The Chick-Fil-A Full Menu Challenge

Matt Stonie
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TBH this is really my 1st time trying Chick-Fil-A, legitimately. My verdict is torn, but that sauce is BOMB!
+ Chick-Fil-A Deluxe
+ Spicy Deluxe
+ Grilled Chicken Club
+ Chick-Fil-A Nuggets (12pc)
+ Grilled Nuggets (12pc)
+ Chick-n-Strips (4pc)
+ Chicken Noodle Soup
+ Cobb Salad
+ Grilled Cool Wrap
+ Waffle Potato Chips
+ Waffle French Fries (x3)
+ Large Diet Coke
+ Large Sweetened Iced Tea
+ Large Vanilla Milkshake
+ Large Frosted Coffee
+ Chocolate Chunk Cookie (x3)
= 7,440 Calories
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24 May 2019

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Annisa M
Annisa M 43 dakika önce
Why don't you afraid about your future? Maybe you're okay now, but how if you gettin sick when you old later? Hmm.. I hope God will always give you health🙂
Snacks 49 dakika önce
Swear buffets gotta have him on a watch list
Othniel Akaveka
Othniel Akaveka Saatler önce
Wait a tic I think I’ve seen that lady is that the chick film close to Lakewood mall?
HeyKms 2 saatler önce
Matt Stonie? More like Sword in the Stonie
PapaSmurf 3 saatler önce
Does he live in Utah? That countertop with the stove and microwave and cabnets looks really familiar
Melody Áṣẹ
Melody Áṣẹ 3 saatler önce
I know he takes a good dump after these videos😂😂
max newman
max newman 3 saatler önce
literally every American kids dream
Diamond Peters
Diamond Peters 4 saatler önce
With all the food he eats he can practically feed some Homeless people I would love to see that💕
Temerity FR3
Temerity FR3 6 saatler önce
How is this guy not dead though....
Chris Isover9000
Chris Isover9000 6 saatler önce
Hey Matt! Come to St Louis and enjoy an imos pizza challenge with me! St Louis original pizza. Delicious!
PB and J
PB and J 7 saatler önce
How is he so skinny if he eats so much all the time?
PB and J
PB and J 7 saatler önce
All of his videos just make me really hungry
Bradley Porter
Bradley Porter 8 saatler önce
Ur shits must be like having a baby.
Javier lagos
Javier lagos 8 saatler önce
Como le haces para no engordar
Hassan Khan - Maple Wood PS (1554)
This is the guy that never has leftover food
Vynce Tran
Vynce Tran 8 saatler önce
Matt stonie: Buys new toilet Toilet: I’m so clean! Matt stonie: I’m gonna end this whole mans career
Christian Montemayor
Christian Montemayor 9 saatler önce
now get everything from Whataburger
john chris
john chris 9 saatler önce
Coming from a guy that’s worked at CFA for a few months now it’s funny to watch this since I’ve ran,taken,bagged and so much more with peoples orders. Oh it’s My Pleasure writing this. I’ve said that many times 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻
Zekrom 96
Zekrom 96 10 saatler önce
How is this man not fat
Destroy Of Forward Channel
blue thunder
blue thunder 11 saatler önce
Person: are you fat? Matt Stonie: yes but actually no.
Void Karma
Void Karma 11 saatler önce
How isn’t this man on my 800 pound life
Ayla Godinez
Ayla Godinez 11 saatler önce
this guy must take awful shits
Hitesh Girdhar
Hitesh Girdhar 12 saatler önce
CK_ CV2YT 12 saatler önce
Matt: eats the whole menu Half hour later Matt: opens toilet seat Toilet: am I a joke to you
MaNAME JEFF! 13 saatler önce
This is considered a challenge? Lmao
GD Geo
GD Geo 13 saatler önce
Matt: *Walks into his bathroom* Toilet: *Ah sh*t, here we go again.*
Luke Anthony
Luke Anthony 13 saatler önce
Raising canes is better than chick fil a
Kyle Allen
Kyle Allen 13 saatler önce
one time i had a salad and milk shake at the same time and i threw up so much i had chunks of salad coming out my nose idk how this guy does it.
OogaBooga 13 saatler önce
Any aussies here that have never had chick fil a
nunya bisnis
nunya bisnis 13 saatler önce
8:09 how he was walkin
F1ves AP
F1ves AP 13 saatler önce
Enjoy the got damn food if you can eat that much and not gain weighted
Joe Cashmere
Joe Cashmere 14 saatler önce
Matt gotta be smoking weed
Crai G
Crai G 14 saatler önce
Somebody: Not even an single soul: *diabetes wanna know ur location*
Neo [N1X]
Neo [N1X] 14 saatler önce
We hungry..
Joel Hewitt
Joel Hewitt 14 saatler önce
How is he not fat
Foaminator 15 saatler önce
Nice stunt. Funny how everyone thinks hes actually gonna digest all the food and not throw up all of it right after he turns off the camera. Ppl really are dumb af
Lucas XeamX
Lucas XeamX 15 saatler önce
Why is he not fat
Zach 15 saatler önce
Anyone else here from Tfue?
Dcfirefoxx 03
Dcfirefoxx 03 15 saatler önce
How the hell does Matt not gain
Wet 17 saatler önce
I feel bad for the camerawomen
Blendxr 18 saatler önce
Christopher Hess
Christopher Hess 18 saatler önce
All of that looks so good!
Nathan Jack
Nathan Jack 18 saatler önce
and he is still skinny...
きょとくろがね 20 saatler önce
Bruh watching this makes me hungry i hate this types of video 🤣
Maaz Ahmad
Maaz Ahmad 21 saatler önce
Make challenge of eating 10 full chicken fry
Link The Fox
Link The Fox 21 saatler önce
colonel sanders wants to know your location
ril3ysniperYT 21 saatler önce
This is my dream come true
Özgürlox ER
Özgürlox ER 22 saatler önce
Adam kıtlıktan çıkmış gibi yiyo
Rake 23 saatler önce
Mom : Son, get away from the computer. Me : Ok mom how about after 2 hours. Mom : Ok but it's dinner time Mom gives chick-fil-a full menu. Mom thinks : Hehe, now he will just spend his 2 hours eating this. Me *becomes matt stonie* and eats in 36 minutes. Mom *shocked!*
Hiếu Lionel Gaming
Việt nam điểm danh đê
Oof God
Oof God Gün önce
Hey what about my favorite drink... O R A N G E. J U I C E. It’s unique, right?😢
Cortez Romero
Cortez Romero Gün önce
Can you imagine if he was high lmao
Jd Smith
Jd Smith Gün önce
I want to live with him 😂
Arhan YılmaZ
Arhan YılmaZ Gün önce
if people's love french fries why do u love so much eating
Grammar Police
Grammar Police 21 saatler önce
Please fix your grammar as it could cost a ticket. Thanks in advance!
Vinixy Gün önce
It takes me 35 minutes to eat 1 chick-fil-a meal. But, this man ate the whole menu in 35 min...
Co2 Viper
Co2 Viper Gün önce
That 6yo kid shitting pants Keanu meme would be perfect right now
Bloder santa
Bloder santa Gün önce
Matt: walks in McDonald's Cashier: do you want 3 big Mac menus or 3 extra big menus? Matt: yes
Kaden Quick
Kaden Quick Gün önce
I have never seen some one suffer so much just because they ate cookies 😂
P1 Shadows
P1 Shadows Gün önce
How is he skinnier than me?
Riley Robertson
Riley Robertson Gün önce
I just ate so I think I’m ganna 🤢🤮
Xtr3mice Gün önce
Jay T
Jay T Gün önce
I almost gave this video a dislike when he didn’t like the Polynesian sauce 😭
the man lucky
the man lucky Gün önce
How much do I have to workout
Laffy Taffy 4554
Laffy Taffy 4554 Gün önce
Also say hello to kidney stones
Laffy Taffy 4554
Laffy Taffy 4554 Gün önce
My god your stomache must be a superior being or something
Cole Kinnaird
Cole Kinnaird Gün önce
Matt: idk people like these fries so much.. dips them in the sauce and finds out why😂
Pharell Fomukong
Pharell Fomukong Gün önce
I can eat all that
I Like Trains
I Like Trains Gün önce
υ єαт α ωнσℓє мєиυ αи∂ ѕтαу ѕкιииу, ι ℓσσк αт α вυяgєя αи∂ gєт fαт αѕ нєℓℓ
Gabby Loeffler
Gabby Loeffler Gün önce
2019 has chick fil a sauce for first time 😂
Deathbirdhawklegend 122
Chick-fil-A named it cool wrap because the chicken is cold
Green Dino
Green Dino Gün önce
Is it just me or do you get hungry watching this
Sharkboss 9
Sharkboss 9 Gün önce
Gamer Pissmark
Gamer Pissmark Gün önce
you deserve to have your skin breaded and fried in peanut oil just like the food you ate
Gamer Pissmark
Gamer Pissmark Gün önce
trust gamer pissmark
Gamer Pissmark
Gamer Pissmark Gün önce
trust me
Gamer Pissmark
Gamer Pissmark Gün önce
i have a voucher
Trần quốc hiếu Trần
You drink a chip
Angelica Addie
Angelica Addie Gün önce
Cashier:what would you like? Matt: ummmm can i get 100 cheese sticks plz Cashier: e-e-e excuse me Matt: did i studder
Fortniter mohammed
Who Else is watching this with a sore throught :(
MoVeMet speed
MoVeMet speed Gün önce
Jetz hab ich bock auf mcs
Dinah Hood
Dinah Hood Gün önce
I have no idea why, but when he had a positive reaction to the chick-fil-a Saud, I felt so happy. Can't help but love the stuff...
Leo Fry
Leo Fry Gün önce
Mat:I I will try the sweet tea *chugs it all*
rachel johns
rachel johns Gün önce
I would hate to be behind him and do the "letting the person in front of me decide what I eat" challenge
StickTheDeuces Gün önce
I wonder how big your shits are
Varsha Suresh
Varsha Suresh Gün önce
the fact that he doesn't look like fat thor after eating all he eats, blows my mind
brate kukuu
brate kukuu Gün önce
Alter wird der nie fett
GrubWarp Gün önce
Polynesian sauce so good
YamiKisara Gün önce
You used to stop the watch once you swallowed the last bite, this cookie would've easily given you half a minute or more time...
Piano kid
Piano kid Gün önce
Matt can eat everything Mr. Beast can bought everything I can breathe
Kaleemullah Watio
Question : how to make chicken juicy Answer: dip it in the juice
DAMN mkv A
DAMN mkv A Gün önce
What the fxck dude😂😂 and i can't eat 3 chickenburgers haha
Diamond Simmons
Diamond Simmons Gün önce
ik ts was expensive asl😂
SuperKid Gün önce
Ooh you got a new phone?
Данил Курылев
Он не съел соусы
Eve Angeline
Eve Angeline Gün önce
Party in your stomach every time you do this.
Carterthetrain !!!!!!!
I dont see how he’s not 5000 pounds
Koopei Gün önce
Crazy that he’s no obese
꧁ Rutherfordiyum Radon ❶
*_Adam kurabiyeleri üzülerek yiyor_*
RedFox_X Al3jmi
RedFox_X Al3jmi Gün önce
0:25 hahahahahahhahahaha hahahahahaha
Gacha gamer
Gacha gamer Gün önce
Ayesha Javid
Ayesha Javid Gün önce
Makes me hungry
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