The Bizarre Legacy of Gossip Girl

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M MS Yıl önce
for a good few minutes there I was so entertained by the jack sparrow discussion I forgot this video was about gossip girl
Rosa M Crook
Rosa M Crook 4 gün önce
Jochem vd Berg
Jochem vd Berg Aylar önce
CravingLux Aylar önce
@LadySRandomness ll)llloop
Elisabete Lago
Elisabete Lago 2 aylar önce
Time stamp?
peachy 3 aylar önce
@Fizza Chughtai what
Emmaline Kim
Emmaline Kim Yıl önce
Gossip Girl is a case study on how brilliant costume and set designers and extremely charismatic actors can carry an entire television show to immense success even if the writers room is just inventing new boyfriends for Serena every 3 weeks and calling it a plot lmao.
Melina E
Melina E 10 gün önce
Mario Rosales
Mario Rosales Aylar önce
This show was so bad yet is so iconic
nadal ekene
nadal ekene 2 aylar önce
@Nobody Here not necessarily. there's nothing wrong with enjoying tv that's not particularly good or high quality. it's the kind of show you watch to escape and relax. not to say it's not important to be critical of the media you consume, but that doesn't have to be the point.
Kandy 2 aylar önce
@chatnoire89 I personally enjoyed Bridgertons story, but now that you make the comparison they are pretty similar. Both have a piece of media for gossip that sparks drama throughout the show and both revolve around relationships
Seriously! Hahah I love this show and I 100% know it’s just because of how great they look and how amazing this cast is
B B Yıl önce
I really wished GG went more into Blair's eating disorder. It was highlighted in one episode and briefly mentioned in a few others, then dropped all together. I think it was important to discuss it more for the sake of her character.
V R 15 gün önce
I don’t think “she grew out of it” but instead implied that she would go through those phases or “mental breakdowns”/ relapse episodes caused by stress/anxiety/depression
Darcy Doll
Darcy Doll Aylar önce
It could definitely have been a good platform to deal more with eating disorders.
J M Aylar önce
Me too but this is the same show that barely remembered Serena’s little brother literally tried to end his own life after the conclusion of the Ostroff plot
Елизавета Дарниченко
Actually it was a lot about it in the original book, I remember reading about this, but in the screen somehow they decided that this storyline is so not important so better to throw it out
hopelessavages 3 aylar önce
honestly i think so much of blair’s story should’ve been highlighted. i hated so much how after she lost the baby she was sad because of chuck not because her entire life had been completely messed with, so much of things that could’ve given her depth were just replaced with her and chuck’s relationship
Lilico Yıl önce
Serena was supposed to be the main character but Blair completely bulldozed her over in both character writing and acting of Leighton Meester.
Brett H
Brett H Aylar önce
It happened with Fonzie on Happy Days and JJ on The Good times. They weren't suppose to be the Star. Blair, Chuck, Lilly even Bart Bass was good on Gossip Girl. I liked Dan and Blair..
E N 2 aylar önce
Luchia 3 aylar önce
Mm I think Blake's acting was great too she fit Serena like a glove but Blair was just more iconic
Makeup and Fashion Duh
I agree
ThisIsAlly 9 aylar önce
The books have Blair as the main character because Serena was kind of awful, in the show they tried making Serena the protagonist and having Blake carry the whole thing.. but no character evolution and awful writing still made Blair the most interesting character.
maria 🦋 eugenia
the most unrealistic thing about gossip girl is blair’s s. 5 wedding look. you can’t convince me that with her fashion sense, her mom being a big designer and her money she ended up looking like that on her wedding to a literal prince
Lmao I thought the same thjng
The Frank Miller
The Frank Miller 5 aylar önce
Elina Valve
Elina Valve 6 aylar önce
Did you remember that the princes mom was making all desicions for her… so i think that was the reason.
Ryan Henry
Ryan Henry 7 aylar önce
I think that was intentional. It showed that she really didn’t care about the wedding. It was generic designer dress no thought involved.
RubyJane04 8 aylar önce
I think they did it on purpose. As far as Blair is confusing and disfunctional she is , so does her dress and her hair. Look how messy the wedding and everything. But once she married to chuck in casual and rush and not being her dreamy wedding type , she's at her best and properly dressed.
Alaïa Yıl önce
I'll never forget that moment in season 1 where Serena says "I killed someone" and the music just flips. The way they handled the build up and that moment was incredible. My stomach DROPPED. Very hard for a TV series to affect you like that anymore.
willem Aylar önce
@Elisabet 11 i think what they meant is that today's teenage dramas aren't nearly as dramatic. nowadays filmmakers try to make teenage shows more down-to-earth and relatable meanwhile gossip girl is a teenage drama that went batshit with white people's problems that most of us will never face and that's what made it intriguing and inpactful to watch
Elisabet 11
Elisabet 11 Aylar önce
"Very hard for a tv series to affect you like that anymore". Really? Gossip girl is the go-to show for emotional effect on a person? I suggest you broaden your tv-show horizon hahah
helena 2 aylar önce
Agree! And I love the music choices that they took in the show. As a person who was in high school during that whole Party music anthem era (lady gaga, Chris brown, Timbaland etc), whenever I rewatch the show I get a rush of nostalgia with the music that they play
wilsost1190 4 aylar önce
Wowwwww I wasn't the only one who experienced that!
Alexandra 4 aylar önce
i need to ask: have you watched "The Good Place"?
A Yıl önce
You can’t tell me when someone says “xoxo” you don’t automatically respond “gossip girl”. This show had power.
Labiba Liyana
Labiba Liyana Gün önce
Even when I was reading the first line of your comment I immediately said "gossip girl"
Atomic Bricks
Atomic Bricks 6 aylar önce
Yessss not gonna lie I JUST watched this show as an adult, but all my life every time I heard someone say xoxo I would immediately think “gossip girl” because of how popular it was.
sofia aguirre
sofia aguirre 9 aylar önce
and it still does. not the reboot tho
Spongeman Yıl önce
i dint even know wht gossip girl was until this video....
Balbi Francesca PY
till this day i still do lol
Nev M
Nev M Yıl önce
I’ve always thought that the most important character in Gossip Girl, and the one that continually saved it and made it interesting, wasn’t any of the one’s played by actors... it was NYC. Specifically, it was the elite bubble of NYC. The real estate and fashion porn, specific to NYC, in the show is really what kept people hooked and coming back for more. It was the fantasy of it all, more so than the actual storyline, that made the show the cultural zeitgeist that it was. People didn’t want to be Serena, Blair or Chuck because they liked them as a person, they wanted to be them because they loved how and where they lived. The exact same show, with the exact same storyline’s and character’s, wouldn’t have worked anywhere else outside of wealthy New York. It at least wouldn’t have been nearly as successful or culturally defining. Imagine Serena or Blair in Houston or Cleveland and suddenly it doesn’t work and no one wants to be them any longer.
jessica lukram
jessica lukram 4 aylar önce
You are so right!!!!! I love ny
Madison Pettway
Madison Pettway 9 aylar önce
So agree!!!
Jose C
Jose C 9 aylar önce
@Nev M London is definitely on the lower end of the spectrum. Maybe possible, but ehh.. I dont see it. Paris is definitely possible, and los angeles too. But in LA it'd have a different tone, the lifestyle there is just too different. Chicago would just a be a dull and a little boring version of NY, same with Toronto. In the east, I can see Tokyo and the #1 choice. Hong Kong, Seoul and Singapore could be possible too. (Melbourne wouldn't cut it, maybe just regionally). Dubai in the Middle East. A few places in Africa could cut it but wouldn't have any international/global appeal. Theyd be very local. Same with alot of places in Latin America aside from Mexico city or Buenos Aires.... alot of these just dont have the global appeal of NYC
Jose C
Jose C 9 aylar önce
@Nev M London is definitely on the lower end of the spectrum. Maybe possible, but ehh.. I dont see it. Paris is definitely possible, and los angeles too. But in LA it'd have a different tone, the lifestyle there is just too different. Chicago would just a be a dull and a little boring version of NY. In the east, I can see Tokyo and the #1 choice. Hong Kong, Seoul and Singapore could be possible too. (Melbourne wouldn't cut it, maybe just regionally). Dubai in the Middle East. A few places in Africa could cut it but wouldn't have any international/global appeal. Theyd be very local. Same with alot of places in Latin America aside from Mexico city or Buenos Aires.... alot of these just dont have the global appeal of NYC
Nev M
Nev M 9 aylar önce
@Daniel Lins Yeah, to a certain extent. There’s really only three other cities outside of New York it could have possibly worked in while still retaining the spirit of the show, and they are Los Angeles, Paris and London. It could only really work in major global cultural capitals. They actually used LA and Paris as settings in the original show for that reason, cuz they’re two of the three other settings the show was possible in. It could probably work to a certain extent in places like Hong Kong and Melbourne and Toronto too, but not to the same degree and it would lose some of its “spirit” within those settings imo. NY, LA, Paris and London are the only places the show could have worked exactly as it did.
Rachel Yıl önce
I remember that the parents didn’t like the show, because there was a lot of alcohol, drugs and sex, but if you compare with the shows we watch today, we’ll, gossip girl is not that problematic 😂
Aubrey H
Aubrey H Aylar önce
Haha, my mom hated it to the point of not letting me watch it. I watched it when I moved out and now watch things like Dark.
BGC RP 7 aylar önce
Gossip girl is still problematic just doesn’t have too much nudity
seif elmaatawy
seif elmaatawy Yıl önce
we can say that it's thanks to GG that now It's so normal to have such shows but it surely was problematic by the standards we had back then when it was first aired
Louise Odumah
Louise Odumah Yıl önce
The real reason everyone hates Jenny is not because of what she does it’s because of who she does it to
Sara Vinci
Sara Vinci 13 saatler önce
​@Sofia Armendariz I don't think that the professor that gave a B to Blair was mean
Ew dude
Ew dude Aylar önce
@dflowers30 I hated Serena and Jenny kind of screwing her over is hilarious. Serena acts better than everyone she definitely deserved it.
Remaori 2 aylar önce
Not only that, I don't remember any of schemes actually working like she gambled with the trust of others and lost everything compared to Blair that could easily bounce back
dflowers30 4 aylar önce
@MissWiss Unfair to her? All he wanted her to do was go to school and get good grades. Wow, so unfair. All she did was skip school constantly, emancipate herself cause her dad wouldn't let her get a fashion line at 16, was selling DRUGS, turned on everyone who cared about her (her dad, her brother, even her friends Vanessa and one time step brother Eric) and the whole "I hate Serena all of a sudden so ima steal her boyfriend and try to ruin her life now". All of that was Rufus fault I guess. No she was a mess and I'm glad he sent to her to her mother. The only thing Rufus did wrong was wait to long to kick her out
Kia Niambi
Kia Niambi 9 aylar önce
I think the way Jenny treated her father was her worst trait
peachy 3 aylar önce
@Yuki James exactly
Starbits7 5 aylar önce
I forgave her character for a lot of things since she was supposed to be a moody teenager & was assaulted etc but the disrespect for her father was terrible. I've heard people say Rufus was controlling. He wasn't. He had boundaries she wasn't respecting. As a parent you need clear boundaries or it can cause problems - mainly with a child's mental & emotional growth - but nowadays a lot of people actually believe any boundaries whatsoever is controlling or abusive... it's ridiculous
dflowers30 5 aylar önce
@K Xenia Controlling? He was being a parent
dflowers30 5 aylar önce
Bingo. That's the main reason I hated her. She treated Rufus like trash for no reason when all he did was support her and wanted the best for her
courknob Yıl önce
The Gossip Girl reveal should have always been Kristen Bell sending a text, breaking the fourth wall by winking at the audience, and then walking away down a busy NY street, because she really is nobody and everybody
sophie 4 aylar önce
WOWWW this wouldve been amazing
Caitlin A. Pope
Caitlin A. Pope 8 aylar önce
Why is this so fucking perfect?!
Alyssa Nordloh
Alyssa Nordloh 9 aylar önce
Honestly. Dan shoulda never been revealed as GG
Just Call Me Teacup
Just Call Me Teacup 9 aylar önce
It would've been so freaking cool if, throughout the entire show, Kristen Bell was just chilling out of focus in the background. At parties she's watching at the bar. At school, she's sitting on the steps with her own friends. Occasionally she's an extra walking on the opposite side of the street. A constant, unassuming presence that we never notice until the end where they play back all those shots where drama is going down and the camera goes into focus to reveal her just there, watching. If anyone has seen Fringe, they do something like this so well
Lolo 9 aylar önce
This gave me goosebumps, that would have been perfect!
M G Yıl önce
100% the most likable thing about Serena was that it was Blake Lively. Blake is the only thing about Serena that made her bearable
Ali Aylar önce
@Ew dude maybe she's a personality actor? many actors are like that as well
Ew dude
Ew dude Aylar önce
Blake lively isn’t even that good of an actress either. She pretty much plays the same character in every movie. “Pretty blonde girl with a little baggage” she’s so monotone I would say she made gossip girl unbearable for me
M Banerjee
M Banerjee 6 aylar önce
I think Dan being GG is a great twist if they planned it out from the beginning. Also, something that bothered me about the show: did they all just stop going to college? It's just never mentioned.
Sohel Aylar önce
yeah haha so true last time I was like "Wait they were in Columbia but it stopped at all of a sudden?"
Olivia Mayer
Olivia Mayer 3 aylar önce
The college aspect has always bothered me too!! They never mention anything about it after their second year and suddenly they all have jobs. Did they just all decide to drop out of school?
Major Tom
Major Tom Yıl önce
100% agree that Lily and Rufus should have been endgame
Ks Aylar önce
@Remaori yes the show didn’t care that they were step siblings but they were still aware. And made sure to point it out every few episodes just to remind us all that they were still step siblings. I rewatched season 4 the other day and counted 10 times that Dan kept bringing up that Serena was his step sister who he used to date. In those words.
Remaori 2 aylar önce
@Ks The show never cared about them being step siblings tbh, they were still trying to get back together and did when their parents were still married
Ks 2 aylar önce
@Scribble Monster umm lots of friends kiss on the lips. That doesn’t mean you’re married now. Also it wouldn’t make sense if they are still married while Serena and Dan are also getting married cuz their step siblings
Scribble Monster
Scribble Monster 2 aylar önce
@Starbits7 I am intrigued by wtf a friendly kiss is but its gossip girl so I'll just have their word for it
Starbits7 5 aylar önce
@Hadi f. It was a friendly kiss. The show confirmed it... saying that Lily married her Ex (Serena & Eric's father...the one who made her think she had cancer) and she and Rufus were friends again...that it was a friendly kiss. He sat down next to Lisa Loeb (who was a big singer at the time of the series first aired) to show that he was finally with someone who was like minded.
mellowenglishgal Yıl önce
I loved Nate in season one. As you said, his storyline was the most relatable and compelling. We first meet him when he’s on autopilot, and the moment his father is arrested, we see him taking agency of his own life: He doesn’t get back together with Blair, he takes initiative to prepare for the SATs so he can apply where he wants to go to college - showing he’s actually thinking about it, pursuing his own path, and I love that you pointed out he’s the only person who treats others as, well, people. He’s compassionate, thoughtful and flawed.
Alexandria LeRoi
Alexandria LeRoi Yıl önce
To this day I believe that Serena’s father was the worst plot line. HE FAKED HER MOTHER’S CANCER TO KEEP HER DEPENDENT ON HIM. NATE WAS THE ONLY RATIONAL PERSON BY CALLING THE POLICE. AND SERENA JUST LETS HIM GO??? AND THEN LILLY ENDS UP WITH HIM? WTF??? I have never been able to watch past it.
Ks 22 gün önce
@Lumos Nox Rufus never kinda died
Anna🐞 Aylar önce
ightMocha Yıl önce
@That_one_girl768 yeah he cheated :(
ightMocha Yıl önce
Kiran Kumaar
Kiran Kumaar Yıl önce
I also wanted William To get arrested and Serena ruined it. I was so annoyed that time
Sally Nguyen
Sally Nguyen Yıl önce
Armie Hammer is less "cancelled" and more "being federally investigated for rape".
Shirin 22 gün önce
Isn’t this also the case with Ed Westwick
Mac Tonight
Mac Tonight Yıl önce
@sigh824 *allegedly*
sigh824 Yıl önce
@Gary Allen He also allegedly drank their blood so yeah no, literal cannibalism
Gary Allen
Gary Allen Yıl önce
@sariblibli guh : "Fantasies" of cannibalism. There's a really long list of things people can fantasize about while having sex.
sariblibli guh
sariblibli guh Yıl önce
Karen Holl
Karen Holl Yıl önce
i never understood the visceral hatred towards jenny from fans and the writers. to me it was so obvious that she was a victim to the circumstances around her and definitely needed some help. not to say that she isn't responsible for her bad actions but i feel like people forget how young she was and how much she just wanted to fit in to this world. she definitely gets taken advantage of a million times (especially when she sleeps with chuck? i hate how she gets villainized for that because 1. she definitely regrets it 2. she was in a not great emotional and mental state 3. definitely a double-standard). also most importantly, she recognizes when it all becomes too much for her and she agrees to go away. yeah i know that was partly due to the actress's music career but i feel like that makes sense for her character and was an important aspect of her not being a villain, but just a girl who got way in over her head and got fucked up a bit mentally.
helena 2 aylar önce
Omg I agree. Blair used to be mean to people for no reason at all. She did COUNTLESS number of horrible things to anyone who was in her way. She viewed people who weren’t so rich to be inferior to her and so many more things which I cannot even recall right now but people still believe her to be better than Jenny. Jenny only turned bad because people were bad towards her. 💀 like what is the mentality of the viewers who stan Blair and say that Jenny was the worst villain. Blair, Serena, and Chuck were all villains at so many points in the show but everyone gives them an easy pass cause they’re wealthy and the main characters
Saladass s
Saladass s 9 aylar önce
@G Sim exactly, she was basically the only nice character with a conscience and then she get's turned into the main villain without a reason. How? Why? Was the stage writer drunk?
G Sim
G Sim 9 aylar önce
@UnluckyAmulet I hope so bc the character changes make no damn sense otherwise. Book Jenny isn’t just a likable character, she’s a genuinely good person. She doesn’t cause any drama, she doesn’t stir up trouble. She’s so sweet that when Blair realizes that Nate dumped her for Jenny, she doesn’t even try to attack her for it, instantly understanding that it must be Nate who started it, and directs her hurt and anger towards him. I don’t understand why they would turn such a character into Blair’s only “worthy opponent.”
UnluckyAmulet Yıl önce
Idk much about Gossip Girl but I did read somewhere they wanted to fire Taylor Momsen for "behavior on set" so maybe the writers projected their problems with Taylor onto Jenny?
Shivani Joshi
Shivani Joshi 10 aylar önce
Blair surprisingly has the best family life out of all the main characters lol. She has a loving, caring and strong mother who is willing to reprimand her and correct her when she’s wrong, she has Dorota as an emotional support and Cyrus is a really good father figure in her life as well (plus her real dad and his partner are nice and loving too)
Katie B.
Katie B. Yıl önce
I remember signing up for gossip girl texts. They set it up so you would get the same gg texts as the cast did when it was first airing. I vividly remember this, but trying to find anything on Google about it is hard because of the new marketing and the original show's focus on texts.
Some Body
Some Body 2 aylar önce
That's so cool!!
Margaret Gallina-Flynn
I remember being super psyched that I had the same cell phone as the characters, so I would get the same text as them on the same phone
Sprinkles and Wrinkles
Gossip was a luxury escapism that hit well in an era of financial depression. I think that why it was successful.
Shawn Nesbit
Shawn Nesbit Aylar önce
or rich yts are just funny to watch on teen drams
Kandy 2 aylar önce
@Destitute and Decadent there are so many bad shows that are popular, riverdale for example. Teen girls will watch nearly everything
amylomo 2 aylar önce
makes sense, i started watching it during the pandemic when the economy was under stress again
midoriwow2 Yıl önce
good point
Destitute and Decadent
@Lucy K Please don't tell me we live in a world where Gossip Girl is an acceptable level of writing for a hit series.
Juvenile Anomie
Juvenile Anomie Yıl önce
I got so tired of Serena's "love interests ", every season she would get at least 2 men that would appear in one episode only to disappear 2 episodes later and having no relevance on the overall story. Like, since the writers didn't have anything for her to do she just had a new boyfriend I guess, also so many inappropriate relationships were treated as if nothing happened. Age is just a number or whatever but full-grown men would have a relationship with a fresh out of high school girl and everyone was ok with that. not to mention she had a relationship with two of her former teachers, we were supposed to root for them but tbh it was just creepy.
The Be Sharp
The Be Sharp 4 aylar önce
It gives you an accurate insight into the mindset of the people who run Hollywood.
Annapoorna Mahesh
Probably an unpopular opinion: I kinda liked Jenny and Nate. Nate honestly never seemed more interesting than he did when they were kinda going for a storyline between him and Jenny. He seemed like he had a moral compass or just some character at all. Also, I wish Carter Baizen and Serena were also a proper thing. It sucks that they ended things.
peachy 3 aylar önce
Luli Garcia
Luli Garcia 7 aylar önce
G Sim
G Sim 9 aylar önce
Their relationship is awesome in the books. They have the sweetest, most uncomplicated relationship out of everyone and it is genuinely refreshing, even if it’s short-lived (they get together in the finale tho and it’s beautiful.)
Sera Lee
Sera Lee 10 aylar önce
loved them! She was still young but so was he, they could have grown together and be each other's allies. Probably I thought it was a little too soon for them to kiss when she was like 15 years old, but if it happened towards the end of the show with 4 seasons of build up? I would have loved it! No one cared for nate, not even serena who threw him away countless times, and other people kinda keep backstabbing him, his friends and his family. Jenny was the only one who kept being with him when he was broken, as he was with her. I like to think that they ended up together in the end.
Drea538 Yıl önce
I completely agree!! I really liked Jenny and Nate together, they just worked and brought out the good in each other, they were cute. Everyone seemed to hate them together but I don't understand why. Nate became more interesting when he was with her, and I liked that protective side he showed towards her.
Igorignore Yıl önce
I think that thematically, it didn’t matter who G.G. was as an individual. The show already gave us the best answer when it told us that everyone was G.G. Who cares who publishes the information when you and everyone you know (and don’t know) are providing the information? The plot focus of which specific character is holding the keys to the thematic tool is just “we need a way to wrap the show up and we don’t know how to do that.” When the show was firing on all cylinders it was about how people function in a self-imposed surveillance society. And that holds true for every season. The show just fires on fewer and fewer cylinders each season. Edit: it’s absolutely garbage that Dan was G.G. regardless.
Last Quarter
Last Quarter 8 aylar önce
Yes!! They'd already given is the answer, why dwell on this non issue? Everyone sending a blast is Gossip Girl, the sender never mattered.
Samantha B.
Samantha B. Yıl önce
I always thought it was weird how Gossip Girl was initially set up as a plot device/omniscient narrator and only became a character in the later seasons. It never seemed like GG's identity was a mystery to solve until later in the series, and I honestly preferred that. But if they were going to make it the motivating mystery of the show, they should've committed to Gossip Girl being a character since the beginning.
Marlowe Michaelson
Nate could have been literally replaced with Golden Retriever and the show would have been almost exactly the same by the end.
Елизавета Дарниченко
Starbits7 5 aylar önce
Seeing a Golden Retriever run a magazine... I'd watch that lol
Ananya☀️ 5 aylar önce
Flores139 6 aylar önce
This made me ugly laugh 😭😭💀😂😂
Lu Yıl önce
Sara Sanna
Sara Sanna Yıl önce
Nice vid. I only disagree with Dan & Blair feeling forced. They had a whole 2 seasons of build-up. Some really nice scenes (like the staircase one and the MET steps). They were BY FAR more interesting to watch than the whole mess of Chuck & Blair post-hotel trade-off (not to mention less toxic). I'll go down (alone) with my Dair ship as I'm still not over it :D
DiniSolaris 8 saatler önce
Totally agree with you! Dan and Blair was a good, solid, HEALTHY couple and I'm still pissed they ruined it!
Remaori 2 aylar önce
I felt like I learned more about Blair when she was by herself or when she was with Dan versus with Chuck she was remembering all of her insecurities and had to be the it girl for him and scheming.
Julian Barriento
Julian Barriento 2 aylar önce
LesbianNerdyTherapist 3 aylar önce
I agree, they had a healthy relationship that would've worked as a long term relationship, whereas Chuck/Blair were extremely toxic and wouldn't realistically work together.
eternal bliss
eternal bliss 6 aylar önce
dan was so much better with blair i loved them together as well
Dazai Yıl önce
I loved gossip as a teen, I was so mesmerized by the characters and their world - the glam, fashion, rich apartments, locations, parties and scandals. It was an escapism from my mundane life - and I freaking loved it!
michelle joy
michelle joy 10 aylar önce
whoever was the casting director for this show really had an eye for talent because the over-the-topness really was balanced by the mundane and pathetically sad scenes performed by the cast. genuinely, every plot was ridiculous but the deliveries, the set design, costumes, and overall character looks were addicting to watch. im surprised they got a reboot knowing 99% of the original cast do not speak fondly about their experience (because I remember it got to the point where they were trying to sell these actresses/actors AS their characters), but nonsense and all, it’s still fun to revisit over a decade later
Lay 10 aylar önce
The show did Nate dirty. His character had so much potential and the writers just kinda dropped him... Although he probably holds the record for Least Morally Corrupted Character in GG 😂
no idea
no idea 7 aylar önce
I think there's one huge problem that should be mentioned. Creators don't know how to show adult characters and adult world itself. Like it's pretty good with adults at the first season. But when the main characters grow from teenagers to adults creators simply don't know how to changes their personalities. And it feels like most of them literally stuck in the high school being not even a personalities anymore like it was at first season but a bunch of caricature high school tropes. In adult world. Isn't it an absurd?
kat Yıl önce
i remember thinking the “i killed someone” cliffhanger was a major cop out. i understand survivors guilt, but from a writing standpoint, they knew damn well what they were doing and being in the room while someone ODs does not at all fulfill the implications of what serena said. not that i wanted her to turn out to be an actual murderer, just that it felt cheap lol. but i still love it
Kain Pendlebury
Kain Pendlebury 10 aylar önce
Serena wasn't just in the room while it happened, she actively handed him the cocaine and told him to take it. He probably would have taken it anyway, and I definitely don't think it was her fault, but it's not hard to imagine why she would think it was.
Potato Yıl önce
If they had to select a main character to be gossip girl, should have been nate. He never sent a tip to gg. Would have also given a heaviness to his character that otherwise lacked complexity.
Tobenna Okoli
Tobenna Okoli 8 aylar önce
It’s the fact that every time you hear about gossip girl, it’s ALWAYS about Blair. Had I not gotten to know the show I would’ve thought she was the main character because people only ever talk about her. And it’s painfully obvious how irrelevant Serena becomes in later seasons, especially when they’ll be entire episodes that don’t even focus on her.
J. P.
J. P. Yıl önce
The strongest thing about GG was the fact that all lead actors made their characters much more then they were on paper...
Prasanthini velu
Prasanthini velu Yıl önce
@Anthony Fay what about Blair?
VT Yıl önce
@Anthony Fay I wanted to see more work from one's who made the show, Leighton and Ed.😁
Renamon Yıl önce
@Hannah S I forgot Chase was in The Boys. His character isn't so great, but he plays it well.
T D Yıl önce
@Anthony Fay Poor Ed had a big role in GG but after that nothing big.
ok Yıl önce
@Anthony Fay also Leighton Meester had a successful music career after GG being a multi platinum certified and mtv vma nominated pop star and now she still does big movies and modelling making her a 8 figure net worth , i think every actor in GG had big success after the show honestly
KursaTime 10 aylar önce
I was a member of the Gossip Girl fandom and it was toxic af. The unnecessary hate to Jenny, the scary worship of Chuck and some other issues. I was one of the few to not hate Jenny. I even adored her fashion and tried to dress like her.
Max Zett
Max Zett Yıl önce
The only thing that really really ever bothered me with the show was, how lily could end up with her ex husband that literally poisoned her to make her believe she had cancer. Like. .. Wtf.
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 11 aylar önce
I'm so sick of grown adults getting in sexual relationships with underage teens and writers treating black characters like shit angers the hell out of me.
Gillian Feeney
Gillian Feeney 3 aylar önce
I mean I will say the worst thing Jenny did was just everything in that Serena’s teacher plotline. Like okay Serena was mean to you one time so you conspired with a crazy stalker to ruin her life, get her kicked out of college, and (unbeknownst to Jenny) roofied and framed for a drug overdose. That was really the moment I was done with Jenny and Vanessa. It was all too much for Serena who had been nothing but pretty nice to both of them.
Chipmunk Park
Chipmunk Park Yıl önce
I'm going to be honest, BLAIR carried the whole show and all teen dramas try to add a "Blair" but fails...aka Riverdale aka Emily in Paris aka
Hannah B.
Hannah B. 7 aylar önce
@Jacob no Naomi was good in later seasons. They did “Jenny” better too with Adriana
Ivandy Arifin Putra Noerrizky
@AbdiAbdulAbdullahi Lu is too aggressive compared to Blair 😂 personally i would chose Carla, she's more the type (but at the end, no one come close to Blair i guess, she is the blueprint)
Alex Dee
Alex Dee 9 aylar önce
@Anthony Magana right why they acting like THE Brooke Davis didn’t pave the way
Anthony Magana
Anthony Magana 9 aylar önce
Not when Brooke from one tree hill exists
Arushi Singh
Arushi Singh 9 aylar önce
a groundbreaking character
pierreashly Yıl önce
THANK YOU!!! The Jenny Humphrey slander HAS to stop. Her ‘crimes' are NOTHING compared to the other main characters.
Lys Yıl önce
"He IS Chuck Bass"... Well Ed Westwick does have multiple SA allegations so ig thats accurate 😅
Lys 5 aylar önce
@Misty Fying There were also harassment/groping allegations that were past the statute of limitations. One of those two women that you mentioned could prove that she met him, & provided witnesses, but police determined their testimony "couldn't prove beyond a reasonable doubt" that the SA took place
Lys 5 aylar önce
@meghan arora Nope, I meant allegations. No court proved them to be false, so I'm not sure what court you're believing
meghan arora
meghan arora 10 aylar önce
you mean false allegations right? it's better to believe the court
Karleigh Rock
Karleigh Rock Yıl önce
I absolutely love Jenny on Gossip girl and she was my favourite character on the show. The writers made her a villain in season three, because the actress who played Jenny ( Taylor Momsen) was unhappy on the show and was very clear that she wanted to leave to focus on her music career.
callmecristal Yıl önce
TRvid would NOT stop recommending me this video so i thought i'd give it a watch! And i was thoroughly entertained! You made 50 minutes feel like 20 minutes! Very entertaining! You got yourself a new subscriber sir! I read the Gossip Girl books before the series ever existed and when i heard they were coming out with a TV show i was so excited! I was in high school during all this now i'm in my 30's! I do recognize all the flaws with this show but it will always have a special place in my heart! If not for anything else then just for the nostalgia alone!
Serena Lee
Serena Lee Yıl önce
Gossip girl’s plot holes walked so riverdales plot holes could run
garcelle beauvais
SERENA be knowing ☕️😂😂
Army Yıl önce
Zizi Geee
Zizi Geee Yıl önce
I’m saying!!!
Shay Yıl önce
You win best comment in my eyes. 🤣👏🏼
jobiec420 Yıl önce
Marni 4 aylar önce
unpopular opinion but Dan being Gossip girl felt right to me the whole commentary about the outside looking in and not being above what you covet keeping in mind it's written for a teenage audience was good to me. I'm only disappointed in the loss of character development in alot of them especially lily.
skteosk Aylar önce
Finally, a rational assessment of Jenny! I was utterly bewildered to hear her described as a villain because she's not. At all. She does the same things as Serena and Blair for the same reasons, while simultaneously being a lot better at it than them and also having the self-awareness to recognise when she's hurting herself as much as anyone else and give up. Her supposed tip to the dark side in Season 3 is literally her doing the same thing as Serena (who no-one even bothers to glare at for it) and being irrationally hated, before a bunch of fans decide she's the devil spawn from hell because she slept with Chuck without being Blair. Like half the people on the show didn't do that. And she and Nate should totally have been back together in the last scene instead of just sitting there without resolution. Mind you, I liked Ivy (who was basically Jenny Mark 2) and thought Dan and Blair was the logical culmination of five seasons' worth of character development that should have been endgame but the show was too scared of upsetting the Toxic Chair shippers, so what do I know. (Seriously, it is amazing how much Dan and Blair have to do with each other in the first season, from him being the one she confides in about her issues with her mother to them being the ones to team up and take down Georgina at the end. The seeds were right there!)
CJ 9 aylar önce
The Who is gossip girl problem could have been solved by never showing the characters getting the information when they are alone. Or maybe only reveal one person a season who isn’t gossip girl by having them privately react to the posts. Like season one could be you only seeing Blake Lively’s character react as a so low person. (Never seen gossip girl only videos on it and I feel like this would have helped them establish the mystery and keep it going without writing themselves into a corner)
Timothy Richard-Jackson
The writers definitely made it Dan for the shock factor and because they had no idea who it should be. In the first few seasons, it was intended to be Eric. The New York Post theorized that it was Eric, so they shifted it to Nate. That also got leaked, so they dropped the idea of Gossip Girl being a specific character until season 6. If you’re watching it retroactively, knowing this information, you can absolutely tell that it was Eric. They placed hints throughout the show, like Eric mysteriously knowing private information about Lord Beaton, and being vague when asked how he discovered it. Another was Jonathan having Gossip Girl’s password at graduation, because he “hacked into it.” I theorize that the writers thought that they could get away with making it Dan because narratively, it made sense, even though it was a mess plot wise. It was before the era of streaming services, so people had been watching it once a week for 5 years. You’re bound to forget a lot of information over that period of time, so I’m assuming that they thought that viewers would’ve just forgotten the minor details which make it impossible. The reason we’re catching all of these details is because we binge it. We finish it within a relatively short period of time, and all of the details are still fresh in our minds.
em ma
em ma Yıl önce
As far as I’m concerned the pilot episode isn’t cannon. It occurs in an alternate universe. You cannot tell me Chuck and Nate rode a public bus to school.
Voldy 3 aylar önce
​@Spaced92 it's even creepier now since the man that played Chuck has been accused of sexual assault in real life 😬 it always bothered me that they dropped that story line and then romanticized him as a character.
Halima 6 aylar önce
@Spaced92 I don’t think they completely scrapped that though cause it was brought up as a point of conflict in later seasons
Rodrigo dos Santos Custodio
Yes and Blair's mother was evil
Luli Garcia
Luli Garcia 7 aylar önce
Chuck also mentions is mum being alive like... What...
Jenna Fox
Jenna Fox Yıl önce
I feel like when talking about gossip over we gloss over the fact Serena dated Tripp, a grown man who was married and nates cousin, a congressman who cheated to win, and then runs away with him, they get in a car accident, he leaves her and yeah. But wait there’s more! He tries to kill Nate and accidentally gets blair and Chuck into a major car accident
Brandon bates
Brandon bates 21 gün önce
Tripp was a respectable character at first and then dude went crazy lol
Georgie Lockhart
Georgie Lockhart Yıl önce
I love Gossip Girl, but I absolutely agree after season 1, Serena and Nate were both like characters that were there but absolutely never drove the plot forward. The very exclusive dichotomy of being central characters in the books and being played by gorgeous actors kept them around the entire series when any other TV show would have written them out.
Sonja Immonen
Sonja Immonen 10 aylar önce
This is why I always love starting a rewatch! I love the first season because there is an overarching thought for the whole season. Also I never understood the Jenny hate train. Ok, I loved her goth/rock aesthetic, so that may have affected my opinion, but I felt like her character arc was very logical. She was a victim of the Upper East Side and she lashed back like a teenager - that she is. She was so lost with who she is, who she wants to be and who she is pretending to be.
dancincoolkid Yıl önce
The book Serena was so much more interesting than the show Serena. The book Serena actually had flaws. She tried to be nice but she was often flaky and indifferent and careless. Book Blair was always a bitch but you actually sometimes feel bad for her because of how terrible of a friend Serena can be towards her.
dancincoolkid Yıl önce
It kind of highlighted the difference between being nice/polite and being kind, which is interesting for a YA book series to touch on. At least that's what I thought reading the books as a middle schooler lol
Diana Yıl önce
Blair should've ended with Dan! It really started to made sense honestly even tho it started out of nowhere and they made Dan betray Blair just to go back to her messy problematic relationship with Chuck without any regrets
Caro Serufuli
Caro Serufuli Yıl önce
Gossip girl writers: Dan is Gossip girl Everyone in the fandom: We’re gonna pretend that we didn’t hear that ✨😘💅
Stacy black
Stacy black 2 aylar önce
🤣🤣🤣 exactly
Anneli Pietersen
Anneli Pietersen 11 aylar önce
I just finished watching Gossip Girl yesterday (I didn't want to watch this video before finishing it). I can totally see the appeal it had on teenagers at the time, and having watched it for the very first time, at the age of 23, I gotta say...it's awesome. I really liked the characters and drama and all of it. I was stuck in a academic limbo where i had nothing to do for 2 months, so I decided to binge it for the first time ever, and I was worried I might hate it because it would be a cringey teen show, but that never happened. Sure the 16 year old drinking martinis at public bars was ridiculous, but I suspended my disbelief and enjoyed it so much. I usually agree with Space Ninja on most of the analyses, but I don't on this one. Keep in mind, i didn't have any nostalgia like Space Ninja does, so maybe the fact that the show was kinda silly from an adult perspective hurt that nostalgia factor, like it does for all of us with many of our childhood shows and movies. The character analyses were very brutal and mostly true, but a bit one dimensional towards the end of each character's analysis. I think they deserved a bit more credit (not a lot, just a bit). Especially Blair, I think she was far more complex, throughout the whole show really. Like her whole story line with Louis and the baby, there was some amazing character moments there (and then they kind of just ignore that Blair ever miscarried and never mentioned it again, but they do that for 90% of plot lines, so whatever). Like she married Louis to protect her mother's company, and that part where she couldn't wear her wedding dress because it was designed when she was pregnant and reminded her of what she lost, literal gold. I agree that they desperately tried to redeem Chuck, but they actually managed to do it so well. But I'm very biased to Blair and Chuck, they are perfect together and I love their love story. There's not much to argue with about Serena, she did feel pointless a lot of times. But like you said, Blake just makes it impossible to hate her (she and Ryan and goals, btw). Poor Nate, he deserved so much better throughout the whole show (exceot for cheating on Blair with Serena, whoring himself out to a manipulative Duchess, screwing that crazy woman Diana, and sleeping with the minor......ok so he's not "perfect"...who is?). Dan was SPOT ON. You hit the nail right on the head. Dorota and Vanya's relationship deserved a special mention, just saying. They are perfect and I love them. And Dorota is 1000% my favourite character. Dan and Blair together was an abomination and i literlly couldnt't look at the screen while they were together. We KNOW why Blair could never love Dan, she was very obvious about it. But why would they try to make us think Dan loved Blair, he could literally NEVER say something he loved about her. It was so forced and I hated it. Much like I hated every one of Dan's girlfriends. I liked him and Vanessa together, then they made her a villain for no reason. And yes, Lily and Rufus should have ended up together. Why did they add William and that other woman at the wedding?? Just put them together dammit!!!! I agree that the first season is very different from the rest, you can just see that in the first few episodes where they do that weird thing with Dan and Serena and its all so messy. But I enjoyed all of it in the end, even if it was for different reasons at different times in the show. And my last point, 100%, this show worked because of the amazing actors. They all killed it.
KillahMate Yıl önce
I'm guessing people love Blair and Chuck and hate Jenny, because in their own aspirational fantasies (and that's all the show is - it's the most Aspirational Fantasy The Show of all time) they don't want to associate with lower-class upstarts like Jenny, they want to hang out with the rich and powerful and mean and hot. Ie Blair and Chuck.
morgan glenn
morgan glenn Yıl önce
Lol biggest WTF of gossip girl was me believing Dan was poor homie wasn't poor 😭
tennis token
tennis token Yıl önce
yeah I think what would've made more sense would've been to say he was rich, just not rich enough to be a part of the elite
Aneesa Anderson
Aneesa Anderson Yıl önce
Jenny was really annoying, she just seemed more desperate than anything, she was also just doing stupid stuff. I didn’t like her, not because she is this villain, but because she was annoying!! Like you have talent, but stop whining and being so desperate Haha 😂 she definitely isn’t Blair, but she tried.
Chuck bass
Chuck bass Yıl önce
He lived in Dumbo. DUMBO. That’s as expensive as the Upper East side, in fact where his loft is, must be more expensive than upper East side
Lol Dan didn't strike me as poor. He just wasn't old money.
morgan glenn
morgan glenn Yıl önce
@Elifizzle lol right but me watching the show when I was younger had me believe this man was poor
Can we also acknowledge the fact that they made us believe that the Humphrey family was poor ? I mean I think I don’t need to expose the reason why this narrative is false but…
Sara Oona
Sara Oona 8 aylar önce
Honestly, I think that if the writers had planned Dan to be Gossip Girl then it could’ve been amazing. There’s several references to F. Scott Fitzgerald in the series and Dan writing himself into the world of the rich & famous to get the girl of his fantasies would’ve been such a Gatsby-esc move. I say this recognising that in this scenario both Gatsby and Dan are honestly out of their minds (and in my dream scenario Dan would never have ended up with Serena but rather everyone would’ve turned against him like they turned against Gatsby, but instead of dying Dan would just become a social outcast with loads of money but no friends). But for the ending to have worked the writers should’ve planned for this in advantage so that the show would not have had so many plotholes. The way I view it part of Dan’s personality change within the seasons would then partly have been about him becoming more and more psychotic the deeper he got into the Gossip Girl persona and partly from him dropping parts of his façade at times. But obviously this is not how it all worked out but I can see Dan being Gossip Girl as a technically great idea.
SveniChan Yıl önce
"Lily and Rufus were the only couple that made sense and they should have ended up together" - yes, thank you.
Mya Jo
Mya Jo 6 aylar önce
I completely disagree with you about Dan and Blair. They didn’t feel rushed at all and were infinitely more interesting than any other ship in the show. If anything, the Serena and Dan endgame was rushed. It was like he was madly in love with Blair and then five minutes later, it’s Serena again. On top of that, Dan and Blair immediately revert back to this mutual disdain type of “relationship” and it felt so out of nowhere. Chuck and Blair’s breakup had felt so conclusive. It was so obvious that the writers were just catering to the feelings of the majority of the fandom. For whatever reason people lean towards a Chuck/Blair and Dan/Serena ending, both of which is just nauseating for the most obvious reasons (like the fact that Serena and Dan literally share a sibling??) but to each their own.
Malawika Dwivedi
Malawika Dwivedi Yıl önce
Gossip Girl was so problematic, unrealistic, and at times stupid, but was so alluring for the first few seasons.
Lucy K
Lucy K Yıl önce
@Price Brendon when did they say he was poor? 🤨 If other characters called him poor that was because he was in comparison to them, and he wasn't from royal/popular family, but other than that no one said he was poor. He just couldn't afford college.
Basmala Saad
Basmala Saad Yıl önce
@harlequin do tell...🤔
Sher Yıl önce
I roped u in the first season no then turned into a soap opera
Makeup With Smidge
@vanessa benoit honestly I am glad I never got to watch it as a child/teenager. Because of this I was able to pick shitty behaviour up because I was so much older!
Makeup With Smidge
@Price Brendon friendly reminder both him and lil J were there on scholarships and their dad busted his goddamn ass off to be able to keep paying their rent for that Brooklyn loft.
Eden 7 aylar önce
To be honest, I’ve only enjoyed Gossip Girl in a bubble (without seeing any outside opinions) and I never realized Jenny was supposed to be written as a villain. I pretty much only ever felt bad for her and wish she’d been able to succeed more 😕
Mike 8 aylar önce
THANK YOU for the Jenny segment. Watching this show with my friends I could not believe how much they all disliked her. I craved Jenny scenes - the show would have been dry as hell without her, and it’s like you said. She consistently faced her issues and challenges head-on only to come out as the clear victor almost every time, even if her methods were a little low down and dirty. But weren’t ALL of them low down and dirty? I never understood the Jenny hate, she’s one of the best characters for me. I AM going to disagree with a few things, though. Georgina Sparks? I enjoyed every appearance by her. Ivy Dickens too. Both two characters that kept things very lively
paranoidowlet 5 aylar önce
I liked Dan because of Penn Badgley who imo is one of the best actors on the show. But the writers were slowly murdering his character since s2 culminating in the godawful last season. It was so freaking unfair.
xzanddx Yıl önce
to this day I still hate how the writers basically gaslighted us to believe ivy dickens was a villain, she was literally just an actress who took a job opportunity and ended up being in the middle of rich people problems
Dolores Medina
Dolores Medina Yıl önce
The rest of the cast did worst things in season 1 than Jenny did in the whole show. I feel like people don't like her because of her social standing. They did the same thing to dan in season 6. He started to play the game the way the rest of them did and he was painted as the villan.
Sam Yıl önce
Jenny was straight up a victim of her circumstances
Nasia Mpadeka
Nasia Mpadeka Yıl önce
@Hey Serena never killed anyone, the person who died was because of overdose. She just called for ambulance and left when she saw they came to get him.
Hey Yıl önce
@Nasia Mpadeka Serena killed someone Dan will never be worse than her
Fiona McCormick
Fiona McCormick Yıl önce
@Ark LuL it was about the character, but it seems that my falling into the former of the two camps you mentioned has blinded my judgement. When I'm wrong I'm wrong
Chiseled Adonis
Chiseled Adonis 4 aylar önce
First season was amazing & then it all went to shit...
marietta Yıl önce
I will never like the ending of Goosip Girl and you can't convince me to like the Chuck and Blair toxic relationship just because they had chemistry.
Brandon Jordahl
Brandon Jordahl Yıl önce
Serena is brilliantly done, if probably by accident. It's the perfect artistic expression of a character who you're forced to care about while she keeps making her own problems and being a fail daughter. You have to hear about her because she's rich and famous and she literally has the media retracting truths about her as an adult to spare her embarrassment (i.e. Collin)
The Polly Pickpocket Show
I was in my early 20s when GG started, and the fan groups I was in was people my age, so it’s interesting to read perspectives from the younger fans. Most of the older fans, including me, spent every episode shipping Chuck with the grim reaper.
cardiganweather Yıl önce
That phenomenon you talk about where a character becomes the one or two personality traits that were interesting is called Flanderization. A character becomes a caricature of themselves. Example: Blair becoming flat and evil rather than it being a coping mechanism, Spongebob becoming ultra stupid and obnoxious, most characters on The Office, etc.
Her Loyal Highness, Princess Rainbow Dash
@Account Deletion Delayed Again (See Description) I didn't know it's named after him. 🤯
fdZ Yıl önce
Another good example of this would be Cat Valentine from Victorious!
Shalala. cls
Shalala. cls Yıl önce
@adjany cI LOVE B99, but I suffered through 6 seasons of The Office and then decided the couple episodes I actually enjoyed weren't worth doing that to myself
it's been a long, hard day
@T M Schitt's creek is a good show, in that aspect. They ended it on a high.
Abigail Muwanga
Abigail Muwanga Yıl önce
@adjany c I’m kind of the opposite really. I love the office but couldn’t get into b99. The first season of the office is quite hard to get into but it gets really good after. I probably need to get b99 another chance now 😂😂
Bria Hart
Bria Hart 2 aylar önce
Rewatching this show made me question my mindset as a teen. Why th was I a chair fan. Literally the worst couple on the show. Blair and Dan made the later seasons bearable honestly. Love them.
Thirty_ish 6 aylar önce
Was Daroda anyone else’s low key favorite character?😂😂 the only person who could pry any redeeming qualities out of Blaire.
Ervia Tangerine
Ervia Tangerine Yıl önce
Wait... A spoiled rich kid, that went missing and then coming back as a completely different person? That's Arrow! Serena went to Lian Yu and became someone else, something else
Mr Cannonballs 64
Mr Cannonballs 64 7 aylar önce
Also Batman, Iron Fist and Iron Man as well, this sort of character isn't exactly what I'd call original or unique lol
Thesourpatchkidd 8 aylar önce
And that's the biggest issue with Dan as Gossip Girl- they wanted to do it, but also not. They made him Gossip Girl but they weren't willing to let him really be Gossip Girl, to transform his character into the kind of person that was so devoted to his life of lies, so psychopathic that he would ruin his own relationships and life just to keep up the ruse. They still wanted him to be the good guy and have the happy ending, but also the villain of the entire show.
OzLa Yıl önce
FINALLY SOMEONE AGREES WITH ME ON JENNY. I never really disliked Jenny, I think she was just a misguided girl trying to get in. She did bad stuff but she always had remorse for it. She was flawed but she was never terrible.
My name is Aminé
@mariana Jenny didn’t count her blessings, she was so ungrateful, she constantly bit the hands that fed her time and time again, then she played victim whenever she got burned. It was very frustrating to watch her get in her own way, over and over and over and over again. 🙄
mariana Yıl önce
@My name is Aminé as the video and other comments already said, Jenny was like 14 years old, she gradually got carried away by her own ambition, but she never ended up doing terrible things that other characters didn't do. The show wanted you to hate her to make the other characters look good, and apparently it succeeded....
Yuki James
Yuki James Yıl önce
@xelvinn how was he unnecessarily overprotective? Like you said she had been bullied plus she had undermined herself to fit in with said bullies like stealing, lying, being a mean girl. Idk how people try to paint Rufus as a bad dad. Jenny was out of control. The only thing he had a double standard about was dating everything else was justified. Jenny always claimed she knew who she was but she chased after girls who only embarrassed her. She let her fake boyfriend call Eric a f*got because she wanted to keep her new status in season 1. Then she tried to drop out of high school, sold drugs, etc. she needed an overprotective parent. At the end of the show she was even mad that she wasn’t back at home in Brooklyn! In any case I understand her reasonings but they still don’t absolve her. She had to assert dominance...? So it makes it okay to turn on Eric the friend that was always there for her 🙄 And the season before she became queen she stood up to Penelope and all the girls. I feel like Jenny could have easily taken down the new Queen, ruled a different way cuz eventually Blair would have given up (she’s in college she couldn’t always keep tabs), or she could have been fine eith Eric and Jonathan like she was before: Serena was a bad girlfriend but that doesn’t make it okay for Jenny to further sabotage their relationship or have this weird vendetta against Serena. Then, she was dumb for listening to a stranger cuz again what did Serena ever do to Jenny?? She was nothing but nice to her. And Jenny still got involved in the scheming even more so than Vanessa who was the “hurt” party allegedly. And whatever she was miserable in the UES but when she was in Brooklyn all she did was whine too so of course no one took her seriously. Again doesn’t give her the right to let a criminal get away or ruin her dad’s marriage. She was petty and childish and she comes off as more annoying because she tried to act like she was better than everyone else when she really wasn’t. She was just as scheming and mean but after awhile it became hard to watch because it was directed towards people who actually treated her well (Dan, her dad, Eric, Nate, Serena, etc)
xelvinn Yıl önce
@Yuki James Not that I'm justifying her dr*g-dealing, but Rufus was unnecessarily overprotective of her, which was a double standard that she pointed out, highlighting how accepting Rufus was of Dan dating when he was Jenny's age. Jenny had been relentlessly bullied for two years by girls older than her and she was aware of how tenuous how reign as Queen was, with Blair taking it away from her earlier that year, and she'd discussed this with Eric, so when Jonathan decided to oppose her on the steps and Eric sided with him, she had to do something to assert dominance. She caused Nate and Serena's break up because she saw how Serena was taking Nate for granted and due to her unresolved feelings for him. She came back to work with Juliet because Juliet and Vanessa lied about the group trying to take down Vanessa and she wasn't aware of how far Juliet was willing to go. And she warned Dr. van der Woodsen because Lily and Rufus' constant fighting was having a negative effect on her and Serena was doing everything she could to tear Rufus and Lily apart, so she came to the conclusion that maybe the van der Woodsens would be happier reunited and the Humphreys would be happier without the van der Woodsens.
xelvinn Yıl önce
@milfslayer No, that was Juliet. The only thing that Jenny did was expose Blair and Chuck's secret relationship to Anne Archibald to prevent her from becoming the face of Anne's foundation. And the only reason she came back was because Juliet and Vanessa lied to her and told her that the group was trying to take Vanessa down.
My Junk Drawer
My Junk Drawer 7 aylar önce
I think the show almost would have done better if it had been about various rich kids in various US cities and each season could have had different issues and storylines. Wrap up New York in Season 1 and then move onto San Francisco , then Boston , then Seattle or Miami or somewhere in Texas. You could have done a variety of different storylines based on what values each area would find important , how they would spend their money and what hijinks they would get into , keeping the "gossip girl" as the central through line for each season.
Darcy Doll
Darcy Doll Aylar önce
Dang I forgot that Lily didn't end up with Rufus. Guess my brain just rewrote it in my head that way. Even with Serena and Dan ending up together, Lily and William is a lil icky to me. Dan 100% should NEVER have been written to be Gossip Girl though. Would totally vote for Dorota as well. Loved her character!! ❤
In search of love
Well, Season 1 was the best of all with keeping the focus on Dan-Serena and other actors pitched in quite interestingly, I agree with that, but the Blair-Dan relation was the only thing that grew(season 4,5) but also true is that the writers didn't even try to do justice to them just because they wanted Dan-Serena, Chuck-Blair as pair. Nate and Vanesa you were too good for this show. I hope you were the character that had the real shot of growing but then again writers forgot you were part of the show and ended up writing for you at last moment.
Omega FPS
Omega FPS Yıl önce
I kinda like the idea of Dan being Gossip Girl, but they should've had that in mind from the Pilot, cause there are so many scenes that just destroys that plot twist.
Lucy Srz
Lucy Srz Yıl önce
1) i think people hated jenny bc they loved blair so much and she was her "enemy" 2) i'm pretty sure chuck was only meant to be a small character, they didn't write ep1 chuck with the idea that would end up being such a big part of the show 3) they 100% should've kept eric as gossip girl, idk why writers hate it so much when people guess their own clues lmao
peachy 3 aylar önce
@Shardini Mate exactly
Lucy Srz
Lucy Srz 5 aylar önce
@Pritti Kaur i mean gg ran for 6 season and they scrapped the idea of eric being gg around s2 i think, so we really don't know how big his character would've been if they had kept him around
Pritti Kaur
Pritti Kaur 5 aylar önce
why does everyone want gossip girl to be eric he’s not even a main character or significant in any way? it would be so boring
homekeys Yıl önce
when it happens that someone guesses ur big twist it is totally doable and rewarding for the ppl who stuck with their theory to give some strong red herrings over time. i wish it were more utilized in tv but other media (novels, comics, etc.) dont shy away from it as much and it works. idk maybe they werent confident in their own writing but ppl u would have viewers feeling smart and rewarded for sticking with the show at best and at worst... idk, risk being called predictable? and that wouldve been better than effectively lying to the viewer by picking a character who couldnt and wouldnt have been gossip girl
Ghostlytime Yıl önce
@Andy Bassy this is what I hate about show writers. They think it’s so smart to keep the fans guessing or “subvert expectations” but it really is their downfall cause they get so focused on than they lose the story. I mean I like to think most people would rather have the story than something catered specifically for them for the most part. So many popular shows that could’ve been so much better if they actually just stocked to what they have or consulted other industry professionals cause the fans don’t know shit make your own story.
H. Yamashita
H. Yamashita Yıl önce
Personally I don't think that Dan and Serena should've been together in the end, I also think the same with Chuck and Blair. I wish that Dan and Blair got together. I wish the writers didn't feel pressure from fans to keep Blair and Chuck together because they were just toxic together. I think that Dan and Blair made a good pair because they went from enemies to friends to lovers, and if their relationship actually got developed they would've been a healthy couple (compared to most of the couples in gg)
Diego Macará
Diego Macará 8 aylar önce
I actually like Dan and Blair relationship. For a long time I didn't know why but then it hit me. Dan and Blair at that moment where different characters for me. Two people that got a person in common and didn't like each other. They hate each other. Then with the time they become sort of best friends and end together. A plot twist that is outside of the expectations of the mc pairs. That is what I like. That at that point they where complete different characters in a other damn storyline or universe and I freaking love it.
Sabah 7 aylar önce
I binged watched the show several years ago and I remember their relationship was one of the few things that stood out to me. After seeing them together you wonder why dan was ever with serena in the first place. It sucks that it was used as a device to get chuck and blair back together cause I think it could've shown so much development if blair and dan stayed together.
Lesley Kruijt
Lesley Kruijt Yıl önce
The correct answer to "why Dorota?" is "it makes more sense than Dan." Because if Dorota's love for Blair is an argument, you could make the same argument and list who Dan (has) loved
Sunflowerry Lou
Sunflowerry Lou Yıl önce
realistically i think the writers only expected 1 season and after it became popular they had no idea what to do. I loved Jenny tbh. Her character genuinely works i honestly dont know why everyone hated her, considering a lot of people did way worse than her.
T D Yıl önce
Nate should've been goosip girl. That's why he never post on it. That's why he took a backseat after season 1. He hates the upper east side. He hates Serena for choosing Dan. He hates Blair cause he forced him in a relationship that he didn't want. He hates Chuck because after he started chasing Blair he didn't give him enough attention as his friend. Yeah sometimes he destroyed his own life but guess what he wouldn't care. Edit, he hates Dan because he stole Serena from him duh:)
Her Loyal Highness, Princess Rainbow Dash
@AG Thanks. I knew I heard him say that somewhere. 😆
T D Yıl önce
@shanouboubou that's my main point. But Nate clearly hate the upper east side more than everyone. So it should've been him.
shanouboubou Yıl önce
Honestly Gossip Girl SHOULD have been an Upper East Sider, because it would have make a valuable commentary on this wealthy but fake environment the characters lived in. Nate, Eric, even Dorotha but NOT Dan
Her Loyal Highness, Princess Rainbow Dash
@Island Rebel Makeup Makes sense. Didn't the guy that made this video say something about the writers trying to "outsmart the fans to keep the mystery going"? (Or was that from another GG video I watched...? 😅)
T D Yıl önce
@Island Rebel Makeup yeah that's common knowledge among die hard GG fans like myself. It's true.
Amina Sy
Amina Sy 7 aylar önce
I actually dont think Dan and Blair were thrown together for shock value at all. Upon rewatching, I realized they had one of the more refreshing and fleshed out relationships in the show. They built a friendship in season 4 and 5 and didn't get together til the end of season 5, which is more development than 90% of the relationships on the show.
Intellectual Humour
Intellectual Humour 10 aylar önce
While this show is highly problematic, it is entertaining and that's why I enjoyed it so much.
colorful tofu
colorful tofu Yıl önce
one of the things that frustrates me the most is how quick people are to villanize blair exactly because she was built to be a villain but for that they also have this mindset that there HAS to be a golden girl (serena) when in reality serena is even worse than blair exactly because she has this victimized good girl image. she's SO fucking shitty to her friends, especially blair. most of their fights is exactly because she is so quick so throw blair out the window because of every guy she meets and allegedly falls in love with. i'm not saying blair isn't the villain she's portrait as, cause she is. that's why i love her and that's why she'll always be one my favorite characters but it's so frustrating how people have a hard time seeing who serena really is. and that is a very unlikable shitty person who doesn't actually give a flying fuck to anyone or anything and turns "all of her pains" in victimism
Cristin Espinosa
Cristin Espinosa Yıl önce
I got into Gossip Girl when I was 15 and it is still one of my favorite shows. I know the plots get super stereotypical and telenovela-esque but I kind of love that. Dan being gossip girl made a little sense but it would've been so much funnier if it was Dorota. You didn't mention the interesting character development Blair goes through in the season with Prince Louis. But anyway, I love this show from beginning to end, and I'm 23 now lol.
Olivia g
Olivia g Yıl önce
I'd rather nate had been gossip girl. would have explained why he was there doing nothing for the whole show
Kira Mantzos
Kira Mantzos 7 aylar önce
he was man candy and that was enough
Kira Mantzos
Kira Mantzos 7 aylar önce
Exactly, Nate wasn't really ever mentioned in a bad way in gossip girl either plus his only other use was being eye-candy
Moni WHY
Moni WHY Yıl önce
I actually thought it would be Nate. I felt Eric or Dorota were too obvious of choices so i felt writers would want to pick someone from the main cast.
Jenellie Nostrabo
Its also revealed when they find the tip list that he had never sent one in, would make sense if he was Gossip Girl.
rahxrahster Yıl önce
@iced oat milk latte that was their mistake right there. They shouldn't have changed anything. Who cares if the fans knew? Fans certainly don't.
StarkHumphrey 10 aylar önce
How dare you say Rufus doesn't have a personality! He was the best and the most better and kindest person of all the characters! Well he's my favorite person, on the GG, he had a band, made Bolognese, Chilli and many other things. Jenny was a brat we all agree, except the Taylor Momsen fans critize him for that. He took Nate in, helped S through Brown even tho it almost broke his marriage, was the ONLY father figure to Eric and kinda his biggest mistake I think Coz he was too good for her, loved Lily unconditionally. And yes Ivy was his biggest mistake too but as Lily tells him its just his best thing and downfall that he sees the best in everyone. I really hate people when they say he doesn't have a personality or is a trophy husband. So here's the answer people, he never never took a penny from Lily, even when he needed it the most for Dan for Yale. And in s4 he gets a job as a Producer for Panic! And he was a guy that cooks! What's the problem with that?! It's called being a multi learned person and a gentlemen! And he was the most better of all people. As for Ivy and him, atleast he dated only one underage, and for god's sake his wife left him for Bart Bass, again. And there's another girl who's interested and he did it for revenge too so well its his fault I agree. Nate dated under age and Sugar mommies all the time in the show. Nobody sees that but don't like Rufus for that. And he was hard on Jenny, coz come on every father is on his daughter. Serena ran all around Europe to find her dad but Jenny did have and she and Dan literally trashed Rufus. That's why I hate them both. Dan with his stupid book and Jenny with all her dress dramas. He didn't let Jenny start so early coz he didn't want what happened with him happen with her ie run out of fuel too early managing getting in too soon and not able to fulfill your dream fully. So that's it folks that's my thing. Hate it or like I don't care.
Mayra Alejandra Reyes
Nate Archibald was the only good thing to ever come from Gossip Girl.
star girl
star girl 11 aylar önce
Very tired of gross characters like Chuck bass and the idea that irredeemable men (sexual assaulters) have the ability to become good people. Terrible message for young women and people in general.
DIY DragonFly
DIY DragonFly Yıl önce
This is an exceptionally well done analysis and overview of the show. I am so impressed!
Michelle Yıl önce
Can we talk about how they all just suddenly stopped going to university? Like, why is no one attending classes?
tennis token
tennis token Yıl önce
I think I read somewhere that filming on college campus' was expensive and they had to cut costs because they weren't getting as many viewers by season 4
rahxrahster Yıl önce
They're rich they really didn't need college
Randolin Plop
Randolin Plop Yıl önce
Chuck stopped going to school in season 2 after his dad died... I guess it makes sense cuz he rich and he can buy himself a constance diploma.
M A Yıl önce
Sabarna Das
Sabarna Das Yıl önce
@Michael Adkins yeah right, only Gilmore Girls did that properly ❤
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