The Black Phone - Official Trailer

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The Black Phone - Official Trailer
In Theaters February 4

The phone is dead. And it’s ringing.

Director Scott Derrickson returns to his terror roots and partners again with the foremost brand in the genre, Blumhouse, with a new horror thriller.
Finney Shaw, a shy but clever 13-year-old boy, is abducted by a sadistic killer and trapped in a soundproof basement where screaming is of little use. When a disconnected phone on the wall begins to ring, Finney discovers that he can hear the voices of the killer’s previous victims. And they are dead set on making sure that what happened to them doesn’t happen to Finney.
Starring four-time Oscar® nominee Ethan Hawke in the most terrifying role of his career and introducing Mason Thames in his first ever film role, The Black Phone is produced, directed, and co-written by Scott Derrickson, the writer-director of Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Marvel’s Doctor Strange.

The film’s screenplay is by Derrickson & C. Robert Cargill (Doctor Strange, Sinister franchise), based on the award-winning short story by Joe Hill from his New York Times bestseller 20th Century Ghosts. The film is produced by Derrickson & Cargill’s Crooked Highway and presented by Universal and Blumhouse. Jason Blum, Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill are producers on the film, which is executive produced by Ryan Turek and Christopher H. Warner.

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13 Eki 2021




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Jesse Kewagshken
Jesse Kewagshken 3 saatler önce
Based off a short story I read not to long ago, looks good
Agus Lupus Channel
Agus Lupus Channel 11 saatler önce
someone said have seen whole film in 3 minutes, it scares me.. How man...how?
B A S E D 15 saatler önce
*”IT: Chapter 3, Pennywise Is Permanently Human”.* 🤡🎩
B A S E D 15 saatler önce
Shouldn’t his name be *”Mr. Black”* instead? Or would that be too cliche for such an interesting psychological thriller, such as this? 🎩
Nicholas Beyer
Nicholas Beyer 16 saatler önce
this looks amazing, but did i just watch the whole movie lol
Alester john
Alester john 17 saatler önce
I cant wait so long! 😭😭
cynthia rouse
cynthia rouse Gün önce
Glonczi Màrk
Glonczi Màrk Gün önce
jorge is out of it
Mark Ford
Mark Ford Gün önce
I like a good Blumhouse
Michael F.
Michael F. Gün önce
Can't wait to see it and what a casts too 👍👍👍👍 Almost on the style of IT And got 100 Rotten Tomatoes 👍🍅👍🍅👍
Pete Herb
Pete Herb Gün önce
well, don't need to watch that now....
Bryan Mauricio O.
Looks so bad
vishal raval
vishal raval Gün önce
Please b vegan..by killing someone n eating will never digest in any soul
Love Pet 🦜
Love Pet 🦜 Gün önce
This was filmed in Wilmington NC in the town where i live
Jo Rad
Jo Rad 2 gün önce
Ethan Hawke is freaking amazing!! He can play any role and can stand up with the best. He is the best!
mya parker
mya parker 2 gün önce
This reminds me of don't be afraid game.
Peyton Brandon
Peyton Brandon 2 gün önce
I’m so glad I don’t have to watch that now
Lord Vader
Lord Vader 2 gün önce
Kid looks like a young Brad Renfroe....uncanny.
Karl Benz
Karl Benz 2 gün önce
the black phone ; isn't this a bit racist ?
AsianAngler 2 gün önce
everything's racist, race sell fool
Dr Priyam Hazra [Mister]
Advertisement trvid.com/u-shortsWcJOWGMPtes?feature=share
B A S E D 2 gün önce
I just wanted to take a moment outta my day to just say, how much I fucking love the great, *Universal Pictures,* and above all, thanking them for bringing us these great film’s, during these difficult time’s is all. 🌎🙏
B A S E D 2 gün önce
Bet they’ll have an all in black Universal Studio’s opening logo for this particular masterpiece.🌎🖤🎩
Joe Bi Deng
Joe Bi Deng 2 gün önce
Am I the only one who see it? The Guy with the mask looks like Jeffrey Epstein
Kuro Ryu Dai Ryu
Kuro Ryu Dai Ryu 2 gün önce
Beautiful, but you truly spoilered the whole film
joseph Darkhelmet
joseph Darkhelmet 2 gün önce
Thanks, movie trailer, for giving the whole movie away. Ghost children try to help a boy escape the clutches of a crazy magician, via a telephone. We know the boy escapes, we know the boy's friend has psychic dreams linking them together and no doubt factors in the finale. We know the boy is locked in a large empty room, and we know every time he attempts to escape he doesn't, until the end of the movie. Ahhh movie trailers, make movies predictable and therefore ruin any suspense it otherwise might've had.
Snook 2 gün önce
What app is this movie on
Snook 2 gün önce
Where can I watch this movie
AsianAngler 2 gün önce
heard of a movie theater?
Almost YouTube Famous
What a stupid fucking trailer. It revealed WAY too much. Maybe I'll watch it in a few years once I've forgotten all about this..
Rick Dietrich
Rick Dietrich 2 gün önce
Looks pretty creepy to me I’m in!
Roger rtewwr
Roger rtewwr 2 gün önce
This actually looks good, never heard of it until now
Kareem Blixby
Kareem Blixby 2 gün önce
21M views ina month, I'm watching this!
Cindy Fairbrother
Cindy Fairbrother 2 gün önce
Is there not enough of this disgusting subject happening in real life…….. Zillions of babies and children go missing every day!
BlckCloud73 3 gün önce
Looks like a good movie, but I think I figured out what happens.
AJITH KUMAR 3 gün önce
Use 🎧︎ for better experience..
Elon Musk
Elon Musk 3 gün önce
I was expecting the credits to start rolling as well. Geez. Those trailers nowadys..
Sherezade Vergara
Sherezade Vergara 3 gün önce
That little girls acting is horrifically bad, I mean seriously!!!!!
Sherezade Vergara
Sherezade Vergara 3 gün önce
This is cringe
michael adams
michael adams 3 gün önce
kid gets kidnapped. kid kills kidnapper and escapes. end of movie.
Akash Ahmad
Akash Ahmad 3 gün önce
Similar to IT?
BrG x Gaming
BrG x Gaming 3 gün önce
Why does the thumbnail look like Jeffery Epstein in bloodborne
B A S E D 3 gün önce
The damn movie better have a lot of interesting *plot-twists,* one after the other, after basically showing us the whole damn thing.🎥
B A S E D 3 gün önce
If he has a phone that can connect you to the dead, does that mean that *the Grabber* is actually *Death, (the Grim Reaper),* himself in disguise?…🤔💀🎩
B A S E D 3 gün önce
God I love the Grabbers laugh. Ethan Hawkes wild side is truly gonna be to die for.🙏🎩
Caryn Dominessy
Caryn Dominessy 3 gün önce
I don't need to watch it at all. This was the Cliffs Notes version.
EJP79 3 gün önce
I'm in
Joy Walker
Joy Walker 3 gün önce
I know some people are complaining about how long the trailer was I'm not doing that this time and I'm actually going to watch this movie I didn't think they gave too much away and sometimes I think people unnecessarily complain about it watch it don't watch it, it's your choice after all..
Joy Walker
Joy Walker 2 gün önce
@Ethan Hawke you're welcome but we both know you're not Ethan Hawke but you really did pick a great actor and a great role model I don't have a favorite but I will tell you the ones I love.. Sinster The Reverant End Of The World Taking Lives Alive Gattaca Day Breakers one of my favorite vampire movies. Regression I haven't watched all of his movies I'm going to watch the new one and Adopt A Highway I love all of his suspense movies and thriller movies I can't blame you for using his name we all have our favorites ❤ Happy Thanksgiving I hope you have a wonderful day take care.
Moshtv 3 gün önce
@Ethan Hawke sinister
Ethan Hawke
Ethan Hawke 3 gün önce
Hello there. Thank you very much for your lovely words, I really do appreciate. Tell me what's your favorite movie from all of my movies you have seen so far?
Pau Lee
Pau Lee 3 gün önce
Thanks again, Hollywood, for showing the movie in less than three minutes! Saves time and money!
Ter Rowle
Ter Rowle 4 gün önce
Lol, worst mask ever, he looks like Bananaman.
jntj 4 gün önce
Nah. After watching this preview, now I know the whole movie.
Damien Long
Damien Long 4 gün önce
Interesting movie
Mae💕Dae 4 gün önce
I want to see this movie 🎥
Ethan Hawke
Ethan Hawke 3 gün önce
Hello there. Thank you very much for your lovely words, I really do appreciate. Tell me what's your favorite movie from all of my movies you have seen so far?
FreshKiddsTV 4 gün önce
Im probably going to see this but how is this NOT Stranger Things, IT and Sinister Mixed?
Vagodin Fir
Vagodin Fir 4 gün önce
looks like another tryhard cringy flim made for 13 years olds
Pablo Castillo III
Pablo Castillo III 4 gün önce
Tell me why the thumbnail reminds me of Jeffrey Epstein
Josh Smith
Josh Smith 4 gün önce
I mean if this trailer didn’t spoil it for us we no the whole plot
Amalia Ra
Amalia Ra 4 gün önce
So terrifying, i'm so gonna watch this
Ethan Hawke
Ethan Hawke 3 gün önce
Hello there. Thank you very much for your lovely words, I really do appreciate. Tell me what's your favorite movie from all of my movies you have seen so far?
Amalia Ra
Amalia Ra 4 gün önce
Ok so instead red like in it we have new color, black.
mplcausa 4 gün önce
Man, soon movies will be as long as TRvid shorts
Jaz 4 gün önce
This is like those ghost kids in Caroline helping her escape
Elona Musk
Elona Musk 4 gün önce
Its like willy wonka meets pennywise vibe movie😂
Ethan Hawke
Ethan Hawke 3 gün önce
Hello there. Thank you very much for your lovely words, I really do appreciate. Tell me what's your favorite movie from all of my movies you have seen so far?
True ringers always self appoint
Pass. you can augment us to achieve this shit all you want, but I'm living out the rest of my reality as human, because that's what I came for.
J. W
J. W 4 gün önce
Looks good ill have to check that out...
ali mo
ali mo 4 gün önce
Robert Brookins
Robert Brookins 4 gün önce
Now someone will copy it in real life.......
Kal L
Kal L 4 gün önce
It's about time they made a movie about a real threat to kids then about ghosts or monsters. Bet its prevent kids from being to nice, staying your distance or having a plan for such situations.
Raíssa Oliveira
Raíssa Oliveira 4 gün önce
I really like Ethan haWke's work. If he is in a movie , it' s a good one.
luci 4 gün önce
Am excited for this
Avnit Sharma
Avnit Sharma 4 gün önce
Seems they have copied the movie IT
Johirul 4 gün önce
Everyone in the comments saying the trailer spoiled the move, how the f do you know? Have you watched the movie yet? No! Blumhouse are known for their twists and turns so there could be more than what the trailer is showing
Wayla 4 gün önce
Omg the ghost is so cool.
gabm999 4 gün önce
Ethan Hawk as a weird creep villain doesn't sit well with me. I adore his re-occurring roles as a Cop and such. ... But this does look good. (No I haven't seen Sinister... (tbc)
Boy Bawang
Boy Bawang 4 gün önce
Y the phone gotta b Black!?!?! Racist much....
funny menia
funny menia 4 gün önce
trvid.com/u-shortsxu4HoNJPcRY?feature=share 😘😘😘😘😘😘
Am I the only one that noticed that the bad guy’s mask looks EXACTLY like Epstein??!! 🤯
Reyna Torres
Reyna Torres 4 gün önce
Is this out yet?
Paris S
Paris S 4 gün önce
I can’t wait 😍
Aniket kumar
Aniket kumar 4 gün önce
I don't know why but I am getting IT movie vibes from this trailer.
O.G. Empty Pockets
O.G. Empty Pockets 4 gün önce
Oh hell no I hate scary 😟 movies but this looks good 👍
I made this account out of boredom
And that kids is how you properly spoil a movie :)
bobo chichi
bobo chichi 4 gün önce
Blum house production is the best when it comes to horror and thriller
rain 4 gün önce
looks promising but the trailer reveals too much. IDK if I can enjoy watching the full film
skianddie 4 gün önce
Can't wait to bootleg
THARUN Whitewolf
THARUN Whitewolf 5 gün önce
Keren Skellern
Keren Skellern 5 gün önce
I want to watch it looks so good
Monique Handy
Monique Handy 5 gün önce
I wanna see this so bad
mimi mooncat
mimi mooncat 5 gün önce
Omg for a second I thought it said black people don’t talk to stranger
Inês Freire
Inês Freire 5 gün önce
Joker vibes 🤡
son goku naruto rioga
Boring movie!🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱😴😴😴
beach182 5 gün önce
This looks really good
Ethan Hawke
Ethan Hawke 5 gün önce
Hello there, thank you very much for your lovely words, I really do appreciate it. Tell me what's your favorite movie of all my movies you have seen so far?
vivek aero
vivek aero 5 gün önce
kay risky
kay risky 5 gün önce
But why did they do that!? Why give us the whole movie in the trailer 🤦🏾‍♂️
dreakheart 5 gün önce
he did say , wanna see a magic trick , guess he meant the phone
Kim Barling
Kim Barling 5 gün önce
So sad that Horror movies today are so formulaic and predictable for the politically correct woos crowd.!! C'mon time to get back to the real raw shocking HORROR !!!
Babajide Plumptre
Babajide Plumptre 5 gün önce
Who else notices the kid leaning on the wall 1:46
I take it that the magician is 🤬🤬making the children disappear. Tadaaaaa! 😑
Domagoj Mitrovic
Domagoj Mitrovic 5 gün önce
ah jumpscares, we meet again
Varun Nair
Varun Nair 5 gün önce
The mask in the thumbnail reminds me of AOT
Segrom 5 gün önce
Is like wtf !!! You got the history from some local police agency down in central mexico
Richard West
Richard West 5 gün önce
This might be a stretch... But did anyone think of Demon Slayer when they saw this trailer?
TXFRecords 5 gün önce
I think we've just watched the whole film
That one McDonalds employee
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