The Box - Animator vs. Animation VI - Ep 2 

Alan Becker
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Anything goes, in The Box
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3 Kas 2023




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@alanbecker 3 aylar önce
PLEASE don't treat DJ's nicknames for the mercenaries as the official names: trvid.com/video/video--YKn-grvBYY.html
@HazbinHotelSevenEfe 3 aylar önce
@cringeyuser 3 aylar önce
@Mitsuri_232 3 aylar önce
OMG superb!
@julianbiik2854 3 aylar önce
Whoever Likes this comment loves femboys
@HFIAPY 3 aylar önce
@dino.dino. 3 aylar önce
I only just realized the burning of Alan's cursor was a reference to Alan's logo, a flaming cursor. The detail is insane, man.
@SuperNova15purple 3 aylar önce
I only just realized after you said it.
@Radioactivegamer202 3 aylar önce
Omg your right!
@Doubl_Troubl 3 aylar önce
Also probably because Victim thought that Yellow was the cursor and they already found him instantly
@reizinhodojogo3956 3 aylar önce
@mr-alirza 3 aylar önce
​​@@Doubl_TroublNo he wants to catch her because he can bring the field
@LM-xw7ii 2 aylar önce
Watched through again and realized the scariest thing about the fight for TCO is that because the box he’s in is opaque from the inside, he doesn’t even know how Victim is doing this. To him it just looks like all of his powers are getting sapped away while Victim is just magically getting stronger.
@VARBINEZEV Aylar önce
Who is victim, tell me and don't say " WatCh ThE OtHer SeRIes"
@mustorx1176 Aylar önce
@@VARBINEZEV first animation he is grey cause he is old now prbly black one is second aka Chosen One
@wutertots1487 Aylar önce
​@@VARBINEZEVthe stickman from the first AVA video.
One thing I like is how after the first 2 hits, Chosen One is surprise that he was able to hurt him.
@Gigglesisafish Aylar önce
@@VARBINEZEV bruh it's literally a 2 minute animation
@DreamerAirazel 2 aylar önce
In the previous episode of AvA VI, I had wondered how Red, Green, and Blue would have their personalities be showcased through their fighting styles. Though there weren't many showcases for that (with most of the focus being on the fight between Victim and TCO as well as the exploration of the extent of TSC's creation abilities), I'm incredibly glad that we managed to get a small showcase of it at the end. In the end sequence, Red struck first while Green took out the most goons; Red is rash, Green is proficient. Even against Glasses, Red still struck first even though neither Red nor Green managed to get any hits in. This does match what I thought for both of them in my first writeup, though I do wish Green could have had at least one actual punch in before getting beat. And earlier, Green remembered the symbol on the hoverbikes and drew it; drawing, great memory, those are the hallmarks of the masterful artist that Green is set up to be. Blue, being the one least willing to really fight of the five, only really spurred on when Yellow was grabbed and both Red and Green were taken down. Also, Blue was the only one of them who were able to actually DODGE one of Glasses' attacks (when Blue jumped over the line tool before getting lassoed), which is actually pretty cool. This shows Blue as a much more defensive fighter, which doesn't often get addressed too much. Between that and the AvM episode The Chef, we're seeing a much more patient Blue, and that's neat. I wonder how Blue's personality-especially the high levels of empathy-will be leveraged in episode 3. But then there's Victim. There wasn't much to say in episode 1 about Victim because there wasn't anything there but the stinger reveal at the end. In THIS, though, the team did an excellent job showcasing just what kind of stick figure Victim is. Even after lowering TCO's abilities by a factor of 10 and Glasses actively removing or reversing TCO's powers and projectiles through the box, Victim still fought in a similar way as TSC and the four. That is, until Victim started taking full advantage of the tools and buffs that the console was giving. Once that 10x speed kicked in, it really did feel like Victim was venting out some frustrations with how brutal that beatdown was. And the use of the tools harkening back to AvA I? That was a fun touch. And all of it was to weaken TCO's morale in order to extract information with the brain device. The most surprisingly, the animation team managed to characterize TCO even MORE. After the slugfest that was TCO vs TDL, it's easy to see TCO as relying on overpowering the enemy. But as episode 1 and ESPECIALLY this episode showed, TCO knows how to change tactics on the fly. Even with abilities actively being neutered, TCO managed to mostly keep up with Victim in hand-to-hand, showing a high level of fighting skill; using the ice to take a small breather and regain bearings before quickly burning through the clones was a strong move that could have given TCO the victory if anyone other than Glasses was controlling the console; and the last move of turning around and using the fact that the fire was being reversed to fire a large blast at Victim anyway was GENIUS, showing that TCO isn't a slouch even when all odds are stacked in the enemy's favor. Victim was SHOOK when that happened; the time slow was easily the one reason why Victim wasn't burnt to a crisp from that. I am incredibly intrigued by this installment I'm already thinking that the combined video will be the length of a feature film, with everything that's still left to tell (and it's already at around 32 minutes with episodes 1 and 2). Between the box, TSC's learning about what happened in AvA V, Yellow getting kidnapped, and the other three being knocked out… I'm so looking forward to what happens in Episode 3 of AvA VI. Thank you, Alan and team, for making such an amazing series.
@DreamerAirazel 2 aylar önce
You know, I've been referring to the main mercenary(?) as Glasses because they have sunglasses. Instead, I could be using the name Shades. That's a much cooler name anyway. So I'll be using Flipnotes, Caveman, Stopsign, and Shades to refer to the four mercenaries(?) until either the official names are revealed or more interesting names are given by the community.
@Iochris Aylar önce
Man you expressed my thoughts exactly! Thanks for this comment
@terrawindham1346 Aylar önce
Who read all of this?
@Iochris Aylar önce
@@terrawindham1346 At least 35 people with a good attention span, apparently.
@DreamerAirazel Aylar önce
@@terrawindham1346 If you do not want to spend the time to read, you can easily scroll past and move on. Have a wonderful day regardless!
@Gamer-rx8ml Aylar önce
The funny thing about this video, is that even with all that extra speed and strength, Victim still would’ve lost to TCO if the mercenary hadn’t paused TCO in place
@hiitzme6394 Aylar önce
just shows how weak victim actually is compared to TCO
@Television_Addict 18 gün önce
Seen in the second AvA, we learn that names decide power levels. Thats prob why TCO is so strong and victim is so weak. Cuz of Alan's names.
@Flygon77 15 gün önce
@@hiitzme6394or how strong TCO is
@Rayze_Ragnavidr 14 gün önce
The names are literally rankings based on power, like the "Are you Satoru Gojo cuz you're the strongest, or you're the strongest cuz you're Satoru Gojo", this is why TCO is strong and victim is weak, victim rank has to mean that he was a victim, he couldn't save himself hence being the victim of Alan's beating💀🤜, TSC is the strongest for the same reason as well.
@Gamer-rx8ml 14 gün önce
Makes since
@TheChoosedOne Aylar önce
An entire company needing to CHEAT to beat 2 stickmans is insane
@kakarotorgoku2481 Aylar önce
And one of said stickman is still tossing decent hands whilst being nerfed
@_-K1LL3RK1tT3N-_ 20 gün önce
Imagine if they fought Awakened The Dark Lord with the bracelets, aint no way they standing a chance.
@Rayze_Ragnavidr 14 gün önce
If TSC gets back the antivirus powers it all over in a sec
@BloxyMatt 4 gün önce
Did anyone see that The Victim just turned grey
I just realized that second coming and alan are the only ones who can create life with the pencil, which is pretty cool since it means that only TSC and Alan can actually use the pencil in combat but for anyone else it's just a regular pencil.
TCO and Victim can do it too
@swavii4337 17 gün önce
It's likely because they're the only two who know about their worlds the most. Unlike every single character/stick so far... *They're the only two who are Animators.*
@Digital_Butterfly 9 gün önce
​@@jeannelufinamambungu7119TCO and Victim don't make living animations like TSC does. Victim just uses the paintbrush as a mobility tool in AvA 1, and TCO doesn't draw anything at all.
@DarkSpino306 3 aylar önce
I like how each big villain is different: Dark Lord is a thrill-seeker, Purple is someone who wants to prove himself, King Orange is driven by tragedy, and Victim is just spiteful.
@ronaldjames8615 3 aylar önce
Don't forget a coward on victim
@Yuekitty 3 aylar önce
But purple stopped being a villain.
@TheVictimHasReturned 3 aylar önce
@@Yuekitty he still used to be a villian Edit: DAYUM, 200 LIKES? THE FIRST 200 LIKES IVE GOTTEN YAYYYYY-
@GazilaBob 3 aylar önce
Right!! I love that, it gives each character more uniqueness.
@Rainy_Cloud 3 aylar önce
@megumideniega976 Aylar önce
I just realized during 13:28 when they were about to see TCO's memory of entering through Alan's PC is when he started to try mess up the device so they wont find out about him being able to access it which probably might delay them from getting to Alan since theyre most likely gonna focus on tsc
@jenkorun1306 Aylar önce
Guess Alan protecting him during the fight with TDL left a good impression.
@dymaz6282 Aylar önce
and the idiots didnt found out after all LOL
@breakfastcrafty4683 12 gün önce
It was also a way to not have to interpret a 2d world in 3d because that would be almost impossible
@spirittail4958 2 gün önce
I noticed that too personally I didn't think it was something TCO purposely did I think it was just they couldn't get a recovery of that location specifically because it's outside of their world like attempting to gain access to a file you don't have if it's somewhere not in a plane you yourself can access it can't be accessed and I think the fact TCO started whacking his head is because the device turned off because of the signal loss given the fact he wasn't flailing until after the fact the signal was lost it makes sense and it immediately jumped to another point in time when it restarted which means glasses was forced to skip over anything that happened after the dark lord fight it could have been forgotten because we haven't seen more than what's been seen recently and TSCs specific moment but I think my theory holds water based on what's shown
@koronka_4811 2 aylar önce
Tsc not knowing what he's capable of is just so cool
@user-dd7hv2sx5b 2 aylar önce
Orange Is Basically A Multiversal Beyond Dimensional Tiering God And Still Doesn't Know That.
@luffywakwak1108 2 aylar önce
I agree
I agree too but seriously how did you get that emoji
@randomzpro8541 2 aylar önce
@@jacobjoshuaherron5442 you gotta be a channel member
@elgnomo5 2 aylar önce
Wheres ep 3??
It's cool how you get the characters to express a lot without facial expressions or voice acting.
@libsh5684 Aylar önce
Victim when he saw TCO’s powers : ehh that’s okay we can deal with that Victim when he saw TSC’s Powers : SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN WE ARE GOING INTO LOCKDOWN
@Flygon77 15 gün önce
Locks, lights, out of site
@JustASmallMoe 14 gün önce
To be fair the Victim saw what TSC's capability or rather TSC defeating TDL Who wouldn't go on a lockdown when they found out that they bought an Orange stick figure who defeated the Red virus stick figure with no hard work? in their base?
@lythd 7 gün önce
well TCO was in the containment room where he cant do any damage already, realising someone with such strong powers was just in a regular cell should have sent them into lockdown
@bfb._.gachayt7897 Aylar önce
Watching through it again I just realized how traumatizing the fight scene could be for tco because of the fact that it’s a white background like how it was before and then getting imprisoned again must have been scary because what if he thought the same thing that happened the first time to him happens again
@Digital_Butterfly 5 gün önce
If there's any character in AvA with a traumatic existence, it probably would be TCO. That whip scene is, like, the one singular time TCO visibly shows fear.
@thegooddoctor8787 3 aylar önce
Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue have officially broken the record for the WORST rescue attempt in animation history. They were on the compound for all of 10 seconds before being spotted on security cams and captured by the head mercenary.
@xcept1281 3 aylar önce
Lol (What have I started? ;-;)
@xcept1281 3 aylar önce
@intelwlan 3 aylar önce
@shade-idk00-032 3 aylar önce
@2.r.3.r.4. 3 aylar önce
@ulisesquesada4630 2 aylar önce
*I feel that Victim thinks that Alan never changed and I think that Victim has his vision of reality completely altered, in the event that thanks to yellow or green they can spawn Alan in Victim's base, I don't even know how he will react, because Victim only knew the Alan who had Windows XP and not the current one who has an updated Windows 10 in addition to having at least 1,000 times more experience in stick figures than he had before, besides, Victim knew Alan when he was just 18, and he is now 34...*
Yes, he will probably see a much stronger Alan than he expected.
@magentamonster Aylar önce
17, not 18.
@friedrice1644 Aylar önce
Makes you wonder if Victim gets to Alan, will Alan fight back for his boys, or will he try to apologize?
@SpectrumSwordtails 2 gün önce
He alsp probably thinks Alan is nothing more then a Computer Cursor. Oh how wrong is he, makes you wonder what Victims reaction will be like when he sees the the real Alan on the other side of the screen.
@CeolCluaise 2 aylar önce
For anyone who hasn't followed the lore of AVA up until this point: In Animator vs Animation 1, the stick figure is named Victim (you can see this name throughout the video), and he is beat up and tied up by a rope and attacked by a giant throwing star. And a notable moment is that Victim tries duplicating himself to attack Alan. At the end of that vid, the animation file is not saved (Alan hit "no / delete"). Later an entirely new stick figure is created (in AVA II) and is named The Chosen One (TCO). After being tamed and subsequently freed from Stick Slavery, TCO went on to be accepted by Alan and given a life (AVA III+). Victim never was (we only ever saw him in AVA I). Now Victim wants to take revenge (AVA VI); this is apparent not just by his anger toward Alan's mouse cursor, but also by the technology Victim has been developing, which gives him the same powers as Alan as if he were at the keyboard. The orange stick is named The Second Coming (TSC; technically "the chosen one's return"); he was created (AVA IV) when Alan had originally thought that TCO and The Dark Lord (TDL; technically "The Chosen One's Enemy") had perished from the blue screen of death. In AVA V we witnessed the epic battle between TCO and TDL where TSC aided TCO and defeated TDL, whose current whereabouts are unknown. AVA V is heavily referenced in AVA VI, parts 1 and 2.
@KneedTime 23 gün önce
7:55 if you pay close enough attention, you might notice that Victim is using the same weapons he did all the way back in Animator Vs Animation (Original)
@Kyle-mp3ib 2 aylar önce
HAVE U GUYS NOTICED 13:09 ??? He draw everything from scratch in another pov WHICH IS CRAZY. Love the animation and love the tiny and small details too
@user-cr5hx2ky4i Aylar önce
He is not animating all by himself he has a team
@o1234567892273 Aylar önce
​thanks captain obvious@@user-cr5hx2ky4i
@LambdaMc Aylar önce
​@@user-cr5hx2ky4ii mean, he used to animate all by himself until the existence of animation vs minecraft season 3
@Digital_Butterfly 7 gün önce
​@@LambdaMcI'm pretty sure Alan started hiring other animators as early as AvM ep 2.
@pizzaplays3118 Aylar önce
11:00 if u look closely when the eel panics and goes crazy there's an Easter egg when the eel's electricity makes contact with TSC (The Second Coming) the electricity truns green
@pizzaplays3118 Aylar önce
This just shows how much detail Alan puts into his vids
@SAR-1346 7 gün önce
Good catch!
@LordCybeRagnarok 3 aylar önce
I love how much TCO adapts to the situation. Some weirdo decides to attack him but he isn’t that strong? Grab him and push him away without hurting him. His enemy is getting too strong? He fights faster. His enemy gets a speed boost? He tries to grab his opponent. His enemy wants to grab him? Use ranged attacks. He can’t use fire? Freeze himself so as to avoid damage. His enemy has a leash around his neck and clones himself? Use the clones’ weapons to cut the leash. His fire blasts are firing backwards? He aims away from the target so they’ll still hit. His memories are being read forcibly while he’s tied to a chair? Smash his head on the floor to either knock the memory reader loose or at least give himself amnesia. Not only is he naturally stronger, faster, and more powerful than his opponents, he’s also more cunning and seemingly more determined to not give in than Victim is.
@hamzahnurreez8420 3 aylar önce
Great analysis.
@Skeuomorph1c 3 aylar önce
Dude, nice catch!
@samzy5844 3 aylar önce
he is called The Chosen One to be fair
@chronred8190 3 aylar önce
while a lot of that is fairly impressive, there is.. a small detail, that disappoints me; he only changes, he doesn't push further. he lacks the unending drive to fight back no matter what, to stand his ground *even if it breaks him* yet refuse to fall down *no matter what* where is him making the flames bigger and bigger upon seeing them start to shrink? where is him pulling harder and harder when dragged by the leash and standing firm on the ground? where is him immediately getting back up after getting hit for a while and continuing fighting, why does he lay on the floor or near the end just lay back on the chair? while he does fight back, he never tries to break his limits, to push himself to his limit and beyond it as a anime character comparison, like Kumagawa he is pretty cunning and stubborn, but he doesn't have the drive Medaka has, or the drive those that follow her close tend to have when push comes to shove
@chronred8190 3 aylar önce
he is the chosen one, yet his will is far from the strongest; i myself am not the most strong willed person, especially considering that i can get discouraged easily, yet even i am more stubborn than this
@nicoarrigoni3898 Aylar önce
Dude I used to love Alan's videos back then, I remember loving all the stick figures and wanting them to be real. Eventually though I've kinda forgotten about them. But a few days ago I got Animation vs. Physics in my recommended, and my eyes lit up seeing my old friend TSC again. You cannot imagine how awestruck I am by how far this series has come. You Alan are truly THE animator.
@Vex-eu5ef 20 gün önce
@matthewgargan8168 2 aylar önce
Nobody realises how epic and detailed alans stories are. These should be full movies that have trailers and are able to be viewed in cinemas, so alan get the recognition and fame for his amazing work.
I personally get very interested in the mysteries and details of the events in every Alan Becker animation. For example, in this section, during the copying scene, the text below said victim. Also, 4 clones is a reference to the victim having 4 clones of herself in the first episode.
@@firtinavefarecikinhayat is it a girl? genders aren't specific in Alan Becker but i thought all of the sticks were boys
@@watermelonwarrior239 I didn't say girl or girl or anything like that. Even if I said it, I don't know English, I wrote it to you from the translation and I'm sorry if I wrote it wrong, I already have all of them (except Pink). I think they are men.
@tajuddinahmed3379 23 gün önce
@matthewgargan8168 23 gün önce
@@watermelonwarrior239 from intuition you could say they are all boys
@lxsresto Aylar önce
Getting wrapped back into this is an amazing throwback journey. Then to see the subtle references of Victim compared to the first episode is a great touch. Specially using the lasso that was used on him, five clones with each of the same weapons he made. Perfection can’t wait for the next part !
I seriously have NO idea how Alan can stick figure animation SO GOOOOOOOD- with no words or subtitles makes it even more impressive. I've never been this interested in a series. 1000000000/10 rating from me. When ep 3 comes out I'm getting popcorn and soda to watch it.
@Demon_Girl.983 Aylar önce
"Signal Lost" The chosen one : *Repeatedly bashing his head on the ground*
@Diddywelk Aylar önce
I'm more interested in how green managed to draw a rocket with that much accuracy,whilst running on uneven ground and then proceeded to pull 3 more identical ones out of nowhere.
@yanganimates9273 2 aylar önce
At 11:02 and 11:07 if you look closely between the eel and TSC you can see the electricity is green near TSC because his powers have a green color but the electricity on the eel is still yellow. Basically saying TSC still has access to his powers.
@ImLeoFox Aylar önce
You know, I really can't wait for the sequel, even though it has to wait several months
@fricknuggets53 23 gün önce
I cant wait for tco to finally notice that it was a simulation.. when he gets out of that box tco is probably gonna fck them up!... or In another case he might just sacrifice himself in order to save tsc.. why do I feel like that might just happen
@wiiggg4136 2 aylar önce
Notice how victim hasn’t had any will to kill any of them, but rather keeps them prisoner? But when being posed with a photo of Alan’s mouse. He burns it out of vengeance. It makes me wonder what kind of torment victim went through in between AVA1 and Now to get to this point… and just exactly how much Alan will suffer for his cruel actions beforehand.
@cherryqqw 2 aylar önce
i know right? Im so curious about victim, i pity him so much
@wiiggg4136 2 aylar önce
@@cherryqqw he has a real reason to hate Alan unlike TDL. And it’s been sixteen years. Which puts into perspective just how much this will pay for later on. I don’t think Alan will get out of this in one piece. I think some kind of long term damage will be done to him
@cherryqqw 2 aylar önce
@@wiiggg4136 I do hope alan gets payback for what he’s done, at least for all the damage he’s done to Vic (and tco) since he never got any consequences for it. Plus, I wonder what vic did all those years when we thought he was dead so, I hope we’ll get some backstory too
@Lucas-cunha0 Aylar önce
I loved the video! From what I understand... TSC doesn't remember the fact that he fought with TLC since when he saw TCO's memories he looked shocked at his hands and touching his face trying to understand what he did or trying to remember what he did before being locked up by the mercenaries I hope that in the next part explore this factor further
@archieoutdoors3340 29 gün önce
TLC? It’s the dark lord. And I also hope the next episode will focus on TSC learning about them and trying to unlock them. I’m holding my excitement cause it could take a while.
@camheclutch1 3 aylar önce
@BasicPersonZ 3 aylar önce
Enormous effort in detailing the previous episode was an impressive move Alan and his team made. Like, you know the term, *”I can’t even draw a stick figure”?* Well that actually defines me. 😃
@candymusiclover5150 3 aylar önce
I wish it happened more often
@lucky03113 3 aylar önce
@elconejeroxd1858 3 aylar önce
¿La Locura?, Sí que eso es Bastante.
@lifeiscats1337 Aylar önce
14:12 You can literally see the emotion on his face WHEN HE DOESNT EVEN HAVE A DAMN FACE! Yet for some insane reason that escapes me you can still see the mix of seriousness, fear, and anger all on his face. Which he doesn’t have.
@XanderAdvy 2 aylar önce
So i have a theory, when you play in 0.25 speed at 11:02 you can see the electric effect is green for a bit, and also at 11:08 you can see the green electric is in near TSC head, so that means TSC has it's awakened power again. And IF they all got locked (all color stickman including TCO), i think TDL can save them and starting to help TCO and alan's stickman because he wanted to change what he just did after the TCO and TDL fight. Edit : i think it actually is the awakened power that TSC have, because in AvA V, the power sound is electric.
@akaYCL 20 gün önce
It’s not true. A few seconds later it shows the view from inside the blue cage, and it’s yellow. The previous bit of green was because yellow+blue=green. Just appreciate Alan took his arts lessons well Lmao
@tinybabybread 20 gün önce
​@@akaYCL No, OP's right. When the eel shocks TSC, you can see distinctly green electricity emanating off of his head/arm within the same frames the eel's yellow electricity is shocking him. It's noticeable at 11:08 but it does happen even before that
@XanderAdvy 20 gün önce
@@akaYCL that is wrong, even though when the camera is inside the cage, the electric is green and yellow, the yellow one is when the eel is banging on the wall and the green is when it gets closer to TSC, from the outside it's still yellow and not green, like i said, the green one is when it's near TSC.
@Pancake_the_third Aylar önce
Red green yellow and blue has officially broke the world record of getting caught in under 10 seconds in a heist
@YoDivineLight 2 aylar önce
@AnglesRomero Aylar önce
Amo estos videos y las animaciones son únicas......Un saludo desde latinoamericano "B"..... gracias por hacerme una fanática de estos personajes!❤
@bobsterbot123 3 aylar önce
The idea of TSC's drawings being sentient is kinda scary. The way the eel shows immediate distress at the thought of being erased and immediatly attempts escape was the highlight of this episode.
@Sergey42615 3 aylar önce
His drawings are made with a soul. He doesn't pretend to be an artist, he is an artist.
@meapyboy12345 3 aylar önce
Yeah that’s what I thought too.
@Braga_Rcb 3 aylar önce
I also think that the eel was trying to protect TSC, it was always circling around him, but never got aggressive with him
@scootermcpeanuts6699 3 aylar önce
Justice for the eel 😔
@pete2353 3 aylar önce
first episode was Simple how it became to THIS
@Shadowfreddyfan72 2 aylar önce
Love the lore in this series because it’s kinda interesting inspiring and entertaining
@jaelena1811 2 aylar önce
11:01 if you look above TSC after he dodged the eel you can see green so that means TSC almost snapped right before the moment he saw himself dominating TDL
@friedrice1644 Aylar önce
I had to slow it down to the max, but I saw. Good eye.
@dymaz6282 Aylar önce
so its an instinct of survival? ok
@halloweenhawk9095 Aylar önce
Anyone else remember when Alan Becker was a small time animator? I still remember stumbling across this channel on my school account in what 4th grade?
@farhanmaleq5607 Aylar önce
He was treating TCO like a punching bag back then... And now, Vic does the same to TCO...
I like how in 13:54, despite having faces or any way to show facial expressions, you can tell exactly what they are feeling.
@lythd 7 gün önce
the attention to detail is crazy, victim duplicating and using the same weapons as the original ava is such a small detail that ive only just noticed, i cannot WAIT for the next part to this! keep up the great work!
@aesommer- 3 aylar önce
Is no one going to talk about how well that last scene with RGBY displayed their personalities? With Red and Green being the combative ones, jumping straight into action to defend the other two and Blue being the more passive one who’d rather surrender if it meant the the others wouldn’t get hurt. Also how you can see Yellow’s cautiousness and how it disappears the moment Green and Red are knocked down. The attention to detail is amazing
red being first to jump into battle to defend his friends
@_AstrO_Editzs_ 3 aylar önce
@aesommer- yellow didnt disappear he was caught by the agents of victim
@assassingamer9344 3 aylar önce
@@_AstrO_Editzs_ They meant Yellows cautiousness disappears not Yellow himself
@didodoubles3936 3 aylar önce
its called color personality
@kitty_play_2011 3 aylar önce
@daviddevallee6737 Aylar önce
My goodness! From what your little project started as, some 10 years ago now, is it? It has become such a masterpiece of creativity and suspense. The darkness of both this and the Minecraft storyline, it's beyond anything I could have seen coming way back when. Congrats and props to all who are involved in this project, and looking forward to the continuance of this series. If you ever make a theatrical release or something more hardcopy, I'm sure to be on the list of buyers!
@derekhuo6863 2 aylar önce
Dang, the boss man copied himself and gave the same weapons that "Victim" used while cloning himself and fighting Alan. Edit: The boss is Victim! He was using the same weapons his clones were dominant in!
@tluangteakapa3985 Aylar önce
I love it, the way TSC is the only one who can give live, to the one he have created, can't wait for more episodes to come.
@fricknuggets53 23 gün önce
SPOILER ALERT: tco will sacrifice himself to save tsc, and when that happens, tsc power will be reawakened once more. U just wait and see in the upcoming episodes. Source? Trust me bro :)
15:37 *If only* I wouldn't get mad now at King Orange if I needed help to save both and all Alan Becker's stick figures...
@singforjoy7123 29 gün önce
Alan we need the next one!
Interesting how Victim doesn’t seem to have any powers of his own, instead relying on the technology of the box to give him an edge against TCO. He seems like the kind of villain who props himself up with the crazy animator tech and skilled mercenaries he has at his disposal, but he’s really just hiding behind all of them because he has nothing on his own.
@Zentiu 3 aylar önce
Well, he was made to be the victim. He decided to 'write' his own fate and get revenge. tbh, even though he's the new villain in the story, i can understand where victim is coming from. Dude was basicly bullied and tortured when he got made. All for someone elses fun.
@davidgoyena3127 3 aylar önce
Well, it's logical considering he is the weakest in terms of Stickman's power level.
@followeroftheprince 3 aylar önce
Oh he totally is. Dude was living 15 times faster and had five copies of himself and still almost got his butt kicked even with constant support. He's not strong, he's resourceful. Seems he's using the things he finds to supplement his lack of skill and power
@louisvainet-1788 3 aylar önce
maybe his power is intelligence, i think that he has recreated the type of "computer technology" that he fought against Against Alan (like the sliders, pause buttons and weapons). And also the weapons Victim has is a throwback to Animator vs Animation 1, when Victim duplicated himself. His clones were all using those weapons to try and defeat Alan, until Alan closed the paint program and they lost.
@lifeiscats1337 Aylar önce
I think he’s one of the most tragic Alan villains ever. Ok there’s only been like 4 villains with most of them having redemption arcs but you get the point.
@boltenz2354 2 aylar önce
The fact that the eel electricity turned green when it touched tsc Is some wild details
@stickierset2252 2 aylar önce
Oh my gosh I just realized all the weapons victim uses he used in the very first animator vs animation and the cloning was used then too
@rutvijvasava8689 20 gün önce
Bro if multiverseal travel is possible shown in showdown And in an actual shot Maybe the the stickman in animation vs minecraft can help here maybe?????
@WhaleStrike 2 aylar önce
The fight between The Chosen One and Victim was just unfair
@phonganh9244 Aylar önce
The animation is sincerely a masterpiece. Though through episodes 1 and 2 the victim side is getting stronger and stronger but I hope there will be some flips from TSC and TCO.
@XalasiaBall Aylar önce
The fact only TSC can make sentient drawings, is probably a reference to the start of the Virus’ plot as he helped Alan’s animation more lively. (I.e bringing it to life)
@scharry545 Aylar önce
I have a theory, just hear me out. The Stickman that was fighting "The Chosen One" and kicking his butt in the white room seemed different... familiar... The leader kicking his butt definitely was different from everyone else, every other stickman except for "The Chosen one", "The Dark Lord" and "The second Coming" all had drawn circles for heads with nothing inside, there was also one more character that Alan Becker made that had the same type of head, "Victim". The first Stickman he ever created. The one from his first Video. In that video, there was one particular part that stuck to my mind. When this mystery stickman multiplies himself, showing that it looks easy, like he's done it before I remembered when the "Victim" stickman did the same thing. What if this Leader that had wanted posters up for the arrestment of "The Chosen One" is Alan Becker's first ever stickman, also known as "Victim" Also, the color difference between "Victim" in the first video and this leader could be caused by Alan wanting to show that him and "The Chosen One" are different so people wouldn't get confused. And I just rewatched the first part before this second part. In the Leaders office, there are items, items you can see are in the first video that introduced "Victim". I thought about this theory for only a few minutes but there is so much evidence that points to the Leader being "Victim" and I cannot wait until the next video comes out! Edit: ONE SECOND!!! IF YOU GO TO THE TIME STAMP 7:48 AND PAUSE YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE WHAT THE LEADER IS CALLED IN TEXT BEFORE HE IS MULTIPLIED!!! HE IS "VICTIM" FROM THE FIRST STICKMAN VIDEO ALAN EVER MADE!!!!!!
@scharry545 Aylar önce
I was about to say the edit part.
@sudaim69 4 gün önce
The next episode of Animator vs Animation was broadcast three months ago, and it can't be believed how time flies. I would appreciate it if you could upload this show as soon as possible. It is very pleasing to the eye.
@michalnothere Aylar önce
11:00 in the eel scene, when the electricity touches TSC, it shows some of his powers, turning the electricity green.
@user-kz2ql2rl4c Aylar önce
I don't know if I'm alive or not, but as far as I can remember They are unaware of the strength of the Dark Lord I think so.
@sheenpailovesu7841 3 aylar önce
I love the way victim acts, it just gives massive "Weak dog that barks the loudest" energy. He is completely powerless in a world with beings as crazy powerful as TCO, yet he has created tech that can level the things between them. The thing is, WHY is he powerless? Alan's Stickmen are all really powerful. Is it the name, "victim"? TSC/Orange wasn't named by Alan yet he is probably the most powerful of the stickmen. Why is victim powerless? Hopefully all these questions will be answered in the next episode, it's so exciting, keep it up!
@marsplague6140 3 aylar önce
Victim was a stickman Alan created 16 years ago, it was one of his first characters. You can see at the end of his old video, when they are 5 they have different weapons and in the white cube they all have the same weapon as in that old video. Somehow Victim has survived all these years just to get his revenge
@jeremiahbooth423 3 aylar önce
The reason Victim doesn’t have powers while the Chosen One does is because Victim was created at a lower difficulty level than him. After Victim, Alan wanted to make something that was a bigger challenge to him, which was how the Chosen One was created. He turned the difficulty all the way up to “Chosen One.”
@Axeeco 3 aylar önce
Maybe it has to do with intention or imagination. We saw how TSC was the only stick figure who managed to give life and a purpose to his drawings, in the same way Alan has done before. With TDL, Alan made him with the intention and purpose of being stronger and capable of defeating TCO, and he did, so when making victim he probably just wanted a harmless little creature to slap around for fun
@sheenpailovesu7841 3 aylar önce
@@Axeeco This might be the most logical explanation. And gives a greater reason as why victim has a much larger vendetta against Alan than TCO. Because while Alan did imprison and kept TCO as his pop up blocker, TCO ended up causing the same(perhaps even more) suffering across the entire web to many more mascots. And perhaps he felt that he had no right to judge or try to find vengeance, for he was no better(Although it looks like it was mostly TDL dragging TCO across the web. And we can see that TCO, while a bit extreme has ultimately had a change of heart.) ...That was a pretty long tangent, the point is: I think your vision aligns pretty well with everything, and it might just be the actual answer.
@noonstar3435 3 aylar önce
he just wasn't given any. In the first all he had was himself, the tools of old Adobe and maybe some clones of himself to fight with
@EllPhante 2 aylar önce
@archeox_ 2 aylar önce
I think almost no one noticed this, but when at the electric eel part, when it starts freaking out, you could see a bit of green lightning radiating from TSC.
Por favor faz mais episódios a história está muito legal. Quero ver a continuação.
@Roell4 2 aylar önce
This is cooler than the action anime I've seen
@Thecoolkid- Aylar önce
7:30 bro gave him flashbacks
@crystal16324 3 aylar önce
can we take a second to appreciate the backgrounds in this episode? they’re so dynamic and some are only used for a few seconds
@UTTPUNIVERSE 3 aylar önce
@jf_kein_k8590 3 aylar önce
Also how one of the screens showed a bit from Animation vs Math.
@itsfletch 3 aylar önce
@@jf_kein_k8590 Oh when was this? Timestamp?
@andyoye9230 3 aylar önce
@@jf_kein_k8590 really!? which one!!?
@KILLER.KNIGHT 3 aylar önce
@@jf_kein_k8590Really?! When?! Please give me the timestamp!
@Theorangefarmer 2 aylar önce
im so happy he decided to continue this series
@EmilyDavies-og7xh 2 aylar önce
Can we all just appreciate how good this mans animation has gotten over the years
I love how everything bjt the stickmen are in absolutely top notch quality
@damianlim3429 2 aylar önce
story so good i felt bad for "the one". had to remember this all started as a stick figure vs stick figure animation and still is. it's that good.
@lapsulapa1181 26 gün önce
@unknownedleaf 3 aylar önce
interesting how the entire tech system in the show is really just all of alan’s regular abilities as the computer user
@dawiddulian2403 3 aylar önce
They are harnessing the power of their creators, advancing and getting the tools of the gods attempting to become ones themselves. Great writing, I wonder where it will go next
@osmiumGE 3 aylar önce
@@dawiddulian2403But that may mean they truly see how powerless they really are when the true gods come...
@lukile3296 3 aylar önce
@@osmiumGE ah yes CRTL ALT DELETE and ALT F4 is where unlimited power is.
@darkenlightmage 3 aylar önce
@@lukile3296 And the nuclear option: pulling the plug and killing the entire universe.
@agoatheadbaby3512 3 aylar önce
They're learning how to use Flash in the accursed year of 2023, lol. Did anyone else notice the library and symbol system on the little screen they were tinkering with?
@spiderdude1013 Aylar önce
I love the backgrounds those artists are amazing
@monarch2196 Aylar önce
so amazing. can you post 2 eps per day
@JohnSmith583 Aylar önce
You are joking right?
@curtisclarke3287 Aylar önce
Cant believe how far these have come over the years!! You’ve come so far congrats Alan!!!
@MaxiIel 2 aylar önce
Victim is crazy for kidnapping someone to know about someone but i still love him, kinda sad he did this on tco's birthday too 😭. I just feel bad for both i wish they could've just made a deal
@cherryqqw 2 aylar önce
@olamlonek5517 16 gün önce
The way yellow got separated from the rest and how blue tried to catch up with him makes me cry
@70Lu07 3 aylar önce
The memory scanner shows how much care Alan puts into his work because msot of the time when someone's memories are being projected, they just reuse footage of the episode, but when Victim Scan's TCO, Alan put so much effort into making an accurate depiction of the events in the episode through TCO's POV, amazing job
@0akkung09 3 aylar önce
Makes me wonder what his POV would be like in Alan’s PC 2D desktop
@slipiest-adv_7000 3 aylar önce
Yess, that's what I respect from his animation! I always annoyed when memory projection uses footage, like that's what the audiences see, not what the character's see!
@Phantom_Zone 2 aylar önce
So it seems Victim doesn't have the powers like his brothers TCO and TSC. Thats why he is experienting to see why and to see if his new technology can not only overcome them, but beat them fully.
@Smile-co9cf 2 aylar önce
What do you mean brothers?? They aren't brothers😭
@-victim. 22 gün önce
​@@Smile-co9cf Well technically, they're since alan created them all.
@Smile-co9cf 22 gün önce
@@-victim.???? What??? Alan is just an animator, not a father. They're literally drawings, they can't be brothers. By your logic, all the characters you have drawn on a piece of paper/art program are your children and siblings to each other??? Okay, even if we ignore the stupidity of such logic, wouldn't Alan say that they are brothers? Alan knows about fandom and about fans who ships hollow-heads, so he'd be foolish to declare hollow-heads as brothers
@-victim. 22 gün önce
@@Smile-co9cf why so aggressive? I literally just said that they are brothers since they all have the same body features and the same creator. A great example of this would be your parents and siblings.
@Smile-co9cf 21 gün önce
@@-victim. How was i aggressive? I just explained that they're not siblings. So what if they have the same body features? Almost all stickmen are similar to each other, so what? And as for the creator, I've already explained that they can't be brothers just because they have the same creator
@litgaming2448 2 aylar önce
I just realised the grey stick man was the victim from the first video of animator Vs animation. I love how Alan becker hinted at this using the same amount of clones and weapons to fight the chosen one. The same weapons the victim made to fight Alan a few years back.
@nailarana9203 Aylar önce
Hey Alan Becker please upload the wanted 3 and 4 ep because we are so excited for it . Please 🙏🙏 reply my question
@realmxrality Aylar önce
@medsiio Aylar önce
7:20 is crazy
@Cruzhok 3 aylar önce
I liked the detail of how The Chosen One was afraid of the Victim’s whip. It reminded him of Alan's terrible treatment of him in his past, when he was chained and enslaved. This hurts him more than any other Stickman (except perhaps Victim), because Alan did not give him the love that he gave to the other Stickmen. This season clearly shows that the main character here is not green, blue, yellow and red, or even TSC, the main character here is TCO
@-victim. 3 aylar önce
We also see The Chosen One stats didn't go all the way up, meaning that he still has a potential to be stronger than TSC.
@Cruzhok 3 aylar önce
@@-victim. I have an educated guess that TSC's powers are alien, his second personality. Everyone believes with great confidence that TSC activated his powers because TDL killed his friends in front of him, and from this logic it follows that this is his power, however, upon reflection, this theory is stupid. My theory is that his second personality has awakened, which either gives him the ability to create, or already enhances his existing abilities to create. At the moment of killing TSC's friends, the second personality does not wake up immediately, it wakes up only when TDL sends ViraBots to destroy the Internet, which means that this personality is activated when there is the greatest danger to the digital world. Also, TSC has absolutely no memory of what happened and did not understand what TCO was telling him when he asked him for help, which clearly indicates that these are the powers of his second personality. Even his name speaks of someone's second coming (although this most likely speaks of the return of the Chosen One). From this it follows that TSC does not know anything about his abilities and all this time thought that it was the Chosen One who defeated the Dark Lord, which means that two personalities are locked in one body. The first of them is the main one, the second of them is the one that enhances the abilities of the first, and one of them awakens precisely when there is the greatest threat. If we follow this logic, then most likely in the series we will see unsuccessful attempts to master this power, and someday he will lose her
@Cruzhok 3 aylar önce
@@-victim. Moreover, if these were really the powers of the first TSC personality, he would have activated them earlier when he tried to resist the Dark Lord. He was already disappointed and angry, but he did not call on his powers, and this fact suggests that most likely these are the powers of his second personality. Who the second person is is a mystery. It may be a powerful being, or a personification of life or creation. We don't know anything except that she is connected to an animator who is also capable of breathing life into his creations. Most likely the strongest creature is Alan's cursor, because he still has much more influence on the world than TSC and TCO. This could mean that the Victim will not just try to destroy the cursor, but will also try to drain TSC, drain his powers and use them against Alan
@cr1spy74 3 aylar önce
why victim whipping a black stickmin tho🤨
@vaingloriant 3 aylar önce
@@-victim. I mean, they were pretty much already maxxed out (4:03) I still think TSC would be much stronger
I don't know, but, animator vs animation universe is on the same universe in animation vs minecraft? Because it would be cool seeing a crossover between minecraft and TCO
@hinarahyuga1684 Gün önce
Can't wait for the next part, been seeing shorts get released of everything up to this point and it's been amazing
@eoincollins-gq3go Aylar önce
When episode 3? I love this and I am subscribed
@Pinkiepie-pn4ff Aylar önce
I think is still working on progress
@andreasjarke5691 2 aylar önce
can we agree that alan beckers sound is the next stage of asmr?
@ProstoZuza Aylar önce
Этот человек - гений Алан, мы ждëм новых серий :)
@khalifabinhendi6107 3 aylar önce
I love the panic and shock they had when they found out that TSC is much stronger than he let on, and the Sentient drawings are the tip of the iceberg.
@speedydounut2316 3 aylar önce
I agree. I also love how TSC was surprised too, he never remembered his own power, as seen by his lack of using it in the first episode.
@creativeusername3454 3 aylar önce
you could practically see everyone in the room sh*t themselves when they realized they'd just captured and pissed off a SCP-001 proposal
@bruh8545 3 aylar önce
​@@creativeusername3454elaborate brother
@fubjuice 3 aylar önce
not to be rude, but i think you meant tip of the iceberg
@umamifan 3 aylar önce
@@speedydounut2316 Yep, they portrayed TSC's shock perfectly. I think TSC didn't even remember, since he fainted after he went "Super Saiyan". They all seem to realize that he's basically super powerful now, and I think it's just setting up what's gonna happen next.
@fntthesmth423 Aylar önce
I hope the resolution of the series is basically Alen Becker, the character in this fictional series, owing up to the cruelty he treated the stick figures with, especially in the beginning I mean i highly doubt Alen Becker, actual human that exists, would make THAT the ultimate solution to his wacky story about stick figures fighting each other in cool anime showdowns with powers inspired by the tools of animation itself But it would be very funny if he did
@user-rh4dz4ot8o 2 aylar önce
Can't wait for part 3, you're animations are truly a work of art
@KageTenshiiRyuu 16 gün önce
I don't understand how I am so invested in these stick figures, but I ain't complaining. This is so different from what I'm used to that it's entirely refreshing.
@KirbyDeCalcinha00 19 gün önce
I find it incredible how green can draw on a sheet without support and running
@isabellah6247 21 gün önce
The fight ja so nice i cant believe its just an animation its like a little movie
@kaylenvee8150 3 aylar önce
I like how this entire episode completely proves how little power Victim actually has. We saw that the names Alan gives to his stick figures dictate their abilities and partially even their personalities. Victim is that. A VICTIM. He has no super powers and not even much smarts. Everything he's done has not been of his own merit; it's all someone else. He's only able to get on a fighting level with TCO because they were in that Box and he needed to be beefed up because we saw at the beginning that his punches did jack all, and yet even after that, TCO was STILL able to last for a long time against him. He needed the other figures to do his bidding, and now he needs Yellow to even GET anywhere near Alan. The only thing he really has is the knowledge of the drawing tools that Alan has, and even that's a null now because TSC can do MUCH more than he probably could just with that eel display.
@spongeintheshoe 3 aylar önce
Though where did this facility that answers to his every command come from?
@Phantom-Neon 3 aylar önce
i agree, but he must have some kind of ace up his sleeve since hes so eager to find alans computer i do like how he's more of a mob boss style villain compared to other AVA/AVM villains, especially since hes technically the first stick figure in the entire series the eldest brother in a way to TCO/TDL/ and TSC
@Digital_Butterfly 3 aylar önce
To be fair, ever since AvA 1, Victim's been known to be crafty and resourceful. Not just anyone can create a company as powerful as his.
@AspectAxiil0001 3 aylar önce
He's very smart
@Kabslantivity2000 3 aylar önce
Where the hell are the names of the mercenaries?
@hasanM711 21 gün önce
Can you make another episode soon cause i really like this series
@yellowsaint 27 gün önce
i almost screamed when i saw the victim's name off to the side and the references to AvA I; but i think that the agents victim employed aren't related to him anymore, but rather something greater? there's little to go off of in lieu of their lore, but it seems alan's bent on them being actual mercenaries (and thus lore/background irrelevant, since they dont seem keen on having a change of heart) in comparison to the employees working at the rocket facility so, with that in mind, what's victim's goal here? he seems to want to complete what he couldn't in the very beginning; destroying alan, but first he has to find him, but is he also trying to take TCO/TSC's abilities? if he can get Yellow, who he thinks is the smart one, to get TSC to switch sides (for a lack of any better terms), what would be the goal? finding his trigger and turning TSC to a sleeper agent? why did he up and bully TCO, other than perhaps some powerplay to inform them both that victim is in control? there's a lot of questions, and i am VERY excited to see what alan's crew is cooking up for the next episode
@SlightInconvienence 22 gün önce
Can't wait for part 3 and maybe 4 to 5 (if it goes that far) I really hope we get to see TSC learn to control his powers.
I don't see anyone been worried about Yellow, like they think he was the one controlling the mouse, the one that caused the torment for the Victim, he must want revenge.
@Iochris Aylar önce
Nah, he knows who Alan is. It's just that Yellow can bring the cursor to the Outernet.
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