The Best Way To Find Diamonds In Minecraft 1.18 [Minecraft Myth Busting 133]

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The Caves & Cliffs Update Part 2 has changed the world for ever! Mining for resources is different and in this video we figure out the best way to get diamonds in 1.18

Best Way To Find Diamonds Minecraft 1.9 & 1.8 Tutorial

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0:00 Minecraft 1.18
0:54 The Other Ores In 1.18
2:45 Ore Generation In 1.17
3:09 Counting Diamonds
3:58 Comparison To 1.17
4:35 Branch Mining
5:18 Trapdoor
5:53 What Height To Mine For Diamonds
6:53 Diamond Distribution
8:13 Lava Lakes
8:39 The Most Important Tip!

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29 Kas 2021




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xisumavoid Aylar önce
Do you have any myths you want answered about 1.18? Leave a comment with the #myth and I will read them soon :-) Thanks!
ziad Alamri
ziad Alamri 4 gün önce
Lava level?
Dr Rockstar
Dr Rockstar 5 gün önce
is mining on a chunk border more efficient? #myth
RedEnd 47
RedEnd 47 14 gün önce
@magica Two on front, two on left, two on right, one up, one down, so he is correct its 8
Paula Bader
Paula Bader Aylar önce
@magica 6+ the 2 that you're actually mining.
Metricate Aylar önce
Just a correction. Best gold level is Y-16. Not 16. But very good information here!
ziad Alamri
ziad Alamri 4 gün önce
Lava level?
Vaperizing 21 gün önce
@Cody wut
Cody 21 gün önce
@Vaperizing watch me
XXFISHYXX 27 gün önce
better in the nether
Vaperizing Aylar önce
@Cody a biome cant be a y level
Raisin Aylar önce
Diamonds Y -58, 2 by 1 strip mining Redstone = bottom of world Emerald = mountains Gold -Y 16- Y -16 or Badlands Copper Y 48 Coal Y 136 Iron Y 16 Lapis Y 0 Large ore veins: Copper Y 50 to 0 Iron Y -8 to -60 Tips: Space out your branch mines (3 blocks or more) Explore caves, more ores are exposed Use potions of night vision in caves
404 2 gün önce
@Adolph Hitler that’s really unlucky
Adolph Hitler
Adolph Hitler 2 gün önce
I mined for 2 hours, only ONE diamond.
Lil_Taco 3 gün önce
I found 9 diamonds like in 10 mins!!
404 10 gün önce
It’s an extremely small detail and probably doesn’t mean anything but it’s actually better to mine for diamonds at -57 instead of -58 when strip mining because diamonds are more common at -56 than they are at -60. Again, literally only one block but more diamonds are more diamonds.
The Sound Forest
The Sound Forest 16 gün önce
@NouoN It is a little, but it's extremely tedious.
hjlove757 Aylar önce
Don't forget that coal is very rare down in the lowest depths so take enough torches or materials to make them when you set off!
Temp 5 gün önce
if you dont have many torches i recommend using the lunar client to light up all the caves,
gamer boy slice
gamer boy slice 5 gün önce
I miss invader zim
JootLoops [TheDragonLindy]
@ᴜ ʟ ᴛ ʀ ᴏ ɴ I meant that we should be given the ability to hold a torch as a mobile light source not that minecraft actually added it.
Irisfoxayagacha 8 gün önce
You can also gather wood and smelt it for charcoal
XD 10 gün önce
Just use full bright lmao. Even lunar client has a setting to toggle it
Smit Shilpatul
Smit Shilpatul Aylar önce
I like the fact that they changed the distribution so there's no single y level where you'll reliably find everything like how y=11 did previously. A bit more annoying but more fun too
GamerGuy95 12 gün önce
Can be useful if you just want a single type of ore and not a whole bunch of coal, redstone, iron, etc.
The Sound Forest
The Sound Forest 16 gün önce
@arthaiser Definitely really fun ;) I love that I have something to learn again and not just go to Y 11 and get everything there. I even made a little helpful guide to mining by writing on some signs next to my mine where to find all the different ores and big ore veins ;) Now I'm even thinking of doing a little geology like museum 🤔
The Sound Forest
The Sound Forest 16 gün önce
@CriticalGamer And if you have fortune... Ooh that makes me scared of not having enough storage by even thinking about it ;)
The Sound Forest
The Sound Forest 16 gün önce
@Sylfix For me it's definitely really fun ;) I love that I have something to learn again and not just go to Y 11 and get everything there. I even made a little helpful guide to mining by writing on some signs next to my mine where to find all the different ores and big ore veins ;)
The Sound Forest
The Sound Forest 16 gün önce
Definitely really fun ;) I love that I have something to learn again and not just go to Y 11 and get everything there. I even made a little helpful guide to mining by writing where to find all the different ores and big ore veins ;)
Kevin Strout
Kevin Strout Aylar önce
It should also be noted that because diamond has reduced air exposure, aquifers will have way more exposed diamond than normal caves and you don't have to deal with mobs, from what I've found if you can find a deep aquifer and bring a few doors you can be swimming in diamonds in minutes.
Bald Manc Twat With A Head Like A Fucking Orange
Water breathing potions are handy too
Sean Krake
Sean Krake Aylar önce
@Scoot Imaboot yeah, it’s really a weird mechanic to get used to. Writhing the first Minecraft day I was able to punch a tree for torches, climb down a surface cave to a negative value, collect a dozen diamonds, all before I made a bed, got a source of food, or any other early game tasks. I feel like with 1.18 getting diamonds is no longer a challenge, so instead of working towards getting diamond tools, you focus on building instead.
Scoot Imaboot
Scoot Imaboot Aylar önce
I was doing this about an hour ago and found about 4 veins of diamonds in one of them
Ray Kaldeway
Ray Kaldeway Aylar önce
@HexaHue bring soul sand or magma blocks with you. Standing on it allows you to breathe while mining
Sean Krake
Sean Krake Aylar önce
Yep. I started a new survival world and tried an hour of strip mining and got two diamonds, and within four minutes of caving I had 13 diamonds. I found a surface cave in a mountain, used a water source to “surf” down to y-30, and I lit up a ~50 block radius and found tons of ores
Swordmaster Sam
Swordmaster Sam Aylar önce
I really wish Mojang would add a potion to make ores glow like they did in the original 1.17 minecon showcase. Maybe it would use a glow berry as its active ingredient. I love these new caves and exploring them is great. However, torches are a bit tedious and night vision kills the ambience of being underground. Being able to see by ores would not only make it easier to find ores, it would allow for a more natural feeling experience in the caves.
✩ 𝙽𝚎𝚞𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚕 ✩
@Ivan Curvello the spectral arrow could've been that arrow since it is created with glowstone dust and arrows, and since glowstone glows, it would make sense for the arrow to glow too
Lily Monet
Lily Monet 12 gün önce
1000% agree! That sounds so amazing!! I was thinking while in my world that i wish ores were able to glow. But i love the idea of it being a potion from glow berries. I wish mojang saw this comment😣
Storse 22 gün önce
I've noticed that ores glow when you use the complementary shaders for Minecraft.
Sihom Shukri
Sihom Shukri 28 gün önce
very true sometimes i’ll just but a night vision texture pack on for exploring caves it’s a life saver
Grqfes Aylar önce
get complementary shaders, they do that and look great, and have multiple graphics settings presets
Ian Rolfe
Ian Rolfe Aylar önce
While the ore dstribution changes everything, I think its a refreshing change to shake up the mining, and make different strategies for different ores. The old going to y=11 and mining for everything was a bit boring, and eventually the only reason to do it was for diamonds. Now with the copper and iron veins it makes a more realistic experience where it is genuinely going to pay to search for the iron and copper veins. And with all the other stuff in the caves its going to make a real incentive to do more mining and caving in the game, where up til now most people are farming all the resources other than diamond.
Jordan Weir
Jordan Weir 13 gün önce
well said
Tim Ohara
Tim Ohara Aylar önce
@John Willis and also y 0 is the worst for most ores
Pasha Gaming YT
Pasha Gaming YT Aylar önce
@Beemanblake Shiny
Beemanblake Aylar önce
What's copper even used for?
Tim Ohara
Tim Ohara Aylar önce
@TeriXeri and also going deep for large instead of lot, quality over quantity
Moonlam Aylar önce
You know all these experiments and myth busting Xisuma will forget everything when they update hermitcraft to 1.18 and be confused as to why hes not finding diamonds lol
HoneyBadger13 Aylar önce
@Soviet literally the day i comment this lol
Soviet Aylar önce
@HoneyBadger13 ye
HoneyBadger13 Aylar önce
yo is this shit on bedrock yet?
Venetia Trentalance
__Scored__ Aylar önce
true lmao
Infra Aylar önce
Before I started watching streamers, I never realized how common strip mining was. I have always gone "caving" which is exploring caves for resources. I think it is more fun and I was under the impression Mojang wanted to encourage caving over strip mining. But I guess it is user preference.
nanannananan 22 gün önce
I enjoy strip mining but eventually gets boring and tedious so I go caving which makes it more of an adventure especially when you get deep and have to figure out how you got where you came in. With cave update makes it a lot more difficult to figure out where you came from.
Tim Ohara
Tim Ohara Aylar önce
@Patrick Škof aquafers are the cave version of strip mining
Patrick Škof
Patrick Škof Aylar önce
@Tim Ohara what
Tim Ohara
Tim Ohara Aylar önce
@Patrick Škof aquafers exist
Tim Ohara
Tim Ohara Aylar önce
@ahre um no water is not air and also its only a 50 precent cjance
skyler lehmkuhl
skyler lehmkuhl Aylar önce
Given that deepslate takes longer to mine than stone, does that mean that mining for diamonds above y=0 might still be fast since you break more blocks in the same amount of time, even though there's less diamonds to be found?
OrigamiMarie Aylar önce
@Joshua Rosen yup. I guess some people might enjoy mining more than trading, but if you like herding villagers or particular kinds of exploring, the mining level of diamonds is kinda moot.
Joshua Rosen
Joshua Rosen Aylar önce
@OrigamiMarie I started a new world (for the first time in seven years) in 1.18 and despite having full diamond everything, I have only used two diamonds and that was to make an enchanting table. If you take into account that you occasionally find diamonds as loot, I'm likely to find them by accident more quickly than I use them. Diamonds have become fairly worthless in an SP world.
TheGamesforreal Aylar önce
@Daethbane While at the same time, caves are MUCH bigger, so when you find a cave, you find THOUSANDS of exposed blocks almost instantly. One glance with a night vision potion can still reveal a TON of diamonds even with the exposed modifier for those blocks. Definitely worth checking big caves from what i've seen so far.
Octofinite Aylar önce
@Daethbane But don’t forget, caves are way more bigger now. So you are going to find more diamonds while caving than before
OrigamiMarie Aylar önce
@Airblader no argument here, I don't mine for diamonds much after I get a village running. I would rather harvest and trade three stacks of pumpkins for a chest plate than try to find eight diamonds.
TheWisme Aylar önce
I went caving for just half an hour in bedrock's 1.18 preview generation and found ~1.5 stacks of diamonds. Caving is extremely powerful now!
Tim Ohara
Tim Ohara Aylar önce
@rudalph² i think experimental also had that and water isnt air
just me. yeah
just me. yeah Aylar önce
they nerfed it in the 1.18 release
Didn’t ask
Didn’t ask Aylar önce
I find more diamonds than I do iron!
C.M. Greer
C.M. Greer Aylar önce
@Delta the pre release and release candidates I played aren't different at all aside from a few bugs
Teasa Aylar önce
If it stays like this caving is more viable than branch mining tbh
Room219b Aylar önce
I wonder what the difference is between branch mining versus caving based on cave generation. I suppose that'd be a good #myth to answer "is caving more efficient than branch mining?" You can probably get some good analysis on this method per ore type versus the ore's maximal distribution point/branch methods.
Tim Ohara
Tim Ohara Aylar önce
@Tallywort you could np you aquafer
Kei Aylar önce
@Hazel I think it really will all come down to taste! Personally I find the consistency of branch mining relaxing, almost meditative. I also get lost at the drop of a hat and am easily spooked.
Hazel Aylar önce
the caving’s probably more fun tbh. like yeah, diamonds might be more frequently found in branch mining due to reduced exposure, but it’s also extremely monotonous to just mine in a straight line for an hour.
Pig Man
Pig Man Aylar önce
there are videos about that exact thing, i encourage you to check some out (unfortunately i dont remember who the creator was, but my best guess is logical geek boy) the video is not for 1.18 but the stuff it covers about caving is still relevant
Kei Aylar önce
I think it depends on how you measure efficiency tbh. Caving will have a lot less strain on tools and you'll have to stop to clear your inventory much less often, but you'll have to waste more time fending off mobs and taking the time to go slower or risk getting lost/going in circles or falling into a big pit. Personally I prefer a nice orderly branch mine any day!
Casper the Cooked
Casper the Cooked Aylar önce
I personally despise the changes made to coal. I like that diamonds spawn more frequently lower down than they ever did before, making for a nice risk/reward of going deep in these big caverns to find diamonds. But not being able to find any coal for torches at all while down there is a massive disadvantage. I just feel like they implemented a change that encourages you to either spend time chopping trees for charcoal before going caving, or going caving in near surface level caves specifically looking for coal. And all I want to ask is, who is going to go mining specifically for coal, I understand going minings for diamonds, but not for coal. So in my mind them making the coal spawns more “realistic” just inconveniences me while I play more than anything. When I go mining I want to explore deep caves, not strip mine near the surface for most coal potential…
JellyAntz 20 gün önce
@Casper the Cooked just mine for iron and you’ll get a lot of coal
VIBaJ 16
VIBaJ 16 21 gün önce
@Casper the Cooked hmm, I didn't think of that. I was probably misremembering. Most of the coal I got is probably from mining out a huge area for my base. If you need torches, maybe make an automatic wood farm (using nether trees, I think it can be fully automatic) and send the wood into furnaces with a carpet duplicator or bamboo farm for fuel, but that's not very early game i guess...
Casper the Cooked
Casper the Cooked 21 gün önce
@VIBaJ 16 unless they changed it, coal didn’t spawn below a certain level, I certainly didn’t find any in deepslate levels. And I was cave dwelling, not strip mining. I am trying to avoid strip mining because it’s a boring waste of time for the most part. This new update is good mostly, it helps me not have to strip mine for diamonds, but coal has been a commodity for me and my friends. We all have difficulty finding coal, because none of us want to mine specifically for coal.
VIBaJ 16
VIBaJ 16 21 gün önce
It's really not as big a deal as you act. I get more than enough coal for torches mining at y = -55 for diamonds. I've never had to mine specifically for coal. I get more coal than I use for torches. Maybe you're using too many torches. If you're making a 2 by 1 tunnel, you can space them out with 24 blocks between torches and mobs won't spawn in 1.18
JellyAntz 26 gün önce
mine in the mountains for coal and iron, and mine for the ones above y 0 to also get coal
Arlen Aylar önce
ABBA caving marathons are looking really interesting now
Account 3
Account 3 Aylar önce
ABBA? Am I missing the joke here?
Oricalu Aylar önce
@Willem van den Dolder its called abba caving because the winner takes it all.
TheMessiahOfPoo Aylar önce
If you like ABBA then you should check out AAHBBA.
Redstones Lover
Redstones Lover Aylar önce
@Leon Kernan LoLtrvid.com/video/video-a1j9owBuwdQ.html
Leon Kernan
Leon Kernan Aylar önce
Me heading into the mines: I have a dream. Finding diamonds: Money, Money, Money!
RoarkCats Aylar önce
I like the effort into the numbers, I've also been busy crunching these, however, I've used a datapack I made specifically for the purpose of testing realistic 1x1 mining tunnels for diamonds and have actually found that -53 is also a good level to be standing/lying on when mining for diamonds. My method involves "mining" through thousands of blocks artificially and counting the diamonds. This method, for every 2k blocks, produced an average of 27 diamonds while at (standing on) -53, -58 had an average of 28.9, 7% more. These tests simulate mining through 300k-400k blocks at these levels. Taking this into consideration, -58 is the best for pure diamond numbers, but you run into lava. Meanwhile, -53 is the safest and most consistent, you get a bit fewer diamonds, however, unlike -58 you will find caves on -53, which has a chance to make up some of the diamonds with ones you find there. Edit: number corrections, and stuff
Octofinite Aylar önce
Hey, I had a question for you. So whenever i’m strip mining, I usually like to get some other ores too along with diamonds. So is it a good strategy mining at y-0 or y-5? Also, i won’t have to mine deepslate
BlocksRock_YT Aylar önce
Hey man tysm!
Brawley, longtime player of Minecraft
About night vision. Poppies in a suspicious stew gives flashing night vision for a few short seconds. Enough to give the player a brief view of the caves. If we had gotten bundles in 1.18 stews would have been way easier to bulk store in uncrafted form but it is what it is. Good for seeing into the dark offshoots so you don't get ambushed or miss obvious diamonds.
VIBaJ 16
VIBaJ 16 21 gün önce
@thecloudkingdom Yes, the flower type matters
@thecloudkingdom that's not true, you can craft them.
Brawley, longtime player of Minecraft
@thecloudkingdom They'd be good for briefly spotting enemies or resources where you can't see like high ledges in ravines or really big cave floors. One thing you could do is have the bowls prestewed as "charges" like an ability. You can speed up crafting of suspicious stews by shift clicking the regular stew and just adding the flower.
James S.
James S. Aylar önce
You can stack the flowers and bowls though if you don’t mind using two or three slots, and craft them as required (they can be made in the 2x2 grid)
MrDuck Aylar önce
@John Willis You cant put multiple suspicious stew in a stack, because they are unstackable, which means it would take less space to have 4 ingredients stacked upto 64 (with one bowl) than to have 10 stews. Which also means you would've been able to put just only one stew in a bundle.
Peter Smythe
Peter Smythe Aylar önce
One thing I will say, I find that mobility, abundant food, a shield, and being able to reflexively block yourself in in the new caves is way more important than what tool you have. Legitimately mining diamonds feels more like an epic chase than a stripmine.
LQM_ Aylar önce
As a person who easily freaks out when lava appears in front of my face, I actually never knew where the new lava level was and was mining at -32 when trying the snapshots. Now I know I can mine at -54 to greatly increase the efficiency and still avoid lava! Thanks 😆
VIBaJ 16
VIBaJ 16 21 gün önce
@CZpersi Just make a lava farm
CZpersi Aylar önce
When I see lava in Minecraft, my thought is: "hey, fuel for my furnaces!" Lava has become quite a rare substance in my overworld;-)
CheeseDabber Aylar önce
I mean you can hear lava so you will be able to turn before you reach it and if you don’t lava is very very slow so
Daudalus Aylar önce
I love that one of the most efficient ways to mine now is to just *go spelunking.* I always wanted that to be a valid strategy in MC, but it rarely worked for me. The new caves seem like a delight to mine in.
VIBaJ 16
VIBaJ 16 21 gün önce
Any diamonds that are next to air have a 50% chance not to generate, so you only see half the diamonds when caving
PETER GREEN Aylar önce
I was disappointed to find no discussion in this video of the fact that deepslate can't be instamined in vanilla survival and whether the higher density of diamond ore distribution in the deepslate layers was enough to make up for that downside.
PragmaticPolitics 7 gün önce
If you have a diamond pick with the enchantments necessary to instamine wtf are you doin? Building a house out of blocks lol.
Spencer Carruth
Spencer Carruth Aylar önce
Xisuma literally mentioned that deepslate is slightly slower to mine than regular stone….were we watching the same video?
SweetieTim Aylar önce
By the time I can insta mine stone , I dont need diamonds anymore
SorrowAndSufferin Aylar önce
Is it a downside, or is it adding immersion?
DamageMaximo Aylar önce
it doesn't make up
Denis Beaudoin
Denis Beaudoin Aylar önce
One underrated change that I’m loving is the massive increase in clay… I loved building with brick, and it has made my life amazing now that I don’t have to farm rivers
Chesterson Jack
Chesterson Jack Aylar önce
@Denis Beaudoin Oh, I feel that. Honestly I’m just a sucker for the glazed terracotta patterns. I made a whole chart in my building experimentation world of all the different patterns you can make with the glazed terracotta blocks depending on how you place them
Denis Beaudoin
Denis Beaudoin Aylar önce
@Chesterson Jack I haven’t gotten into terracotta much yet. I feel like it will open a whole new world of customization so I’m holding out 😅
Chesterson Jack
Chesterson Jack Aylar önce
Same! Not to mention terracotta, flower pots, it’s all so great.
Blake Davidson
Blake Davidson Aylar önce
On bedrock the trapdoor technique is amazing, even though we can use trapdoor, we can swim into the 1 wide hole. We keep the swimming speed so for bedrock players your can mine super fast
Ashley d'cunha
Ashley d'cunha 21 gün önce
@Rayvan_ ahhh okay so it's a time difference. Got it, thanks :D
Rayvan_ 21 gün önce
@Ashley d'cunha not really, as if you mine out one 3x3 you'll be exposing 21 new blocks, while if you mine in a 1x1 with a trapdoor for 9 blocks you'll be exposing 45 new blocks, so twice the efficiency in the same time :D
Ashley d'cunha
Ashley d'cunha 21 gün önce
I new to Minecraft so I don't understand the reason why mining 1 or 2x1 blocks is more efficient than 3x3. Wouldn't 3x3 cover more of the wall so you can find diamonds way quicker or rather get a chance of finding diamonds way quicker?
andromeda Aylar önce
I use the technique all the time
Rayvan_ Aylar önce
Ah so I'm not the only one abusing that technique XD
Symmetry rtemmyS
Symmetry rtemmyS Aylar önce
RE: trapdoor trick: Use a water bucket instead. I never leave my inventory without one. From climbing, to fall damage cancels or crawling, it is very versatile.
Tom Tenak
Tom Tenak 11 gün önce
I can’t pick up water buckets while swimming. I just have a bedrock version weirdness.
Hect Aylar önce
Water buckets are the most OP item in the game.
flafik Aylar önce
Looking at diamond placement and spacing, its probably beneficial to use tnt on location where you found diamond as in most cases there is no other diamond around
VixYW Aylar önce
Thanks, it's always good to have this info. Still, we need to think of a good early game strategy for this. When you still have no enchantments, no potions, and only a regular iron pickaxe, is it worth it going all the way down to -58? You will be mining slow on deepslate, most caves you find will be useless without night vision, and you may not be able to replace your pickaxe if you don't find enough iron before it breaks.
VIBaJ 16
VIBaJ 16 21 gün önce
From my experience, I recommend making an iron farm as soon as possible. Even at the best level for mining iron other than in mountains, I went through iron pickaxes without getting any iron. Once you have an iron farm, you'll get far more iron than you'll ever need early game. If you want to branch mine, it might be best to mine above the lava pools, though it seems like they are much rarer, so maybe not.
Katlas Dah Great
Katlas Dah Great Aylar önce
As someone who has played quite a bit of 1.18 snapshots, I would recommend going down a cave system first. With the new cave system you mine for hours without finding an end to them all. You find tonnes of stuff. Diamond is harder due them having reduced air exposure. To counteract that issue I would recommend that you explore deep aquifers with doors or a magma block since water doesnt count as air which means that there is a higher spawning rate.
Tallywort Aylar önce
As far as branch spacing goes, while having a 2 block spacing between tunnels does indeed uncover everything, for optimal time spent digging you want to have the spacing between them at least large than the usual cluster size you'll see. (and yes with the new veins that would mean a spacing wider than the vein itself) And honestly, you might as well use a single long tunnel, instead of multiple shorter ones spaced next to each other. (caveat being that you also might as well make a new tunnel every mining session because walking that tunnel before starting to mine is obviously also a time loss)
Otto Knabe
Otto Knabe Aylar önce
What I like to do (or more accurately liked to do in 1.16) is to first mine a long way into one direction while placing a torch every 10 blocks, then mining parallel to that with 9 blocks inbetween so that I can connect both long tunnels at each torch without placing more torches. Then maybe do that again but offset 5 blocks forwards and to the side to reach clusters that I might have missed in the large grid, but I usually skip that part
Hemlock Hedge
Hemlock Hedge Aylar önce
I've been playing on the release candidates, and though somewhat inconvenient, I really do love this change. I'm genuinely having an easier time keeping stocked up on Diamonds & Iron than I am Coal, since I've basically just been mining around the bottom of the world. Glad to know where I can finally find some coal.
VIBaJ 16
VIBaJ 16 21 gün önce
I'm finding that iron seems way less common than it used to be, even mining at y = 16. I used an entire iron pickaxe branch mining at y = 16, and found 0 iron. I had to make an iron farm to be able to have enough iron.
Eva den H
Eva den H Aylar önce
very interesting! I do wonder how much impact the slower mining speed of deepslate has, and how much impact clearing the lava lakes has on the time it takes to find diamonds.
Human Being
Human Being Aylar önce
We can also use water instead of trapdoor. and everybody has a water bucket with them. So that is much better imo
Astroid A
Astroid A 21 gün önce
@VIBaJ 16 but takes more time and it’s annoying
VIBaJ 16
VIBaJ 16 21 gün önce
@Astroid A Which means you're exposing even more blocks
Astroid A
Astroid A Aylar önce
But to get back from the mine you gotta mine the top block all the way back
Dean0ne Aylar önce
this question might have been asked a lot already but: with the fact that lava lakes will make mining below y-55 more difficult, wouldn't it maybe be worth it to stay above y -55? i mean yes, branch mining at y -58 is going to have the highest propability of finding more diamonds, but when you are slower because of having to block off, or swim through lava (with fire res) then it could potentially be easier and more efficient to stay above lava and just mine at y-54, no?
Zia Nitori
Zia Nitori Aylar önce
is there anything to be said about mining just above the lava lakes as not only are they dangerous but they also take an annoying amount of time to either get through or go around which kind of throws the efficiency of what you're doing out the window
Black3ternity Aylar önce
Awesome. Would appreciate a general guide on how to find every ore or how to setup different branch mines for different resources. Playing on 1.18 since pre3 and I round out the hard way, that Iron is a real commodity and I needed to mine at another level.
Davarra Shayde
Davarra Shayde Aylar önce
I'll likely just end up mining the same as usual where i empty out entire areas and all...but thanks for letting us know that y-59 (standing on it) is the best level for mining for diamonds...most people though will likely treat the y-55 level you mentioned as their base mone level as they don't want to run into lava, like the old y11 level where you were mining around without having to worry about it falling on you...from the chart at that level the amount of diamonds looked close to the same? I may have made a mistake as they werent showed side by side for long, but that might be the new y11 that people go for all the time because "below that there's too much lava" as i was told by a friend of mine ^_^
Mikel Monleón
Mikel Monleón Aylar önce
I'd like to have seen a comparison of branch mining with efficiency V in a level without deepslate vs the Y level -59. Deepslate is extremely slow compared to mining stone.... i'd imagine it would be about 5 times slower meaning if there are 50% less diamonds at that stone level compared to the lower deepslate level you'd still get more diamonds per hour mining higher because you'd cover a larger surface area more quickly....
Gresh113 Aylar önce
I really like how diamonds are most common down next to bedrock now. That feels very intuitive in a way the previous distributions wasn't quite.
SaturninePlaces Aylar önce
I think this might be mistakenly calculated, since while you are technically exposing 3 blocks on the same y-level, the one in front of you is essentially meaningless since you'll mine that one next anyway. I don't think this changes much with the calculations, but still something to keep in mind. Every other tip here is top though.
Tim Ohara
Tim Ohara Aylar önce
Yea but it still exposes it
Jorge Marquez
Jorge Marquez Aylar önce
Mining is insane! I love the giant deepslate caves. I found a geode with a zombie spawner inside of it, I found a cave spider spawner, geode and giant iron ore vein all next to each other.
Battlecarrier Aylar önce
So wouldn't mining at -55 be the best then, because it minimizes slowdowns caused by mining straight into a wall of lava? How much less ore is there at that level?
Iris Iris
Iris Iris Aylar önce
Then there would be 0.14% of the blocks exposed be diamonds instead of 0.16%. So I think it's really worth it to mine at -55 instead of -59
jk jkrandom
jk jkrandom Aylar önce
@Noah Anderson that's because I believe y 11 was actually the same that y 5
Noah Anderson
Noah Anderson Aylar önce
Same thing I thought, just like we wouldn't mine a y=5 before but y=11
Aj Aylar önce
Wouldn't you want to space them 2 blocks apart since smaller diamond veins are more common? Its more likely that a vain of 1-4 would be completely hidden in the 1 block wide dead zone between your strip mines.
Joshua Rosen
Joshua Rosen Aylar önce
@Aj It doesn't matter that you miss bits out - it doesn't have any effect on efficiency ie how many diamonds per block mined. The size of the groups is irrelevant (except for making sure that the tunnels are far enough apart that you never encounter a block you've already mined or exposed). For a given distribution of ore group sizes, every single new block exposed has the same probability of being a diamond so the only thing that matters is how many new blocks are exposed. Leaving blocks unturned as you put it does not reduce the efficiency whatsoever.
Aj Aylar önce
@Joshua Rosen if the tunnels are that far apart then that leaves enough room between them to never see all but the rarest ore groups. In 1.18 veins that are only a single block wide are so much more common than others. That's why it's important to not miss them. It's even more important considering the longer mining time deepslate requires. To be the most efficient you need to make sure every block you like exposes the most new blocks, and you do not leave any block unturned. The best mining strategy is to use trapdoors to mine a 1 block tunnel, then 2 blocks to the left or right mine another tunnel 1 block higher. Then another 2 blocks but 1 block lower.
Joshua Rosen
Joshua Rosen Aylar önce
@Aj But you don't expose the same number of ore groups or new blocks (assuming you mine out all ore you find) which is what matters. There is no point exposing the same block twice. If you find some ore two or more blocks wide, you'd find it in the first tunnel and then in the second, it's already found. The tunnels need to be far enough apart never to encounter the same group of ores twice or you are wasting effort.
Aj Aylar önce
@Joshua Rosen except as long as there's at least 2 blocks between tunnels you expose the exact same number or blocks
Joshua Rosen
Joshua Rosen Aylar önce
They should be spaced apart as far as the largest clusters. It doesn't matter if you miss diamonds but it does matter if you mine blocks but expose fewer new blocks than you would with proper spacing. The amount of space in which you can mine is practically infinite so it's efficiency that is important, not completeness.
Antomium Aylar önce
Thanks x for doing all this research for us! And thank you for making good and true content!!
Ok lol
Ok lol Aylar önce
This was a very very well put together, high quality, and helpful video. Thank you so much Xisuma👍 Now about the moon…
Eris Aylar önce
I've tried mining at this level, it's very effective, so long as you're good at dealing with running into lava lakes, which can sometimes be a little frustrating
Citizen527 Aylar önce
I'd love to see you go into the mining techniques for each ore type!
Peter Smythe
Peter Smythe Aylar önce
An interesting question is what the maximum profitable altitude for diamond stripmining is. Especially without enchants, staying above the deepslate layer seems very marginal.
VIBaJ 16
VIBaJ 16 21 gün önce
It's at y = -55 or y = -54 (whichever is above lava pools, I can't tell). The deepslate taking longer to mine is not enough to overcome the much higher amount of diamonds down there
Bone_Bellows Aylar önce
I absolutely love your mythbusting videos. They’re so thorough and answer more questions than I had coming in to the video
Keegan Krenek
Keegan Krenek 24 gün önce
This is a well-crafted guide, very detailed. Great for new players like myself. I found Diamonds within the 1st 15 minutes on Y58 as you explained. The mining techniques work fantastic!
Nebagram Aylar önce
Many TRvidrs, especially Hermits, turn Minecraft into art. X also does this, but he also turns Minecraft into science.
Heisenberg Collins
Heisenberg Collins Aylar önce
@Smit Shilpatul oktrvid.com/video/video-a1j9owBuwdQ.html
Smit Shilpatul
Smit Shilpatul Aylar önce
Wait till you see scicraft lol
Devdatta Bhat
Devdatta Bhat Aylar önce
Is art a type of science, or is science a type of art?
JustmeBeingme Aylar önce
I love that they added ores to give the option of mining everything insteas of having to set up farms to get enough materials
Sebastian Castellanos
Loved the video and damn xisuma puts alot of efforts in these videos
Lucky Sparkles
Lucky Sparkles Aylar önce
Great video, as always. Thanks for making this! Happy mining everyone! :)
Ol.Iv. Aylar önce
You're an absolute legend, 1.18 came out only few days ago and you already give us an amazing strat for mining diamonds and defending us from fake information, I'll send this very helpful video to all my friends rn
Stan Kolodin
Stan Kolodin Aylar önce
Can we get a video comparing the mining strategies mathematically. I feel like the tangent about peepholes was a perfect chance for this. By mathematically I mean in the same way he determined which level is best to mine at.
Haze Haz
Haze Haz Aylar önce
The amount of effort put into this video WELL DONE 👏🏻
Metal Monkey
Metal Monkey Aylar önce
I've always done the 2x1 grid with a 2 block spacing. I tried a 3 block spacing and found that I missed something in the middle. I never liked the pokey hole method. The 2 block spacing is even more important now that there are single ores. If you do 3 block spacing you never see the center block and there could be a diamond in there
Holger Cederberg
Holger Cederberg Aylar önce
Plz make a guide for all the other ores, with the new spawning algorithm I would love to see that!
Joshua Rosen
Joshua Rosen Aylar önce
This is really useful. I started my first new world for 7 years a few days ago in RC3. I've already got fully tricked out diamond armour and weapons but I've only found 5 diamonds through mining. It appears I've been mining too high up. However, it does highlight how useless diamonds are in SP worlds. So far, the only diamonds I've needed were for an enchanting table so my total diamond needs so far has been two.
Jude Ott
Jude Ott Aylar önce
Thanks for the tips! I think I am still going to mine at y=(-54) because the difference from y=(-58) is only 1/8 for diamonds, and this way I won't have to deal with lava in my face, and I will find more cave systems!
Henry Dave
Henry Dave Aylar önce
Wow definitely a little different! After this video I updated my game and took a trip to this new zone. Just walking around for a couple hours I found a third of a stack of diamonds alone! Let me add I'm not the best diamond minner ... and yes night vision really helps
Théophile Gaudin
Théophile Gaudin 18 gün önce
With the change in coal distribution my advice is: go mine some stacks of coal before and bring them with you in the deep caves in addition to a stack of logs! Then you can craft torches on the go just like before when coal was around even at the bottom.
THE DANK NOOB Aylar önce
Im really excited that 1.18 came!New world generation,old information we've been using since decades no longer work and its like a completely new game.Im happy that early game is gonna be more hard (altho i deffinetly feel bad for newcomers :D) and not boring at all,at least for now.
SpaceFlye Aylar önce
If case anyone was wondering, the new ideal mining level is now *_69_* levels lower than the previous level 11. (assuming you mine at y: -58 come 1.18)
Chesterson Jack
Chesterson Jack Aylar önce
SorrowAndSufferin Aylar önce
Another reason not to in my book, along with lava lakes.
Linajabba Aylar önce
With resperation and water afinity its really fun to dive though the underwater caves and it also gives you pretty good stuff
Cosmos Aylar önce
Hey so I recently wrote a math assignment specifically on the chances of finding diamonds per chunk. I learned some really important stuff from this and just wanted to share. So basically the way that I know Minecraft works is attempting to randomly load things in per chunk. I know that biomes are spread over larger areas and have certain rules but per each chunk a diamond ore attempts to spawn usually once. So taking that information I analysed where diamonds could be more reliably found on a specific Y level but then I realized something. If diamonds spawn per chunk then there is technically a higher chance of finding diamonds at chunk borders because you are in the spot between two chunks meaning there are two chances that diamonds can spawn. I analysed the chances of finding diamonds at a chunk border Vs just finding them on the old y 11, and it turned out you will statistically find them more often at chunk borders. Finding this out I calculated what was the best way to expose the most blocks with the least mining and highest chance of finding diamonds. And it turned out to be best to mine in several rows at different evenly spaced Y levels around a chunk's border in comparison to just normal strip mining. And with how Xisuma mentioned the 1x2 strip mining with 3 blocks between each row instead of 2. It is actually better to mine with two blocks inbetween each row as exposing more blocks per chunk leads to a higher chance of finding diamonds as well as the fact that diamonds spawn more often in small ore vein sizes (1x1 or 1x2) especially in 1.18 considering the changes made. I know that I did this for 1.16 but I still think the information can be useful. Thanks for reading! Tldr: The data was calculated over 1000 chunks because I had to manually count how many chunks per 100 chunks had diamonds in it and I used this to calculate and find a higher chance of finding diamonds at chunk borders more effeciently then single Y level strip mining.
idiot head
idiot head Aylar önce
good to know!
Waster_ War_Boss
Waster_ War_Boss 6 gün önce
Thank you for these videos I was having a terrible time trying to find diamonds in pocket edition
Nugcon Aylar önce
You don't need trapdoors for 1x1 mining. You could also use water buckets to force yourself into the diving animation. Placing water behind you also makes you run significantly faster :).
Deamooz Aylar önce
Car Boy
Car Boy 27 gün önce
Thank you for making this video, you were so much more helpful and a lot less annoying that this one youtuber Duck. Thank you and continue the great content.
Rattlesnakes_19 Aylar önce
I've been playing on experimental settings for a little while, and half an hour of deep caving got me about 51 diamonds without fortune
Ezrad Lionel
Ezrad Lionel Aylar önce
1x1 trap door technique just makes it faster to travel through a mine, which increased the odds of finding a vein If you do 2x1 tunnels every other 2 blocks, you expose way more blocks With both techniques you can always be 1 block away from a vein and never know, but 2x1 reduces the chances of that by exposing more blocks. It's always amusing to me going through an old 1x1 tunnel and getting all the diamonds that were not mined
ApeSlash Aylar önce
9:02 if you're using lunar client or maybe badlion there is a setting called full bright (gamma light) so u dont need night vision i said this because usually if you're using these methods its gonna be early game so it might be hard to get blaze rods nether wart and maybe golden carrots
Raul V.
Raul V. Aylar önce
Thanks for your research man! This videos are always useful!!
George Harris
George Harris Aylar önce
I still set up a mining base at y 11 in 1.18, honestly seems about the same for getting started but it's also nice to know how deep to go if you just absolutely need more than y 11 will produce, but honestly that's only in old worlds (or the instance where I took 2 of my favorite old worlds and adjusted a new world (by generating the surface structures I wanted to save) just to move to 1.18 the day before the update). I still haven't tried a "fresh" 1.18 world yet, but I'm sure I will one night I get bored with my worlds
Eario Aylar önce
what I typically do for my branch mines, regardless of elevation, is I have an antechamber at the entrance with furnaces, chests, a crafting table, etc. for mining supplies and to store what I've dug up. Coming off this antechamber in each cardinal direction (north, east, south, and west), I have a 3x3 tunnel. Off each 3x3 tunnel, I have a 1x2 tunnel on either side every 2 blocks
Megabooy1 Aylar önce
When you dig the 4 to the sides do you just have a single space between the 2 ends of the 4x1's? or do you offset them from neighbouring stripmines? Great vid lots of info I will be taking with me on future adventures
Dave P
Dave P Aylar önce
Just for info, if you decide to strip mine at Y53 (the level of lava lakes) for a bit of added safety, the number would be 10623. Not a massive reduction to be a bit more safe.
Tim Ohara
Tim Ohara Aylar önce
Dont spread misinfo its 55
Vysian 25 gün önce
Very useful video although it doesn't help me with the bad rng I always suffer. Played my first 1.18 survival game over the last few days... I've spent 5.5 hours mining at Y-58(or well standing on y-58 as mentioned in your video). I tried several different mining patterns at that level, and how many diamonds do I have to show for it... 6 diamonds(and one of those was found in a cave I mined through whilst mining down to that level). I've gone through an entire stack of Iron worth of picks(more probably, as I've had to twice go up to y16 to get more iron for tools), I haven't crafted any diamond tools yet as given the rng that seems to be happening in this seed I don't want use those until I can get some enchants so they won't run out. Either my seed is just extremely unfortunate or the fact that most of my mining has happened in technically a Forest Biome's has had some effect. Tomorrow I'll make a really long tunnel and take my mining operation a few hundred blocks away from where it is now(into the neighbouring Plains biome) and see if that makes any difference. Failing that I'm going to give up and start a new seed because this distribution seems ridiculous.
Sean Zupko
Sean Zupko Aylar önce
"Diamond ore is less likely to be exposed to air: 50% of ore blocks from the first batch and 70% from the second batch will not generate." There's plenty more to be found by digging. To get through the deepslate faster, I find TNT mining to be effective. A diamond will drop from an explosion. "Fortune III gives a 20% chance (each) to give 2, 3, or 4 diamonds, averaging 2.2 diamonds."
Chaos Clareon
Chaos Clareon Aylar önce
I'm excited to see how Minecraft Speedrunning changes after this. I'm sure plenty of those guys will be using this video for info on the best places to find their resources. Great video!
RisingStar Aylar önce
Spy glasses are SO helpful for spotting ores! In the sides of mountains, and in big caves.
claymonsterpottery Aylar önce
Could you do the same kind of in depth video for Iron? After attempts in several spawns iron is just stupid difficult to find. Any difference btw Java and Bedrock? Thanks for all this.
MoskitoBlock Aylar önce
7:57 I use the same tactic and I think it's by far the most effective one
Wirdymgar Aylar önce
Speedrunner tip: You can also use a bucket of water (or an elytra) to mine one in a 1x1 space. You basically have to swim into a 1x1 hole :)
zer0701 Aylar önce
You know what my dude? You are now my favorite Minecrafter for the simple fact that you called it the correct name: branch mining. Every time I watch videos, even going as far back as the beginning of Etho's chocolate island, people call branch mining "strip mining". When strip mining is what we do when we get a beacon and remove the whole chunks. That stuff bothers me waaay more than it should. So thanks for that refreshment, lel
B B Aylar önce
I've been using -54 to avoid the lava lakes at -55. It's pretty much like mining at Y: 11 used to be. Just slower... With less of the other ores, like iron.
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas Aylar önce
Nice to see data that confirms what I've found. I've played the snapshots for weeks and the newest build, and I've been consistently finding diamonds between y=-59 and -56
PurpleKumaa Aylar önce
super helpful! i cant thank you enough for making this!
Jack Dog
Jack Dog Aylar önce
As a note for the “trapdoor” method. If you’re mining late game you can perform this trick by flying into the hole with Elytra. It’s definitely the best late game Mining method for deep slate areas
Beren Pearson
Beren Pearson Aylar önce
@xisumavoid you can use a water bucket instead of the trapdoor to go in swimming mode, it is extremely easy. Speedrunners use this method
Blake Brown10
Blake Brown10 Aylar önce
For bedrock players, when you do the trapdoor method and leave ur world while in the mine then when you log in the next time you will be either on the surface or in a cave.
Sebixo Aylar önce
Just a correction, you don't need trap doors and the axe to mine in the 1x1 tunnel, a water bucket is a great alternative...
CarelessZach Aylar önce
Hey X, just curious how you made a world with only the diamond ore gains?! Love you the video!
Carl Oosthuizen
Carl Oosthuizen Aylar önce
I actually find a 1x1 to work wonders if you use a Water bucket and swim through it (making the height of the player 1x1). If you time it right, water can also be used in the 1x1 tunnels to accelerate the slow crawling speed
Carl Oosthuizen
Carl Oosthuizen Aylar önce
@PyryTheBurger I do this in java 😅
Lily Monet
Lily Monet 12 gün önce
Ive been having an EXTREMELY rough time finding diamonds in the lush cave biome below my house, are they just more rare in that biome?
Marcel Holán
Marcel Holán Aylar önce
In 1x1 mining, you can also use waterbuckets instead of trapdoors! (Since you can sprint-swim into 1x1 tunels as well) Saves some breaking and trapdoor crafting and placing ;)
Steven Weyhrich
Steven Weyhrich Aylar önce
X, I appreciate the information. I have been doing my branch mining the same way since before Minecraft 1.0 (I remember having to find new chunks in order to find lapis when it was brand new), and your suggestions on branch mining techniques I will have to try. How far apart do you make your poke holes when you do that?
Steven Weyhrich
Steven Weyhrich Aylar önce
@xHICKORYx Okay, thanks!
xHICKORYx Aylar önce
Check the older video linked in the description. It was pretty definitive at the time.
TheBJ Aylar önce
I never thought Nightvision potions would've been essential in the future. :D
Raisin Aylar önce
They’re good for exploring oceans tbh
Aboe Aylar önce
Pro tip: use a bucket of water to swim into a 1 by 1 block. You'll have brought water anyway for potential lava and with some practice it's just as easy as the trapdoor
Mister Siemsen
Mister Siemsen Aylar önce
Xisuma, i know how to fix the trapdoor problem, Water bucket! You can swim into a 1 by 1 hole with water and then pick it up. It wastes no durability on anything and keeping a water bucket in your inventory is always handy, especially with new caves.
I never thought I'd enjoy caving so much Entered with stone a pickaxe and 15 torches and left with 13 diamonds, 2 stacks of Iron and 34 gold
Sam M
Sam M Aylar önce
This new update is so incredibly awesome and has made mining a lot more funner
Tim Ohara
Tim Ohara Aylar önce
@jeroen92 oh so you dont play minevraft regularly y 17
Blockboy Logan
Blockboy Logan Aylar önce
Magical Phoenix im telling him that he can do what he wants and no one is forcing him to do anything
Magical Phoenix
Magical Phoenix Aylar önce
@Blockboy Logan lmao i detest people like you who go with “don’t do it then” kinda mentally. I have no idea what you’re trying to go with passing that ‘advice’ around.
Blockboy Logan
Blockboy Logan Aylar önce
jeroen92 then play 1.17 no one is forcing you to play 1.18
jeroen92 Aylar önce
@Blockboy Logan what are you talking dude I am talking about before and after the update... Before the update mining was more fun.
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