden, and hurting her by telling the truth seemed worse than my own suffering. To this day I am very careful about what I tell her because I've seen her at her worst and it's very much connected to me.
Charissa Aylar önce
This was incredibly balanced, informative and truthful. Thank you. One of the most powerful things you said was about mental illness being the entire justification for terrible things some people do. While also destroying the stigma that alot of mentally ill people are violent. Excellent.
να¢αтισи ∂αd
I'm planning on making a show of a zombie apocalypse, but the MC is a teen girl and has to lure men (who have a savior complex specifically) to protect her and her two friends because she knows she can't do it alone and hates asking her friends or anyone for help. When she and her firends seperate (reasons unknown yet) she doesn't lure men anymore, and is finally allowed to grieve the suffering she had to go through but she feels like she doesn't deserve to grieve because others have it so much worse than her. Really all I want to do is focus on the mental toll it would have on someone and not just cool action scenes (though those are mandatory lol)
Janblu The Derg
Janblu The Derg 10 aylar önce
I've been putting off watching this since.... basically when it came out. I'm glad I decided to watch it because, yeah. It's hard to portray mental illness, and I've been through some of it, but looking back, I feel the romanticism, or at least the "others have it worse" played a role in how I behaved, in how I decided to self harm, even though I have barely even had contact with such portrayals in media, it found a way to reach me.
Solomon Harvey-Batten
Hey, I remember reading the book of this in high school. I always hated it! Even then I had criticisms of both the story elements, the depiction of suicide, and just the plot itself. If I remember correctly, a teacher knows Hannah is going to commit suicide at the end of the book and just does nothing about it like “Well, I guess things just happen hurrdurr!”
Nadine R.
Nadine R. Yıl önce
As a young woman studying to be a mental health professional who also suffers from anxiety, bipolar disorder, OCD tendencies, PTSD, and eating disordered tendencies who did attempt to take my own life when I was 14, I just want to say thank you for making this video. It is well constructed, well researched, and very well said. It is a huge shame that this was demonetized but I really agree with most if not all of what you said in this video. So, from one 21-year-old woman who survived relationship abuse and an attempt that put me in the hospital, thank you for covering this topic in such an honest way.
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@Northern Signal representing
Northern Signal
Northern Signal 3 aylar önce
Bipolar gang
Polynox 11 aylar önce
I am extremely sorry that you had to go through relationship abuse. It should never happened to you or anyone and I hope you are genuinely doing better now
Stephen 11 aylar önce
@Théo V gotta catch em all is my philosophy
Théo V
Théo V Yıl önce
I almost never comment on any video whatsoever, but I saw that the comment above was quite rude/dumb and I found it unfair. I hope you'll make it to be a mental health professional if it is still what you want to be, or make it to whatever you want to be for that matter (except for organized crime member maybe) ! I wish you the best, and to cope as well as you can with your struggles, and also to be proud of yourself ! :)
Ku5anagi Aylar önce
I’m so glad this is no longer age restricted ! I hope this reaches more audiences- this was a eye opening video essay you made thank you :’)
Packo Radical
Packo Radical Aylar önce
This video really opened my eyes- as a child, I struggled deeply with mental illness and I saw myself represented in the characters from Next To Normal. The musical follows a woman with bipolar and psychotic symptoms and her path to recovery. She tries several different medications and they rarely work, she tries electroshock therapy, and she goes to therapy regularly- and again, nothing works. The shock therapy actually damages her memory significantly and makes it more difficult to dig at the root of the issue: she lost her young child, Gabriel, shortly after giving birth to him and spiraled into manic depression. None of the characters in the musical take the best treatment path. Natalie starts taking her mom’s medication recreationally, the dad lies and refuses to tell his wife about Gabriel, and the mom endangers her daughter and family on several occasions. It’s not perfect- but this show genuinely changed my life because it showed me that it’s possible to recover, even if the first few treatment paths don’t work, and that it’s okay if your mental illness isn’t digestible. The sanitization of mental illness doesn’t do anything to help those who are actually struggling, it just softens the blow for neurotypical people.
it me
it me 4 aylar önce
One thing I’m really tired of is the idea that people with mental illnesses are “broken”, Just because we need help doesn’t mean we’re broken
Kai Burrito
Kai Burrito 2 aylar önce
As someone who has dealt with mental illness and a lot of other issues a movie that actually helped me feel better about myself was "little miss sunshine". It isnt perfect, but it really does get the feelings across and doesnt actively hide the darker aspects of being mentally ill and complicated family issues without feeling the need to actively show anyone as "bad" or "good", and while it does have explicit talk of suicide and self harm it doesnt actively show the acts. Genuinely one of the best films ive seen in my life.
Little Sprout
Little Sprout Yıl önce
"life isn't cured, it's managed" That fucking hit me like a truck wtf
@momoring 桃 There's been people who took magic mushrooms before and said it cured their depression and scientists have concluded it can be used medically in a controlled environment with a therapist. That might work as a useful therapy treatment.
sans but trans
sans but trans Aylar önce
as a chronically ill person *yeah* in more ways than one
Aeros Lythe
Aeros Lythe 10 aylar önce
@Butterfly Paint Just adding my thoughts on this after having reflected on it a while… There is no inherent disorder that does or doesn’t go away. Mental illnesses are symptomatically defined, rather than etiologically (causally). While researchers have been working at finding underlying causes for years, depression itself is basically a list of symptoms which we group together to categorize the disorder. Through correlational studies, we find effective treatment *despite* not knowing anything about the causality (which is sort of amazing actually). But the important point to all of this is that the idea that mental disorders never go away isn’t exactly true. They definitely can be chronic, but not necessarily so. For any given person who fits a given disorder, the “why” is undefined, and their treatment could be chronic or acute.
Steve Lux
Steve Lux 10 aylar önce
Wtf indeed. "Success" in the face of depression requires some significant adjustment - mainly internally. Seems to me it is fed by a conflict between the Ego and internalized expectations. The challenge is that both need to be adjusted in comparison to our internal references. A minor comparison is when children learn that Santa is a lie, the Tooth Fairy is a lie - many of the things taught to us by those we are supposed to be able to trust are in fact lies. As I mentioned; this is a very minor example used purely to show one avenue of the change people have to go through - to learn that those we trusted completely; can in fact not be trusted. But it's not even this easy. The reality is finding where within the gray scale people fit. Learning the levels of trust and distrust for each individual that influences us is a challenging task. Some will simply take an "easier" route and withdraw from society, which ends up being a form of self harm but it is internalized as a survival mechanism. So that tendency can be very strongly entrenched. There are so many variables and so many nuances that this is not an optimal medium to dwelve into such at great depth. In any instance even if one learns to manage their issues, even if they learn to recognize the signs and have learned coping mechanisms this really is not being healed in any substantive way, and the scars remain - apparently forever. Often the best we can conceive of is to do no more harm, either to ourselves or to others. The real question for each person becomes; by what method or means do we stop the harm - stop the pain?
sagiv etedgi
sagiv etedgi Yıl önce
@Choccy Bagel opss my bad
DougtheDonkey 4 aylar önce
“Love is not a magic potion” More people need to hear this. We usually overlook how love and relationships, even healthy and happy ones, can harm people and stunt their development. Codependency is a huge problem in lots of people and it ought to be more seen.
Diablo Mask
Diablo Mask Aylar önce
One of the most depressing depictions of mental illness I've seen was in Better Call Saul: *Spoiler Alert btw* One character, Chuck, has a strange illness where his body is too sensitive to electricity that even getting close to the smallest source (like a phone or a watch) causes him a burning pain, he shuts himself in his house with no electricity, lives on using lanterns, a stove, a daily supply of ice, etc. Later on in the show it turns out this disease was a mental problem all along, after he realizes this he goes through a lot but gets better to the point he finally has his house wired with electricity and starts living normally, until one day something happens that upset him, he gets out of bed at night with his mental problem suddenly back, you can see him gradually going from discomfort to pain, he snaps and starts breaking the walls in desperation trying to remove the wiring, but it ends up with him getting too tired he commits suicide. That left me with a very bad feeling that even when the person gets better their mental illness just never ends, they will forever be living under the constant threat of snapping back into it. I hope I'm wrong about it, and wish people suffering from them can actually have a happy ending.
Narrendor 9 aylar önce
I really appreciate this video. Your examples and commentary are nuanced and thoughtful, and though I came into this just looking for advice on respectfully writing a character dealing with and recovering from mental illness, I've come away with a better, kinder understanding of how to think of and support the people in my life (myself included) who manage it as well. You clearly speak from experience and deeply care about the topic. Thank you, and take care
usu-chan 4 aylar önce
one depiction of trauma in media that I hate exists but genuinely helps me is when people play off trauma of a character for jokes. "oh, look at this kid, scared of his abusive mentor when they aren't doing anything! haha! and he still begs for their acceptance and approval? they're so funny and silly haha". It makes me want to give the character what they deserve, the recognizing of their traumas severity and getting help little by little, which in the process has many times made me able to deal with and process my own trauma in relation to said character under fiction, a constant safe place in my life. But the thing is, it means that people who have never gone through that trauma start to think it can be funny. I've seen many people making fun of a character for experiencing romantic attraction to someone who he was close to who sexually assaulted him, something that in my experience is quite common, and described him as asking for it, and then going on to devalue the trauma of real life people who are romantically and/or platonically attached to their abusers, even if they've identified the abuse. tl;dr: Sometimes bad representation can help people, but it will always be bad representation to everyone outside the represented.
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You are so very right about this. It's a thing that happens because it's a form of power abuse mixed with trauma bonding and it should never be played for laughs or just used as a trope or hollow plot device.
Darth Y'all
Darth Y'all Yıl önce
I was in Special Ed (under Emotionally Disturbed) when 13 reasons why came out and the first thing our case carrier did was hold an entire class about how there are some very triggering things in that show, and how we should all be very careful with our online activities. Then the rest of the class was about what to do when you've seen something triggering and going over things we'd already learned about how to calm yourself down, and when to call for help. It was a very intense class day. I don't think when they made that show they had in mind a special ed classroom full of teens who have such severe mental health issues that they are straight up disabled would have to dedicate class time to bracing ourselves for the discussions the general public was about to have about us. I wish people would put more consideration into it.
Natalia Almeida - NAC Illustrations
Yes. I'm always of the opinion that if you're writing about any sort of disability, mental illness or anything that can be a senstive topic, and you haven't experienced it, either talk about it with many people who have gone through that first and do your research or drop it completely.
Darth Y'all
Darth Y'all Yıl önce
@cosmiceyness Fr it's really hard going through school. I graduated four years ago though and I promise the outside world, while terrifying at first, is a lot different. None of my coworkers know I'm different. I blend in with everyone else now and I found friends who are just like me. We have dinners together and movie nights and most of us have our own apartment, or are roommates with someone like I am. It gets better ♥️
cosmiceyness Yıl önce
as a special ed student myself i alot of the time feel alienated
Adraeth Aylar önce
I stumbled upon this thanks for the recommanded system (for once it gives me something good). And honestly, as someone who likes to write as a hobby... this was absolutely fascinating to watch and listen. I'm definitely keeping that video on the side as base material, as it really is thought provoking. Thank you for making this.
Lex Allen
Lex Allen Yıl önce
Aspiring young writer here: I have a story in the works where each character has some type of mental disorder. The main character struggling with PTSD from a previous abusive relationship as well as anxiety. I get the information for portraying it from my own anxiety and my boyfriend's PTSD. It's not the center of the story it's just a part of it.
Canis Lupus
Canis Lupus Aylar önce
I'm also an aspiring writer who is basing her tale on her own experiences. in my story, all three MCs + the fourth one who is already dead (he's essentially a ghost) have mental illnesses. the first protag and the only girl struggles with feelings of emptiness and a lack of motivation. she can barely find the energy or care to do anything and the only reason she doesn't have outright depression is because she manages to find the one thing that's challenging to her (she's essentially a genius child who just started getting to the burnout life stage). unfortunately, said thing is lying and manipulating people. she also has attachment issues, because her current relationship with her best friend is also her first relationship that isn't mostly based on falsehood, and thus she's terrified of losing him. meanwhile, said best friend is our second protag and he suffers from depression, intense social anxiety and low self-esteem. over the course of the series, his self-esteem problems end up devolving into outright self-hatred, to the point where he self-harms (although he constantly makes up justifications on why it's actually not self-harm) and has suicidal thoughts. his emotional management issues are one of the things that allow this to happen, although it's also because of genius child syndrome - the difference between him and the lady protag is that he covers it up, but he also doesn't have any kind of challenging, enjoyable hobby. the third protag probably has it "best" - he "only" struggles with far too many responsibilities for a guy his age (he's almost 14), a superiority complex and a warped perception of some things. he ends up gaining PTSD over the course of the story after witnessing someone's rather horrid death. the "ghost" and the fourth protag, meanwhile, suffered (and still suffers) from depression and suicide ideation. his parents used to argue with each other a lot (one wonders why they didn't simply divorce), which caused him so much mental suffering that he genuinely thought death was better. he also worked in an area that often exposes him to dangerous situations. so one day he simply didn't bother to dodge. after he died, however, it turned out that he was one of the unlucky few who end up becoming "ghosts" (actually I call them lost souls, but whatever), giving him a chance to regret his actions. the reason I typed this all out is to ask: do you think this is fine? or am I doing something wrong? I don't want to accidentally hurt anyone with my work.
Saltv2 Aylar önce
@e if your makin a novel im buying the whole series
@e That actually sounds really interesting, I’d love to know more about it
-sıɟʎɥsıℲ- 4 aylar önce
@e o damn that's very interesting-
eoeorc 4 aylar önce
@Aruki Tsukaru 😂
queer tears
queer tears 5 aylar önce
I struggled with self-harm from 12-14, so thanks for this. I got help and I'm much better now, but seeing the way mental health, especially suicide and suicidal actions, is portrayed in the media is super disturbing.
rattus 11 aylar önce
this is exactly what I needed. I'm working on a story right now and I just can't get enough information on the mental health problem even though it has been recognized since the 80s (its combat ptsd) and I kept hearing from people with ptsd complain that media Has a bad reputation of ptsd so I tried looking for what was missing but found nothing I search everywhere even reading all the post on r/ptsd but all I got where the same basic things like about nightmares, flashbacks, depression, anger, etc .so eventually, I decided to remove the ptsd from the character in the story but a few weeks ago I realized the story was completely fucked without it .so I had to decide to re-add it even with the information I had and just guess what was missing .also what I mean by missing information is specific detail. I would have to monitor every action of a person with ptsd every day every second. I only have 2 family members with ptsd and one of them died years ago and the other is too sick. I was thinking since I already have mental health problems it would be easy but It's very different from ptsd.
Marmolejo Martinez Jose Emilio
Idk if this is the case, but it seems like your story needs a character without an illness before you can add to it the Illness, just like the video said, we need characters that are real and not just their mental illness